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Lisa Leonard is mom to two boys, David, 13 and Matthias, 12 and wife to Steve. In between school and work they spend their time playing outdoors on the central coast of California, eating chocolate chip pancakes, tapping tunes on the piano (David) and choreographing elaborate light saber duels (Matthias)....

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  1. Right now I am finding grace in dealing with my daughter. She is only two, but recently diagnosed with OCD. I am finding myself embarrassed by her outbursts, and trying to explain it to complete strangers. “She isn’t really being naughty, you see, she really can’t control herself. We are working on it.” And it is by grace alone, that I walk away with my head held high, knowing we are doing the best we can to help her along her path.

    • I have a seventeen year old son with OCD. My prayers and thoughts are with you. prayers and hugs

    • Thank you for sharing! Praying for God to surround you and your family with His strength, love & mercy to endure!

      God won’t give you more than you can handle!

      God Bless!

    • Hi Ashley! i’m an adult who has struggled with OCD since adolescence. The main message to others with this “distinctive malady” is: You’re not crazy! In fact, people with OCD are often very intelligent (not speaking for myself here 🙂 ha) and creative people. It’s interesting to hear of such a diagnosis at age two. But it is truly by God’s grace that we make it through the journey – regardless of what the journey is for each of us.

    • All these responses literally brought tears to my eyes. I totally didn’t expect that, but I can not tell you how you have filled my heart!

  2. I see God’s grace in my family- especially watching my kids as they love on an unexpected new child we are fostering. They model for me daily what it means to be gracipus

  3. I see God’s grace in my family- especially watching my kids as they love on an unexpected new child we are fostering. They model for me daily what it means to be gracipus and to start each day fresh.

  4. I see God’s grace through our children’s resilience and ability to quickly forget our parenting mistakes!

  5. God is good even when things turn exactly the opposite you were wishing for. My daughter was diagnosed with the children’s rheumatism three months ago. As a family we have spent last four year in the field in Afghanistan and were supposed to return there after a home assignment in Finland. Here we are now, and feeling it in the midst of the storm, how God is teaching to all six of us so many things through our daughter’s disease. His love and grace are independent of our circumstances. The Word and encourage me on daily basis here in Finland as I wait what are His plans for my family. Thank you of your wonderful website!

    • Dear Soile, I wish you by the grace of God Almighty strenght and courage with your daughters disease ! Thank you for testifying that in the midst of everything God’s love comforts, I have experienced that too this summer… What would we be without Grace ? “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” (2 Cor.1:3)
      I pray for your family, with love, Ruth

    • Dear Soile,
      I was diagnosed with JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) almost 30 years ago while I was an infant. I won’t say it has been easy growing up with this disease, or even dealing with the day-to-day a few times, but I have enjoyed it for it’s own blessings. I was raised around Christians, developed a firm belief in God and faith and healing as a young child, and for all that I am very thankful. Perhaps I would not have the relationship I have with Christ today if I had not been restricted in my physical activities, because then I might have been too busy to learn to sit still and listen to what He had to say? Who, other then God, can really say how my life might have differed if I had not developed the disease? But I know He is good and able, and I love Him very much. And as much as some days the pain hurts, I would not change a thing! (I know that is odd to say, and while I do wish for complete healing, it is true that I have found great joy and comfort in the life I have led and would not change a thing!)…As a mother of a daughter struggling with this disease, I can not imagine the heartache you must feel! I can only say from the perspective of a daughter, that whatever trials she may go through, having your example of your faith and relationship in God (and having you by her side, as well) will help tremendously!…Also, I will be praying for your family!

    • Soile,

      Praying for God’s strength & mercy to endure this trial! May you feel Him all around you as you serve Him!

      God Bless & thanks for sharing!

  6. God’s grace is new every morning. As my husband and I mourn that we have not yet fulfilled our hearts desire to love and raise a quiver full of godly little ones, growing them to know the God of all grace, we can only rely on his Grace. Every morning he allows me to give to him again and again the hurt, frustration and desire to choose my own life story back into his gracious hands. HE gives us hope, and whatever the future holds, we know that His plans are good! I’m so grateful that the motto at the school where I am blessed to teach and daily love a class full of others’ little ones is ‘Grow in grace’: I’m sure I need to learn that lesson at least as much as the children do.
    Thank you for the encouragement of your posts.

  7. Lisa,

    I am so struck by how people live worship. And you’ve shared such an example of this here–how you accept God’s creation just the way He intended. You’re right, life doesn’t always go the way we thought it would, or the way we think it should. But, when we surrender our wants and accept His, we’re allowing ourselves an opportunity to learn what Grace is all about.

    Through my imperfect relationships with my parents, I’ve learned about His grace in incredible ways. They haven’t been every thing to me and it’s okay because their shortcomings and my disappointments always lead me closer to His heart.

  8. God’s grace was recently evidenced in a big way – I was needing some more work teaching English and I was approached by a lady at our new church asking me to teach English! Praise God!

  9. A friend of mine got married this past weekend, and I was reminded of how clearly God’s grace is made so beautifully evident in the act of marriage. Both my friend and her groom came from a history of broken relationships, but through God’s grace He created a family, united and devoted under Him that is a testament to redemption.

    My husband and I have been married nearly eight years, and I see God’s grace more evidently than ever in how we respond to each other in times of stress or error. Thank you for making such a lovely necklace with such a vital message!

  10. I see God’s grace in my children and husband. They constantly forgive me when I am not patient, fall short of their expectations, or remind me of what is important to focus on. They are a joy and God’s glimmers of Grace to me constantly!

  11. I feel, more than see, God’s Grace everyday when I open my eyes. This has been a troubling year with my father’s cancer diagnosis, but this summer had such a potential to break em when I witnessed my boss’ murder, then two days later I had to put my beloved canine companion of 14 yrs. to sleep. It is definitely by Grace that my life was spared, that I did not go down the depression tunnel, that I did not turn my back to God because this all took such a toll on me and my family. But every day when I open my eyes I tell myself that God has a higher purpose for me because he deemed me important enough to save my life. That blessing alone is Grace in action!

  12. I see God’s Amazing Grace each & every day <3. He has become My Best Friend through an incredibly difficult journey the past two years. I continue to learn that His Grace is sufficient <3

  13. I see God’s grace more and more each day with my girls. I know how much I love them–and how it cannot even begin to compare to the love the God has for all of us. It’s mind-boggling because my love stretches my earthly body to the nth degree–and still, He loves us more.

    Thank God for grace.

  14. I have a lumpy and bumpy body. The soft curves of the womanly body GOD has given me are overtaken by excess and the person that I want to be is hidden deep inside a self induced prison of ugly. To put it in a much simpler term I’m fat and ashamed. I crave control and by being what I am it’s obvious that the control isn’t there. I pray for help. I pray for change. I pray to be something else. For years now the reply from the LORD has been that I need to accept myself the way that I am before things will ever change. What a struggle it has been. To accept grace and be calm, still, and content in this body is an overwhelming task. I feel that I don’t deserve grace. I’ve ruined the body GOD gave me and it’s not okay. So I’m trying to find and accept that grace. To just be who I am and allow GOD’s grace to fill in the spaced and places that aren’t so perfect. It’s not easy. I fail over and over again. Thank you LORD for the grace that each time I fail I can try again.

    • Laurie,
      You are a beautiful lady…inside and out.
      God doesn’t love us more or less based on beauty,
      or past messups or future messups…..He just loves us.
      And He forgives when we confess….always.
      Again and again. Forever.
      And even better, He does not keep a record of what we’ve
      done in the past. He wipes the slate clean. Every morning
      His mercies are fresh and new.
      Praying you will really feel and see His acceptance of you today.

    • My heart aches for you Laurie, to see such pain written plainly. I pray that God will bring you to people who can pray into the deeper issues beneath…. there can be a lot hidden underneath all of our inner (and outer) layers. Please know Laurie, how much God loves you…. He longs for you to know His love so deeply in your scarred heart. We all fail, Laurie. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Please don’t beat yourself up today. Do *not* listen to those voices that whisper “failure” over and over in your ear. You are not a failure. You are a daughter of the King. Loved beyond all measure. You are in His grip, today.

    • Laurie,

      I hear you, sister. But, I have realized that God loves me. Me. Inside me. The outside is temporary. People judge by the outside, but God judges what is in our hearts. And He loves us completely. I’ve been through the same struggle as I am very overweight and I’ve hated myself for years and years. It was about a year or two ago that He started speaking to my spirit. Finding God’s love through Jesus has released me from that prison. I will keep you in my prayers that the same overwhelming love, will find you and break those prison walls. He is here, waiting and actively seeking to free you. Just believe.

    • What an honest post! Thank you for sharing, I am blessed by it. I struggle so much with feeling like I don’t have control when it comes to food. Recently I read a book called Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. It was an amazing book about craving God instead of food. I would like to say I am transformed and “skinny” but I am not. However I do have a hope that I didn’t have before.

    • Laurie, having a son with 7 fingers has made me look at beauty differently. We each have our own struggles and imperfections–but God’s grace is sufficient for those things.
      And I truly believe beauty comes from another place. Your soul is not lumpy and bumpy. Your soul is beautiful.
      You are no more of a failure than anyone else. We are all broken and in need of grace. You are valuable and loved.

    • Laurie,
      You are fearfully and wonderfully made!!
      Psalm 139:14
      You are BEAUTIFUL in your FATHERS EYES, HE looks down upon you and smiles!! HE delights in you!!
      My beautiful sister do not beat your self up, you know that there is life and death in the tongue!!
      Claim victory this day, get into the WORD, PSALMS will be great…. you are not as you have shared for you YOU ARE…


    • Sorry phone glitched out….please email me I have a few things I would like to send to you…remember..YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, ADORED, LOVED, THE APPLE OF YOUR FATHERS EYES,
      Thank you for your strength and transparency to share Laurie!!
      Love you my sweet sister, praying for you,
      Blessings Tina

  15. God’s grace is amazing. I get frustrated with myself so often because I feel I am not good enough because I have social anxiety and possibly OCD, and feel like I can’t do anything right, but God reminds me he loves me the way I am, and he’ll save me whether I can ever communicate and fit into society or not.

  16. When I think of God’s grace, my Mom, who is 100 2/3, immediately comes to mind. Her life continues to be a testament to God’s grace raining down on everyone she meets. She is a woman of strong faith and infinite courage, always relying on God. She says, “When things are tough, where do people without faith turn to?” That’s Amazing Grace!

  17. The Lord is so gracious to me. He renews my strength every morning as I parent 4 youngs boys. When I am empty or lonely or without patience, He fills me. I have found such truth in the Scripture that teaches “his power is made perfect in weakness.”

  18. We have seen God’s graces in our lives over and over again. My husband is starting his own business…something that happened only due to becoming unemployed…but God has been so good to us in providing and blessing each step and although it isn’t what we had planned for our “right now”…we are grateful that He is stretching us in this new direction!

  19. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability Lisa. It is a lovely story of your journey.
    Through prayer , willingness to submit and mostly the power of the Holy Spirit I can
    offer up my frustrations of how I “want it to be”. And bow to my Holy God who is
    soverign and weaving my life into a pattern that only He can see. So I trust Him , thank Him and see the beauty in what “is” . When we are real and authentic before others in
    our places of healing then we can become part of the healing for someone else.
    It is humbling to face our personal areas of brokeness and weakness and let Him
    be our Strength.

  20. I see God’s Grace in our youngest son.
    At an early age he was diagnosed with Asthma, Seizures & Arnold Chiari I
    He has been hospitalized several times, has had pneumonia x2, and stutters.
    At the age of 8 his Dad led him to the Lord.
    He is a Senior this year and has a heart totally surrendered to the Lord.

  21. Nearly a year ago, we suffered the loss of our house by a fire. God has been with us and shown his grace upon us all year. He has provided all our needs and then some. He has truly blessed us!

  22. This is such a beautiful post Lisa.
    I’m finding grace in the moments of motherhood, the ones where I find myself impatient or frustrated and cringe at my own tone and then my little one opens her arms to me, all forgiven and forgotten.

  23. I see God’s grace when I count my blessings. I begin to see them as Him communicating with me, sustaining me, and loving me.

  24. God has been showing me how much I need Hi grace for myself and to extend it to my family. I have spent too much time trying to do life on my own and then discouraged when I fail.

  25. God has always shown me grace, but has been showing me an abundance of grace for the past few months…. In His grace I am who I am and realize that without Him, I would never know what true grace is.

  26. I see God’s grace in each new day. I need a fresh start each new day and by God’s grace, I get a new day!!! Thank you, God!

  27. I see grace in the friends who text me even if I’m being a downer. I see grace in a sister’s smile with dimples so deep they could hold the Pacific. And I see grace in Jesus Christ, who offers me grace and forgiveness for every single moment of every single day.

  28. I see God’s grace everday in the morning when He wakes me up. He reminds met that it’s a new day; that the old is gone, and the new is here. I have struggled through the darkness of depression and anxiety for the past two years, and God has never left my side. God has taught me that it’s OK to hurt and feel pain, and that is grace is sufficient for me.

  29. Grace is the very thing that keeps me going. No matter how much I try to fix things myself I always have to surrender and let God be who He is. It’s not because of anything I have done but all because of His love and mercy.

  30. Without grace, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Full of hope. I’m still learning how to receive and extend grace. So thankful that it’s not something that I have come up with on my own. So thankful for the Cross.

  31. I experienced grace when I had my mother come stay with us this summer. My siblings and I were subjected to much abuse, physical, mental and emotional, during our childhood, and yet I felt the need during this latter part of my mom’s life to have her come stay with us and try to implement a gluten/dairy free diet would help slow her mental/physical decline due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Unfortunately, while the diet did very little, my kids and I experienced God’s grace in my forgiveness of her (furthermore, while my siblings questioned WHY I would…and HOW I could forgive her for her cruelty, I was able to minister to them about Jesus’ forgiveness unto death for each of us, and how I, too, was instructed to forgive thus experiencing grace through His lead) and through my children’s new-found relationship with someone hitherto they had only seen for short periods of time each summer. This was a time of healing like I have NEVER experienced and was made possible only by the power of Christ and grace working in my life!

  32. I see God’s grace in giving me far beyond what I deserve or can imagine. I see his grace in answering unasked prayers.


    • Thanks for sharing your life’s journey Sally, with all it’s difficulties and heartaches. It is so lovely that in spite of all that has happened in your life you recognize the goodness of God’s grace and take time to thank him for it. Your sons sound like a special blessing from a Father who loves you. I prayed for you today, and for your boys, that you will continue to discover all that He has in store for you and your family. Blessings to you Sally!

  34. I see God’s grace in His willingness to forgive me when I sin and fail as a mother of three, and in giving me unlimited chances to try again.

  35. I find grace every day as we walk the path that cancer is taking us through. Although this is a terribly hard road to walk, Jesus meets us every day and every hour. He holds our hands and guides our steps with his amazing grace. He gives us the opportunity to live out our faith, to minister to others, and to appreciate all the blessings He bestows on us continually. That truly is amazing grace!

  36. My life is dripping with grace…

    As a mom of an autistic son, there are daily, sometimes hourly challenges. It is only by God’s grace that we make it through. To see God’s grace in our lives overwhelms us. God is so good and so faithful. We never want to be defined by autism, but rather by who God has created us to be…

  37. I find grace in a new day and new beginning. Every day God gives us the ability to start a new and be that we can be.

  38. I see God’s grace each day in the faces of my two beautiful children. I’ve never known love so unconditional and pure… they love me on the best days and on the worst days… on the messy days when this mama loses her patience and raises her voice… like this morning. I see God’s grace especially when I look into the eyes of my almost 13-year old son, who has gone through much of his life without his father and is finally filling that void with the love and grace of his Father above. I see it when I’m having a bad day and a beautiful butterfly crosses my path, almost as if to tell me “it’s all going to be okay.” I truly believe that we live each day by grace alone, and Lisa’s necklace is a beautiful reminder of that.

  39. I see God’s grace in walking with an incurable illness. For years I have sought Him, asking to be healed, but in this past year He has caused me to really see that His grace is sufficient in my weakness. The thing I have most despised has become a treasure as I rely upon Him and not my own strength.
    I also daily see God’s grace through the lives of my 7 children. God teaches me so much about His character and love through their daily lives and experiences.

  40. What a beautiful story. It was touching to read about outward imperfections, of which I have many. Funny thing is that those were not the first to come to mind when I thought of God’s grace. I see His grace in my daily walk as I am going about life with its dinner plans and football practices and all of the million other jobs that fill a mother’s day. I see my own disobedience when I have a nagging in my spirit to pray but I don’t heed that call because of some other time consuming activity. Even though I am wayward and I don’t always listen, God still finds me acceptable to call again and again to do His work. I know about imperfection. I also have come to know about grace, through a God who is perfect and can love me as I am and who shows that love by continually calling on me for His work and His glory.

  41. I see grace every single day as a stay at home mom – grace that my children continue to forgive my imperfections over and over, grace that God has given me not one, not two, but three blessings more than I deserve, grace that I wake up to a new day and a fresh start, grace when my husband walks in the door and sees me falling apart only to wrap me in his arms and remind me not to give up because he’s not about to give up on me, grace that God can use my brokenness to be a blessing to others.

  42. God has shown me through His word and life experiences that He has forgiven me beyond measure. His grace was extended to me so that my sins could be forgiven and I can now walk with Him, side by side. As the reality of this truth has become clearer and the lesson of the truth has sunk deeper into my heart, I realize there is nothing too big in my life toward which (or whom) I cannot extend the same grace through His Holy Spirit within me. As I read so many of the beautiful comments, I see that He is working that truth into so many others! Praising God for His never ending love and His unwillingness to leave us where He finds us.

  43. Wow, reading through the testimonies of others, God’s grace truly is Amazing!!!

    I catch glimpses of it in my own life when I see my girls grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. He continues to teach me through them, as their care and love and concern for others, many times is greater than mine. I know that is God’s work in them, and I thank Him for that.

  44. I see God’s grace in each new day. I mess up everyday, yet he wakes me up ready to try it again in His strength and power and grace! I am not perfect, I won’t be perfect, but with Christ I can and will be better than I was without him! By grace alone!

  45. I see God’s grace all around me–in my husband, other people, creation, every day when I can get out of bed, etc.

  46. There is not enough room on this post, page, or website to list God’s grace to me!!!He loves ME, even ME. Right this minute, His particular grace (right this minute) to me is that I am up and able to walk, thank You, Lord!

  47. Just this morning as I woke up anxious and stressed with what the week would require of me and feeling like I had nothing left and I couldn’t do it God moved my husband’s heart and he prayed with me even as I fought it not wanting to yield. Then I read this and again I felt his grace wash over me. This summer has been full of heart breaking challenges as a parent and I can’t do it but His grace is sufficient for today.

  48. beautiful post…thanks for sharing this…and grace comes shining through all the broken places…places of pain and loss is where I see the beauty of His grace.

  49. I see God’s grace through the power of recognition and intuition–whenever I recognize and use that inner knowing that only God can provide. It truly is amazing grace.

  50. God’s grace in the changes in my life this summer. Retiring, daughter’s marriage, son graduating and moving away for new career…thanksgiving that God is constant when life is not.

  51. I see Gods grace by watching my kids grow up into wonderful, carrying, helpful adults!! 🙂

  52. I see/feel God’s grace through serenity. That is calm in the midst of the storm. I have learned that He doesn’t always calm the storms around us but allows us to be calm in the midst.

  53. I see God’s grace everyday through my kids. It’s a tough thing to raise kids (as you well know), but by God’s grace we’re making it.

  54. I have seen God’s grace throughout my divorce and illness. Although there have been many days where it was hard to see nothing but bad and uglyness, I have seen His hand in so many things. He takes our brokenness and not so pretty situations and uses them for good. Thank you Lord for your Amazing grace:)

  55. This is such a blessing…. Thank you. Allowing Him to fill our broken places, being real and raw and honest about them….. brings Him glory…. Father, be glorified in us today!

  56. God’s grace is all around and within- I see it in the way my husband patiently loves me and how my kids forgive me when I come up short (again).

  57. What a powerful short story. It brought tears to my eyes. I love your quote on Grace alone getting us thru each day. How true.

  58. I see God’s grace in the many times when I am disabedient to His will for my life. Honestly, I know I deserve serious consequences for that disobedience, but so many times He continues to be gentle with me, guiding me to obedience with more grace than I ever deserve, giving me second and third and twentieth chances. I love my Lord!

  59. I see God’s Grace through the change in my own life over the past two years! I see it everyday when I look at my beautiful boys too.

    Samnatha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  60. I am still amazed at His grace that is always poured out right on time exactly when I need Him the most. Our God I awesome and I thank Him today for my salvation which is His saving grace!

  61. I have begun to look at brokenness as being placed on an anvil in which God is hammering out my imperfections to make me smooth. Only He can do this, and I count myself blessed to be considered strong enough to undergo these transformations. About a year ago I was assaulted. For a few months I tried to hide and forget something like that happened to me. In fact, I blamed myself and was ashamed. I was sure I would lose my boyfriend and believed I was “down” so far the devil couldn’t even find worth in me. By the grace of God, I randomly reached out to a local church and started counseling with the associate pastor. One day, I came home and confessed to my boyfriend I had “cheated” on him. I was sure I would be left alone and broken. But God had a different plan. He had already prepared this man’s heart for what was to come. My boyfriend, Josh, didn’t yell, he didn’t accuse – instead he wrapped his arms around me and we talked about things. Through these discussions he realized something horrible had happened to me, which led him to attend counseling with me at church, which led us to realizing we had been living a life not favorable to Christ, which led us to deciding to get married to honor God and each other. In fact, one year ago today my husband proposed to me – and in two months we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary. An amazing bond was created out of something that was incredibly traumatic. And now I am looking at getting my Masters in Divinity in Counseling so God can work through me can work through me to further His kingdom. Thank you for this post and for giving the opportunity for others to share how God is so amazing!

  62. In the past year I have felt God’s powerful grace, as I have dealt with an alcohol problem and He has been with me every step of the way! I have never been happier in my life.

  63. I wake up everyday thankful for my family. My husband works a dangerous job every day. Each day he comes through the door I’m thankful…for its by God’s grace that he returns to us.
    I love your jewelry, Lisa. And I love David’s little self! Thank you for sharing him with us all.

  64. God’s grace is like his faithfulness – – new every morning. I see His grace in all my life, but most assuredly in His forgiveness. He is the Perfect Parent!

  65. Im so thankful that God’s grace brings my husband home every day from a dangerous job!

  66. I was sure I understood grace until my 3rd daughter was born the shock at finding out her severe disabilities left me numb for a long time. Then in her cuddles are giggles her innocence way to view the world I was surrounded by grace.

  67. I am going to a scary doctor appointment today…for a nagging pain. However, I know God has me in the palm of his hand..and He is in the driver’s seat and for today, that is my grace moment.

  68. What a beautiful article! I am given grace everyday by my 2 year old son. So many times, I feel I fail him, but he loves me and still wants to hang out with me. I receive grace from my husband when I am hard on him. My Savior extends grace on me every time I doubt or blame Him when things are not going right. Thank you Lisa for sharing a little bit of yourself and your son today. Be blessed:)

  69. My first child is 2 months old today. In my crazy hormonal state, I asked Jesus to show me if He really does love me. Every time my baby boy smiles at me, I am reassured at how much Jesus does in fact love me. He loves me more than I can even begin to love my own child!

  70. I see God’s grace day by day as I turn over the raising of my daughter to my husband 5 nights a week as I got back to school full time! My husband is a college pastor and most of his work is at night so I am having to learn flexibility in bed times and knowing that he doesn’t do anything the way I do when it comes to her, but God is giving me the grace and peace to know that she is in great hands and her daddy wouldn’t do anything to harm her 🙂 Sure is hard but God is helping me moment by moment…HIS GRACE IS ALWAYS SUFFICIENT!!

  71. The fact that I am not a bundle of worries and nerves in this particularly unstable time in my life is only because of God’s grace.

  72. I see feel grace in the love from my husband, even when I am not being the woman I want to be.

  73. I think the return to school has to be a constant clinging to grace filled days for all moms and dads. Thank you for the giveaways! All is grace for sure! Be blessed peeps at in courage! 🙂

  74. I see God’s grace in my life through the love of my husband and the way he leads us with the Lord. He truly is the head of our house in every way and I appreciate God’s grace and love that brought this wonderful man into my life.

  75. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years about God’s grace. I struggle daily with a chemical imbalance, and often it’s a challenge just to get through the day. But He is always RIGHT THERE with His grace, and He brings me through the day.

  76. This past week, it is by grace alone that my husband did not walk out on me (or get booted out for his violent outbursts). Thanks to God for preserving me and giving me a bit of peace through this trying time (yet again; we’ve been through this cycle too many times).

  77. by grace ALONE, our family has endured a near fatal car/bicycle accident involving my husband, RAD in one of my adopted daughters, multiple medical and mental disorders in my other adopted daughter, my son’s recent battle with Crohn’s and surgery. Our family is a walking testimony of God’s unending GRACE and mercy. To him be all the glory!

  78. I see God’s grace in my life with every breath that I take. I see God’s grace in my life when those who are closest to me (those who know my imperfections) still show me love. I see God’s grace in my life when I’m reminded of the cross and the sacrifice a Father made so that His Son could save our lives.

    Lisa, your story is beautiful. David is beautiful. God is so beautiful in your life. Thank you for sharing that beauty each day and for reminding all of us that imperfections are what make us beautiful.

  79. I was struggling with having to share regrets from my past which aches. I needed that. I cling to grace and the promise in Romans 8:28.

  80. I just packed up two sons and sent them off to college this weekend. It’s been a financial struggle to make it happen, and yet God has provided for us every step of the way. Morning by morning new mercies I see, Great is they faithfulness Lord unto me!

  81. Like many others have commented, I see God’s grace in my parenting. My husband is deployed for 10 months with the Navy, and we are living with my in-laws, which was not our original plan. In hindsite I see how God ochestrated events so that I’d have the support of family and friends while my husband is gone.

  82. I am daily living by grace alone. I can do nothing by my own strength. My children show me this over and over and over and over again.

  83. Gosh…every day that I wake up and get to be my daughter’s mom, even after I’d lost it completely the night before or failed miserably in some other way is a total gift of God’s grace.

  84. I have two beautiful kids my youngest was born missing her left hand bellow her elbow she’s 3 now I had my moments before where I would worry for her but God has showed us that by his grace we can face everyday. And being a military wife with multiple deployments believe me only God can give us hope when everything else seems so hopeless

  85. God confirms His grace to me time and time again. When a recent effort to reach out to others did not turn out as we (I) had hoped, He reminded me of Abraham and Isaac. When Abraham was called to sacrifice Isaac on the mountain, the event did not turn out in the way that either of them had expected. But God’s purpose was accomplished, and Abraham was found faithful in what he was called to do. What a picture of God’s grace!

  86. It is so strange but I was thinking about this yesterday after church. How some wear their brokenness on the outside and some will hide it so deep within. I had a mom of one of my small group girls pull me aside between services yesterday and she just poured out her heart. My heart broke for her as she shared what they are walking through as a family and all I could do was hug her as we cried and prayed together. It was a reminder to me that each one of us are broken and we need to be so aware of those moments when we can share it. It could have easily been a moment pushed aside as we were between services, but the Holy Spirit kept us there together. Thanks so sharing this today! Blessings!

  87. I see Gods grace in the smiles and laughter of my two children…after years of infertility and the loss of our first daughter whose name was Savannah Grace.

  88. Right now, I am finding God’s grace is sufficient as I deal with my mother and her brokeness in her mind and spirit and having to make the difficult decision that having her in an assisted living facility is what is the best thing for her at this point. It is gut wrenching sometimes, but I know God is faithful and will never leave me or forsake me and He is sufficient for all my needs. So I put my mom in His loving hands to take care of moment-by-moment, day-by-day. Thank you for the place to share this.

  89. I see God’s grace in my life everyday. Some days….like today….are harder than others, but when I keep my mind stayed on Him…when I remember….what He has given me by Grace…what blessings I have….by Grace…. And then today becomes a blessing by Grace!

  90. God’s grace is evident in my daily life as it flows through my heart and soul. When I’m walking outside and the sun is shining down, warming my skin, I feel Him walking beside me our faces turned toward the sun. When it’s storming and I’m giggling in the raindrops as I run to the parking deck, I feel Him sharing in the laughter, tromping through the puddles with me. This is true in the sun and rain times of my life as well. When my mom passed away from an acute case of pancreatic cancer when I was 32, He held her hand and cried with me. When I was accepted into the PhD program He celebrated with me. In each and every moment His grace isn’t just sufficient, it is perfect.

  91. I see God’s grace in how HE has taught me to wield HIS word against the lies that satan tries to plant in my mind and heart!

  92. I am constantly reminded of God’s Grace every day I wake up and remember that I am a new creation, designed by God. I am so thankful.

  93. I see grace in my life everyday. I have faced may struggles in life. I have witnessed God using them to make me stronger and to help others because of them. I have facilitated several workshops where sharing my trials and brokeness has helped others to share and accept theirs. We all heal together because of the tests we have in common and have had the courage to share. I have also seen it in my children who have come to me and made life decisions based on things that they have seen in my life and how God has given me the strength and guidance to endure.

  94. Grace is sweetest in the most unrelenting places it seems… I smell grace along with sunshine in my son’s hair after he has been playing outside. Grace is in a mailbox filled with inspiring words that continue to lift me and carry me forward. Grace is in the meals, the flowers, the little gifts that come through my door. Grace follows me to the infusion room, the scanner, the lab. “By Grace Alone… and all is Grace.”

  95. Most recently I have witnessed God’s grace through the love and laughter of my almost 4 year old, who constantly lavishes her physical love, hugs and kisses on both her daddy and I. And I am also in awe of the miracle of another life growing now inside me after years of loss, waiting and praying. This new miracle is most certainly BY GOD’S GRACE ALONE…. 🙂

  96. In the past seven years I have had two different types of cancer. Each day that I am here on earth is a gift and an example of God’s grace to me! Where would I be without His grace?!

  97. i see God’s grace every day in the mental and spiritual health of my children after going through the divorce of their father and i, and then my remarriage and the blending of a new family. God is so good 🙂 amazing grace indeed. And in the never ending overwhelmingness of his willingness to forgive our sin in light of His majesty. again, amazing.

  98. Hi There~ What a great blog!!! I cannnot even to begin how much it just touched my heart! I read the part about the mom in the grocery store and I cried this is because i have 3 children and 2 have special needs. And they are so extremely trying. Most days I just say PLEASE GOD I am waving my wite flag, please stop I surrender, but then i realize he is giving me the strength, hope peace, joy, love and GRACE to go on with my day. This blog was for me! Thank you! And I would be so honored to were that charm around my neck for a constant reminder that it is by Grace alone!

    Cheryl B.

  99. I see God’s Grace in my life everyday. My family is struggling financially yet I have always been a “the glass is half full” type of person. My oldest has started college and is not adjusting well. I know things could be worse and by God’s grace each day he blesses us…we just need to be open to see those blessings and be grateful.

  100. Grace is the only thing that gets me through these days. I have a newborn and a toddler…I’m exhausted and often feel defeated. But I know God is with us, and I try to choose joy everyday.

  101. I see God’s grace in so many ways. I guess the first is my marriage of almost 10 years. Life can be so very hard but God’s amazing grace to see how far we’ve come and all the wonderful things we have in store for us. I see God’s grace in my two beautiful little girls. How blessed I am to be their mom. And finally where I see God’s grace is my health. I have Crohn’s and it has been a battle. I’m healthy right now and I know that is purely God’s grace.

  102. The elegance and beauty of his love are outcome when we accept what God has given us and allow his grace to show through us. This story is a beautiful example of how we perceive adversity and want to control – like growing new fingers. When we can accept what God has given us we shine as examples to others, sharing that same grace by glorifying God.

  103. Lisa
    This post is incredible! What a great picture of how we hurt & hide (and sometimes can’t). It immediately made me think of my sweet friend that is struggling with her 2nd miscarriage right now. She’s hurting so deeply inside and yet….she still has to keep moving on as if it’s not happening. (We teach high school together)

    By grace…is perfect for her in this moment.

  104. My heart has been broken by someone I trusted. I am experiencing God’s grace each day as I move forward with the Lord guiding my responses to this person.

  105. Oh how I would love to be picked for one of these super sweet reminders of grace!! I’m learning grace with L-I-F-E!! Sending my oldest to high school has been an emotional roller coaster, my youngest entering 4th grade, a husband who is travelling a lot and trying to keep it all together with grace!!! Thanks again for the chance to win!!

  106. I feel God’s grace shining on me every single day as I learn to accept His will for my life. I struggle with infertility and learning to love, accept and understand the two children God gave me to raise through adoption (it was not something I sought out but rather something He laid in my lap). It is a daily battle between my flesh, which is angry, selfish and bitter, and my soul, which God has claimed for His good works. It is by His grace that I have been redeemed and am being painfully, yet joyfully, molded to be like my Lord and Saviour. Praise God!!!

  107. I find grace everyday with being a stay at home mom and helping my daughter (Grace) with some learning disabilities. We have seen a lot of improvement over the last couple of months thanks to speech and developmental therapy. I thank God everyday for the joy of my girl. When she says a word that is clearer than the day before, my heart is full.

  108. I see God’s grace daily when my children hug and kiss me and tell me they love me even when I have sinned against them with my anger and selfishness.

  109. I’m finding grace these days in the early morning alarm. I am a self-proclaimed “I hate mornings” person who decided a few weeks ago that I needed to start waking up before my daughter in order to spend time in the Word every day. When that alarm goes off, I want so badly to go back to sleep…but every single morning, I hear the Lord prompting me to get up, walk down the stairs, and spend time with Him. I’m nowhere near where I want to be…but I have already noticed a difference in the way I treat my daughter and husband on the days that I listen and obey. And, I believe it is through His grace that I’m able to make it through these days without naps! I am a chronic nap-taker…but have taken fewer naps on the days that I get up earlier than I ever did on days when I let my daughter be my alarm clock!

  110. I see God’s grace each and every day. He is making me into a new creation…and although the process is not easy and without pain, I see His grace and mercy in all that He is doing in me. I’m a thankful he doesn’t leave us to ourselves, He is a loving Father that meets our needs before we even know they are there. My prayer is that I am able to keep my eyes on Him and trust Him with ALL things no matter what may come. This necklace is a beautiful reminder of just that.

  111. By His grace and His grace alone my life has completely changed and I now have 2 special boys when I wasn’t even supposed to be able to have children and both miracles of him born at 28 weeks and 33 weeks. God’s grace has brought me to an amazing place and I am so thankful to be saved by His grace and blessed by His grace!

  112. What a beautiful giveaway! I see God’s grace everyday when we are able to provide for our children despite our financial hardships. Somehow the money is there every month, even when things come up and I can’t fathom how we’ll make it. I’ve been blessed to stay home with my children even in these financial struggles.

  113. His grace abounds to me daily! I am broken and filthy rags… But my God covers me with his grace! My husband and I have adopted three children (two teens) and I am continually reminded that we are all adopted, as children of Christ. I do not deserve to be a child of God but i am… Thank you Father for your grace!

  114. Thank you for sharing such an amazing story of God’s grace. I’m so thankful for God’s mercy and grace…my cup runneth over! I’ve found that one of the hardest things in life is forgiving yourself and accepting His grace. But everyday I push forward, keeping my eye on the prize. Oh how He loves us! 🙂

  115. I have faced some hard losses the last few years but it is God’s grace that has gotten me through what has felt like the darkest points of those losses. Praise God!

  116. Grace, my word for 2012. I think God shows me grace daily in the times that I forget to be patient with my coworkers and my clients, but especially with my husband and son. In my humble opinion, God has to pour a ton of grace and mercy over this flawed creature.

  117. I see so much grace each day in my 2 little boys, my husband, and best friends who love me unconditionally in my imperfections. It’s amazing how grace can change your life. Thanks for the entry today, what an encouragement.

  118. I see God’s grace alone getting me through every second of every day. My husband and I raised our 3 children in a home that loved the Lord. We didn’t do everything perfect, we messed up a lot, but by God’s grace alone, our children knew ans learned about the Lord. They all said they were saved in their teen years. They are in their early twenties now, and my heart is so heavy. One of our children claims to be gay, one has moved far away and we haven’t seen him, his wife or our grandchildren in 6 years, and the other is chasing after everything but God. I get very angry a lot, I get depressed a lot, I pray God would just take me home now. So very thankful for His grace daily. He never leaves me to myself. When I sin by getting angry or depressed, God reaches down, opens my eyes to my sin and gives me a desire to repent and ask for forgiveness. His grace is sufficient for the biggest and smallest of sins. His grace is enough. My family may have left, but His grace alone is enough!! Grave called me! Grace saved me! Grace saves me each day! Grace will bring me to my eternal home one day!!

  119. I’ve had people say to me so often how strong I am – “I” am not – it’s certainly God’s strength that has gotten us through so many deep valleys including the death of two children and another daughter with 3 open heart surgeries. I will also say, “it’s by God’s grace”. What a great necklace to share our faith – a great conversation starter too.

  120. We are all broken in some way and it is very true that it is only by God’s grace that can actually stand… Some have broken homes, families, careers, relationships… we all struggle life is not perfect for anybody… but we can all share in God’s grace we can all be real in His grace… We call find acceptance in His grace… Thank GOD for His grace!!!

  121. Grace – this is the story of my life. I am learning more and more about Grace each day. I am teaching my children the beauty of God’s grace and the pleasure of extending grace to others.

  122. His grace is indeed sufficent. However, if we only act the part we won’t experience grace as it is intended. I have acted the part, but just recently have been surprisingly and overwhelmingly, with hurricane force, plunged into this new understanding of Grace. I believe the Spirit of God is bringing to His church, Grace. Will we accept it, we lose the very essence of God, our soul’s love, if we don’t take the risk, to grab the lifeline called Grace. The much used, “But if not for the grace of God, there go I.” I finally realized that IT IS ME, in His grace there is Teresa in her brokenness. But in His grace, I will continue on. Over the last few days, I have experienced Soul Sorrow, that’s the only way to express the auguish I feel. I had some trauma in my teen years which caused me, in my rebellion and lack of guidance, to make horrible decisions. I have had two abortions and one miscarriage, and have one son living. I’m not the person I once was, a lost wandering soul. God revealed Himself to me years ago and I have been saved, delivered and I thought set free. He did His work, but I have been walking a journey of self shame and regret. I know my children (I can’t really call them that without knowing this side of heaven, I don’t deserve the title of mom) are safe in the Father’s care. I also know I am forgiven. God’s Grace allows me to experience His mercy and His faithfulness daily. However, the last few days I have truly longed for them, my children…..I miss them, yet I’ve never known them. I walked through an abortion care group over a year ago and I was able to give my pain and regret to God. However, the overwhelming sense of missing them is a new heart experience. By Grace Alone, am I able to continue of my life journey and see where God is leading me. I’m so grateful for His Grace, His Amazing Grace. I needed an outlet today for my thoughts today. Thanks

  123. I see His grace in his provision for our family as I complete graduate school. It has been an intense year- but we are down to the final term. He has provided in so many ways- as we figure out how to balance life when so much time has to be devoted to school! It is truly my grace that I finish out the program.

  124. I need all of God’s grace I can get today. I am starting the process of divorcing my husband. I know it is what I need to do, and I even believe that God wants me to. I have prayed long and hard and still do for Him to show me which way to go. Besides his son, God has lavished Grace upon Grace through my church and friends, but this is still so hard. I covet your prayers today.

  125. I encounter grace daily in my sweet husband. He is so patient and loving to me, even when I’m going a little nutty and don’t seem to deserve it. God has blessed me through this man, and shows me His grace time and time in part, in my husband. 🙂

  126. I am a missionary doctor working in India. The only reason I survive and keep doing what I do is by grace alone. Every day as I fight the sickness and poverty around me, and the loneliness and growing frustration inside me the only thing I can hold on to is that; Grace has brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home.

  127. How better to see His grace than through the eyes of a parent – and to see it through the eyes of a child of God. I have the privilege of accompanying my younger son to appointments at the local children’s hospital. It is a constant reminder of living faith and acceptance of His grace and love when you see that love in the midst of the struggles of other families. God bless you with His all-encompassing care.

  128. My husband has Parkinsons, and he uses both a RED walker (which he has named “Really Rapid Red Ryder”) and a quad cane. At first it was hard that we couldn’t hide the imperfections. Then, it was good because people just step forward to help (even a little too much sometimes) without our having to ask. And now the big step is finding that others open up to us, and maybe we can gift them with some understanding, encouragement, and hope (like you can stay home, but if you use the handicappped parking, the cane, the walker, and the chair lift, you can go to the wonderful music events) Bless you all

  129. Thank you for the opportunity to win a By Grace Alone Necklace! We are beginning a Bible Study using this book in a week in My Wednesday Night Bible study and so ironic this would be here today 🙂 Looking forward to reading the book! I am so thankful for God’s Grace everyday! Still don’t lean on it like I should but hopefully better than I was! Thanks Again!

  130. I see His grace in the leadership at our church, aptly named Grace Family. Within the past two weeks I have seen up close and personal the beauty and repair that can happen when church leaders truly get the whole Jesus thing. It restores my hope.

  131. God’s Grace (and a savings account) has sustained us these past 15 mos of unemployment, but the savings is gone, and i know i must now totally depend on His Grace Alone……..He knows , He cares and He will show us what we must do. this item could be a wonderful way for me to share my Lord with everyone!!

  132. I find grace in the moments my children so quickly move on and so easily love no matter what wrong was done.

  133. Grace in my life has been found in the saving of my marriage, and in the birth of my daughter. Those two events are so filled with Christ, that they can’t be attributed to anyone or anything else. That is grace to me – Jesus making Himself so very clear.

  134. It is so easy to get discouraged. My husband and I are retired (forcibly) and we are eeking out a living on his pension and SS. I get so frustrated with trying to stretch the dollars, and by the end of the month, we are hurting. However, by grace alone, we somehow seem to manage to survive month to month. If it were not for the grace of God, we would be in more of a mess.

  135. I am a birthmom in an open adoption and today is my sons second birthday. I have made it through these last two years and ten months entirely on grace alone. Adoption is an the most painfully beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of and I am amazed by the way the Lord has brought me through to today.

  136. I see God’s grace in my daily life at the end of the day. When we are all crawling into our beds and we are all home safe and sound from our day.

  137. I see God’s grace in my life every time I reflect on my life. After ten years of marriage and as many years of tearful prayers, my husband quit drinking and became a Christian and has now been sober for fifteen years. During those years God taught me that I could be stronger than I ever imagined and that my strength came through him.

    After fifteen years of homeschooling my girls, God has shown me that even though I strive for perfection, I am will never achieve perfection without him. He has filled in all the failures with his great grace.

    God’s grace has carried me through my own severe illness and then the discovery that my youngest has Crohn’s Disease.

    Through these things and many others, God has shown me that everything he has given me might flow right through my hands, but that he has his cupped beneath my own and continues to pour the blessings forth.

  138. I see God’s grace as he daily continues to care for and support me and my family – even on the days when I don’t remember to read His Word, speak to Him in prayer, or acknowledge him as the giver of all things. One of my favorite sayings/phrases/mottos/whatever you choose to call it is – “Grace is getting something you DON’T deserve – Mercy is not getting the things you DO deserve. Thankfully, God has an abundant supply of both for me.”

  139. Hi Lisa, I have four grown kids, one of which has schizophrenia…a brokenness on the inside. He’s doing well right now, and lives in his own apt. I see God’s grace in the way my other kids do things out of thier way to help him out…stock up his refrigerator, invite him to cookouts, take him camping, on the boat, etc. Does my soul good…I am proud of all my kids, very proud, and thank God for His grace in our lives.

    Stay blessed!

  140. Thank you for this giveaway….

    God has always been, is now, and will always be gracious to me! Thank You, Father!!!! I’m the wife of a bi-vocational pastor. Right now, God is being especially gracious to me by working through me and using me to minister to a dear family of a suicide victim in our church family. The memorial service is tomorrow. He’s also being gracious to me in ministering to 3 ladies who have very different situations they’re dealing with….one is dealing with her mother who is on hospice….one is dealing with very difficult family issues including her husband being out of work, a teen daughter who threatened and plotted to kill her so is living away from home and a teen daughter at home that is giving much grief….one who has many serious family issues including a son who wanted to commit suicide who is in now jail being shot by law enforcement, facing 4 counts and a great grandson born out of wedlock to a young teen granddaughter who isn’t being a responsible mom herself and financial issues and another son who has serious health issues – for starters….and trying to encourage and support our youth minister & wife as they’re dealing with very serious issues with the youth including one who lost her virginity, one who is sexually active & has just started school after having been out for most of her life, one who has bisexual tendencies, one who is acting out causing issues with the whole group, etc.

    I’m so thankful to God for what He does to help with all these issues….He’s so gracious too me and my family!!!!!!!

  141. This necklace would actually serve as a great reminder to look for grace in the day to day. I see it in the kind words of a co-worker when I need filled up; I see it in the precious face of my daughter whom God has used to turn ashes to beauty; I see it in the words of the amazing writers who fill my email box with (in)couragement, love, and hope. Always pointing back to the One who gives me the strength to do any of it.

  142. i see God’s grace in the relationship I now have with my father…a broken, alcoholic. He has been sober for about 6 months and it is a joy to see. Regardless, God’s grace enables me to LOVE someone whom is hard to love sometimes. He does love the Lord and I hope and pray he continues to seek and serve Him.

  143. Every day when I rise…….His grace I seek, His grace I find.

    In the midst of broken dreams…..of hope lost….of realizing that relationships are the only thing that really matters. His grace is walking me through all this….and more……knowing He is enough. Some days I do not feel it. I must reach for grace….although it IS always there!

    Grace after over 20 years without my parents love and encouragement. I’ve often thought I couldn’t go on after they died…..but here I am with family of my own….always showing me grace 🙂 They are beautiful….a gift….more grace.

    Bless all you ladies who share…..great reminders that people all over the planet are in pain…..that God’s love and grace is everywhere. I need a reminder now and again….

    In Christ Alone!

  144. It is BY GOD’S GRACE ALONE that my husband and I are still together. Our marriage is so very fragile right now and I never really know from one day to the next whether it will survive or not. But God’s grace is giving me a peace that I never knew was possible and I know that no matter what happens, HIS WILL will prevail.
    This necklace is so lovely and so telling in what is happening in so many people’s lives.

  145. It is by His grace alone that I can find the time and energy to accomplish what needs to be done when my body and heart have reached their limits or I’ve had to work physically far beyond what I normally do.

  146. Grace is found in the eyes of my children when they first discovered that Jesus loves them. Grace is found in the melody of a song that lifts me to the throne of God. Grace is found in the smile of my spouse when we share a secret with one look. Grace is found in the hearts of broken people who know they need the Lord and they share their brokenness with others. Grace is found in the hands of Jesus as He reaches out to embrace my soul.

  147. In the midst of having the first child leave the nest, a dear mother-in-law headed for open heart surgery, a house move, a cancellation of the new home closing being cancelled, not knowing where we move next, a mom deeply struggling to find joy in life, God is daily showing His grace to me. Today, it is with Joy and Thanksgiving that I recognize Him as Good, Kind, Loving, and Trustworthy. It is by grace alone!

  148. I see grace through my children and my husband. I am not a perfect wife or mother but they are patient with me as God continues to do a good work in me.

  149. God has me very much in the school of learning to lean on His grace alone and finding it to be sufficient. In every area of my life it’s only “by grace alone.”

  150. I live by grace alone as I battle negative thinking. I am currently reading, praying, memorizing scripture to refute the enemy’s lies. I have believed lies for too long and I desire to live in God’s abundant grace, truth, joy, strength, freedom, forgiveness, peace…

    Thank you for allowing us to post ways that God’s grace makes the difference. It has been a true blessing to read each comment .

  151. Grace… the opportunity to lead my kids to walk in Jesus’ ways… the opportunity to extend grace to them in their failings. So thankful!

  152. I lost a younger brother(age 52) 2 weeks ago to cancer,God has given me grace to accept it,I have an awesome peace in my heart knowing he was saved & is now with our Lord.

  153. I see God’s grace daily in my children. In the midst of buying our first house and an unexpected (and uncomfortable) pregnancy, my days this summer have been emotional and stressed instead of full of summer adventures and fun. But my kids, even when challenging me, keep me on my knees and keep me loved-up. God has really ministered to me through them, and helped me keep my eyes on what is before me instead of all the unknowns.

  154. By grace alone is the story of my son. He was diagnosed at age 6 with diabetes and takes multiple doses on insulin daily to stay alive. He has to watch every bite of food that goes into his mouth and partake in physical activity with regards to what his blood sugar might be. From the beginning, we have taught him to pray for healing. We have used the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo reminding him that we believe God can heal him right now. But even if God does not heal him this side of heaven, we will still stand and praise Him. We pray that our son’t life (he is now 10) be lived for the glory of God alone. He is brave and strong and a testimony to us daily. He makes good grades, plays football, and basketball and is using his diabetes to tell of God’s greatness.

  155. I find grace where there is honesty, like the woman in the grocery store. When opening up to truth opens hearts. When vulnerability reveals our Lord’s mercy. Grace in unexpected kindnesses, in smiles, in shared understanding, in small life moments of worship…

  156. I have the word “Grace” tattooed on the inside of my right wrist. It is a daily reminder to never overlook God’s grace, it is everywhere I look. In the eyes of my children, in the comfort of my husband’s strong hands, in the halls where I work, on the roads as I drive home, in the trees I can comfortably sit on my deck and gaze into. I am in amazement of God’s grace. I am blessed beyond what I deserve, I’d be lost, but for the grace of God.

  157. In everything. My problem comes when I loose sight of that. I grew up in an abusive situation, as a young adult was the first time that I had ever heard of Jesus. My husband and I strive to raise our children for Him. Through our years together we have lost 6 children to miscarriages, struggle to find steady employment/income,our home is scheduled to be sold in a foreclosure sale tomorrow and now our 20 yr old is living on his own, making some bad choices in who he surrounds himself with and has strayed from his Saviour. God’s grace is in everything!

  158. seeing God’s grace for me in the grace I extend to my children – and how I fail daily as a parent and how God’s grace never fails me is so amazing.

  159. I feel his grace daily when dealing with whining or stressed people that get under my skin. God is awesome and I love the work he is doing in me and those around me. Even though is it hard sometimes to face the things that need changing, it is awesome to face them and move forward. Thanks for the giveaway.

  160. I see God’s grace daily in my children. As a single mother, there is absolutely no other way I could face each day knowing that the lives of these three humans beings are in my hands without knowing that God has erased any mistakes I may have made yesterday and He has filled this new day with His grace. The smiles on their faces, the warmth of their hugs, the sound of their laughter, my Father in heaven brings these things to me as a reminder that there is still good in this world and that as long as I depend on His grace, we will be alright. He walks ahead of us, He walks beside us and He walks with us dispensing His grace as needed. And I will forever be thankful for this.

  161. I find myself falling short daily in my parenting and in being a wife. I receive Gods Grace at every turning moment it seems. I have learned I cannot be all, do all. Only HE can do that. And its not my job. Unfortunately I have to remind myself of this all the time still.

  162. Good Morning! I see God’s grace through the eyes of my children, I see His grace in the homeless man I am wondering how to help, I see His grace in my community and those who give tirelessly to making it a better place, I see God’s grace in my husband as he sits with our children teaching them to play the ukelele. I see God’s grace everywhere I go! I also see God’s grace through the team at incourage, you do amazing work! Thank you!

  163. I remember when I first learned about how brokenness on the outside can be a blessing. It’s when my friend Kim, who has MS and hobbles, can’t drive so I’d see her at the bus stop, had invited me over to go through a tape series on Praying through the Seven Stages of Man (very cool) and we were talking about her struggles. She’s so bright, so loving, and yet people don’t always look past her disability. I was given the words at the time to tell her we are all broken but we try to hide it and that she just can’t is a gift because we none of us should but bring our brokenness to God.
    I’ve lost touch with Kim (two moves ago) but pray that she is well, walking with God!

  164. By grace alone…

    I have walked through 7 painful years of infertility, I have surrendered two babies to Jesus when they passed away in my womb with just 10 months separating them…

    I have navigated the waters of international adoption twice now and brought home a precious little boy who we recently learned has autism… so by grace we are learning how to help him grow, learn, and be his beautiful self.

    By grace I walked out the door of an orphanage in Ethiopia one month ago leaving our daughter behind as the government finishes up the last stretch of the adoption process… and I pray that God will give me the wisdom to teach her just how loved she is and how she is wonderfully and perfectly made – with 8 fingers and 7 toes.

    Grace has overflowed in my life continually… in every area and every way.

  165. In the midst of this storm I am in the devil just keeps throwing one thing after the other, and it is by Gods Grace Alone, that I have been able to stand without falling apart. His Grace and His Mercy give me the strength to go on, move forward, and to trust him more and more each day 🙂

  166. Recently, we intentionally moved into a poorer , under-resourced neighborhood. Every day I encounter brokenness — brokenness in my own selfish heart and brokenness in the stories that pour from the relationships built with our new friends and neighbors here. As with your story, the brokenness is very often on the “outside” , but often because it’s bubbled up from the inside pain. I feel I’m on-call 24/7 to some extent and am finding myself praying for grace and strength to walk with the poor and needy. Some days I just have to cry “buckets’ to release it all . Thank you for your honest words of encouragement to all of us — it is …”by grace alone.”

  167. I experience grace every day as I teach 6th grade – public school. There is so much hurt in these young lives and God gives me the grace I need for each moment so that I can truly minister to these children…all 90 of them.

  168. Two and a half years of my husband’s unemployment taught me about Grace, Two years of not really being able to afford birthdays and Christmas. My kids were wonderful and have taught me that what we have is less important than who we are and who we are is less important than who He is.

  169. God shows me His beautiful Grace each day in the little things (when I remember to see them and not ignore them). For example: a hot shower, ripe peaches from our peach tree, my daughter’s playing nicely together, and my husband cleaning the bathrooms out of the blue! 🙂

  170. Looking around and seeing my amazing husband and three precious children I am reminded of God’s grace in my life. I am so undeserving of these blessings but am incredibly grateful to God for loving me through each of them.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I would wear this necklace everyday to remind me of the Lord’s continually pouring of Grace on my life.

  171. Living in this amazing world of ours, can be both heart warming and
    heart breaking. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband and we
    are the proud parents of two wonderful young men. My family has
    dealt with devastating loses; when my only brother ( who was a
    juvenile diabetic ), had a sever stroke at the age of 57. My lovely mom
    died 4 months later. Only God and his ever-faithful grace could get us
    through that difficult period in life. Even, when I don’t understand why
    things happen and there is so much ugliness in the world, I remember that
    God is in control and everything will work out by his devotion and love for all of us!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  172. I see God’s grace every time I look at my husband. I could never have imagined being with someone so calm and who never looks for ulterior motives. He is refreshing every day and he gives me grace when I’m not calm and read into his actions.

    God knew that I would need someone who gives a lot of grace, which encourages me to give grace to others (especially my husband).

  173. My Grace is sufficient. Life as I know it is a daily choice to choose this mantra. It takes a lot of understanding His grace when you feel like you are in a pit. So one day at a time, moment by moment; constantly reminding myself that His grace is all I need!

  174. God’s Grace is everywhere, and that’s what makes it so miraculous. Just the existence of a child, a unique personality, is a miracle. In my daily work with autistic children, little breakthroughs mean the world. When you feel that connection to someone who is locked away, you know God is there.

  175. We adopted our daughter two years ago, her name is Grace.(given by an orphanage worker) grace is legally blind and has down syndrome. Being her mother is the hardest, yet most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. My favorite phrase has become,” Grace with a big G teaches me about grace with a little g.” This is a beautiful necklace. I’ve been admiring your work from afar for several years.

  176. I have a 20 yr old son who was born with chromosomal abnormalities. It was a devastating time in my life but coming out on the other side “By Grace Alone” we’ve been blessed by this wonderful young man he’ s grown to be. It is totally “By Grace Alone” I move to the next step and allowed others to help me care for my child! God has blessed me with great support!

  177. I saw God’s grace in the sky this morning. The mornings have been cloudy lately, but when I went to the barn to feed, the sky was clear and I could see more bright stars than usual! I stood there and admired.

  178. Lisa & the other lovely people who left comments, My eyes are filled with tears. Thank you for opening up and sharing what’s in your heart. I feel God’s grace mostly through my young children, 1, 3 and 5 years old and my mentally ill mother. Most days, I know it is ONLY through God’s grace that I make it through the days not only with my sanity but with peace and strength, (the other days when I rely on my own self they don’t go so well). The past couple weeks all of the children and my husband had hand foot mouth disease and I was amazed by the strength and grace that God gave me to get through this time. Thank you so much for your generosity with sharing and with your lovely jewelry.

  179. Right now I’m learning to give myself grace…when I don’t measure up to my own expectations or I can’t see to be the person I’m “supposed to be” (whoever that is…)

    Accepting God’s grace is one of life’s greatest challenges. This is such a beautiful post. I love every word!

  180. Growing up with a brother who had Down Syndrome taught me so much (and still teaches me so much). My parents modelled this grace each and every day and I pray that this is a legacy I am carrying on as I strive to raise two little boys who love God and love people.

  181. My dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. We were told before surgery the cancer had spread to his arm, shoulder, ribs and kidney. After surgery, the dr. Came out and told us the cancer was contained to the lung, he was able to remove all of it, and there was no need for chemo or radiation! God’s grace provided a witness to an unbelieving surgeon. A seed was planted in this mans heart.

  182. I see God’s grace everyday when I look at my beautiful daughter 🙂 after having a miscarriage a few months after we got married, and trying to get pregnant again (it took 7 months), I am so blessed to have a happy healthy baby girl who just turned 8 months old last week 🙂

  183. I see God’s grace everyday when I look at my beautiful daughter 🙂 after having a miscarriage a few months after we got married, and trying to get pregnant again, I am so blessed to have a happy healthy baby girl who just turned 8 months old last week 🙂

  184. I have been having great difficulty with finances like many others in this economy. ( I am a single mother.) My daughter came home from college and just got a job at a fast food restaurant. Not a lot of money but way more than she had before! She is living with me and will now be able to pay her own bills and take the weight off me. What grace!!

  185. I see God’s grace when I am able to unearth (and understand) the lesson learned in a situation, even if it reveals something about myself that needs to be different and/or better. I am a firm believer in reading between the lines, as well as everything happens for a reason — both are God’s grace shining through. Thanks for the opportunity to win. XO

  186. I see God’s grace everyday when I see God working in my husband’s ministry, in my children’s healthy lives, and how He provides faithfully each day for our every need. Praise God!

  187. I’m finding grace to get through each day. After 24 years of marriage my life is not where I thought it would be at 53 years old. God’s grace helps me cope with that and be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

  188. God’s grace helps me to love others through His eyes, helps me to see myself through His eyes & to start each day anew with Him no matter what the difficulties were the day before.

  189. I have to have God’s grace every day in living and raising my daughter, who has Down Syndrome.

  190. I see God’s grace in my life today through the ability to SEE his many blessings. I have been reminded this morning of the amazing community I am blessed to share life with – and for that I’m so grateful. I’ve also been reminded of the amazing promises in His word – He gives grace to SEE the little blessings that flood us – and we could easily miss. But by HIS grace…

  191. My husband and I have a beautiful son, who is 4 and a half, and he has autism and OCD. While this doesn’t define who he is, it definitely brings us challenges everyday. Challenges that at first, made me angry. Not at my son, but at my circumstances. But through this trial, God gave me grace. He has brought us to a place where our marriage has been strengthened, we have had to lean upon the Lord for patience that we don’t always have, and our son lights up our days & brings us joy beyond what we ever could have imagined. Instead of anger, I now have peace. We truly are blessed, but it’s by God’s grace that we overcome our own feelings of doubt that creep in & see His hand upon each step we take.

  192. I receive God’s grace every day in the form of my 9 year old son, E. His older brother has Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD and my husband is bipolar, leaving E and I to be the “normal ones” in the house. His infectious laugh and caring nature are the balm that heals us. He is the light of our family and he reminds me every day what grace and love really mean and the gifts our Father has for us.

  193. I see God’s grace in my relationship with my husband – he is always forgiving me and showing me God’s love when I deserve it the least, and by my side through all things no matter how hard the situation.

  194. Every morning from the time I roll out of bed, I am in awe of the grace that is extended to me minute by minute. I’m challenged to have that same grace with my kids as I lose my temper with them and get frustrated, as I remember the same grace the Lord gives me when I get angry and short sighted with him. What a great reminder to have that necklace!

  195. I see God’s grace in allowing me to be a mother. I am so impatient and selfish most days, but I’m so thankful that he’s entrusted me with these little ones in spite of my imperfections. I know I will never “arrive,” but I’m growing a little each day…

  196. I see God’s daily grace in watching two dear ladies follow God’s plan for their life while experiencing heart wrenching loss! My mom lost my dad to cancer 8 years ago and God has positively used it in her life to stretch and mold her. A dear friend right now is watching her husband battle inoperable brain cancer. He is a well lived and respected high school principal and is now reliant on his every need. This friend is a hero. Watching her inspires me in my walk with the Lord and in my marriage.

  197. I see God’s grace everytime I look at my 5 year old. He was born with a heart defect and has had multiple heart surgeries. He just started Kindergarten last week, and I can’t believe how far he’s come!

  198. By G-Ds grace I came upon this blog today…Reading the story and all the responses if made me cry,it made me smile and it made me thankful….Hard time as this was the day lost one of my babies 6 yrs ago…Her twin is my miracle baby…And all of I helped me grieve and cherish today…. Xo

  199. I see his grace in my little boy. Luke has an autism spectrum disorder and cannot speak words that I understand. But he speaks volumes in his eyes and his touch or wanting me to hold his hand. He is in my eyes perfection!

  200. There is nothing good in me, but Jesus. I’m so thankful for His grace that both covers me and frees me. He has been teaching me to live freely by His grace in victory. Sometimes I feel so burdened, held down, still broken. But if I accept the new life He has given me, by grace, all that fades away.

  201. I see God’s grace through my husband’s unconditional love for me. He is so patient and loving, even when I am impatient and unloving. His love is a living example of God’s grace and love towards me.

  202. AMAZING collection!

    What DONT I see God’s grace in??? I see God’s grace in my energy level. Considering that I have two young children, work full time, and am going back to school…it is ONLY by God’s grace (and, okay, healthy doses of caffiene) that I am able to put dinner on the table, stay awake enough through a shower to clean behind my ears, and read “Elmo Goes Potty” 100+ times a day.

  203. I see God’s grace daily when I love my son… No matter what kind of day we may have had, rough, patience-testing… I see God renew our love in the simplest of moments. I am so blessed to be my boy’s momma!

  204. This morning I was blessed to be surrounded by several sweet women after they took their children to school. I am blessed to see and know so many wonderful young mommies wanting to raise their kids in the Lord. By grace alone am I where I am today. Thank you God.

  205. I see God’s grace in my children’s ready forgiveness after I screw up — no matter how badly. Even through tears, they smile and we hug. Thank you, Lord!

  206. I try to see God’s Grace in EVERYTHING – I journal each day and write/list at least 3 things daily that may seem ordinary but are really God’s extraordinary reminders that he is always with me!

  207. We have four kids ranging in age from 17 to 4. One child is a particular challenge right now. The grace my kids show me when we’ve had a rough a day reminds me of the grace God shows each one of us every day. God forgives me when I “lose it” and raise my voice which happens more than it should these days. 🙁

  208. I am finding grace, and mostly thankfulness in my job. I work with very medically complex children. I see their struggles, and their family’s struggles. Their positive outlook on life, and how not to take anything for granted (much like you, Lisa) is very inspiring to me. I am so very thankful. I don’t have “special needs” children on the outside, but my children do have special needs as well. They need me….their mother. I am just trying to be more present to them and enjoy every minute…. by grace alone.

  209. I wake up breathing, every morning, with a choice to thank God for my life and breath. I have the choice to share God’s love and comfort with everyone I know, and I do. My heart beats and I am filled with awe at the Love poured out for me. Each and every day is a blessing. This is grace to me.

  210. i see God’s grace everywhere. it’s in the gifts that He gives through sunshine and birds chirping, through a meal that turns out right, or just a time of epic laughter with the family.

  211. I see God’s Grace every day through my daughter. She is a student teacher. She’ll graduate in December with a degree in Exceptional Education with a minor in Communication Disorders.

    She speaks with such love about her elementary students. Every day she finds a way to make them love school. She finds joy in every accomplishment and joy in the loving way her students treat each other. She also has middle school students with Specific Learning Disabilities. They have been written off as losers by other teachers, but she treats them with dignity and respect and they respect her in return. They will not ask for her help but they gratefully accept her offers.

  212. You are so, so right on. We are all broken somehow, and the beauty there is that God specializes in healing the broken. I’m so thankful for that.

    I often see my biggest flaws on tough parenting days. But God is Good, and His Grace is so, so evident in the beautiful smile and unconditional love (complete with hugs and kisses!) that are so freely given to me by my little girl. No matter what our day is like. I just love her. 🙂

    Thank you for this beautiful post. Blessings. 🙂

  213. I just wrote a blog about my Kyrie….and to be honest–that moment of amazing grace has not escaped me. God has allowed me those moments of realization and reckoning and as I turn towards Him inwardly, outwardly…in big ways and small, He shows me how precious my pain is and shows me where to apply the Balm I’ve received to the lives of others who are also struggling. Isn’t that the purpose of our pain? I love this verse…I apply it liberally:

    “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as we share abundantly in Christ’s sufferings, so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too.” 2Cor. 1:3-5

    Thanks Lisa!

  214. I find God’s grace in my daughter every single day. She turns 3 next month and has been my light in a swirl of grief. My mom was diagnosed with, fought and died of brain cancer in a four month span last year. It has been SOOOOOOOO much harder than I thought it would be. For some reason we as a society are taught that grief is something you should be over in a very short period of time, but that just isn’t the case.

  215. As a Lutheran, grace is a way of life by accepting that we can do NOTHING that will change God’s love for and acceptance of us. It is by his complete forgiveness and grace that we are free to serve him. I see that out of a very challenging childhood and then serious mood disorder postpartum God has gifted me with a calling- to help other women in the same situation. Living fully means responding to God’s call…and I am blessed that his call is something I find so rewarding and enjoyable.
    p.s. LOVE this necklace as a reminder.

  216. I see Gods grace, that he took me from a life deep in sin, he changed my life completely. I have then had two beautiful daughters, 4 busy grandsons, my daughters have grown to be beautiful women, educators, musicians, using their talent how God intended, working with youth & teens, willing to love & help that one that is not to blessed & lovable.

  217. I see God’s grace in my son Ben, who wears his brokenness like your sweet little David, on the outside. His imperfection and his struggles and his obvious differences have become the things that bring us all more strength and courage and draw us closer to God. But it’s his smiles and giggles and stinky little hands caressing my face that bring me a joy like which I have never known before. I always say, God had my Ben up in heaven, knowing the world needs these children who are sucha light among darkness. he had him up there waiting for the right family to come along, the right time, to bring this baby to us. I feel lucky and blessed that he entrusted to me my two boys, my treasures. And I know there is a propose. It may be that I never get to see the fruits of this, it may that generations from now it will be manifested, but I already see how my oldest is a much better, more sensitive soul, because of his special needs brother. Thank you for writing this Lisa! Xo to David!

  218. It’s morning. Again. What will this day bring? How will I handle it with only 3 hours of broken sleep? I stare out across the field turning golden with the rising sun. I sip my coffee & ask God to help me through. By His grace alone I know I will do what I must & know this day will be of my making, my choice. I can be thankful and glad to have another day with Pat (my critically ill husband), glad to change his diapers, to bathe him, to feed him, to decipher his requests. Or I can fill my self with pity and anger. (This isn’t what our life was supposed to be like.) I sigh, I smile, I remember all the yesterdays, the vows, (in sickness & in health). I write a quick note of cheer to my niece going through chemo. God gave me this day, by His Grace I will live it to the fullest. I do not need strength, God is my strength. His strength is my courage. I am blessed.

  219. God has shown our blended family grace as we imperfectly try to weave our lives together as a single unit. We are blessed every day by this family but we also have struggles. God’s grace carries us through and the more we turn to him, the better off we are.

  220. I lost a baby 14 months ago and it is my God’s Grace I got through it. It has made me stronger and I also have a stronger relationship with God. Proverbs 16:9

  221. I am still learning to see His grace daily, to live in it, to let it be sufficient. Right now, the way I see it in my life is His constant reminders that it’s there through His word, the encouragement of friends, even through this post on Facebook! I have it written on many things throughout my house, to remind me till I have it engraved in my heart.

  222. I see God’s grace in each day that I accomplish more than feeding my 3-month old baby girl, because I know that it’s only by God’s grace that I am able to do that. Our baby has severe reflux which chokes her frequently so she requires close watching and sitting upright almost all the time, including sleeping, as well as being a very cuddly little girl. I am thankful for every moment I spend with her, but it has taken God’s grace for me to be able to let go of some house cleaning and homemaking goals and expectations in order to thrive at the most important things – being a wife and mommy. The housework will wait, and my Handsome loves me whether or not I’ve been able to brush my teeth or have a shower. But it definitely takes accepting grace for me to let go of my expectations to provide the perfect home, suppers, etc. that I had hoped to do when we found out we were expecting. This is such a short season, and I am going to soak up every minute with my sweet girl while she is still tiny:)

  223. God has been faithful and kept my family together despite impossible odds. For with Him nothing is impossible

  224. I know God’s grace when I mess up with my kids and they are so quick to forgive and forget. They are still very little, but it is amazing how much of God you can see in a joyous little person.
    I think about how He loves me in spite of ALL of me..the ugly parts of my words and actions….how He can make such beauty from ashes.

  225. We recently moved and know no one where we live Our rental is tiny We have three kids 8 and under I know I can’t do today with Gods grace!!

  226. I see God’s grace in my life in the love my husband has for me, and in the gift He’s given us in our son. We are so blessed….even when life didn’t turn out how we ‘expected’ it to. (Those expectations can be joy-slayers.) Life is crazy, broken, beautiful.

  227. I see God’s grace through my husband who has placed his career on hold to take care of our son while I work. I see God’s grace through my son–oh how much He loves us to call us His children! I can finally see God’s grace in our recent miscarriage; His timing is perfect so we will wait on Him to add to our family, by His means. I am hoping to see God’s grace in the frustration of a layoff and unfruitful job search. Currently, His grace provides the strength I need to find joy in an otherwise extremely frustrating and painful time for our family. He has given more than I deserve and I am astounded by His grace on my brokeness.

  228. By God’s grace I am homeschooling my granddaughter, 25 years after I homeschooled her mother!

  229. I find grace everyday knowing that God has blessed me in being a mother and even though I fail every single day He picks me up and gives me grace to try for Him (and them) again.

  230. I see God’s grace even when I feel like I cannot take one more heartbreak or disappointment. I sit to pray and find the center of my life again, I know he listens because I feel that peace after I say Amen.

  231. My daily grace would be how God is consistently showing me that I am most definitely *not* in control of our future as a family. My husband and I feel lead to move out of state but the doors have yet to open after 2+ years of prayer, searching, and waiting. A door seemed to unlock last week but it has not opened as of yet. I’m having to constantly come back to God and choose to believe that He is good and that His plan for us is the absolute best.

  232. My husband and I recently adopted a two year old boy with history of medical and physical neglect. God’s grace was ever present during our transition as we learned his needs and his background and how we could best provide for this sweet child. We have had this child for two months now and he is blossoming! God is sooo good to give us each what we can handle and grace us with the knowledge, wisdom and resources to provide the best environment for this child.

  233. When my dad mows my lawn and cleans the gutters without being asked. When the checkbook has more money in it than it should. When my kids go to bed secure and wake up smiling. When my church continues to love and embrace me even though I am divorced. When I find hope in each new day. All is grace.

  234. I’m unable to have children biologically. Sometimes seeing little ones, especially babies, cuts me so deep I feel like I can’t make it through the day. I just have always wanted to be a mom. However, I’m starting to listen to the heart of my Father. I feel as though He’s whispering to me, “There’s something else for you.” And I’m believing it. God has a plan that I cannot see just yet, but once it’s revealed, it’ll be so much more glorious (for me) than anything I ever could have came up with.

    By His Grace, I’m able to wait.

  235. God’s grace overflows in helping me to remain in an often-difficult marriage & in seeing God “redeem the years the locusts have eaten” in the life of my son who went through drug rehab. It overflows in my grief over my mom’s Home-going. And I see it overflow in the lives of my other children as well. Truly, it’s by GRACE ALONE.

  236. God’s grace is so big in my life. There have been so many disappointments lately and discouraging moments that I rely on Him to be my source of peace and joy.

  237. There are so many ways that God has shown his grace in my life. Too many to list on here. I’ll share a few though.
    1. This one will stay with me forever! About ten year’s ago I was on a mission trip with my youth group. We were working on a home in Tennessee. An old man and his wife lived in this home, along with snakes and rabits, the home was in great disrepair, but we did the best we could painting and roofing to help them improve on it. The man was in a wheel chair and had a trache (not sure on spelling) in his throat. He was in pretty bad shape. When lunch time came we all began to wash our hands to eat. This old man came up to me and took my hands and proceeded to gently wash every speck of paint off of my hands. I was speechless. When he finished I said “thank you” and he looked into my eyes and said “No, thank you.” Something so simple yet so profoundly a picture of God’s grace.
    2. I was nineteen and single when I became pregnant with my oldest son. I was working in a grocery store as a cashier and this couple was checking out. I know that I was obviously young and very obviously pregnant at this point. The man was deaf and signed something to his wife. She turned to me and asked which candybar I would suggest from the candy in the check out aisle. I told them which my favorite was and the man proceeded to place that candybar on the counter I rang it up and handed it to them, the man immediately handed it back to me. I thanked them and they left. To some it may just be a candy bar, but it was to me another expression of God’s love and grace.
    3. I have dealt more then I ever would have liked to with anxiety and depression. The last two years of my life have been rained on by it, sometimes much worse than others. At one point I was convinced it was my fault, because I just didn’t have the faith to believe it away. But about a month ago, when I was dealing with it again, It finally hit me. It is not my responsibility to heal myself, that is up to God. But while I walk through, no matter what I walk through, he is there, right alongside me, comforting me and helping me. He is always with me.

    I believe that Salvation is God’s biggest act of grace, but his presence in our storms of life is his second biggest act of grace. There is a song called Never Once, by Matt Redman and he say’s “Never once have I walked alone”. That is so awesome to me, in this fallen world, we will face much pain and adversity, but GOD is ALWAYS WITH US!!!

  238. I see God’s grace in my marriage. 22 years ago, I was a young broken 18 year old , who found herself loved by a kind young man. When we found out I was pregnant, his immediate response was joy. He wanted to us to become a family. We both came from broken families and I feared we would repeat the cycle. Through repentance, we came to the foot of the cross and through God’s grace each day, we are not only still married with six beautiful daughters, but we are living a life that screams…GRACE.

  239. My daughter is 26 and is living with her girlfriend in a gay lifestyle. She has chosen this, even after she went through 4 years of Bible college and knowing God has a call on her life to go to the UK as a missionary. She is not denying her faith, just her creator’s design for her. However, instead of rejecting her and wallowing in self-pity, and after months of questioning my parenting, my faith and my God, I have chosen to love her. To place my hope in God alone and live by His grace alone. Otherwise I would drown in the sea of pain this has brought to my family. He is truly sufficient for every situation. He is the answer to every question and the hope of every need. I love Him more every day. Thank you for sharing your pain.

  240. God is showing me SO much grace in my life. But today specifically, He has shown me an abundance of grace by blessing me with the opportunity to celebrate my 25th birthday today!

  241. My son Cole has Austin, and he will be going back to public school after 2 years of home school. I have prayed and prayed and know that it is the right decision, but I so desperately need God’s daily grace because I am so nervous for him. He is high functioning, but has so many social issues. Thanks for letting me share.

  242. I’m seeing grace in life continuing on even when it’s not like I ever thought it would be.

  243. God reminds me every day through my beatiful little boys. I may be stuck in self-loathing…over my brokenness….all of the ways I want to change, be better. One little hug is all it takes to remind me that here and now is just fine. As long as I keep seeking Him…

  244. Thank you for sharing today. Some days it’s hard to remember we do have good things because of grace, rather than being “punished” by missing something or someone we wanted so much. I have 3 beautiful children, an amazing, Godly husband, and good friends. We have a home of our own, good cars, and the ability to stay home and watch my children grow. I am blessed!

  245. I see God’s grace in the sky, the air I breathe, the smiles on my kids’ faces, the embrace of my husband. I see God’s grace holding me together when I want to lose it and reminding me that brokenness is what He needs from me. He never turns a broken or contrite heart away.

  246. Our daughter, Lily Grace, was stillborn on Dec 14, 2010. She had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and was born premature. This is a taboo subject and people tend to sweep over it. For the past two years, I have wanted to shout from the rooftops, “we had a child and that child died”…It is a certain kind of loss that, fortunately, few people experience and, unfortunately, many people dismiss. However, I know, my husband knows and God knows that we had a beautiful little girl and it is through His grace, we are able to honor and remember her.

  247. My family and I are going through a very difficult time right now, but I see grace in the way people, just random unexpected people and even strangers, are willing to go out of their way to be kind to me. And my dear, broken hearted children are so gentle with each other, and with me.

  248. I began a ministry to supply hygiene items to families who come to our local food pantry for help. Through working to bless other families, I am able to push on with my current health issues and put my focus on others first. God uses the broken for big and small purposes every day! I think my family has so much compassion for those hurting because we are dealing with so many health problems in our own home…..

  249. God’s grace has brought me & my hisband through the miscarriage of our first child. He was so kind through it all & I am able to understand what so many other women have gone through (or are currently going through). The pain of loss keeps me seeking my comfort in Him. He has made even this loss beautiful.

  250. Today, God’s grace is all over me in that though I am nervous about an answer I am waiting on, I am not going nuts about it like I usually do. I have a peace that even though it could be bad, God is in control.

  251. I have Lyme disease. I was bit my a tick when I was 12 years old but it took 4 years to diagnose, therefore I have Chronic Lyme. I will have it until Jesus decides to take it away or calls me Home. Lyme is a very invisible disease and often I look quite normal on the outside while on the inside I am struggling greatly. The Lord has begun to convict me of letting Lyme be invisible. He has challenged me to let others see my weaknesses. To let Him shine through and be Light to others. So I live by grace, as I ask for strength to get out of bed some mornings, enough energy to walk up a flight of stairs. To let Him be my strength in the midst of my very real weaknesses. He is amazing God, and His plan and purposes are perfect. What an amazing encouragement to know that He doesn’t make mistakes!

  252. I have a prodigal son. He is such a beautiful young man – musically gifted, extremely bright, affectionate, compassionate, friendly, kind, every mother’s dream. He is a Christian, but has been running from the Lord, living a life of selfishness, participating in activities which go against everything he has ever been taught. Sometimes I want to just yell and scream at him, punish him, and make him suffer for the way he is making his father and me suffer. Then I remember the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The father never gave up hope, he welcomed the prodigal home with open arms, he RAN to meet him! And I think about how God gives me grace every day of my life. God’s grace has taught me to give grace to my son. I will continue to pray each day, trusting that God is in control of my son’s life, and that He loves him even more than I do.

  253. I feel God’s grace through His unconditional love for me. Despite the fact that I am so hard on myself…that I never feel GOOD enough…He is always there loving me. It’s amazing.

  254. I have found grace from my husband during my ongoing lay off status and coping with reduced income. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  255. Living in a retirement community, one assumes everyone, because of their age, is already familiar with the meaning of GRACE! NOT SO!! Most have heard of “Grace”, but may not have experienced Grace! It is by “Grace Alone”, that God has saved my soul, and He did so for one purpose, SERVE! My “Serving” opens the door for me to share God’s marvelous GRACE! As I deliver my created-in-love masterpieces: cookies, cake, truffles, bowls of soup, breads, etc., to my neighbors who may or may not be physically or financially able to prepare such, God gives me the opportunity to share His Grace! I share how I experienced God’s Saving Grace and how they can experience God’s Saving Grace! Then, I must LIVE every day so that they can see God’s Grace Alone in my everyday life! Offering to pick up the mail or carry the trash out for one who has difficulty walking is “Serving” daily, thereby sharing Grace Alone DAILY!!

  256. I find my grace in dealing with my daughter’s breath holding spells daily. She is almost 2 now but i have to watch and monitor her daily as when she gets too upset she simply stops breathing and her face turns blue and she arches her back! Even occasionally she can have seizures in regards to this matter! This condition can last until she is 6 or can turn into stress induced epilepsy. I have had many people tell me to spank her as this is simply tantrums, but when she was born this condition sent her to the NICU. Recently i had my sister tell family members that i am lazy housewife that made up my daughters condition to enable me to be home instead of getting a real job. Its funny that sometimes you get more support from your church family versus your blood family!

  257. Grace… wow, where do I not see it? God grants me grace everyday as I continue to try and serve him with my imperfect, messed up self! I am particularly aware of His grace when I am fumbling around for the right words or actions in my ministry. Where I fall short (everywhere), He speaks… picks up the pieces and by grace, is still able to use me.

  258. It’s taken many years and a ton of frustration to come to a place, (never-ending), of experiencing God’s grace in dealing with a disabled husband. We are at the ‘retirement’ years and life is not panning out the way I thought it would! Yet . . . God’s grace is more than enough for each day. Whether it’s internal or external, experiencing His Observable Presence is a beautiful thing. I can now thank Him for the personal path He has so intimately fashioned for me. Grace, grace . . .

  259. I am finding God’s grace in dealing with my husband’s ongoing health issues and the anxiety it causes for my daughter. We thought we would lose him 5 years ago, but by God’s wonderful grace he is still here with us. Every day with him is a blessing from above.

  260. I’m so thankful for God’s grace that I experience every day. That I can enjoy His love and forgiveness every day is amazing.

  261. I am surrounded by God’s grace. His love is never ending and I see His grace everywhere I look. My favorite example of God’s grace lies within one of His most wonderful creations: the ocean. When I see those waves crashing upon the shoreline I think of God’s grace towards us; never ending and constantly in motion, His love covers us like the salty ocean water covering the sand on the shore.

  262. Every morning when I open my eyes, it is by the Grace of God I do so. Every breath, every movement, every sound I make is purely by God’s amazing Grace!

  263. What an amazing story. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears that are normally buried deep inside. But never hidden from Abba. Thank you for sharing.

  264. So…we are walking a difficult path (again) with our teenage son (17 1/2). This time its different. By grace alone we will get through it with God leading the way. My son doesn’t feel worthy of God’s grace. But I told him “he IS worthy” of all God wants to show him & offer him. He just needs to come to him. So we will get to the end of the tunnel one day. And I’m sure there will be set backs. But by God’s grace we will get through them…together as a family.

  265. I see grace everyday in the eyes of my boys. When they look back at me with fresh love after I totally messed up the day before.

  266. Exciting days of God’s grace as we are in a new season of our life….retirement from the military.

  267. what a blessing to read such awesome testimonies to God’s never failing love and grace for us!

    i am reminded of His grace today by knowing that He created me, just the way He wanted to for the purpose He has for me…for His glory. that He wants to use silly, broken and messy me…and He loves me passionately. leaning into His grace daily.

  268. I am thankful for His Word to guide us, and for the way the LORD works in our family, even if it’s not always the way we expect.

  269. Grace helps me to try to balance my life working full time while trying to do what is best for my family each day. Helps to pick me up when I feel like it is all too much.

  270. We’re having a difficult time with my stepson’s mother lately. My stepson, eleven and a type-one diabetic, was removed from her care completely by the courts after she went to his school intoxicated. This happened in May and we’re still struggling. Our final court date is 1 October. And through it all, my stepson has been understanding and calm and thoughtful. He’s my hero.

  271. I’m finding Grace in knowing God has a plan! We’ve just moved to a new state a few months ago and I’m finding that God has a plan and works all things out…even if it’s not in our timing. I have to learn to be patient and trust in Him and not try to control things and work them out in my timing.

  272. I see God’s grace everyday in my family and marriage. I witnessed it first hand this year when my husband and I had some problems in our marriage. As imperfect impatient human being God had the love and patience to show me what by grace alone really means and it’s because of that and a little book called the Love Dare that our family is stronger than ever. God’s grace grace is amazing and because of it we will never be the same 🙂

  273. I have 2 little girls both have been sick on and off for weeks. My baby has kidney issues so every time she gets a fever I have to wonder if we are going to end up in the hospital! I have received so much grace to make it through these last few weeks on little sleep.

    • I see God’s grace in our marriage everyday. We got married young and were/are extremely broken people with no idea what we were getting ourselves into. There were lots of days I never thought we were going to make it through, but by grace alone we just celebrated our second anniversary and are committed for life! It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s love.

  274. God’s Grace is all sufficient for all my weaknesses andsufferrings! My word of the year is “Grace” as I have seen his grace poured in my life last yearas I cared for my terminally illed sister, my best friend for five months and seen His provision in caring for my nieice whom my sister left behind in her passin. God’s Grace sustains me as I deal with

  275. I see grace in my husband who goes the extra mile to work for our family and at the end of a long day to be home in time for dinner every night and be present with me and our kids, lightening my load and showing me grace.

  276. Right now my husband is enemployed, I see Grace everyday in that we are blessed to have wonderful in-laws & parents that help us day to day. We are lucky in that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table. We are better off then many.

  277. I see grace in my beautiful children and the love I receive on a daily basis from our close, supportive friends. My husband is an alcoholic and one day at a time I am trusting in God and learning to let go and trust in God in God alone….

  278. I see God’s Grace in my daily life every morning. I wake up to 2 furry Golden Retrievers who have helped me heal in my sadness of not being able to have children. Their unconditional love, along with my husband’s has been a true blessing!

  279. No matter what comes my way God is always there to cheer me on and help me through the day. He gives me grace to show others His love when I truely don’t feel like it some days. He is always there. And most days we get by By Grace Alone. We just need to acknowledge Him in all ways everyday!

  280. By God’s grace do I even get out of bed In the morning!! I have an agressive form of arthritis that make moving painful and difficult. His grace is more than sufficient to cover my weakness!

  281. I see His Grace in watching my daughter grow and participate in her faith – she is amazing. I also see it in my husband, how he is so supportive and how lucky I am that God intertwined our paths.

  282. God’s grace is evident in my life everyday…..and so I wouldn’t forget that He has blessed me with the last name Grace. How sweet is that?

  283. God’s grace overflows in my life by enabling me to remember covenant in my often-difficult marriage, to see His hand in “redeeming the years the locusts have eaten” in the life of my son who went through drug rehab, to grieve with hope in my mom’s Home-going, and to watch Him working in the lives of my other children as well. Truly, it is by grace alone.

  284. I see God’s grace in my daughter. Her name is Capri (Beautiful) Grace (undeserved gift from God). I wasn’t sure if being a mom was in my future but God gave us Capri in January.

  285. I love how God’s grace is perfect and his mercies are new every morning.
    I want to learn to be more gracious to others.

  286. I see God’s grace in helping my daughter heal after the death of her fiance. I see it it the way I feel Jesus holding my hand when I am scared, or don’t know how the future will unfold. I see God’s grace in the beauty of nature.
    Blessings, Nancy

  287. I experience God’s grace everyday by knowing that I can be forgiven. I make mistakes daily. But, then I get to learn from them and try again. Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

  288. God’s grace is evident daily as I look into the eyes of precious children God gave me after i thought we’d have none. Blessings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  289. I find grace by just knowing that I am still here. I’ve dealt with hurt, rejection, and all sorts of negative feelings. Then I’m reminded how much God does love me and how much. He loves me unconditionally; nothing and no one can fully satisfy me, but JESUS. By His grace, I am forgiven. If God can forgive me, then I know I can also forgive myself. It’s by His grace!!

  290. I see God’s grace in my girls’ smiles, knowing that they’re healthy and happy, and knowing that my husband has a good job that doesn’t take him away from his family on weekends.

  291. Wow. What a post. I have been experiencing God’s grace daily since my daughter was born at 29 weeks and 2 years later we lost our baby boy. God has given me grace to see His goodness and not be lost in bitterness. He gives me grace to trust Him as we proceed through our adoption journey. And most of all He gives me the grace to walk daily with Him as my savior.
    Thank you, Lisa! I love your “grace” necklace. What a great reminder : )

  292. I see God’s grace in our life each day by providing amazing therapists who work with my son Jameson (3 years old) who has autism.

  293. I see God’s grace exhibited every single day through my sweet hubby as I so often seem to forget sometimes that “love is patient…kind…does not envy…does not boast…is not proud…is not rude…is not self-seeking…is not easily angered…KEEPS NO RECORDS OF WRONGS…does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth…always protects…always trusts…always hopes…always perseveres.” and yet he (and God!) forgives and loves me anyway!

  294. God’s gift of grace is abundant – all these comments are so amazing! I particularly have felt God’s grace in my marriage which was once very broken, and now become stronger each day.

  295. I grew up with a drug addicted mother. When she was 10 she was murdered. I never wanted to be a mom having been so deeply hurt and abandoned by my own. By grace alone God got a hold of my heart as a teenager. By grace alone he broke down my walls, healed some very deep hurts and now at 31 has given my husband and I a beautiful son that I love more than I ever thought possible. By grace alone the cycle of dysfunction will be broken with me and this little guy will grow up with a mom that will choose to love God and love him.

  296. Gods grace today was in this old lady, who couldn’t cope with all she had to suffer lately and tried so hard to find God with the words of Ps. 23: 1 and 2. I also saw it in a very sick lady, who prays for lots of people every evening. And then ofcourse I saw in myself, because I visited this ladies and got blessed with grace by their words and attitude.

  297. God is so gracious. Yesterday after church I was able to share with another couple how the Lord had helped by His grace to heal my heart during the three years after it had been hurt deeply by something my dearest had said in pure honesty. It was just the boost they needed to heal what could have been the same kind of hurt, except it was dealt with before it went deep. God is so good to us to not only heal us by His grace, but to help us endure and share His grace with others who have the same need. Praise His name!

  298. God’s grace has been evident as my husband and I have battled infertility. After going through extensive procedures to help us get pregnant, we finally had success only to lose our baby in a miscarriage. Through all of the ups and downs, God has faithfully given me hope that He is at work even in the hard times, peace in knowing that His plan is the best plan, and the ability to put a joy-rooted smile on my face only by His grace. We are incredibly excited to have moved on to adoption, and I already see the Lord at work in my heart as we prepare for a precious little one and the beautiful, selfless woman that he or she will come from.

  299. My middle child is named Grace. You’d think that’d be a reminder for me to look for it more often in my life. Right now I am just humbled to be blessed with baby #4 in my belly who is due to make it earthside in a few weeks. I also hope I can handle the delivery and postpartum period with grace while carrying for the older 3 as well.

  300. Touch the untouchables, as a medical provider I know I am called to serve these. The ones others snub their noses or does believe. Mercy, even tiny acts. Each day, each patient, a connection.

  301. I am learning daily more and more of receiving Gods grace . We have made so many mistakes by leaning on our own understanding , and trying to “fix” our problems by rushing ahead of God rather than waiting on His timing. Yet still He gives more grace,and is so faithful to His promises . He is showing me through this how i need to freely give Gods grace to others when my human nature becomes irritated, and hurt by their words or actions. He gives me so much everyday that I DON”T DESERVE, how can I withhold it from others ?

  302. My daughter Claire had a seizure while watching her big brother run fast and play hard. Life is like that. Hard times come from no where. Hard times can hit you at any time, any place and almost always when you least expect, even on the sidelines of a football game.

    I hate these seizures! They can have a tendency to make me want to seize up in life. When Claire suffers through one, I suffer along with her. Any one who is witness to these horrific episodes also suffer with her. But then, there is Grace! I can only stay calm when I am breathing His Grace.

    I thought it was fitting to enter this contest with these words that I just wrote on my blog Saturday.

    Lisa I have been there and grace is the only air to breathe. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve been a fan for a long time 🙂

  303. My son has ADHD. He is immature for his age, pouts, and struggles in school. I focus on the negative with him too much. Truth is, he is a sweet and sensitive little boy. I am slowly learning through Gods grace to let him be who he is going to be, not what I want him to be.

  304. Thank you for sharing your heart! I see God’s grace daily when my preschooler students reach up for a hug with an “I love you” even on those days when things aren’t going according to my plan!

  305. Ok the website is not mine..but a friend of mine..who living God’s grace. She was my daughter’s preschool teacher. Her name is Allyson Hendrickson and she is fighting cancer for the third time. Like many women, she has three sons, and wants to be the best mom and be there for them…in everything. I shared her blog bc she gives the best picture of her story. And it is dependent on God..and His grace.

    I love your story. And I love your gift of creating beauty in jewelry….but I would love if I won…I would want it for Allyson Hendrickson. …to remind her even though there are thousand of women suffering cancer ..just like her…she matters. Her story and her life matters to God and to those who are honored to share life with her.

    thank you

  306. By grace alone I am finishing the job that my husband and I began raising our 3 girls. In the spring of 2010 their daddy died suddenly on our oldest daughters 16 th birthday.

  307. Oh my Lord, those words…her son committed suicide, just brought tears to my eyes. What a loss for a parent, I pray God fills her life with joy like your son brought her that day.
    By grace alone I am walking the footsteps God has ordered for me. On the path of fulfillment, walking towards feeling “good enough” daily. It is only by his grace that I am still here so many times the enemy has filtered my mind with suicide. But I thank the Lord for his grace & mercey!

  308. I see God’s grace in the blessings I receive through my husband and 3 kids. Even though I fail to be the wife and mother that God wants me to be, the blessings continually abound.

  309. In His never ending forgiveness! I know I fall short EVERY day, yet God never falls short in continually picking me up, forgiving me for my failures & giving me the strength that I need to keep going 🙂

  310. I see his grace every day when He enables me and motivates me to love and function through chronic pain.

  311. I see God’s grace in my everyday life by learning to face my imperfections – and know that he created me uniquely!

  312. I’m 26 years old and have multiple life-threatening health problems that can only be managed, not cured. I see God’s grace every day that I get to wake up and enjoy life with the beautiful family I’ve been so graciously given – a devoted and loving husband, and 3 amazing little kids. I’m just so thankful for each day I get… it’s hard to NOT see God’s grace.

  313. By God’s grace I am cancer free for 3 years now and able to continue to be a mommy and raise my beautiful 6 year old daughter.

  314. I live every moment by grace alone since the Lord called my 8 yr. old daughter home to Heaven after a car accident. He gently basted my agony in His love & comfort continuously and cradled me in His arms until I could walk again with joy. He is my wonderful, ever-faithful, ever-present Savior & Lord….I love Him so!

  315. What a beautiful story. One that I needed to read today after an especially trying weekend. May His light continue to shine upon you and your beautiful family.

  316. Grace allows me to deal with the doctors and medical staff when my daughter is in the hospital. If only everyone valued her and loved her as much as her family does. She has many “issues” and yet she is one of our greatest gifts depite all of the medical drama that surrounds her. We have almost lost her three different times….most recently. last week. God’s grace gets me through each day. Blessings!!

  317. What a great reminder…. to notice grace. I see grace in the inch thick stack of paperwork I need to complete this week for our foster care homework. Grace in the kids that will soon live in our home!

  318. God graces me daily with reminders throughout my day that He is there for me through thick and thin. I find it amazing all the different ways that He speaks to me when I least expect it.

  319. Not only is God’s grace so apparent when he offers us salvation, but when he draws us close when we fail him so often.

  320. I see grace through my children. They often are self-centered and disappoint me with their behavior, but I remember that I too disappoint my Heavenly Father often with my self-centeredness and my behavior. Despite my children’s shortcomings, I love them deeply, but I know that God loves me even more than I love my children and this is completely overwhelming to absorb. I thank God for His Amazing Grace!

  321. So thankful for His grace…His mercies are new every morning. Thankful that even though I’m such an imperfect parent and wife, that He is perfect, and continues to be patient with me…so much more than I deserve.

  322. I’ve seen God’s Grace so much lately in my life’s journey due to facing cancer and was on a year’s reprieve in remission & now has shown its ugly face again, but due to focusing on HIM, HIS Mercy & HIS Grace have been so present , showing me HE’s walking w/ me throughout this “journey”. Relying on HIM to see me through.

  323. Lisa, thank you for this beautiful post. Some of us do wear our broken-ness on the inside. I have felt broken. Broken and lost. Through God’s grace, I have found healing, stength and love all around me.

    I recognize God’s grace in the wonderful people in my life … and in the incredible blessing I have waking up each morning with love in my heart.

  324. God is teaching me to be like Him through my son and his fiance. I have grown through my experiences with them and have learned patience and kindness instead of complaining and irritability.

  325. God is showing me grace through forgiveness. I have had to ask for this from several important people in my life lately. Instead of feeling worthless, He is teaching me to feel redeemed. I can’t choose the responses of those around me and how they react to my pleas, but He reacts and forgives instantly. And no matter what he still loves me unconditionally. By His grace, I am not alone nor unloved.

  326. So good! Thanks for this.
    I think a lot about how my girls remind me of grace in my own life. At the end of the day with a 2 year old, it’s easy to beat myself up over all the things I could have done better…paid more attention, engaged more, etc. And we wake up the next day, and the grace and mercy is new, and we get another start.

  327. I see God’s grace in my 18 month old. Even as I type this he’s trying to take the keyboard away from me. While it takes a lot of grace to get through a day with a toddler I am so thankful for him. We lost our first baby and nearly lost him as well. By God’s grace he is here and into everything! 🙂

  328. I see grace everyday in my children. As a mom, we are so busy and try so hard to do everything for everyone, that sometimes we become irritated at the smallest things. My children show me grace by supporting me and letting me know that it is ok to not be perfect.

  329. God’s grace is far more than I often deserve. He watches over me when I know I feel unworthy. You are a wonderful example of God’s grace. Thanks for sharing your story. In everything, give thanks, GrandmaSoucie

  330. My husband was recently layed off for the 2nd time in 5 years!! I am “disabled” and have a little sewing business from home. We have 2 kids trying to get through college. I see God’s grace every day as I have had a steady flow of business through summer (usually a very low time). God is giving me enough. I also feel the amazing grace of God in my husbands’ attitude and in the downright joy we feel as we seek what God has next for him/us. We are so blessed with a much healed marriage, and I also reflect daily on that grace of God that has returned love and friendship and integrity to a once broken marriage!!!

  331. Like many others, I also see grace in my children everyday. Having had a difficult time getting pregnant, we were thrilled when we were finally able to conceive and we now have a beautiful 3-year old daughter and an 8-month old son. For the first time in my life, I have not had to work and been able to be a stay-at-home mother. It has been so wonderful, especially when I am having a bad day and my 3-year old tells me to smile and that everything is going to be okay. God is so good!

  332. We adopted our son when he was just an infant. He has learning disabilities and ADHD. I’m so glad he is part of our family and we are able to help in ways that his birthmother wouldn’t have been able to.

  333. I see God’s grace more and more each day when I wake. Especially in my daughter.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  334. Wow how true. I am broken but not on the outside. During a time of depression learning I am broken I remember walking around feeling naked before everyone and believing they knew it. That was the first time I realized I was broken. I need a reminder every day. It still startles me when I remember it is true. I want to become comfortable with that truth.

  335. My whole life is full fog Gods grace. Just to watch th un rise is b Gods grace. I volunteer at a hospice And feel His grace. Sometimes my heart feels so full because of His loving Grace. Thank you for a chance to win a necklace.

  336. I am finding God’s grace as I grieve a miscarriage – I am ministered to by the prayers of friends and the laughter of the children He has so graciously given me already.

  337. I’m learning that God gives grace when other’s hurt you. There is not a soul on earth who is perfect, but it is so difficult to be vehicles of grace when the heart is shattered. Today I am resting in God’s grace and trying to show it to those around me. Thank you for your words today. I needed to read this.

  338. We are a military family living in a non-military town, there is not a base close, my children do not go to school with other military children. It can be very lonely, but we are never alone. Every day we are blessed beyond measure by what we have and who He puts in our path. And that is where I see God’s grace, even in the hard days.

  339. Beautiful post!

    God pours out His unending grace to me each day in seeing my beautiful, miracle daughter–now 8 years old. From the moment she was born (at 23 weeks, 4 mos. premature) all odds were against her, but God saw fit to sustain her life! She lives with a visual impairment and mild intellectual disability but all I see when I look at her is beauty and GRACE, for He has given me the most precious gift in allowing me to have her as my daughter.

  340. By God’s grace, and only His grace do I pull through each day. I’m a SAHM and truly struggling with our situation. We have no family, I don’t have any friends since leaving work and having kids, so it’s just me and the kids…and I rarely get to leave the house. My days consist of no human interaction besides my 2 year old and baby. My husband is wonderful, but with the severe behavioral issues we’re dealing with, and having a newborn, we don’t get out much. I pray at night to give me patience for the next day and all that comes with it…and somehow I make it….by His grace alone. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it by myself.

  341. Wow, this is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing this and inspiring others to remember that each moment we are breathing is completely by His grace alone! This phrase is extremely close to my heart and was led to have the phrase in Italian (sola grazia) tattooed on my side so I will see it everyday and remember that my very existence is through grace alone. I have just recently found your blog and have already been touched, inspired, and encouraged. Thank you so much.

  342. Beautiful post! My brokenness is on the inside, having suffered 2 miscarriages between my 4 children. But I am grateful for the gifts of the children I was blessed with because they might not all be in my life had I not gone through those dark, sad days. I’m one lucky mommy

  343. I see God’s grace everyday–everytime I look in the mirror…how amazing it is that he loves me for me, and he is willing to love me despite all my imperfections. How awesome is that!

  344. I am constantly reminded daily of my fleshly imperfections but only by God’s grace alone am I saved! I’m so thankful that he continues to work on me daily, making me more like him.

  345. My family made a move overseas about 6 months ago to follow where God is leading us. It was a huge step of faith. Now, after 6 really hard months, we’ve feel he is leading us back home. Gods grace is sufficient and filling me up moment by moment. It’s such a hard decision. Though we know that he sees us as he does his son, with love and without disappointment. Going home seems like an even bigger step of faith because we have no future planned there. We planned to be in ministry overseas for a career.

  346. God’s grace in abundant in our lives every day. If it wasn’t for God’s Grace my life would be completely different today. His grace has brought me through some really difficult times during this past year and I know that I am a better person because of His grace.

  347. I see beautiful grace everyday through our families blessings. Even me and my three children’s lives were forever changes on April 17, 2009 with the unexpected passing of my husband and their dad, He has shown me beautiful restoration and called us by name to rest in Him through our grief.

  348. I’m definitely finding grace in my son Wyatt. He is so full of life and exuberance. I love that about him. He can also be stubborn. I try to remember that the things that drive me crazy about him are also the things that I love about him. Drive, energy, passion even stubborness. Wed is his birthday. He’s turning 4. I am busy with the party planning but trying to remember to be paitient with everything he does. Because I know how patient God is with me.

  349. It’s by no coincidence that this post was written and posted today. For the last few weeks I have really been talking with God about how grateful I am for His grace. I had been distant in my walk with the Lord, still knowing He was Lord of all – but not expressing it or telling Him that I felt that way. He has shown His grace by my recent prayer life – answering prayers in the simplest of ways. It seems so small to the average person, but to me, He is showing Himself in mountainess ways.
    Thank you for sharing your story Lisa. I am always blown away by your strength. And, the lady in the grocery store was correct your Davis is absolutely beautiful.

  350. We are dealing with a death in the family this week. His grace is so evident in this tragedy. I see His grace sustaining everyone. Carrying his wife, children, mother, brother, and sister through this very difficult journey.

  351. I see grace in the way God has given me so many chances to fail and keep trying.

    I see Him in the way my children love me with so many faults and all!

    Thank you!

  352. Your words today are so filled with grace . . . and the blessing in your son that opened up another woman to you . . . that is grace also.

    I have a daughter from a previous marriage — a marriage of abuse and alcoholism — she saved my life because I got out of there to save her life. However, she wound up marrying such a man herself and getting a divorce to save her life and her son’s. I do not understand it, but there is grace for both of us, though some days the pain is almost too much to handle.

  353. I see God’s grace daily in my husband. He loves me unconditionally and points out the good and encourages me and points me to the Savior.

  354. I see God’s grace in the living things surrounding me. My world may be full of silence (due to deafness); but, the beauty of the world is loud.

  355. I am finding grace to give myself as I take on a new role in life – homeschool mom/SAHM….I do not need to be perfect by everyone else’s standards, just follow God’s leading!

  356. Praise God for His Glorious Grace! I see it in the way He provides for me in where i am poor and weak. I see it in the way He draws me near and corrects me. So glad for grace.

  357. By God’s grace and love, two months ago my precious baby boy was born. We had been trying for awhile and praying daily. After spotting and thinking I was starting my period, my daily Proverbs 31 email spoke to me, it was about patience and praying the same prayer over and over without an answer. Two days later, and no more bleeding, I had a positive test. Our precious little man is sleeping upstairs and every time I look at him I see God’s “yes”. I know that had we gotten pregnant soon we would not have this child and he is perfect.

  358. I see the pictures of all the love David gives you on facebook. I know he may not use his words, but you can see pure love written all over his little face. Reading your stories often make me cry and I am one of the least emotional people you meet. Children are the closest you can be to God on earth. I find Grace each day by trying to allow myself to step into the world of my children where not being able to find a blue marker is their biggest concern. Through the eyes of my children, I find Grace. They learn so much from us while teaching us even more.

  359. I see God’s grace everyday in the face of my 80 year old mom. She has always been there for me unconditionally.

  360. Lisa, I’m so glad that mother reached out to you! Such grace from God that she found such a gentle soul to reach out to. What a blessing.

  361. I see God’s grace in the kind words of friends as we struggle and wait to bring our baby home (we’re adopting and the wait is HARD).

  362. I think that as mothers we do this everyday. Our children are our life and they are unique in their own special way, whehter they live life with a disability or not. In the 15 months that I have been a mother, not inlcuing the nine months of carrying my daughter, I have realized that our plan and God’s plan don’t always match. I’ve realized {by Grace alone} that I cannot control everything, everyday, or anything on any given day. I try to embrace letting go every day.
    I love David! I am a huge fan of Lisa and I love reading her blog and seeing him grow.

  363. Everyone has a story…and I followed yours for some time. You are such an encouragement to me. I am so thankful for God’s grace and could name so many ways, but will say that He has been more than enough in my life during the birth, life, and going home to the Lord of my precious daughter who was born with Cystic Fibrosis. This is not who defined her or us and she lived her life to the fullest for the Lord. Without him I have no idea how I could ever smile again. His grace truly is sufficient!

  364. I find grace everyday in my children. I love them and being their mom. They make me want to be a better person and a better mother each day. As I try to teach them, I find they always end up teaching me even more.

  365. This has been one of those years. You know the type where one thing after another keeps happening and just about the time you think you have found your footing, something else comes along to rock your world. So here I sit in a doctors office waiting room with tears streaming down my face as I am humbled by God’s immeasurable grace. I am reminded that He always shines His light of grace when we need it most and expect it the least.

    My prayer is that we can all allow that grace to to permeate our being and spill over to shelter someone else who may need it.

  366. This has been one of those years. You know the type where one thing after another keeps happening and just about the time you think you have found your footing, something else comes along to rock your world. So here I sit in a doctors office waiting room with tears streaming down my face as I am humbled by God’s immeasurable grace. I am reminded that He always shines His light of grace when we need it most and expect it the least.
    My prayer is that we can all allow that grace to to permeate our being and spill over to shelter someone else who may need it.

  367. I find grace everyday in my children. I love them and being their mom. They make me want to be a better person and a better mother each day.

  368. God reminds me daily of His love for me through my parents, my family, and my husband. Life would be impossible without them.

  369. I see God’s grace in the smile of my children and the light in their eyes. I became a mom a too young of an age (16) but almost 12 years later, God’s grace gets me through each day.

  370. We have been provided for through my husband being in seminary and getting to points where we don’t think we’ll be able to afford something…then an unexpected gift or invitation arrives.

  371. I had a birthday last week. And I always like to reflect on where I’ve been and write down where I’d like to be. I was laughing at all my old entries this last year as I see how my dreams have changed over the years. . . how they’re transforming from child-like dreams to His dreams He had for me before I became a child. And the grace it’s taken to get me there overwhelms me. It’s the grout that holds my little world together. I’d crumble without it….would hold no shape at all.

    Father, thank You for the grout of grace…

  372. I see God’s grace most often in my moments of frustration with my two year old when God gives me patience and calmness that I cannot muster up on my own!

  373. Lovely Lisa… I’ve never met you in person, but I LOVE your heart!! I feel my life really is in existence “BY GRACE ALONE”.

    Just when I think I’m in control…I’m reminded that I’m really not. Daily in watching my 6yr old boy who is so full of life and mischief and just when I think I’m really going to loose it..he bats those beautiful blue eyes and says something like “come on mom, give your Ben a hug before he goes and cleans his room”. You really don’t feel like giving a hug right then, but GRACE calms your stress and pulls you back to earth and how can you turn that hug down. I can’t!!

    I’m also a stepmom to a very bright, handsome 13 year old boy. I thought he was going to be the only child in my life…so I considered him my “First” for going on 11 years now. Its a daily struggle because I know I’m really not in control of this picture, and have to sit on the sidelines often when it comes to his “Mother”, but my heart hurts and it stirs very unsettling emotions in me as my husband and I are yet going through another frivolous court battle with his mother and step-father. Only this time, he’s gotten to tell his story to the child investigator. I am hoping that “BY GRACE” this child’s story is heard. Over the last week we’ve heard how on a daily basis his step-dad hits him, spits on him and makes him feel afraid, while his own mother joins in with the verbal abuse and never is there to provide a sense of protection. He had not told us over the years of this abuse as he’s been afraid that his dad would hurt stepdad and then go to jail. Also, he never felt he had the right forum to feel protected from them knowing what he was saying. Although he’s my stepson, I can not help but want to jump in and be that MOMMA BEAR all kids should know is unconditionally on their side.

    So “By Grace Alone” I Love my Children, Hug them Daily and Thank God for allowing Grace to guide us all through this life…knowing there are better outcomes yet to arrive!!

    Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words….

  374. God has shown me his grace through my wonderful children, the rewarding & fulfilling job I had & all those with whom I had contact on that job- whether it be patients, co-workers, visitors, whoever needed my presence. But the most beautiful evidence of God’s grace has been the ability to help a loved & troubled friend find God’ love, grace, promises as she struggled with faith. She has had her own illnesses to accept as well as help her daughter with grandsons’ problems. Trying to share God’s love & grace has helped her to fel her load lightened. I feel so grateful to God for blessing me with this opportunity.

  375. Sadly, I’ve watched as too many friends have lost children over the years. The pain of welcoming a child into the world only to say goodbye to him or her on the same day is beyond heartbreaking, and that brokenness never leaves the hearts, minds and souls of the moms and dads who endure it. However, God has been showing His grace and mercy to me and many others over the past year+ through my dear friend, Katy. Katy lost her firstborn little girl at birth nine years ago and has struggled with that pain ever since. Over the years her pain and loss has taught her so many lessons and has shown her how important it is to lean on God to survive such tragedy. She has been sharing her pain and healing with other moms who have lost little ones through a ministry she founded over a year ago called Sweet Grace Ministries. She has been an amazing source of strength – and a soft place to fall – to many women who otherwise would likely feel all alone during a very dark time. Watching God work through Katy and this ministry has been uplifting and beautiful not only to me, but to all who know her. As soon as I saw this necklace I thought of Katy. Whether I am picked to win one or not, I think Katy deserves to receive one as a gift of thanks for all she is doing to share God’s grace with women who need it the most. I have some shopping to do!

  376. I find those 3 words so encouraging! I’m a single parent and financially things are very tight for us. I just pray daily and thank God for a roof over our heads, food to eat and every blessing God has blessed us with. And no matter how rough it gets He provides for us daily. So to wear that necklace would be a daily reminder to me how great our God is!

  377. My family exemplifies God’s grace to me over and over. I have SO MANY flaws as a wife and mother, but they love me anyway. 🙂 By the grace of God, I continually try to improve each day, because they certainly deserve it! And I often back off from an argument with my husband by repeating to myself, “Grace and forgiveness, grace and forgiveness.” NONE of us are perfect. When I want to pounce about something that is bothering me, I remind myself that there is so much that my husband could “attack” about too, but he doesn’t. <3

  378. I was diagnosed with a long term illness nine years ago. The landscape of my life changed, and I felt tremendous loss as my marriage broke down, I had to leave my teaching career and I faced losing my home. I thought nine years ago that this illness and everything surrounding it was the worst thing that happened to me. It has actually been the best thing that ever happened to me because it cracked open my heart and let the light in. I believe deep in my heart that God gave me this illness so that I could learn to lean on Him, to really feel and see the beauty in the small things of life and to appreciate everything just as it is. Experiencing this illness has taught me everything I know about how to love myself, other people, life and God, and I’ve still got so much to learn. It has been unbelievably painful, lonely, beautiful, challenging, and humbling. I am still living with the illness nine years on but I am a different person than I was nine years ago and I am so very grateful for the changes in how I see the world, how I see myself in the world, how I connect with and relate to myself and other people, and my relationship with God. ♥

  379. I come from a background of abuse, and every day I am grateful for God’s grace in leading me to a new life of freedom.

  380. I see God’s grace at work in my life when I forgive my kids for their mistakes and they can forgive me for all of my mistakes too.

  381. I see God’s grace when I look at my beautiful healthy children. Worrying about my oldest dd now (just graduated from college a couple of weeks ago) since she went to Africa on a medical mission trip by herself. Hoping God will watch over her in the next couple of weeks and that she comes home safely!

  382. today’s grace was that even though i was stressed and things were hectic and i forgot stuff…it didn’t ‘rub’ off on my kids for their first day of school….in fact, i don’t think they even noticed they were so excited 🙂

  383. I find it difficult to fully embrace grace. I see it everyday and I believe in it. I just have a hard time accepting that it applies to me. I gladly extend grace to my children, family, friends and co-workers. And know that it is also offered to me by my Father in heaven. But knowing and living in it are two different things. In the past I have tried to live a life of goodness so I didn’t need so much grace. But we all know how that works out…I live the life of a sinful human and wallow in the guilt of being ‘less than’. So, Each day I am trying to embrace it more. Trying to live it more. Trying to accept it. All. The. Way. In.

  384. I know exactly what you are saying, Lisa. My daughter had Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome and she was broken in the world’s eyes. It took me some time to accept her brokenness and to stop trying to fix it. In the process I realized how broken I was because I could not see the miracle she was and how God had created her perfectly in His eyes. I wanted my miracle to be on my terms. I learned to see her in a new light and to realize each day was a miracle.
    She went to heaven seven years ago when she was nine years old. I was so broken- on the inside and the outside for a long time. I still have hidden scars but I wake up each day and look for the miracles and beauty in my eighteen year old daughter and my four year old adopted daughter. And I know it is only by God’s grace that I can keep smiling through the brokenness.

  385. Reading these post makes me see how blessed I am. I don’t think it would be fair to post any of the things that I have to worry about. You are all so strong. God bless you!

  386. I see God’s Grace in our church family. The way they treat each other and support one another is inspiring!

  387. It is by God’s grace alone, that our daughter, Cora, who was born with a cleft lip and palate (she’s now 11, but still has difficult speech, and will need more surgery), finds joy in her everyday life. She is confident, despite knowing that her face looks different), outgoing, bold, a dear friend to many, and such a blessing. Most importantly, she loves Jesus. She’s not ashamed of who she is. I need to learn from her more, as I often wonder what people think when she’s talking to them, wondering if they can understand her. I am ever grateful to God for blessing her with this personality. Thank you, God.

  388. These stories of God’s grace are amazing and encouraging! Seven years ago, our oldest son and his wife had their first born. He was born with a rare and deadly disease. We were told he would only live 24 hrs. His name is Ezra. He lived for just over 9 months and was a joy and delight. Our children clung to God and hope through the whole time Ezra was with us. Sometime after, their hearts, in grief and anger, turned away from God. It has been a time we have needed grace to deal with our loss of Ezra, grace to love and support our children, and grace to just TRUST that God’s plan is good and to rest in not knowing what the outcomes will be, other than His glory. He is a good and loving God. He is in control. He can be trusted.

  389. I see grace in our children, how they interact with each other, and how welcoming they are when meeting new people.

  390. I see grace every day in my mother. Her patience astonishes me. My father (her husband of 37 years, together for 44) is battling incurable brain cancer. She is with him every day and as he declines (can’t walk, shower, etc) she is there to help him continue to live his life. There is absolutely no one this is harder on than her, yet she continues to carry the burden with grace.

  391. Seeing God’s grace in our financial situation….the lack there of causes us to cling to and depend on Him more. Interestingly enough, this brings peace even in the midst of financial trial.

  392. I too have a son with special needs who is 11. I also tried to “fix” him for years, my acceptance took a long time, but what a relief when it finally come. I am no longer embarassed when we go out and about like I used to be. I challenge anyone who dares to stare. I find myself drawn to him more and more over the years, he is my anchor, my love. But, if I won I would give this to my beautiful friend Julie, who too has a son that turned 12 in July. He had a rare disease and wasn’t expected to live past a year. But because of her love and dedication to him he lived well beyond that. He passed away 2 1/2 weeks ago and my heart hurts so much for her. Her son Collin always had an amazing smile even while enduring immense pain. I would love to give this to her. Thanks for the opportunity.

  393. My husband is a children’s pastor. Kids are such a great reflection of God’s grace. They don’t look at the world quite like adults do. Their versions of beauty, forgiveness, and simplicity, and mostly about love. They are always surprising us. His grace is always there if we are willing to see it. <3

  394. I see God’s grace daily through my husband. I’m forgetful, unorganized, and sometimes just plain messy. My husband is so very much not that way, yet he rarely gets impatient or upset with me! 🙂

  395. Just helping me through one day at a time! Living them with joy even though there’s plenty that could take that from me! But He has given So, So many blessings – just to have the eyes to see them.

  396. God has been showing me amazing grace in the friends and church family he has blessed me with. Friends who are there to help and pray and be there through anything and everything. It’s so amazing and I am so thankful that He put us here and brought us all together. He is an amazing God.

  397. I saw this necklace and fell in love. It speaks so truly to my heart.
    When I was diagnosed with a serious medical tumor, I was told that my my life was in jeopardy. Broken and afraid, I turned my worries and pain to God and its by HIS grace alone, that I am alive and healthy today. I carry this verse Eph 2:8 with me everywhere to serve as a constant reminder of this amazing gift I was given.

    “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith —and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”

  398. I see God’s grace every day when I look into the eyes of my children and grandchildren. When I wake up in the home that I love and the auto I drive to to the career I have after the Grace of God saved me from an abusive husband. Even though he said I would amount to nothing. Through the Grace of God I am something. All things are possible.

  399. I am reminded every day of God’s amazing grace for our family when I look at our two, beautiful, 4 year-old twin daughters. The doctors told us that there were multiple problems, and that the likelihood of even one surviving was not good. We were encouraged to abort, but we chose to put our trust in our very faithful God, and after months of praying, believing, medical tests, hospitalizations, and over two months in the NICU, we brought home two healthy baby girls. Our daughters will be five this year, and every day I’m reminded that His grace alone is what sustains us and gives us hope and abundant life. I know that things could have turned out very differently, but I am just humbled and very grateful that He chose to answer our prayers and give our girls life.

  400. God’s grace… I have felt it during our newest adventure of homeschooling, but in SO many ways in the past as well… losing a son, losing a job, in decisions that were made for us… His grace covers a multitude of hurts, angers, and disappointments. But, it also covers during joy, fullness, and sweet surprises as well.

  401. I see God’s grace in my children’s laughter, in the peace of my porch, and in the fresh morning air. So thankful we have a God who showers us with love in so many unique ways!!

  402. I see God’s grace every moment…especially those moments when I “mess up” & know that He is there to guide me back on track!

    Beautiful necklace! I have always loved it! 🙂

  403. I see God’s grace in the way He helps me have more patience with our sons, an amazing community of new friends and play dates in our new town and the joy of 2 sweet boys and a comforting husband who encourages me so –

  404. I see God’s grace working in my life in so many ways. He lifts me up in caring for my child with special needs and homeschooling all my children. Without Him, I am nothing. I got very sick from stress a few years back, but I think I had to hit rock bottom and totally empty myself, so He could fill me up. I finally accepted the fact that I cannot do it without Him. God is good!

  405. It is by grace alone I am learning to be a patient wife and mama as my husband’s job requires so much time.

  406. Compared to others my needs to His grace seem small. Someday right now I need grace just to get everything done in my day. My husband and I have our own photography business, I just started a wedding play and our 2 year old son is demanding more attention. His grace is also needed as we trust Him to provide not only for our daily needs but for our business expenses and the right house to move to as our looks like it is going to be sold.

  407. My brother passed away at the age of 20 of muscular dystrophy. Every day I “try” to think of the things I get to experience that he didn’t get a chance to.

    God blessed me with my healthy kids that I believe my brother had a hand in. Also the fact that my parents can enjoy being grandparents. By God’s grace alone, I’m living a great life that not everyone gets the extreme benefit of having!

    First time on this site via Lisa Leonard designs on FB…going to bookmark right now! 🙂

  408. I see grace in my two children. They forgive so easily and live life to the fullest. They embrace that Jesus loves them without asking the hard questions yet, they are only toddlers. I want faith just like theirs.

  409. My son has developmental disabilities and I can relate completely to the feelings you shared. To find the acceptance that these are the things we just cannot fix we give the power and control to God and allow Him to do His magic with our little one’s that we love so dearly. Praise the Lord for His plans for our kids even when we can’t see them and they don’t make sense. He loves them more than we do. 🙂

  410. God’s grace in my life is HIM giving me freedom to live my life to the fullest. It is my Saviour blessing me with a wonderful husband, a new life growing inside of me right now, a home, everything I need and more and a HOPE for an eternal future with HIM. It is a bit overwhelming when I start thinking about it. Praise God for HIS Grace in our circumstances!

  411. By the grace of God I became a grandmother for the first time ten days ago. He weighed less than 5 lbs but is strong and healthly. I can’t wait to see what is in store for this precious baby boy!

  412. I see GRACE everyday. We are foster parents and have fostered 67 children in our home in 8 years. We have adopted 4 of those children and you sometimes think that when you get them young that the BROKENESS will be put back together by your love and nurture. And though some of it is, by Gods grace, not ours, it is. But their is and still remains the left over cracks of all the hurt and abandonment that was previously done to them. They will become wonderful people, they touch the hearts of many, and they will have lots to share due to the left over cracks but it will only be by GRACE. So Bless the other people like us that God has called to do this Hard Job and know on the days it is so hard to watch all the pain they endure and to continue to see the cracks that God is with us and he knows the plan for them and us.

  413. My 4 year old son was diagnosed with a learning disability last week, and I’m gradually realising that it’s by grace alone that I’ll make it through each day, as I struggle with grief and readjust my hopes and dreams for him.

  414. Thank you so much Lisa, this was perfectly what I needed to hear today. You are an outstanding Mummy to your boys (and make such beautiful jewellery too!)

  415. I see grace each morning. I wake up and am greeted by 3 amazing kiddos and an amazing, loving husband. We may live half a world away from our parents, siblings, neices and nephews, but by His grace- each day is full of blessing and we appreciate our rare times together so much more.

  416. I see God’s grace everyday in the little things, like my children’s smiles or their giggles. I also have seen God’s grace in giving my father a 2nd chance in life, as he is a survivor of pancreatic cancer. That is the biggest grace of all! God is good!!

  417. Sometimes life throws you curves that are totally unexpected, as we’ve seen from the above comments. When these come, I turn to Psm. 42:11, the Word of God that I can trust. He is SUCH THE comfort in life. The trustworthy one. The comforter, lover, friend, counselor. His Grace keeps us putting one foot in front of the other, and focusing on the GOOD in life. Phil 4:7,8 ~ Thanks be to God for the unspeakable gift of Him and His Grace to carry us…… He’s ‘been there’ !!

  418. It is by His Divine presence in my life, helping me at every crossroad that I know it is His Grace Alone that I am his dear child. During the long dark days of my parent’s divorce, then years later mine, it was his strength that kept me sane. The times I turned away from friends and family and the Lord, yet he was there waiting with patience.

  419. When my words are not life-giving, when my actions are selfish, when my thoughts are not holy , I am thankful for GOD’S grace.

  420. God’s grace has helped us as we walk through non-Hodgkins lymphoma with my dearest Momma…my oldest having her heart broken by the young man who promised to marry her and a plethora of other large and small struggles…BUT GOD!!! He is good, He is our Healer, He is faithful and He is more than enough!!! Hallelujah!!

  421. So thankful that the Father sought me and even revealed His grace to me. For so long, I did the go to church, read the Bible, and pray as part of my daily things to check off. How merciful He was to not leave me there…thinking I was doing all the “right things”. Could write a novel listing all the specific graces, but the fact is that His grace is there with every breath I breathe…never failing.

  422. Today, as on many days, I saw God’s grace in my mother. This amazing woman who understands my third-trimester hormones and let me cry on the phone today during my planning time, just becuase I needed to. When my students, coworkers, go-to friend, and even husband don’t understand, she wrapped her arms around me with her words and spoke the grace that is was ok, and I was going to be fine- all is well. Thank you Jesus.

  423. I have been seeking (and finding) grace for the past 4 years in dealing with my own son. He has a lot of developmental delays and challenges, although he looks perfectly normal. In some ways, this makes it even more difficult as people assume he is a “typical” kid and then treat me like a bad parent when he acts out. But God has taught me more about His love and grace through my son than through anything else, and I am thankful for him every day.

  424. I have been saved by the Grace of God. I am a recovering alcoholic. I have been in recovery for 3 years january. If it was not for the Grace of God I would not be where I am at now. He has shown me forgiveness and humility in a way I woud have never thought. I have no regrets in my lfe because if it wasn’t for the things I have done I would not be where I am at today. I am truly blessed to have a almighty God that forgives and doesnt call the qualified but qualifies the called. I am truly saved and living day by day (by the grace of God).

  425. I see the Lord’s Grace through my kids , my husband , also by Believing myself as a daughter of God’s children. After we had our three kids I was able to understand Grace more because God so loved the world to give his only son and when we had our three kids that made more sense to us how much God Loved us. Still trying to believe that he takes our brokenness and turns it into something Beautiful. I’ve seen love through different experiences that My Husband & myself has had to go through but even when they were some tough storms that had to pass we feel like our strengh has come through the Lord. I think the Lord talks through me with different songs and daily devotions. Thank you for always having encouragement for me through the pictures you post or scriputures or little stories like this one on facebook. It has Brighten up many gloomy days for us. Lori Beebe

  426. I see God’s grace every time I look at my growing baby belly. I am scared and excited all at the same time. I know there will be days when I realize my full potential as a mother and other days where I fall so very short. Relying on grace and putting my little one in the Lord’s hands!

  427. God’s grace is so amazing! I feel it everyday, because I screw up everyday and I don’t deserve this amazing grace God shows me! It is difficult to put into words! To God be the glory forever and ever!!!!!

  428. One of my grandmother’s favorite sayings was…”It is but by grace I go”. When I was younger I did not fully understand the depth of this saying.
    Now much older, and seeing heartache and joy through life, I understand how totally dependent I must be on His grace to live out my walk in Christ.
    My best friend has also taught me so much about how to look at myself, my family, those that hurt me, and my circumstances through the eyes of God’s grace,
    If I happen to be GRACED by this necklace, I plan to hold onto it, to give to my friend as a Christmas gift.
    Grace to you, Lisa

  429. I see God’s grace daily when I know I have made mistakes in parenting such as responding to a frustrating situation with a certain tone of my voice. Does my child hold it against me? Never—he still sees me as Mom. I am the one who is ashamed of my response and it is only by God’s grace that I am allowed another day, another chance, another moment to ask forgiveness and move on.

  430. God’s grace is amazing! I love all the verses in the bible oon grace. my forite is the one about the grace of God making who we are. We are each unique and it reminds me when I am down that there is not another me, nor was there ever or will be. His grace reminds me He made me. with a purpose, a specific purpose. that makes me feel special.

  431. I see Gods grace every moment of the day by looking into the awesome gifts he gives me. I look into my kids face and I’m so blessed and I see thats only because of Gods loving grace. Grace helps me to show others kindness that they don’t deserve simply because I don’t deserve Gods kindness but he sees fit to give it to me! I love your necklace!!

  432. we have an almost 2 1/2 little guy who has been a “non-sleeper” since birth – and I am so tired! – but God, in His goodness, has also made him to be a snuggler. While it is exhausting it is also the sweetest thing to have him rubbing his hands on our skin, snuggling in our bed, etc. So soon he’ll have grown out of this and I’ll miss it (even though I’ll be better rested!).

  433. I see grace everywhere all day and am so thankful. I have a son with OCD, a son with gallbladder and liver problems, and two sons with learning challenges. My husband is active duty military with post war struggles. He is living in another state right now. I was not able to go to our next assignment due to my health struggles. I am so thankful no one is in the hospital or worse. We are very blessed and God’s grace is everywhere.

  434. Each day as I wake up and realize He has given me another day to walk this earth, I feel his grace. Knowing that Christ took my place when i’m truly the one who should have suffered lets me see his grace moment by moment.

  435. Where do I begin? By God’s grace, I am surviving thyroid cancer…having to my mom in a nursing home due to dementia…raising my 10 yr. old grandson who has Aspergers (on the autism spectrum), OCD, ADHD, anxiety and depression…not to mention my own depression. GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!

  436. Grace alone has me re-entering life being widowed 14 months ago – I was more than broken – I was shattered – It is only by God’s grace that I am seeing “life” again and I find in doing so and allowing the tears to come at unexpeted moments that I am able to share with others their experiences of brokenness as well.

  437. God’s grace has carried me and my children ever since I divorced their father 8 years ago. Its not easy being a single mother, much less of a child with adhd & aspergers. But God is always faithful & has always provided for us!

  438. I just had to pop over here to read the rest of your post. It’s awesome. How do I find grace? In trying to accept those who don’t understand me. By trying to smile at all those I meet–not only the ones who look nice and aren’t scary or different. By accepting who I am and the place I find myself in. I don’t want to be here (I have developed a chronic illness) but I am, and I have to find a way to accept it. I love your description of wearing it inside or out. It’s a perfect description. thank you

  439. i learn daily what grace is by the way God allows me to join in the work He is doing. i try to make eye contact with each person i come in contact with–i am a barista at starbucks–and some days it’s easier than others to remember that God loves each and every set of eyes i meet.

    God is also showing me grace today by allowing me to celebrate my son’s 18th birthday. 18 years of being his mom has given God plenty of opportunities to remind me of His grace at work in my life.

  440. I find Gods grace in every day – through His written word, my daily inspirational devotions and through the people he places in my life that I can help and encourage and be a light pointing to Him. In these last 3 years, my son who is 23 now went through a very difficult drug addiction. Through all the counseling, treatment centers, legal issues and in our support groups, I have felt God’s presence in such a personal way and HE alone has given me strength to get through the hardest times in my life. He has also given us a story to share with others…..and we are doing exactly that. He is faithful, patient and loving beyond words…… And through it all, I have grown closer and more intimate in my relationship with Him.

  441. I’m finding God’s grace in a new career. I just began my career as a fifth grade teacher, and God has shown me His grace in amazing ways. He has given me strength for the days, wisdom for the moments, and a class full of wonderful students! He is showing me grace in my relationship with my boyfriend. Just when I thought I would be waiting forever, He has thrown open doors like only He can; His grace is allowing us to move forward in our lives together! It truly is God’s grace that gets us through 🙂

  442. I have begun to make much needed changes in my life. As l step out in faith and obedience my fears and anxieties have evaporated! I truly am experiencing the “peace that passes all understanding” that the Bible speaks of! Truly God’s grace toward a stubbornly independent daughter!

  443. When I’m angry or frustrated with my kids and they offer me a hug – that’s grace. That they don’t dislike me or retaliate or lash out right back at me. It’s amazing to me how much a child will love their parents through anything, exactly like God’s unconditional love for us.

  444. I find God’s grace in my worries. It is amazing how He quickly shows me He is here when I need it. Just the other day I was stressing over money, which is something I do often, even when there is no reason to stress. I opened my Bible and it opened to Luke 12: 29-31″ And do not set your heart on what you will eat or drink; do not worry about it. 30 For the pagan world runs after all such things, and your Father knows that you need them. 31 But seek his kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well. “

  445. Really saw God’s grace this weekend when I was able to admit to my adult children that I had made a mistake in how I handled a situation with my parents (their grandparents). So grateful for this learning moment for all of us!

  446. I find God’s grace all the time. Sometimes, I don’t worry and God’s grace is always present to meet the need. He is so good and His timing is always perfect. It always builds my faith in His character and His timing.

  447. So many moving and inspiring posts! I was brought to tears before I even had the chance to scroll down and add my own comment.
    I see and feel God’s grace daily through the smiles and hugs from my six year old son. He is my heart.

  448. I see God’s grace in my daily life when I have to apologize to my boys or husband for being short or impatient with them and yet they forgive me and love me anyway. Such a reminder of how God forgives me daily when I ask Him to. Makes me want to be a better mom and wife.

  449. I see God’s grace daily when I look at my three wonderful children. When I was a teenager I was angry and rebellious. I was mad at God because of the way my relationship was with my parents, I wa mad at my parents and to be honest I couldnt have cared less if I lived or died. I was heavy into alcohol and messed around with drugs and boy was I the life of the party! I met a boy when I was 16 who was bad news of course and I ended up pregnant, August of my junior year I had my Cicely. God used this beautiful little angel to save me. I had something more important to live for, God used her to give me a voice, to give me strength, and to give me dreams for our lives. He couldve let me stay on that path of destruction that so many of my friends stayed on (I had attended 15 funerals by my 21st bday) but He gave me grace by giving me my daughter. If you see a pregnant teenager, love on her, it may just be God’s grace, saving her life.

  450. I know I have God’s grace everyday from all the mistakes I make and never turning his back on me. I am searching for directions in areas in my life and I know he will provide them for me in his time. I have to remember to be more patient.

  451. I see grace in the daily lives of my daughter who just turned twenty -one and just became a widow and my granddaughter who is seventeen months and just lost her daddy due to a heart attack at age twenty eight. He was our 7’2″ gentle giant whom so many loved and miss greatly! Through God’s grace, we have all struggled but are getting on with our lives and still praying daily for strength to make it better each and every day.

  452. I saw God’s grace when my four-year-old son prayed to receive Christ. I had just gone through an unexpected divorce, and I was worried about my son having a father. God told me my son does have a Father. He nudged my little boy to pray that prayer on FATHER’S DAY. What a loving, gracious God we serve!

  453. I see grace in my 4 yr old daughter who has Turner’s syndrome. She is so full of life but inside they is something “different” than any other child. She also has severe food aversion and until about a year ago would eat very little. The greatest thing that God shows me through her is the unconditional love that she gives to everyone and how she doesn’t like to see anyone hurting. I have a disease that causes me severe pain and fatigue. Without even saying anything she knows when I feel bad and she will come to me giving me hugs and kisses, saying “it’s ok momma, I love you!”

  454. I see God’s grace in so many ways! In the gift of my sweet husband and my two great kids, and especially that despite my sinfulness, the Lord works through me empowering me to help my husband and instruct and train my children. Most recently I see the Lord’s grace as He’s healing the ankle that I severely broke over 10 months ago. It has been a long journey of pain, growth and learning to rely on our Lord, but I’m back to walking normally and have only some rehabilitation left. I am so grateful that my Father in heaven is the great physician and I can trust Him to provide all my needs through His grace and mercy! 🙂

  455. I am alive today by Grace Alone! I was on a major path of destruction from an early age, adoption, rape, drugs, you name it. But here I am today, redeemed by Him for Him by grace alone!

  456. I see God’s grace everyday as a full-time mommy to two girls. When I first decided to stay home full-time, I was so scared that we wouldn’t be able to make it work financially, but time and time again God has provided just what we need. We’ve also discovered that we “need” a lot less than we had become accustomed to.

  457. I see God’s grace in how He has guided and protected my family over the years, including through graduate school, the birth of 2 children, cross country move, selling of a house and after 2 years living with my in-laws, the purchase of our current house. He continues to amaze me through the years and I look forward to what He has planned for us…because His plans and timing are always perfect!

  458. God has blessed me with Grace… increasing my courage, my strenght, and wisdom to take on a new roll. I’m raising my 17 year old grandson it’s not easy when you’ve not had teenagers in your home for over 20 years. God is paving paths I knew nothing about. God is making me brave. He is feeding our relationship. God is present daily as we walk through this home. By His Grace I’m able to take this new task on and be thankful my granson Tyler Martin is with me. There are blessing here.

  459. I see God’s grace everyday when I go to work to a job that I love. I get to teach those with diabetes that life isn’t over. They can live long healthy lives full of God’s grace

  460. God’s grace appears daily in my life. If I am feeling tired, lonely with an aching for more connection within my family, I know it is necessary to focus on what I have in life that far surpasses all I could hope for. It is by God’s grace I am enjoying each day with health, and new discoveries from His Word. It is a habit to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness for His grace to give my spirit the encouragement of His presence.

  461. So many mistakes & God is faithful…still faithful. So this lif He has given is by His grace alone

  462. What an awesome necklace!

    I see God’s grace in the beauty of my family. I see God’s grace in His Son, who died for me. I see God’s grace in each new morning. I see God’s grace in His continuing forgiveness of my continuing sins. I love Him and am so thankful for His grace.

  463. Throughout the day, every day, God’s grace covers my very exinstence. I don’t always recognize it, but I can look back and see that He has covered me with His grace. Besides everything else, the word, Grace, is the prettiest word in the english language.

  464. I work with college students– I am continually humbled by the way God uses me in their lives, and I am blessed at the way He uses them in my life! Love love love it.

  465. Over the past 3 months, my husband and I have faced much stress — more than any other time in our marriage. We sold our home, moved to a new home, he lost his job, and our daughter was born 3 weeks early. There are days when we find ourselves anxious and afraid, but other days we see God’s grace working in our lives — from the blessings of our dear friends and family to the sweet moments with our three year old and newborn. God is good. All of the time. And His grace will carry us through.

  466. Wow! I love this necklace! By grace alone…. that is a motto I have lived by for a long time. I have Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is a deformity of the face/eyes/ears. I have 75% + hearing loss. I always searched for something to make things be ok with my birth defect in everyday relations with other people. There are people who aren’t always nice about the way I look. I learned a long while back that there isn’t anything that I can do that can satisfy people and their rudeness about how I look. It came to me in a quiet way that …by grace alone… I am ok, and that God loves me so much and what is in my heart is what people should see in my face. I am so happy to have His salvation and that one day I will receive my new, glorified body. His grace is sufficient in all we have to endure on this earth. Thank you.

  467. I am a mess, really a disaster of a wife and mom and yet By God’s Grace, my husband and kids love me, especially my crazy Hubby who thinks I’m the best. God has blessed me abundantly!

  468. I see God’s grace working in my daughters everyday in the way they are raising their children.

  469. One way God shows me His grace is through my hubby. He loves me well whether I am lovable or not!

  470. I see grace everyday in the eyes of my three beautiful teenage daughters. I am double blessed to see the grace in the faces of the kids in my classoom. I choose to spend my life around and eucationg children, they are the vessels of Grace! You can never be sad after looking into the eyes of a child. They are all perfect!

  471. God has been showing me grace in my growth. I deal with not having patience, jealousy, loneliness, sadness, insecurity and God keeps bringing me through and showing me Grace.

  472. I lost my job in may, due to a “reorg.” I was in shock, angry, and felt at a loss as to how I was supposed to provide for my family (I was the major breadwinner). My family and friends pushed me to not lose hope. And by His grace was first offered a freelancing position which then became a full time position three weeks later. It’s in an industry I’ve always wanted to work in, and my previous background is a huge asset to what I do now. I am paid a lot less than before, but I am much more happier in this job than the last. It is difficult, and requires almost an hour long commute each way, but i am blessed to have found a new job that I absolutely love. And, I think he’s trying to teach me a lesson with the lesser income, I’m trying very hard to listen!

  473. I see grace every day as a nurse. Whether we are removing a lump from a breast cancer survivor’s remaining breast tissue for biopsy, while her husband anxiously waits or repairing a young man’s face after a car accident and his mom cries while holding his hand in recovery.

  474. I see God’s grace in my life daily…in the little and the big events that take place. That I am able to be here at this time is just one…that He loves me….that He has given to me such a beautiful family…oh, I can just go on and on. What a beautiful necklace and a great giveaway!

  475. God’s grace where to begin. Currently I have no income, but God’s grace has comforted me and taken away fear. He has given hope instead of dispair. And he has provided me with the belief that great things are in store for me. Without God’s grace I would have no hope, I would worry and be a nervous wreck.

  476. i absolutely adore seeing your smile and the smiles of your sweet david everytime i go on facebook. grace gets me through many days and many times it is His grace that reminds me of how blessed i am each day. when i see your david, he is perfect …. in your eyes and in the eyes of our savior. bless you for recognizing his perfection and loving him for what he is.

  477. About two weeks ago, I had pretty severe physical pain. I prayed, “Lord, please take away my pain.”

    At that moment I realized–how can I ask God to do that? When He takes the pain away, He endures it Himself. But He does. He sacrifices daily. He gives grace daily.

  478. I see God’s grace by his provisions for our family. He answers us in His time and listens to our prayers. We would be lost without HIM. I am ever thankful and when, for a moment, i am not, God reminds me where my heart should lie.

  479. I am struggling right now with grace in my life. I am beaten down by circumstances right now, but see little glimmers of grace here and there. I’m praying for strength right now to just get through.

  480. I receive – and give – God’s grace every day at school. I teach high schoolers at a Christian school where most of the kids are on vouchers and getting out of bad public schools. Some of them have sad home lives, and most of them just need a little extra love and to know someone cares about them. I receive God’s grace as I try to teach and love these students, and show them His grace in return as I do my best to show them to someone really does care.

  481. I am so grateful that God knows my every thought. It is such a scary place to be sometimes, in my head. I take great comfort in knowing that through His grace I can change what I’m thinking and turn instead to Him.

  482. I try to give and receive grace in my family. I didn’t grow up in a grace filled house and God made me aware of this attribute, along with mercy, as I became a believer. i want to help my son see these attributes in our family relationships.

  483. God’s grace is apparent each day when I look at my children. It is by grace alone God loves me, and it by His grace that I am strengthened to give grace to my children.

  484. Thank you, Lisa for sharing your beautiful heart and this touching story!

    Every day it’s by grace alone that I can be a good mommy to my three boys who are three and a half and under! And even on the days when I’m not “good”, when I fall so short and lose my patience and show my anger, God’s grace is still flowing abundantly to me and my precious littles, healing our hearts and providing for all of our needs. Praise God that I don’t have to do this life on MY own, but by GRACE ALONE!

  485. It is by grace alone that I am a single parent raising two rambunctious boys who light up my life.

    Thank you for your story. It was so inspiring.

  486. I am finding grace with my 2 children as we struggle through a divorce. My husband has struggled with many addictions and our family has been to hell and back but my children are the light of my world and we are figuring out a new “normal” for our lives.

  487. I see God’s grace in my life everyday through reading His Word, from the rising of the sun to the setting – He is faithful in His grace for me through His Son Jesus Christ.

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  488. I depend on His rich grace each and every day. I am blessed with four precious souls that call me Mama…grace is all around as we grow together. SO thankful His mercies are new every morning!

  489. I see God’s grace when I kneel down and ask forgiveness from my 3-year-old after I make a mistake with her. She never hesitates for one second and gives me the best hugs ever. What a great hint of heaven!!

  490. I have often wished for a child whose handicap was visible to all—we have so many struggles with outbursts, with anger, with homework, with chores, with every part of life, it seems, and it affects the whole family, and yet she now controls herself fairly well most of the time when among friends. My friend had a child with physical handicaps, and, although our girls were born close in age, we watched our daughter mature in being able to walk and run and speak while her little friend stopped walking and talking. She recently had 2 brain surgeries to help stop or slow down her frequent seizures, and she did not come out of her coma. We will be having her funeral on Friday. I rejoice that I have my child. God has given me this responsibility and I am looking for the blessings that also accompany my child. By God’s grace, he will make her into who he wants her to be, and by God’s grace, he will use my trials to make me into who he wants ME to be! His grace is sufficient, and he works in all things for my good because I love him. “For in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” Romans 8:28

    • Judi,

      Tell your friend I’m praying for her and the entire family! I can’t imagine what it is like to have a child with health issues, try surgery and then lose them.

      Praying for God’s blessings of mercy, grace & strength on everyone!

  491. I see God’s grace every morning as I get my granddaughter ready for school. We have safely made it through the first year following her mother’s death. Without each other I’m not so sure either of us would have fared very well.

  492. I see God’s Grace when I look into my children’s eyes, when I hear their beautiful laughter or I can hug their little bodies! My son is 5 and my daughter is 10 months. In between my two beautiful children, we unfortunately lost 3 little ones. We were so discouraged. We wanted nothing more then to have another baby to bless our lives. But God had other plans. Last October we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Every day I thank God for my children, everyday I thank God for blessing my husband and myself with these two babies. I know one day I will meet my other three, in heaven. So when I look over at the dinner table or while they are playing together in their room, I see God’s grace!

  493. Thank God for His grace. Its how I’m literally able to get up and function on a daily basis.

  494. Gods grace has been so evident in my life as I’m waiting for my precious son to come home from Haiti. This adoption journey full of highs and lows has immeasurably grown my faith and is a daily reminder of His all sufficient grace.

  495. I see God’s grace everyday in the life that I have. It’s not perfect and I often want more. But when I step back, I am able to see that it is through the grace of God that I have been allowed to have this life.

    My second example is that I recently gave birth to my daughter, at 37 weeks, due to pre-eclampsia. She is perfect and healthy. Me, on the other hand – I have been a big mess since she was born. The birth was really hard with some complications and an emergency c-section. The recovery was not going well, even though my dr. assured me all was normal. I ended up going into the ER and we found I had an absess and needed emergency surgery ASAP. The list keeps going. But, through it all, I keep telling myself, through God’s grace, she is well and, for that alone, I will deal with all this.

    Thank you for this outstanding message and giveaway!

  496. Gods grace has been so evident in my life as I’m waiting for my son to come home from Haiti. This roller coaster ride of an adoption journey has daily made me aware of His all sufficient grace.

  497. I see God’s grace in the face of my darling husband. He is truly a gift to me and shows me loving grace day in and day out, even though I don’t deserve it. I am blessed.

  498. God’s grace is so evident in the faces of all three of my children who love me despite the moments, hours, days when I feel like I’m not enough for them. I’m so humbled by their love and grace.

    So thrilled that this necklace is back, I had the older version and it was without a doubt my favourite piece of jewellery, some how it gave me comfort to wear it throughout grieving a miscarriage last year, the months of trying for another child and the appointments and ultrasounds when we did get pregnant again. I found strength in the reminder that with His grace we would be okay no matter what the outcome. I lost it the weekend that the baby we lost was due…some how it seems appropriate looking back. I wished I could have worn it the day my sweet daughter was born 7 weeks ago, but regardless I see God’s immense grace in her, He is so good! Looking forward to owning another one, whether won or bought and I think I’ll buy one for her too, someday I’ll love to give it to her and tell her the story of how I longed for her and how His grace alone sustained me.

  499. I see God’s grace in coming to a spot of honesty about the darkness of social anxiety, that hangs over every conversation & friendship since my oldest son was born, and in the much lighter place of beauty all around

  500. I see God’s grace in my path. From being a single mother with 4 young children to being in a blended family for the past 17 years with a total of 9 children. It was only by God’s grace that we came together (and survived). Our children are adults now and are productive and wonderful!

  501. God’s grace is always evident as He sees me through rough times every day and for many many years.

  502. I see Gods grace through my husband’s amazing love for me 🙂 So blessed and thankful 🙂

  503. I see God’s grace in providing for my family. We are on month 26 of my husband’s unemployment….God’s grace and provision carry us through a season that has been so long and so unexpected. Every night when my daughter asks me to sing Amazing Grace I am reminded how truly amazing God’s gift of grace is to each one of us.

  504. I see God’s grace in my life everyday because He has forgiven me of much and redeemed my past.

  505. What a wonderful reminder to “wear” each day – for ourselves and others! I need to remember it’s by grace alone as I care for my invalid mom with dementia who constantly accuses me and my family (husband and sons) of stealing her things – her nightgown, her dolls (she used to collect), and other things! I know it’s the dementia but it still hurts when she mistreats me or my loved ones!! I am learning to lean hard on God’s grace!

  506. I’ve always appreciated it when you, Lisa, have opened up about your son. I don’t know you but it helps give me a better perspective on how to respond and engage with people with disabilities. Sometimes it can be scary to reach out to someone- I am fearful that they don’t want to talk about it, that I will say something wrong, or that everyone talks to them about it and they are just plain tired about it. Thank you for giving me insight.

    I think that there is so much Grace and love beaming out of those with disabilities. I just feel like in their distance from us in this world they are so much closer to God.

  507. Grace is sustaining me yet again. My life has been riddled with one thing after another. I’m just trying to hang on for now, going day by day and praying for peace and happiness in the future. Without our Lord’s grace, I would have given up a long time ago succumbing to the depression, anxiety and PTSD that shadow my walk in life.

  508. In the last year, I’ve seen how God can take a job loss and make it beautiful–resulting in a closer marriage and family, a clearer view of what is necessary and important in life, and a deeper relationship with Him! God’s grace!

  509. I live everyday by god’s grace..,literally. 26 years ago I was held hostage for 2 years, beaten, drugged, and sexually abused. I never talk about it now. I am a proud mom to a nine year old little girl, a loving wife, and successful business owner. Just like the woman in the grocery store you can’t see my brokenness or the scars, but they are there. I know fully that I am only here by Gods grace. It is actually my daughters middle name. Thanks Lisa for sharing with us.

  510. I LOVE LISA’S JEWELRY! It’s by grace alone that I am aive today… I lost mymlast baby, Broden at 8weeks, and it was the result of an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding internally whe my fallopian tube burst, and am lucky that they did the surgery so quickly. I lost little Broden that day, but I have to opportunity to continue to live for Jesus! And be the best mother that I can be for my two beautiful girls!

  511. I find grace everyday in my job as a physical therapist…but, just recently I found God’s grace in the midst of a devastating wildfire. I live in Northern California and our small town was threatened by the Ponderosa Fire – a fire that grew to nearly 30,000 acres in less than a week and brought a wall of flame 300 feet high. Many have lost homes, pets, property, a sense of safety we once took for granted. But in the midst of this tragedy, signs thanking the firefighters line the roadways, people reach out to help others, tears are mingled with hugs…in the middle of a firestorm, God has shone his grace and love.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this gorgeous necklace….

  512. I find grace every day when I take care of beautiful son after losing one little one to a miscarriage

  513. My broken doesn’t really show. Pregnant unmarried teenage daughter and I bear the shame. Learning to love her and myself as God does, only by His grace.

  514. i have just been diagnosed with brain cancer that has spread. i am a 38 single mom of 2 boys. i have seen God’s grace daily by giving me strength, faith, courage and hope to fight this ugly, ugly disease. i will beat this through Gods wonderful grace!!!!

  515. I am noticing God’s grace all around me I deserve nothing from him yet he gives me life.

  516. I see God providing full time employment for me rather than my husband. It is not how we would like things but He is providing for us and we are grateful.

  517. I see God’s grace daily in my own brokeness. I suffer from depression and sometimes it is dark and lonely and overwhelming and then His grace covers me and upholds me in the midst of my failures and imperfections. My husband and children exude grace, too, but their acceptance of me and my shortcomings.

  518. My daughter is going to be 30 years old in November. She lives in a townhouse with a roommate of similar age, works as a childcare aid at the local YMCA, and has a robust social life and many friends. Oh, and one more thing, she was born with Down Syndrome. She also wears the signs on the outside of being broken, but spend a little time with her and she has a light that shines around her and the physical signs disappear. She touches people every where she goes and is a tremendous read of other people’s character. When she was born I had all these preconceived notions of what her adult life would be like. Boy, was I wrong! I am very proud to be her mother.

  519. Too often I set too high of goals for the day, the week, the season…. My mind has it’s own idea of accomplishments that must be met, and when I fail it’s hard to extend the same grace and mercy to myself that I would extend to others. It’s still a learning process for me, (even though I am not a new believer nor a young woman) that it truly is God’s grace alone that completes my day, not how many things I have crossed off my list.

  520. I see God’s grace in His love for me even when sees the depths of heart, and sometimes what’s there is not always good 🙁

  521. Going through this illness – God’s grace is shown to me every day – family, my very best friend (sister), new friend battling her own illness, but brings my spirit a lift every time we talk, co-workers, friends gone by the wayside who’ve returned into my life – yes his grace is upon me every single day. Did it take my illness to open my eyes to this? I’d say – YES – by the Grace of GOD.

  522. I find grace new every night when I am starting to beat myself up for the mistakes I’ve made all day and I find it new every morning when I wake up and see that God has allowed me to start a day fresh again.

    His grace is the only way I can sleep at night or get up in the morning!

    Thank you for sharing this story Lisa! It was beautiful and a reminder that everywhere we go there are people who are hurting and need to be encouraged!

  523. I am finding God’s grace in my relationship with my husband. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and what I used to see as weakness, I now see through God’s eyes! His grace, His love is now how I see my husband.

  524. God’s grace is helping each day as I navigate the new, rough waters of being an empty nest mom. We took one son to college 30 miles away and our youngest 2400 miles away. I’m so grateful and blessed to have a wonderful husband to share this journey with. His mercies are new every morning!

  525. I see grace through my loving husband of 23 years every day! Even though my son is not of his blood, he loves, cares, and does for him in so many ways! He has loved my son like his own ever since we have been married. My son has been privileged to have had him as a coach, a mentor, and most importantly, a spiritual guide. My husband has never once uttered a regret that he had to raise my son. I thank God for the grace that my husband has shown both my son and me!

  526. If you’re. Looking it is hard to miss…Grace is everywhere. I am currently upheld by His arms of love after my third. Baby was born two. Months ago with no nasal passages making breathing impossible. We spent all summer by her side., leaving our other children, missing everyone. We have finally got her home but her care is extreme as the little dear struggles to breathe. Grace is found in the very next breath. Not too mention the daily dose of forgiveness we all needwhen living as sinners under stress.

  527. God’s grace is at work in me as I continue to have heart and energy to work on a relationship that is painful and disappointing. I have to frequently ask for it, but as I wait I find my heart changed from ready to retaliate to ready to give. Sometimes the shift is drastic – amazing.

  528. forgiveness at the end of the day when harsh words have been spoken through the day and little patience has been shown.

  529. What an amazing collection of testimonies to God’s grace! So touching to read. By grace alone is a phrase with special meaning to me too. My husband and I went through several years of infertility treatment before having a son via IVF. There were a lot of factors that seemed to make his existence improbable, but he’s here and is the most wonderful 10 year old boy and I marvel at him everyday. A few years after he was born, we tried again…for we had never determined the reason for infertility…and ended up repeating the process. After a failed attempt, I remember praying to God that I just was putting it in His hands. We would try one more time and only “by grace alone” we would have another baby. Well, we now also have the most amazing 6.5 yr old boy/girl twins…and my daughter’s middle name is Grace. By grace alone, we have been blessed with three miracles and by grace alone we have grown in our own faith and grace towards others waiting upon the Lord for their heart’s desires. I love Lisa Leonard and her work…I am so excited for her faith collection and the encouragement it will bring to so many. Thanks for sharing it here!

  530. I see the grace of God in my life, every single day. And perhaps it is easy for me to do so because I am able to see Him in everything. He is in sunshine and blue skies. He is in the majesty of the mountains that surround me. He is in my children’s laughter and in the dreams I have for them as their mother. He is in all of us. I see how He watches over me and helps guide me on my every day decisions. He never leaves me alone.

  531. I see His grace in how I’m forgiven daily for my shortcomings. No matter how often I fail, He forgives, washes me clean & calls me His child. Humbling.

  532. Growing up as a frightened little girl who often never felt good enough, I’m grateful for God’s grace within the many loving relationships I have today; for bringing me wonderful women friends (my “God with skin on”) who need me just as much as I need them. Because when life gets tough, someone is always there to remind me that nothing happens in God’s world by mistake… and I, in turn, have been given to the opportunity to serve up that reminder for another.

  533. God’s grace is evident in my two daughters. One who challenged every lesson of motherhood. The other who reinforced my ability to mother. Both give me strength and inspiration, and faith that only God knows what my plan is.
    This was a beautiful post! Thanks

  534. I would actually love to win one of these necklaces for a friend. She was a member of the life group we joined at the beginning of 2009. Her family moved shortly thereafter but we and others in our group have kept in contact and visited occasionally. Earlier this year she delivered her fourth baby knowing she had been diagnosed with some pretty serious medical problems. Her sweet girl lived only a short time but the way her mama has held fiercely to God and laid her heart out bare has been truly inspiring. I know that she would say it is by His grace alone that her family is coping with such loss. Thank you for the opportunity to bless her in some small way.

  535. I see God’s grace in saving me from the sin I was in. That is a HUGE example of the Lord’s grace in my life.. But I continue to see His grace daily when I fail or continue to make the same mistakes.. He is a God of love, comfort, grace, and peace.. And I am thankful to call him ABBA..

  536. I see God’s grace extended to me, the lowliest of sinners. Everyday He blesses me and shows me His love by beckoning me to come to Him, to talk together, to walk side by side, to share in the days’ goings-on. To realize that He still treasures me after my faithlessness is grace beyond reason.

  537. I see God’s grace everyday in me and my girls’ lives. As I struggle throughout the day, God gives me the strength and encouragement to go on.

  538. I see God’s grace every single day of my life as He continues to guide me, heal me and provide for me! Sometimes it feels like the hard times will never end but at the end of every day… I know it could be so much worse…and even that is God’s grace! Xoxo

  539. I see God’s grace in the rows and rows of empty, expectant desks in my almost ready classroom; God teach me and my students this year True Grace in a critical and faithless world.

  540. An inch of rain fell, a little on Saturday but more on Sunday. By grace alone. Thank you Father. We didn’t deserve it, but You blessed us anyway.

  541. Right now I’m trying to see and choose grace with my autistic son. He screams at us and has outbursts along with negative behavior. However hard it is, I take joy in the fact that I once prayed for him to even be able to speak. Now his words are many. He’s so funny, smart and has such a loving heart. We focus more on what he’s great at instead of what his flaws are. It helps our family to learn to love everyone.

  542. By the drama my family is facing right now, I just can’t see my life other way than God’s grace holding me and getting me through. By Grace alone is what I do believe it’s making me smile even though there are so many things to cry about.
    It’s the Grace that helps me to find Love, forgiveness and understanding.