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Dawn Camp shares God’s gift of essential oils in her books My Essential Oil Companion and It All Began in a Garden. She is a photographer, essential oil slinger, Mom to eight and Mimi to five. Dawn enjoys movie nights with her husband and steaming cups of Earl Grey.

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  1. Our church has a prayer list & It is gone over each Sunday after the sermon. Anyone can add a friend, family member or whomever & we pray for each person individually. They are divided into categories–Nursing home, Health, Cancer, Heart, Military, Surgery & Special requests.

    Weekly Blue Springs Christian Church is bearing one another’s burdens!

  2. Thank you for hearing the LORD. 🙂 This scripture is so timely-and His confirmation is always amazing. 🙂 An hour ago I met a new, lovely ‘sister’ in the Lord. After listening to her talk about her family, I felt the Lord prompt me to pray for her son, and his sister to stay true to the Lord, as well as pray for husband’s job. I now know the Lord was letting me ‘bear’ her burdens as I brought them to the Lord.
    God is soooooo good – He never fails!
    May He continue to bless you!
    Susan G.

  3. First, I forget to daily pray for important things: the president, governor, leaders of our country. I pray for my family but I wrote a snail mail note to my daughter and she lives here in town but was so delighted…so write a note.
    Sing praises to The Lord. Read His Word often! Thank Him. Tell others how much they mean to us. Forgive. Allow others to have a bad day. Keep open and God will use even my brain injury and confinement to accomplish His work. Not to give up but run the race. I pray on the phone with my friends on the spot when there’s a crisis. If they are a Christian or not.

  4. Love this month’s calendar. Thank you.

    Love the scripture reminder to: “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” ~ Galatians 6:2

    We should always be mindful of this form of encouragement.