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  1. I saw the Christian binders and notebooks at the store this year and took it as confirmation of our prayers. Every school year I prayed about homeschooling, never feeling peace. Finally this summer the peace I had been waiting for was overwhelming. The thought of sending them to school made me uneasy. So my husband and I prayed about it and agreed it’s finally God’s perfect timing! Ironically enough last year I started working thinking, “ugh I guess the stay at home season is in the past”…I began moving forward. God has placed on my heart to set aside all my plans and desires and put my family first Making my family my first ministry, many ask the question, “Why homeschool?” I am homeschooling because I feel it’s my primary ministry. I am blessed to do so. Tomorrow is my first official day 4th kinder and preschool! – After school I’m going to make my hair appointment as I anticipate the possibility of going grey in the process! HAHA I am not naïve in thinking it will be easy, but everything of value is worth the sacrifice! I would much rather squish them small again but then I’d miss all the current precious moments they create.