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I am an Average Housewife and mom of 3, including a cancer warrior. I love Jesus and am awaiting his return. All the while, being refined by the Holy Spirit.

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  1. And I’m so glad you came, Paula! Getting to know you was one of my favorite parts of inRL last year! Hope to see you again this year. 🙂

  2. I am a little introverted myself and find it hard to walk up to people and start conversations. One conversation obstacle is that I have no children, own 2 iguanas-yes large Lizards–one died this year. One thing I have in common with a lot of people is caring for aging parents.

    I find it hard to just start conversing with people, but once I know you and feel comfy around you I can blab for a while.

    This year I registered for In (RL). I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely faces and meeting some of the writers!