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  1. This is a wonderful verse if people understand He did it all, it is finished. Yet I see so many who still try to work their way to heaven. The Apostle Paul tells us our work is a manifestation, a reasonable duty in grateful survice to our Lord, not a way to get to heaven. Works if done with the right heart and motive do yeild rewards in heaven, yet that should not be our focus. I once fell into that thinking and can tell you it is a burden. To let God and allow God to choose the works is so much freeing. God bless your day.

  2. Thank You My Brother that I may find rest in You. Under You beautiful wings I will find comfort from the world.

  3. Praise God He died for our sinful selves. During communion eacch week–yes weekly– I often pray God I’m not worthy of your love & grace; I’m just a sinner saved by your grace & mercy–Thank you very much!

  4. A soft genuine word statement can make a greater impact on a person bring glory to God. Than a big production of lip service that unintentionally belittles a person and brings glory to yourself.