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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,

    I too enter giveaways, always hopeful, always optimistic that I could be the one to win! And I often do… as a matter of fact, I won a copy of sweet Holley Gerth’s newest book yesterday, (Yay!) and when I shared it on Facebook, a friend commented that I “sure do win a lot of giveaways…” All I could do is post a lil’ smiley in response. I don’t think it’s luck that enables us to win… I think it is God’s great gift of boundless optimism… and that doesn’t just apply to winning giveaways, that applies to life in general. Why shouldn’t we believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed even when the odds are stacked against us? We know HIM, and when you have that on your side, you can do ANYTHING! 🙂

  2. Courtney,

    THANK YOU for leading off comments; this is one of those posts I’ma little wary about, concerned readers might find it too “lightweight”, too trivial. So I truly hope people hear my heart in it,that God made us so special, and it’s okay to notice the little things about ourselves that make us different. Those things are like new colors He designed just for ME and I want to applaud the subtle shade.

    You are gonna be BLESSED by Holley’s book :).

    • Robin,

      This is NOT to “lightweight” or “trivial.” It is was God has been trying to teach me. And I’ve been struggling to learn. I’m literally having to pray and ask Him to help me see my qualities. It is that hard for me.

      So thank you, thank you! I needed THIS reminder.

      Courtney – I won Holley’s book, too! I’m so excited!

      • Stephanie,

        Your words? This comment? A paycheck for me today, and affirmation that I was listening to God when I struggled to think it was “good enough”. Thank you. xo

    • Who I am:

      Persistent – I get back up and try again.
      Hopeful – I seek out the best in the situation and in others.
      Sensitive (a double-edged sword) – I feel the pain of others and am fairly perceptive.

      • I consider myself overly sensitive. It never occurred to me that it could be a side effect of my deep empathy for others. Your ability to see the positive in you has opened my eyes to the positive in myself 🙂

  3. Found you today via Twitter, and so glad I did! I am a jewelry artist and I was thinking about giving up today. I recently left a 30-year career in information technology to pursue what God has had on my mind for many years…to make jewelry that touches the soul and encourages other with His love. It isn’t easy, but this is how He made me and in the end I have to keep going so He can have the glory. Thanks for the encouragement, the ‘light meal’ and the baby rainbow!

  4. It’s funny, but I think this changes as you get older. I have always, always, talked. A lot! The kind where you get in trouble in school, where you spend your life with breath like oder eaters cause you put your foot in your mouth so much! I always wanted to be one of the quiet girls, but that isn’t how God made me. Now, I work in a cancer center with patients all day long. My gift of the gab? It is a true gift to these people. (well, most of them!) I am now, finally, at peace with this gift. It took some time for me to focus on WHO made me and HOW HE made me vs. how I wanted to be. Thanks for the great reminder today!

    • Wow, Barb; once you finally saw how God could use your “gift” for others’ good and His glory? Didn’t it change everything? How precious to use it for those who are in great battle. I hate cancer; I’m thankful you minister to others :).

  5. I am creative and finally getting to the point that I can retire do the things I have always wanted. I want to make my children and grandchildren’s lives in books. I LOVED your post – it is not trivial because I see so many women in my life that don’t get they are fearfully and wonderfully made. I am also struggling to see my qualities, especially the ones where I can bless others.

    • Well, then, Darlene…this post is battle cry for YOU. And the one or two or bazillion like you (and sometimes me) :). I’m praying in this moment for you to see the special things that God has seen since he imagined you to be.

  6. thanking GOD this AM for my silly child likeness. I love to dance with my 2nd grade students 🙂 I thank HIM also that I have the gift of gab, though at times it gets me in trouble (foot in mouth disease!) finally I thank the LORD that HE alone gives me the ability to love deeply and passionately. i use to see this as a thorn, because it hurts so much at times , when you care deeply for others. But becauseHE created me to be this way it is good!

  7. I have come to realize that God has given me the ability to see humor in life and therefore has given me a wacky sense of humor. He has taught me to laugh at myself more and not take myself so seriously but also to see humor in everyday life. That sense of humor has helped get me through so many things in life. Everyday He is reminding me to seek and express joy. Proverbs 17:22 says “A joyful heart is good medicine…” Let’s take regular doses of that “medicine” every day!

  8. I am endlessly hopeful and a lot of times it bites me because I get so hurt. I just get up and keep on. ” endurance inspired by hope”

  9. I have the ability to look on the bright side. Even when things are going wrong, I try to find the positive in the situation.

  10. I too have been blessed with the gift of optimism. No matter the situation, I can find the good in it. It has been such a blessing, through my husband’s cancer and passing, we were able to enjoy our time together because of this gift from God. God has also blessed me with good intuition. I didn’t always recognize, it but now I do and it has served me very well. 🙂

    Thanks for this post, it is so easy to get down on ourselves and not see the good.

    • Vicki,

      Reading these celebrations of self is simply beautiful to me; not to boast in who we are but to acknowledge God’s amazing grace, generosity, creativity.

      I’m so thankful you recognize this now.

  11. I’m a perfect boy mom. I’m a no-stress, relaxed, go-with-the-flow kind of person. I understand my boys (usually. Sometimes I have to ask hubby if something is boy-normal), and encourage their boyish-ness. I let them run and play and be goofy, and often, I’m right in the thick of it. I don’t freak out when they jump off playground equipment (ok, maybe a little, on the inside)…how will they learn whether they can fly if they keep their feet on the ground?

    I’m also a good listener. I don’t judge or give advice or share secrets, unless it’s asked of me by the story-sharer.

    • Liza Lee…

      Oooo, this is good. You recognize these things, claim them, let them wave as banner. Your boys, your friends are BLESSED by these inclinations.

  12. I’m unusually calm under pressure. I tend to see the best in people. I have a sense of humor that is also my coping mechanism. God uses me to speak good words into people’s lives. I am very low maintenance. I can articulate what I want.

    • Lazondral,

      I had to smile when I got to “low maintenance”; my husband often says (and I agree) that I’m COMPLICATED which sounds high maintenance, but I’m not. This exercise in seeing ourselves is turning into a wonderful thing to read. Sooo encouraging to give honor to God, to recognize his handiwork in us, ya know?

  13. The best thing about me? I’m hard-headed! Translation: tell me that something can’t be done, and by gum – I will find a way to do it! I’m not really creative, & am in awe of those artistic (NOT austistic) ladies who can create & paint – Sorry ladies, but I copy your work (always credited).
    Until I met my husband, I had always dumbed myself down so as not to intimidate guys. Guess what – he LOVED my intelligence! So that helped me accept more things about me (all those things we hate about ourselves)
    As far as giveaways/contests, here’s my funny story: I have/had always “sworn” that you couldn’t pay me to go to Branson, MO – I’m not into the evening shows, kitschy resort type of place. Guess what I won a trip to? Yep – BRANSON! We went & had fun [but didn’t go to any shows – we stayed in the room a lot 😉 ]
    The best thing I ever won? a case of Pepperridge Farm Milano cookies – YUM!!!!

    • Elaine,

      Well, now. Let’s turn what some say is negative into a positive! Hard headed sounds “bad” but I LOVE how you understand its powerful potential. And GOOD for you for finding a smart man who lauded your strength. Win win, eh?

      I do have to smile on your contest dealio…so fun(ny).

  14. I too am an optimist, so much so that I get made fun of a lot! But it is okay, I am used to it. I also get made fun of for crying at commercials, when I am happy, or if something is just plain beautiful. My kids love to watch me whenever we go to a movie or watch tv, just to bet on if I am going to cry!

      • I’m a crier, too. Anything and everything. I never was until I had babies…those pregnancy hormones turned me into a blubbering mess and then had the audacity to make the change permanent. :/ oh, well. It’s who I am now even if I don’t like it!


    • Ruthona,

      I’m curious; how old is old?? My post next month will tell you exactly how old I am! Mercy…! Never forgetting how to play is priceless; I think it would cure many ails if others could learn how to play again.

      • I think OLD is when a person gives up and quits dreaming! I work with the elderly in long term care and just love it! There is a 95 year old resident who is amazing…She smiles and jokes…even entered some needlework at the state fair!
        I want to be like this as I age. I am 58, married, mother of 3 grown children, 2 granddaughters all of which have moved hundreds of miles from our rural home.
        I love drawing out shy, or lonely people, especially at church. and work. I love to laugh and DANCE….I will never be too old to dance. I am a creative optimist and a dreamer by nature.
        My friends think of me of bringing a sparkle into every situation and being “fun” to have around -When several of my friends shared this with me, I could not wrap my head around this, who me? I wanted to push the thought of this out of my head, lest I become proud. I actually like this about myself, most of the times….when I don’t get carried away and talk too much 🙂 …like my post! Thanks, Robin, for the opportunity to share…. you have made my day…REALLY!

  16. My friends call me “silver lining” because I always see the positive in every situation. Thanks for this post – it’s good to focus on our gifts, and not just on the areas needing improvement.

    • Julie!! I just said “silver linings” in a comment. Cool. Thank you for affirming my following through on writing this one; the joy in reading everyone share their special characteristics is palpable.

  17. Yes, yes, yes! I love this post. It is absolutely critical that we believe God made us special and unique – for a purpose that only He could orchestrate! Thank you for sharing this, I hope so many are blessed as they think over their wonderful one-of-a-kind skill-sets.

    I love creating. But I get tired of creating the same thing over and over, I love learning new things. I am also a big, big dork. There is always a song running through my head although I am not even one bit musically talented. I believe whole-heartedly that God has BIG plans for each of His children + try to encourage my brothers & sisters in Christ to believe that too.

    This was fun!

    • Oh, Amanda, sometimes that is SO hard to believe! So to have someone who is cheering them on? We need it!

      Again, this thread isn’t about boasting in ourselves…it’s about recognizing how special God created us, seeing HIS handiwork, being grateful for how we serve the Kingdom in our own unique ways. 🙂

  18. I paint portraits. And, I am really good. Especially children. I painted years ago and became discouraged when a person that was paying for the portrait “didn’t like the nose” that I had painted of the child. I just quit. About a month ago, I picked up my paintbrush and painted again…my middle granddaughter. Yes, I grew up and older, and now I am embracing my talent that God gave me once again. It has whispered over and over to me for years, and I am finally answering!

  19. The one quality I like most about myself is that I’m extremely organized and love to plan. Yep..I’m a list maker and task check-er-off-er! But being organized helps me remain calm under pressure, keeps me focused on the task at hand and allows me to get more things done. I do notice when I’m disorganized I am a frazzled mess and my anxiety level skyrockets! Good thing it doesn’t happen very often. 🙂

  20. I am a visual person who is hopelessly optimistic, resourceful, has a good sense of musicality, is emotionally intelligent, can easily see things from a child’s point of view (my colleagues say it’s scary when I do that), is analytical (sometimes a little too much), very self-reflective, and LOVES to laugh…I LOVE how God has fashioned me to be ME ;D

  21. I’ve been reading others’ posts and remembered that God has gifted me with insight, sensitivity to others, a definite sense of humor, a love of dancing, and grit! I was born with scoliosis and have undergone a number of surgeries during my lifetime. The last and best surgeries were major, major surgeries as my surgeon described them. I had to be in shape for them so he recommended swimming. My husband would take me to an Olympic size pool and we would swim laps. At first, I could barely make one full lap, and then only with several rest stops. I got out of the pool feeling queasy and light-headed for quite some time. But, I went back – 3 times a week. I eventually was able to swim back and forth 40 times without stopping. My husband commented on what I had accomplished and how far I had come. I told him that I had grit. That was the first time that I had ever realized that. I don’t like giving up because something is difficult.

    Another gift that I only recently realized that I have is the gift of exhortation. I have a natural tendency to try to encourage people going through a difficult time. Wow! thank you for this wonderful topic. I usually only focus on what’s wrong with me!

    • Carol,

      It IS encouraging reading this thread, isn’t it? I didn’t anticipated what a blessing it would be when I wrote the post (like I said, I was concerned readers would find it too fluffy…and not substantive enought. But to me, this is VERY substantial!).

      Grit. That IS special. Not everyone has it; but those who do? Yep…they do whatever is necessary to git ‘er done!

  22. I’m a dreamer. Sometimes it serves me well, sometimes it paralyzes me. But I’m grateful that I’m always pursuing something better, that I don’t give up even when I feel stuck. I’m learning to act on my goals more specifically, and it has really been a blessing! Thanks for this reminder to see the good in ourselves, when its so tempting to focus on the bad.

    • Amanda,

      Don’t tell anyone but I’m a dreamer, too. When you’re married to someone who’s not, it sure makes for an interesting dynamic. And I totally understand the “learning to act on goals…” I get bogged down in that area, too.

  23. I have struggled over the years to find the gifts that I know God has bestowed. It has been hard to find them amidst all the stuff that this life holds. I now know that sometimes our own difficult times can uncover those gifts. I have the gift (still growing) of listening to God and being prompted as to when to reach out to others who need a note, a call, or just a listening ear. I guess it may be a gift of service, or of empathy. Perhaps also the gift of being a pray-er or an interceder for others in prayer. Quiet gifts….

    • Nana,

      If every gift was “loud” well…mercy. That would just be a lot of noise. I LIKE how you esteem these “quiet gifts” as you call them. They’re important, impactful, grace-filled. Amen, sistah :).

  24. This is an amazing post, Robin. It has really caused me to think. So here goes . . .

    I listen well.
    I am learning to hear God better.
    I love my family–a lot.
    I’m interested in others.
    I’m a deep thinker.
    I’m a good teacher.

    One thing that I like about me, too, is that I have finally recognized that I despise crafting. It was the most freeing day when I finally told myself that I didn’t have to like to do crafts–it’s just not who I am. 🙂

    • Whew! I’m sooooo with you, Shelly, on a lot of your traits! I despise crafting too! I don’t have an artistic bone in my body–even to draw a stick figure!!
      I adore my family as well, and I’m in the process of learning to hear God more and more–this is my 2013 goal–to have an improved prayer life.

      So I guess one of my traits is a goal-setter!

      I have purple hair–so I have a little whimsy flair! (I work in an OR so no one’s the wiser!) That balances out my OCD, organized self!! LOL!

      This was encouraging today because I often focus on the negative traits instead of my positive attributes…. Forgetting that I am offending the Potter in the process!

      • Hey Cheryl! I’d say I have a touch of whimsy, too (although I don’t have purple hair!). I love to laugh and do it every day. Sounds like we have a lot in common! 🙂

    • Shelly,

      You make such a great point–it’s also useful to recognize what you AREN’T good at; that God fashioned that for His reasons, too. Isn’t that wild to think about (thanks for prompting the thought!).

      And your list? S i g h…I’m just missin’ you… 🙂

  25. I like that I’m reflective, a thinker. I can spend hours pondering and meditating on God’s Word. But being reflective is a two-edged sword depending on which nature is active within me. In other words, am I reflecting my old nature or am I reflecting the new? II Corinthians 2:14-15 came to mind as I was “reflecting” on this trait. The NLT says “He has made us his captives”. I like that, I will reflect upon that truth when I find myself showing an image of my old nature. I want my reflection to always be a “sweet perfume…a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God.

    • Babs,

      Ooopsie–how did I miss you yesterday? I have no idea (forgive me??).

      In this day and time when hurry is the rule, this thing you see in yourself is a gem! And that you know it can go two ways? Well, that’s wisdom. Your heart sure is telling on yourself, and it’s a sweet story :).

      • Robin,
        You’re totally forgiven 🙂 I’m impressed that you reply to each one of the posts! What a blessing you are to us all. I’m especially blessed and greatfull, since this is the first time I’ve sent a post. God is showing me that I need to come out of hiding, and has brought me to this website. Thanks for (in)couragement :0

  26. I love that I see beauty almost everywhere, and have learned to capture some of it with my camera so I can share what I see with others. I have come to love that I am s l o w. I haven’t always loved that about me – slow-moving people tend to be frustrating to those who are in a hurry. But it does help with the beauty-spotting, and I think it helps me to be a good listener.

    • Subi,

      Gosh, I see maturity written all over you :). Good gifts, such a wonderful thing to see in yourself; things that not everyone esteems highly, at first anyway. I’m so very glad for YOU that you recognize these special things.

  27. Robin,
    A much needed reminder every day for us women. Thank you. Like you, I am a ruthless optimist. I love seeing the “gold” in peoples hearts, though at times the gold is hidden in mud and grime, I still see the gold!

    On a less serious note, my husband thinks I have a secret addiction to chapstick. I could say I hate dry lips, instead I will say “I love keeping my lips moist” 🙂 Every corner of my life has a tube of chapstick. LOL He even finds them in his coat pockets.

    • Lucy,

      Sometimes I use the expression “harlot with a heart of gold” and the person to whom I’m referring is not “bad”; I think you’ll understand that :).

      And your second thing? You made me smile…I’m wondering if that’s REALLY a special gift from God 😉 :).

  28. I talk to strangers: in lineups, at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, the bank, the dy-cleaners. It drives my husband nuts, but I just know that many times I have been the first person in that whole day who has looked them in the eye, smiled at them and validated their existence. As I was mall walking yesterday, I saw an old fellow going in the other direction, and I prayed “God, if you want me to talk to him, let us meet face to face.” We did, I commented on his Red Sox jacket, and he kept me for twenty minutes telling me stories about Fenway Park. He was lonely, and I made his day. I like that about me.

    • I like that about you, too, LouAnne. When my babies were in middle schoolish, when I’d drop them off at school I’d say “Talk to strangers” (or sometimes at other events). They understood what I mean: to be kind to others, especially those who might need it…. I often speak to strangers, too, but you go the extra mile, giving them opportunity to engage in more than a friendly greeting. That IS special…don’t ever stop!

  29. I’m patient and kind, helpful traits when working with special needs children. I can be sensitive, although at times this seems to be a fault. Working on that. And I think I am an encourager.
    Thank you for this post; it is sometimes hard to see the positives in ourselves

    • Lynda,

      You make such a good point: sometimes the best thing(s) in us, used “improperly” can be a not-so-good thing. THAT alone is why I think this is proving a GOOD exercise, to claim something we do well for the benefit of others and glory to God. I sure hope those who’ve read this and didn’t comment are still considering what makes them uniquely precious :).

  30. My passion is interacting with people. Understanding people and being in a relationship with them. I try and connect with everyone I come in contact with. It makes me feel alive….and gives me that deep down joy that is felt in the depth of my soul.

    • Kris,

      Boy, you speak this powerfully; for what it’s worth, I think this is evidence of the point of my post: to know and delight in the work (or talents or whatever) that God has entrusted to us, to recognize it comes from his hand; and to be so nourished in our giving away that we LIVE. Lovely!

  31. Oohhh I love giveaways too! I wish someone would give me a beach house! I won from you before too, Robin…. A Paula Deen gift card. Still have it too—well it’s empty, hmm..a “refill” would be nice.:-) he he. What you are saying is so true though about that verse and us mommies. I speak that verse to my daughters—especially during these hormonal,trying tween years, but don’t really ever look at that verse directly for myself. And sometimes..OK..more than sometimes…it is hard to find something positive to say about myself. Does that mean I’m rotten? No…it means it’s, well, weird for me to talk “good” of myself—which is really just plain stupid! I would just die if my daughters felt that way. And now I’m rambling…which I tend to do. Hmm..maybe that’s one think unique about me..I ramble. Let’s see–I care..I care about others..I love my family dearly and am very devoted to them…I am so Southern…I’ve got to feed them well…like I will stew all day (haha–stew) over what to cook them. I don’t take honesty lightly..it is very important to me. Be honest–keep your word! Well..that’s all I can think of for now. Because I believe I’ve rambled long enough! I keep reading these posts about comparisons— I do believe there is a message there for me!

    • Alyce,

      You ramble, I bunny trail…it’s all good, yes? I’ve been crossing paths with you for so long, I’ve SEEN how you care for others! So I’m so pleased you see this for yourself :). And if you keep bumping into a certain theme or message, yeah, I always think I’d better start listening by the third time it’s confirmed! Funny how you might miss it the first or second time and THEN you really start “hearing”. :).

  32. Glory to God almighty, reading this today I recognized Gods powerful hand His love mercy and promise in my life. He just confirmed an earlier message I have got this morning. Waw He is awesome. My talent as motivational speaker my voice He gave me that make people listen is one of the talents He gave me I have to acknowledge. I’m thankful to God and submit myself to Him and be open to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Just keep holding me and use me for your honor and glory, I take and accept all you have in store for me. I believe this for my children husband and myself. So I encourage you all just believe God take it in your spirit and go for it. With Him we can yes we can! be blessed.

  33. this is one of those things I hav a REALLY hard time with. I always feel like there’s SO much work to be done in my heart, and always room for improvement…so here goes:

    I love to learn.
    I love to encourage.
    I can cook like a chef ( when not burned out…)

    And i like to make an grand entrance. . .

  34. I am a professed organizing-freak and most specifically I live for putting things back in their place. It can grate on some people’s nerves when I am really anal about certain things whether at home or at work, but I own it! It’s not a sin; it’s certainly not a bad thing and though of course I know to extend grace to those who may not be like me, I am proud of these types of gifts that the Lord has given me that I know, at times, is more often a blessing to people!

    P.S. I enter tons of giveaways too!

  35. One of my gifts is encouragement/lending a hand. As soon as I hear of a need or someone sick, “down about something” I’m the first to go get soemthing or send an encouraging note/card. Also very emotional and can cry at the drop of a hat. I feel that God has made me this way and if people don’t quite understand me or like me well.. too bad for them!

    There are times, though, that it is sooo easy to forget that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by God. When Satan whispers “dumb, stupid, not good enough”. It is at those times that I could use reminders like this!


  36. I am a life-long daydreamer. Nothing tangible comes from most of these day dreams, but a few over the years have solidified into reality. And a few others into stories to write.
    I had not really thought about my daydreaming tendencies as a God-given part of how He designed me to be until I read your article. Thanks!

  37. Hi Robin, I want to thank you for your blog and add that a couple of days ago, you invited comments about “what is old”. I think OLD is when a person gives up and quits dreaming! I work with the elderly in long term care and just love it! There is a 95 year old resident who is amazing…She smiles and jokes…even entered some needlework at the state fair! I want to be like this as I age.
    Also, regarding the topic of how wonderfully God has made each of us…. I am 58, married, mother of 3 grown children, 2 granddaughters all of which have moved hundreds of miles from our rural home. (That’s a topic for another time 🙂
    I am a creative optimist and a dreamer by nature, and love challenges and just being goofy sometime. I love drawing out shy, or lonely people, especially at church and work. I love to laugh and DANCE….I will never be too old to dance! My friends think of me of bringing a sparkle into every situation and being “fun” to have around -When several of my friends shared this with me, I could not wrap my head around this, who me? I wanted to push the thought of this out of my head, lest I become proud. I actually like this about myself, most of the times….when I don’t get carried away and talk too much 🙂 …like my post! Ha! Thanks, Robin, for the opportunity to share….you helped bring me out of a dumpy frumpy mood!
    You and everyone’s insightful comments have made my day…REALLY!

  38. Dearest…..
    Thank you for inviting us to think about what we might love about ourselves. It’s a great excercise because in acknowledging what is true and right about ourselves, we are agreeing with God. I’ve spent too long disagreeing, so it’s refreshing to take a few moments to actively AGREE! *sigh of happiness*
    *I care very much about what others think of me. The reason I care, is because I do NOT want to hurt or damage them in any way. I think this can be bad, when taken too far, but for me, it often comes from a heart of love for others, so it can be a good thing, too!
    *I think I’m a “teacher”…or have the gift of teaching. I would never have asked for it…or even wanted it…but there are many times I “hear” God telling me something that just comes out of my mouth to share in conversation, and it’s something I’ve never even thought of before until that moment, and I instantly know it’s true. I’m not that smart….and have no degrees…..so it’s GOT to be him! 😀
    *I love to laugh…I love to make others laugh. I love to make others feel happy, and lift their day. I love encouraging people. It makes MY day to do or say something that makes them smile and lightens their load if even for a moment!
    *I’m a dreamer. I have HIGH hopes and dreams. I want to be a writer. I sometimes think I have a way with words, (although most often I think I have nothing worthwhile to really say)….but I believe that God has put the dream of being a writer inside my heart…and so I guess we’ll see. <3
    *I talk to strangers all the time. I try to smile at everyone I meet along life's path. I can make a friend no matter where I am. I find people fascinating, and love hearing all about their lives and dreams. I love community and drawing people together to fellowship is one of my favorite things to do. I love to have a tea party, and then provide a sweet, loving, gentle atmosphere where ladies can relax and be refreshed in one another. I invite strangers to my tea parties sometimes. I've been doing that for 25+ years.
    *I sing fairly prettily, I'm really good at crafts, I'm a pretty good decorator, I'm a really good and faithful friend. I can honestly say, I think I love well! I love lavishly and can always find the beautiful in others, because it's always true. We are ALL beautiful!!!
    *But my favorite thing about myself is that I'm a really REALLY good Grammie. 😀 <3 <3 <3 <3 I have four little PRECIOUS people with which God blessed my life. They LIGHT UP MY WORLD! I am SO in love with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dance with them and sing songs I make up….I tell them stories, making them the heros. I hold them tight and snuggle with all my might! I run to the door when I hear their little voices coming up the walk, and am waiting when they come through my front door, sweeping them up in my 5'0" tiny Grammie arms, and whispering in their ear that they're my favorite in the whole wide world! I make them tea parties and buy them little sweet presents that say, "I adore you, and I'm always thinking about you, my sweet!" And I am!!! I ALWAYS have time for my babies. I made little stuffed owls for each of them, out of felt, for them to snuggle to sleep at bedtime. Each one was different, the colors reflecting their individual teensy cute tastes!

    I have a LOT of faults and weaknesses, and don't trust my judgement at times….I worry that I am failing those I care about…..so it feels encouraging to really stop and consider those things God has placed within me that are "worthy of praise". Because I have chronic pain from Fibromyalgia, it's difficult to keep a positive focus, but I know that God says to fix our thoughts on what is true and good and right. To think about things that are lovely and dwell on the fine good things in others (and ourselves). To think about all we can praise Him for and be glad about. So thank you for helping us to do exactly this. May God bless us all as we learn to see ourselves through his eyes! <3 Hugs and kisses, friends! Love, Chellee

  39. Sheesh. Sorry. Didn’t realise that this was turning into a dissertation. I apologize. I tend to be wordy. :/ But wait….could that be considered a good thing? Maybe?