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Kara is a scatter-brained dreamer with a tender heart. She believes that God is love. And that variety is the spice of life. She lives in Texas with her adorable Costa Rican husband.

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  1. […] Good morning, dear ones!  Today I’m sharing a post that I wrote for the WONDERFUL folks at (in)courage.  I am so honored to be featured here.  I love visiting their website because it makes you feel like you’re snuggled up on the couch with a mug of something hot and delicious having a heartwarming conversation with a trusted friend.  Please click over to read my thoughts on crying (it’s more upbeat than it sounds) and explore the inspirational thoughts of the ladies who write for this wonderful website.  https://aws.incourage.me/?p=42966 […]

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Speaking as one who has almost completely shut down her tears (very, very unhealthy) I’m so happy to hear that you remember to be grateful for yours. He made them for our own healing and they are very important.

  3. I had never thought about the ability to cry being a gift. So true, and so beautiful. As someone who doesn’t cry easily, I often need the cathartic release tears bring. Thank you, Kara!

  4. I used to think crying was a sign of weakness. In all honesty, I guess I thought more like a guy. You know, the gotta measure up mentality. Lately I’ve given over to the urges of emotion. I feel more human and more healthy.

    • I think tears make us feel vulnerable which can be scary. So, our initial response is to avoid that feeling. But you’re so right, Lisa! If we embrace it, we do feel better and healthier. 🙂

  5. I never used to cry, and now I sob at commercials with kids in them. 😉 Life has a funny way of softening our hearts….

    Thanks for sharing Kara – way to use your wordsmithing gifts! 🙂

    • Haha. I know what you mean. I’ve always been a crier, but I never thought I would be such a sappy romantic until I met Bryan. It’s ridiculous. Thanks for the encouragement, Dani! I have admired your writing skills since I sat next to you in Professor Cullum’s class freshman year, so that really means a lot.

  6. Okay, now you’re making me cry. LOL I never would have described myself as tender-hearted in the past. Although I would cry when picking out Hallmark cards. But I have turned into that tender-hearted, cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat girl this year. The Lord has turned my life upside down and I believe that hard shell has cracked making me much more tender. The experience you described about driving away crying from The One is what I identified with. I did that earlier this year and drove 3 hours in a blinding tearfest. Now I cry at God’s tenderness to me and for many of the other reasons you listed. It is very cathartic. Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. This is a great post! Sometimes I’m crying on the inside even if there are no tears on the outside. Crying is brave and it expresses so much. I admire those who are able to do it.

  8. Kara, this was beautiful. It was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I am so proud of you!!!!!

  9. Thank you for this post! It truly explains a lot to me. These past few months I have cried a river of tears. Never realizing it was a release of stresses. I could/do cry at commercials, church, if I hear right song…you name it.

    Now I understand I was trying to relieve myself from stresses at work & with my aging father. What a revelation! I’m strong in some ways, but ohh soo tender hearted!

    Beautiful beautiful post!

    • Thank you for this comment, Beth. It sounds like I have a kindred spirit in you. It’s amazing to finally realize the subconcious reason for a physiological response. I like to think that strong and tender-hearted can go together!

  10. ahha It is enough to say that I got teary just reading this post about the Bhutanese family? I think a lot of times I am ashamed to cry so easily, but you’re right, it is a blessing to be able to feel things so deeply and express that easily. Congrats on finding the man of your dreams!