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Myquillyn Smith, The Nester, is a home stager, redesigner and design school drop-out. Her last home (a rental) was featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, Ladies' Home Journal and in her upcoming design philosphy book, The Nesting Place: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful....

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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    • We all hurry too much…it’s always rush, rush.. And the whole season passes you by without time to enjoy. Learn to say ‘No’ to too much busy work and ‘yes’ to time spent with friends and family. We put too much pressure on ourselves to always make everything perfect! Time to let some of that go.

  1. <3 I'm saying "yes" to pouring love into my friends and family, to welcoming a new grandchild, and to opening my heart for God to show me how to extend love to my enemies.

  2. I’m saying yes to slowness and rest. My shopping is almost done, my meals are all freezer prepped. My house is not clean, but I’m going to ignore it. Im ready for a time of family and giving!

  3. I am saying YES to starting new traditions with my hubby and saying YES to celebrating the real reason for the season regardless of what the rest of my family and workplace say!

  4. This year I am going to slow down. I am going to enjoy the imperfections. I am going to enjoy relationships. I am going to enjoy impromptu visits and encourage impromptu visits. I am going to soak up every single minute of this season.

  5. I’m saying “yes” to quiet alone time with God, to long chats on the sofa with friends and family, to more laughter and smiles, to longer embraces, and slow walks around the neighborhood with my favorite person–my husband. 🙂
    Thank you for this beautiful post–such a lovely reminder. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family. 🙂

    • Saying yes to quiet alone time with God is THE most important thing I think we can do at Christmas time. We are busier and satan is busier too! We are very vulnerable and susceptible to the enemies attacks! I plan to guard and protect my time in the Word and prayer!! 🙂

  6. I’m saying yes to a dinner to celebrate wonderful friendships. And I’m saying yes to crocheting fun baby goodies for a cousin who joined the family on Oct. 27th!

  7. Great reminder, timely for me…I am saying yes to JOY this Christmas season. JOY, not stress. I love this time of year but so often fill it with too many things, with unnecessary pressure, and a pace I can’t maintain. I just want to slow down and find the JOY in my days and in The Lord.

  8. I’m saying yes to finding a new church home this Christmas season. My need for this is very strong, and I’m praying that I will be lead to a Christ, Bible lead chruch during this time.

  9. I’m choosing to NOT hurry through these days and moments leading up to Christmas and thereby missing what God is doing NOW…

    My friend and I are reading an already perspective changing book on this season of Advent. It’s called “The Meaning is in the Waiting” by Paula Gooder. I highly recommend it! Learning that the reason for the anticlimactic feelings post-Christmas are due in large part to always, always living in the future and wishing away the days until that future event. And then when the event comes, we totally miss those magically moments because we’ve never learned the beauty of truly living in the present. We aren’t prepared to step into the wonderment because we have trained our hearts otherwise. Just one of many awesome lessons in this book. I hope it blesses your life as well!


  10. Yes to handmade gifts for family & friends that are full of love but easy on the pocket book. No to gift exchange between hubby & me so we can say Yes to our sponsered kids in Kenya & Chile with generous gifts & nice long letters. Yes to purchasing personel items for our men & women who are deployed through Moms for Soldiers. Yes, to buying special gifts & visiting the Angel Tree kids who have a parent in prison. Yes to filing shoeboxes for kids all over the world who will otherwise go without Christmas gifts. Yes yes yes to those who truely need and no no no to remaining selfish and hard hearted.

    • Also, our favorite activities are watching White Christmas again & going to the mall ONLY for coffee where we sit and enjoy seeing the beautiful handicapped kids & adults on their annual shopping trip. They are so pure and perfect and joy filled it just brings tears of joy to my eyes every year.

  11. I’m saying yes to my family, my church, and even myself. I’m saying yes to slowing down – at least a little bit – and taking in the joy of the season and letting my heart prepare for Jesus. Too many years that seems to get put on the end of the list and only gets a snippet of my time.

  12. I’m saying YES to taking it super easy (maybe even takeout pizza for Christmas dinner), focusing on my family, and not pushing my 39-week-pregnant body too hard. Lol.

  13. I have been struggling with this one for years but am still working at doing less. This year I think I have gotten a little burnt out so I am taking all of December off from ministry – no computer and no phone allowed! It’s scary but I am looking forward to a thorough break before I have to kick into top gear again.

  14. I’m saying yes to home for Christmas. The first time back with my family in 6 years. Oh, and hopefully yes to lots of my grandma’s fudge and cookies!

  15. I’m saying yes to lots of family movie nights during the holiday season, during which I will eat popcorn, snuggle with my kids, and close the laptop!

  16. I am making something small for each of my family members. I am requesting that anything that they planned to give me should be donated to a local foodbank or to one of the relief groups that is helping the people who are suffering from the storm.
    Also, trying to pray evey day for people that have noone else that prays for them.


  17. I am going to try and just take it slow and easy. I want this to be all about Jesus My King. I want to show lots of love.

  18. Oh just love White Christmas…and It’s a Wonderful Life…and National Lampoon’s Christmas…and A Christmas Story…and Charlie Brown Christmas…and all the wonderful music. I am saying yes to enjoying this season. To getting my work done now so I can enjoy the season at a slower pace. I’m saying yes to lots of pjs and lazy mornings while my daughter’s on her last high school Christmas break. I’m saying yes to being done with all the prep before that last week before Christmas. That week, I just want bake, and listen to music, and watch those movies…and have those quiet moments in front of the tree with my husband where we just take a deep breath and discover it is well with our souls! God bless us everyone.

  19. i want to say yes to relationships … from my mom to my nieces and nephews to my friends. I want to love and i want to enjoy and i want to give.

  20. “Yes” to using Advent to really prepare my heart for Christmas, & to a simple season that focuses on God, family, friends & on those who don’t have enough.

  21. yes to SLOWNESS!!

    at mcdonald’s w/ my seven year old the other day she said, “mom.. can we eat this slow?” and right there and then i purposed we’re gonna do everything s-l-o-w {or atleast slow-er} this december~ :))

  22. I’m saying YES to the DRESS!

    No, wait. That was 10 years ago… In all seriousness, I will say yes to celebrating that milestone. We won’t get to choose much of how our time is spent (pastor and music teacher with young kids), but I’m not going to let festivities prevent us from making a big deal about our marriage this year, as it usually does.

    Yes to Truth in the Tinsel. Hoping an advent calendar will become a tradition.

  23. Saying YES to gathering people up into my small house with the red door and being generous with my imperfect but warm and genuine hospitality; to being present with my children and helping them with their gifts; to sending the Christmas cards we have neglected to send for the past three years!

  24. I’m saying yes to giving to needy, being with family-that which is left, cooking a few meals, and enjoying the time with my hubby. No stress for me. Will do church Christmas dinner, & Christmas eve service.

    I’m not ever again doing Black Friday–don’t need or want a bunch of things. Not worrying about what gifts to buy, buy buy. Just taking it easy & realizing the true meaning of Christmas–The birth of the savior of the world!!!

  25. I’m saying yes to spreading out Christmas so it’s quiter and less rushed. Our adult kids are spread with a baby each. I’m making great homemade presents from Pinterest. The first week of Dec focusing on care package to mail to the oldest in Canada. Second week on the next and we will meet her family at a restaurant half way the week before Christmas (rather then me cooking for two days). Then Christmas week our son will be home from college. My husband works in ministry and its always a very busy time for them. By Christmas Day he’s exhausted so I’m planning cinnamon buns and coffee with fireplace, quiet carols playing and enjoying the blessing of a great marriage and adult children who recognize my poor health is taxed when I push myself. They say the best Christmas present is that I live so their babies will have years of memories with their Meme. And I will do just that!

  26. My prayer is to stay focus on Him and not get side-track on unimportant worldly things. NO to complaining, YES to being thankful in all circumstances. I want to manage my time wisely by slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life instead of being rushed. When we slow down we are able to feel the JOY all around us and JOYFULLY give to others. It is then that we make memories that we will treasure forever which it’s done from the heart with LOVE!

  27. I am intending to be mindful, starting today, of how much we have in Christ. I am believing to connect with Him, from whom all blessings flow, every day of this wonderful season. (With the intention to keep that going into the New Year.) To not override the gentle promptings and leadings of His Spirit, because the ways He communicates with us makes living a joyful adventure where sorrow never has the upper hand.