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A follower of Jesus, one step at a time. Blessed wife and mama to three little ones. A joy seeker in the ordinary and everyday moments.

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  1. Oh, man, how this speaks to me! It’s as if you wrote the words for me 🙂 There have been a few opportunities where it’s been plainly obvious God was calling me, but I caved in to my fears. I have a huge fear of speaking (not just in large groups, either!!!), and while I know He’s given me gifts as a writer, I know He’s asking me to lead in a way that is uncomfortable for me. I know He’s calling me to stop following and hiding in the shadows. I do try to remember, though, that my “gifts”, “talents”, and inclinations are not my own, but they are drops from the overflow of God’s own heart; they were entrusted to me not for personal use but to reach the world (both locally and globally). May we have the courage to overcome the fear that tries to take us down!

    • Hi Athena,
      I love that, “my gifts, talents, and inclinations are not my own, but they are drops from the overflow of God’s own heart.”. Beautiful words. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Have begun to answer yes, sometimes standing firm, sometimes shaking. You are so right about where our focus needs to be. When we pray for Him to use us, we must focus on what it is He wants from us, not how we sound, appear, or are dressed, etc. Thanks so much for that always important reminder!

  3. great reminder. There is something right now that I feel God is asking me to say yes to but I feel scared, not up to it, lazy, fearful, weary…did I mentioned scared? Of what? I’m not even sure, it all feels buried so deep I’ve barely let myself wonder about my fears. anyway, thank you for sharing this…it’s helpful to see others take those risks, say those “yes’s” and have that enoucouragement to do it too.

  4. Wow, thank you. I was really inspired by this post. I just recently began thinking about and praying about goals for next year, and the minute I read the title I knew it was something I needed to ponder. Thanks!

  5. This is MY Year of Saying Yes, too…. Yes to all that God has for me, because I know it is ultimately for my greatest good. For His purposes, not mine. To help me serve Him in the way He created me to. I am starting to have an inkling of what the ultimate purpose might be, but will wait for His leading. I finally trust Him to show me the way.

    All I have to do is be ready, and say YES, Lord. <3

  6. YES!!!! I want to stand up and cheer!!! I love your willingness to say yes and walk through your fear. God will be there every step of the way! Keep going girl!

    (It’s my year of saying yes too!!!)

  7. TY Katie for this post! You eloquently yet simply spoke the truth which moves mountains, “by laying down my life and saying yes, use me Lord” You inspired me to continue saying yes, to continue laying down my life.

  8. God equips the called, and he gives us his force and power to accomplish his work. I wasn’t sure about saying yes to the same thing, but three short years later I’m now training those very leaders to stand strong and rely on Jesus for strength. I’m going to share this on my blog and fb page, with credit to you of course. 🙂

  9. When I was young I would never ever get in front of an audiance solo and sing, speak or anything. I had that dreaded fear of failure. I know I had a speech impediment and people would laugh at me. Too shy. I was comfortable in groups–choirs, bell choir, etc. Not alone.

    A few years ago I was sitting in church & singing songs, but doing sign language to them as well–what few signs I knew. The choir director saw me and asked me to go “in front” of everyone and do a simple song as they all sang. She then asked if I would do special music for the church periodically. Wow that means getting in front of that group again. Over the years I have done a number of songs and each time I gain a little more confidence. One thing I know is that everyone enjoys watching me & it brings a new perspective on praising our God.

    Way to go to stepping out and saying Yes!