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Kati resides in the little {one stoplight} town of Chelsea, Oklahoma. She spends her days, loving her man, raising and homeschooling her four exuberant children, growing a garden, and collecting eggs-- in the town she swore she'd never return to. Compelled by grace and so desperate for it, she writes...

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  1. Things truly are easier if we have someone to confide in. Of course, we always have our Savior, but His hands on this earth are our friends.

  2. I love this post… and such GREAT questions! The honor of investing, of loving, of praying – it’s so vital and needed! Thanks for the check up! I already know what questions I will be asking over the dinner table tonight!

  3. I am investing in my husband, father, family, church friends and co-workers. I daily pray for all of them.

    These are great questions to ask. It is time to invest in others lives and try to forget about our “petty” little problems. The world is soo much bigger than us and we need to reach out in any way we can to show Christ to this hurting world!