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  1. I am grateful for the hardships that the Lord has given us in the past few years. They have increased our faith, our hope, our joy, and have strengthened our family and our marriage. Surrender is sweet. God is so good.

  2. One thing I am grateful for in this season is a happy, healthy, strong little boy!! He is just over 8 weeks old and I’m growing more thankful by the moment! I love your writing and your heart- would be awesome to win a copy of your book!!!

  3. Michele- I’m midway in my fourth year of service in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. I am continually challenged by the Spirit and am grateful for that. I have really learned about the supernatural Christian life in a way we may not have in the comforts and self-made world that is US. I’ll be reading your book (whether my name is drawn or not). Thanks for speaking to my soul this am.

    • Beth- May blessings from heaven be poured all over you and this precious island and created to praise Him. One day, I very much hope to visit… It is a place that has been on my heart since I was in university over a decade ago… A song comes to mind… and the islands will see His light as it rises on us… You said…. He did and they will… Cheering you on.

  4. Bringing us to a Bible believing church and healing us when we left our church of 39 years because of theology that just did not match up to God’s Word.

  5. I am grateful that God has gifted me with faithful mentors who stand firm on the foundation of Scripture–and who reassure me in my doubt and discouragement, pushing me to faith and waiting on God.

  6. OH…Jesus comes to set the prisoner free…so thankful for His long suffering, patient love for me…and now in my 50’s I feel more free than ever…
    I loved…loved…”love has a face” and I am looking forward to reading this book too…oh how you stir my spirit…how your writing draws me deeper into a love relationship with Him….blessings and grace to you~

  7. Michele- I am looking forward to reading your book. I, too, am a problem solver and I
    Sem to enjoy helping God work out my problems. In the past six months He has really worked with me on this by stripping away the places I now realize I depended on for security more than Him. In the beginning it was a devastating and dark place. Now as He has drawn me closer to Him and dependent on His guidance and closeness it is a beautiful place I never want to leave.

  8. My decisions as a young 20-something took me to some low places. Now, in my mid-thirties, I recognize and appreciate the well-deserved turmoil I should have experienced and didn’t because of His grace.

  9. One thing I am grateful for God doing is providing me with the internet this morning. It may seem small, but it helps me so much with my anxiety levels, and this morning he surprised me with access to the internet!

  10. I am so grateful to God for the amazing husband he has give me. He is a man who lives by his faith, challenges me in my faith, and loves me through it all!

  11. I am glad now that God jarred me awake 2 years ago to realize I really am free in Christ and accepted. it hurt, and it changed my world. and I am so thankful.

  12. God has blessed me beyond measure. Even in the difficulties, He shows up, time after time. Now He is shaking up my comfort even more…and I am asking Him what to do with it. I’m grateful He’s opening my eyes to the Gospel lived out. Getting involved in the messiness of others’ lives. Being His hands and feet. I’m not sure where He’s taking me. But I’m excited…and nervous. 🙂 This book looks fabulous!

  13. God has brought me through some very deep valleys over the last 10 years. Restoration iin him is unparalleled JOY

  14. grateful for so much in my life and a place to grow stronger and more in love with Him ~ a move to a small town, where God has placed beautiful people in my path, connecting me to my past and pushing me forward ~ grateful for the move that stripped me of all the comfort and security I had or thought I had, to a life where I am blooming in a way I never thought possible ~~ Michele, I can’t wait to read your book!

  15. I’m grateful that in my darkest moments, when I did not “feel” God’s presence, He was still there waiting for me.

  16. I am grateful and in awe that God speaks to me. When I slow down and ask and take notice, I see Him, I feel Him, I hear Him. He is good!

  17. Today and every day I am thankful that God has allowed me and my 2 sisters to take care of my mother who is 92 and has Alzheimer’s. Above all things they have put her first. Daily we try and show her love, understanding, care and patience. It’s hard for sure but I know God has a plan for her. I use to pray daily for him to just take her home so she could live her joyous life but I now pray that he continues to bless us so that we can do for her as she deserves. God blessed her with 14 children and we are here for a reason.

  18. So many ways, I can’t choose just one…God has blessed my husband and I with a wonderful marriage, five (soon to be six) children, and somehow, we have stayed afloat financially on just my husband’s salary–even when most people would think it nearly impossible to make it on the amount of $$ on which we have lived at times. We are so grateful for the ways He has worked in our lives, good and bad, to continue shaping us into the people that He wants us to be…and he’s certainly not finished with us yet 🙂

  19. I am thankful for God’s grace. His mercy is new every morning and His blessings too. I need that…everyday.

  20. I am grateful that He has blessed me with a husband that strongly desires His will for his life and the life of our family.

  21. I am grateful that God is my source for everything…. Not my job or lack thereof, not my position or career,content my money talent or skill…. God is my all in all!!!

  22. I am so grateful because everytime I call him he answers and the more he answers the more readily/immediately I call on him anytime day or night. My relationship with God is like no other relationship. The concerns of the frequency of calling and whether or not it’s too much, overbearing, tiresome, nerve-racking etc. When I call him he answers. For that I am grateful! Forever grateful!!!!

  23. God has blessed me with a husband and with so much more. I have earthly resources and have been learning to separate those blessings from the need to be dependent on God’s grace, Jesus’s love, the Spirit’s guidance .

  24. I am so very thankful for life{what a gift of God’s grace}..when I was 4 I had a severe allergic reaction to my immunizations and spiked a very high fever, convulsed and stopped breathing. We lived rurally and it took 20 minutes to get to the ER. I was blue. The doctor ran out as he saw my mother running in with me in her arms. “You need the coroner”, were his words. I was resuscitated and a brain scan was done-the verdict: severe brain damage. The Lord had been wooing my father to the ministry and Dad had been resisting. In desperation my daddy knelt on the hospital floor next to my metal crib and surrendered ALL. Within hours I began responding and my pediatrician ordered another brain scan- the results: COMPLETELY whole-no damage! My pediatrician’s words -“It’s a miracle!” Yes, God is the loving Giver of life! He has the power to raise the dead! I am living proof! I love You, precious Lord! His name is above every name! He is on the throne of ALL things! I am my Beloved’s and He is mine!

  25. Michele,
    I am so grateful that at the age of 55 I learned that I had a loving heavenly Father that allowed me to call Him ABBA. After growing up in a home without love of any sort ,just obligation from my parents, who told me frequently that I was born to care for them when they were old and my brother was born to keep me “company”, I felt extremely unwanted, unloved, and worthless which has affected my life in heart-breaking ways. My faher was a trained minister and my mother a nurse, IMAGINE! I made decisions searching to be loved and it has hurt me and the children I bore. I came back to the church after 35 years and gave my screwed up life to Christ. Thru Jesus I have learned I AM LOVED, and I now have the Daddy I longed for along with my christian brothers and sisters who love me and show it!! I have never been happier and now have hope for my children also!! Thank you for your work spreading the Word! Rosemary

  26. I am grateful that God keeps us in a place where we have to trust Him for money to pay the bills and whatever else. My husband’s self-employed in a business that’s seasonal. We have no regular paycheck every 2 weeks. No savings. No retirement. Nothing to fall back on as the world would deem necessary. Even when he is working, he isn’t always getting paid right away, but God is absolutely faithful and trustworthy.

  27. I am thankful that my heavenly Father has moved me and my family to the country, for a time of healing. We still face the same challenge of alcoholism, but we are fighting the battle in a beautiful setting. God is providing for all of our needs. I am humbled by His goodness toward us. We serve an awesome God!

  28. I’m grateful that I still have a yearning for more of God even though I find it so difficult to really do the things I think I should to learn how to discern His voice. I need His Spirit’s power.

  29. In the quaking of the night, in prayers of disparate pleas for patience and unwavering love in difficult times, Our God leads me to a dear, dear friend. I pray for her, her family. As morning wakes and and the gift of this new day opens. My friend calls to me. To me for advice on the very issue I prayed for in the night for myself. God is almighty and knits us together across miles and space, through prayer and thanksgiving. She and I both shared that Love is the prevailing glue that tightly holds our families together and binds our communities. It is in seeing our blessings and gifts that we are filled with His spirit love and overflow to All. I am thankful for reading your post and the affirmation that Love is the true, everlasting treasure! Blessings to all for an amazing day to love and be loved.

  30. I’m thankful for the cross and the promise that the Lord will “bind our wounds”. I love your words that to receive more of Jesus we need to honor what He has already done. So powerful!

  31. I am thankful for this day,my husband ,and especially for my health. For this time of renewal and want to grow, even if I’m 70! So thankful for modern tech knowledge for bringing me to your spot on in courage ! Thank you for your post ! Your thoughts ! And your book!

    • Doris- the best is yet to come… 70 is just getting started 😉 My generation we need you… Papa sets the lonely in families. It brings me such joy when I meet someone who is older and hungry for more of Jesus. And braving the wilds of the net… just precious… thank you.

  32. As person with Aspergers Syndrome my ability to understand love was very clinical, then in 2010, God did a healing and I felt love, understood love and felt emotions more deeply than I had before.
    On one of your visits to Wales(Cardiff /Company burning hearts) I gave you a few packs of paper shapes, and you hugged me with a hug I have never experienced from someone outside my family/ close Brothers and Sisters in Jesus, in quite the same way, and what is more I hugged back. It was special moment for me at the time, because Papa did something more, because you spill love.

    • Karen- so lovely to see you here! Thank you for sharing that testimony of what Papa did… I am so so grateful of how He moved that day and continues to move in your life. You bravely run after Him and He absolutely cherishes you. You are a treasure to Him! I miss Wales…

  33. I am so thankful for His mercies new every morning. Thank you for this beautiful post about the power of God in us which so many of us leave largely untapped. Would love to read your book!

  34. I am grateful for God’s grace and mercy. I know that I need it often. I am also grateful for the encouragement of others and the ability to also give encouragement. I am grateful for God blessing me and entrusting(sp) me with four precious boys to raise and love. Actually I could keep going because I have a lot to be grateful for.

  35. I am grateful for God’s amazing, incredible, unconditional love, patience, and kindness; for the hugs He gives me; and the constant reminders that He is with me – no matter what; no matter if I am where I am at because of poor choices I have made.

  36. Oh my goodness, there are so many things I’m thankful for… God’s constantly and continually working in my life and in the lives of the ones around you. All I need to do is pay attention. Recently, God’s been doing some inner work in mine and my husband’s hearts, especially concerning the state of our church family and our country. He’s given us peace and home for the future, rather than despair and discouragement. I praise God for His Son, who died on the cross for my sins, and who lives so I can have eternal life in Him.

  37. I am thankful that God is showing me more and more what Jesus did on the cross. He bore ALL the wrath and now I get ALL the love. How that can transform a life in thankfulness and joy is completely life changing.

  38. I’m so thankful I can see God’s hand working in my life. He is closing doors that I needed to shut, and opening doors that I never imagined. He has forever changed me!

  39. When I met my now husband it seemed purely by chance. I’d never been comfortable with men (abusive childhood) so when just meeting him stirred such strong emotion I was very confused. I learned he was engaged, I bawled, really confused. That ended, I joyfully gave friends permission to give him my number. Neither of us even knew a relationship with Christ was possible. Looking back, we both know He instrumented all these “coincidences” and generated those terrifying feelings. We’ve had our 36th anniversary, 2 adult children and multiple health conditions ourselves. God is truly a miracle worker in this day as much as when He spoke to the prophets and when Jesus walked the earth. Hallelujah!!

  40. I am thankful that I get to watch the children I work with in Kolkata proudly show me their latest project ’30 day of Counting our Blessings’…they are showing me what it is like to be deeply grateful for the little things!

  41. i’m grateful for….sunshine and blue skies, fresh autumn breezes, time to spend reading, thinking, reflecting, and praying.

  42. So many times in this last year my fiance and I have given so much of our time, money and love to family members. We ended up with much grief and debt in return from them. It hurts but it doesn’t matter in the big picture because God was our witness and knows what we gave. His abundance shows because we have been able to pick up and carry on, he has given us friends and angels to be there to hold us up and each other to lean on and love. I feel Him close, my friend and strength without my faith I would be lost. I thank Him for every day and I can still give to others no matter what I get in return because I know my reward is with Him and far above any earthly pleasure.

  43. I am grateful that He hasn’t given up on me regardless of the sinful life I have led in the past few years.

  44. I read 1,000 Gifts about two years ago and began the discipline of thanksgiving, which really just turns life into a treasure hunt! What I hadn’t realized was how this practice was charging up my “joy battery” so that when my father and my father-in-law went Home, I was able to walk through these experiences with hope. My mother is now in Hospice care with cancer at age 90, and I am walking with her. This one is harder, so I have two accountability partners with which I exchange “gift lists” daily of God’s blessings. Most recently I was able to thank Him FOR a new lump we discovered, because I love her enough that I don’t want her to linger and suffer for my sake. I have never been so aware of God’s presence moment by moment, and hearing how others are blessed/gifted expands my own joy because I can see God at work beyond my own very small (for now) horizons!

  45. I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness and guidance! His grace never ceases to amaze me. I never would have thought that I would marry a man from Germany and move overseas to help care for his family in the midst of their health problems, but that’s exactly where we are and I’m loving the exciting journey of obedience! I’m thankful that our Father in Heaven knows our hearts better than we do ourselves, and that He plants His desires in us so He can fulfill them!

  46. My thanksgiving echoes so many of the others’ comments.
    Soooo thankful that the Lord has never given up on me.
    I feel unworthy at times, but I know that the enemy of my soul
    is the discourager and the father of lies. Christ, my Lord and Savior
    made me worthy when He shed His precious blood for me on Calvary’s
    tree. Thank you for sharing with us so poignantly about your
    journey and the beautiful, unending ways the God of this universe
    weaves a magnificent tapestry for the whole world to see.

    Many blessings, Sylvia

  47. I’m grateful that even when my world seems to be falling apart, He is holding it all together .

    Pause, ponder, reflect, selah.
    Be still and know that He is God.
    Admist chaos, tumbling, crumbling, selah.
    Remember in the storms of life to simply selah.
    These are the moments we need to pause and reflect the most.
    R eflect on God and pause in His mighty presence. Selah.
    When the wait has you weary, don’t lose heart, take a moment and selah.
    R est in His Grace, simply selah. Pause and ponder His great Love.


    By Anna Dickinson

    • that is so beautiful, Anna!!
      …and I am grateful, Michele, for how God is present to me daily, continues to show me Grace abounding and allows me to overflow to others even with my health issues and financial difficulties…I, too, am super looking forward to reading your book…your work in Africa has blessed me many times,

  48. I am so grateful that God is teaching me (it’s a process, right?) to get out of my own way and help others learn God’s truth about forgiveness and live with joy.

  49. I am thankful for healing of relationships around my mother-in-law’s hospital bed when she was reaching for Jesus and telling me she is going to “Meet her maker”. In times of crisis priorities become more clear and forgiveness is easier. Thank you Lord for mending broken fences and healing old wounds!

  50. I’m so grateful that God has changed my heart and renewed my love for my husband after some deep hurts and his falling away from faith. I didn’t think it was possible. It isn’t – humanly, But God did it anyway! I love Him. And I am in love with my husband!

  51. A response to all the precious responses thus far… I am so grateful for all your beautiful hearts and the comments that celebrate His Life! Let’s keep the celebration going. Thank YOU for the gift of sharing your stories… I am so humbled and blessed…. SO humbled and blessed. {Psssst. If I get picked for the drawing, you can pick again. I already have several copies with more on the way… not to mention manuscript versions… LOL)

  52. I’m thankful for challenges bigger than I am that force me to lean on Jesus. I’m thankful for His mercies renewed every morning. I’m thankful for a man committed to praying with me morning & evening. I’m thankful for freedom to sing, pray & worship openly.

  53. I am grateful that God is bigger than anything I can come up against, and that He knows my heart, even when I can’t put into words what I might be going through or feeling.

  54. I am so thankful for the blessing of eyesight. Since I was 24, I have been legally blind in one eye. It is only through God’s grace that I continued to function with the eyesight I am left with. I am amazed and so grateful to be able to see my children’s faces and the splendor of a sunrise.God is good!

  55. Impossible to name just one, but I choose NEW LIFE! He died that I might live in Him, then 10 years ago He brought me through non-Hodgkins lymphoma and a difficult divorce, and gave me a new life with a wonderful, godly husband. I am so thankful for each shining moment He gifts me with. This supernatural life I live is only because of Jesus.

  56. I think the thing I see is God’s utter faithfulness in seeing me through every time. I don’t know how He does it, but He is really really steadfast in His love.

  57. I am so grateful today, the Lord helped me extremely when I lay in the dentistchair! It’s great, without fear and relaxed. Wow, we have prayed for and yes He was there!!!!!

  58. I would love the book. I’m really seeking more gratitude in my life and for the Lord. I am really grateful for my friends and The Purpose Driven Life book which led me to Christ! Oh so grateful!

  59. I am thankful for my awesome family. I have three younger siblings and we are all “grown up” now but because I am so proud of each of them, I talk about them all the time. Then often people will comment on how close I am to my siblings and how that contrasts with their experience. And I am very thankful for my siblings and my parents who taught us that this was possible.

  60. I am extremely grateful to God that he was even willing to give me the very undeserved free gift of salvation. I am also thankful that he promised that I would never be alone.

  61. I am greatful that God is always there for me. He loves like no other. Blesses abundantly.. one of my most precious gift is my grandchildren and the Lord providing time to spend with them daily watching them grow, especially spiritualy

  62. Michele, The Father has rocked my world, rewriting the story of a once teenage girl who sat underneath a tree and decided her life, her pride, was more important than anything–even the life of un unborn baby. It takes my breath away, the truth that this love, so undeserved, comes rushing into me, forgiving me, cleansing me, restoring me to Him and making me new.

    I am just loving your amazing book, friend. Your words resonate with me, my soul responding ‘yes’ to His truth you share on each page. So very grateful for you.

    • Jennifer.. I am so glad our paths crossed in person last year and I pray they will again many many times. I am so grateful for your beautiful heart. Being family is such a crazy awesome indescribable gift from Him. Love you friend!

  63. I am grateful for where I am today,
    God did not leave me where I was yesterday….or last year.
    But His love changes me day by day as I yield myself up
    to Him

  64. God opened my husbands heart and my heart to become foster parents. He brought us a 19 day old little boy who is now 10 months old. We don’t know what the little mans future is but we are thankful that God allows us to have as long as we have him

  65. I am grateful God helped me pass out of some of my grad school classes this week. He helped me apply knowledge I learned in my undergrad and save the time and money for graduate school. What a gift! He is good!

  66. I am thankful for the timing of your message — spilling out grace instead of duty has been hard for me lately. I want to be more “get to” than “have to.” God has the best timing!

  67. I am thankful for relationships with my children and watching them grow in the Lord. What a blessing!

    • 7 babies…. my first thought was names, ages and pictures. 0-3 years is my favorite. One of my favorite things when I am in Africa is to hold my babies when I pray– they are so sensitive and their little spirits just come alive in His Presence. What joy! And sleep deprivation but even joy in that…

  68. My Jesus has totally healed me of all mental illness (something that has plagued us for generations) I am forever His, eternally grateful.

  69. God is faithful! Doctors told me I couldn’t have children and if I did they would be horribly abnormal. God gave me 5 healthy normal children. My husband and I were in a small plane, flying over some mountainous regions. The pilot was not licensed to fly with instruments, only by sight and the clouds came down and the mountains went up and we were in trouble. The people in the tower told our pilot to go up through the clouds, he tried 3 times each time coming back down the third time we came down in a spiraling nose dive. We didn’t know but ice had built up on the wings of the plane. We knew, the pilot knew– we were going to crash, but God. The pilot let go of the controls, we called on God, and we leveled out only 3 feet above the tree tops. We landed in a closed airport (due to winter storm) with fire trucks greeting us. They all expected a crash. But God is faithful! And oh the other stories of His faithfulness!

  70. I am grateful that He never gives up on me. In all my yuck and selfishness He remains near and ready to share more wisdom, direction and Truth. Oh how His Grace abounds!

  71. So grateful that God is in control and never changes:) What a comfort this is currently in my life.

  72. I am grateful for the gift of my husband. He came just at the right time (or rather, God literally plucked him and stuck him next to me ((he had had to move from Vancouver, Canada just months earlier because of his family’s job change, and was in my little college town, in the same class as me :)) while in college. We have had many, many ups and downs, but there is no one who is more steady, faithful, and knowledgeable about the Scriptures. God answered a huge prayer in my life since I was girl to have a strong leader to marry.
    Sarah M

  73. Michele, thanks for writing this. It really spoke to me today, here in Uganda where I often feel the problems outweigh the solutions. Such a needed reminder that Father always has a solution. Several months ago we didn’t have a home for our girls rescued out of child prostitution. We searched and searched, prayed, and prayed. At the very last minute, Father showed up with an even better home than we could have imagined. He is so good. I am reminded of that today.

  74. I am grateful for the many dreams God has placed inside my heart. It is often frustrating that many of these are still just dreams and not in fruition yet but I am thankful beyond measure for the vision He gives.

  75. I am grateful for the many dreams God has placed inside my heart. It is often frustrating that many of these are still just dreams and not in fruition yet but I am thankful beyond measure for the vision He gives.

    -Sorry I don’t think I included my email the first time!

  76. I’m thankful for the wonderful community I share with a group of missionaries here in Tanzania. Who would have thought I would be so blessed with a good group of like-minded people all the way in Africa! I’ve learned so much from each of them. I couldn’t have hand picked better grace-livers than God Himself has given to me.

  77. I am grateful for God’s provision even when I have been a foolish and unwise steward of what He has given me. I’m so grateful for a house to live in with my family, I’m grateful for the so many little ways that our Father pours out His love and grace, and I’m grateful that on the days that hurt so much, He reminds me of how much bigger He is.

  78. It’s a phrase I often repeat to myself… “You can’t give what you don’t have.” Because reality is: there’s plenty of times I’m as dry as burnt toast… Burned out, feeling as though there’s nothing left to give. And that’s OK… because no matter how I FEEL, the Lord of Lords, the Master of the universe, the great I AM has portion enough to fill the least and the greatest of His people. Focusing…deeply taking in the ooey-gooey richness of His love and grace saturates that dry toast with plenty to spare. It becomes our worship to Him… A life filled with thanks and praise! A life of lavish love! Thank you, Michelle, for your heart full of encouragement!

  79. Oh, Michele! This post is so beautiful! Living out of overflow is the passion of my existence. I am VERY passionate about living in every bit of fullness God has for me. I want to live completely abandoned to a life in the supernatural. I am most grateful to get to choose to live in God’s JOY! Love it.

  80. I am SO grateful for the new JOY God is bringing into my life, in this new season of discovering His goodness and His total love for me!! I find myself laughing out loud for pure JOY, which is a totally new thing! Thank You, Lord!!!

  81. I am grateful for this little nearly 3 year old toddler playing next to me as I type. She was placed in our hearts years ago. We started the process to “find” who God had for us four years ago and as of 3 months ago, she has become part of our family in the flesh, no longer just in spirit. Our little Ethiopian princess. She is amazing, and our stories, now merged are beautifully (through heartache, wrestling, hoping, yearning and joyfully receiving) woven together through His awesome power. So glad to go from the “promise for a princess” to the “product of the promise”. Woot Woot! All glory unto HIM!

    • Glory! Amen to His beautiful story weaving both of yours together. We call our child sponsorship program in South Sudan “Promises Found” because each of our children like your precious one is His promise found… Love this!

  82. I am grateful for how God is with me through difficult times as a nurse in a new job, working within a different culture. He is beside me, leading me, reminding me of HIs presence and showing me His work in and all around me.

  83. I am so grateful that God doesn’t give up on me!!! I am a stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom of 4, and I feel like I fail on a minute by minute basis sometimes. I am desperate for more of Jesus, so His love can overflow onto my kids! I would love to read your book:)

  84. I am so grateful for the Lord’s presence with me. I have recently moved and at times feel lonely and the Lord gently reminds me of his presence with me and I love to feel that and it gives me peace and comfort. He is so faithful!

  85. My story leaves so much to be thankful for…however the one thing that lingers in my mind was God’s amazing hand of provision and path building in sending me to Iris Harvest School in Pemba last year, not a day passes since that experience that i dont think of something that took place there which leaves my mind being renewed and becoming more Christ like daily. i have been overwhelmed but the sustained touch God has given me since then. Have followed you on twitter Micheller since Rolland Baker mentioned you in Pemba and am inspired by you, may the lavish love of the Father continue to bless you daily.

  86. Only one thing? 🙂 I’m grateful for missed opportunities to get myself in trouble – the times I can look back and see how God was protecting me from making a poor choice that would have impacted my life negatively.

  87. I’m grateful for God provision in giving me a earthly father who although flawed like us all, provides me with protection, covering, and acountability while I am blessed to be under his roof. One of the most difficult, but worthwhile journeys is the journey of discpleship.

  88. I am so thankful that God is blessing us with the gift of twins girls through adoption.

  89. I am grateful that Jesus loves me and is teaching me how to learn to love myself. I don’t have to be perfect, and that is such a weight lifted off of me. He loves me in spite of myself. Because He loves me, I want to follow Him and do His will, but I will make mistakes and it’s ok.

  90. I am so thankful for the many opportunities and open doors God has given and continues to give me to share His light and His love with the people around me. I am so grateful He allows me to speak truth and light into the darkness and to be an instrument of His grace and glory to a hurting and broken world. To our God be all praise and honor. It’s from Him and to Him and for Him alone!

  91. For the amazing women God has put into my life that are there with listening ears and open hearts. That ask the tough questions and respond with deep prayers. That encourage me to keep going when I want to withdraw and push me towards growth.

  92. The obvious – salvation – but also… My mother and I never got along. Not in childhood, not as adults. She was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in October 2001. God loved me – loved us – enough that he gave us 10 months together to build our relationship and love on each other. She became the most thankful, gracious, loving, verbally blessing, appreciative, witnessing woman when she was diagnosed. We had a great time together through chemo treatments, her good days and her bad days. She died on what would have been my father’s and her 52nd wedding anniversary. She had loved and missed my daddy so much since his death 20 years earlier. There was never anyone else for her. God gave me time with her, love for her, and a picture of a woman’s unending love for her husband. I am so grateful for His gifts.

  93. God is drawing me closer, surprisingly, by showing me my own weaknesses. Less of me and more of Him is a very good thing. 🙂

  94. I am thankful for the trips to Ukraine I was blessed to make nearly 20 years ago, how my life was changed, and how God blesses me with “glimpses” – or reminders – of the joy I felt trying to communicate God and his love for us – especially when trying to communicate the same to my granddaughters. I need to “overflow” love for God to them.

  95. I am so grateful for my family. We have homeschooled 8 children – it has not always been easy or fun, but it has paid off in exceptional spiritual blessings for all of us!

  96. Michelle….I am so grateful and blessed to have each day given as another day to run errands for my Lord and Savior here on earth until the day I see Him in my eternal life with Him. No matter the good days, the tough days, sick days, and errands needed today….I know my eternal life is my future….how can I not be thankful!


    • Amen… and the best part? Your eternal future reality is actually also your eternal present reality. We can experience Him now and His Kingdom now. We don’t have to wait! It is a glorious future but it can be a glorious present too as His will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus wouldn’t have taught us to pray it if He wasn’t just bursting with joy to answer it. 😉 And another day. Always a gift. Thank You Jesus.

  97. I am thankful for worship music that allows me to praise Him when the enemy tries so hard to silence me.

  98. I am grateful that God gave me a son with a broken heart … His open heart surgery brought me closer to Jesus than anything else ever has.

  99. Thank you for sharing the things you have learned! I am about to move to Uganda and I know that I will HAVE to draw near to Him and rely on Him everyday.

  100. I am grateful for His grace and forgiveness – that I can mess up, and He gives me another day to try again and strength to help me make the right choices.

  101. I am GRATEFUL that Jesus loves me beyond what i can even imagine,… and that He shows me this daily,…….

  102. I am thanking God that my daughter is finally willing to go into a treatment center for her mental illness, and that He will open the door to the right place and provide the funding for it.

  103. I am grateful that God has provided the opportunity for me to further my education, and in something I truly love and am passionate about!

  104. Wow… I am so amazed and blessed by ALL the spilling grace in this place friends. All your sharing His goodness in this community is getting a loud AMEN tonight here in Florida as I have been reading all of your posts. Each of you are so precious to Papa. *SO* precious. He loves you because He loves you because He loves you because He loves you… because…. yes that’s right He loves YOU.

    It has been pure joy hearing your hearts here, meeting some old friends and finding new ones too. And what an honor… talk about a complete privilege. Thank you for gracing these words with your time and willingness to join this chorus of praise. I think angels are singing along. They really love good parties with Jesus- even online ones. And a super duper special shout out of epic THANK YOUs to the incourage team for featuring An Invitation to the Supernatural Life and this opportunity to share with this community here.

    With gratitude from the unpaved road… Always remember. You are loved.

  105. I am so grateful that Jesus died for me and that He reigns as King of Kings and is our Prince of Peace especially during this time.

  106. I’m so grateful that God sent His Son, Jesus, to die in my place, restore our broken relationship and freely give me eternal life! I’m also very thankful for the constant love, mercy, patience, and faithfulness He has shown me and the daily grace, strength and endurance He has given me for the many years I have lived with chronic pain and illness! He has saved my life both physically and spiritually. Additionally, I am incredibly thankful for His great and marvelous promises. However, because of these trials, I feel weary and like I’m not growing much spiritually, yet I deeply long to know God intimately and have His power unleashed in my life and to fulfill the purpose He has for me. This book sounds like it would be a real blessing to me since I could definitely use an overflowing of God’s hope, love, and joy in my own life and to in turn be able to pour that into the lives of others. How amazing it would to truly live the abundant and supernatural lives that God intends for us “with heaven spilling into and through our lives!” Your story sounds so impactful and I’d love to read it. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  107. I thank God for creating me for Abundant Life and that to the full.

    My Mum was unable to carry babies full term and after going through the pain of giving birth to two premature babies who both died as well as a miscarriage my parents had given up on having children.

    But then, God.

    While my Mum was at a healing meeting one day the speaker got a word of knowledge about a lady who carries babies until six months and then they die. My Mum stood up right at the back of this big meeting. The speaker released the Word. God healed. That week my Mother found out she was pregnant with me and 9 months later I was born into abundant life, hence my name: Zoe (It comes from the Greek word for life that Jesus used in the New Testament:)

    I thank God for knitting me together in my mother’s womb and for breathing life into me, I thank Him and choose to step into the more I was created for as I continue to grow, to Adventure and Dream with Him.

    I also thank Him that just as He has done it before, He will do it again and release healing to others through the power of His Word and Testimony.

    Thank you for sharing your heart, dreams and inspirations with us Michelle 🙂

  108. I am thankful that the Lord has given us a place to minister that is God-sized in that we as in all things have to be dependent on Him. That dependence to our Source is life to us.

  109. I am so thankful for a job, a home, amazing children, and true love. God has blessed me with these things and given me His strength when I needed it most. I am humbled every day!

  110. Last Saturday I walked a half marathon. I am 100 pounds overweight. And I walked 13.1 miles. I did it to honor others. I did it on behalf of the American Cancer Society. Today, I had an epiphany. All of the sudden, all I want to do is spend all of my free time helping and honoring others. Whether it be fundraising for organizations like ACS, or spending two hours sorting clothes at Crisis Assistance Ministry (Charlotte, NC), all I want to do is serve. I have been on a high for the past few hours because I’m so excited about my plans to start serving as often as possible and as soon as possible. Then I read this post. I’m already thrilled about the opportunity to walk closer with Jesus by serving his people, so the thought of winning this book and reading it while going thru my current journey just seems like the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Last Saturday I walked a half marathon — and I walked every step of it with Jesus by my side.

    • What an epiphany! I’m proud of you for walking 13.1 miles. Congratulations!

      Serving and giving to others always helps both the giver and receiver! I have found that by giving/helping I take my mind off myself and my “puny” problems and refocuses them on others–I feel more like Christ!

  111. The Holy Spirit has helped me see the past for what it really was, a whole new perspective and now I am learning to move on…

  112. I am so very grateful I have a healthy family and we are free to worship where and when we want. We are very blessed to have life’s necessities and to live our lives to the fullest. We laugh and we worship together. We make it through hard times and grow even closer. Thank you for all your work.

  113. It is soo true that we cannot give what we don’t have. Only out of the excesses of the goodness of Christ can we sometimes go on.

    Givng and receiving always makes me happy. Knowing that I helped someone or made their day puts me on a high. It also makes me forget about my troubles.

  114. InCourage has helped me to simplify and look for a quiet learning place. Your experience at South Sudan brings me memories of a time in my life that I lived another type of Sudan in Brazil. I’ll look forth for your book. God bless.

  115. I am so very grateful that God never, ever gives up on me and loves me in spite of myself – His grace and mercy are boundless and I am so blessed!

  116. celerating with Almighty God That I Knw Exactly that Christ Jesus Lives with Me in person The Only Begotten Son of God and With Him The Kingdom of God the Amazing Way, Everyone to Be, All The Days of Loves, The Kingdom of Heaven and Earth, that is The KIngdom Of Christ Jesus and that we witnessed together the Coronation of the Lord God Almighty /King oF all Creation in August 2012 when Christ Jesus placed the Crown apon His Head, Our God Also we witnessed in August splitting the Mount of Olives and so Beautiful His Feet, and Also in Auust He Took His Bow from Tjhe Clouds, 7001 years since the flood of Noah’s Day, ,Knowing He Is Here In P)erson on Purpose and that the Loves of the Beautiful Way Are Here, The Amazing Kingdoms of Our God, In Person, I am so glad to be with them in One Body, Amazing, God With Us, with Me, In Person.

  117. I am so glad that no matter what or many trials may come upon me in this world that God had promised to take care of me and be with me no matter what.

  118. Thankful for my Daddy, whose mercies are new every morning. He’s making my life beautiful, and the ashes I came from were very dirty and ugly. Thankful for a passion He’s given me to break the destructive cycles of my past and leave a legacy of faith, hope, and love to my children and their children. Thankful that He is my ultimate teacher and friend. Thankful for your heart and your book. Will be reading it, whether or not I win. Blessings!

  119. I am grateful that He brought me home to teach my children. We are learning so much together, and it is changing our family.

  120. I am grateful that there is no power existing that can separate me from the love of my Father that I have in Jesus. I am also grateful that He is interested in every detail of my life because I am His beloved girl and I am always safe in Him!!!!!

  121. This past week I have been reflecting on just how thankful I am for God’s faithfulness. Grateful that His character is not hampered by thoughts of humanity.

  122. Nothing builds our faith like real testimonies of God’s faithfulness! I can only imagine the goodness and splashes of God flowing in your words of life!

  123. I am grateful for this season of my life, for which God has been preparing me for years (without me even knowing it!). I am so thankful that He has opened my eyes to my previous religious way of life and is beginning to lead me down the path of Love into His heart! He is a gracious and merciful God 🙂

  124. God has done so many wonderful things for my family and I. Probably one of the biggest wows is my youngest son, though. When we found out the day before they brought into the world by C-section that he would have “issues” we were warned he could be anything from “normal” to vegetative. That night my mother heard the Lord tell here that he would be and amazement to many. Sure enough when he made his appearance the next morning, it wasn’t as bad has they had feared. He had surgery the next morning, and has had several again since. We have almost lost him along the way a couple of times too. However, he is now a 23 year old college student (yes, it is taking him a little longer than usual, but he is there!) He loves the Lord, and more than I person has told me that the Lord has a special purpose for him. Yep, I praise God for my sons, both of them. I am truly blessed!

  125. I am grateful for His amazing love and faithfulness that never cease. Yes they are new every morning! Amen!