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Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker and book mentor who helps folks turn trials to triumph. : She blogs at Mary DeMuth Her recent book, Thin Places, details God's surprising transformation of a life.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. So glad to see you here, Mary . . . declaring His mercies anew every day and His purposes in all. Amen, friend!

    I was paralyzed by fear. Now I trust my Father’s Hand.
    I was a murderer. Now I am entrusted with growing lives toward Him.
    I was angry. Now I understand how we’re all broken, and all accepted.

  2. What an inspiration you are! Bad things happen, and I think Satan doesn’t want us to let go and live up to our potential. I suppose it is easier said than done, but with Christ all things are possible.

  3. Love your article! You’ve put into words exactly what I’ve been trying to do lately. Thank you for saying it so beautifully!

    I was misunderstood. Now I am praying about everything and God always understands me.
    I was disrespected. Now I am loved by Jesus and He desires for me to be close to Him.
    I was neglected. Now I am completely fulfilled through my relationship with God my Father.

  4. I was a child who made mistakes. I am forgiven as an adult on earth but a child.of.God overall. I am new.

    I was fat and abuser of food. I am a beautiful creation in Christ. Everyday is new and today is the day Christ is more important than food.

    I was wrongly accused. I am truth in Christ. He knows my heart and who I am and that is all that matters.

  5. Wow your words were spoken just for me. The hardest thing I have ever done and still struggle with. Is to pray for a forgiving heart, to those who have hurt me do not seek to be forgiven. I am on my knees daily to God about this. It is so hard to move forward and let it go. I seek out (in)courage daily and reread them later and try to process all of the precious words I read. God is using this site to help me heal. I thank God I found this site. And May God Bless you all.

  6. What wonderful profound words of wisdom–just when I needed to hear them.

    I made poor job/career choices and am disrespected–God loves me and I can pray about it daily & He will take this thorn from my side eventually! 🙂

    I was/am somewhat hard of hearing–I am blessed beyond meaure to do sign language to music for the church. 🙂

    Such great truths to speak about oneself! 🙂

  7. I was shy and retiring. I am free in Christ to witness to His Spirit working in my life.
    I was powerless. I am now infused with God’s power to work through whatever He sends my way.
    I was dominated by fear of what others thought. I now recognize that I am free to walk in the good works God has planned for me.

  8. I was anxious and panic striken, agoraphobic. Now I am free with Christ.
    I was abused and neglected but now I am blessed, loved and cherished with God as my Father.
    I was totally comparing myself with others but God has called me beautiful and loved.

  9. I was taken advantage of and have put my scars with Jesus on the cross.

    I have made bad decisions (life long) and have handed them over to our loving father.

    I have terrible anger of the loss of so many loved ones and have let go….let go…let go.

  10. I was abandoned. I am bought with a price and adopted into God’s sanctification.

    I was addicted to overeating. God is Who fills those empty places in my heart.

    I was worried about what people thought of me. I am a princess of an almighty King and only need to concentrate on living my life for Him.

  11. I was abandoned……….I am found by the Creator of my Soul
    I was rejected……..I am accepted by Jesus
    I was fearful………. I am confidant of His love and He will never leave nor forsake me!

  12. I was rejected and unloved by my mother.God accepts me, as is, as His Chosen & beloved daughter.

    I was dirty and ashamed so I hid. I’m washed clean and forgiven, so I live free!

    I allowed abuse to continue. I’m strong enough in Christ to stand up for myself and be treated with respect.

  13. Love this idea, Mary.

    Here’s what I hope to be able to say someday (but I’m not there yet unfortunately):

    I was broken. I am healed.
    I was a babyloss wounded woman. I am a survivor.

  14. Mary I was molested starting at the age of 9 until 15 and had a daughter from that horrific time had to give my daughter up for adoption and when we found each other she is the one who brought me to the Lord

  15. Dear Mary,

    “Something changed in me a few years ago. Something I can’t quantify or explain other than to say I got sick of being chained to my past. I grew tired of Mary-the-Abused-Girl persona. Why? Well, she didn’t grow beyond it, for one. And she certainly wasn’t joyful or experiencing the abundant life Jesus promised and she longed for. Have you ever felt that way?

    God opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the icky stuff. Because He exists in the cosmic, relentless present tense (He is the Great I Am after all), He encouraged me to live in that same present tense, to shed my past tense tendencies.”

    Wow, what can I say. These words are very timely for me. I am as Mary longing for freedom…to NOT be defined by my past. Staying in the present has been one key thing which has helped me slowly grow. Thank you for sharing your testimony; it’s given me great hope.

    I was molested as a child – I am whole in Him and He is trustworty.

    Was told numerous degrading things – I am His BELOVED.

    I was fearful – I am free to live and love life abundantly in Jesus!

    Again, thank you. It’s always a great encouragement to see sisters find answers how to grow from some of the tough things life throws at us. We arent’ defined by our circumstance but how we respond to it.

  16. Thank you Mary. I am going to get a copy of your book! I so need his. Just reading this post brought me to tears.

    I was promiscuous. I AM washed clean, forgiven, and made whole.
    I was impatient with and overwhelmed by my children. I AM helped and loved by The Lord. He has redeemed my life. I can do ALL things through Him.
    I was fearful and controlling. I AM trusting and living in my Father’s love and care.

    Blessings. Thank you for sharing your hope with us <3