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Raised at an elevation of 8600 ft., Camryn has learned the beauty that is created from a single breath of God. Wife to her best friend, she relishes in Salsa dancing and Mexican food, authenticated by his culture. The space she carved out for career is now filled by her...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I loved this post, it is beautifully written. I try to have some time with Christ every morning before the busy-ness of the day takes over.

  2. Yes yes yes! This is what He is showing me!! “Jesus is the destination. He is the moment; He is the daily bread…our lives are to give preference to walking alongside Him instead of chasing after some ‘thing’ in honor of His name.” Amen and Amen!!

    I recently spent 2 weeks with my two grandsons (aged 2 and 3 years old). Daily, from the moment they awoke until they closed their eyes at night, their focus was on their mom. They looked to her to provide their clothes, their food, loving when they were wronged by the other. “What are we going to do today mom? ” was asked each day at breakfast with great trust and expectation. And even if they weren’t sure what it all meant they said “ok mommy”. I believe this is how God wants us to live with Him. Remember before the fall, He walked with Adam in the garden? That was His plan, that’s what He wants now. Don’t just give Him a few minutes each morning…give Him your whole day. He wants to walk with you through it all.

    PS you have not failed if you have seen Him in the end…that may have been what it was all about to begin with! He will not let you fail because He cannot fail in His sanctification process of us. We all will be brought to completion. Thak you so much for being vulnerable in our presence and sharing how much He loves you. God bless!

    • What a great analogy about your grandchildren. Thank you so much for sharing and adding to the layers of my lessons. I appreciate your commenting. I also love that you draw back to Adam who WALKED with God during the cool of the day – or throughout the day. Beautiful thoughts. Thanks!

  3. Another beautiful “painting” Cam to add to your to your mural!!! 🙂 Super convicting, yet so “cleansing” at the same time! If only I could grasp this more! The paintbrush you used for this painting must have been a very “fine tipped” for such eloquent detail.. As I have read all of your posts, it is very apparent to me how our Lord has given you such an amazing gift! You are a phenomenal writer Camryn and I can’t wait to read your next post!

  4. Cam,
    Your writing is beautiful and always encouraging. How neat it is to see on this website! God has given you such a gift of writing to share His truth and His goodness. I’m so blessed to be your sister!

  5. So very encouraging! I love how you talked about Jesus choosing Marys intimacy over Martha’s scurrying-praying that I too would remember to walk with Him daily, to sit at his feet daily, instead of chasin the events of tomorrow.

    • Thank you Amber for your contribution to this conversation. It is a daily prayer that we remember to walk with Him throughout the day rather than worrying about tomorrows. It’s the sitting at His feet, that I often fail to do. But my constant prayer is that my life would be lived out at His feet.

      Thanks again for the thoughtful words – it challenges me.


  6. Such beautiful, resounding words.

    I’ve been exploring what it looks like to let go of my “If only…” longings. For instance, “If only we had two cars running…” or, “If only we didn’t have that debt anymore…” or, “If only we could get paid to do what we love…” What happiness and joy I have found in simply sitting and resting in what I have now, in the goodness of the Lord that I am experiencing this moment. I feel I have wasted too many hours and too many tears longing for what is [perhaps] awaiting around the next bend in the road. I’ve been meditating on Paul’s words in Philippians 4: Right before he says, “For I can do everything through Him who gives me strength,” he says, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation.” (Phil. 4:12b) Oh to live in such contentment, taking each moment to walk with Jesus now, not concerning myself with every minute detail of what lies ahead; to consume all that is given to me today and leave no crumbs of ingratitude, indifference, or ignorance.

    Your words have helped my spirit soar even higher in the joy and freedom that comes with such revelation. Thank you!

    • Thank you Machelle for graciously and honestly adding to this conversation. Your words challenged me, especially when you say, “to consume all that is given to me today and leave no crumbs of ingratitude, indifference, or ignorance.” This is a great new layer to what Christ has been teaching me.

      Thank you for sharing.


  7. Beautifully written and simply stated. This is a great reminder to rember Who is important. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Thank you Camryn!! Thanks so much for sharing your heart! You have always encouraged me. I love your strength, honesty, and conviction. It is His life for us and in us – not ours. A great reminder of this!!

  9. This goes along so well with what He has been teaching me lately – that He has new “manna” for me every day. Last Sundays or even yesterday’s isn’t meant for today. No, something fresh is waiting for me, and It’s up to me to “gather and partake”.

    • Sheila,

      Thank you for sharing. I love that, “He has new ‘manna.'” And what I love about that is how the Israelites, after time, started to complain about manna. I wonder how often we complain about the sustenance that Christ offers us, because we think it should taste like something else? Hmmmm. Good thoughts for me to ponder. Thank you for sharing!


  10. Thanks Cam for another beautiful “feast” of your writing. It was so encouraging and I find myself never wanting your posts to end so I can continue reading!! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift!!

  11. Cam,

    Great story and analogy! We must learn to turn our dreams and hopes over to Him daily! The dreams may not turn out as we expected, but just trust and obey and follow Him!

    Look to Him daily for substance, & life giving happiness!

    Loved the post!

  12. Your post reminded me of what I was told recently which was to stop looking at the final goal and to look to my right and left in the midst of where I am now on my journey with God and in healing/recovery. If I only focus on the end goal I will miss what God has for me to see joy in here and now. Thank you.