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Evelyn joyfully mothers two young boys and supports her great husband. When all is quiet she blogs about intentionally living small at Smallish.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. This thought is fortifying, in and of itself! Thank you for teasing out what that might look like. I feel fuller and more fulfilled when I focus on God’s ever-presence. I was encouraged greatly by this post!

  2. oh thank you – yes, Lord with your help i will feed on your faithfulness all day, all week long. I love your Lord.

  3. Thank you for your powerful message. I pray that God would uphold all the victims and people of Boston with His right hand of righteousness. He will heal all of them in Jesus name. Amen.
    I pray for the person that sent this message that God will bless her and make His face to shine upon her and be merciful onto her.
    Please pray that God will show me His purpose for my life and will help me to fulfill it. I need God’s help and guidance desperately.

  4. Wonderful message. Wish I could be with the horses just feeding and grazing on God’s wonderful faithfulness. Truly I wish I would start living like I believed in God’s faithfulness instead of worrying about stuff!

    Thanks for the thoughts and insights!

  5. Please pray for my family as we are still dealing with the unexpected loss of our mother. My son just learned that the job he wanted was given to someone else. He told me that he was so discouraged with life that he could end it all. We have been through so much recently and I feel so battle weary. I too am in need of a new career. The attacks on this family have been very intense for the last few months… guess that means that we are just right for miracles!!!!
    Thanks for praying. I am praying for each one of you.

  6. Please pray for the depression I am dealin with. Hope to get this under control soon. Satan is really attacking by body and mind

  7. My husband after 33 years of marriage left me 5 years ago. I am disabled, my grown daughter is no longer talking with any of the family. I have given her space but it is so hard, I have asked her forgiveness but she won’t tell me why she no longer is in contact with us. I can’t see my grand babies, her children. I have clung to The Lord and He has been my very present help in time of trouble. I believe The Lord will restore to me what the enemy has taken. Both my children, my daughter and son are not trusting The Lord. My husband has walked away from The Lord and is living a very destructive life apart from God. It is so hard to see my family so broken. The Lord is my husband and I have surrendered my family into the Lord’s care. I will keep praying for the healing of my family. Many have said that my suffering along with my continued trust in The Lord has been an encouragement to them. I know that The Lord will never leave me or forsake me. I choose joy even though my heart is breaking. I am thankful that The Lord is a man of sorrows acquainted with grief. Thank you Lord that you are my family, help me to be steadfast, trusting you and your Word that one day you will in your time make all things beautiful, until that day, I will rest in you.

  8. Lord, I thank You that You are near to the brokenhearted and near to Harlene. Will You visit her in a special, undeniable, encouraging way today? Grant her peace in the midst of difficult and trying circumstances. All glory and honor to You, our King.