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Angela Nazworth is a shame-fighting storyteller who writes mostly about the beauty of grace, faith, friendship, vulnerability and community. She is a wife and a mother of two. Angela's also an encourager, a lover of good books, coffee, girl's night out, sunshine, and waterfalls. In the 15 years since she...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I’ve been on both sides as well – the judging and the judged. I think it’s important to remember that we all have different personalities, backgrounds, etc. that affect our reactions to various circumstances. And God allows us all to deal with different hardships. Thanks for the reminder to bear each other’s burdens rather than judge.

  2. Oh, thank you for this. I was having a tough morning and needed JUST this verse!
    Some days I can feel lonely or left out, and it can cause me to retreat (not really a positive for a wife of a pastor). I am ever thankful for the reminder to press forward, see all of this as God sees it, and put my pettiness behind me with His grace!
    Thanks for blessing me today!

    • Oh Sarah, I am glad you felt comforted on a tough morning. I so understand those lonely days and also know how sweet it feels to find true comfort.

  3. “When instead we are called to encourage one another and lift up one another in prayer.”– Yes! This all the way. It’s so hard to remember.

    • Isn’t amazing how easy it is to forget how to do the right thing. I struggle to and most of my posts … are written to remind me. πŸ™‚

  4. You have expressed so beautifully a concept I have been pondering lately, not only in terms of how we judge others but also in terms of how we judge ourselves. I think I will find myself referring back to the parable of the sandwich. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. You know … I am not even sure if I came up with that sandwich line on my own, I think the wonderful Lisa-Jo helped me with that one. πŸ™‚

  5. So simple and so true. I love this picture. I think of how I encourage my son to finish the bites he has been given. I don’t judge him for eating bites of different sizes that his dad or me. Thanks for your perspective.

  6. Angela,

    I have been on both sides of the coin also. A lot of times I find myself judging people & have to stop myself. I don’t know what they’ve been through or are going through.

    I also find myself trying to encourage people & help them through a struggle I have handled. If I can say one good thing or help someone I’ve had a good day in my book!

  7. So true! It’s very easy to think that other people’s lives are easier…harder…etc. But thank God (literally) that He knows us inside & out, and always gives us exactly what we need, what we can handle, and the strength to endure all things through Him alone.

  8. I agree. We have to be more encouraging to each other. Mean girls are being raised up because of lack of encouragement in our homes. We are called to be kind and gentle with each other, so glad to have found your post. Keep up the great work!

  9. I was just talking about this same “concept” the other day with a friend… we do not know the whole story of someone’s situation – only what we percieve. And then we assume our perception is truth. And we assume if they’d only have done “XYZ” they would have the problem(s), etc… we don’t know the storms the Lord has asked them to walk through in every aspect of their life just like others don’t know all of the tedious details of the trials in our own lives. Mercy with our thoughts, grace in our actions and lots of hugs do a lot more good to us and those around us than anything else. Perfectly timed post!

  10. […] “All humans have different capacities when it comes to handling various circumstances. How easy it is to look at our sister and think, ‘Why is she so upset over that? It’s not a big deal. I’ve handled worse.’” Read the rest. […]