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  1. Thank you for the reminder of why we left Facebook and other sociel media. We had belonged to a bunch, but found it was taking up too much time and time away from the Lord and reading the Bible, so we had backed away to keep our lives more balanced. It was not always that we were posting, it was having to read through everything in order to keep up, half the time we never had time to even post a reply or comment, so we asked friends to forgive us and to meet us in other ways. We did loss contact with a few who just could not make the change, but we think of them often and pray for them. Thank you again for the wonderful reminder to stay balanced.

  2. Although I have yet to read this chapter (hopefully will this weekend), I recently wrote a post about facebook and sharing online that was inspired from Sarah Markley’s recent blog posts. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to you, even if it’s not exactly based from this book’s chapter. 🙂 I submitted my link above, entitled “Taking Back the Memories”

  3. I only look at Facebook occasionally–to see what friends are up to. My hubby completely got rid of Facebook.

    As for most social media that is all I do. I watch usually 30 min. – 1 hr. tv daily. I get up early & read my Bible before work–then I try to exercise some. I do enjoy listening to music & just not having a bunch of noise & distraction in my life. Have enough of that at work!

  4. I must admit, I love utilizing FB to keep in contact with friends and family that are far away. Additionally, as I am making my way through the various social media sources, I am trying to figure out how it applies to an online business. As a SAHM and “Almost” empty-nester, I am hoping to use my laptop as a means to generate an online community and maybe even one day an online business. For me it is about check and balances :0). We went decades without even having a television and only 3 years ago I caved and got a cell phone!
    We set boundaries and try to keep in the word, involved in church, and involved in our community along with using the internet, phones, etc. Things like limiting how much the 2 at home spend playing games, making phones calls over texting or emails, NEVER allowing cell phones at the table and keeping the kids phone upstairs to avoid the temptation of late night chatting/texting!
    Jen has so many amazing words of insight on life in general and I am glad she was so willing to share how giving up media changed her way of thinking! Quite motivational!

  5. Sooo true. I was on Facebook for about 6 months. I tell you l was restless , felt l could not keep up. It’s seed all the other things l needed to do, l had to do them in a rush. Then for about 2 days l felt this pressure to close my account, looking back sure it was The Heanly Father who was speaking to my spirit . On the day l close the account the pressure within me was so high that l just could not resist the urge to close the account. The moment l clicked on the close the account button l felt this peace within me. The peace was unexplainable considering the number of friends l had made on Facebook. I realized I rarely posted things on Facebook , but spent time reading ,”who had written what to who” then get upset “, How can someone post such a thing on Facebook?”

    Now l spend time doing things that l believe nurture my relationship with my Saviour , spending time talking to my husband and children.

  6. This chapter was so challenging (and convicting) to me! I cannot wait to simplify next month as part of my 31 days series. Thank you, Jen, for helping to motivate me to take the plunge!