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  1. While I can see that only 3 of these 7 books are about marriage and/or children, it would be nice to occasionally see a book about singleness included in the conversation. Not everyone is married.

  2. What a stellar list! I’ve so been wanting to read Sparkly Green Earrings, Desperate, You Were Made For a God-Sized Dream, Wondersruck, and Everything. Looks like I’ve for major reading to do. Can’t wait!

  3. LOVE the list. I have just received Sparkly Green Earrings and cant wait to read it. I love the dayspring set with the bag and book. If my budget works right I want to order it soon. The perfect book bag! Thank you for the wonderful list , I love the inspiration you all bring with the different authors. My cup will surly be filled this summer! Be Blessed!