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Rachel writes to gain perspective, capture memories, focus on gratitude, and remember that we are not alone. She loves her family, running, and Jesus.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Yay!! Free this year?! Crazy!! Can not wait to organize & promote this year – I’ll have it in my home if there’s not one nearby (don’t know that I know enough mommy friends to do this here in AR!!)

  2. I stumbled across the (in) courage site a few months back and I know it was by God’s design. The posts shared, especially this one, are exactly where God is calling me to be. I’m eager to find community on the same path but have and still have lots of skin to slough off.

  3. In sending an eCard I came across ” (in) courage home of the hearts of
    Wondering where the (in) the real life conference is being held ?

    Any guidance & support in being part of this community would be appreciated.

  4. Rachel, your words spoke volumes to my heart, thank you. I too want to serve God by loving others this year. May it be a new year full of change in my heart. Too often I have let my own insecurities keep me from reaching out to give & to receive. I pray that as I spend more time immersed in Gods word I will learn what it means to follow Jesus with my whole being.

    Blessings in Christ,

  5. Rachel,

    I enjoy your writing style. I did/am doing a Bible Study on “Words Women Use”. In one section it talks about not using the word fine to describe how you are doing. The discussion is to go deeper and really tell the listener how you feel, especially in church.

    Too often women tend to “cut it short” and say ok or fine. Then they wonder why they don’t have true friends. I have tried to go deeper with my listening and praying for people. I want true friendship & community!

    • I agree, Beth. It is much simpler to stay clear of digging into people’s lives in meaningful ways. Saying that everything is “not” fine is hard…but freeing!!