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Amber C Haines, author of Wild in the Hollow, has 4 sons, a guitar-playing husband, theRunaMuck, and rare friends. She loves the funky, the narrative, and the dirty South. She finds community among the broken and wants to know your story. Amber is curator with her husband Seth Haines of Mother...

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  1. OH! How happily I will type a few words to confirm the Unity of the Spirit at an *insane* hour. I have never been on this website, but clicked over from A Holy Experience and was JUST praying for AV and her precious brood in Haiti: for the sweet thing who turned his/her ankle and for the ministry of that beautiful family to the beautiful people there in the tropics…Here is a promise of the Lord for the farmers who are sowing seeds in a foreign soil these days:
    Isaiah 30:23 and He will give rain for the seed with which you sow the ground and grain, the produce of the ground, will be rich and plenteous…
    We all look forward to hearing about that rich and abundant produce from this journey!!

  2. Anne,
    I’m praying for you and your family as I light the lenten wreath sent so lovingly right across the border in Lyndonville NY, the tiniest of farm towns. May His light shine while you are in Haiti.

  3. I am so in awe of Ann. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s my Jesus that I see in her that I’m in awe of. He gives her the words that always make me see Him so much clearer. Ann, thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart for stepping out in faith and bringing us a picture if empty and filling. Being filled with Him is the desire of my heart. May God continually pour out His blessings abundantly on you and your family…and may you continually experience Him.
    Your sister in Christ, Kellie
    [typing that last part made me smile…no earthly sisters…so I’ll take all the “heavenly sisters” I can get]

  4. amber your words blessed me this morning with the reminder of delighting and i love your heart for your ‘sister’. i pray that god breaks their hearts open wide and they receive the fullest serving of him during this experience. he already has the details covered. xo –kris

  5. Praying for you, Voskamps!! May your candle shine bright in Haiti and may all of you be blessed by Haiti as well. Ann’s book is my favourite gift to give (birthdays, get well, etc.). Ann, you are such a blessing to so many and your dear family is too. Praying for that dear child today too.

  6. Amber, your beautiful words here are a sweet balm to me in the early parts of this day. Bless you for writing this out and reaching me with the pen, the ink of your heart.

    Ann, bless you and your entire family, hourly, moment by moment, and in your time of being among the sweet Haitian people. May you be covered by God’s spirit. And return home well and filled, as you minister in His name.

  7. Praying for you Ann and your family there in Haiti! May you all stay safe your heart light shine bright.

  8. Your words this morning about God knowing the desires of your heart and seeking to complete those desires as we walk with him were dear to me. EW are trying to move to a larger house, a long time need and desire. As this desire is strengthening in me I feel the walk becoming stronger, but like you maybe not prettier. Ann and her family have become a precious part of my day. Lord, I ask that your hand surround this family and they become the living hands for those of us who cannot . Place your comfort around the injured and show guidance to Ann and The Farmer in getting help. Also, Lord, show them where you want them to “stack the stones”. And bring them all home to us safely. Amen.

  9. amen…satisfied here in Him.

    Ann, continued blessing upon you and your family…I pray that you will hear God’s heart as you move through the day…that your heart and eyes will process through the lens of God…and I know He will give you words from His heart to share for His kingdom…His glory. And may God become more real to each child….meeting each one in his or her own special way. and blessings to you dear momma…may she have supernatural energy to be about her work in the kingdom. xoxox

  10. Amber,
    I needed to be reminded to delight in the Lord. Thank you! We are studying ‘Loving God’ series in our Wednesday evening prayer & praise services, and I often forget to delight in Him! Life just seems to get in the way, but you, and all my sisters in Christ who challenge me, encourage me, and lead me into deeper ways with Christ, are all the ‘touch’ I have sometimes. Thank you, again!
    And ann? I LOVE her. She speaks my heart. I cry with her, feel her pain. O God, please bless Ann and her family, and make them vessels you can use to further the Gospel there. Give them protection, peace, strength, love and grace to minister. Give quick healing for the hurts, and satisfaction like nothing on earth can give!
    AND, bring them home safely! 😉

  11. I am praying for God to bless their time in Haiti. I especially lift up the children. They had been planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon when Ann’s husband requested a trip where they family could serve. What a great opportunity for her kids to experience how others live. So, I ask that God would speak to her children and open their eyes to what he is doing. I pray that there would not be anger or bitterness over a trip that was lost. I pray that the children would so feel God’s love for them that they could love those aroung them. I ask for healing for the sprained anke-a miracle that would build their faith.

  12. Prayers here in Kansas for the Voskamp family. What a wonderful, difficult experience for your family. Wisdom, peace, unity and safety for you. Thank you for showing us Jesus through your lives.

  13. Ann and her family have been such an inspiration over and over again. Keeping the Voskamps and Ann’s mama in prayer.

  14. Praying grace and protection today on your family in Haiti. May you see with his eyes and feel with his heart. It sounds like the Haitians are poor in worldly goods but rich in the spiritual realm.

    Praying God’s wisdom as you and your family process all the things you see.


  15. I am in tears reading all of the prayers for ann and family. Thank you all for our loving words. Thank You God for Your listening ears and loving heart.

  16. The Lord bless you, and keep you, and make His FACE to shine upon you…and bring you peace. Much love to you Voskamp family from ours. You are a blessing, and we speak healing and life and restoration and freedom from pain over that sprained ankle- that you may serve and experience the fullness of His presence there in Haiti.

  17. Go Voskamps GO!!! “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him. Lamentations 1:25. You are doing a good work….He sees you…

  18. Praying for you, Ann, and your precious family. May His good work continue as you share your hearts and hands with the precious people of Haiti. I pray that your child’s sprained ankle heals quickly and restoration is complete. Thank you for listening to God and sharing your pearls of wisdom with us. Much love and many prayers!!

  19. I am right there with the VosKamp family as they travel. Ann and her family are a blessing to everyone they “meet” whether in person, in a book, or on her blog. I pray for them to have a successful mission and I know that they will bring hope to all those they encounter. I pray for those who are minding the farm at home. I pray for every member of the family because I know it will change them in amazing ways too. I know that Ann is a sister in Christ but she is farther down the path than I am and she is an inspiration as is her husband and all of her family. She is also real and vulnerable and brutally honest… which is why we can all identify with her and feel like we are on the journey with her. Praise God for her whole family !!!

  20. Oh Anne . . . with you in prayer. The evil one doesn’t want you and your family to make the huge impact that God has planned. We will pray you through whatever …

  21. Thank you Amber for your life, your poetry that points to the Author and Perfector of our faith…

    For the Voskamps, I, too feel so small in prayer, but come with confidence before His throne of grace to pray for protection, strength and compassion as this family carries the Light openly, not hiding or shying away. May they know the closeness of God’s Spirit as they show His love to His children in Haiti.

  22. Ann
    Relating to you as sister. I thank you that your words poured out speak straight to my soul, baring it open & exposing things that need to have Him shine bright on. You make me cry out to Him, you cause me to smile & shake my head with understanding.
    Thank you sister for believing that you are solely His beautiful workmanship and sharing it all with your sisters. May He bless you & yours on this celebration mission, and tend to your child’s ankle.
    Looking forward to sipping a warm cup of coffee with you in His Kingdom.
    Until HE shouts

  23. Sweet Amber..come sit and my table and let’s talk….about the goodness of God, about thirsting for Him, about being tempted by the world, about God’s wooing us back to Him…thank you , for your words this morning and thank you for standing in the gap for our sister in Christ, Ann…indeed we should be praying for her and thanking God for her life laid before us..her openness, her family…so..dear Ann, we pray for you and your precious family..for protection , for endurance, for strength for courage, for boldness for His sake, for His light to shine forth in Haiti as it does on the pages of your book…for you all to feel the warmth of God’s love all about you as you serve, as you touch, as you share all in the strong name of Jesus! Feel our love and prayers for you all

  24. For Ann Voskamp, her family and our Lord’s ministry, I am praying that he will provide for you the peace, wisdom, guidance and never-ending love to fulfill His will and purpose in your lives and the many lives you have the opportunity to touch. May He provide an abundance of provision GREATER than your wildest imagination for our God is so GOOD!

  25. Dear Ann,

    My prayer is for your safety, health and for the people of Haiti to see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the love you are showing them while you are visiting their country. May God bless you and your family on this trip to Haiti.


  26. Lord Please be with this family…keep them safe and healthy …and do great works through them. Jesus, we thank you and Love you….

  27. “Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you’re my God.” I’m liable to hear this Friday night at Celebrate Recovery, where people raise their hands, too & that’s so not me or my Sunday church services! But it’s okay, we’re all invited members of His family. Thanks to Ann for sharing this experience with us.

  28. Oh Y’all. It’s such a huge blessing to pray these things with you for Ann.

    I need to confess that I’m editing this post, because as I bragged that I made a 3.89 GPA, I actually wrote 4.89! My husband jabbed me good about what an extremely good GPA that is!!!

  29. Dear Ann, Just got done praying for you and your family. Healing and strength for your child’s ankle, blessings on your family and your Mama, and that Mission of Hope will receive what is needed.
    God bless you all!!!

  30. Ann, you have inspired me to strive to be more like Jesus every single day. Because of your words and heartfelt posts, I gave up my smartphone and sponsored a darling little girl in Bolivia and have real dreams of doing mission work with my son rather than another trip to Disney. I am praying for your family and for His work to be done through you all while you are in Haiti.

    Blessings to each and every one of you!

  31. I am at a loss for words. Praying…Bless them Father, keep them and bless them as they go about “Your business”. In Jesus name, keep the children’s bodies, hearts and mind safe and secure in the knowing that they are part of a good work and it will not be taken from them. Thank you VosKamp family, you are there to worship, there you have found that place to bow down and show that He is your God. Praying and loving you through.

  32. This is a beautiful post, and oh-so-true in my life, too. Thank you for sharing, and for letting the rest of us know we are not alone on the journey – especially when we are waiting on God to move.

    Ann is such a blessing, and I look forward to “time” with her every day. Praying that God will see them through!

  33. Ann, you and your family have been such an encouragement and helped me to delve deeper into thanksgiving.

  34. Ann’s blog really ministered to me. I am learning in my own season of life, what to be poor in spirit really means.. to allow the Lord to strip away the multitude of idols we have, to allow myself to become wretched in my brokenness. Wholeness is only found at the foot of the cross; peace when I fling myself at his wounded feet,

  35. Thank you, Ann for sharing your testimony of how God finds us in our brokenness. May He continue to bless you and your family as you in turn grow to bless others. Be poured out, so that He may constantly refill…

  36. Encouraging Anne…Her posts are always encouraging me and tugging my heart to do more. She is an inspiration and I pray that her whole family will experience God in a very special way during this trip.

  37. Miss Amber, your words are always in-breathed and invested with God’s wisdom and grace and a rare “aliveness” that is palpalble straight through the screen. It seems this is because you die to yourself a lot. Unless we die to self, how can we be resurrected to God? Unless we empty ourselves, how can we be filled with Him–especially to overflowing? It seems that every time I read your words, they’re a topsy-turvy testament to the paradox and mystery of our living Christ! When you bend to kiss His feet, only then do you rise to experience His embrace. What I am getting from this post (and likely because this rings so true to me, personally, — sad to say!) is that you are writing about idolatry…..looking away from Christ to anything that might satisfy–even intellectual acumen–and realizing afresh that true satisfaction comes *only* from Him! In 2012, the Lord showed me the shocking truth that my “shadow mission” (when I am not living true to who He created me to be) is that of an idolater. This is who I am when I live at my lowest and turn from Christ. It was a sobering realiztion. How often I beseech His help in smashing my idols (those you mentioned in your post and more!). Only when I lay my idols down can I lift up the name of Christ. And only when I lie prostrate at His feet, can *He* truly lift me up. When I delight myself in God alone, my idols no longer entice me. Thank you for reminding me, Amber, what my heart needs to be–a sanctuary for the living God–and how often it has sadly been instead, an idol factory.
    And praying for Ann, too, as she and her family empty their hearts of their own desires and serve a living Christ by serving the least of His children. What a remarkable family.
    Bless you precious Amber. Keep bowing low, and lifting Him up!

  38. Sweet Ann,
    It occurred to me yesterday as I read of “the sprained ankle” that the Joy Dare for the day was “3 Gifts That Were Plan ‘B’s’!” Lifting you and yours before the throne of God – all IS grace!

  39. Dearest Ann,
    Praying for you and your sweet family. Thank you for encouraging us by sharing so freely!
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

  40. Dear Ann, my Mama has been right where you are, there at Mission of Hope, and so I have prayed for that place and those precious people, and now, dear Jesus, I pray for Ann and her dear family who have a special place in my heart, I pray for each one of them, that God, you would be near, that they would hear You saying, “this is the way, walk in it” as they move through their days there in Haiti.” I am carrying my Three Cords purse today, and praying for your family, Ann. With much love for all of you.

  41. Amber, I am deeply touched always by your writing. Thanks also for clearing up that GPA. I knew you were smart but WOW! J/K! 🙂 For Ann and family, prayers are being lifted. What a sacrifice of love to take your family of a dozen and show others love all the while teaching yourself what true love is. Prayers for the little one who has twisted the ankle as often times a twisted ankle can be more painful than a break. May healing come quickly and for the the Momma tending to not only her own flock but the flock of Haiti, may she be comforted and feel peace like no other than only HE can give!

  42. God makes weak things strong. He is using Ann and her family and building up their strength as they bless and serve others.

  43. Amber, in the middle of worship Sunday we were singing, “Glorify Your Name,” and I heard the Lord say, “I will be glorified through empty vessels.” This mirrors what you are saying today.
    Ann and her writings are teaching me at deeper levels what it means to be poured out to be filled with Him.
    My prayer for you Ann and your family is that God will be glorified a 1000 times over through your hearts and lives, emptied out for Him to fill. All my prayers and love.

  44. How can I help but be an encourager to Ann Voscamp, the Farmer and their children? God, through her writings about her walk with Christ has blessed me so much! I have been counting gifts since I read THE book, and today have reached 993. The last seven of this series of 1000 will be that family. The Farmer and Ann will top the list, as one, because God has knit them together as one, and the six childres will follow. I will pray for each one, as they are entered in my book of gifts, that they may all be blessed as a result of the sacrificial life they live for Christ.
    By the way, I have been to the Grand Canyon, and although it is awesome in its size and scope, it bears no comparison with the joy in Christ they are experiencing in bending to minister to God’s precious people in Haiti.

  45. Praying for Ann and her family. Protection, blessings, healing, God’s mercies, that God meets Ann where she is and that He is glorified by all that the Voskamp family is about as they live and love like Jesus to the Haitian people.

  46. our prayer team prayed for you and your family this morning. we are five elem. teachers in a public school who meet every school morning before we are “on the clock”. i share this with you not to brag but to let you know we often thank and praise our LORD that we still have the privilege and freedom to meet in our school.

  47. Ann, what a blessing your blog and book , A thousand gifts, have been to me and so many other. Praying for your family as the love of Jesus shines through you to the hurting and needy. May your family be blessed beyond measure during this time.

  48. Psalm 27:13
    “I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

    Praying this today for all our sisters!

  49. Ann – The Lord has brought the rain on me many times through your words – I am so blessed as so many others to have a sister who lets Jesus shine thru her life to bring us God’s grace. Prayers for the farmer, you and all your brood including your sweet mama to be filled to full once again as you empty yourselves to give to our brothers/sisters in Haiti!! I love you!!

  50. Sweet Ann…..All is grace…..I know you and your family are bending low and giving away God’s gift of love that keeps on giving. Praying for the health and safety of all the Voskamp’s and rejoicing that God’s light is shining so brightly through you all. Love and peace as your time in Haiti comes closer to ending (temporarily). God bless you all.

  51. for the voskamp family…a hymn, which is a prayer.
    May the mind of Christ my Savior, live in me from day to day. By His love and power controlling, all I do and say. May the Word of God dwell richly in my heart from hour to hour,so that all may see I triumph only through His power. May the love of Jesus fill me,
    As the waters fill the sea; Him exalting, self abasing, This is victory. May His beauty. Rest upon me as I seek the lost to win, and may they forget the channel, seeing only Him

  52. dear Father,

    please sustain the voskamps today. please give them joy in their work and in their new friendships. root them in Your love for them, and give them so many chances to love the people around them.

    we love You and we trust You.


  53. Ann, for you and yours in Haiti: pure drinks and overflow of Living Water for the murky waters of such broadsiding hours and days.

    Sending love to you all (and Amber too).

  54. Thank you, Amber, for this beautiful writing about what it really means to have the mind of Christ … to be in Christ. And, Yes, extending our love to our sister, Ann, and her family is indeed how the kingdom comes.

    Ann, may many families be touched by our Father’s love through you all, and may this experience fertilize the faith of you and your family.

  55. Oh Ann, There is a joy in the journey…and so many other emotions, life choices. I pray for you and your family. Angels are working overtime filling each of you with His presence.

  56. Servant Sister Ann,

    I pray this in times of trouble. I pray this for you now. Love you.

    “Grant to me a warrior’s heart who knows his Captain. Vindicate and save. You are my sole Help and Support. Make evil recoil against itself as I offer my troubled self to my Deliverer. In You I am triumphant against every foe. Hear my prayer O God – I magnify your powerful and good name.”

  57. Praying for you and your family , Ann. Your words have touched my life daily and I send words of prayer back each morning thanking God for a sister in Christ. Hope that your child is healing and love surrounding all of you!

  58. I am praying for Ann and family. She is so tender! So calming. May she pursue the mission trip, unless The Lord speaks differently to her heart.

  59. Dear Ann, Prayed for you and your family today. I know God will show Himself strong to each and every one of you!

  60. Ann reminds us again and again to return to God. She focuses on the thankfuls in life, or in my words the simple joys. I know the creator aligned my days, and hope that she is strengthened in His plans for her and those she cares for.

    For he knows the plans he has for each of us. Jer 29:11

    Peace to one and all, Celeste

  61. Ann reminds us again and again to return to God. She focuses on the thankfuls in life, or in my words the simple joys. I know the creator aligned my days, and hope that she is strengthened in His plans for her and those she cares for.

    For he knows the plans he has for each of us. Jer 29:11

    Peace to one and all, Celeste

  62. Amber, your candidness is always refreshing and a deep refining and, a reflection upon the true strength of delighting in the Lord despite circumstances.
    My sincere prayers are with you and dear sister Ann in Haiti.

    God keep you well and safe,

  63. Dearest Ann,
    I have been following you and your precious family for several years now, your book absolutely changed my life for the better!! I’ve been praying for family, ever since you started packing for your trip, and now especially since your little one sprained an ankle.
    You are such a blessing in my life, I’m on my second year of One Thousand Gifts, it has taught me to constantly be thinking of God!!

  64. It is an honor to pray for our dear sister, Ann, as she and her family experience Haiti. We pray for safety for she and her family, and that God will move mightily!

  65. Ann… have been reading you for a long time it seems and of your newest adventure.
    The word that came when i read of the ankle was…He will catch you up on
    angel wings. He is an ever present help in times of need and a shelter in the storm. He gives strength to His people and He blesses His people with peace. All are yours and your family’s today. blessings.

  66. Praying for a blessed time for you and your family for the Farmer’s 40th birthday. You bless my life with every devotional, every photo, your amazing book…… Be blessed, Ann and know that your sisters in Christ love you and are praying for you.

  67. You are ever in my heart, sweet Ann, and never more so than now while you are there bringing Jesus to people so eager to receive Him. I am praying for your sweet boy, for quick healing and wonderful memories made to overshadow any pain. I love you.

    And I pray for you as well, precious Amber, and thank you for your beautiful heart.

  68. Ann as you and your family pour yourselves out for the people of Haiti, you will be filled up and overflowing with Jesus and his love for the people of Haiti. I love your husbands heart. You both are a beautiful example of Jesus love for others.

  69. Praying for Ann and her family and those they will meet in Haiti. I Think of them daily while reading through 1000 Gifts. I am sure all will be blessed by their giving hearts and loving hands.

  70. Grateful for your words, Amber – my heart is right there with you.

    And for Ann and family, praying strength for each one, each moment, for peace that passes understanding, for bridges built and small seeds planted and heart softened to the gospel and the everyday gift of living it out.

    Love and prayers offered here for the Voskamps, the Haines family & this beautiful community.

  71. Dear Ann, The Farmer & family: praying for you….may you see Him in the little things, peace in the valleys….and safety in His people

  72. Ann and family, my prayers go with you and your hearts of service! Sometimes our bodies don’t quite get the idea of what we are trying to do! And, for some reason, the Lord allowed this to come into your lives BECAUSE HE IS GOOD ~ He, Who bears our pain and carries our sorrows, knows the joys and knows the hurt ~ and all for His good reasons, reasons that we may not understand until we walk with Him in glory. Until that time, I thank Him for your loving hearts, for the way we are brought into His presence with praise, and that, no matter what happens, you will find the reason to praise and glorify Him :)! Happy healing to the wounded warrior because you, too, are in a fierce battle for the souls of people ~ and the enemy will try anything to get you off course! May He strengthen you so you can win the battle for the Lord !

  73. Oh how honored to lift up Ann with her family… To You, Lord Jesus…all the glory and honor from this trip, for the lives changed. Thank you in advance for Your faithfulness to this precious family as well as to each Haitian blessed to meet them. May they meet you, oh Father. You are enough. You are everything. Thank you for meeting every need according to your glorious purpose.

  74. Even through the clouds the light shines. God is good all the time. I have to daily remind myself of this so I share it and write it down and stick in my drawer at work along with my scriptures as a reminder. Prayers for Ann and her family.

  75. Thanks for your lovely words Amber. And thanks for mentioning the Voskamps. I read Ann’s blog today and have been praying for them. So nice to see the wonderful responses here. I’m sure Ann will be so encouraged to know that her ‘sisters’ are holding her and her family up in prayer.
    Amber, I pray you your family and especially your littlest boy quite often. I hope you know that people from all over are praying for you…

  76. Echoing the words of Lisa-Jo and Annie…us all as Jonathans holding you up in prayer and gratitude…you and your family..and for ALL that He gives. And even through the adversity, may His light shine bright and may He provide and bless you all, as you serve, and the hearts there, as they receive. And may it be said that only through Him could such wonder be accomplished. I am SO grateful for this community! xoxo

  77. amber, thank you for your words reminding me of not only the delights, but also of the times i, too, have spent at the feet of my Creator. so thankful for the times of delight and for the times of despair that bring me to His feet.

    praying for the voskamps on this journey of sharing and giving and experiencing God’s great Love. praying for a hedge of protection around all of them and for healing. i can just imagine the songs being sung in Heaven this very moment as you bring all this to the glory of HIM!

  78. Hi Ann

    I was in the hospital just recently to have an operation. One of my friends brought me your book and I have just started to read it. I already can see the heart of God in you and that’s why you have seen you and your family in Haiti. I am so thankful you are there and I often have wanted to go myself. Unfortunately, I have visual vestiblar mismatch and I become very nauseated and dizzy pretty much on a daily basis’. God has shown me thru my frustration of the things I’m unable to do that I can pray for those and encourage those that can go and be the hand and feet of Jesus in the mission fields. My prayer today is that among all the suffering you are seeing that your strength will be renewed in the lord our God. The suffering that your daughter is experiencing because of her pain my prayer is that the Lord would lay his hands upon her and quiet the pain. A Mamma’s heart is always in pain when we see our children in pain. I ask that the Lord would give you his peace that he has everything undercontrol and that during this time he is so close to you and your family that when its all behind you you will look back and see the hand of God every step of the way in this. I pray for protection over your family and that God will bless you all in small and big ways as the days come and go. Thank you for going and helping in a country that has been devasted by so much. “I am the Lord your God who has taken hold of your right hand and says do not be afraid. I will help you. Isaiah 41:13
    Blessings Emme

  79. Dear Ann,

    Your words continue to inspire me every day. I ask God’s blessing on your family and your work in Haiti as well as healing for your little one’s ankle. I can’t wait to hear your stories upon your return. I’m hoping that I too will get to go on an overseas mission trip at least once in my life.

    Love, Robin

  80. Ann’s posts are such an inspiration to me. And her book has changed the course of my days. I am on gift number 3034! Her post yesterday inspired my own lenten post. It inspired me to see the need right in my own front yard and act and bless and hear the voice of God and be His hands and feet and heart to another. Blessings sister…press on…we are encouraged by your life!

  81. Ann, praying for you and yours AND all you are ministering to in Haiti

    Amber, praying for your family also.

    God blesses me through your words.
    fellow Pilgrim and mother of 3 who are grown

  82. Amber,
    What a tender post! I’m on that bible reading journey too. Just reading. Just soaking in the Spirit within the message. It’s like honey in my yogurt, kisses from my grandbabies and the warmth of my man all rolled up in one. I can’t get enough. What a blessing to just read for refreshment! Thanks for the post!
    I heard you speak at She Speaks in NC. I was amazed by your gentle spirit. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  83. Just a prayer for Ann and her precious crew. It is so awesome you all got to go together. I pray your lives and the people He puts in your paths will never be the same. Lord, sweet Holy Spirit connections and bonding ………may it be so.Protection……….Psalm 91, Lord Your Word………Your protection………Your angels surrounding them wherever they go. Speedy healing for the one who sprained their ankle and may it not spoil their time there or cause that one harm after it heals. I can’t thank You enough Lord for this precious servant you have made to open wide Your Word, Your Way, Your compassion, mercy and unconditional love. Keep on filling her and us. Travel mercies all the way home!

  84. Anne,

    May God bless you, your family and this mission trip. May He give you His strength, grace and mercy to see and take in all that is there. Praying for your adopted boy that his ankle may heal quickly!

    God bless you sister Anne for having the courage to go overseas and help out–to be the Arms, Hands and Feet of Christ@!

  85. Ann,

    Lifting you and your family up to the Lord. May he comfort, guide and direct you to do his will in Haiti.

    Much love,

  86. For Ann and her family….I cannot tell you how much your faithfull encouragement have enriched my walk with the Lord….As i read of the Farmer’s wish to celebrate Lent in service to those in Haiti, I have been encouraged to seek additional ways I can be of service to the body I journey with… so sorry one of you has been injured but know you will search for ways to glorify the Lord even in this mishap…..thank you the your honesty you share with us in the Holy Experience on a daily basis, for your love lived out loud to those precious children in Haiti….blessings Philipians 4:6-7

  87. This is way too unusual – my cat is snuggling up to me -reaching over to muzzle my neck as she stands on the back of the sofa that is beside my PC – i read Ann’s post on radical grace for sisters and Amber’s Kingdom come. O God knows i need a some affection! (and this after i just bathed her too). LORD like my cat, i may hate baths; you know those times you must grab and dunk me under the shower of Grace because i have forgotten how good it feels to be clean, fresh and happy!
    Grace is so anithetical to all we’ve know and are capable of; it must be God!
    Thank you sisters all !