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  1. Hi, I’d love to win a copy of the book! I have many areas of ‘excess’ in my life, but the one I’d like to tackle first is clutter. I have a spare room bursting with miscellaneous ‘stuff’ and I don’t know where to start!

  2. Stress is definitely in excess in my life and has been for many years. I think the Lord has graciously been pruning this area of my life over the past year, but I would love more encouragement and advice in this area!

  3. While my groom has a commitment toward reducing excess and living simply, we certainly don’t do this perfectly and there are areas where I can always scale back. One area in particular that I’d like to cut back on is stress. Stress affects my body’s wellness and things go out of whack when I’m so concerned about what other people think and I try to do so many things just to please people. On the surface of my life I don’t think I do this, but it’s clear that I do struggle with this in a big way.

  4. I would love to win a copy of the book. I am working on reducing my spending and aalso reducing clutter and stress (they are all related in my life).

  5. There are so many areas of excess in my life, I don’t know if I could pick just one. If I had to I guess I would pick food. Just the thought of only eating 7 foods for one month, makes me start to sweat!

  6. Oh stress has a way of being too much in my life right now. I need to get rid of this excess stress in every area. I look forward to reading this book. Prayerfully I will win one since my husband put me on a no excess spending diet =)

  7. So hard to pick just one area. I think I would most like to cut back on spending so we free up more to give away. Looking forward to this series!

  8. More of Him and less of me..that’s always the cure for whats at the root of my excess. I’d love a copy of the book!

  9. I started an e-book copy of 7…challenging and convicting!! My excess is computer time for sure….I know I should spend less time reading blogs etc….but it is hard to give it up.

  10. I have an excess of books! I homeschooled my kids and I have books my future grandchildren might be interested in. I need to cut way back.

  11. excess: umm well I have social anxiety and probably OCD, so I have a lot of excess…too much computer time trying to calm down, too many emails to the point that for as long as I can remember I get an email every day that my inbox is almost full and have to find enough stuff to delete to be able to receive email the next day…hard to let go…

  12. My excess that I need to curb is the amount of time I spend on the computer – whether work or personal, it is too consuming!

  13. Tough choice. Food and clutter are both areas I should be working on. With my medical stuff, I can do little more than look at the clutter, which is very frustrating.

  14. I would say mine is a food issue.
    With having diabetes it would help if I lost weight,
    it seems as if I’m always hungry which makes it hard.
    I used to eat at Buffet Bars making sure I got my money’s worth.
    Big mistake!

  15. I would love to win this book!! One of my areas of excess is buying books. Ouch…kind of hard to admit. I have wanted to read this for awhile but have tried really hard not to buy it! Ha!! I read interrupted by Jen and loved it!! I have lots of excess…eating out would be another biggie. Do I really want to read this book? 🙂

  16. Man, which to choose! I’d say stress is def. In excess and maybe too much time on the Internet.

  17. The one I am looking forward to the most (because I need it) and least (because I love it) is media. It is going to be painful but worth it.

  18. Right now it feels like things to do on our family schedule. I’d like to cut back and have more free time to just be.

  19. Hey girlfriends,

    I have already read the book and I will be reading with you all for round 2, I highly recommend this read and would love a copy to give away. I just sent a copy for a birthday gift. I have counted and re-counted and given away with a purpose from my clothes closet. So the one area (even though all need work) would be clothes once again.

    Have a blessed day!

  20. Food is basically taking over my house. We have small cabinet space and a HUGE bountiful garden that I’ve been canning. We have plenty of food and need to cut back and bless others.

  21. I loved every aspect of 7 and have been through a book club for the book already. I am extremely excited to comeple the book club on incourage 🙂 The section that really spoke to me was about the clutter. It was sickening how much money was wasted on things that we have never used. We have been in a perpetual state of cleaning out for months. we are haveinga huge yard sale next month and donating the money to a local shelter. It feels good to declutter and help someone in the process. Thank you Jen for lighting the fire!

  22. Stuff. I guess you might call it clutter? I just don’t know where to start! There’s just so much stuff.

  23. Excess of temper tantrums, which equals pride, selfishness….from myself and my children! Thank God that He is still working on me to make me what I’m going to be!

  24. Stress, I don’t want to stress out and worry bout anything. I try but there’s times when I do.

  25. I have been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it a few months ago. Last year I went to Africa for a mission trip. I returned disgusted with the excess we had. I got rid of some stuff, but our life in ministry is so hectic. So now I have been trying to scale back my stress/resposibilities so that I have the time tofocus more as a mom/homeschooler, and to clear out the clutter from our home and life. Iwant my kids to have a better focus on objects and giving etc.

  26. An area of excess in my life would be stress and anxiety. I want to rely on God to do all the worrying for me, instead of feeling the need to take it on myself. It’s a constant struggle to give all control to Him.

  27. I have way too much “stuff”… clutter, books, might-use-it-some-day stuff that I really don’t need. I’ve been trying to clear it out, one little box or corner at a time… keeping things “just in case” translates to a lack of trust in God’s provision for the future. Time to really change that!

  28. I have way too much stress, but I know I bring a lot of it on myself by worrying about things I can’t control.

  29. This week I am tackling the issue of excess sugar in my diet….cutting out oj, breads and desserts.

    I want to be a person of moderation….not excess!

  30. hmmm, I would have to say that internet is the excess in my life right now … I need to learn to disconnect more and connect with my family more …
    kathy k

  31. Sounds like a great book, though I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to read in a few weeks when school starts. I definitely have an excess of stress/anxiety.

  32. Wow…picking one is a difficult task. The biggest problem I would say is stress and anxiety, with much of it caused by the excess of other stuff in my life.

  33. My house can be a little cluttered in the main living areas sometimes. But the pantry, laundry closet, garage and master bedroom consume so much of my time just to rearrange and shuffle the clutter around in attempts to fit it in somewhere. We get rid

  34. Currently the most pressing excess in my life is spending. Not out of control…yet, but it needs to slow down. Would LOVE to read 7!

  35. Good Morning! I am really looking forward to this study and learning how to let go of the “stuff.” I feel like I have 10 million things going on all at once and I would like to prioritize what is truly important and get rid of the excess. That includes both material objects and mental ones as well as how I spend my time. I don’t want my “stuff” to crowd out God.

  36. With three young children and all their toys, I would definitely say clutter. I’m constantly working on it though:) Thanks for the chance!

  37. I have battled the “excess” monster my whole life! I am severely AD/HD. and, well, that just sorta goes with the territory there. Too much is never enough. There isnt one area of my life that hasnt been affected by this obsession with more! I would love to win the book, I believe it would help a lot!

  38. I’ve been wanting to read this! I’d say the area of most excess in my life is computer use. But, tangibly, my scrapbook/craft area is a bit out of control, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Would love to read. We definitely struggle with clutter. When our house is cluttered I notice that we tend to struggle with our weight too. I’m a keep all just in case and my hubby is extreme opposite!

  40. What a great giveaway! The area of excess I struggle with most at the moment is food. My New Year’s resolution was even to be more careful about the amount of food I purchased, it’s a work in progress…

  41. Oh I really hope I win a copy! I want to read along! Maybe one of my excesses is books?! Is that even possible? All I know is I can’t buy a copy because I’ve spent all my book $$!

    Seriously though, an area of excess is buying things for my son. I see a cute toy–even a used one–and I think he just has to have it. I know that’s not good for him or our budget!

  42. I know I have too many things I don’t use (aka: clutter). I’ve been dealing with some of it, but I hope to continue to simplify my life. Also, the internet is an “excess” for me.

  43. MEDIA! We cut back on tv when we cancelled DirectV, but it has been filled now with everything from facebook, radio (even Christian radio), and…I hate to say it, but books (even though I’d REALLY love to win a copy of THIS book). I can’t come out of the library with just one…drives my husband crazy. Anyway, the truth is, I have three little boys under the age of five who need me to focus on them right now. My defense is that it helps me which helps them…right? Hmmm…maybe in moderation…working on that. So glad there’s a book that can help me. LOL!

  44. I have been wanting to read this book for a LONG time, so I’d love to read it! I’d say that food is probably my greatest excess, though I do have clutter around my house, too. :0)

  45. I am working on clutter issues…but it’s quite a chore to get thru. I just keep working at it a bit at a time. Thank you for the giveaway!

  46. I’d love to enter the give-a-way. My main area is clutter. I have begun to work on it, but it is so hard. Thanks for making this offer.

  47. I think food would be the excess in my life. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I left behind a fridge and freezer full of food, and a stocked pantry, to go to the grocery store to buy more food. That’s unimaginable to so many in this world!

  48. Well, it’s hard to pick I guess…computer use is probably an excess for me. Though most of the time I can pretty much justify every minute spent on it. Still, I know I do spend a large percentage of my free time on it, and there ARE better ways I could spend the time.

    The other one for me would be chocolate…but actually, can someone really have EXCESS chocolate? It’s not like I eat it every day…

  49. I think FOOD is the area of excess I would like to focus on. It seems every week I must throw away food that has gone bad or expired. And then we’ll go out to eat, not hesitating to spend $30 or more. Which can get you a whole lot of healthy and more affordable groceries! I would love to pare down money spent on food and put it towards an impoverished country for clean water.

  50. The area of excess that has been on my heart is media related. I’d like to limit television and last night I found myself checking FB all too often. I think these are times I should be turning to God. I’ve heard good things about this book!

  51. As a single parent my income always keeps me stressed. I would love to take my girls more places and buy them more things. In the same breath I try to tell myself other people may have less than I do so dont take things for granted. Its easy to say but hard to let this emotion go.

  52. There are so many areas of my life that I feel the pull of the Spirit wanting me to reconsider my practices. One area is my all consuming Gap Card.. They keep sending me $10 gift card rewards for my purchases so I keep going back and spending $30 or $40 with each “reward”. I tell myself, hey I saved and really only spent $30 or so. Ugh!! It’s a constant cycle. Now I’ve been consulting the Lord, where I’d otherwise leave him on the outside of the theft detectors.

  53. Stress and guilt and paper clutter here, too. This book’s been on my to-be-read list for a while! Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Clutter……clutter is the area of excess in my life! I keep working at it…I am getting rid of more than I’m bringing in lately, but it’s such a challenge! Help!

  55. I love the TV! I love the background noise it provides and the easy way you can glide into thinking of nothing else but what is on. I have noticed though that I am constantly procrastinating because of it. I should be paying more attention to my husband, my children, and my house. I shouldn’t let it control the daily things that I do. I want to be more intentional in daily life. In order to make these things more of my priority I need to let the TV go!

  56. Working on cleaning the excess of “stuff” in my house. Be it old magazines, clothes or just unused items. The “stuff” is getting in the way of my enjoying the things I should and it not only clutters but causes more time in looking for and finding the things I do need.

  57. An area of excess for me would be negative speak. It seems I’m great at lifting others up, but allow Satan to speak to me so often. “I couldn’t do that…I’m not good enough for that…I’m not…”

  58. I have an excess of mom guilt and food. As the school year begins I am planning a fresh start, refocusing and purging the “excess”.

  59. I have three daughters, 16, 13 and 11. The excess I would love to get rid of is our addiction to electronics! Everyone in the house has a phone or an ipod (or both!) in their hands at all times. I am running myself ragged keeping up with reading texts and checking on their facebook pages and friends. I am concerned that I am not teaching them proper use of “down-time”. They are constantly ON. I know from experience that is not healthy. So I am really looking forward to this book study!!

  60. Criticism of myself—I have WAY too much criticism of myself, my looks, my weight, my job, our house, our relationship, my relationship with my God, my cooking, my cleaning….I could go on and on.

  61. I would really like to cut back on the amount of sugar I consume. It’s not like I eat a candy bar a day or anything, but I just feel like its just an “extra” that isn’t worth spending money on, or my waistline!

  62. Can I pick two. My big one is food, my second big on is probably media. Thanks for this giveaway!

  63. Definitely anxiety. I deal well with clutter, food, and not buying stuff, but it’s the anxiety, the worry over things that probably won’t happen that I struggle with SO much. Thinking I need this book 🙂

  64. Can I pick two? My big one is food, my second big on is probably media. Thanks for this giveaway!

  65. I’d love to win a copy of the book. I think work is the excess I need to cut back on. I have a tendency to bring work home and not leave it at the office. I’m working on that more this year so that I can concentrate more on the kids and the clutter/disorganization that’s taken over our house.

  66. I want to cut back on food and clutter. I know my “cravings” would lessen if I just exercised self-control for one week.

    As for clutter, I know it is a matter of just putting stuff away as I use it rather than letting it pile up and having to do a huge “cleaning fest.”

    Why is self-discipline so hard?! 🙂

  67. For me I know it is ‘time wasting’-sitting on the computer or allowing myself to dawdle when I know I need to be doing something else!
    I just heard about ‘7’ and would love to read it!

  68. My biggest one is waste. I’m striving to not live such a disposable life. Who knew how much I rely on things like paper towels! And I want to change my mindset…when something breaks, fix it. don’t throw it out…

    (what a wonderful giveaway!)

  69. Excess things I put in drawers, cabinets or closets. I will go out and buy something trivial like rubber bands, just to find I have a pack of 500 in a drawer! It just frustrates me to know end when I find I have spent money on something I already have. Especially when it’s something like rubber bands- in what lifetime is anyone going to use 1000 rubber bands?

  70. I used to be a person who gave talks at MOPS on organizing. I loved to organize and help others get organized. Then, my kids got older and I became a homeschool mom. That brings a lot of stuff in the house and a lot less time to keep things tidy. Last year, we allowed our 2 girls to have their own rooms and we no longer have a “classroom”. I have not recovered yet. While I think it is worth it for my girls to have their own space right now, the rest of our house is cluttered. There is just too much stuff. I try to live by the philosophy that if it doesn’t bless your family, let it go bless someone else. When it comes to school things, I have a harder time letting go, since I don’t know if I will end up back in teaching or tutoring once my kids are grown.

  71. Clutter and food are my biggest ones right now! I don’t want to pass these excesses onto my son. I’d love to win a copy of the book! Thanks!

  72. So much of my life is hit my excess, but I think the biggest two are spending and clutter (kind of go hand and hand) Would love to win this book, thank you!

  73. My area of excess is my smart phone! I reach for it when I should allow my mind to rest and regroup.

  74. There are several areas that I could use this book in. Stress, decluttering, media excess and it could on and on. I’d love to win a copy of this book

  75. Sadly, I could list several “areas” where there is excess in my life. I tend to hang on to paper/e-mails. Stuff I know I’ll never do anything with or look at again but I tend to hang on to it anyways. So I need to purge my paperwork and e-mails asap!! Can’t wait to read this book….hope to win the giveaway also. Thanks.

  76. An area of excess in my life I would like to deal with is focusing on “first world problems.” I get so stressed with life that I forget the abundance I have!

  77. My husband and I have three children, he works outside the home and I stay at home. Last year he was laid off from his job for a few months. Through the experience we really learned that less is more, and that God provides ALL we NEED! It is still so easy to cling to this world when the trial is over. My main struggle is with internet usage.

  78. oh girl, clutter, clutter, clutter every where. I am better than I used to be but it is so hard for me to get rid of stuff…used to be my stuff but after had kids, now hard to get rid of their stuff!!!! Would love to win a book and a code…how awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  79. I would like to cut back on stress and clutter. After having two kids it just seems like we have a massive amount of stuff and it is becoming unmanageable for me.

  80. My sisters & I have recently been going through my Mother’s things since she passed away this spring. There are many things she saved, such as notes from us and her grandchildren, that meant so much to her, but we found ourselves simply pitching them because they held no meaning for us. Certainly, there is much that we also hold dear and are definitely dividing and saving, but my point is how it drove home to me that I am hanging on to things that will mean nothing to my children when their day comes to “clean my house” so I am certainly seeing new areas of clutter that need to be refined! Thanks for allowing me to share my heart!

  81. Sad to admit, but food has been the big one. And while that is being actively dealt with right now, the new one is “stuff.” Too much.

  82. While I would love to say I have excess in trusting God, that would not be the whole truth. God has been seriously teaching me to let go of control and to trust in Him alone. He is teaching me to see His provision each day. While both of my children have serious illnesses (and yes, they are adult children) I have to trust in Him for their daily needs. I do not control them and I can not control anything but my attitude of trust and my heartfelt prayers that are heard over and over all day long. Praise God that he never tires of hearing our prayers of thanksgiving for the very breaths of my children. This book would be an amazing encouragement. Thank you for offering it.

  83. I would love to win. An area of excess in my life is things. I am so stressed at this point with accumulated things that have no place in our home . It is creating stress. I would like to get a handle on it.

  84. OOOHHHH – – I want to win this book giveaway 🙂
    Excess – – technology….. constant pull. debt……go away!!!! paper…..well, it’s part of homeschooling

  85. oh I can’t wait for this book… yes in my life there is so much excess… I need to rid myself of so much clutter… and excessing eating… I am so exciting to learn more…..

  86. Oh…excess would be clutter. Funny I read this just now as my husband just said “we need to have a garage sale and get rid of all this extra junk around here!”

  87. This book sounds excellent!
    I love fashion and therefore struggle with excess clothing! I am a VERY thrifty shopper BUT the Holy Spirit has been convicting me lately of “enough is enough”. So this book would be very timely 🙂

    Thanks for your ministry!

  88. I just ordered this book from you last week..would still love to win and share with my Momma…one area I am really focused on cutting away the excess is in food…There’s a lot of clutter in my life {emotionally and physically} that needs tamed so I can hear God’s still small all-powerful voice!! THANKS and blessings 🙂

  89. I’d like to cut back on eating dessert. I have such a sweet tooth, it’s hard. I also need to stop being so hard on myself. It’s something I’ve struggled with most of my life.

  90. My excess is making purchases from shopping networks. I always intend to give the item away but have boxes and boxes of “gifts” in my garage. My purchases typically mount when I am feeling unappreciated or overlooked due to being my husband’s caregiver (he has congestive heart failure), working a 40 hour week, supporting with love 2 grandchildren and a mother recovering from breast cancer.

  91. What an awesome giveaway!
    One thing I need to cut back on is my internet time. The excess of information starts to weigh a person down after a while (especially during an election year).

  92. My excess would be “stuff”. Stuff I thought I needed but realize didn’t. I am now in the process of going through my “stuff” and giving away what I don’t use, or have worn in the past year. Really…how much do we need in this life? finding peace with little and trying to give away much!
    Happy day – Colleen G.

  93. I would agree with the stuff camp. Especially the stuff you think you need but you really don’t.

  94. I’m pretty sure I could use help in all seven areas, but clothes is the one that I’m most interested in reading. 🙂

  95. media and food! While we read 7, I’ve decided to have a media fast during one of the weeks. Looking forward to the study!

  96. Facebook. Pinterest. Blog reading. Constantly playing around on my phone….media!!!

  97. I wasn’t going to add a repeat here but this week I am so compelled to rid of the excess of SELF. It’s that love of advancing or accumulating for myself that needs to go. The world is so much bigger than ME. There are COUNTLESS opportunities to be love and be light to others rather than to receive all for myself and never let go of what I have.

  98. I need help in the area of excess food.. And maybe clothes if I am being completely honest.. 🙂

  99. Too much of pretty much everything, especially paper clutter, media, and stress! We are learning that the more we have, the more we have to keep up with! Definitely needing more of HIM, and less of everything else! Can’t wait to read this book. 🙂

  100. My excess is computer time. I have lupus and am house bound a lot of the time so I love my online communities, but sadly, I spend too much time surfing the web while I could be doing other necessary things. I always loved the library and the internet is just like a giant library there for me at all hours. And learn, I could learn forever. Again, only a click away. I need to concentrate some of that time on my God, my husband and my artwork. Seven sounds like an awesome way to start!! :o)

  101. I, like most Americans, have a severe problem with escess in my life. I struggle with each of the ones that Jen discusses in “7”. But the one that I would say is most important is FOOD. It effects so much more of my life than I should allow it and it also effects my relationship with Christ. I do not want to allow food to keep me from the closeness with Christ that I so desire and that He wants from me as well. I look forward to conquering that once and for all with Jen’s insight and encouragement and the strength of the Holy Sprit! I have had “7” sitting on my bookshelf for several months now, afraid to read it because of the radical transformation that it may require. But, now I am ready and I look forward to this journey with all of you!

  102. STRESS…stress….stress! family, financial, health ( battling for life form inoperable spinal tumors and bone marrow leaking into tissues)….excessive heartache over others problems( people that I love, that are also going through hard times…)….don’t get me wrong… God is awesome… I know He IS there in my deepest sorrows, pain, and heartache… wouldn’t survive without being assured of that!.. Yesterday heard a message about being tenderhearted which really touched me. The pastor spoke of how when a believer is so moved with compassion and love towards others that it deeply affects the person… I was comforted, because I realized that was something He has given to me… not something I took on myself… it is not worry… just being deeply moved for others and also dealing on this earth with my own harsh realities, which seem to be sometimes overwhelming…
    Yet, it is with great joy that I fight this battle… and with thanksgiving… sometimes He lets me have these little glimpses of the reason I am still here and not in Heaven… and I find rest in my soul and spirit…
    Cathy B*****y
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  103. Ooooh, I’d love to win this one! If I had to pick one area, I’d say food. It seems to be a theme among commenters here, but it’s something I struggle with. I eat out of joy, out of pain, out of boredom, etc. I find myself not thinking about food as fuel. I can’t wait to dive into “Seven!”

  104. Ughh…I know my biggest issue right now that I need to “shed” some excess in is food. I just love it 🙂 …but need to have a better discipline about that — and seeing it as truly over-indulgence is speaking to me !

  105. Stress is number 1 for me followed closely by clutter and media. 7 sounds like a great book! Looking forward to checking it out.

  106. It is hard to pick one. I feel like we live in such an over-abundance of everything: belongings, food, time. I would love to cut back and be able to share more in all areas of my life.

  107. gosh, i live in america. excess is everywhere i look in my house….from closet to clutter, to dishes….to too much of everything.

  108. I am finding more and more that food is an area of excess in my life. Not just what I eat, but the time I spend deciding what to serve, purchasing ingredients, storing ingredients and recipes…I want to simplify more than I want to stockpile.

  109. The area of excess for me is in the stress category. I try to cram too many tasks into each day, which results in not enough sleep and being a cranky single mom. I want to make things easier on myself by simplfying and streamlining my schedule, but how? I keep trying new strategies, but I always end up with too much on my plate! “7” sounds like a great book! I would love to particpate in the online book study.

  110. I need all the help (and ideas) in all areas I can get!!!! It seems the areas that should be most important priority-wise to me become less important much of the time, and those areas that shouldn’t be a priority become more important. I need a complete switch, a complete reversal. I hope that the book doesn’t just address “excess” but priorities as well…

  111. One area in my life I would like to cut back on (get rid of) is CLUTTER! I seem to hang on to things I know I want to keep, but I don’t know how to keep them without being clutter!

  112. I have several, and sometimes I feel like life is caving in on me because of them. Media, food, and the worst- clutter. We moved from a 4-bedroom house with one child over three years ago. Now we live in a 3-bedroom house and have TWO kids, and we never properly downsized before the move. We have very little storage space and more stuff than we could possibly store. We don’t even buy much for our kids, but between grandparents overgifting and neighbors giving us things, we’re simply out of space. I can’t even stand to look at it because I don’t know where to start. That leads to getting lost in my smartphone…so I don’t have to deal with it.

    The bright spot of my life tends to be planning meals for the week. The kitchen is the one place that’s mine and where I feel comfortable. Cooking is usually the only creative outlet I have time for, so I take full advantage- probably more than I should. Our life is rushed and exhausting, and I can’t get ahead of the clutter long enough to truly organize our home. It is not a relaxing place at all. I so want to send my kids away for a week and hire a professional to come in and help me through the process! I just want to be able to relax in our home and feel comfortable having friends over again.

  113. I have numerous areas of excess in my life as well – I think I will relate with each of them if I am honest – in their own way. The one I am looking forward to intentionally cutting back on is food right now. Is there a video for the 7 study out yet?

  114. I would love to win a copy, I am strapped at the moment financially from “Excess” spending, of which I need to learn more how to control in my life…A thought occured to me this morning as I was seeking to get closer to the Lord this morning through this website (dayspring/incourage) : How I would love and long to hear the voices of the angels, and heavens door be cracked just a little for me, and the Lord whispered in my ear, “I heard your prayer” to hear the angels voices, but why not ask “forever” instead of just once to hear??? he asked..Forever to hear his voice accompanied by the angels, for that’s what he has in mind for us,…at that moment I realized I could hear, and that I must have been deaf to him…and realize, he wants us to realize when we hear him, it is he, that heals our deaf ears to his voice inside our hearts that only he can fill with joy and gladness…forever…

  115. This book sounds wonderful! I think a big area of excess in my life is media! I really need to cut back on my online time and get outside!

  116. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. I want to go room by room in my house and pare down to stuff that really makes me happy and fits in our life.

  117. Funny you’d ask about an excess we need to cut back on as TODAY I committed to play no games of Hearts on the computer! Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it’s a bit of an obsession, and the sad thing is that it’s against computer ‘people’, not those in the flesh. The addiction is especially bad when I get into losing modes and begin to think that Player 1 is ‘out to get me’! I was in that mode yesterday, losing 5 to every one game won.

    There are so many other productive things I can be doing other than Hearts! Things that I tend to put off around the house or emails or cards I could send to support and encourage others are among just a few. So thank you so much for allowing me to post as a great reminder of my commitment today and beyond.

  118. I love the generosity of Dayspring, but offering a coupon code to buy more stuff completely goes against the premise of the book. 🙂

  119. Wow! Amazing to me that so many of us struggle with the same excesses. As I scrolled down through the comments, I realized that so many of us fight the excess of food. It is a daily struggle for me, along with so many of the beautiful ladies who have commented. I really look forward to this study!!!!

  120. The area of excess that I am working on cutting out is the “good stuff.” There’s lots of good things to do everyday but I really want to be intentionally focused on the truly great things that really matter. Lots of “good stuff” has to go to make room for the great.

  121. One area of excess? I know the Lord has been shedding light on this for me & opening my eyes to see – as it becomes more apparent this one area of excess, when properly acknowledged, dealt with & prayed over – will positively affect so many other areas of excess in my life. I’d have to say my one is self-indulgence. Lord, help me. Guide me. And squash it out of me. Amen.

  122. Clutter, always clutter. I’ve come a long way in a year but I still have to move things aside and search through a pile everyday. So much energy and time wasted.

  123. Just one area? 😉 For me, it would be media. My phone, my computer (Pinterest, anyone??), not so much TV, but just online media in general. I need to find a better balance between using it for good and wasting time with it. There are so many other productive things I could be doing instead.

  124. The area of excess that I would like to cut out is my need to have EVERYTHING in order. Things to not ALL have to be done to spend time with my family or to relax. I KNOW this, but fleshing it out is HARD! 🙂

  125. I have excess in every area of my life. But clutter is the worst. I have an entire room of ;junk’. I have been dreading it, and honestly don;t even know how to get started!

  126. I need to purge the whole house. Not only could we use the money from a garage sale, but I think it would help my DH and I’s relationship (he HATES “stuff”)…

  127. ginger ale, im addicted to it. its really bad i drink once almost every day its because of the stress of my family and dying father im glad i dont drink. but i really need to stop im afraid of cancer

  128. I have my Kindle copy ready to go. Would love to have a hold-it-in-my-hands copy to send to my mom. My area of excess stems from repressed/unexamined emotions. Keeps me wound tighter than a guitar string & makes it impossible to open up & live/love with abandon. Not sure what topic that fits into, but there you have it.

  129. One of the areas of my life that I would like to cut back on and really eliminate entirely is personal criticism. I have noticed over the past few months that I am my biggest critic. I would rather cultivate a healthy, positive attitude specifically towards myself and start seeing me as God does.

  130. I try to avoid advertisements that lure me to want things I don’t need. I pray for contentment with what I have and guidance to appropriate wants.

  131. I would like to cut back on spending on material goods such as clothes. I love to shop and stay up with the current fashions however I know that I should be thankful for the clothing that God has already provided me with.

  132. I think my excess would have to be media. I’m trying to cut off my cable and be intent on purchasing shows I want to watch–not just turn on the TV.

  133. My area of excess is in the area of my stamping/scrapbooking supplies. I can’t get enough yet I don’t want to use them once I get them because I don’t want to waste it on projects. I need to declutter and use what I have before I buy more!!! I have several more but that is my biggest one right now!

  134. If I had to pick, it would be clutter. I try so hard and once I get one room de-clutter another one needs it and then the first one is back to where it was in the beginning and so on… It’s a frustrating, endless cycle!!

    • Brandi, I am with you on that one. It seems I spend so much time getting my house clean and turn around and it looks like I didn’t even touch it!! It is a vicious cycle I get tired of repeating!!

  135. I’m looking forward to reading 7! I struggle with stress right now… 2 little kids + full time job is hard right now…

  136. I would have to pick the area of “wanting the next best thing”. It’s always something else… a job, a friend, more time, less time, vacations, “stuff”. When am I ever going to be content with what I already have? Looking forward to this study.

  137. I spend too much because shopping is therapy for me. So cutting out stress would be helping to declutter, spend less and live stress free! ;-$ it’s full circle. I look forward to this study.

  138. Complaining has grown roots in my life and I need to do all I can to rid myself of it. With God’s gracious, patient presence, I will begin to be INTENTIONAL about emptying my life of such a toxic excess. Thank you for the gentle prodding. 🙂

  139. Oh, my, it’s CLUTTER! I’ve even got an excess of half-cleared-out-but-not-yet-finished clutter! Would love to see what’s in this book to help.

  140. We have an excess of stuff in our house! Clothes, toys, books, papers. I’m really looking forward to following along with the book study.

  141. I think clutter is my greatest struggle right now. I would love to win – thanks for the chance!

  142. My goodness! So many choices! LOL I think I spend way too much time on the internet doing research on “stuff”. Even though I am nearing the winter of my life, I still love to learn new things, as well as find the cheapest price possible on something I plan to buy. Unfortunately, when I begin research on something I want to learn more about or on the price of a new purchase, each new webpage I open usually includes an interesting related link that I “must” follow. It is not unusual to have 30-40 tabs open by the time I take a break. This process can take a couple hours or so out of my day, when I could be doing “fun” things like cleaning house, exercising, etc. HELP!

  143. The clutter and chaos in my life is overwhelming…it seems that it is everywhere. I make lists of the To Dos so that I can check them off one by one in hopes I feel in control. If I could narrow it down to one area that needs pruning it would have to be excess of thoughts that consume my mind…it seems like my brain never shuts off, so I am constantly thinking, worrying, and trying to figure out the world’s problems. How am I going to get rid of this excess? Hand this over to God and remind myself to “cast my anxiety on to Him, because He cares for me”! 🙂

  144. My excess is wasted computer time, procrastination, and frustration. I would love to read the book!

  145. Stuff is my excess. I have a lot of everything. My closets and garage are stuffed with stuff “we might need one day”.

  146. I wish I could pick just one, but every area mentioned is screaming out to me to “delete”, “downsize”, and “reduce”! I am working on the clutter and food excesses this week, so I guess I would say Media is still an issue – too much computer, too much iphone, too much tv! HELP! This book sounds like what I need to help me get started!

  147. Excess = internet. There are times when I do great but then I get stressed or something and stop doing so great.

  148. The area of excess in my life is eating too much food. I struggle with that so badly. Anyhow … I would really appreciate prayer in this area. Thank you for doing this study. This is a painful area.

  149. Would love a copy of this book. Clothes and paper are my two areas of excess I am trying to combat right now.

  150. Embarrassing but true: I read 7 on a spa weekend getaway. It was only one night and my only vacation all year but it was a swanky spa and then I cracked open 7. And felt guilty. And vowed to get my ducks in a row.

  151. As a homeschooler, one of the biggest areas of excess in my life is the activities we pursue outside the home. Socialization has almost become a problem. It is making everyone crazy staying so busy.
    Would love a copy of this book. I would also pass it on after reading it as I am trying to keep my bookshelves clutter free! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  152. Stress would be my worst area, everything else would probably be easier to work on if I did not have so much stress in my life.

  153. Social media and soft drinks. I also need to work on excess clutter in my closet. I have a heart condition and sometimes just getting the basic things in life done are a struggle. So I play on the computer trying to stay awake during the day.

  154. Hi Ladies!!! Love the topic about excess. This is a topic my friends and I dicuss frequently. Why do we as women live in a world of excess. Webster’s define excess as an amount or quantity beyond what is normal or sufficient: a surplus. Many of us as baby boomers we were taught the old adage”It is better to have more than less.” Now in my late 50’s I realized that too much can be a disadvantage. By excess areas are clutter and giving advise. I am now in the process of de-cluttering my home and office. My rule of thumb is that if an item has not been used within a year, it is thown out. This rule has given more order and control in my life. Now for my other excess-giving advise. I am learning the wonderful art of being a good listener. Keeping my mouth close and my ears open. Stop being judgemental or putting my spin on things. This rule has eased my emotions and spirits allowing me to become a better friend , sister and person. 2012 has been a year of growth for which I am very proud

  155. Media (mainly computer) is definitely an area I wish to cut back on. I checked the book ‘7’ out at the library a while back and loved it. I really would love my own copy because I want to do a small group study soon with some ladies from church.

  156. food is my excess. =( I am not over weight, but I am 10lbs from where my clothes fit like they are supposed to. I’d love to read this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  157. My area of excess is clothes. I need to be careful not to purchase just because I want it. I have been working on donating clothes that I no longer wear (for whatever reason) and not immediately replacing them. I am also looking (when I do buy) for things that will go with more than one or two items in my closet.

  158. I would definitely say an excess of mine is clutter…where does it all come from? And finding time to declutter can be a challenge!

  159. stress is definitely an area of excess right now… a lot of it really can not be helped, but I do think that when a few areas of my life have stress I tend to create stress for myself in the other areas :-\

  160. I would love to cut back on stress which leads to food and spending. =) A little less stress would be nice.

  161. Oh my….where do I not have access?! Some areas are not as bad as others, but all need improvements. Would love to get my hands on this book

  162. wow, so many areas, but specifically my home and my spending habbits have too much clutter!

  163. Stress and worry are definitely areas of excess. We are expecting our first child in October I seem to be doing much more worrying that rejoicing lately.

  164. I would have to say worry…. I worry way to much instead of just giving it to God placing it in His hands and just releasing it !!

  165. I definitely have a problem with excess media. I hope to prayerfully get it under control once we begin the school year.

  166. Food…definitely food. I carry a lot of body clutter due to the focus I put on food in my life.

  167. I have an excess on stuff. Clothes that don’t fit, that I think if I just loose weight I could wear that, toys that aren’t played with, and nic-nac’s that only collect dust.

  168. Clutter and stress, most definitely. I find myself stressing out about the clutter in my home more than I’d like to admit!

  169. Clutter has been dogging us for so long now. The more we try to de-clutter, the more we seem to accumulate- how is this possible? We need an intervention I think!

  170. I have plenty of “excess” in my life that I need to cut down on, but shopping is at the top right now. I really need to cut down on my frivolous spending!

  171. It would definitely be food. Or maybe Diet Dr. Pepper! I need to get a handle on snacking throughout the day!

  172. Food is a problem for me. In trying to be healthy and feel better, I have walked every day this year. I really need to reduce my food intake and increase my exercise level.

  173. I would like to cut back on time I spend on the Internet. It is definitely an excess in this home!!

  174. Stress and television. When I get stressed out over whatever and want to escape, I tend to spend way too much time watching TV because I don’t have to do anything or think about anything.

  175. Some days, I am a big time waster and spend too much time on the computer….oops that is what I am doing now!!

  176. We’ve been doing a “no spend month” during August to try and get our hearts off of the material things of this world and focused back on the Creator. And since I’ve committed to not buying books this month, I’d love to win a copy instead 🙂

  177. Excess? Committments…saying “yes” as my default setting. I’ve always heard you can look at a woman’s checkbook and see into her heart….well, I think I can look at my calendar and see into my heart. Filled with good things, it’s also filled with “I don’t want to disappoint” and I don’t want to be left out” and “I don’t want to miss out on anything” all the while missing out on rest, time together, moments to think and reflect.

  178. I spend a excess amount of time worrying about what other people think. Lord save me from my own over active mind!

  179. Excess, huh? Well, I have five small children, so the most I have excess of is LAUNDRY! Maybe if I simplified all the kids’ clothes I wouldn’t have quite so much of it!

  180. I would LOVE to win one if there is any way. While technically I can “afford” a book, I’ve been undertaking my own project of reducing the excess in my life – http://vincenttriplets.blogspot.com/2012/08/39-things.html. As a result, every week I am giving away 39 things & I am on a $3 a day budget. That means I can’t spend $10 on a book for the next month. I am dying to read this because of my own effort to teach my two year old triplets that it is not about WHAT we have but WHO we are in Christ, but will need to find a used copy, or borrow one, OR WIN ONE 🙂

  181. I’ve heard so many good things about this book. I am on hold at the library for a copy, but would love to win one of my own to keep! An area of excess for me is def. media. I need to cut that area WAY back.

  182. Most definitely have excess clutter! I’ve been slowly working on it, getting rid of a lot and organizing what stays.

  183. My area of excess would be sugary coffee and ice cream. They are what I crave when I am stressed out.

  184. When God brought our almost-Brady Bunch together, he also brought two households of worldly goods under the same roof! Argh! The business of working full time while parenting five wonderful kids has made downsizing a priority that ranks very low on my totem pole, but I must admit that I long to be unfettered by much of what has accumulated in the attic, basement and shop!

  185. I have an excess of ‘STUFF’ — we are currently weeding through the piles of stuff we have been storing for ‘someday’ and for ‘whenever’. It is a hard task, but freeing and satisfying!

  186. There are definitely multiple areas of excess in my life and heart but one that the Lord seems to be working on presently is stress/anxiety/worry. A heart resting in Him, a heart that knows He is good, that trusts Him at all times, would not be so full of stress/anxiety/worry! Praying He roots this out of me.

  187. I’ve realized recently that my clothing (and shoe, and purse, and jewelry, and makeup) habits are not honoring to God, and as soon as I stumbled across An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, I knew I had to read it. It would be a blessing to win a copy.

  188. For me, social media. It can be such a time consumer-slowly but surely learning how to cut back, find a balance, and not waste a moment of precious time.

  189. Thanks for the contest! The area I need help the most on, as far as excess, is my paper and informational clutter. From e-mails to magazines and other items that come through my door, paper is the huge clutter monster in my house and I need to really come to terms with it so we can have a more peaceful home. Plus, I want my kids to see me tackle it so they don’t absorb the same bad habits (I already see it in my daughter).

  190. I’ve been working all summer on cleaning out our home school supplies. We’ve collected so much over the years and then couldn’t find what we needed when we needed it. It was costing us money and stressing me out. I’ve thrown out bags and bags of useless stuff and given away the good stuff. It’s fun to be a blessing to others and our school area is now peaceful and organized. Well worth the work.

  191. My first area I’m going to tackle, after the kids are back in school, is clutter. I generally don’t like alot of extra “stuff” but it seems a summer of fun has created some messes around here.

  192. I have several areas to address, but computer time is probably the one that affects me/my family the most. Because if I cut back on that excess, I’d have more time to deal with my other areas of excess… 😉

  193. Excess? I think I keep so many items for their memory. Lately, I’ve been forcing myself to get rid of things that honestly, just DO NOT matter that much. Also, I’ve been forcing myself to get rid of books that I’m just not going to read. It’s been hard, and then almost embarrassing because it has been so hard. So much to learn.

  194. Our biggest area of excess right now is stress but I’m not sure how I can make it better right now except to pray. I love these books studies and have enjoyed every one. I already have this book and am excited to start.

  195. I have an excess of unfolded laundry that I feel I am drowning under!! I would love to cut back on that and get it under control.

  196. In our house, it has to be toys. We have way too many toys….most of them are gifts from the extended family. We are working on donating them to needy kids, but my 3 year-old still doesn’t understand sometimes why he has to give his toys away.

  197. Procrastination is one of the biggest excesses in my life. I take all of the things that I should be doing, toss them in a mental bucket and start with the tasks that are the most pleasant. These tend to be the things that are least important. As an added frustration, it adds greatly to my stress. I’ve had to seriously evaluate what I’m spending my time on, whether it’s glorifying God, and what I can be doing each moment to reach my time management goals.

  198. Um. All of the above 🙂 I think right now I would just have to say spending. I, like Jen, have a tendency to purchase the same types of things while neglecting to purchase items I could actually use. The whole feast or famine thing. I do not need another pair of jeans….but I could really use to update my ktichenware. Neither my husband or I are really excessive spenders…but I would like to be more conscious of whether or not I’m spending on things that are useful….with the overall goal of having more available to give to those who are truly in need.

  199. I would love a copy of this book. My “excess area” would be food. On the outside, you would never guess it… maybe that’s why I choose food. It is personal, hides easily and can be quickly done and hidden. And, who knows? Maybe reading this book will expose excess areas of excess…

  200. I can relate to a few of the examples of excess in my life right now, clutter and stress (which one caused the other??) are the main ones. The one I’m tackling right now is my kids’ toys.

  201. I like most everyone else could list many items of excess. But for me the one I’m looking at tackling right now is negativity. I seem to find myself judgmental, critical and just negative…and I am not liking what I’m seeing 🙁

  202. I have been praying to rid my life of excess — I have three children with a set of grandparents who have given them more toys than imaginable. I look forward to gently leading my children to give away lots of these excess toys to other families who would use them. Toy clutter is something I would love to get rid of as well as all of the excess clutter filling our closets. I would love to quit managing my STUFF so I could use my time more wisely to be about His kingdom work. It seems that all I do besides raise my children is drown in the excess. My prayer has been to simplify — getting rid of excess is the answer!

  203. Food food food! It’s definitely an area of excess in my life, and not one I think of when talking about this subject. That’s an eye opener! Can’t wait to read now even if I don’t win it! 🙂

  204. I also have many “excesses” – but I just started focussing on my spending excess and my excess of “stuff”. I’d love to win the book for help – along with much prayer, too I am hoping to start working on these 2 excesses so I can move on to a few others!

  205. my excess is definately food. I have a note in my bible from 1994 labeled “the start” from when I tried to eat more sensibly. My teenage mind thought that would be the end of unhealthy eating. It was not I have good times and bad times, I have kicked bulimea “thank you God” but the daily, minutely battle still rages and I don’t feel like I am winning. I pray that the person who really needs this giveaway receives it and I don’t mind if thats me….

  206. I would like to conquer my food, clutter & media excesses in my life & home. I’m looking forward to the clothing month so I can get my entire family in on donating!

  207. I would love to win a copy! My area is definitely media. Too much time spent on the computer!

  208. I think my excess is just having stuff, knick-knacks, wall hangings for the house, things like that. I have really been trying to cut back and thinking, do I really need this? Thank you for the opportunity to learn to do better.!

  209. My current area of excess is media and entertainment. Sometimes when I feel like I get one area balanced, another one all of a sudden spirals out of control. I have noticed that transitions and stress usually trigger it. Lord help me.

  210. Eating and clutter! Need God’s help to deal with both and some sisters that understand the struggle to incourage me with the process. Thanks for your love & suppport!

  211. Stress- I would blame it on grad school- but it is something that always creeps in no matter what life events are going on. I allow the worry, anxiety, and what ifs to take over- which then leads to guilt, frustration, and comparisons. I would love a copy of this book to join in the study and learn some strategies to let it go.

  212. Honestly I feel like I need less perfectionism – perfectionism tends to control my thoughts!!! This is not how God created me to be!

  213. Right now my excess is in the clutter at house which needs to be fixed ASAP. It’s not a massive excess but it is something here and there that keep my peace of mind away every time I find them. Facing some transitions in my life is also an “excess” that adds to my stress, and the stress level can increase through both at this time.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  214. My excess in life is worrying!! God and I have had many discussions over this and I still battle not worrying, but I am a work in progress. Each day is a new step for me and I pray long and hard when I find myself worrying over something. I just have to let it go and know that my life is in God’s hands. 🙂

  215. Definitely STUFF…I have wayyyyyy too much of IT! I don’t know where it came from but it would make life so much less complicated if there was less of it! Plus it would give me more time to spend with family and friends because I’d have more money and time to be with them! Oh yes, and the stress level would decrease dramatically! 🙂

  216. STRESS! But even simpler than that, the excess that causes stress is my tendency to overfill my schedule and my life. I don’t know how to relax, so I pickup as many jobs and responsibilities as I can which in turn means that there is no time for myself, or for my loved ones. And if I happen to find myself with some rare downtime, I’m stressed about that as well because I don’t know what to do with it!

  217. Clutter or just stuff. However you want to word it. We are getting ready to have a major yard sale.

  218. ‘Stuff’ soon became the clutter that is substituting the health, husband, and grown up children that walked out of my door. I never knew I was sad when my children grew up and entered their own very accomplished, very happy lives. I’m proud and happy and sad all at once. My health is improving, but I look around me and don’t recognize the beautiful home we all made together. I don’t know what to do first…as far as fixing the clutter. I think that the clutter has grown tentacles and has moved into my mind. Praise our Lord…I know He will help me through this. If you think the book may help..please consider me. Thank you.

  219. I’ve been working on cutting out stress in my life. While cutting out all stress is impossible, I’ve found some ways to decrease the level of stress. I’d be anxious to here more!

  220. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Trying to get rid of some even today… Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. 🙂

  221. I sadly think I have a lot of areas of excess; however the one I have been realizing more lately is stress and cleaning and organizing. I know weird that I chose cleaning, when so many others say clutter. You see my mom is a personal organizer (and a little more than a little OCD) and I have always lived in a perfectly organized simple home. I am afraid I may be becoming OCD myself in that I hate the mess and when my family just tosses things or doesn’t do the dishes right away. I am finding myself excessively cleaning up and organizing that I am missing the beauty of the life happening.

  222. Oh boy, I really need to make a list: stress seems to take over and leads me to have excess in in other areas such as food, clutter because I don’t want to clean, and anger from the clutter and eating. It all seems like a huge catch 22. The only thing that I wish I had more of in my daily life is praying and being in the Word. I make choices not to do that based on the excess stuff in my life instead of the truth of His Word. I have never heard of this book, but it sounds very good, and I would love to have a copy. Thanks!

  223. i’m sorry to say–i struggle with all seven , especially since my hubby has been out of work for 15 mos now. i can use this as excuses to overinduldge(even at the thrift store). i know i need help and direction!!

  224. I have an excess of unfinished projects. As I was organizing my new and lovely craft room last night, preparing for an upcoming “Crafty Chicks” night with my girlfriends, my husband asked me, “why do you need so much stuff?” To which I replied, “I don’t know, I guess I like stuff.” I have a purpose for every item I purchase, find or acquire. I find myself not being able to toss away a simple piece of ribbon, a vintage button, or a snippit of paper printed with a meaningful sentiment…because my thought is how I could take that small something, very ordinary and useless to the human eye and repurpose it into something magnificent. Hmmm, much how God works on me every day…God recycles, right? He made me out of dust ;o)
    PS: To Stef above, Tim Hortons is the bomb! I am a Calgarian Canadian transplanted in the great city of Kansas City, Missouri, and I think about Tim and his “bits” often. Be blessed one and all!

  225. Where do I start? Paperwork clutter, stuff clutter, mind clutter (when there is so much stuff on my mind nothing gets done), I might need it someday clutter. UGH! I’m running out of the house right now!!

  226. i have kids in excess . . . just kiddin’! although i do have quite a few of them (6). with that many kids comes lots of excess, as it turns out. i would like to try to tackle the clutter that comes with a house where 8 people live!
    thanks so much!

  227. An area of excess in my life is stress and worry! I worry about my upcoming c-section with my 3rd child and also being in the midst of waiting for a placement through the foster care system. I need to trust God’s perfect timing and plan for my life! I have heard a lot about this book and would love to read it!

  228. Doesnt the computer make it too easy to spend money?! That’s my excess. Thank you for the giveaway.

  229. I would like to cut back on the amount of things we have that we don’t use or need- like old college books or magazines we keep hanging around but have never reread.

  230. Besides the clutter in my mind, there is a major excess of toys in this house. I want to say that there is an excess of happiness but I don’t think I can say that with certainty. I want a happy family without the need for gadgets and toys and media but it seems impossible in today’s world.

  231. I personally can’t believe it is possible, but my son tells me I have a clutter, of books. It seems we don’t need to keep every book we ever read!! He’s still young so I try to excuse him.

  232. Oh, food…we need it to live, but to live an abundant life one must not eat in abundance…

  233. My biggest area of excess is definitely food….it is a constant battle and something that I know I need to get a handle on so that I can be healthier for my family!

  234. Thanks for the fun giveaway! I need to organize my life better in regards to food! I would like to cut back on the every day grocery run and actually plan ahead with a weekly menu and grocery list. I know it would save time and money!

  235. I am tackling spending too much on food and cleaning out kids clothes! This is a great giveaway! Thank you!

  236. worrry. i can’t seem to stop. sometimes when i realize i am not worrying, i panic because, certainly, there must be something i need to be worrying about.

  237. Thank you for the opportunity. To answer the question I would say YES to excess in media, food, clutter, stress, and spending…sigh

  238. I would love to cut out extra clutter. We have an upcoming move, and I want to drag along as little as possible.

  239. The first two things that come to mind are: 1) an excess amount of time spent on my phone and 2) an excess amount of time spent not trusting God’s plan for my future. Looking forward to the study!

  240. I would love to declutter my house and my life .To think about all the time wasted because of stuff to move out of the way ! Looking forward to this discussion.
    Kathy S.

  241. Please enter me in the drawing for a FREE book. I am financially unable to purchase a book but I love participating in Bloom book club.

    My area of excess is my cell phone. I use it for EVERYTHING and it goes everywhere with me. I even tend to text, check Facebook, while I am with friends. I know this is rude but I just can’t seem to leave my phone alone. I really need to let it go and stop the feelings of “It’s my lifeline” because it is not.

  242. Clutter is a big one – have been enjoying removing excess through freecycle.org and goodwill!

  243. Magazines is my big thing. I love the beautiful glossy pages and articles, but then I have a hard time parting with them.

    • Rachel – I love magazines too! When I’m done with mine I donate them to the local hospital, they always have a need for them in the waiting rooms. This way I’ve enjoyed them & I know someone else will too.

  244. An area of excess in my life God has been working on for a long time is worry!! a continual struggle to leave everything in God’s hands.

  245. my excess=paper, too many papers and piles..and boxes..and bags of projects, articles etc. , sounds like a great book.

  246. I would say stuff – not so much clutter, because it’s all put away neatly, but so much stuff that I don’t really use or need.

  247. Stress is definitely something I would like to get rid of! I know that I have to learn to trust God in everything. Surrender all!!!

  248. Excess…where do I begin…..food, material possessions, clothes…..I like what Elizabeth said above….demands on myself!!!

  249. Definitely clutter. Compared to a lot of our friends we don’t have that much stuff in our home, but we accumulate a lot of knick knacks and artwork/crafts from birthday parties and different groups that the girls participate in during the week.

  250. I would love to win a copy of the book. Clutter is certainly an excess in my life and seems to be robbing me of peace.I would love to work on getting rid of some of it.,

  251. One huge stressor for me right now is financial – and I’m spending way too much for my small budget! (And yes, reducing excess spending would be a start on reducing stress, which is my next big goal to tackle!) Please help me surrender this area of excess to God.

  252. I think I live a life that is filled with excess material things. I need to trim down and focus on Jesus!

  253. I am desperately struggling with clutter in my home. I have started to try to declutter, but I need as much encouragement as possible. I’m hoping this study will help me not only with the physical clutter in my life, but the other things I haven’t considered. Thanks for offering the $50 Dayspring Coupon Code giveaway! 🙂

  254. I need to cut back on my magazine subscriptions! I usually get them because it’s free or a great deal ( like last week I subscribed to Reader’s Digest because it was $3.99 for a year!) Well, I end up not reading half of them, but they do come in handy when the kiddos need to find objects to cut & paste for homework! 🙂

  255. Hi! The area I would love assistance in de-cluttering is the excess baggage of the past that clutters, lingers, burdens, and depresses my inner being so much that I have a challenging time shining light when and where I would love to shine my light.

  256. Can I just say too much of everything – too much stuff!! I love pretty things and I don’t spend much ’cause I go to garage sales alot! …. But that can get to a point where it becomes too much…clothes, costume jewelry, furniture, kitchenware…it’s time to declutter alright!!

  257. i have excess of too much…stress, clutter, & media would on the top of the list though…

  258. My area of excess wuold definately be obligations – I say yes to everything…..with a few other areas following closely by!

  259. Kids clothing, even if it is from garage sales and hand me downs…it’s too much and I don’t think I’m doing my kids good by it.

  260. Way too much stress and worry! I need to cut back here because it’s literally ruining my health.

    Also, I have a LOT of stuff stored at my house that belongs or used to belong to other people. Some of it is stuff that was my Mom’s and I’ve held onto it for long enough now. I couldn’t bring myself to let it go right after she died, but now it’s been 3 1/2 years, and I think it’s time.

  261. I have an excess of stress. I’m raising 2 teenage boys, going to school to finish my masters degree, starting an internship at a high school, & my father-in-law is now living with us. All the things mentioned are good things, even great things, but still stressful. I would love help in lowering my stress level.

  262. I have several areas of excess I’m working on addressing. Two that I particularly need to focus on are TV and food, but I also need to just do a general removal of “stuff” in my house. It didn’t feel like we had to so much til we had to make room for our first baby. LOL

  263. I have many areas of excess: clutter (from keeping possessions of my parents after their death), worry about my rheumatoid arthritis, and stress finding a job after being laid off. Thank you

  264. I have an excess of excuses that keep me from ……..you name it: exercise, eating healthy, spending time with my Mom!…visiting or calling someone needing encouraging, going on that mission trip, sharing, giving, loving……I’m a mess.

  265. I would say Books! I love books and who cant justify spending money on books especially when I homeschooled and worked in a bookstore for 10 plus years. There is nothing like a new book waiting to be read. Although I am trying to rotate more with friends and not buy them all!!

  266. I recently purged a ton of thrift store dishes, platters, etc. I found that because I was overwhelmed, I didn’t use any of them. Less is More is my new motto.

  267. I just found Bloom, and would love to be a part of this study!
    I would love to win a free book!
    I think Stress and over-spending are my excess, and the more I stress, the more I over-spend!

  268. Hard to choose just one because I could definitely use some cutting in several of those areas. I think the one I would want to choose first would be clutter. It leads to stress and others so taking care of that one could potentially effect others.

  269. Clutter! I try to only keep things in my home that I love, but struggle when things were gifts or have a special meaning… or if I find a really good deal! And don’t even get me started on all the toys!

  270. It is very difficult for me to choose just one but I would have to choose stress as the one that effects my life the most. Look forward to this study!

  271. It is very difficult for me to choose just one but I would have to choose stress as the one excess that effects my life the most. Look forward to this study!

  272. I would have to say that stuff is my excess. Just before this book was announced I told my husband that we needed to go room by room and just purge the stuff that lurks in closets and dressers and we don’t even know it’s there. Enough!!! Looking forward to evaluating other areas of my life!

  273. FOOD – not so much that we have an abundance in our house (ironically, the cupboards and fridge are usually pretty bare come payday), but more the gluttony aspect. I am a binger. I l-o-v-e food. I feel like it makes me happy….. Even tho I know in my heart I now that it truely doesn’t…

  274. Stress is my excess! I stress over the smallest things that really are not that important. This is one area in my life that I would like to cut down on!

  275. Oh, so many choices! But weight and finances are my two goals as of late. Lost close to 30 lbs. but need to get back on the plan and lose more. And I am more determined than ever to get out of debt due to some life-changing happenings swirling around me.

  276. One area I really struggle with is food. I have joined weight watchers and am learning to take better care of my temple.

  277. So many areas, but one area I already cut in is a “cleaning lady” and used the funds to sponsor school for two kids in Belize. I would make a perfect case study for Jen!!

  278. Spending…which leads to stress! I want simplicity, but I guess not enough to stop the shopping and get wise with our finances. Although, I have a stack of books waiting to be read, this one sounds perfect for this time in my life. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on this!

  279. Wow! I think maybe I need to cut back on all the areas mentioned in the book. Been wanting to read it since it came out. Thanks for the generous giveaway!!

  280. I’d love to eliminate tardiness b/c we are always late all the time for any given thing. Also, I’d love to cut back on foolish spending/debt which is like a chain around our necks. Plus, I want to raise my children to be appreciative with servants’ hearts rather than being surrounded by excess, toys, and anything else they want!

  281. Stuff. I just can’t seem to get rid of my “stuff” without replacing it with more “stuff”!

  282. I’d love to cut back on toys and activities for my kids–even the educational ones! I’m not sure how, though. I have 9, almost 10 kids and I end up keeping the things for the young ones, since I keep having babies to use those things. But as my children age, they acquire new items, and the whole house feels crowded and cramped to me. Too much stuff to keep track of…I feel so burdened by it all!

  283. An area of excess is definitely candy and diet soda. I have way too much of both on a daily basis! captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  284. We just moved to a new house and I’m amazed at all of the unnecessary stuff we’ve been dragging around. I want to find a way to just keep what we truly love and use.

  285. My house is almost full up!! Besides the excess clothing and personal possessions, we have been buying vinatge stuff for yrs with a plan to open our own business. That is getting more and more unlikely but we still have all the stuff and from time to time buy more!! Where does all this end??

  286. Too much time on my iPad/iPod. I want to use them to make life easier but not to waste so much time.

  287. Food, and stress. Not incidentally, they go together. My body increases inflamation and pain when I eat poorly, and in excess, and out of stress… and for years now, I continue to struggle with food and stress. I know God has so much more for me – I desperately want to free myself from the cycle I have gotten myself into. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  288. Unfortunately, I can honestly say I have excess of all of the above you mentioned. I want to improve but it is so hard knowing where to start. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  289. My area of excess is in DOING too much. I’m afraid to be limited by chronic illness and tend to falsely assign my own worth based on my accomplishments, and as a result I live half-crazy all the time with stress and overcommitment. I’d love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Hi Cara,

      I live with chronic illness too and I can so relate to the frustration of not wanting to be limited by my pain and illness. I also struggle a lot with feeling that my worth and my identity is based on my accomplishments and in all honesty my accomplishments in life are few. It’s a relief to know that my true worth and identity is found in Christ, but I find it difficult to live out this truth. A simple truth and lesson that God is still teaching me is that His grace truly is sufficient for me. God’s power is not most significantly displayed through our own strength and achievements, instead it is in HIS strength and through HIS work and accomplishments in OUR weaknesses that His power is most significantly displayed. I like a quote from John Piper that says, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” What’s most important is not all our rushing or doing, it’s simply our being in Him and enjoying His presence. It may be that I’m writing more to myself, but I hope it might be encouraging or meaningful to you in some way. I just want you to know that I can relate and my heart goes out to you! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be praying for you Cara!

      In HIS love, Christie

  290. Unfortunately I have too many to count…right now it would be the computer – email and facebook, it’s so hard to prey myself away from being connected.

  291. Some areas of excess in my life include clutter, worry / fear, food, and wasting time. I want to experience freedom and see God at work in all these areas of my life. I want to live a life that honors and is pleasing to God! I need to learn how to live a Spirit- led life, not a life led or controlled by desires of the flesh, and this book sounds like it would really helpful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  292. So many areas to choose from….must say the clutter in my head! I want to give it all up to the Heavens!

  293. Food !I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a Mastectomy in January. During the 5 months of chemo, I ate to comfort myself. When I couldn’t sleep at night I would eat a snack. Sometimes those snacks were an entire meal.
    After being sick for 3 or 4 days, I would eat, comfort food declaring I had earned it, deserved it.
    Now I have pounds to lose.
    I have been blessed to have no more cancer I need to bless my body as well.

  294. I have an excess of discontent. Despite the fact that I am blessed beyond my basic needs, the tendency to want bigger, better, and more looms eerily on my horizon, even as I thank God for what He sovereignly provides. Sadly, wants are often processed as needs by my depraved mind. How intently I must count my blessings!

  295. Stuff! I need to clear out general clutter and let it go. I’m looking forward to this discussion!

  296. Clutter definitely is my stress booster right now. After putting both parents in a nursing home this month and trying to sort thru 66 years of memories, I have more clutter and stress than i could ever imagine right now. This book sounds like just what I need.

  297. I am a project-aholic…always have mutliple projects going. I am losing my ability to multi-task as I age, so I need to simplify. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  298. The main area I would love to work on would be to relieve the stress of feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to take care of everything I need to get done. I would love to have more time for myself and learn to not focus on how clean the house is, are the coupons all organized, did I return all the calls I needed to return today. There is so much to do that I find myself very overwhelmed.

  299. So much excess in my life. Material possession I think I need or deserve! Would love to clear the clutter in my head that keeps me from being the wife and mother I need to be.

  300. Sheesh! Where don’t I have excess? A big one is in excessively spending on my son, particularly in the toy area. Another big one for our family is on food. We eat out for convenience a great deal. I’m looking forward to reading Seven and hoping to win one of the gift certificates!

  301. Areas of excess, hmm, there are so many. Each day I wake up and say I will do my devotions right away and I am going to start exercising and then…”wasted time”. That’s it!! Wasted time is my biggest excess – wasted time on the computer and in front of the TV. I start out looking at devotional sites on the computer and then on to emailing and facebook – waaaaaay too much excess time wasted on facebook AND, oh my, I can’t miss “Live with Kelly”! Goodness, I need to go do devotions and exercise. Blessed day to you!

  302. God has been working a change in me to remember that people matter more. I’ve been working to let go of complaining. As a wife & mom of 6 boys, I am TOTALLY outnumbered as the only female! All my guys are good about pitching in but it’s not always when I want it or the way I want it. Learning to focus on heart issues, (beginning with a change in me) has been key. I’m still a work in progress so I would say my area of excess is in expectations and learning to let them go.
    Thanks for the giveaway! You guys have blessed me greatly!! ♥

  303. Definitely food. I’ve struggled with finding my comfort in food all my life instead of looking to my Heavenly Father. Thank you for the chance to win this book!

  304. I would love to win one of the prizes,my area of excess is trying to please everyone and end up hurting myself in the process. Their seems to always be discontent between my children who are adults married with kids. I try to enter in and get caught in the middle, my excess there is caring to much!! Trying to step back and Let God to do the work!!!! I aslo have another one I live in the basement of my sons house they made and apartment for me but I have limited space, so Clutter is my problem not that Iam messy I have lots of books from many years of collecting,my daughter-in-law doesnt like them, I have gave up alot moving in to this area from a 13 room house I just have a hard time finding room for what I have left. So there you have heard about my excesses, Iam probably in the next month having total elbow replacement, so then my brain will have and overflow of emotions. Gods Blessings to You all!!!!

  305. Food! All my life I have struggled with looking to food for comfort. And let’s face it, I’ve needed a lot of comfort through the years. Recently the Lord has been revealing to me that I need to seek Him instead of food and that my excess is not only hurting my body but also my relationship with Him.

  306. I would love to read this book & start the journey of simplifying my life! Area of excess to start with is the clutter in my house.

  307. I would love to read this book and get some ideas on being less excessive. I need to lightened the load with my kiddos and all of their “stuff”.

  308. I would delight to remove the excess of clutter in my life, both physical and mental 🙂 I have heard great things about this book and would be thrilled to win it.

  309. I agree with so many sisters here! Clutter is number one, no wait…clutter wouldn’t happen if I didn’t waste so much time on here, the PC, number one time waster! And then I stress over that there’s too much clutter! So I eat! I know, that’s not funny, but it is true. I do find that when I put my energy into my family’s home and my family, and then take time for me, I’m happier, but I get exhausted with all I am expected to do….

  310. My kids and I are trying to reduce our stockpile of unused items.
    It is a good thing to move along items that someone else may need.

  311. I have so many areas of excess. And I am really finding it out now that I am a stay at home mom. The biggest one I have found though is just general stuff. Cleaning up my living room and finding 15 of the same toy cars or looking through the bookcase and realizing that I really have no need for the 20 blank journals that are there. So I guess plain out stuff is our problem.

  312. I would love to win a copy of this book! I am very excited for this study as I have so many areas of excess. I feel that food is my biggest area though, as I spend a lot of money on food where that money could go towards paying off debts.

  313. We moved into a rent house about a year ago and we still have boxes that need to be unpacked, so clutter is something that we have a lot of excess of right now.

  314. Hi
    I would love to be considered for this free book as right now I am struggling with procrastination which leads to excess projects that need completing at home & work which then means I get reallly stressed (that leads to procrastination which then means I am my own worst critic) and there is a backlog of things that needed doing weeks ago + I need to know how to cope with other people’s demands which are always ‘urgent’ and need doing NOW
    I am sure by now you get the picture 🙂 please help

  315. The excess of clutter. That stuff just piles up. I get one area tackled and it’s perfect but in the meantime the rest looks horrible. I think it’s a viscous cycle, but hopefully I’m making some progress.

  316. The area of excess to deal with for me would be food first and clutter second. Have been making some headway on the clutter as my youngest has graduated and I am no longer homeschooling but could still use some help there and in the area of food. Thanks for the giveaway!

  317. I’m eager to begin the study – there are so many areas where me and my family have excess! I’m intrigued by the concept of sevens and hope to be making some BIG changes in my life. Thank you!

  318. My biggest source of excess is wasted time on line, I tend to pass time searching the web and I could certainly cut down on that

  319. My main area of “excess” is clothes. Oh, how I love to shop! I heard from a friend that the book Seven was life changing for her family. I am looking forward to reading it and hope that it can help me as well. Thank you for your ministy and for touching lives! May God bless you all abundantly! 🙂

  320. I have to say that my biggest area of excess right now is clutter in my house. I just have too much stuff. It is then followed by food

  321. I would say an area of excess in my life is screen time…iPhone and computer…definitely need to limit the time I’m on both of these devices.

  322. Oh my gosh. Although I have HUGE problems in all of these areas at this time, I’d definitely say food. I weigh more than I ever dreamed (nightmared) was possible. It’s a daily (minute by minute) struggle which at this point, I am losing. Clutter is second. Prayers to everyone.

  323. Although I have more than one problem area, spending is at the top of my list followed by food.

  324. I would love to win. Defintiely clutter. Would be so awesome to be able to have people over, share my house as the Lord sees fit. But, I also need to get a handle on the food thing. I have lost some, BUT……………………………………………… sooooooooo far to go. I KNOW it would have to help some of the health issues. Grace and motivation and self-control, Lord!
    Blessings to all!

  325. The excess I’d like to do away with is worrying. Even though I know better I do way too much of it!

  326. I keep working on my excess of clutter. I know that I will make it with the Lord’s help and as I keep working on it.

  327. I have 7 sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read! Perfect! I’d say I have an excess of spending lately, which is leading to an excess of stuff! I think the problem is that I don’t ever spend a lot at once, so I don’t feel like I’m spending a lot or buying a lot, when it’s starting to add up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  328. It seems my life is over run with clutter!! Papers. magazines, recipes that I would like to try, craft projects…the list goes on and on!! Excess food follows right behind the clutter. 🙁

  329. I just have clutter. I’m not good at putting things away even though they have a place.

  330. I have to say that my main area of excess is clutter, and especially clutter caused by unfinished projects. I have a tendency to begin things, and then they hang around forever while I think about finishing them someday…

  331. As much as I try to declutter, it seems I still have excess junk. It starts as a little stack and soon overtakes my table-yuck! I want to be rid of excess stuff.

  332. Oh excess…my house is full of it! We have a major clutter problem all over the house, but most of it is my girls’ stuff that they don’t pick up w/o repeated nagging!!! It’s so incredibly frustrating! I also sometimes buy something that I don’t need because I can’t find the same item I already have…until AFTER I buy the new item! Sure would like to win this prize! 🙂

  333. I need to stay off Ebay and stop over buying scrapbooking and other craft supplies. I’ll never use them all up if I live to be 100. That leads to clutter in my craft room. I do enjoy being creative as it was my career before I retired but I’ve gone way over board. I suppose this is the first time I’ve admitted this to myself or others. Thanks for encouraging me to take this step.

  334. Stres!! Busyness has controlled me for too long. I’m going through the 7 months this school year with a small accountability group and looking forward to finding ways to utilize my time (with family, work, friends) better 🙂

  335. Material things in general have been my weakness. We just had to move twice in the last few
    Months and will move again soon.

  336. Wow, this is so timely for me! I tend to be an “all or nothing” peson so I think this subject kind of affects many areas of life… if not all. The Lord has been bringing these areas to my attention lately.
    Media is one of the big ones. Thoughts….. I need a lot of work there too.

  337. I need to cut back on buying clothes. I love having the top fashion, but don’t even have room in my closet! It’s out of control.

  338. I started reading the book this week, and it is definitely a page turner and hard to put down. I’m excited to be part of the book club.

    My excess is definitely food. It’s something that I have struggled with all of my life.

  339. My biggest struggle is with the computer/internet. I almost feel addicted to it. If I don’t have my computer handy, I’m constantly connected with my phone. I really need to put down the computer and spend more time with my family and in prayer.

  340. My clothes!!!! I LOVE clothes…..and I’m a terrific shopper….clearance racks all the way…(I just bought a $94 dress for $14!) But it is definitely getting to excess….I have clothes in my closet with tags still on them from year’s past. And I’m growing more and more certain that it is an area of pride – I like being the “older woman” who looks great and is a terrific shopper……but I want people to notice me for what comes from the inside, not the outside. (Not to mention the money that definitely could go to better uses, even if it was a “bargain”…….it doesn’t matter if I don’t need it……)

  341. I’ve been dying to read this book! I’m an all-or-nothing person but I’d say lately the Lord has shown me that I take on way too many things (social engagements, work, serving at church, etc). Not good. So excited about 7!!

  342. I would cut back on technology. Sometimes I feel like it sucks my time away without me even realizing it. It would be nice to take a break from it and live my life away from the computer/cell phone/tv/etc.

  343. So many areas of excess, but two I’m really conscious of are clutter and time spent with computer, phone, etc. I have been *wanting* to read this book!!

  344. I television is becoming an area of excess in my life I would like to cut back on, or maybe even eliminate completely. My husband and I often watch it in bed for an hour or more before going to sleep, and it is often on in the background when we are doing tasks around the house. I realize it has become “default” in our house, and I’d like to make room for other interactions and growth.

    So excited to see and learn more about this book and project!

  345. Anxiety. I have way too much anxiety to be living my life right.
    This book has come along RIGHT when I need it!

  346. an area of excess in my life is clothing my whole family we just have too much of it! and it just causes never ending laundry piles folding hanging ironing I am my own worst enemy!

  347. An area of excess in my life is clothing my whole family we just have too much of it! and it just causes never ending laundry piles I am my own worst enemy!

  348. Can I say “all of the above”? I eat too much, spend too much time on the computer, and I’m a pack rat.

  349. Omgosh! I am laying in bed on my iPhone typing my comment & almost done when for no reason my phone booted me out and took me back to the phones hm page! I say that’s the enemy trying to keep me from entering! Well, win or no win I’ll be getting a copy of the book for sure. I just love Dayspring, Incourage, and everything you guys promote, do, and stand for. I have a few areas of excess…..clutter for one. Eeek. I’m working on it. Spending. Bigger eeek. Don’t know why I have to spend but I feel this joy and satisfaction when I do. It’s like Surprise Christmas when I go to the mailbox and there’s a little package with my name on it. Because of these 2 excesses, I am naturally stressed out….from several different aspects. AND I’m starting to homeschool next week for the first time! I need to make some major adjustments for it all to work out. Help!

  350. Well, win or no win I’ll be getting a copy of the book for sure. I just love Dayspring, Incourage, and everything you guys promote, do, and stand for. I have a few areas of excess…..clutter for one. Eeek. I’m working on it. Spending. Bigger eeek. Don’t know why I have to spend but I feel this joy and satisfaction when I do. It’s like Surprise Christmas when I go to the mailbox and there’s a little package with my name on it. Because of these 2 excesses, I am naturally stressed out….from several different aspects. AND I’m starting to homeschool next week for the first time! I need to make some major adjustments for it all to work out. Help!

  351. Excess? Most definitely it is stuff – clutter – junk – whatever you want to call it. I’m making progress – but have such a long way to go. Second – computer time!

  352. I don’t know. I spend very little, I have little clutter, I try hard to keep my stress level where it belongs. More than one thing in particular I feel the need to not be so scattered and easily distracted. In all areas including my relationship with God

  353. Read 7 this summer just to check out who this Jen Hatmaker was. Holy Cow.

    Along with her wisdom (hilarity), God’s Word, James, Jonah & 1John.. God’s radically changed/changing my life.

    I’m in the midst of a year of 7.. my middle name should have been impulse/excess. God forgive me. Realizing at the end of month one what I have intentionally and unintentionally done to my body and my relationship with Him.

    Grateful for grace and mercy,

  354. I am in the middle of reading 7 and wow, I would love to have a couple extra copies to give to friends. God has used this book to really convict me on my ideas of what I am “entitled” to and what I actually need. There is excess present in really every aspect 7 covers in my life.

    plus, some parts of this book are just plain laughing out loud in silent room funny..uhh 😛
    (Thank you, Jen Hatmaker!)

  355. “Things/clutter” is my area for sure. I am slowly working on it, thankfully. Thanks for the giveaway!

  356. excess of cucumbers fresh from the garden right now :). sharing them with neighbors and friends. Also, it seems there is always an excess of stuff/junk accumulating on the stairs…i never lack for a yard sale pile. sigh.

  357. excess of cucumbers fresh from the garden right now :). sharing them with neighbors and friends. AND it seems there is always an excess of stuff/junk accumulating on the stairs…i never lack for a yard sale pile. sigh.

  358. For some reason, I feel the need to be busy all the time… to be constantly doing something. It’s a hard thing to sit, be still, and listen for God’s whispering voice.

  359. I have an excessive need to be “ready”…. Example… Starting a new workout routine. I need to do this! But in my mind I don’t have the right equipment and clothes and so I put it off until I am “ready” when really I could just go for a walk or do some crunches right now. Or my blog. The one I haven’t even really started yet because I think I need to sit down and plan and make a calendar and organize topics and get x number of posts up before I publish it. Or how I opt for making something quick and easy for dinner instead of something more nutritious because the kitchen isn’t ready (ie clean and clutter free enough)…. Oh man I could just go on and on. This is a real problem for me and boy do I want to kick the habit of needing to be “ready” before I just jump in and do what I know I need to do!

  360. I would love to win one of the books and hope to participate in the study. I thought I had worked on my problem with excess and need vs. want after Hurricane Katrina but apparently I was not completely successful 🙁 – I have an exceeding amount of clutter and things that I really don’t/didn’t need.

  361. This looks like a great book! I would love to mostly cut back on the clutter in my home. However, I am sure other areas need attention as well:)

  362. I am really interested in this book club – would love to win a copy of the book – then again, books seem to be my excess (along with paper and toys and the list could go on and on…) – thanks!

  363. The excess in my life was Facebook! It was to the point that it was controlling my mind! I just couldn’t get enough! Well that excess is gone, long gone, so long gone I can’t remember the day I deactivated it! Would love to win the book! I’m a lover of books and good reads!

  364. Hi, is there a way for me to get these notifications emailed to me/facebook? I always forget to look and then miss studies. Thanks 🙂 Emily