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Wife, mom, worship leader, writer, & friend, Dana's passion is walking beside people as they learn to discern and respond to Jesus in day-to-day life.

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  1. Thank you for this. Couldn’t have been a bettter time. My husband lost his job Tuesday. Our brother law fired him on the spot. So we grieve this lost relationship. We have also are in the midst infertility. The waves seem to never stop crashing.

    • So thankful that God is using this to bless you…. and so sorry for your current circumstances… How hard. 🙁 May He hold your heart close in all of the waves. Praying for His “peace, be still” to your heart in the midst of the storm. He is so committed to your heart…to revealing Himself to you in all of this. Grace to you, sister.

  2. Walking through quite a few storms recently, I am thankful for your shared thoughts and wisdom. When I can’t make sense of the storm, I keep this in mind: “When you find yourself in deep water, trust the One Who walked on it.” May He bless you and soothe your pain.

    • So sorry, Amanda, that you’ve been in a difficult season… Praying right now for His grace over your heart, that you’ll encounter Him profoundly and sweetly in the midst of your circumstances. Thank you for your prayers for me, too. 🙂 Bless you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. For sharing God’s word. For being open and vulnerable. Your words touched me today and reminded me where my heart should be focused and on whom I can lean.

    • Hi Teresa… Thank you so much for your encouragement. So glad you’ve been encouraged here. YES… lean into Him… He is so worthy of our trust, isn’t He? Grace and peace to you today sis.

  4. This is so powerful and just what I needed to hear this morning…Simple words…”I trust You Lord” but so so important for finding peace. Resting in the Lord, no better place to be. I am learning that myself and your post was yet another reminder from our Lord to trust Him….

    • Renee, thanks for your encouragement… Love how the Lord is so committed to teaching us His ways and revealing Himself in the midst of our circumstances. May you find yourself able to rest and trust Him like never before… Bless you!

  5. Wow… Yours is about the third post I’ve read this week that has talked about clinging to God’s truth and promises in the midst of our problems. I guess God knows I need to be reminded of this because I’ve been so close to wanting to give up. Thank you for being so honest.

    • Hi Eunice – Yes! He is faithful to pursue your heart and reveal Himself even in dark times. I pray for you right now, that you’ll be able to see His hand woven throughout your story, even, and especially, NOW. He is the Source of everything you need…. Grace and strength to you, sister!

  6. I sit here crying, feeling the walls fall and a sadness but peace because I know I’m not alone in the midst of this storm. Looking for direction from the Lord, and there is nothing but silence. Trying to keep My Heart still and be at peace and calm, is not easy when your marriage is falling apart. I know God is with me, I trust his will for my life, some days the journey is just so daunting, and feels so lonely. But I trust, even though my body shakes, I trust even when the devil is whispering in my ear, I trust because God is all I cling to at this moment, holding on so tight, I trust because He is my fortress and My stronghold.

    Thank You so much for letting me know that I am not alone, I needed to hear this today, cause some days I feel all alone……

    God Bless, and Keep You Strong through Your Storm.

    • Oh, Robin. You are certainly not alone…I’ve been there and everything you say about God’s faithfulness is true. I know you are hanging on tight…but just know that God is holding onto you even tighter. He won’t let go. Ever. I pray for His peace to totally surround you, my sister.

    • Sweet Robin… I’m so sorry for what you’re walking through. I’ve been there. If you wouldn’t mind, click over to my blog (www.momentsandinvitations.com) and read the “Dana’s Story – the raw version” page. There is HOPE and there is LIGHT at the end of this tunnel, friend…and even in the MIDST of the tunnel. I say this from experience: GOD IS FAITHFUL. HE IS ENOUGH. HE WILL CARRY YOU AND COMFORT YOUR HEART. Praying for you right now, for a miracle for your marriage, and for His peace that passes understanding to envelop your heart even now. Blessings and love!!

    • Robin, I couldn’t have written your post better myself. My marriage is also barely holding on. I prayed fervently to the Lord this morning and also hear nothing. I am learning how to hand it all over to Him and pray His will as well. Thank so much for posting, you are definitely not alone. And Dana and Jan thank you for your words as well. Praise be to God who speaks to us even through others. Jan thank you for reminding me that God holds on to us even tighter than we do, through the unintentional kicking and limp body fighting He is holding us up.

  7. Thank you, Dana! You’ve just put into words the same thoughts I’ve had on my heart. Right down to the verse about God being close to the brokenhearted…God used that verse powerfully in a time of great grief…my adult children turned their back on me. I haven’t seen them for 4 years now. And no reconciliation in sight, though I’ve tried many times. Yet He has been faithful in every way. Through this, I know beyond any doubt that God is always with me and encouraging me and grieving with me. He knows my sorrow and has turned my eyes upward to Him. He knows there is no other way I would have gotten through this. So I praise His name!

    • Hi Jan… YES… He is worthy of our worship even in the most painful circumstances… and He comforts our hearts like no one else can. Isn’t He faithful?! I am so sorry for what you’ve walked through with your children. Praying right now for miracles in those relationships. May you sense His tangible nearness to you today. Blessings to you friend!

  8. Thankful for your obedience in sharing God’s promises with others. I needed this. I holding it in my grip with every piece of strength I have. It’s ALL I have. My husband is losing his job. Not because of anything he did, but by random unfortunate circumstance. Please lift me as I am the strength my husband is turning to. His faith is weak but mine is strong. I need strength for him and my four boys. I know where my strength lies but flesh seems so weak. I pray and believe HE will provide.

    • Gretchen, thanks for sharing this piece of your journey here. Praying for you and your family right now. Father, would you provide miraculously for this sweet family? Financially AND in the form of strong, Jesus-loving men to surround Gretchen’s husband in this season? Father, would you bring people into his life who will be his friends and point Him toward You as his ultimate Source of all that he needs? And would you fill Gretchen with your strength right now, and a peace that is tangible? Holy Spirit, make your nearness known in her heart and in her home in this season…

      Great grace to you, sister. HE IS NEAR. HE IS ENOUGH FOR EACH MOMENT.

  9. What an encouraging words that brings courage and hope.I feel blessed reading this.Thanks a lot.

  10. Dana,
    I am walking in that season. Thank you for giving words to my place in the valley. I completely relate to ” it feels a little strange to be writing in order to encourage, while my own heart feels this grief so deeply.” However, something, that peace that passes all reason, keeps me moving forward when I’m certain I cannot move at all. Thank God for His Grace. Thank God for your words.
    May you continue to be a blessing.
    Peace and good.

    • YES – Thank Him for His grace!!! He is more than enough. Praising Him that He is keeping you moving forward… He is faithful to carry us when we can’t take even one step on our own. Bless you… grace to you in this season… may you sense your Father carrying you close to His heart.

  11. Like a tick on a bloodhound, I want soak this in until I pop (what a terrible visual analogy! But oh, so, true.):

    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18 NIV)

    Thank you for sharing this when I needed to hear it.

    • Oh my goodness, this comment made me laugh out loud! Like, for a few minutes. 🙂 Haha! Thank you, Janice! So glad you were blessed. May you sense God’s nearness to you now, friend.

  12. Perfect timing- we are in the midst of a terrible storm. Due to my poor financial planning, we are having to withdraw a child from an expensive Christian university and redirect his course. This was news to him last night as he came home on fall break. I am feeling guilty and burdened and aching for the pain I’m causing my son. It’s only money, and in the end we are decreasing his debt greatly, but for now it’s painful and ripping at our hearts. It’s causing division and upsetness daily. I would covet your prayers. Nothing is going as planned, and I’m not sure why God allowed this and did not stop us from this as we prayed about it much beforehand. Perhaps I had to learn my lesson the hard way…..

    • Beth… thank you for sharing your journey. I’m so sorry – what a difficult season this must be for your family. Father, bring your wisdom and perspective to all concerned…. You are faithful, Lord. I hold this family before You and ask that they would see Your faithfulness and trustworthiness in this situation… that You’d encounter EACH of their hearts in the exact way that only You know that they need. We trust You, Lord. You are good. Grace and peace to your heart tonight, Beth.

    • Praying for peace for your family. May God bless you financially as you struggle with this and your son starts a new path!

  13. Thank you Dana. This is exactly what God needed me to hear today. Grace and blessings to you. May the peace of the Lord fill your heart as well.

  14. With tears in my eyes, I read this today – for it emulated the very essence of where I am today. I didn’t want to write today…I didn’t want to publish more encouragement to others because I’m in such pain lately within, and deeply mourning the disconnect I am going through with my flesh as I enter more into Christ’s heart. Yet, I experienced a pressing on my spirit to share…and therefore I did. Thank you for these words, for they helped me come through the pain of mourning, and bring forth the heart God has given for me to share to encourage others. I did post today, and you can find my post about it here: http://www.marniarnold.com/the-healing-mama-healing-starts-within/

    Thank you, again, so much. You encouraged this mama to encourage even in spite of my pain. I’m so thankful and appreciative to God for you! Thank you! :*)

    • So glad that you were encouraged, and that you wrote in spite of your pain. Praying God tangibly holds your heart tonight, Marni. Thank you for sharing here… It blesses me.

  15. PSLM 56:11 In God I have put my trust I shall not be afraid, for what can man do unto me?

    Do not let anything on this earth overwhelm you. CLAIM YOUR VICTORY which has already been given to you through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    If it helps, picture a palm tree… (because bad does happen.. happens all over the Bible, God says it grows us or helps shapes us to who we need to be for Him)… so the palm tree, the storm blows the heck out of it and it sways and crashes and BENDS, but it doesn’t break… that’s how I picture it when I’m going through it… I know I’m being thrashed about… but I know when the storm blows through and the sun comes out ~ I’ll be standing… once again… and the passers by… will be none the wiser.

  16. “I’ve found that in seasons like these, the sweetest intimacy with Him is found in the shadow of His wings… And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” dana, learning the truth of this has changed my life over the last few years. like you i would not trade it.

  17. Storms have been in my life on a regular basis. I really appreciate what you have shared. I agree does not change and I have come to believe that every day that we have and we still wake up is a good day no matter what my eyes might see. I sometimes say to God I need Him to add to my faith and that I am still blessed no matter what my eyes might see. Thanks again for the kind words in the midst of your storm.

    • Yes… may you have grace to see beyond the natural realm… into the spiritual realm where we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. (Eph 1:3) Praying God pours out His peace over your heart tonight, Annette… like healing balm. He is NEAR to you.

  18. Why do I cry every time I read this post? I cry for my neighbor who is going through a rough time in a relationship. I cry for all the hurts within, hers, and mine, that I know God is waiting to heal. I cry for the beauty, truth, and simplicity of what you have written. Oh that God may bless my dear friend with his sweet presence, and His peace that goes beyond all understanding. Thank you, thank you for your precious words.

    • Hi Christina, thank you so much. Yes… His heart is to heal and restore our hearts. Bless you friend… I love that your heart is so tender before Him.

  19. I find myself in an aging parent ill season once again. The last one lasted a little over 2 years and ended with my mother’s death. In a wonderful way that was a blessing as she had dementia and sundowner’s. During that season I talked to people and prayed for her and asked for prayers from friends and church people. I got to find out what real Christian love and friendship is. some people visited, most prayed.

    Now I find myself in another season of aging parent ill. Those same selfless loving people are praying, visiting, sending cards. Those wonderful, loving, caring people are by far the best form of living out the Christian life. I just love those people at my church!

  20. I’m so glad you’ve got such a loving, supportive community around you, Beth! May God’s comfort and His tangible nearness continue to surround you and your family in this season.

    • Thank you Melissa…. I’m so sorry to hear about your storm…. May His healing come and His grace be sufficient for you in this season. Bless you!

  21. I’m a little late responding because my daughter just shared this with me… But thank you for sharing from your heart… It really does help. My husband just left me and it has left me incredibly hurt and confused with sadness welling up all over the place. Sometimes I just don’t think I will make it. But you’re right… His mercies are new every morning. And I need to continually confirm who He is so I’m not enveloped in self pity. It is a good thing to come through it all and say… I love my Lord! Thanks for your words!

    • Hi Cynthia… I’m so sorry I’m just now responding to you here! …AND so sorry to hear about your current storm. I can only imagine how your heart is broken. Praying for you right now, that Jesus will hold your heart, tenderly and tangibly, in this Christmas season. Great grace and peace to you, friend….