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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. Wow – “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.”

    That is very powerful, and I think I will need to chew on that for a while. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts!

    • Ann I’m 46 years old a homeschool mom of six and have struggled wIth fear for most of my life. Today was a particularly rough morning, you know those morning when tears flow effortlessly. I found your article and knew God was present. I will choose eucharisteo even if my heart is faint. Thank you for sharing Ann.

    • Ann I’m 46 years old a homeschool mom of six and have struggled wIth fear for most of my life. Today was a particularly rough morning, you know those morning when tears flow effortlessly. I found your article and knew God was present. I will choose eucharisteo even if my heart is faint. Thank you for sharing Ann.

      • Dear Christina, I know your pain; I feel it now and live it. I was thanking God tonight after being criticized, rejected, hearing sarcasm…I thanked God for taking on the ultimate rejection and pain for all of humanity. I know I can face any fear knowing the fear and pain and rejection that Christ took on for us… for you and for me.May Jesus Christ be Praised through this trial you are going through. Susie

    • I choose faith over fear because God did not give me a spirit of fear but of Power,Love and a sound mind (from 1Timothy 1:7)

    • I was married over 30 yrs. ago. I learned how to be afraid over those years, till I became someone else. Someone who always thought what to say, when & how to say it so that I wouldn’t receive anger as a response. So many times I just didn’t do something to try to keep things peaceful. I came to accept Christ on Good Friday, 14 years ago. I was about ready to just give up. I didn’t want to be here anymore. God gave me so much strength. I thought my husband would come around, but no. He thinks I’m a Jesus nut. So be it. I’ve never not been afraid. But now Ive realized I can’t do this anymore. I must trust God that if it’s something He puts in my heart or mind, then I must say or do it. It scares me to death, but He says He has a plan for me. Not to harm , but prosper so I’ve got to take Him at his word. So if you think of it please pray, cause I don’t want to be afraid anymore. I’m needing much courage. Thanks for listening.

      • I am praying for you, Christina. God is for you, and He will give you all the strength you need, even when it seems you cannot possibly take one more step. With Him, nothing is impossible. You can do this. He will protect you–He is a shield. Please read Psalm 16:8-9, as it will give you strength, resolve, joy, and peace. Just remember to set the Lord always before you. 😀

        • I’m praying for you, too, Christina! I read your story and it is very similar to mine. I changed into a different person, too. Doing what you did, too, in order to avoid the “anger as a response”. I nearly gave up too…. but I’m still here. 🙂 Hang in there. You are loved by the Greatest Lover. You are beautiful in His eyes. He made you, and you belong to Him. Joel 2:25 “I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…” It’s a beautiful passage…. full of hope.
          Here are some things that have helped me:
          *Anne Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” I read it and it is what began my journey to healing and hope.
          *Professional counseling has also been invaluable for helping me not give up.
          *This John Piper sermon… reminding me that Jesus is praying for us, too!!

          Know you are loved! Tears for you, Christina. God bless you!

      • Christina – I am praying for you. I too had fear of an angry response and hurtful words. In reading and meditating on God’s Word, I know of his love and strength. I remind myself (a lot) that our God is a wonderful, loving God and he is in control and have come to trust fully in Him! ( Joshua 1:9.)

      • I understand and I will pray Christina . Thank you for having the courage to share this in an authenic way. You are not alone in this.

        The Lord is near.
        Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation
        by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.
        And (here’s the promise) the peace of God, which transcends all understanding , will He guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Phil 4: 6-7

        He will be faithful to keep His promises.

      • Christina, God hates divorce!! Do NOT become like people of this modern world and throw away over 30 years of marriage. If you do, you may find that you may end up with someone else’s problems instead of working on the husband you have. Keep praying for your marriage…prayer still works. If your husband is not physically/mentally abusing you, and if you’ve not sought Godly counsel, you must try to make your marriage work. God does not put your prospering before your marriage. You are to love your husband as God loves the church which means you must continue to forgive your husband and try to let him know how he’s hurting you. Even in the new testament it says it is permissable to divorce only for adultery and abandonment by an unbeliever…if you can’t forgive. Does not mean you should divorce but it’s permissable. The break up of the family is the number one cause of the declination of society today. Fight for your marriage/family with God on your side!!

        • Rick, I can appreciate your desire to follow God and his word. At the same time, God does not call us to lay down and let a husband abuse and kill us in their anger and rage. We are each created in the image of God. Allowing someone else to violently mar that image, to kill, steal and destroy us is not from God but from the enemy. God values marriage. God values life. I do belive in contending in prayer for marriage. Christiana said she has prayed a lot for her marriage. Let her have her voice.

          I continue now, 30 years after geting out of an extremely abusive marriage, to deal with the after effects of PTSD from the horrors I experienced and witnessed. I have forgiven my former husband, who was a believer in Christ and in the Bible and frequently misused it to keep me entrapped. However, I have also been physicially and emotionally scarred by the events. There were no shelters when I was abused, no hotlines, no safe place to get away from someone who carried a concealed weapon 24/7 and had multiple guns, who committed adultery on many occasions, who destroyed objects, killed pets, and tried to kill me on several occasions. I had pastors tell me to go home and be a better wife or tell your husband to take a cold shower when he is angry or have him take more B-Vitamins.

          It is not God’s will or plan to remain in a place of fear and oppression. It may be easy for you as a man to say what someone else should do, based on the Bible. I would, however, encourage you to pray, to care, and to have compassion, not to try to lecture someone, who has probably had more than her share of lectures which have already silenced her. I pray God may speak to Christina His words of love, endearment and encouragement as she finds her voice in His love. Christina, may you find God’s healing love helping you to find your voice, God’s healing and peace.

          God has been helping me to find gratitude in everyday, to be thankful for simple things like the wind in the trees and profound things like God’s incredible love and care for me, his protection, his grace, helping me to heal, to find life and to have a voice with which I can share his goodness with others.

          Blessings to you Christina! May God’s love surround you and protect you as you stand as a beacon of light.

        • Rick, I didn’t see Christina saying anything about divorce or remarriage. I wonder why you jumped to that conclusion. Standing up to an emotional abuser may very well lead to a necessary separation for her safety. It is not better or more godly to live with a dead heart to survive and keep the “peace” in an abusive relationship. I think she made it very clear that he is mentally or emotionally abusing her. Those that have never experienced this can not understand how destructive it is to wives and children. And the church often adds to the pain and isolation by telling her that if she were only being respectful and submissive enough he would not be doing it or that she has to stay and support him even if it kills her or her children. I believed that for 30 years and now coming to freedom but experiencing the shame of being a single mom in church. Yes we must forgive but God does not expect any one to live with abuse long term.

        • Betsy,
          I thought the same thing Rick did when I read that Christina said she “couldn’t do this anymore”. Now I see that she may have meant she can’t live in fear anymore. Anyway, I can honestly say that folks like Rick are a huge reason I hung on for over 25 years. People who lovingly and courageously spoke the truth of God’s Word to me. I’m so thankful that God enabled me to “hang on” because my marriage is now sweeter and stronger than ever before. So, thank you, Rick for speaking the truth of God’s Word.
          Oh, I will pray for you, Christina. Hang in there! We’re in a spiritual battle! Keep praying. Keep clinging to the truth of God’s Word. God promises He will never leave you nor forsake you.

      • Christina,
        My story is much like yours- Verbally abused, emotionally wrecked by a rageful husband, putting on my “false-self” so I could endure the emotional pain, staying for my child’s sake, knowing that God hates divorce, knowing that I would be so alone if I left, knowing that God works through painful situations to teach us and maybe just maybe, because He can do the impossible, He would save this marriage, and so on, and so on- Well last spring in Charleston, SC at an Ann Voscamp conference, a funny thing happened- Donna started to get her groove back after 17 years. I heard a little whisper that Jesus still loved me,which was validated again when Ann wrote in my book, “Donna, You are so loved by Jesus! All is Grace.” Well the next 2 months involved a 15-day stay for my child at UNC in the psych. ward for anxiety and family systems stuff, a 15-day stay for me at the Ronald McDonald House, my Dad having 3 strokes and my Mom having dementia. So along with a Raging, angry husband thrown in for good measure, it has been an eventful summer! But, then there’s God and those whispers! Alone in Chapel Hill, my heart being ripped out daily, the God Gifts started coming. And they came right in the middle of my Biggest, Dirtiest, Messed Up Pain Places! Oh, how HE LOVES US oh! I have struggled for years and years about leaving this verbally abusive man. I am scared out of my wits! But on Monday, I will be 50 years old, and I know that God has not put me on this earth to be someone’s personal verbal punching bag, or live in fear and walk on egg shells every minute of my
        life. I know I have purpose and I have to choose Life over death and Truth over lies. In the next days, I will be choosing LIFE by the GRACE of God. I am going to have a home where I am always accepted, always safe to be authentic, and not live in a place of fear! I am going to have a Soft place to land! Please, please get in your car and go get this new book called “Love Isn’t supposed to Hurt” by Christi Paul. This is not another Oprah moment where I am woman hear me roar thing. This book touched something in me that the other dozens of christian and secular books that I’ve read haven’t. Also, I read Ann’s blog everyday and also John Eldredge’s blog at “Ransomed Heart” They touch me so much! I promise I will pray for you, and I ask that if you think about me, please pray for me. Even though my next little while may be painful, I believe this will be a pain that heals, and not a pain that kills. Thanks for letting me share.

      • Christina,

        Your email so touched my heart. Over the course of many years, I, too, learned to be afraid, guarding my responses and my heart. He has changed little, but by God’s grace my heart and spirit are healing. I am reclaiming the years that fear stole from me and my ability to minister. Six years ago a business was started that ministered to women-physically through pilates with loving care for each one who came through the door. Many lives have been changed and despite a tough economy we continue to grow with God’s blessing. I am still a work in progress and must face down insecurity and fear daily, standing firm on the promises of God who loves and encourages me. My prayer for you is that God’s strength, grace, and peace will empower you today as you move to action.

      • Praying for you Christina. Can relate, 25 years
        My fear kept me in bondage to a person as I tried to keep him from getting angry, & from being sarcastic and verbally abusive. I started to see that our stuff was hurting our children. I started to attend a recovery group. This made him angrier, but God gave me strength to keep going. I started to set a few healthier boundaries- very small ones. He became more abusive and angrier. I had been having panic attacks for years and didn’t realize it- just thought I couldn’t sleep. Then I started to have stomach problems and couldn’t eat and lost 20 lb. in one year. I despised the thought of divorce and felt that it was the last thing I ever wanted to do to my children. Witnessing me being abused was worse for them During a study of Ezekiel I recognized my behavior was a form of idolatry. I tried to serve 2 masters. One would never be pleased with me. The other died for me & saved me and has never condemned me and never will. I kept on pursuing Christ. I realized that part of the problem was that he was jealous of my relationship with & my love for the Lord. But love is not jealous. He wanted the worship that I was to give to the Lord. There is a lot more. Separating from him was not a “decision” so much as a matter of life & death. The final event/comment left me feeling like I was in a fire and I felt that the skin was going to explode off my arms. My response was to flee. (When the pain exceeds the fear we get out of denial.) Since then I have been through a tough couple of lonely, difficult years of recovery, but I no longer have panic attacks. I am no longer a victim of abuse. I have recently filed for divorce and it feels horrible and sickening and like a big failure, feeling worse than a death at times. But it is not as bad as living in fear. There is so much I’d like to share, but mostly I urge you to please get good counsel. What you describe is a mockery of what God designed a marriage to be. Marriage is to be a picture of Christ and the church. The husband is to be dying for you, cherishing you, loving you (even if you did nothing to deserve it. ) Your “husband” sounds like an unbeliever/not a follower of Christ. And you are not living peaceably together. I believe you are free to go. I will keep praying for you. I pray that you will know how beloved and cherished you are by the Father. He is never going to leave you or forsake you or harm you. I’m so sorry for your pain and for your fear. I pray that God will set you free. Stay in the Word. Be very kind to yourself….you are fragile and hurt.

      • Dear Christina,
        I am also one who has been married over 30 years and lived in great fear the whole time. My children also. When I reached the place you have and realized I had to speak the truth and not be quiet anymore things became much worse.
        After two years of trying to live out truth instead of being shut down in fear my children were being destroyed and I had to separate from it. We also separated from a church that kept us in that place of fear. Now two years later we are still in the healing stage and coming to know who God made US to be instead of who someone or a whole group expected us to be. It took years working with a close friend/counsellor to realize it was sin to shut down in fear and not play out my part in the relationship come what may. Being quiet and letting an angry abuser think they are always right is not God’s plan for us as help meet. Yes, it takes much courage to do this and brings more anger when they realize they can not just overpower you into silence any more but God is able to provide it. I’ll pray for you and hope you will also pray for me.

  2. why I’m done with fear and living on the wing of His perfect love that casts out all fears? Because HE is all I need.

  3. Some time ago my son made a small dock with a cross on it to remind us of god’s forever presence and undeniable power-grace. When fear mounts, I slip that to k in my pocket as a carry along reminder that He’s got this. And it reminds me of the many times in the past when He’s shown this to me, again and again. (the giveaway would make ideal Christmas gifts for my amazing wife).

  4. I have feared being alone for many years and didn’t realize it. As God has shown me this paralyzing fear through his truth and painful circumstances in my life, I now cling to him and his truths knowing I am never alone and never will be. My God is enough!

  5. Fear is a lie. I have listened to the lies. No more will I let them stop me from living a life fully for Him.
    2 Thessalonians 3:3 the Lord is faithful, he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

  6. Fear is an emotion used by the devil….. When its all said and done God WILL prove himself faithful if I put faith in him. If I put faith in fear the devil will be right there, smiling, saying “gotcha!”

  7. Ann Voskamp, this was posted at a perfect moment for me. I have been struggling with fear, and you have encouraged me and pointed me in the direction where I need to fix my eyes. Thank you.

  8. Fear is a lie, praying this morning that I be a woman who stands in truth. This message is perfect in it’s timing, God is so good at that! Thank you for allowing His truth to speak through you.

  9. Worrying won’t add to my life! A single day. Often times the worrying and fears I think of end up making my feel worse and more anxious than if I were to put my thoughts on Him. Just like Philippians 4:8 says: And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

    Worry less, my friends!

  10. My biggest fear is often that I am not good enough….and right now I am both excited and afraid to start a women’s Bible Study at my church….mostly because I am afraid I will not be good enough to lead it. Thankful for this entry this morning and the encouragement this site always brings!

    • for april: i was right where you are now about 7 yrs. ago. the very Bible-knowledgable women that had led our Bible study for many years seemed to all leave within a year and there was no one else stepping up to lead but i NEEDED this Bible study to continue. God was telling me that i was it. i felt so inadequate to the task before me but i trusted in my Lord that he would equip me with what i needed. my style is different than the other gals’, i feel more like a facilitator than leader but it is perfect for us. i have a small (under 10) group of ladies that i just adore. God has given me the confidence i need to be their leader. if He calls you He will equip you, that is Hils promise.

  11. Well, there to be a lot of things I fear intensely…One reason I want to be done with fear is that when it gets intense (multiple times a day) I feel like I’m going to throw up–not fun…I want to rely on God to take away the fear, but it takes time I guess…

  12. Fear has paralyzed me from many things. I don’t step out of my comfort zone because I fear failure. I am coming to understand that I need to step out of my comfort zone so that Jesus can be my strength! He has gone before me. Deut. 31:8. He’s got my back!!

    • Agreed! I never thought of it that way, I’ve struggled with stepping out of my comfort zone a lot, but I like this perspective!

    • Tricia, I understand exactly how you feel. I live with the Same fear every day. I’m terrified to get a job so I’ve been a housewife for many years. I’m scared of what’ll happen to me if something happens to my husband. I’m not sure I could survive. I live with this daily. I pray you find your strength and peace.

      • to anonymous
        When my husband of 40 years was battling cancer and it didn’t look good I woke up in the middle of the night in paralyzing fear – terror really – how could I survive without him? financially? so much about our house I didn’t know (he was a better doer than teacher) the marriage had been very difficult but I had no confidence that I could survive without him. The Lord whispered to me in that dark night “I have been providing for you all along, I just did it through him. And I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to provide.” That was in 2003. He died that fall. My husband thought he was the one providing for me and that he was leaving me ok financially. Nothing ended up being the way he expected. But the Lord has provided in many ways – financially and emotionally and with the help I needed when I needed it. I have been through illness and fatigue and unexpected (and frightening) opportunities since my husband’s death. The Lord has been faithful through them all and as a bonus has allowed me to see all the ways He was preparing me for this time all along. I am surviving just fine – don’t know what the future holds but as the saying goes “I know who holds my future.” Nothing that lies ahead of you will catch our loving Father by surprise. He is already preparing you in ways you do not know. He IS FAITHFUL. I could write a book about all the ways He has proven His faithfulness – despite the tragedies and pain I’ve survived (father’s suicide – alcoholic husband – house fire – abduction and rape – and many many other difficulties). He doesn’t promise easy or painless – just His ever present love and faithfulness. You are unable to manage on your own – but you are not and will not be on your own. Tomorrow is in His hands and He is already taking care of it. His instruction is to trust Him for today – His strength is sufficient for our todays. And when tomorrow comes it will be sufficient for tomorrow as well. Fear really is the devil’s open door into our hearts. Keep that door shut with His help. Claim the truth of God’s faithfulness and send Satan packing. He has no rights were you are concerned. Perfect love casts out fear. God’s perfect love (we are never perfect).

        I now feel more free and confident and at peace than at any other time in my life. I know there will be pain and hurdles and difficulties ahead and I’m not getting any younger (I’m 69) but all the hard times have proven God’s faithfulness and sufficiency and tremendous love. My prayers are with you. It doesn’t matter how strong or capable you are – what matters is that His strength and His love are sufficient. May He bless you daily with His unfailing love and presence.

  13. Fear is exhausting…..I am tired of being exhausted. Freedom is free. So, freedom it is. Look out, here we come!

    • I just love this! 7. Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living.
      It is SO true!!!

  14. Fear keeps us from following God’s leading and doing his will. We need to keep our hearts and minds tuned in to hear God’s voice. Enjoyed your message.

  15. As a child growing up having been abandoned by my mother, the fear of not measuring up has hounded me like a blood-thirsty beast for years. It’s always been about the people. So many people have loved and left, and if I could just be whatever, better, good enough, then maybe, just maybe they would stay, love, be with me. It still hounds me, but I have chosen to shift my thinking when it’s nipping at my heels. I have a God Who loves me. Who wraps me in His arms. When so desperate to know of His love and steadfastness, I prayed, pled and begged for a sign that it wasn’t a farce. He showed me a beautiful picture of the day I was born. It wasn’t my father or mother or even a doctor or nurse who caught me. I was caught up right into the arms of THE Father. Since then, when the fear dogs, I remember. This most beautiful gift of belonging, just as I am. “Because He lives, all fear is gone.”

    • Yes, because He lives! Thank you for sharing today, BJ. Such a beautiful heart. Grateful with you today, for His mercy and grace…always helping in our times of need. With you! Because He lives!

    • John 1:12-13….. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God — children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

      BJ, this blessed my heart…. Thank you for sharing this!! He completes you!

      🙂 hugs

  16. I am done with fear how a significant other is living their life.
    Realizing I have done all I can do and now it’s their turn to take responsibility.

  17. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! I so needed to hear this. I often let fear paralyze me which prevents me from being the wife, mother, and homeschooler that my family needs and God intended me to be. I am not living my life to the fullest, but with God’s grace, I will put fear on the shelf, way out of reach, and trust in Him.

  18. This is great. I am thankful for these reminders about not fearing. I am not fearing because God is able and He loves me with a deep abiding love.

  19. I have feared failure so much over the course of my life, that may times, I have simply stopped in my tracks. I only take the known path. It would be untruthful for me to pronounce myself “done with fear of failure,” but I am taking baby steps. Each day, I move ahead. I take a risk, however small. And, I am consistently surprised by two things: I can do more than I give myself credit for; and failing every now and then… isn’t that bad.

  20. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am stomping out fear, because, I know it has held me back from things, and even people, that God would’ve heightened my spiritual awareness and blessings with. While I believe I’m where I’m supposed to be, and have learned so much, I will move forward, making sure that fear doesn’t keep me from being blessed, or being a blessING. 😉 Thank you for being an instrument, that has shaken me & given me more determination.

  21. oh wow! this couldn’t have come a better time. I’ve been stryggling with the fear of the unknown and I panic ay things I think might come – silly, I know! I turn to Jeremiah 29:11 when fear starts to stalk me and Icotinue to read that outloud over my life, my family and all our situations. Thank you for another rminder – bless you!

  22. I’m done with the fear of being the perfect mother and wife! Each new day is a gift from God to start fresh and be the mom and wife that God has made me to be and I am now giving thanks for these gifts He has given me rather than constantly reminding myself of what I could be but rather thanking Him for who HE has made me to be! Thank you, God!

    • Beautiful words and hearts here! I am reading, learning, soaking it all in. Truth. Daily reminders of Him, His love, His presence. Thank you, friends.

  23. That first one..”don’t fear failing…fear not obeying”….oh yes, there’s blessing in obedience, isn’t there? His presence is so thick when we step out in what He has for us. The Lord’s been pressing this issue with me lately – showing me His faithfulness when I choose His will….even in the face of fear and inadequecy.

    Fear will stifle a woman – rendering her useless. I know – it’s been something I’ve dealt with since childhood. Handing it all over to Him…daily, moment by moment even – He deals with my fears so gently.

    He is faithful.

    Blessings to all. Thanks Ann, for the needed encourgement today.

    – Kate 🙂

  24. Lovely post and an apt reminder for me today, thank you.

    Fear can look like a snake but if you turn and face what you fear it can in fact turn out to be a rope instead. I am turning and facing my fear , my snake if you like instead of running away. I am turning to look at past trauma I have suffered and the fear that is associated with that. I had to come up with a safe place for this trauma work and what came to me was Jesus and his love for me, a safe love. I take Jesus with me to face the fear and the love of Jesus standing holding my hand as I turn and face my past trauma and look at the fears turns the snake into the rope for me. Jesus love casts out all fear.
    Behind The Smile.

  25. The first time I traveled to India alone I knew I could not take fear with me. If I was trusting God to follow Him half way around the world, then I knew I had to trust Him with everything. He provided for me in amazing ways! Big and small. Needless to say it has changed everything no matter where I am.

  26. It changes all the time: walking the seasons in to another decade, some i have given to him with no a return postage stamp. Others i try to take back out of the mail box just typing this put a smile on my face, because of how i feel when my hand get stuck in the big blue box. His Grace/Faith his Love

  27. When fear tries to rear its ugly head, I think of scriptures about fear and peace and I remember God’s faithfulness and goodness to me through the years, and I choose again to fully trust Him, trust triumphs over fear because trust sets my heart free.

  28. My God is bigger!! If I want to really trust Him and believe Him, I have to let go of the fear. I have to claim His word. Sometimes I do this much easier and better than at other times!

  29. I am done with the fear of what other people may say about me, my shortcomings, my failures. I know God redeemed me and if God is for me who can be against me!

  30. Dearest, Tender Heart, Mama Ann,

    I am so sorry for coming here a few weeks back and splattering comments all over these pages…so…well…in such an ugly and chaotic way. Today, will be different 🙂

    Remember that license plate I photographed? “I’m Rockin” Remember how I said that I would give you prayer cover, and claim, peace beyond all understanding?

    I believe that the Lord, sometimes, will check to see if you will carry another’s burden in your intercession. He will test your heart, see if you also will have FAITH in your prayer request for your loved one.

    Well, before I read your beautiful and comforting words here which have VALIDATED my! peace 🙂 … I actually received a PEACE beyond ALL understanding last night that I think we both can share together.

    I am going through a terrible grieving process, full of temptation to FEAR, to not TRUST. However, I am using the lens of the WORD, and I am looking to Joshua. Let’s both look to Joshua. As you go to speak and love on… As I go to grieve and love on… Let us both arise {Awaken from our slumber} Obey what our wonderful teachers have taught us (Iron sharpens iron} Let’s have FAITH and let’s wait and trust for the most beautiful miracle… which may actually just be this peace that we both feel 🙂

    I would give you a long lasting gentle hug if I was in the airport with you. Just to give you a human expression… a human understanding… of HIS arms around you {us!}

    Guess what? As I pray. As I intercede for you. As we carry a very similar burden, together, this yoke, together, have faith that I will have faith! I am willing to share this yoke with you. Let’s both be faithful. Let’s both CONTINUOUSLY let HIM carry the yoke.. the burden with us… it is so beautifully LIGHT!

    ALL of my love,
    Tracy May

        • Oh! Ann!… I just got out of the shower… Look… Moses had to die… The Moses in us had to obey! The Moses in us has to die in order for Joshua to arise! We have gone to our our people! Hee Hee! Oh, this is delightful! The right lens! I love you Ann!!! I love sharing this yoke!!! I love that my soul is tied to yours, that I get to learn from your burdens and yokes! My heart needs the JESUS in your sharpening me! 🙂

  31. I never knew fear. I would try anything at least once. Until my dear Mother at only 63 went home to be with the Lord after only 6 mths of suffering from breast cancer. Fear and anxiety grabbed ahold of me and shook me to my core. I tried the drugs and relaxers that the Dr gave me and they made me worse. I finally gave it all to God. He is the only one that can heal me. I started taping verses everywhere I looked. My favorite was “The Lord has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a strong mind.” Every time I felt fear creep up on me I would repeat this verse until the fear starts to go away. I also have the verse from Isaiah 41:13 on my screen saver, I am the Lord your God I am holding your hand so dont be afraid I am here to help you!! What an amazing thought that the Lord is holding my hand!! I still fear, but God has made it a whole lot easier for me to look fear in the face.

  32. I’m done being stressed out with so many changes in life. Lord, I’m laying this stress at the altar today! To be used of God is my desire <3

  33. Im done with fear it gets me nowhere fast. Lately I’ve been having lots of med tests and usually when that happens (& it happens often) I get very worried and stressed and seem to get sicker. This time I asked God to help me to not worry about any of the tests or results and for it not to affect how I’m living… And wouldn’t you know it, first time in my life I’m not in constant fear of my copious tests!! The Lord gives me strength each day, and each day I ask for more but I get it, slowly but surely.

  34. Thank you for this wonderful post. Your reminder could not have come at a better time! Just this week I decided it was time to start again. I’ve started and stopped so many endeavors lately, I’ve lost count. Fear is always lurking. Praying, asking for help, requesting love, and having faith that His hand will be there, is where I am now. Really, I go through this list about 50 times a day. It’s working. Turning my eyes from fear, I see Jesus in the hearts of people I’ve reached out to, and it gives me supreme hope that I can find the courage to continue.

  35. I love that even the women at the tomb were afraid … yet still filled with joy {Matthew 28}. The emotions we experience are real and valid. But nothing can steal what the Spirit has given as fruit in our souls … love, joy, peace, patience …!

    Ann … I honored you here this week

    Thank you for what you’ve poured into my life. I gladly share the gift, the choice of gratitude with all the women I work with … and it is increasing their own emotional healing and spiritual growth.

  36. I’m afraid I have more fears then I realize. Anxious thoughts and notions that have been twirling around and around in my heart and head more then I knew. It’s only been the last couple of days that I’ve been “taking them head on”… talking about it. Getting it out. Expressing those anxieties… to the ONE who (already) knows all things. and to others. Giving them a voice.

    This post – was sort of a confirmation. Giving “my gig” a platform to stand on. The promises of GOD!

  37. I am working on and learning to grasp onto “Let go and let God” because he knows our plan and future and he is always there for us no matter what!!

  38. I am choosing to rest in the perfect work of Christ instead of wallowing in fear over my aptitude as a mama. It’s been so challenging to parent-specifically as a foster mom, but as we prepare to adopt them, I want to surrender my fear at His feet so I can be who He intended me to be.

    I don’t want to sacrifice my destiny as a mother at the enemy’s altar of fear.

    Thanks for your encouragement today, Ann.

  39. Wow, Ann! God is truly using your words this week to speak to me… so powerful and so relevant to what I’ve been feeling all. week. long.

    I will say “YES!” to God and “NO!” to fear… for it is the not only the better way, it is the only way that a Christ-follower should live!

    My thoughts from yesterday after being ministered by your blog post on “A Holy Experience”.

    Praying for you, friend… that God will be glorified through the words you speak this weekend.

  40. When I fear, I stop looking at God and start focusing on the fear. Not smart! It is paralyzing. It does absolutely NO good to fret. NONE! I want to trust God in everything and stop worrying.

  41. Thank you, so, for these words today. Fear is something I deal with daily – needless to say, your words brought much comfort. A verse that helps me when I feel fear growing strong is Psalm 94:18-19 – When I said my foot is slipping, your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.

  42. Fear has done nothing but rob me of things. Time with my children, pets, and friends. I have given that up and just given thanks for taking my fears from me. And I am slowly feeling better about the outcome no matter what it is. So thank you God!

  43. Sometimes I think I was crowned the “queen of fear”, as I’ve been fearful since childhood of many things, including my own shadow! BUT I AM DONE WITH FEAR! I’ve seen how the lies of fear have robbed me of so much: joy in the moment; new adventures; appointed opportunities; precious time with loved ones; sleep! Each time the enemy edges or blasts fear in my face, I blast back the Word in his and throw myself on the throne of Grace where Perfect Love meets me there. And fear dissipates. May God be glorified in this.

  44. Fear and worry just stops me in my tracks – paralyzed. It does nothing to help me. With the Lord’s presence in my life, I shout AWAY – and I start LIVING and MOVING again – knowing that all is according to His purpose. Facing my fears & worries has given me new purpose in my life – and I’m using it to try to help others who have a similar rare health issue. I read Ann’s book in the midst of one of my health trials – and so found true that gratitude for what we are given simply brings joy. Good or bad – it is all a gift – from above – for a purpose.

  45. Sometimes I think I was crowned the “queen of fear”, as I’ve been fearful of many things since childhood, including my own shadow! BUT I AM DONE WITH FEAR! I’ve seen how the lies of fear have robbed me of so much: joy in the moment; new adventures; appointed opportunities; precious time with loved ones; sleep! Each time the enemy edges or blasts fear in my face, I blast back the Word in his and throw myself on the throne of Grace where Perfect Love meets me there. And fear dissipates. May God be glorified in this.

  46. I have lived battling fear most of my life. Fear has been my constant companion. What I’ve learned is, so has God. When I look back, most of what I feared never happened. Some of what I feared, did happen. Either way, God was with me. He never left my side, and He enabled me to walk through that which did happen. Not only that, but I grew through each and every experience. Oh, I still hate fear, and I do still battle with it. I believe I probably will for the rest of my life, but that battle has significantly eased upon realizing God’s presence and His strength in my battle.
    Fear caused me to live like that which I feared had already happened, even if it never did. What a waste! My God is bigger than that. Slowly, I’m learning to trust, and as I do, fear loses.
    Ann, I’m hoping to see you this weekend! So terribly excited!!!!

  47. I need to work on giving up fear and putting trust in God so that I can be the mom my kids need. Even when fear hides to look like something else, like procrastination, shyness or protectiveness. I really like “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.”

  48. Honestly, I never think of myself as “fearful” — until I look at the things I resist/hesitate/avoid doing…fear. Falling into trust today! Thanks for this!

  49. I’m not sure I AM totally done with fear…though I try to be. I’ve even done public speaking about fear–and public speaking is a fear of my own. I think fear & insecurity are woven together because when I am afraid of something, I think it is because I start thinking “who am I to do this?” “why would people listen to what I have to say?” or just because I am not a flashy or entertaining speaker (and that is what seems to be the norm; people want to be entertained). Oh well…I’ll get there, to that point of not having fear…hopefully.

  50. Worry gives me the feeling of being active but leaves with the gnawing feelings of fear and a misplaced trust in the power of my circumstances over the power of my God. I want to walk out of fear and into assurance that my God is who He always has been. He is faithful.

  51. Fear.. wow something that has impacted my life.. fear was stepping out to an unknown town and planting a church..fear was feeling like all my world was falling apart when people i loved and trusted walked away from our small church plant.. fear was the unknown of what our future holds… But perfect love casts out FEAR… i rest in the knowledge of whatever tomorrow brings i can hold it as gift from my heavenly father who will never leave me or forsake me.. 1000 gifts has changed my perspective,like getting a new pair of glasses and the world comes into focus all new and exciting….. i can say goodbye to fear and rest fully in Gods grace.

  52. I am so glad I found this amazing post today!! Thank you so much. I am done fearing I can’t please everyone!

  53. Fear has crippled me for going on 10 years…ever since my husband and I were married. Fear of not being enough, fear of my son’s previously undiagnosed crippling health conditions, fear now of knowing what is ‘wrong’ with him–autism, fear of my marriage failing due to the fears of financial insecurity, fear of not being a good enough teacher, fear that my daughter, who in trying to cope with the stress of living with a constant screamer and non-talker (our son, pre-diagnosis) would kill herself by binging and purging in an attempt to control our uncontrolled lives, fear that my family wasn’t accepted anywhere due to all our problems, fear that my husband would lose his job…again, fear…crippling fear. I am not even who I used to be…this fun-loving, happy-go-lucky mother who raised her only daughter, took trips, took risks, and had fun in the process…I don’t recognize me, and I am SICK OF IT. Over the past year I have claimed hold of the MANY promises that God has given in his Word for me and for my family. Despite all these challenges and the fears, we are coming back, stronger, more congealed, and we are healing…we are facing our fears…with GOD as our armor! Thank you for this post. I am walking in victory, thankful that God is winning the battle over fear in my life! Thank you God!

  54. I would have never considered myself a fearful person until HE unmasked all the way fear disquises itself…and I came to understand fear is at the very core of a woman…and when that fear comes out and we don’t hand it over to Jesus…we control…when control doesn’t work we get angry….So what kicks fear to the curb…perfect love…and not that I walk totally free…but once God really…really won my heart over to know who much I am loved…His perfect love for me…fear could not stay when Love takes over.
    xoxox to you…I will carry you this weekend in my heart…Oh, triumphant in Christ you will be…He will be your strength…If He calls…He will provide because He loves us too much not too.

  55. God has been speaking to me lately…and I am truly listening for the first time. I so desperately want my relationship with the Lord to grow and ease my fears of what tomorrow may hold. I will rest in him!

  56. God bless you!!!!! Fear has been such a struggle for me these past few weeks as I moved to college for the first time, thank you for sharing the grace God has put in your life!

  57. I am done with fear because God has shown me over and over that He is faithful, that He will do what He says He will do! It should be enough for me to read these promises and truths in His word but He so graciously has shown me personally these promises! I can trust Him, therefore I have truly have nothing to fear!

  58. Dearest Ann: I praise God for your gift of sharing His grace with all of us who need it so desperately. Your book has changed my perspective on life just as God was leading me into a new season of relying more fully upon Him as my Provider and Source. I go back to your book and your wonderful Web site frequently when I need reminders of His love and grace and rest. It helps me see the abundant life, peace and joy that comes only from Him. I am still a work in progress on getting rid of all fear and trusting in Him alone, not in flawed human beings. I want to serve other women for Him and see your book as a key resource for my ministry. May He continue to richly bless you and your beautiful family. Mary

  59. I see myself as a work in progress, but am trying every day to let His love and grace wash over me. When I catch myself being afraid, I ask Him for guidance and pray for the peace of mind and strength to overcome that fear.

  60. I’m done and over with fearing that I’m not good enough: not a perfect wife, mom and Christian.

  61. The Lord has been reminding me lately that I may be anxious about many things, but one thing is necessary: to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to his teaching. So that’s what I’m seeking.

  62. I’m done with the fear of things not working out how I think they should work out. I have discovered that God is with me regardless of how life goes. I should not have to fear what I can not control anyway. Just trust in my God and know he has the best plans for my life.

  63. I am trying to get past my fear of screwing up as a mother -thankful that His grace is sufficient and mercies new every morning!

  64. Is there a mama alive who doesn’t fear for her children? That they will be healthy, preserved from harm, walk by faith, find what God created them to do and be? I have been fearful for my son, a gifted musician who is struggling to find his way beyond his own fears.

    And so I want to control and manipulate and make things happen for him. Because, ultimately, I’m afraid God isn’t going to come through for him.

    But I’m learning to rest, to trust the God who sees–the One who saw him when he was an infant in the Philippines. The One who drew him out, gave him to me, and put him in front of a keyboard where he could offer his gift to the world.

    I wait. I pray. I remind my son that the One who sees is good. And He’s got him.

  65. I feel like a failure as a mom daily and fear that I will never measure up…I need to release that and accept His daily grace and mercy.

  66. I’m done with fear because teen girls need to know that only Jesus can fill the love gap in their hearts, no guy can or ever will do it. So, I have to push past my fear of failure, fear of exhaustion and being stretched. Fear of rejection and do what Jesus has called me to do. For these girls and His glory. Give me the strength I lack, Lord!

  67. Thank you so much for this. I am two and a half weeks off giving birth to my first child. The pregnancy has been far from simple-my husband had to undergo two significant operations for his Crohns disease, just at the same time as we found out our baby hasn’t formed properly and faces major surgery on birth to separate the oesopheagus and traces which have formed together and don’t connect to the stomach. Our little one also has Down Syndrome and I am so anxious about the weeks, months and years ahead-the surgery the baby faces, the lifetime of challenges, how we will cope, whether I will have to give up my career, and selfishly-even the cesarean birth. I KNOW God is in control but I can’t seem to let go of the fears, and your words were a very welcome reminder that if I’m serious about praising God and thanking Him for the gift that this child is, I can’t also sit fearing the future.

    God bless you.

  68. Thank you so much for this. I am two and a half weeks off giving birth to my first child. The pregnancy has been far from simple-my husband had to undergo two significant operations for his Crohns disease, just at the same time as we found out our baby hasn’t formed properly and faces major surgery on birth to separate the oesopheagus and traces which have formed together and don’t connect to the stomach. Our little one also has Down Syndrome and I am so anxious about the weeks, months and years ahead-the surgery the baby faces, the lifetime of challenges, how we will cope, whether I will have to give up my career, and selfishly-even the cesarean birth. I KNOW God is in control but I can’t seem to let go of the fears, and your words were a very welcome reminder that if I’m serious about praising God and thanking Him for the gift that this child is, I can’t also sit fearing the future.

  69. I have missed many opportunities when friends were seeking a comforting prayer, from me, and I choked. I cowardly said “I’ll pray for you” when they needed me to pray WITH them right then and there. I joined our prayer group at church to give me a somewhat controlled environment to learn how to pray aloud, and not be afraid. 6 months later and I’m not afraid anymore. I volunteer to bless a meal, and pray with a friend right when it is needed. It wasn’t easy, but so worth it!

  70. FEAR… well it has become more relivant in my life since Aug 3. My husband lost his job and as of right now has not found one. FEAR grips me as to how we will pay the bills. My son (21) is looking at a possible 4th back surgery. FEAR grips me as to how I can not “fix” his pain as a mother should be able to do. My 16 year old twins daughters driving. I FEAR for their safety…. But I have printed and posted Bible verses around my desk, listen to KLOVE on the radio to keep a more positive enviroment and keep reminding myself that GOD is IN CONTROL… and keep repeating it to myself whenever the FEAR keeps sneeking in my thoughts…. and PRAYING without ceasing…

  71. For far too long, I’ve let my fears prevent me from serving God and my church.

    Fear of public speaking. Fear of praying out loud. (I know, that’s one crazy, right? But I’m pretty sure it’s connected to the fear of public speaking.) Fear of saying or doing something that someone else isn’t going to agree with. Fear of not being “good enough” to serve…

    Thank you, Ann, for yet another reminder that we don’t have to be perfect. As the new school year kicks into high hear, I am delighted to say that I have pushed those fears to the side, and that I am now on the Children’s Committee at church and will be teaching 1st-3rd grade girls during children’s missions on Wednesday nights. I am praying that God will use me boldly to do His will.

    Prayers for all of the others posting comments here. I know it’s hard to put your fears to rest and just “let go and let God.” We just have to trust in Him and His unfailing love for us.

  72. I am done with fear, because fear is just a lie. And I serve a God Who Is Truth. Thank you for sharing, dear Ann–this post is my #613th gift!

  73. I have totally and fully turned my son and his future over to God. As hard as it has been over the past month, I have not done anything other than pray for my beautiful child. I have not enabled, I have not financed a less than healthy lifestyle, I have not allowed guilt or fear goade me into giving in to others who want me to take him back in under my roof and under my wing. I know God can do all things and I know that regardless of where my son is now, God loves him more than I do. In doing this I’ve layed aside the fear that people will find out that I’m not a perfect mother, wife, employee or human. I am who I am and with God by my side, that is enough!
    Thank you for the uplifting words of encouragement. Thank you for overcoming your fears and sharing yourself with us!

  74. My fear? It’s that I am not enough.

    So many days (like today, for example) I long to be different, stronger, better. And my utter and complete inability to be The-One-I-Want-To-Be leads me far away from faith, directly down the road to frustration, marching right into the ugly cage that is Fear.

    Today, though, I am going to look up. I am going to hope. I am going to recognize my Father’s hand working in the very moment of my “accidentally” visiting this site. I am going to trust that God–the Father who created me, after all–can take my very-rough edges and not-very-resilient emotions and use me anyway. Maybe to encourage someone else with a similar struggle.

    That is my fear-to-faith prayer on this day.

    [p.s. I am so grateful for your encouragement, especially today. May the blessing circle back . . . . ]

  75. Fear has changed my plans so many times. I am tired of letting it control me. And now I am seeing the same signs in my 5 year old daughter. I don’t want her to just live with fear the way I have all these years. I want her to overcome and not put up with the devil stopping her in her tracks. She has so many talents and giftings but fear has begun to stop her from doing all she can and being all she can be in Jesus. I pray, that God delivers her from the spirit of fear and she doesn’t have to fear anything every again. She is strong and courageous. Nothing can stop her!

  76. “I command you be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Josh 1:9 My life verse on my wall by the door to remind me daily…to keep walking in His will. I have been like Johah, running and hiding from my calling..which I heard from the voice of the Lord..I ran, and have been in the belly of the fish…but I am ready to go now..He has made me ready. Instead of being a teacher, I am to start a women’s crisis counseling center here in my town. I know..He is showing me every day…peeling the scales off my eyes to see that my own suffering was to give me the compassion and mercy and strength I would need to help others. He will use it all for His Glory! Hallelujah!

  77. It was our dear Gitz who literally took fear off the table and planted the seed that I could too. Even though I haven’t been able to remove fear in all situations, I am learning to just live anyway. #7- yes! I am living with stage iv breast cancer and a healthy dose of fear goes hand in hand with the diagnosis. But I keep stepping forward in faith and trust, knowing He knows, and I am safe resting in Him. Less of me = less fear = more of Him.

    Thank you sweet Ann!

  78. I want to live life to the fullest & all too often some sort of fear has held me back. I don’t want to live fearful, but fearless so that I can freely share with broken & hurting people the One who can love them back together again…

  79. Fear can be so paralyzing if you let it! It can stop you in your tracks & keep you from obeying what God has called you to do.We must remember that God has told us that it is better to obey than to sacrifice. I pray veryday to let the fear fall away & God is a;ways there for me! Thanks for this great reminder! Love the giveaway!

  80. I’m done with fear because the peace God offers is so refreshing when compared to the anxiety produced by fear. I love just resting in His arms and giving my fears over to Him.

  81. I cannot tell you how impactful your blogs on overcoming fear are to me, Ann. Reading this post plus the one about Malakia on your blog have been so encouraging. I have lived with so many fears for sooo long that even thinking about giving up my fears makes me fearful. Crazy, I know, but true. I have overcome some things but tend to waiver on most…going forward then backward. This, however, I believe is the season in my life to truly start trusting God through them all. I appreciate your honesty about the struggles you’ve had with fear as well. Thank-you.

  82. Ann, thank you for the en”courage”ment. I am a mother of three, one with special needs. I’m done fearing the future because or Lord is already there. All glory and thanks to the Father!

  83. Give me a crowd to speak to any day…but please, not one on one with someone. Seems a bit of a twisted fear…to let myself be seen. But then I ask why God seems so far away? Must be I am the one who won’t get close…to lose that fear..of the unknown to be known. God is not safe, but he is good…always…and there is no fear in that.

  84. Beautiful post – loved the truth that you can’t feel fear and give thanks. So glad to know that God’s love never ends and that He is always there for me. Giving up my fears to Him today. Thanks.

  85. Fear sucks life out of me at times . . . especially the fear of losing another child. A few days ago it was over six hours we could not get a hold of our son who forgot to pick up his sister from work. I had myself so worked up – then some of the kids. We “expected” the worst – rather than the truth that our son was helping a friend who was hurting, miscommunication with his sister, a cell phone that died, etc. It’s something I am still so working on – releasing the fears to God – and releasing – and re-releasing my children to God.

  86. I am DONE with fear because I serve the God of the Universe, the One who holds all things together and who cares for me personally and loves me unconditionally. I am DONE with fear because I KNOW that He is bigger than my doubts and fears… and despite my tiny faith, He is sovereign and never fails. Thanks Ann! Your thoughts were an inspiration, as always.

  87. I am a 25 yr old missionary doctor working in India. One of my fears is that somewhere down the line I am going to wake up and regret this decision I made or that I won’t have the strenth to follow this through and I will have to come back with my tail between my legs. But my biggest fear…on a more personal level is that I will have to to do this all on my own. That I will be alone fighting, struggling forever. Then I wake up every morning, smell the the morning and feel His love keeping me alive, safe and I know He will always be with me, even to the end of the age.

    • He knows our fears, and our needs. He will bring who you need when you need them. Don’t be afraid! You are chosen and you are beautifully and wonderfully made. Thank you for stepping out in faith and doing what He has called you to do! My heart is touched by your post. I will pray for you today Lydia.

  88. Being unemployed and physically sick has had be living in fear with worry and doubts… Every day I say I’m just going to trust in GOD and not worry anymore.. but every day I fall back to worry and fear.. but after reading this… I’m encouraged to try again.. and to resist wanting to worry… GOD is with me and I am certain of this… I just need to continue to believe and trust in Him and His timing…. I’m feeling a whole lot better today….

  89. Just this morning I was praying about this fear that has been waking me up the last few nights. It feels like terror and I pray til I fall back asleep. In my devotion this morning I was reading about Jesus calming the sea and the storm around the boat of frightened disciples. (Mathew 8:23-27) If He can calm a raging sea and sky then my heart and soul need to know He can do the same with my fears. So I turn my focus to Jesus and His strength rather than to this fear. Always reminding myself to keep turning to him, over and over and over. He needs to be my focus, not the fear.

  90. I am a 25 yr old missionary doctor working in India. One of my fears is that somewhere down the line I am going to wake up and regret this decision I made or that I won’t have the strenth to follow this through and I will have to come back with my tail between my legs. But my biggest fear…on a more personal level is that I will have to to do this all on my own. That I will be alone fighting, struggling forever. Then I wake up every morning, smell the morning and feel His love keeping me alive, safe and I know He will always be with me, even to the end of the age.

  91. I have release my FEAR of a problem marriage to GOD! He is working in mine and my husbands life, so I know he will be the center of our marriage and help us through our problems.

  92. I’d love to say I’m done with fear but more often than not, I get stuck on it, like a merry-go-round with no off switch. Fear is exhausting though so I tend to end fear when I’m simply exhausted with it. Faith is like a free fall but I never feel exhausted with faith, just very peaceful. And God always catches me when I let go of fear, when I get off that crazy spinning ride that just makes me dizzy. Today, I am done with fear. Thank you for writing this post – it made me think.

  93. Then Caleb silenced the people before Moses and said, “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.”

    Numbers 13:30

    Because it’s time to silence the voices that say we can’t do what God has called us to do!

  94. I am finished fearing I will repeat my parents’ mistakes and that my lovely marriage will end in divorce, too, after forty years. I’m done making a fearful thought of a “what if tomorrow” a focus so that it strangles life today because I’ve seen that fear kills and it hurts everyone all around the fearful one. I’m done fearing last year’s struggles will never change and will continue on today because He is always creating a new thing and He is working, pouring in His grace to change me. I’m done fearing my mistakes will doom my children to unbelief because Jesus is the only Savior and I could never be the ones who saves them. I want to dazzle them woth His grace. There is only one Savior- and He is more than enough so I don’t have to be enough. So I’m going to GIVE THANKS instead of being fearful and anxious. It’s high time to free up! He is transforming me by renewing my mind and giving eyes to see all the grace He endlessly pours on me. We do become what we behold, as Andrew Kern says. I want to behold Him. And I want to live by His grace. No more fear.

  95. Fear not obeying. I prayed continually for discernment, then when it would come and it didn’t agree with what I had planned I cast it aside. When everything went wrong I would think “Oh, NO!! I didn’t obey God – AGAIN! ” Now I pray for the wisdom to be obedient to God’s discernment and I truly fear the outcome of not obeying.

  96. Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints.
    I’m through looking at those who disappoint…fix my eyes on Jesus. Thanks for this Ann.

  97. I have wrestled with God lately with the fear of letting go of control…completely letting go and entrusting every area of my life to Him. I KNOW He is good, in my head; but I am allowing it to move into my soul. Allowing it to be truth in my inner most being. This has been especially true with letting go of my children; fear of the what ifs, thinking I can control their lives better than Abba Father can, fear of me dying and leaving them alone…. the list goes on. The thing is, it does not to me any good. And how could it, for it’s all lies from the enemy. I am learning to relinquish what I think of as control, and lay this all down at the feet of the One who loves my children more than me, the one who created me to trust Him, the one who gives life and breath and peace and indescribable joy and peace. He IS good, no matter what. How freeing and peaceful to let go of the fear and the lies, to rest in the One who can take my fears and turn them into rejoicing and thanksgiving! Why would I not fully embrace this? It certainly is better than this way that has not been working for me. He is the author of life and giver of all good things! Amen!

  98. Thank you so very much!! I so needed to see this message today. I’ve been struggling a lot this week with fear. You are so right, it does takes the place of your faith if you let it. I’m changing this around, because my God is bigger!! Thank you Lord!! Thank you again for the encouragement!! What a true blessing!!

  99. I have trouble in this very area. Right now, I choose to trust God for every provision during this time that my husband is in school and not working! I choose to trust God to help me build my business and be who He wants me to be. I am not in control. 🙂 God is!!

  100. Even though it is hard to admit that I have alot of fears, actually too many to list. This post was a great reminder that through God I can face any fear that I may have, time to jump in and start facing alot of things. Thank you for the reminder.

  101. I am done with fear because I believe it is the one thing that I am allowing to control my joy. I fear working because I won’t be home with my children, which then causes me to be frustrated from needing money and time of my own. I fear dancing in front of the church because of my weight when I know it is what God wants me to do and my gifts can change someone’s life. I fear speaking my heart for I will be turned away, when I know God is in control and He gives me my dreams. I do not want to fear! I want to jump joyfully onto God’s path for my life. The bible says perfect love casts out fear, well God’s love for us is perfect, there is no reason for fear to even exist in our hearts. So I MUST move forward with God and without fear.

  102. For the longest time the enemy had me convinced that I had no fear. I could slip on my tough girl mask and plow through life as a “strong, independent, fearless woman” and no one could stop me. And then grace showed up on my doorstep. God held my hand and walked me through fear and He didn’t let me fall for one second. He gently allowed me to experience the chunky, fleshy layers of this onion called fear. Fear of abandonment trapped in memories of chasing after my daddy’s truck when he left our family. Fear of rejection and failure when my attempts at perfection never quite measured up (this one especially wreaked havoc as I became a mother). Fear of hopelessness as a survivor of abuse, rape and cancer. I feared all of those fears…and they stole beautiful memories, blessed love, and unconditional acceptance. God has shown me that HE will never abandon me. HE will never reject me. In HIS eyes, I will never fail. And I can overflow with HOPE in HIM!! He has shown me He is WAY bigger than the boogey man in the garage that has haunted me in every dark area since being raped. He is WAY bigger than every tiny speck of fear lingering in my father’s footsteps. He is WAY bigger than any worldly judgment or expectation branded on me the moment I gave birth. He is WAY bigger than any sneaky cancer cells, PET scans, doctor’s visits, blood work or lab report. He is a mighty God who does amazing things with fears that the enemy attempts to steal away the very Joy that God has placed in our hearts.

  103. I have been struggling so much and it is so true that all fear is the notion God’s love ends and it doesn’t – nothing can separate us. Thank you for reminding me of that. x

  104. each day i want to choose life and joy and freedom– fear closes the door on allowing Christ to be a strong Savior for me and on God being my father. I want to allow Him to provide for me when I feel fear showing up at my door….
    Thank you so much for the continued encouragement!

  105. I remember a commercial about Nestea I believe. The man loves it so much, he just falls backwards into a pool of water. So trusting! That’s what we need–fall back into the arms of Jesus in total trust. Fear disappears!

  106. Ann,
    You did it again. Nailed it. Today.
    I have Sonshine #1 leaving for college. Flying on Monday. He is afraid. “I’m worried that I will continue to be lonely and nothing will change.” “I am guarding myself because I don’t want to be disappointed. Again.”
    I copied and sent. I told him, scale the fence of fear. Jump.

    • have him contact a Christian Campus House near campus for instant fellowship and acceptance! several denominations (and non-denominations) have great groups of students that strive to hold each other accountable and grow closer in Christ, while having a lot of fun and growing in community!

  107. Amazing post. God did give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. That is why I’m done with fear!!

  108. Why I’m done with fear: Probably 95% of the things I stress about do not ever come to pass, so why am I dwelling on it??

  109. Sometimes I am afraid, but my wonderful community of believers loves me through my fear.
    1 Thes 5:11 Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.

  110. God has really done a lot of work in me regarding fear. My husband passed away last September after a year and a half battle with pancreatic cancer. He was only 47. I was only 37 and our son was 7. Jesus held me up through the entire process and has reassured me over and over again that HE will be there for my son and I and that we need not fear our future with Jerry. Through this He has strengthened my courage in Him and reassured me of his never ending love. Of course, it’s a daily battle against the lies, but at the end of the day I know the truth and run to Him.

    Thank you, Ann, for sharing your life. I just received your book and am so excited to read it. When I read your words it’s like they are going directly to my soul. God is doing great things in my life through your words. Thank you for being faithful to Him and your calling.


    • prayers for you and your son as you continue to learn to live with the pain of your great loss. .. i know our God is big enough to carry you both through. may He bring joy-filled memories to your heart in the darkest times. bless you.

      • Thank you for your prayers! God blessed us with so many wonderful and cherished memories.

        God Bless You!

    • Dear Vicki,

      I will keep you and your young son in my prayers. When I read your final words to Ann I was thinking they could have been my words. Ann speaks directly to my soul, as well. You will love one thousand gifts over and over again.

      God bless you, Sister!

      • Thank you for your prayers and blessings to you.

        I started the book tonight and am already riveted.

        God bless you too!


  111. My children are still very young, but I’ve begun to fear for them, about everything! I’m done living in fear for them, and am instead striving to teach them where to look when we fear – “I lift my eyes up to the mountains. Where does my help come from?” God’s got them. And He’s got me too.

  112. The thing I fear most is the future of my children and the exposure and lies the world is telling them. I know our God is larger than any fear, and His promises gives me comfort, just as it says in Joshua 1:3-9
    “I promise you what I promised Moses: ‘Wherever you set foot, you will be on land I have given you … No one will be able to stand against you as long as you live. For I will be with you as I was with Moses. I will not fail you or abandon you.”

  113. I’m done with fear because it is a liar! It lies to me then paralyzes me, unable to move. It is like a soccer goalie trying to intimidate with its ugly mask, and keep me from scoring when God has given me the ball and a set up.

    I’m done with fear because it is an enemy of love. It separates me from my Papa who has never given me a reason to engage fear. In fact Papa warns me not to associate with fear because fear is a fake.

  114. I have struggled for ages with the fear of others’ misunderstanding of or negative opinions concerning my parenting choices, work, writing, and other things. I know that the only One whose opinion matters eternally will never misunderstand and will always love and extend grace when I mess up.

  115. “5. We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail. Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints.”

    I started walking this edict out last year (about this very time) when God asked if I would commit to a year-long women’s group at my church. One of my greatest fears has always been women and the enemy of comparison. Will I fit in? Will I be judged if I don’t dress like they do? Will there already be impenetrable cliques, like back in high school? Will there be whispering and gossip and competition? There were many obstacles in my heart to saying yes to God’s request. But, I did. And after completing that year, and gaining many new friends, and understanding the hearts of women like I never had, and being accepted, and, more importantly, being genuinely loved for who I am, I am now stepping into my second year with this women’s ministry group, except this year God asked me to step up again and become a small group leader. Did fear begin speaking? Yep. But God kept speaking directly to that fear.

    “6. Travel in the direction of your fears — to let God direct your life.”

    By hearing God and being empowered by the very women I was afraid of a year before, I am traveling directly in the path of my fear; and God is directing me and my purpose in Him simultaneously.

    Conquering fear one day, one decision at a time!

  116. The Lord has been reminding me that even though I may be anxious and distracted about many things, only one thing is necessary: to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His teaching. So that’s what I’m seeking today.

  117. I am a 25 yr old missionary doctor working in India. One of my fears is that somewhere down the line I am going to wake up and regret this decision I made or that I won’t have the strenth to follow this through and I will have to come back with my tail between my legs. But my biggest fear is that I will have to to do this all on my own. That I will be alone fighting, struggling forever. Then I wake up every morning, smell the morning and feel His love keeping me alive, safe and I know He will always be with me, even to the end of the age.

    • I’m praying for you, and the work that you do, right now.
      Praise God that He moves obedient people beyond fears into action, to be His hands and feet…thank you for being obedient!!
      You may always wonder “what if…” – but be assured, that HE is pleased with this path you are on! I trust Him with your future, and that although your future will, most assuredly, not have a resemblance to success in the American dream standards – but will be wildly successful in your relationship with Jesus. Lean in hard on Him. I’m sure He wants to carry you through those rough days.
      If there are things you desire, ask Him. I trust Him to find fulfillment for those desires in the field you are working. He cares!! I’m praying for you to feel His presence and peace…

  118. So fearful of everything, every day, I made choices based on those fears. Through it all God has been faithfully caring for me and my family. Half my life, statistically, is over and I am ready to live in the Son-shine.

  119. I am done with fear because it holds me back. I can’t move forward. I have to be willing to take that leap of faith and step out of my comfort zone. I NEED to stop fearing how others will react to my decisions. I am perfectly imperfect and I struggle with the fear of my decisions daily.

  120. I was less than two months into a job when I had to speak to a group of over 300 – about that job! Fortunately, I had a great manager and had met a hand-full of those folks, whom I used as my focus points (unknown to them). So, after a pep talk and a prayer, I presented the information and made it through what seemed to be the longest 30 minutes of my life. If I had not had the knowledge that “my God will supply all your NEED, according to His riches in Christ Jesus”, I’m not so sure I would have made it through that first of many presentations. To quote a wise prayer warrior I know, “I can do anything that God can do through me”… ;D

  121. My fear isn’t public speaking. I found that I can do that and my knees don’t even knowck too much anymore. My fear is speaking one-on-one that people will expect that I know more than I do. I’ve adopted as my motto,”I can start anything with twenty seconds of insane courage!”

  122. I am through with fear ~ God’s plans are good plans; He is my sufficiency; this wold is temporal. I serve a good God. Thanks for the reminders. Blessings

  123. Ann, thank you for those words. I am stepping out into unknown territory this very moment. My husband and I are separating and I don’t see a reconciliation coming. He has held another in his heart for a few years now. I have two beautiful children and I am so afraid to tell them this news that I am waiting until the last possible moment. I have always been so afraid of being alone, and now I believe God wants me to walk through that fear. I will do it with Him. Without His hope I would give up today. I know you don’t know me, but I read your blog every day, and every day it is a blessing. I especially appreciated the part where you said that He uses those who don’t disappoint to point to the one who never disappoints, as God has blessed me with a dear, faithful sister and friend who just yesterday reassured me that she would walk with me through this and be as involved as I wanted.

  124. Living in fear paralyzes you and keeps you from being PRESENT and enjoying the moment and the gifts HE has given us. My mother died when I was six and I have been fearful of dying and leaving my girls without a mother. I’ve taught them to be independent at such an early age…’s sad. I held out from truly giving of myself to them because I didn’t want them to miss me as much as I’ve missed my mother. After talking to my priest, he helped me see that I need to be here in the now and let go of that fear. Prayer has helped and I can feel myself giving more of myself to my girls and being PRESENT.

  125. I always tell my children: we do not worry (fear)… If you are going to worry dont PRAY… IF YOUPRAY DONT WORRY!!!

  126. You have no idea how timely this post is for me. I have some major decisions to make today regarding my marriage and my family. I was up half the night filled with fear and despair. Today I will pray, and listen for that still small voice, and remember that “God hath not given me a spirit of fear, but of peace and love and a sound mind.”

    Blessings to you as you travel and speak, Ann. Oh how I wish I could be there.

  127. Faced beyond midlife with a possibility for love and marriage, I have had a few knee-knocking episodes. And my beloved has too, because we would both be starting over, with no financial resources beyond the Father’s ‘cattle on 1000 hills’. He wants enough to provide security for us, & for me it would mean a change of countries after a lifetime of service overseas. But I’m kicking fear in the teeth because if the God who has called & provided for me in His service to this point isn’t able to ‘carry us’ into loving old age, then heaven together, then nothing on which I’ve based my life & ministry is true. Why NOT trust the God whose faithfulness is proven every morning with a new start, & the sun coming up by His love? Get out of the boat, Peter, & experience what only Jesus could empower you to do!

  128. I am afraid to step out and make decisions and this has crippled my life. It is painful to me to make choices. And I can’t seem to get a handle on it, even though I know these are not matters of life and death, and that God watches over me and sustains me through anything.

  129. I have feared a lot of things since my husband moved out. Loss of my family, loss of my kids, financial fears, fear of losing my job and having no income. But now, when fears start rearing their ugly heads, I pray God would remove the fears. I know, no matter what happens to me, God is still there. I am learning to trust Him in my journey. Fear is the enemy of Faith. I choose Faith. 🙂 And i pray for her enemy, Fear.

  130. I’m done with fear because it has stolen too much of my purpose, and I’m tired of living in less than God has for me. He is trust worthy- slowly I’m learning that’s enough.

    • And two hours later…I get asked to speak in public for a women’s Bible study. I’m terrified to say “yes.” I think it’s a great time for Jesus to return!

      • I will be praying for you! Speaking in front of people terrifies me! But God is in control and He will give you the words!

  131. Great is He that is in me… than he that is in the world… 1John 4:4
    I love your book Ann… we need to rest in Christ. When my youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy I didn’t know how to handle it… I was in denial. Over the year and a half that he had seizures I learned to rely and trust God and came to find that when you give it over to Him believing He has a plan and a purpose and that you can’t control everything but that He does… it takes the fear out of the situation. It gives you peace and rest. It was humbling and restoring for my soul…
    and I’m thankful to say we found the right meds and that my son has been seizure free for almost 2 years…

  132. I just turned 48 this month. For the first time in years I feel free from fears. It has been a long road to trust and peace but God has been faithful. We serve an awesome God who seeks after our us daily to bring liberty and assurance that He is all we need. I am so grateful for His goodness.

  133. Don’t fear failing. Fear not obeying. — that’s awesome and that’s what I want to remember as I seek His direction in this season of being uncomfortable in my comfortableness.

  134. Great post! I am (trying to be) done with fearing (lack of) man’s praise and accolades and fearing God instead (the good kind of fear) 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  135. Like so many others have commented, this is an ongoing challenge for me. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I will be printing it out and putting it into my journal!

  136. I have always been a people pleaser. The idea of people being upset with me is sometimes unbearable but I am trying to remind myself that I do not have to please everyone, only God. It will not be the end of the world. Staying in the Word is definitely a big help in this area.

  137. I have struggled with fear all of my adult life. Fear has kept me from doing a lot of things in my life. But I prayed a prayer of transformation and I know God has set me free from anything I think is impossible from that day forward.

  138. Fear has held me back and made me less confident in my abilities to the point of almost being paralyzing. I have determined to take back my life and trust God over my fears.

  139. Can I trust that God is good and is control regardless of circumstances? I’m thankful for His presence.

  140. Last night I went to a parenting workshop about eliminating fear and anxiety to bring calm to the family. For the first time, I realized something that was said- that perfection only causes our children to quit since they don’t ever think they’ll be good enough. I learned that fear of what others think of us is the only reason we care about when our children pick out tacky outfits or do things that aren’t “normal”. We teach them not to learn how to become self-confident in their decisions, how to become followers and not leaders, and that other people control their emotions.

    I’m done with fear because I want my children to grow up knowing that they are the only ones that control their feelings. That no matter what, I’m not shaken by fear and that they can come to me when they have a small problem or a huge problem. I’m done with fear b/c I want my husband and I to be people of our word- of His word. Just like God is not shaken of our mistakes and is always there, no.matter.what.

    So, fear– I’m leaving you and God help me, won’t be back. You aren’t worth it – and I hope you DON’T find someone new! I hope you know I’m stronger than you and happier without you. So there!

  141. I am done fearing the state of our finances! My husband is a licensed massage therapist, quit his job at the age of 50 and went back to school to do what he has always wanted to do.
    Praise the Lord, I have a full time job with benefits. Our needs are being provided for – but I still fear, because, let’s face it, this is a challenging time to have a small business, especially one that provides a service that, lovely and splendid though a massage is, is considered a luxury by many folks, and when money is tight, luxuries go first.
    But – God is bigger than my fear – and he “works all things together for good” as my favorite verse, Romans 8:28 says. Fear keeps me from fully enjoying the blessings I have – and that’s bad! I join you in giving my fear a good swift kick to the curb!

  142. What ever we fear, we worship. Longing to give Him all my fear instead of anything else.

  143. God is good ALL the time! His perfect love casts out all fear! When I notice my thoughts have wandered away, which can happen unconsciously, the Holy Spirit reminds me to look up and focus on Him. I must be intentional in choosing God over fear. Through praise I can refocus and rest in Him. By remembering who I am in Him and who He is the raging storm inside can calm no matter what the circumstances. I am a work in progress…He promises to complete!

  144. Done with the fear of putting my kids in school. God’s led us to this place and more importantly, He’s got them. He loves them.

  145. I’m done with fearing that something terrible is going to happen to my husband, and I’ll be left alone caring for an infant.

  146. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

    This sits on my desk in front of me while I work, it is the root of His word for me. He Will NEVER Leave You or Forsake you. I just have to keep coming back to it when the devil starts to steer my thoughts. Thank you Lord for Your word, it is so good!!

  147. I am determined to be done with fear, because My Daddy loves me completely, He can be fully trusted, and He has given me power in the name of Jesus!!! Though I may feel jostled at times, I will praise and thank Him until the breakthrough of His peace and rest fills my soul!

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this community!

  148. WOW…fear has been {sadly} a family trait kinda passed down from my gram to my mom to me…BUT when I read the line that said ‘fear lies saying that God’s love has a limit’ hit me- WOW- there is no line limiting God- and if God is there {which He is} then I have nothing to fear- how LIBERATING!!! I have nothing to fear..NOTHING..thank you LORD!!! Thanks to you, DaySpring, for bringing God’s truth and what an awesome giveaway!! I purchased the bag and grace pins for my girl’s 20th bday-she loves them and will be going across campus with that message of redemption on her shoulder 🙂

  149. I am done fearing, because I finally let go of the notion that I am in control. I now trust that I need to give it to God and it will work out as it should, not always how I would like, but something good will always become of it (even if I can’t see it at the time).

  150. am done with fear cause it no longer holds me in chains. He has set me free!! staying free by staying in His word and in His presence. =0)

  151. I am done with fear so that I do not make my kids fearful. I want them to grow up without fear and if they see fear in me then they will think its ok. So i am choosing to walk not in fear.

  152. Ann, each day God speaks to me through you. Thank you for sharing His Heart and your fears! I have been living in a fearful state for the past few months, I let go of what i knew was right and followed the devil and listened to him whisper into my ear what a bad mother I was. I am turning the corner now and listening to God not the devil and He whispers, I love you, you are the mother I want you to be. Thanks for sharing!

  153. I think that fear has paralyzed me most of my life. In my head I know that fear is NOT from GOD and that He is sufficient to meet all of my needs according to His riches in glory. But I don’t live that way most times. I need to break out of this shell I’ve been living in and live the life that my God has intended for me. Let go and let God!! I’m going to try to just relax in Him and do what He tells me.

  154. I’m done with fear…..had me paralized for years. Refuse to miss out on anything the Lord wants me to do & show me. Want His best. Plus, it has given me freedom to be able to share with my son about overcoming his – with His confidence & assurance.
    Done with fear of being compared too – I’m a twin & have always been compared. But resting in the knowing that I’m beautifully & uniquely made has given me such courage in sharing with my daugther to rest in what He thinks about her.

    I’m DONE with fear! =)

  155. My biggest fear is not being the perfect mother. I have to remind myself that my love will always mean more than how many books I read him, how many cute outfits he has, than the approval of other mothers… I am overcoming my fear because it is essential that my little boy knows the love of Christ. If I am afraid, how can I teach my son to not fear failure?? I am leaving this fear behind because I want my son to trust in Him, always, without a doubt in his sweet little mind.

  156. Thank you for this encouragement today! I have been held back in fear with my job – I have been praying and know that I must leave and yet I stay back out of fear of finances, what will a new job be like, etc… I must trust God as He is in control of our family’s finances!

  157. I am done with fear because he spared me from what should have been a horrible car accident. Not only spared my life, unharmed physically as well. I am here because He wants me here and it took that moment to see that all is truly grace.

  158. Thank you for the reminder.

    He is our Refuge and Strong Tower…our everpresent Help in times of trouble. Fear can seem so huge when we focus on it, but when we look to Him, it shrinks in comparison. I choose to keep my focus on God, the Author and Perfector of our faith.

  159. I have recently learned that I do have a choice. According to Philippians 4:6-7 (CEV), when I choose God’s peace over fear or worry, my thoughts and feelings will be under His control . If I choose His peace I will be guarded by it and I don’t HAVE to be like a wave tossed about by the enemy’s schemes on my emotions. I choose to be done with fear because I now realize that I have the choice. To say no to fear is to say no the the devil and yes to Jesus. Why would I choose anything else?

  160. I am a traveler on this journey, and often I fall into a ‘hole’ of fear. Sometimes I think I cannot get out of that hole, but I find that the Arms of Jesus are right there in the bottom of that hole, to lift me back up to resume the travel again. How can eucharisteo not be a part of my every breath?
    Thank you, Ann, for encouraging all of us during this journey to trust and not fear. Thank You, as well, for not being afraid to express your fears, and show yourself transparent to those of us who are sisters of the heart.

  161. wonderful to hear how so many people are facing (and winning!) their battles over fear!! YAY! thanks for posting this! good timing for me as we sit on the cusp of another move, to a new state. while i’m so proud (and happy) that my husband is loving his new position, i’m seeking God’s will for my life as i leave a church, ministry and community that was a perfect fit! i totally trust Him, just fidgety in this waiting room. 🙂 your post reminds me i don’t need to consider being fearful! not an option! His Word is true, and gives me the courage i need to keep moving forward.

  162. Thank you for sharing your words and encouraging others to as well. Still working through… again thank you.

  163. I have lived with fear most of my life but about 5 years ago God literally healed me and along with anxiety meds, my life has changed so much. But every once in awhile it wants to creep back in….I remember how good my Father was in healing me and hold on tightly to Him while praying that i will never go there again. It is a constant fight but my Father has defeated the one who brings the fear and I stand on that……and His promises. 😉

    With a grateful heart,

  164. I am done fearing man, I am ready to keep my eyes fixed on the Lord and be excited about what he has in his plan for my life. I am ready to put one foot in front of the other and walk in faith knowing that my God is way bigger then my fear.

  165. Such a timely post! I want to print this out and learn these truths in the fearful moments. I struggle with fear and cling to the reminder to “trust in the goodness of God.”

  166. Oh, dear friend, my love is flying with you! Praying for you, Ann. I can’t wait to hear how you bless all the women of faith who attend. And I’m done fearing because…because…it separates me from Him–from the goodness of God. And when I am close to Him…what do I have to fear?

  167. Amazing thoughts as always.
    I was afraid to go to the mission field because I was 50 years old, afraid of public speaking and afraid to leave my kids and handicapped grand children. I was also afraid the youngest who was only 2 would forget me.
    God has proven himself faithful so many times that I can’t doubt his leading and that He will always be enough.
    I love sharing what God is doing and am closer to my Children and grandchildren than ever.

  168. Oh thank you Ann! That spoke right into my heart. Thank for allowing Him to use your words to speak to all of us that need to hear it.

    I have many fears that I’m working through, the central theme being fear of failure so this really hit home with me. I’ll be copying those 10 Things to Know about Fear and carrying them with me. Thank you for helping me to see those fears in a different light.

    I’ll be at women of faith this weekend in Des Moines and I am looking forward to hearing you speak.

    I’d love to win a copy of your book because right after I bought it, I made a “box of joy” with the book inside of it and gave it away to my friend who is going through a very rough time. I desperately want to read it for myself too! I should have made myself a box of joy too! 😉

    Thank you thank you thank you Ann!

  169. I’m done with fear. Because whenever I am, God shows me how much better it is, without all these heavy thoughts.


  170. Although I have a personal relationship with our Father, I have pretty much let fear rule my life. To the point of panic attacks and the fear to leave my home at times. I am fighting that fear right now and I want to break free so badly. I pray each and every time for Jesus to help me to take a step to regain my life. Thank you Ann…your words always speak to my heart.

  171. I work writing radio commercials, I write a blog, and yet, I have a hard time considering myself a “real writer”. I signed up for a writers’ conference. I started reading about all the seminars that used terms I’d never heard before, and began to fear I was in way over my head. After all, I’d never had anything published, so who was I to sit with authors or meet with publishers? Craziness! I waited until the last possible moment to apply for a scholarship and still almost turned back. I was listening to the lies that I was not good enough, not smart enough, not talented enough to express what God put on my heart for others to hear. God granted that scholarship, I had wonderful feedback, 2 of my devotionals are being published in Oct/Nov and I won a prose contest with a prize of savings on next year’s registration. I am so grateful to my pastor who had encouraged me with Joshua 1:9 days before the conference. “Have I not COMMANDED you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” He had not given us a spirit of fear…it is a lie from the evil one! Be blessed in your speaking tour with Women of Faith (love them!!).

  172. I have a note in my wallet that I put there sometime back it says…”Fear is a LIE.” I have to remind myself of this daily. I want to be able to trust God no matter what I’m facing. Not to let my feelings (which we are told in the Bible not to go by our feelings) over shadow the promises our Lord has made to you and I. He has good things planned for me and a future. We’ll have to face uncertainty that’s a given but we have all the tools we need to conquer them victoriously!! We are over comers and the battle HAS been won. We just have to claim the victory and continue to trust in our God.

  173. When I was 15 I had the spirit of fear on me. I was afraid of everything – I mean Eh-Vre-Thing!! It was all encompassing and effected my friendships, family, and life. My parents were faithful to pray for me and when they were at a marriage retreat and in the middle of a prayer time, the speaker got up and announced that someone there had a 15 year old daughter that had just been released from the spirit of fear. They looked at each other and knew, it was me! A few weeks went by before they told me, they just watched as I was back to me again, when they told me I was stunned to realize that it had left me so quickly, I did not even realize that I was no longer paralyzed by fear. Through the years, I remember that, when I become afraid – that He has released me and it is not mine to carry. My main “fear” these days is that, as a single mom of a 3 year old little girl, I will fail to raise her well. I will not set her up with enough of a foundation to always seek the face of our Loving Father. My human-ness scares me – I want so much for her heart and spirit to be aligned with His.

  174. I am a pleaser. I have a fear of letting others down with either what I say, do, or how I act. I worry so much about what others are going to think of me I forget sometimes that the only one I need to please is God. I want Him to be pleased with my life and where my heart is at. Help me Lord to get over the fear of letting others down because all it does is drag me down and makes me feel inadequate in so many ways. Thank you Lord!

  175. Wow. I think I may need to post those top ten on my mirror in my bathroom every morning. I need that reminder daily…hourly…minutely (is that a word?) I’ve only recently admitted this to someone but I am afraid. And not just public speaking but everything. I am afraid of speaking up. Of making mistakes. Of leaving the oven on. Just recently God decided to hit me between the eyes with the fears I allow to control my decisions. I know I need to just ‘Let go and let God’ to trust that He has everything in control and that my fears will not be what defines me. I can’t say that I have given up my fears, I don’t know if I will ever fully be able to give them up, I hope and pray that I am able to lay them all at the feet of Jesus and be able to trust in His love for me and allow Him to guide my steps and not my fears. When I get discouraged and afraid I turn to Isaiah 41:8-10 from the Message
    “But you, Israel, are my servant. You’re Jacob, my first choice, descendants of my good friend Abraham. I pulled you in from all over the world, called you in from every dark corner of the earth, Telling you, ‘You’re my servant, serving on my side. I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’ Don’t panic. I’m with you. There’s no need to fear for I’m your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.”
    Sometimes I allow for my fears to kick me down but no matter how far my fears get a hold of me I will daily, hourly, minutely when necessary give them over to Jesus because He’s got His hold on me, not on my fears. He has called me and placed within me a spirit of power, love and self-discipline NOT of fear and timidity. He doesn’t want me to be afraid! I don’t want me to be afraid, so I will hand them over and trust what He has promised. That He is in control.

  176. Mom of 3, wife, and homemaker! I have faced my fears by having my faith in God to always get me through it! Once I was burdened and had a weight on my shoulders that I couldn’t stand before a crowd and speak let alone try to sing without my lips trembling and voice cracking. Once I layed my fear at His feet, all anxiousness and fear was released and I now am able to sing/speak before a crowd knowing I do it to worship Him!!!

  177. Wow, reading all these posts of women who fear the same things I fear. That in it’s self encourages me. I’m so thankful for Christian sisters everywhere who back me up, love me when I’m downright awful, pray for me. And I’m thankful that I’m learning to have the courage to do the same for them. That I’m “good enough” to encourage. What an amazing and wonderful Father we all have that binds us together!

  178. This always gets me, every time I read something like it from you: “It’s impossible to simultaneously feel fear — and give thanks.”

    Kicking fear to the curb because it is not welcome here! I’m honestly just plain tired of fearing.

    Thanks for this post. (And love that giveaway package. It sure is going to bless someone!)

  179. I was just thinking about fear this morning. I fear failure, so much that I won’t even bother trying to change because I fear that I won’t. I’m ready to step out in faith.

  180. Thank you, Ann. Beautiful, raw, and real as always. I used to call myself the Queen of Fear. Now I’m a recovering fear girl. It’s a hard, hard work to break the habit of fear. Praying for us all that we would believe more, trust more, live more, and fear less.

  181. Only because of God’s amazing and sustaining grace have I survived three life shattering and altering fears I believe each woman wholeheartedly would agree which is at the top of our real fear list:
    1. Divorce (after 25 years of marriage)
    2. Death of a child (my precious 35 year son)
    3. Breast Cancer this past year!

    Praise God HE is Faithful moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, morning by morning , month by month, mile after mile, decade after decade! The enemy of our soul strikes fear in us by whispering his lies “you will never live through this…you can not survive” Yet, He has left me here to testify “satan is a liar”!

    Smack dab in the middle of the word through, you find the word “ROUGH” and in the middle of the word rough is U. As my pastor said, “God is not always a God of deliverence but a God of Throughness. God’s gonna get you through this Rhonda.” And God enables us to face our fears and give us life experiences to encourage others!

  182. Beautiful post! I’m done fearing because it’s not worth it – not worth the time, energy, mental exhaustion that it brings. My life is so much easier when I just give it to God.

  183. I’m done fearing what others think about me and my decisions about my life and my families life!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  184. I’ve been reading this blog every so often and everytime its straight from God. Today’s post has been extremely motivating. Every fact about fear listed encourages me to pick everything up again and keep moving forward. To push through the boundaries man has created and step into the Freedom God has given me. To realise it is only through Christ’s strength that I can truly walk in the peace of God despite every fear I have.

    Thank you so much for sharing the lessons you have learned and the revelation God has put on your heart.

  185. I am afraid of making mistakes, looking stupid, being the odd one instead of worrying about whether I’m doing the right thing. God has been working on me about this, and your post goes right along with what he’s teaching me. Thanks for this post!

    I would love to win the giveaway!

  186. I’m done living with fear because my Heavenly Father is like my earthly dad who once coaxed his cowering little girl out from under her bed where she was hiding from a thunderstorm. He brought her outside and stood her facing the storm with his arms around her. He made her count the seconds between lightning and thunder and told her that each second between meant the storm was 1,000 more km away. Now I face fears and count gifts in remembrance that storms are farther than they seem, that it is a Good Father who holds us right close.

  187. Fear is a fraud! It’s not something I have to live in. I choose thanks, and joy and grace! What an awesome, loving and beautiful Father we have!

  188. It’s amazing how the growth from fearless crawling and unabashed shame as a child grows and molts into a fear of face to face interaction and quiet insecurities. I struggle with fears. Struggle at even shining light at them, afraid of…of the possibilities and opportunities that God would present allowing more fears to press in close and drown out the child. But even Christ says–He tells His disciples to let the children come near, to let them draw close and to even be like them. Stop thinking, stop analyzing, just do, just be, just love. There is no fear in love, for “perfect love casts out all fear…” right? I hope, I pray I can find that confidence. It’s been too long away from His throne. Pray for me please…

  189. I’ve been forcing myself to do things even though I’m fearful, because this just has to stop. I can’t stop the way I feel, but I can try and change actions.

  190. In June, I was frightened and scared for what was going to happen in a certain country that I love, for awhile, I felt there was no hope, but finally, I had enough of FEAR, and dug into reading Ephesians and then 1 Peter. I couldn’t get enough of God’s truths for me and when fear started to rise, I went back and reviewed the truths of God’s Word!

    Now today, I can joyfully say that my husband and I could be in a fearful situation, but we have chosen peace as we take a step of faith (aka by some people: Risking everything we have worked towards! Stepping WAY out of our comfort zone! Completely insane!), but we look at it as tough love and obedience as we continue to fear God to walk through this new phase of our lives and ministry.

    Love the giveway package too and thanks for your ministry here at inCourage! 😉

  191. Thank you for the encouragement today. I love what you said about “Your fears don’t decide your fate – your fears destroy your faith.” I am not going to let that happen. It is scary to think that I am putting a wall up between me and my Lord. Also, as you said it is impossible to fear if you give thanks to Him. I plan to make a conscience effort to pray/give thanks in/for all things. Psalm 30:12 “that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.”

  192. I often think of what Grandmama said to Annette in Treasures of the Snow. Perfect love casts out fear. If we believe that God loves us with a perfect love we know that he will not let anything into our lives that we can not handle and that He cannot make something beautiful out of. If we believe that, what have we to fear.

  193. I am done with the fear of not pleasing. Always have an underlying fear I disappoint someone. As long as I please God everything else will fall into place- Thank you God for loving me exactly where i am…

  194. Dear Heavenly Father, free me from Fear! Starting over in a new community can be frightening! I pray daily to overcome my fears and for strength to do Gods will.

  195. For God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power love and self control. I taught my grandchildren this verse many years ago. As our family is separated I pray my grandchildren remember this powerful verse and know that Popi and I love them very much and miss them. I ask for prayer for God to intervene and bind the work of Satan.
    Thank you Ann so much for your gift of words.

  196. Ann,
    I discovered your blog two years ago ,during a really tough time for my family.
    I was overwhelmed with fears, and dreaded darkness,and going to bed at night. My husband worked thr nite shift. I poured myself into reading your blogs and digging into the archives for past posts. They are so uplifting. Each night before I went to bed,Iturned Gods Word on my computer ,Loud!! So I could hear His reassurance to me as i drifted off to sleep. { This freaked my husband out the first night he came home and heard it ! } Absorbing Gods Word into my thoughts whenever fear tried to creep in ,set me free !!! I praise Him for being my deliverer.

    • A powerful Word, yes BobbiLynn? What a beautiful story of triumph over fear. He IS our deliverer. For this I am so grateful today. Focusing on Him…

  197. For over a decade I allowed myself to be obedient to fear and it has gotten me no where! Time to face the fear for what it is- a lie- and turn to my all-mighty, loving God!

    ‘don’t tell God how BIG your mountain is, tell the mountain how BIG your GOD is!’

  198. Fear has been my life’s theme. It has not gone well. Today I choose FAITH over fear. This I know…My God loves me! I choose to rest in that Truth as I earnestly seek Him.
    Thank you Ann for choosing FAITH over fear and allowing God to use you to point the way to HIM!

  199. I love ‘Fear is always the flee ahead.’ I am fearful that I am going to lose my child and I get overwhelmed when I flee ahead to the prospect of an empty crib. God has called me for right here; right now. I want to be done with fleeing ahead.

  200. I don’t think I am done with fear yet but with His help, I can get through it! I would give anything to fly right up to the Son! Without Him……I am NOTHING. ♥

  201. I have such a fear of money. Of not having enough. But every single month, HE provides. Somehow, someway, it all works out. I will no longer fear going broke, because HE provides all things.

  202. Because God wants to use my pain and my ugliness to reveal His grace, His glory and His beauty!

  203. Strangely, I just received a call from my college daughter. She was on her way to visit a friend at another college and her car broke down on a very lonely dangerous highway. She tried to call and text me but I was busy in a class and missed it.
    My first reaction when I discovered my baby was on the side of a road (by that time a police officer had picked her up and taken her to a safe spot) was fear!
    A million thoughts ran through my mind and I wanted to run out of my classroom to rescue her. But then the Holy Spirit stopped me and said…”Calm down, call your hubby and trust me!”
    After speaking to her and my hubby….and listening to the Spirit, I feel confident that all will be ok.

    My fears come when I seem to have my guard down. Always TRUST HIM!

  204. I am done with fear because it keeps me from being in communion with my God and fulfilling His plan for my life (which is loving others well). And it makes me feel lousy!

  205. I’m done with fear because I Fully Rely On God. I know His Love. In the late 1980’s, I was fixing to fly overseas with my daughter (then age 12), my husband asked: “what if the plane crashes?”. My immediate reply: “when it is my time to go, it is my time to go.”. I knew then, Fear Not.

  206. Wow! Reading all these posts I realize I am not the only one thatstruggles with this. I worry bout our finances, health of me and my family. Fear of failure too. And it’s true fear stops you from moving forward, from doing what God wants you to do, from enjoying the life God has given you. He has been speaking to me a lot about this that I need not fear cause he’s always with us he never leaves us. That he works everything out for the good. Above all that he loves me, that perfect love casts out all fear! We need to receive his love and believe that he loves us. Recently was told have a tumor in my uterus thanks to God it’s not cancerous however they do want to monitor it. Yes fear came when i got the news but God and wonderful women in my life encouraged me told me not to fear that God is in control! To believe that he will work it all out. I have a necklace with a cross that says Believe whenever I wear it, it reminds me that God is tellng me to believe! I will choose to believe and not give in to fear and the lies of the enemy! It’s not easy but all things are possible for him who believes.

  207. I’m done with fear because it steals my happiness, it robs me of time in my day that can be used for good, it makes me a person I don’t want to be, it is not who God designed me to be. I am done with fear!!!

  208. I am done with fear (worry) because:

    “9. Fear is always the flee ahead. God is I AM and His presence fills the present moment. Just. Rest. in. Him. in. This. Moment.” (Ann Voskamp)

    Replacing the lies, the worries, and the fears with the truth right now! Trusting Him for everything I and my family need now and forevermore … “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:9)

  209. Fear for me is rooted way down deep to the core of do I really trust that God loves me. The creator of the universe who created millions of little people throughout the centuries, does he really have the details of my unimportant life in his hands? Can I really have peace in all circumstances? Fear of letting go of the control I don’t have to begin with and free falling into his arms. Do I trust Him?

  210. I am done with fear because I have a 3 year old daughter I don’t wish to install fear in. I’ve spent most of my life fearing things from past sexual abuse I never dealt with. I’m on the journey of recovering and have decided to claim my life back and kick fear to the side!! God’s grace is has been amazing in this journey!

  211. Dear Ann,
    So many comments here, but another voice in the midst of them to say I will be where you are flying out to be this weekend. A sweet friend and I, two homeschooling farm wives, will be hoping to meet you and say hello.

    Praying for you, and all of us who will gather together

  212. I can thank Him and be right here, in this moment, and I can experience His Grace ……. Not Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is healing my heart!

  213. I like the acronym for FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. As it is a counterfit for faith. Making daily choices of choosing faith instead of fear, because fear paralyses and makes us feel like failures. But faith moves, it does something. Walking by faith and in love.

    “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.” Because perfect love cast out all fear, and God is love. Often ask God to perfect us in His love, fear has to go!

  214. Learning everyday to stop fearing the dark, hideous things of this world that could harm me and my loved ones. When I read about kidnappings, and children being stolen and trafficked, raped and murdered, my blood runs cold and I bed God not to let it happen to my own precious little ones. But I am slowely learning to stop fearing and start trusting. These are GOD’s little ones too – not just mine. And HE will take care of HIS little ones.

  215. my husband is making a total career shift and taking over a ministry that works with at-risk inner-city youth. gangs are rampant and drive by shootings are a risk, but for the first time in my fear-filled life, I feel peace that he is completely in God’s hands…and that the most important thing is that these overlooked and precious children and their families hear and experience the love of Jesus…I’m done with fear because I don’t want anything standing in the way of that!

  216. Goodness, I’m sorry -that was a bit dark and brutal what I just wrote – I’m sorry if that upset anyone. Maybe a little too open and honest…sorry. 🙁

  217. It is in the moments where I am scared that I find I am really telling God that there is a chance He’s going to let me down. Then he taps me on the shoulder and reminds me that He’s right there and asks me, “Really, Lauren? Name one time I have let you down.” Never.

  218. How appropriate! Separated from husband (after 25 years of marriage) who is a atheist, and believes I live in a fantasy world. Moved into a teeny apartment with a puppy I recently rescued (and spent $600, which I dont have, to save her) and starting over! Ironically, my bigget fear all my life BEING ALONE! Fear, lots of it at times, but God is good and faithful. But I am finished with fear, because I am never alone!

  219. I am giving up the fear of man… so often my actions are motivated by trying to ensure that others won’t be disappointed in me or see my weaknesses. But that fear encumbers my days… eats up my time… and makes wrong priorities. In giving up fear, I am choosing instead to dwell in God’s lavish grace and love.

  220. 5. We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail.
    Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints.

    Oh, thank you for these words. I don’t feel like I live my life in fear…. But, perhaps I do. For, this is my great fear. I fear, most of all, letting down those I love.

    I struggled so with great depression after the birth of my eldest. After 30 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, my fate was a c-section birth. My great desire to do this thing perfectly, making proud my mother and my husband was crushed. For 8 months, I was tearing myself apart with my own words of self loathing.

    Even now, I fear trying things because I may fail those I care for. Mother-anxiety plagues me, accusing me when I let these sweet children down in some way. Keeps me up at night, makes me fidget, makes me pick myself apart.

    Thank you for the reminder that my insufficiency might just be the thing that points out God’s greatness.

    Perhaps I will find rest in that.

    Des Moines is the home of my favorite aunt. Her church is doing a bible study of your book right now. She’s such an encouragement to me! Your book has been, too! Thank you for the words you write. Those words have been used to grow me… To create a thirst. Thank you so very much.

  221. I am done with the fear of thinking that I won’t continue to be an Honors student and a Phi Theta Kappa member, that I won’t be able to keep my GPA at 3.8 while getting my A.A.S. this year, that I won’t perform well enough to recieve a scholarship to a Neuroscience program next year, that I won’t be able to handle the Neuroscience program, that I’m not smart enough to be successful in this purpose (Behavioral Neuroscience) that God has called me to fulfill. I am done with fear! My confessions as of late have been “I am the righteousness of God, and I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me, He has called me and He will not let me fail, He has equipped me with everything that I need to fulfill His purpose (my mission in life) and I am more than a conquerer in Christ, I am victorious in Him.” Today, I choose to abide in the vine (Jesus), to let the vinedresser (God) keep me, and to be a producer of good fruit so that He may be glorified!

  222. Through a Bible study this past spring, God showed me that when I have fear, it’s really me not trusting Him. I desperately want to trust the Lord with EVERYTHING in my life! The more I trust Him the less I’ll fear.

  223. Thank you for this gift this morning, Ann. I am kicking fear to the curb this morning. Joining with my sisters to pray and proclaim that God is greater. I have been experiencing long-term numbness in my body, and I have been fearful. Fearful of what I’ll find. Fearful of not having an answer after I’ve done my seeking. But the truth is this — “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.” And GOD’S LOVE NEVER ENDS. Not in this body, not on this earth, not ever. Hallelujah!

  224. I am walking in complete faith right now. I am looking for my work that God has been preparing me for the past 20 years of walking The Sermon on the Mount. After reading One Thousand Gifts, last October, God brought me into complete commitment to Him and His path.
    That meant giving up things that did not align with His will. July 27th I left a two year relationship with a non-christian man, who did not want a marriage commitment, just the live-jn arrangement we had been in. It was not an easy move to make.
    He gave me a deadline to leave and I honored it, with nothing but faith to go on. I know God and this is not about my plan, it is God’s plan. I am not very comfortable at the moment. I have nothing,, except the path of extreme grace I have walked since 1990 to give me assurance that God will provide! Please pray with me as I continue to count my gifts and blessings every day! I am so grateful and have committed to give thanks in EVERY circumstance! Everything is truly grace!

  225. ugh, fear is my thorn. many times, in light of oposition and failure. i’ve struggled with it my entire life. but Jesus has been so good to transform my thinking. now when i see that dark shadow encroaching on my joy, the faithful Counselor reminds me of the Truths and Promises sung over me as a child of God!!!

  226. I am walking in complete faith right now. I am looking for my work that God has been preparing me for the past 20 years of walking The Sermon on the Mount. After reading One Thousand Gifts, last October, God brought me into complete commitment to Him and His path.
    That meant giving up things that did not align with His will. July 27th I left a two year relationship with a non-christian man, who did not want a marriage commitment, just the live-jn arrangement we had been in. It was not an easy move to make.
    He gave me a deadline to leave and I honored it, with nothing but faith to go on. I know God and this is not about my plan, it is God’s plan. I am not very comfortable at the moment. I have nothing,, except the path of extreme grace I have walked since 1990 to give me assurance that God will provide! Please pray with me as I continue to count my gifts and blessings every day! I am so grateful and have committed to give thanks in EVERY circumstance! Everything truly is grace!

  227. Lately, I’ve been realizing that almost always for me… on the other side of fear… is gold. And if I don’t push through the fear, I’ll never get to the gold. Whether its an amazing experience or a new friendship or new lesson learned, I’ve never regretted pushing through a fear to see what waits on the other side. So I’m making the decision to push through the fears and find that gold!

  228. My #1 fear is being alone – which is CRAZY, because I KNOW in my heart that I am never really alone. However… when I find myself physically by myself, this fear sometimes seems overbearing. Today I will not give in to this fear – and if I make this pledge day by day, then I beat satan! Let the days of winning begin!!

  229. I fear for the future of my children. Am I doing what God wants me to do to raise them right ? What if they turn away? What if something horrible happens to them? How can I control this? These thoughts go through my mind a lot.
    I need to be reminded that I can’t control it. I do as much as I can and I pray for them constantly. Although sometimes I fear that is not enough.
    Thank-you for this post. I’m writing down your 10 things to know about fear and posting it on my board. It’s a great reminder to me when I feel like things are spinning out of control or I’m not doing enough.
    I’m facing my fears in another way and helping out with the youth of our church- teenagers- my children are still young but when I was asked to volunteer I felt the need to say YES! I’m praying God works through me to help this fragile age between child and adult and I’m sure they can teach me a thing or two also.
    Thanks again for another uplifting post.

  230. Thank you for such a beautiful post!

    I have always had some sort of fear in my life. When I was young, I feared being rejected by others. As I got older, I feared failure of new tasks. But, God systematically delivered me from these. Now, as a mom who homeschools, my biggest fear is somehow failing at my children’s education. But, words from a more seasoned homeschooling mom that God just happened to put in my path stiil stay with me combating that fear. She said that God knows our strengths and failings. And God has a plan for our kids. A plan, that He will accomplish even through out limitations.

    Moses was not good at speaking. David was small. Peter denied Christ three times. Yet His plan included these men. So I know His plan also includes my shortcomings. He can overcome and that is what overcomes my fears.

    • Oh. Katie.
      This: “Moses was not good at speaking. David was small. Peter denied Christ three times. Yet His plan included these men.”

      Thank you, Lord… Thank you, Lord… so we just offer up our very small loaves and fishes…

  231. Ann, as always you so beautifully put into words the thoughts that I haven’t yet thought. (Hm, does that make sense?) I am learning to put my fear aside. I do not like dealing with difficult people. In the past I have run from them, fearing to confront, no, rather to remain around. But in the past 5 years I have grabbed a hold of these fears, prayed hard, and remained under the trials brought on by others. And the beautiful thing has been, I have seen God working in me, through me, to them, or sometimes merely to strengthen me. I fear what these people think, might say. Yet, it is only what He thinks, what He has said in His Word, that really matters. And so, I am remaining under.

  232. I have lived my life in a type of fear, shyness. I know I have missed out on some great relationships because I was too afraid to take the step and make myself available. No more! Fear be gone!

  233. WOW! God is perfect in His timing! I so needed to be reminded of these precious truths today! I am overcoming fear because He said I could and because I’m ready to live the abundant Life that He promised and paid for!

  234. I am done with fear… because every time I I fear I fail and honestly I AM not failing! I need to stay spiritually alert so that I don’t become lazy and fall back into fear, so I replace it with a little thing called faith and what do you know it takes alot of fear away.

  235. I am always in need of a reminder about fear. It’s a beast I contend with daily.

    As always, Ann, I find your words timely, and thought stirring–ever encouraging me to lean harder on Him.
    Bless you, my friend. XO

  236. Ann,
    It’s like you look into my heart each day, and then write the posts that I need to hear the most. Thank you for that. I didn’t realize I had fears until this past year when I realized they were getting out of hand. I have a fear of so many things. Today I offer it all up to our Father, who knows the plan for my life. I am here, giving thanks for you. Safe travels.

  237. Thank you for these words!! For about 4 years now my husband and I have been praying about becoming foster parents. Also, those same 4 years we have been fearful of taking that step of faith. We had excuse after excuse why we were not foster parent “material”. Year after year God showed us He is bigger than any of our fears. He took care of every excuse we came up with. From a vehicle to transport the extra children to a house big enough to house the extra children. God showed us in a BIG way. September 18 my husband and I start our training classes.

  238. Fear to me is an emotion, reaction to things that happen, but can actually be HIS way
    of reminding me that HE is there, no matter what, FEAR NOT, For I am With YOU always! So to fear (no matter how small or large the incident) it can be , it is a gift, that is it is a way
    of renewing one’s trust, one’s faith, and love for GOD!

    Fear Not HE is Always With US!!

  239. This week, my son-in-law’s father committed suicide. This is the 3rd violent death in his immediate family in the last 3 years. First his 18 year old daughter died in a drunk driving accident, then his brother was murdered, now his dad killed himself. Bobby is wrestling with a nameless dread. Every day he wonders what will happen next. Bobby is a very young Christian without a history of God’s faithfulness. Please pray that he will see and know God’s faithfulness that destroys fear. Thank you Ann for your encouraging posts.

  240. I am learning to put fear behind me. I am learning that it is a thief that steals from my earthly relationships and most importantly my relationship with Christ. I want all of Christ Jesus my Lord and fear limits my capacity to trust Him. God Bless you Ann!

  241. I feel comforted reading the comments of others as I tend to feel alone in this fear issue especially because I am a Christian and am ashamed to admit I still struggle with fears…mostly of death…not that I am going to Heaven…. I have that assurance, but just how it all happens…the unknown and also how I will die….fear of being in a nursing home and alone. But, I do know I am never alone..God is always with me. I keep reading the bible and praying about this and I know God will answer my prayers.

  242. I want to be done with fear, yet I’m not quite sure how to be completely done? One step at a time? One choice at a time? “It’s impossible to simultaneously feel fear – and give thanks.” So in this moment, I choose to give thanks . . . and the journey continues : )

    Sweet blessings to you, Ann, as you continue to face your fears and speak what he puts in your heart. No doubt HIS words will flow forth and touch hearts!

  243. This was an amazing post! It home! Everyone has fears…no matter what they are. Self inflicted fear can be the worst sometimes. When a situation happened in your life that you may not be proud of….where you let go of your faith…and walked your own path…only later realizing you don’t succeed walking YOUR path ONLY his.
    Years back…I made some bad choices. Choices that have affected my marriage. I was walking my own path. One away from the Lord. I thought I knew what I was doing. I was reckless. I have come along way since that time. I have given all those issue to Christ and asked for forgivness and have choosen to walk with HIM!
    Just a few days ago…a situation happened where I will every day have to face years ago….I fear old memories will be brought back up. I fear altercations. I KNOW i am a different person now and have changed and come so far. But the fear is there. I live with not only the fear but the regret, being ashamed of those years. worried people will find out and all think horribly of me. Maybe God placed this situation in my life to not have me deal with all of those things…..maybe just as a reminder. IDK….but fear is a hard thing for me. ALways has been. I am working very hard at not fearing because I know I have God looking our for me.

  244. When my husband got a job in another town, I decided to embrace the change as God’s will instead of falling into the pit of fear as I used to. . .I wanted it to be an adventure. . .It is an adventure in waiting so far as our house isn’t selling and we are stuck in a state of limbo. . .still I am trying to embrace what God has for us but it is a daily choice. Some days I do it and others I dip my toes into the mire of fear hanging behind me. This is a great post. Thank you.

  245. Oh Ann~
    Love this post. I’ve struggled with fear for years. What I found was that so much of my fear was rooted in pride and feeling alone.
    Love this ” All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.” Oh to just remember his love never ends and He is always there. At a Women’s retreat I attended a few years ago a speaker said: “God will never put you in a situation where you do not need Him”. I love that thought.

    Love your words this morning and love the give away. Some very cute items.
    Blessings as you speak this weekend. I love Women of Faith. Been to a few in my day.


  246. I’m done fearing- “what do others think of me?” HE is the only one who completely knows me and only his opinion really matters!!!

  247. I especially like how your No. 7 – Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living – expresses my experiences. Over the years, my “greatest fear” has always come true. After the death of my husband when we were 30, and raising 2 sons on my own, I realized that fear didn’t not stop anything from happening, and even the smaller fears chip away at my joy. I learned that God would always be there to see me through, so I made a conscious choice to live without allowing myself to worry about what might happen. Although I sometimes miss the mark and fear tries to creep in, my life has been so much fuller!

  248. Financial fears weary. I’ve determined to retrain those thoughts–slay them with this powerful truth: “It’s impossible to simultaneously feel fear — and give thanks.” How I LOVE that thanksgiving is both weapon and worship!

  249. Fearful of what others think.
    Fearful of what is not yet and may never be.
    Fearful for my children.

    but perfect Love casts out all fear.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    {lovely giveaway! have a wonderful trip!}

  250. I am done with fear b/c I am His and if my God is for me , who then can oppose me! I hope that I win one of these lovely things!

  251. OK, so is it all right to still be fearful? Even though I KNOW my God is bigger? (I need some faith-work)

  252. Was set free when I learned to obey even if I was “afraid”. My dear friend says just that, “do it afraid”. Obey, and know He never will leave or forsake. What sweet release to walk into obedience, knowing He holds all things.

  253. I am done with the fear of speaking/performing in public. I don’t mind doing it to small crowds.

    Used to have a terrible fear of performance in public/in front of crowds. Then God used my sign language skills, such as they were. Now periodically I will do sign language to music in my church. The more that I’ve done it the better/more confident I feel.

  254. I’m done with fear because I have to be. If I choose to follow God, I cannot be led by fear. No man can serve two masters.

  255. I am definitely done with fear in many areas…it keeps me from jumping fulling into TODAY and accepting the unknowns and adventures a head with a smile on my face..gotta leave it behind and hold onto his love !!

  256. I can’t tell you how many times i let fear keep me from travelling. Lately i had to travel a 17 hour trip to watch my son deploy to Afsghanistan, we drove this trip…do you know, i paced it, i prayed it, i trusted and believed God to see me past my fear and we were able to enjoy our trip not just to see my son off in July 🙁 but again
    back for another trip this August to see my youngest graduate the ARmy. God is good in the midst of my fears.

  257. I have feared and I have trusted… trusting is the only way! I am done fearing and instead will put my life, faith, & trust in God… for he cares and will provide all that I need!

  258. I’m done being afraid of doing the wrong thing in ministry. (Well, I am trying to be done.) God has been teaching me that holding back is the wrong thing, especially when I refrain out of fear of messing something up. The fear that I am ill-equipped to do something, and my insecurity is a sin because He is my ability and my security.
    I pray that I receive whatever He has for me with upraised arms and open hands, because He loves me and I can trust that whatever He gives me is good. Even if it looks bad, it is good, because He is good.

  259. Fear has been gnawing my stomach, stealing my sleep. In a few short weeks I fly 10,000km, back to my ministry, regular home school schedule, life. And in each of those areas there is hope, but there is also fear. The hopes are for what I know IS: lives to be reached by Christ, changed by His love; living education, full, vital, preparing for life; walking with a heavy lean in God’s direction. The fears, though, are for what is yet unknown, undetermined: my ‘usefulness’ as a tool for His work, my children’s educational future after they outgrow my teaching, not knowing which challenge is the next one (and surely there will be a next one) to strike me paralyzed, to bring panic and anxiety to the sleepless morning hours.

    I am so DONE with the fear. It doesn’t come from the Lord, my Shepherd. His voice is peace, His Word is true. The truth is that the life I’m returning to is hard. But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to be walking it alone. In fact, in my weakness, that’s when I’ll see His strength.

    Thank you for words of peace and truth, Ann.

  260. Great post! Because fear keeps us from being perfectly in tune with so many good things, so I’m continuing to fight against it and LIVE.

  261. I am done fearing what hurt people can cause because God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind and there is so much FREEDOM in casting our burden or FEAR on Him knowing that it is only harming us to hold our heavy burdens.

  262. I have lived with the fear for 25 years. The fear that a husband gifted to me by God is actually my cross to bear…my teaching post. A husband with a life long addiction to alcohol. As we were baptised together and enjoyed a full five years of sobriety always present was the fear of what God was asking me to do. Endure, persevere,be long suffering. Even when times were good this fear was in the back of my mind. What if I can’t Lord? What if I can’t see my husband the way you do and plow ahead with my care of him? Why can he not be the spiritual head of the household? I still struggle but God is ever-present showing me the way!

  263. As I fear the unknown (where we will be living with six animals once the lender acts on the foreclosure or the long term health and recovery of two of our sons), He brings to fuller understanding the answer to the question He continually places before me…What do you know, Cindy? He knows I want to see complete pictures of what lays before me. He wants me to see and understand He and only He is that complete picture. What do I know?…He is my God, my Lord and Savior. Do not be afraid.

  264. I am a missionary in England from the states and I can’t help but think that being here highlights my fears and vulnerabilities like a spotlight on an actor during a play production. Life is uncomfortable all the time and very much on display.

    I have been gone so long from my home culture that I don’t have the option to run or to not face fears that have crippled me. He has ruined me for any type of normal.

    His love and His grace will never keep me the same, I have been changing by grace from the moment we were first introduced. For that, I am thankful.

  265. Knowing your writing and loving spirit as well as knowing the incredible love, support, and peace at a WOF event…you have nothing to fear. You ate called to be there and supported totally in prayer!

  266. 7. Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living.
    That is so true in my life. I can easily give way to fear, then regret what I haven’t done because of that fear.

  267. I am done with fearing “that thing” because I am done with letting it steal my joy–the joy that God has given and promises. I am done with the fear because it has caused too much emotional ruin in too many generations and it is time that me and my house live in victory, not fear. I am done with being a pit-dweller that is suffocated by the fear pressing down on me–I breathe the freeing, life-giving air that my Lord and Savior provides every time I say His sweet name and am thankful for His name and His grace.

    Ann–to God be the glory that this particular blog arrived in my e-mail inbox this day–a day when my supervisor is talking about his health issues that have come up just due to anxieties and fears and losing his joy. God is so good that He would send a word of encouragement through you so that we can share with others!


  268. I don’t think of myself as a fearful person. I’ve chosen to follow the harder route of life in many ways, even when it meant leaving people around me shaking their heads. But fear is sneaky, flooding in through the cracks of your choices until suddenly you’re drowning in it. Two weeks ago, God redirected me away from what I wanted and loved … again. He “took away” what I’d dreamed of … again. I’m setting off in a new, crazy direction … again. And I’ve been drowning in fear.

    Thanks for this outpouring of truth! I needed to be reminded that all is for my good and His glory. I needed to remember that it is all Plan A, and that fear is the result of deception! Now to move forward in confidence and in gratitude! I’m pulling out my 1000 Gifts Journal again and starting to count ….

  269. I have never thought of myself as fearful…..until i had children!!! then i worried about them. I over examined every situation, some times in complete fear. What would happen if clouded my mind. My first son has a severe heart condition. I checked him moment by moment (and 7 years later i still some times wake up to check his breathing!) I never thought of myself as a fearful person until my husband went off to war. What if something happened? How would we survive with out him!!! I don’t know when it all happened exactally. the fear consumed me. then one day instead of scripture comforting God allowed me to remember a hymn. Blessed Assurance.
    Perfect submission, all is at rest!
    I in my Savior am happy and blest,
    Watching and waiting, looking above,
    Filled with his goodness, lost in His love
    i can’t tell you exactly why it spoke to me but it did. I still struggle. And this article was perfect timing (or should i say God’s timing) to remind me not only who is in charge but what is at stake (my very faith). Thank you for sharing, and letting others share. i can’t tell you how incouraged i have been since finding this site and in the last few weeks!

  270. I have struggled with the fear that my husband and family will die/be taken from me because I have believed the LIE that I don’t deserve to be happy. But that isn’t true. God loves his children 🙂 I choose not to fear anymore because God is never surprised by our circumstances!

  271. LOVED #5–“We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail.
    Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints.”

    I needed that today! I’m done fearing and letting disappointments from others rule my thoughts and heart, instead I choose to rest in Him Who never disappoints trusting that He’ll work out perfectly the circumstances I’m facing.

    Thank you for this beautiful post and thoughtful giveaway!

  272. God is so faithful! I was weeping last night, letting go of ultimately not trusting God to protect my children when I go out of the country in the coming weeks. I thought I trusted Him… Until I was shaking with fear, feeling like I need to stay with them at all times for them to be ok. A combination of homeschooling my four treasures (always with them) and the loss of my mother and two sisters at a young age put me in an unrealized expectancy of loss. Anyway, I prayed, wept and had communion with my Jesus to turn towards Him and trust…with unabandon knowing His perfect love has cast out all of my fears. I read this knowing He is just loving me, confirming and is happy with my choice. Truly, thank you for sharing Ann! I feel great just sharing that! In Christ!

  273. I am done with the fear that stalks me because it has stolen enough of my JOY I want my JOY back. The Joy of the LORD is my strength!

  274. Past fears had caused my body to break temporarily. This I have recently discovered. Fear had kept me from searching different avenues of my career. Thoughts of less-than camped inside my mind for years. But the Lord sought me out, I listened, and He stood beside me as I began this new adventure. The fear has not yet disappearred, but together I find greater strength in whatever purpose He has for my life in this season.

  275. I am so done with fear! At 54, I’ve lived to see God bring me through times that I never thought I could survive, and today, I live and thrive in His grace and peace most every day. Sure, there are some tough days, but you know what? They are only as bad as I let my fear make them. The key is living in conscious thanks every moment of every day, (yes – document it), and when I get off that path, I can accept that fact that I’m not perfect and make a correction. A big bonus is helping someone else who is struggling find their own path of peace and thanks, too. 😉 What a blessing that is! Thanks, Ann, for your many words of wisdom. I have been on this path for ten years, but it is such a blessing to continue the journey along with you.

  276. Thank you Ann!
    “We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail. Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints.”
    This post is so appropriate for the place I am in lately! I am stepping from my comfortable homeschooly world (15 years, 3 children, 3 graduates!!) to teach at a brick and mortar school feels intimidating. Remembering that God chooses my path and places me into experiences of audacious faith so that He can show His powerful love and faithfulness empowers me. Embracing His grace when I know that my weakness is evident will be even richer now that I have considered that He proves Himself.

  277. I am done fearing what my future will be like- with college facing me this next year and big steps ahead, big decisions to make; I am done fearing what the enemy can do in my family, I am done fearing that he will pull us apart. Yes, we are an easy target, with my dad as a pastor and my mom battling mesothelioma (rare type of lung cancer) and melanoma (skin cancer). But our God redeems and He saves and He will ransom me unharmed. (psalm 55:18). I am done fearing the next years ahead, I am done fearing for my mom’s life, for my life- should she leave to be with Jesus. I am done living each doctor’s appointment, each xray, each surgery, with fear and dread. I am done because through each circumstance, I have come face to face with God, finding Him true and trustworthy, able to do all He has promised, and more. Because, I have found He loves me. Extravagantly. And more than I deserve. I have found His grace. His grace, it has changed my life. It is true. Fear is not possible while giving thanks. And He has blessed me with the ability to give thanks- in every moment. I am done fearing each day, for every new morning is a gift I have been given, not a prison sentence I have to dread. I am done fearing because I have seen how He welcomes me, wants me, even after I have fallen and disbelieved and given in to fear. I am trusting that our Lord will save me, as He has said He will. And even if He does not, I will continue to trust Him. Like Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego proclaimed so fearlessly- “We do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and He will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if He does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” (Daniel 3:16-18). The God I serve is able to save me from that which I fear. But even if He does not, let it be known that I will not cave to fear. I will stand firm on His truth.

  278. I am done fearing the movement of time for our God has already sanctified it.

    Nearly all of my anxiety is centered around time past or anticipating the time to come. Yet, the demons seem to reside always in the past or in the future. When I live in the past, I am filled with regret. Where as when I live in the future, I am filled with anxiety. Yet as one of my favorite prayers says in regard to the future, “neither eagerness nor apprehension with hasten or postpone it.”

    Jean Vanier says, “Learn to love reality and then discover that God is present in it.” If I wish to dwell where Christ is, I need to recover the real, the present, and the NOW.
    For as C.S. Lewis says, “The present is the time that most closely touches eternity.” It is only when I subject myself to the blessings that Christ has in store for me HERE and NOW that I encounter Christ and time itself is sanctified. Time is indeed a gift when we are present to it – for it is filled with so many opportunities of pleasing the Lord. The Lord is with me here and now; therefore I will not fear.

  279. i battle fear every day. mostly it seems it is all the little things. Last week we climbed pyramids in Mexico. We cheered our youngest all the trembling terrified way UP. After she faced the fear of being at the top and having to come all the way down she was happy and said “I did it!”. Do it. Face it. and sometimes it IS one step at a time. :).

  280. I am through with the fear that the sins of my past are too much and that I can not be redeemed. I have lived with the lies that fear brings that I am beyond the reach of God’s love and I am DONE. MY SAVIOR LOVES ME and I will trust in his promise that no matter what my past holds, HE holds my future and I am forgivenand will spend eternity with my Heavenly Father.So I will sing my praises and give all of my thanks to Him and kick that fear to the curb!!!!

  281. This was a hard post for me to read today. Some of the 10 points seemed to hit me between the eyes. I’m not like all of you; I am afraid MORE than I trust.

    My life has been a complicated one; but then- whose hasn’t? Recently, I was told that my husband & friend had a 10 month affair together. My heart shattered, and I must confess, my faith didn’t hold up much better.

    Fear and anger have long been my companions; weeds that strangle my heart and threaten to forever squeeze out any hope of trust and forgiveness. How does one move forward when so afraid? Afraid to love again? Afraid to look in the mirror and compare? Afraid to forgive? Afraid to trust? Afraid to even believe that God could have stopped it, yet didn’t…

    While I spiral up and own, God is supporting me. I am learning what it means to “Let Go- and Let God”…to trust Him in the small things, knowing it will lead me to a place where I can again accept His greater Plan. I have made some choices for reconciliation… and stepping out without knowing the future causes me to feel fearful.

    And then, I read a blog like yours, and He lifts me up again. “Courage, my love, courage.” He gives me enough manna for each day.

    Thankyou for what you do Ann.

    I’ve been finding that fear does indeed cripple- as you alluded to in your post.

  282. There is such great freedom in trusting our Lord and Savior. I wish I could say that I am totally over fear. But there are those moments that come unexpected and fear creeps in. That is why I am so very grateful to our Lord that he is there to quickly remind me that fear only takes away from my walk with him. I place my hand in His once again and walk by faith , not sight.

  283. Fear has always been a huge part of my life. Recently, I’ve stepped out and have started two one one on Bible studies, and a ladies book club at my church. I’ll be leading the discussion. I’m scared spitless.

    But … I’ve finally chosen to face the fear and step out of my comfort zone. And I have determined to rely on His strength, not my own. And I will pray, each time I speak in front of others or meet with others, as Spurgeon prayed …

    “God, be merciful to me, a sinner.”

    So much is wrapped up in that itty bitty prayer.

  284. I have a way of signing off on my blogs with : Awake N Unfraid, Leesa
    This reminds me that I have chosen not to be afraid of what others think of me. To not be afraid of living a glorous life with Christ, dont be afraid of the journey because there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long that tunnel is.

    Whom shall I fear? My God and no one else!

    peace be with you always,
    Awake N Unafraid,

  285. Fear. I am afraid that my married life will never change for the better. Silly fear – what does it matter? I have a savior waiting for me on the other side of heaven. This minscule slice of life, though often immobilizing me, will not be with me forever, for I have a savior who loves me, delights in me and is preparing a place for me.

  286. Fear makes me feel like I am lost. And, because of Jesus’ completed work on the cross, I am not lost anymore. I have been found. Thank you for this posting…this marker that points me to the Savior.

  287. Thank you. Every day your blog fills me with peace to remind me God is in control. I struggle with fear and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Even though I have been raised in a Christian household, and now raising my own household of little girls for Him, I still have fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure in home education, fear of my daughters medical issues finally taking her to be with JESUS ( Yes, that is a selfish fear). So thank you as I am facing another anxious moment in life, your blog inspires me to find joy in this chaos called life.

  288. All of life’s fears can be won by trusting in Christ but that simple truth does not sink into me as much as I want to.

  289. I’m done with fearing the unknown because God is so Gracious and Loving. I know that all things work for good and that God will use me even in all my brokenness. I don’t need to fear because He’s got it all figured out.

  290. I’m done with fear; I’m stepping out and trusting HIM. Despite/because of the challenges of life, I choose to walk with God and trust He will show me the way. How to be a peaceful, loving, obedient daughter of His, and wife, and mom. Learning to count my blessings and gifts.

  291. i have dealt with fear since i was 6 years old and watched my father walk out of my life for 10 years as he left my mother, brother and i. i have struggled with fears relating to my children, my marriage, my life…and i am SO DONE! thankful to the bone that my Lord Jesus is trustworthy and present! thankful He will not leave me and provides the stability through His Word that I NEED!!

    i would LOVE to win that gorgeous bag and goodies, too! 🙂


  292. I am done being afraid that my body won’t hold up physically! I am going to climb the 3rd tallest peak in Oregon this weekend and I am trusting in faith He will enable me to do it.

  293. each & every of your 10 things was for me, but “don’t fear failing; fear not obeying” is key right now. i’m in the middle of a hosting frenzy before the harvest rush, for i am a farmer’s wife, too! =) as i prepare for the next upcoming guests, i find myself stressing/fearing about everything being perfect, organized, & beyond fault-finding. this is not realistic nor a Godly goal. God has asked us to be hospitable not perfect housekeepers, loving not totally organized, & accepting not beyond fault-finding. thank you for your encouragement today!

  294. I’m tired of fearing that others will find me repulsive, unlovely, ugly, less than. Tired of fearing a sense that I’m not in control. I want instead to trust God. Lean into the mystery. Love Him for not being a safe God.

  295. fear is not about faith; it’s not about victory and it’s not about freedom. We can choose life and liberty

  296. I have scars behind, and uncertains ahead, but a God who owns it all. I made a choice that I would refuse to let the enemy have my scars or my fears. My husband is going blind at the age of 41. We got his diagnosis right after our family grew from three to six children through foster/adopt. I am watching my husband evolve and change through this trial. God’s got this, and that is ALL I need to know.

  297. Thank you for your blog – it sure hits home almost every day.
    Fear…. I’ve lived with it so long it seem a natural part of me, but I know it’s not of God. I have to battle it every day… every minute it seems some days.
    But I am triumphant thru Christ. His blood covers me and protects me.
    I know it…
    I believe it….
    I stand on that promise.
    Fear it’s getting smaller and smaller………

  298. I just want to do be done with fears. It has driven my life for too long when faith should. I don’t want fear to take captive of me any longer but be taken captive by Christ alone and obeying Him. If the safest place to be is in His will, then fear of Him should triumph over other fears that I may face along the way in seeking Him.

  299. We have been seeking the Lord for His will in a ‘place’ we are in at this moment. We are fearful of moving because we don’t want to hurt others or cause any strife in our family. We believe we’ve heard God’s voice, but are still frozen in place….I vow to move in His direction

  300. “Your fears don’t decide your fate — your fears destroy your faith.” This is so helpful right now. I MUST remember that fearing the future, the change, the unknown, doesn’t make any of it come faster or slower…it simply destroys the trust I am trying so hard to have in Christ. Thank you for this reminder.

  301. I have a fear of failure … to fail as a wife, a mother, a friend and fail even as a child of God. But God’s Word reminds me that perfect love casts out fear and that I am made perfect in His love (1 John 4:18). So if I have His love and trust, then fear has no chance but to flee.

  302. Love this post!
    I have lived with fear for as far back as I can remember and it’s just now that I have come to terms with the idea that God isn’t going to leave me. HE is love and I have eternal life with him and how could I possibly be afraid of anything?!
    Romans 8:31
    What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

  303. This was a very timely post for me today. We’ve been working through fears in our marriage and the quote “Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living” was amazing.

  304. My husband and I started dating while serving overseas, and got married with the intention of returning to the field….but some serious health issues (now resolved) and 3 very small children later, it is rather scary to think of going back to a third world country where we are far from help, health care, family, etc. Your blog reminded me that letting that fear control our decisions is to NOT be faithful…thank you!

  305. First John 4:18 tells us “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” Our God IS LOVE. And our Savior, Jesus Christ, paid our punishment on the cross. Our enemy is fear. I choose LOVE, joy and EUCHARISTEO to refute the enemy’s lies!

  306. I am a single mom of a beautiful little 4 year old. Since her dad walked out two years ago I have been afraid. My fear has centered around my daughter never grasping our heavenly fathers love because of the failing of her earthly father. Through two years of searching Gods word and intense bible study’s I now know as long as I teach her the beat I can Her heavenly Father will show her the rest. So I am letting go of my fear of failing my daughter. I can do this because she is Hos daughter first and foremost.

  307. I will admit that I am addicted to fear. I cannot imagine my life without the daily/hourly infusion of fear. I can try to acknowledge fear each time it rears its head: and stop feeding it! but I will not lie and say that I have given up fear, my faith is not yet that strong. Yes, God is bigger, I am willing to give thanks, even for the fear. Ann, it always comes back to gratitude, doesn’t it?!

  308. This is a very fitting post for me today as I have decided that I am done with fear but from time to time it pricks my heart once more. I AM done with fear though because I know who my God is and what He can do.

    There is a verse that has been dear to me: ‘Do not fear for I am with you; do not be afraid for I am your God; I will strengthen you and I will help you.’ Isaiah 41:10


  309. Wow, thank you for the pierce in my heart that I didn’t even know I needed. I literally, I mean literally, just got finished catching up on my daily political news. And do you know what I felt as I read the horrors happening in our own country and around the world? FEAR. Icky, looming fear. And I was so angry. And I prayed to God in my head, “Why do you let your children act this way? Do you see this? Do you care? I am so angry God.” Little did I know, I’m not angry, I’m scared. I’m scared because I, wow, it’s difficult to even type out right now, I’m scared that ultimately God will forget His people, His children, forget me. And by His bountiful grace, I came across your blog 🙂 Praise HIM! Today I will choose to leave fear where it came from and trust Him… the God who created me, the God that loves me, the God that takes all of my fears away. Today, I choose trust in Him over fear of losing Him. Amen! God bless you and know that I will be praying for your trip as you keep letting Him use you. You rock, Ann!!

  310. I am letting go of the fear for my 18 year old daughter who left home when she was just 16. I know she is God’s child and he is in the midst of her journey. I hold on to this truth with everything I have.

  311. Everyday I wake to battle fear but I know that He that is in me is greater than that of this world!! I know that my God has overcame this world and He is with me always. I am done with letting fear ruin my life and ready to Let God Rule my life! Giving thanks today for that with God day by day I am overcoming yhe obstacle of fear and an living with freedom on Christ. Knowing He is with me and He will never forsake me. Thank you for these 10 statements! I will hold them close. God is so good, so sweet, so true and so here with me!!

  312. I’m a new mom, and looking at my baby son I realized that I now had the potential to experience greater, deeper fears than at any other stage in life so far–fears about failure as a mom, fears about catastrophe striking our family, fears about my son’s future. Thank you for these encouraging words about trusting our awesome, good, sovereign God. Because we’re never our of his grasp, I can face my fears boldly and live life fully.

  313. The are many things that i fear but they all seem to connect to a fear of not being in control. I want to let go of this fear and fully lean on God because i desire him more than anything else and i know he has started a good work in me and he is faithful to complete it even when i am blind to his ways. I pray for open eyes ears and heart. And i am seeing that this comes through thanksgiving. Thank you Ann

  314. I choose to love, wholeheartedly and completely, even if I’m not loved back.

    I won’t fear what people think of me any longer, because I am His child, I have taken refuge in Him.

    “In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” (Psalm 56:4)

  315. Everyday I wake to battle fear but I know that He that is in me is greater than that of this world!! I know that my God hasI overcame this world and He is with me always. I am done with letting fear ruin my life and ready to Let God Rule my life! Giving thanks today for that with God day by day I am overcoming yhe obstacle of fear and an living with freedom on Christ. Knowing He is with me and He will never forsake me. Thank you for these 10 statements! I will hold them close. God is so good, so sweet, so true and so here with me!!

  316. Dear Ann I have been following your blog after discovering and reading your book. Praise our Heavenly Father for your gift of words, they have changed the living out of my life…such a huge part in rescuing my soul, although I’ve claimed Christ as savior for 22 years.
    I’m learning to let go of fear so others will no the power and love of my God. I’ve told my family that I want to live in such a way that when I die they won’t have a doubt of whose I am and where my final home will be. I want them to know it is very possible to live this, sometime grueling life out with abundant joy. Thank you for the key of thanksgiving which unlocks the door of joy!!!!! I am richer because of your testimony.
    God bless you….

  317. This was exactly what I needed today…thank you for these timely (for me) words of encouragement. My family has been called to missions and, like Abraham, we have no set destination – just the undeniable call to *go*… I’m so very afraid of the unknown. Flying = fear. Leaving my children = fear. Bringing them with = even bigger fear! The very real possibility that what I experience might well destroy me = (selfish) fear.

    However, relying on and abiding in the strength, presence, and grace of my sovereign, holy and just King = no fear, just peace. An absolutely incomprehensible, all consuming peace. Thank you, my Jesus. And thank you Ann, for your enviable ability to put the Spirit’s words into human words…

  318. Perfect Love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18) Oh, LORD remind us of that as we walk daily in this broken world. Remind us to trust Your Perfect LOVE and to not trust what our eyes see and our minds imagine……teach us to PRAISE YOU in the storm. EUCARISTEO

  319. After losing my dad suddenly, traumatically, I find the battle of fear can be fierce. Fear of further loss; of another phone call that turns my world upside down; of my husband not coming home one night; of a loved one receiving a terminal diagnosis… the list goes on, unfortunately. The only way I really know to fight it is with the Truth of God’s word, and by reaching my arms up to my Father, the only one who never leaves. I often think of Psalm 40, of waiting patiently for the Lord and him turning to hear my cry, pulling me out of the miry pit of fear, and (my favorite part) – putting a NEW SONG in my mouth, a hymn of praise to him. The more I reach for him in my fear, the more the tune of my heart changes…

  320. I find reading psalms & singing truly can help with a fear. and journaling out my thoughts. love your blog ! 😉

  321. I have the fear of never being strong enough or enough of a spiritual support to my pastor husband. I daily feel in the shadow of his bibical wisdom, and refuse to share with him my trepidation of growing because I feel like I will never be at the same point in my faith. I have to constantly remind myself that this faith that I live is mine and not my husband’s, or my family’s or friend’s. Sometimes this fear is a constant reminder from deep within that I am never going to be good enough for my husband, my family or my God. Thank you for reminding me that this is a control issue and I need to get over it and give it to my Heavenly Father.

  322. I have lived with a fear most all of my life…..fear of abandonment, rejection, of being “lost”. Yet, God has poured out His love into my heart and He has shown me that I am HIS and that I need fear nothing. He has placed a song of Eucharisteo in my heart that has stilled the voice of fear. Will it rise again? Maybe. But, I will sing louder than it can speak.

  323. My fear is that of taking a cross country bike trip with my husband on his Harley. Well, last night I chose to set aside my fear and we sat down the plan the trip. We will be camping our way across the country from central CA to Oklahoma City to visit our son and his wife in September. Whew. Hang on to me, Lord! I am trusting in your perfect love that will cast out my fear!

  324. I am done with fear because I finally see how it has bound me to believe the lie keeping me in a cage I’ve been trapped in even though the door is open. I’m done with it. My loving Lord, leads me out of that cage everyday when I let Him.

  325. I need to let go of the fear of what others think of me…I’ve come a long ways, but still struggle! I love Isaiah 41:9-10…”I have chosen you….so don’t fear…” He is all I need. Blessings!

  326. I have lived with fear that I will never have enough, never be able to keep my roof over my head, provide my kids with what they need, be the wife and mother I am supposed to be. I am afraid that I am not enough.

    Fear is exhausting work. I am tired of working. I want to rest. I want to rest when the bills come. I want to rest when the phone rings. I want to rest when the bank account is empty. I want to rest when the mail comes.

    I want to rest in His Love. Trusting Him.

  327. God recently delivered me from a fear that had been ruling and slowly wrecking my life for exactly 2 years (nearly to the day!), and it is such an amazing feeling of relief to be set free from it. All you have to do is love God, love His flock, seek wise counsel from a spiritual brother or sister, and humble yourself – rest in His care. How amazing you will feel! He took on my fear and replaced my sad and destroyed heart with a joy filled and thankful one. Praise God for freedom from fear!

  328. I am done with fear because I am tired of trying to do it on my own and am ready to give my life plan over to Him to guide me instead of trudging along blindly.

  329. Done with lack, fear of losing things or of being forced to do without. I have what I need and what I need that matters (faith, grace, acceptance in Christ) can’t be taken away by anyone.

    Love the list. Handy reminder for my forgetful mind.

    I went to the Women of Faith Over the Top event last year. It’s amazing and fun and full of laughter and wonderful stories and sweet, sweet women. Have a blast!

  330. For many years fear had me in its grips in my relationship with my husband. Such overwhelming fear would shut my mouth but open wide my emotions, so much so that I lost the ability to express my feelings, they were so tangled up! Fear intimidated me and took me too often into a deep pit of depression and unhappiness. I knew the scriptures, knew that He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world, knew all the times Jesus said, “Fear not.” But I needed someone to teach me how to find my voice in our marriage.

    We entered mentoring with another couple who had been there, done that. Getting my husband to agree confirmed God’s mighty work and gave me hope. In that safe environment I began as a shriveled vine but week after week was watered and fed and began to grow stronger and taller, learning to speak the hurts and pain and anger. “Speaking the truth in love” became real and powerful and began bearing fruit. Honest speech produced power and healing when we as a couple were by ourselves. It has lead to an intimacy I had yearned for but rarely experienced.

    Fear still wants to rear its ugly head and ensnare me, but Power, Love and Self-Control from the Spirit within many more times than not prevail. I cannot thank God enough for what he has done in our marriage. It’s amazing to believe I’m learning the perfect love that casts out fear!

  331. Fear is such a cruel task master and I hate it. I think if I worry about something maybe I can prevent it. But it’s a lie and as I bask in His perfect love it cats out all fear

  332. With God’s help, I am DONE fearing singleness. I know my Father has my best interests at heart. His plan is perfect and I believe that He will order my life for my best and His glory.

    Also, I am done with the fear that I somehow accidentally will miss God’s will. How would a loving Father let His daughter stumble in darkness when her heart is seeking Him? He won’t – so I need to quit being afraid.

  333. HE pushed to places I never imagined I could go;

    Working for a very small company (9 years) , your boss gives you a day off only to find that your boss and dear family friend passed away in the office on your day off. The Lord knows just how much we can handle. During this unimaginable season of 2012 HE has provided; peace, safety, people that have been jesus with skin on, pulled me up when the weight was more than I could bear and all the while I felt Him pushing me on to honor the legacy of fellowship, friendship and true need.

    I think of Tom in heaven surrounded by children (they were precious to him) with a peace I envy and cannot quite grasp this side of the veil.

    My Lord is Redeemer, Savior, Healer and the lover of my soul.

    Until HE shouts,

  334. Fear holds us captive in unbelief, but hope changes everything. Jesus came to give us life and to set us free. I am free from my fears when I am looking at Him, fearful when I take my eyes off of Him. It is a battle I still struggle with. But, He came to over come the world and set the captive free. Praise Him!!

  335. If God tells us about 365 times not to fear, then maybe it’s something I need to read every day!

    I’d like to be done with twisting the fears of failure and not obeying together. Somehow I made the connection in my mind that if I fail, then somehow I’ve failed to obey (or hear) God in some way. I’ll leave that thought at the curb so I can travel the road of obedience to God light and free.

  336. I’m done living in the fear that I made the wrong decision and am not where God intended me to be, and i don’t need to know the answers to all the “whys?” because I know the nature of my God, and His heart towards me. He desires me to walk in the same trusting freedom that, as a mother, I long to give to my children. That even when we don’t understand and see the bigger picture, He does, and He is for me. May we not allow the things of this world and philosophies of man to strip us of our spiritual innocence and ability to live as children who know their Father. Because when we know our Father, the doubts and fears and “whys?” cannot remain.

    • I’m done living in the fear that I made the wrong decision and am not where God intended me to be, and i don’t need to know the answers to all the “whys?” because I know the nature of my God, and His heart towards me. He desires me to walk in the same trusting freedom that, as a mother, I long to give to my children. That even when we don’t understand and see the bigger picture, He does, and He is for me. May we not allow the things of this world and philosophies of man to strip us of our spiritual innocence and ability to live as children who know their Father. Because when we know our Father, the doubts and fears and “whys?” cannot remain.

  337. I am going in tomorrow for a follow up breast ultrasound. They are checking the lump that was considered possibly “nothing” last time. And my stomach twists and knots still when I think of it. So, I have emailed a few faithful friends because I know that prayer of the righteous accomplishes much! I have quoted scripture because I know it is The Sword which protects me and defeats fear and all kinds of evil! I have held certain quotes close to my heart and mind…”Do not forget in the dark what He has told you in the light”…because Words, the resource God used to create all, are still that powerful! I am still living today, instead of worrying about tomorrow – literally – because Jesus told me to. I am running and resting in His arms because He said to “come” and being with Him just makes all life right.

    • Anastasia, I wanted you to know I am praying for your peace! I have been undergoing breast cancer treatment for the past year – I know the anxiety and fear you are experiencing. No matter what your diagnosis is, you will get through it with more blessings than you ever imagined. No matter what, God is there holding your hand and leading you along the journey. It’s a twisty bumpy road, but the views are breathtaking. Sending you giant hugs!

  338. Fear almost, almost stole my marriage. I was sitting there listening to the pastor, as he was gracious enough to meet with us, and I suddenly realized: I had been taking over and trying to play God’s role in my husband’s life. Only I play a really, really poor version of God. In fact, I botched it pretty badly! I feared God was no longer working in our marriage, on my husband. So I took over. Fear has kept me from being the honoring wife, and what a weight was lifted when I realized that it’s so much better to rest-in-God’s-timing. To be brave enough to be honoring, without fearing hurt. I am FREE to love without fear, hallelujah!!

  339. I’m done with fear because I’m too tired to keep thinking about what might happen! I need to remember that my God is bigger than my fears and He’s already got it planned out.

  340. My raging fear right now, is the fear of a friend who hurt me. She works beside me every day – I have to interact with her, I cannot escape her presence. I am struggling with being strong, and yet remaining gracious. It is a narrow path. It is a lesson in letting go, and letting God lead the way. I would gladly trade it for public speaking!

  341. I’ve learned some powerful lessons about fear and about God’s grace. Fear is best answered when I simply step back and pray for the Lord’s strength, direction, and guidance to show me the way–God’s way. I truly believe that when I let go of the fear, and place it in God’s hands, he provides the answer. It’s been a difficult journey and lesson learned.
    Thank you for sharing and offering others guidance and words of encouragement. It is truly appreciated. May God bless you!

  342. Done with fear… because I can never be perfect or enough or complete apart from Him…. and He calls us to jump off the edge in FAITH that He’ll carry us and we’ll fly with Him… and we come to those edges every day, and fear tries to convince us not to jump… but we won’t be really living if we don’t jump….. So we trust…. and jump…. and soar.

  343. From my blog this morning, after a dark, difficult night …

    I gather strength to rise and face the morning … I stare into the eyes of that which will not go away … and my heart struggles without success to beat independently of my emotions. My mind stubbornly fights to understand and make sense of His ways … instead of seeking refuge under His wings. I elevate my own limited perspective … I hold on to what I think I know … and I argue, “but God … you promised …” He says … ”then why are you crying?” Impact. I redirect my eyes … and look into His. And in this moment, my heart is at rest.

    Love your heart, Ann … you bless us.

  344. I’m breaking free of fear because my God is big enough and living in fear only puts Him in a box and makes me the ruler of my life, instead of Him. I WILL BELIEVE.

  345. I am done with fear as I don’t put my trust into man or things of this earth, but trust only in the One!! People will always disappoint you, but God never does. He is the One who gives me my JOY!!!

  346. Fear, anxiety, worry…that is me most days in a nutshell. But literally just two days ago I stumbled upon this verse: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” I sat in these wise words a while, reflecting on what exactly they mean. What they mean for me. And for me, this verse is so incredibly freeing. It means the fight is not mine to fight. The fear, the anxiety, the worry…it will all be fought by Him…(if I just sit still and allow Him to).

  347. Just what I needed today! In the words of a church camp song my kids love, “His everlasting love is LOUDER than my fears! “. Thank you Jesus and thank you Ann!!

  348. This is perfect! Fear only stems from an enemy who seeks to take our eyes off of the love, grace, and peace we find in our Father. Goodbye, good bye to fear!! 🙂

  349. I’m done with allowing fear to skew my understanding of the Father’s heart towards me. I choose to believe that God’s heart towards me is good and that he is able to do for me, in me and through me better things than I can even ask or imagine on my best days. “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him” (I Corinthians 2:9).

  350. Fear is like a pimple….It’s ugly. You don’t want it there, but somehow it just shows up. :o) I’m done with fear because the ugliness is, that it takes me further away from my Savior. I’m going to wash my mind in the Scripture verse that says “Perfect loves casts out all fear.” God is greater than all my fear. I will not allow fear to plague my mind, and take me away from Him.

  351. I am a 20 year old, second year university student and fear and anxiety have been my number one struggle for as long as I can remember! I think it may be rooted in my parents divorce, but I used to be incredibly afraid to be alone, always afraid of being not enough, and didn’t seem to have the same amount of courage that my peers seemed to have (even little things would keep me in fear). But, God has been relentlessly speaking to my heart about His love, and His goodness – and I know I am on a journey to being set free from anxiety. I know that the more I give thanks, even for the the hard things or the things that make me feel anxious, and the more I hide God’s word in my heart and worship Him, the more freedom I will live in! It is for freedom that Christ has set us free… and I am learning to walk in freedom from fear as He leads me! Thanks so much for these 10 insights, they are truth!

  352. Perfect LOVE casts out fear.
    I know His love did that for me 20 years after my parents divorced and a year before my father died. He worked deeply in my heart while hearing Peter Marshall, Jr. Then in 2 days , I was in NY seeing my dad. All fear was cast out , even using a dream I had as a little girl back in our house on Long Island. YOU , the Lord said, have shut me out of this part of your heart for all those years. Deep healing from the fear of facing that wound.

  353. I used to fear a lot, and I am sure I am not completely over it all, but I have come a long way. I have found that I just need to put my trust in God and I will be okay, no matter what happens. If I focus on Him and spend time in His Word, that helps send any fear away for me.

  354. Wow! I needed this encouragement today! I have had fear and anxiety today! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it! HE IS AWESOME:)

  355. My God has helped me to overcome FEAR by focusing on Him and what His plans are for ME!!!! They are big and I believe in Him…He is mighty and fearless…That is AWESOME!!!!

  356. I am done with letting the one thing I fear deter me precisely because of your #3(4) above that states fears destroy faith. Because, fears do that, and that is something that I do not want to happen because faith is one thing that can keep you going when it seems nothing else can and lately I have had a hard time with that.

  357. I think I just made up my mind at some point that whenever I feel that tinge of fear, I know it’s like an alarm being triggered and warning of an intruder having broken in – at that point, I just turn my self and my heart and my concern immediately over to Him! Just like He told me to!! – “Be anxious for nothing but in everything, through prayer, supplication (asking), and THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God. Phil. 4:8

  358. I am embarking on a journey for which the end goal is not perfectly clear. I really am unsure of how the challenges will feel now that I’m awake- and I do feel fear. But I’m not paralyzed by that fear. Where there is fear, there cannot be love and love is the only way I can heal this body. Jesus is the only one who can handle this situation- I cannot…so here it is, take it, and I’ll follow.

  359. I am going to choose against fear by focusing my eyes on God. My tendency is to worry “am I doing enough?” “Am I looking the part?” “Do I appear to have it all together?” “Do people think highly of me?” Goodness! No wonder I’m exhausted! Living out of fear of rejection or people’s disappointment wears me out body, mind and soul. Listening to God about what HE says about me can replace fear with trust.

  360. I am learning that money, or the lack of it, has been a source of fear for me for some time. God is teaching me that whether I have ten cents or ten thousand dollars, He is in control and He provides for all of my needs! Fear is a liar.

  361. Oh… Fear…the nagging feeling in the back of my head and heart that I am again approaching this relationship with my sweet adopted son wrong. Daily I pray, struggle, smile and get up and start again because… Jesus…Jesus shines his perfect Love and casts out Fear and if I ,in my tiny self,can shine a bit of Him to this Boy He gave to me….then Fear has no power over us….over this sweet son….praying and remembering these truths…Thanks Ann…

  362. Thanks so much for this Ann…..we can all use the reminder that Perfect Love casts out fear. Know that you will deliver an awesome message.


  363. I want to be done with all this fear because My Lord tells me “for I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

    Thank you Ann for this gift.

  364. I wish I could say with all certainty that I am done with fear…because if I REALLY knew my God was bigger, and I do profess it, why do I fear? My biggest fear is that my children will die not knowing Jesus…most of them are so far from Him, but maybe I am too?

  365. I chose No. one and No. five, thank you… those fear facts are all just right, but those two are for me. No. 5-I have not thought that my fear of writing my book is bound up in fear of disappointing the very people who do not really think I can do it in the first place. So here’s to No. one…the obeying part. It’s why I do what I do, really. The appointment is from the Creator of the universe and He is very excellent in what He does. Thanks for the list and the insight. You will be terrific with Women of Faith.

  366. I’m done fearing that I’m messing my children up. I am praying, studying, leaning on God’s Word and heart, and doing my best to LOVE. They will be ok.

  367. “Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living. ”

    I am done being afraid of writing, just because others in my family, life, or even my church might not see my words the way I see them.

  368. Thank you for the lovely article! I’m over 700 gifts and have made 2 joy in a box. Your book has made such an impact on my life. I have decided to stop fearing the future of what God has planned for my life. I’m going to trust my Father and give thanks for the present. Thank you so much. Blessings to you!

  369. I have wasted so much time in fear…not living, not moving. I am done being paralyzed by it because it doesnt change anything and God will be glorified even when I disappoint. I love that!

  370. I read this as my kids start the day in a new school in a new state. We moved across country this summer and the hardest thing for me to look in the eye is the unknown. There has been a lot of it lately, but I choose to believe that God has only His best intentions for this change. It may be uncomfortable to be in the unknown, but it is nothing to fear.

  371. Hi Ann, praying for you as you speak at WOF, and I have to tell you that God always has used geese to encourage me, I see them at any time of the year, I even just hear them and feel Him. 🙂 so it was so sweet that that is what you saw out your window! I am so amazed at how He is bringing words, songs, blogs, books, teaching me just what I need right now, as in your words! Blessings to you and thank you so much. 🙂

  372. Eleven months ago (tomorrow) I chose to cut through a whole lot of fear cords and take a huge step into the unknown. They are still trying to wrap themselves back around me, but I have the Sword of the Spirit to keep cutting them away! Like a lot of these other commenters, #3 resonates with me.

    “All fear is but the notion that God’s love ends.”

    I’m going to write that on a note card and put it where I can see it every day. And right underneath it I’m going to write this:

    “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18)

  373. Letting go of what people think of me. I have lived way too many years wrapped up in what others think I can and can’t do. I am finding freedom in simply being me. And even greater freedom in knowing that God loves me, simply for being me.

  374. Yep, got a big fear hanging over my head for next weekend. Thanking God that I can let it go, trust Jesus and fly! Thanks, Ann for the encouragement.

  375. Letting go of what people think of me. I have lived way too many years wrapped up in what others think I can and can’t do. Great freedom in knowing that God loves me, simply for being me.

  376. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor, fear has been such a huge battle for me. My innocence was taken so young, fears and self-protection were close friends of mine. It still can peak it’s ugly head and make me feel so crippled. I want to be free in Christ and not be overcome with the “what ifs” life may bring. My little girl is 3 and I want to model trust and confidence in the Lord.

  377. I’m DONE with fear because God spoke to me with gentleness and authority on January 30 this year that it was FEAR destroying my health. I was tested for countless autoimmune diseases, but finally a god-fearing family physician looked into my eyes while listening to my heart (both literally and figuratively) and asked me what I thought I had to do to please God. The short conversation that followed led me to repentance of idolizing my family’s opinion of me and worshiping my fear–and then complete physical and spiritual healing before I even left the parking lot of the hospital! No. More. Symptoms. So I’m done with the fear that makes a mockery of my faith.

    #4. Your fears don’t decide your fate — your fears destroy your faith.

  378. Wow. My husband and I were just having a conversation about this last night. A revelation that fear has held me hostage a good part of my life. It all points back to it. Fear of disappointing people, of not being liked, of making the wrong choices. Thank you for your timely word, reminding me who(se) I am. I’ve been listening this morning (before I saw this word) to the song “One Thing Remains” as an affirmation and fits so well with your word. “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never gives out on me…In death, and life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love…My debt is paid, there’s nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love…On and on and on and on it goes, for it overwhelms and satisfies my soul…And I never ever have to be afraid…this ONE THING…remains…Your love never fails…”

  379. I spent almost 2 hours awake last night because of fear. You have no idea how in time today’s post has been, like God whispering peace in words. Fear of the unknown and of making wrong decisions, fear of not being in control.
    But I am done with fear, because my Lord sweating blood chose to go ahead for me, and now He wipes my sweat, holds my hand and points me to the cross, worthy of bearing for Him. But unlike Him, loneliness will never be part of my cross, and the word forsaken will not leave my lips.

  380. I’ve always been fascinated by The verse’Perfect love drives out fear’ in the past I couldn’t see how this could be so. My fear was so great and any love I had known seemed small and weak and temporary. But now I begin to see new measures of his love and think I see for the first time that the love of God could drive out a fear as great as mine

  381. I guess I’m not average…at least in that I look toward death with a sense of hope and that I am a motivational speaker and become energized by speaking to groups of people. This however does not mean that I am not fearful, not by a long shot. My fears have always been about worth. “Who do you think you are?” asked with a tone of contempt one too many times. Who would want to see me, hear me, talk with me, love me? No one is really all that interested in me, so I’ll just sit here and fade into the background while I watch other people live.
    Why am I done with fear (well, done again in this moment, you’ll have to check with me in the next moment as I may have to be getting done with it again!)
    I’m done with fear because I realize that this fear is at the heart of the enemy’s attack and in complete contradiction to God’s promise. When I believe this lie and allow this unfounded fear to dictate my actions, or my inaction, the enemy wins and other women are robbed of the communion offered by sharing my story with my struggles as well as my hopes that can be theirs as well. Fear tells me that I am weird, unloved and a nuisance to people. Truth tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made with a hope and a future. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your heart that we all can continue to journey together, encouraging and inspiring one another to walk through Him, with Him and in Him until we reach that eternal rest.

  382. I am done with fear because not only is it a lack of TRUST in my Loving Father, but it really makes me SICK. I lose sleep, get headaches, etc. with my worry and fear. I do NOT want those things!! 🙂

  383. You know. I don’t do alot of things because “I Fear” failing. Most of those times I’m afraid of what others might think of me. Wow. I am keeping fear from allowing me blessings that God has for me. That makes me sad. Thank you for making me see that I am not OBEYING my Lord. You see, I am a pastor’s wife, and sometimes, all the time, I feel that everyone is watching me, to see if I fail. That is scary. But, I am human, and I will, and do fail at a lot of things. But, I know, that with my Lord with me every step of the way, that when I do fail, my Lord will be right there with me to pick me up, wrap His loving arms around me and says, “I Am Here”. That is comforting. I can do this. God bless each of you today. Psalm 18:2.

  384. I’m done with fear and living on the wing of His perfect love that casts out all fears … taking God at His Word!!! He’s already given me the full freedom & peace that is Jesus…drawing closer to Him helps me accept that in fullness & with all authority given to me by God. He will keep me in perfect peace as I keep my mind (heart soul body) stayed on Him.

  385. I am done fearing my abilities as a musical theatre performer! That may sound strange, but I’m a returning college student this semester to complete my degree that I never finished before I spent about 10 years working professionally in musical theatre. Lately, I feel attacked on all sides in regards to my age and abilities at the university level. God has had to remind me my identity is in HIM, NOT my work! The Redeemed collection is my abosolute favorite of Daysprings…it’s truth helps me remember I am free of pleasing other people. It sounds like a cliche, but I must remember to perform for an audience of one! 🙂

  386. Fear. I can’t help as I read these entries how all of us fight it, yet as we walk we do not see it in others, only ourselves. I have always known about Christ, but it wasn’t until the worst tragedy entered my life that I had to choose. Choose to believe that he really does love me, really can comfort me, really did intend for me to pass through this valley of the shadow of death. Or choose to give up that hope and…..and what? Lay my spirit down and seek the wildly disappointing comforts the world offers? I tried that for a short time. There is no comparison. I have been astounded as I turned to him, and his love has and is currently pulling me through that valley. Pulling me, sustaining me. We need Him. We all need Him. I need Him, oh and how. Ann, you will never know how important your testimony has been to me.

  387. I am tired of not living life because of fear. I am on purpose living life faithful, thankful instead of fearful. No longer will fear keep me from experiencing the brilliance of this spectacular life God has given me!

  388. I choose everyday not to fear because I serve a big God, bigger than fear and the lies it tells me. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for not giving into fear and sharing your gifts.

  389. I am done with fear because my strong, loving, fierce Father has my back ~ right now, tomorrow, always, forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  390. I have just been diagnosed with brain cancer that has spread to my liver and ovary. I was scared to death but I soon turned to my Lord and he has blessed me with so much courage faith and hope. I would be lost without my Lord Savior and he has taken my fears. With Him I know I will beat this ugly disease. PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!!!

  391. Fear has been luring around in my life as my husband and I look at how to keep our 3 young children, commitment to homeschooling and marriage thriving as God asks us if we are willing to go… willing to go at 30 yrs old, whole life unfolded into the National Guard to Serve and change everything, everything we know as familiar and predictable. As I wrestled with the unknowns my faith and love for the Lord tells me COMING TO THE END OF FEAR IS THE BEGINNING OF FAITH, REAL FAITH!

  392. I have such a paralyzing fear ofspeaking in a group setting that it makes me physically sick. I go to a group meeting 3 to 5 days a week and I’m so afraid to share my feelings with the group. Then I go home with feelings of guilt and shame. I know this is not God’s will for me! I so much want to feel a part of the group but I clam up every time. I don’t feel good enough. I think it is due to being made fun of as a child. I had an aunt who told me I was worthless.

  393. I am done with fear because it has held me back too long. I have hidden for most of my life and all I have done is miss out. I am learning to trust God to handle all the things before me – after all, the problems in front of me are never as big as the Power behind me!

  394. I’m done with fear because even though a house offer that we made was accepted over two months ago fell apart yesterday, God knows where our little family will live and He has the perfect home for us. If not here below, surely above our heavenly home is set, secure. TRUSTING.

  395. This post was so uplifting and I appreciate you sharing. I would love to print out the 10 Things You Should Know About Fear, to hang on my wall. My entire life has been a struggle to break free from fear, whether it be fear of the unknown, fear of failure (which has caused me not to try anything), fear of what others think about me, fear about death, and on and on. I’m going to remind myself of His truths daily, and ask God to cast out these fears, once and for all. I’m done with it!

  396. I’m done living in fear – because I know this world is temporary, but Heaven is everlasting! I can give up discomfort here and now for an eternity with my blessed Father!

  397. THIS was just absolutely incredible timing… i’ve been on the fence about something and honestly, it scared me to death, to the point of being totally frozen. I’m tired of listening to satan saying, “what if….” and it always being negative. What if God has such an awesome plan for me, something that is what i’ve always wanted? He is God after all! He knows what’s best for me. And all I have to do is reach out and take that first step and keep my eyes focused on Jesus. and I won’t fall or drown or fail because He is all I need… he’s my Savior, my redeemer, my healer, my provider, my Everything…. that’s why i’m done with fear.

  398. I have been going to Women of Faith for I think going on 12 years……You are going to do wonderfully and they are going to Love you:) God Bless and I will be praying for those old fears to remain lying on the curb:)

  399. Wow! I am so refreshed and humbled by these words. I confess that I let fear of failure as a mama and homeschooling mama consume my heart, mood, joy, life, relationships, etc… Jesus came to give me freedom so I want to stand firm in that, but, oh how easily I forget the truth. Thank you Ann! His power is made perfect in my weakness so I will remember your words and face my fears and let God get all the beautiful glory!

  400. I am done with being afraid of what happens to my kids. As if I have any control over their lives.(one is 24 and the other 30 and not at home anymore).I KNOW the Lord has them. They are really His anyway. He only loaned them to me for a short season. He loves them more than I EVER could. They were both saved at a young age and have run away. But, God is allowing me to see glimpses of them coming back down the drive to Him.I was a single mom for years. My ex-husband was living as if he was unsaved as well. My greatest desire, prayer, wish, etc. is to KNOW that my children are truly His, walking with their heavenly Daddy everyday , so close they can feel His breath on their face. They are Yours, Lord and they are safe under Your wing! Amen and Amen! To God be the Glory!

  401. Fear is something we choose or it can creep in as a lie from the enemy. I have chosen not to fear because I know God is on my side and He is always with me. I don’t have to be afraid of the future. He has it all laid out just for me. Going through big trials in life is hard and sometimes fearful. But what has comforted me the most is that my faith in God an in His word an timing is way bigger than any fears I may be feeling. Knowing that God in everything He is, is bigger than any fear on this earth is very comforting to me. thank you for the devotion, it has opened my eyes to answers I’ve been needing.

  402. There is no doubt that fear is limiting the “life” in my life. It’s a choice that I have to make more than even just daily, but moment by moment, to trust. He is always faithful and he has graciously proven to me again and again that HE IS ENOUGH! Thank you for this beautiful reminder today! (p.s. have a great trip!!! You’ll look back on it with delight I imagine!)

  403. I am to love, with no fear, as if my life depended on it. Fear dibilates me of the amazing things God has for my life and robs me of His joy and fullness. He wants so much more for me. I’m learning that. I long for it. I ache for it. This year I’ve committed myself to plunge into those fears and it has been a ride that I have never experienced before. For I know that IN HIM….THROUGH HIM….and FOR HIM….are ALL THINGS. I lift HIS name above those doubts and fears for He has overcome.

  404. in the last several weeks I have fought with fear and frustration – simply rooted in not fully realizing God’s acceptance of me…and how, through Jesus, I can truly release the condemnation that comes from trying to measure up to other people. learning to be fear-free!

  405. 15 years of speaking at Silent Retreats… and still fear plagues me on the journey to the podium… but faith wins, drawing me gently forward, standing shaky in His shadow, sharing passionately the hope that panic cannot prevent… and prayer helps me breathe easy… and He comes and welcomes us all into the quiet spaces of the day. Breath prayers to slow, Lectio Ann style to feast on His Word, worship songs to carry us out into His world where silent women walk and listen and rest with Him who holds our fears and feeds our faith. Finding always the thread of courage woven in your words that echo His. Thank you!

  406. Thank you for the words from your authentic heart. They spur me on my course of destiny further into faith waters. Like a life raft out on the crashing waves. God, bless my sister by preparing her way as she prepares yours in the hearts of others through the beautiful voice you’ve given her. Her words and others from this community are a blessing beyond what our mere words of thanksgiving can express. Lord, you make us want to be brave. In Jesus name, Amen

  407. After having been sick and weary of the testings in the night…not being able to sleep, sudden awakenings struggling for breath~yet my confession remains-I will trust You my loving faithful Savior. You have become my closest friend, Jesus. Facing fear in the day can be difficult, but with brothers and sisters prayer support and encouragement there is much comfort. Walking alone in the wee hours of the morning, when fears voice sounds the loudest, even while speaking the truth of the Word out loud, declaring Who God is, thinking of every possible way to stop the fear. In the darkness, in the silence, I cry out. After one particularly tormenting night I confessed my fear, to expose the enemy lies. My loving husband prayed with and for me. Nothing changed about the kind of difficulties that night except my heart said, No matter what -I trust You Jesus. My life is in Your hands. I am Yours. His Presence was tangible. He walked me through and is still walking me through. I continue to put on thankfulness, and worshiping my King. Thanks Ann for the timely word!

  408. I just LOVE Women of Faith and am so excited you are joining them, and thankful you kicked fear to the curb and are flying into the Son. Because I just know God has big plans to use you this weekend as His messenger to hurting hearts, and am sure lives will be changed because you laid down the fear and said YES to Him. I will be earnestly praying for you, my friend, and am so thankful for you!

  409. Ah, my old friend fear! Thank you blessed Ann for shining light on this debilitating disease! I am done withballowing fear to affect my choices on how I spend my time and how I parent my children and how I perceive the future. I pray for freedom foe every person who replies to this post. May God help us all throw fear into the fire and allow us to walk in His light! May His glory fall in this place Ann has created through You!

  410. I love #5: We must do that which we know we cannot — to prove that it’s our God who cannot fail.Our God appoints those who will disappoint — to point to a God who never disappoints. I’m a teacher beginning a new school year, but I’m teaching two new subjects and I’m fearful I won’t be as good as I want to be. Yay that God will teach through me and that He won’t disappoint.

  411. With God’s grace I choose hour by hour to not fear the future because today has enough worries of it’s own! So thankful for this post today!

  412. I live with my husband and 2 children in a city in Africa where foreigners are targeted for kidnapping. We moved to this city because God wants these 35 unreached people groups to know the freedom that comes in worshiping Him in Jesus. But before we moved, I was so afraid that my husband and I would be kidnapped and my 1 and 2 year old girls would be abandoned. I am not afraid anymore because God spoke loud and clear to my heart, “I will take care of them.”

  413. Fear, something that is a moment by moment struggle for me.
    You see my littlest guy started having seizures at the age of two. Not just a single seizure, but hundreds in a day. I was gripped with fear. Slowly as our family walks down this new road I am learning to let that fear go. I can not be there to catch him every time he falls, I can not prevent the injuries, and I can not make the seizures stop. Oh how I wish I could. I am living every moment remembering that God is in control. Healing or no healing I can not live in fear. I choose not to fear what will happen in the next ten minutes or the next ten years. He is my source of peace.

  414. There are sooooo many reasons why this day I am choosing to be over fear but two of your reasons stood out to me in particular – 5. Everything your Father has for you — is over the fence of fear. I took part in a Sozo prayer session not too long ago and one of the areas that was addressed was the moving of a fence that God allowed me to visualize, a very big tall, that I am now having confirmed as fear. And 7. Fear doesn’t stop the really bad things as much as it stops you from really living. Fear has absolutely paralyzed me and I have let it keep me from doing almost every normal activity of daily living – just everyday fun life stuff – and yes, most definitely the stuff that God has called me to do too. So, today, I am choosing to not live fearfully but to live the life that God purposes me to have – a life of peace, love, joy, hope, power, and prosperity!

  415. I have let fear stop me from doing what I am called to do. I also fear leaving my children before they are grown. It has been overwhelming at times. However I am a work in progress and am refusing to accept The lie of fear!

  416. Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us! You and your family are such an inspiration to me. I have recently been thinking of how I am living in fear of so many things and that it is not how God intended me to live. Thank you for your courage to share your heart on-line and in person. I was so blessed to hear you in Nashville a few months ago. It made a difference in me! May God continue to bless your family and your ministry as you walk His path. Blessings!!!

  417. It’s taken me a long time but, I’m done with fear because I know that God is and will take care of me.

  418. I am done fearing the unknown. God is always before in time and space and I have no fear of that!

    Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  419. I am a mama to one, and soon to be two! I admit-fearing that I am not doing enough to be a “good parent” has been a struggle! Thank-you for these reminders-#9 spoke specifically to me. It really combats that feeling of never doing or being enough. I am reminded that there is rest in our Lord…and peace to be still and know that through Him I am enough as a parent.

  420. Oh how I want to be done with fear once and for all! I think that battle will be won only when I am called Home. Until then, I will strive to rest in Him. When fear that I will lose more of the people I hold dear creeps in, I will remind myself of my Great-grandmother’s final words, “God never makes mistakes, and His timing is always perfect.”

  421. I live with my husband and 2 children in a city in Africa where foreigners are targeted for kidnapping. We moved to this city because God wants these 35 unreached people groups to know the freedom that comes in worshiping Him in Jesus. But before we moved, I was so afraid that my husband and I would be kidnapped and my 1 and 2 year old girls would be abandoned. I am not afraid anymore because God spoke loud and clear to my heart during a time of crying out to Him in desperation, “I will take care of them.”

  422. I thought I was done with fear, but it came calling again today. Then I saw this post, and I am fighting and praying.

  423. So I copy the 10 things to know about fear… and lurking there I find 11! And I smile… fear always wants to loom larger than it is, to intimidate, to sneak in and rise up unexpectedly… but the lessons override the threat! I print it out to paste into my journal, challenged to add what I know… the fear vanquished by my own experiences with an every faithful Father. Blessings!

  424. I was raised with fear and fear still often keeps me up at night. What wins the battle for me is recounting my reasons to thanks th Lord and His past faithfulness to me. I am cupped in His hands.

  425. As I read this – this song kept singing in my head”

    “Oh, Love that will not let me go,
    I rest my weary (fearful) soul in Thee;
    I give Thee back the life I owe,
    That in Thine ocean depths its flow
    May richer, fuller be.

  426. Love this post–very timely for I’ve been fighting fear recently. I’m done with it because it is exhausting, doesn’t change anything, and keeps me from living the life God wants me to and has equipped me for.

  427. I am not afraid because God promised never to leave me nor forsake me. I am done with fear because of Jesus I can have victory over any obstacle or fear I face because He has overcome the world!

  428. I simply refuse to fear for my future anymore!! It sucks the joys out of my todays and robs my time in the now!! I know that God has my back and I choose to live in the present, and remember Jeremiah 29:11!!

    For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a FUTURE and a HOPE!!!

    thank you for being so YOU!!!

  429. All my life I have been told that I was crazy or too sick or that I just can’t. Whenever I have dreamed of doing something, I have feared failing or disappointing someone, so more often than not, I have just not even tried. Then I really gave it all to God and I got brave and I stepped out and started taking things one day at a time letting Him lead. I felt led to start ministry believing that he was telling me that if I trusted Him, He would make me healthy enough for this ministry and provide me with the people I needed to help me in this ministry. I prayed for the people to help me and for health. I started to get healthy and people started to come forward to help with the ministry. I moved forward always praying for God to lead me. Then things started to turn. My health started to take a down turn and the people who said they would help slowly disappeared. A war broke out in my church, which is the reason all of the people left, it had nothing to do with the ministry. In the midst of all of it, my ministry told me twice that he was disappointed in me and that I was a disappointment to the ministry and the leadership of the church. I felt I must be a disappointment to God too, because I got so sick again. It all destroyed me and I just haven’t been able to come back from it. I have been so afraid to open myself back up to getting hurt again. This isn’t the first time I have been hurt in ministry. Fear has been crippling me for a year now and that is just too long.

  430. I am so done with Fear! I have lived in fear all my life and I have come to realize through God’s revelation that I do not truly know the Father’s Love for me. I have been spending more quality time with God and reading the Word more and getting to really know Him. Perfect Love casts out all fear. I desire to be FREE and I know God promises that whom the Son sets free is free in deed! Thank you Lord for growing me and drawing me closer to you every day. I am so thankful for His Grace and Mercy and for putting people like you Ann, in my life to help me along on the journey. You truly are a blessing to me and many, many others. Be blessed 🙂

  431. Fear paralyzes us – I choose to cast aside fear and let God move me. He says, “Don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything…give thanks….” I choose to give thanks!

  432. I’m finished with paralyzing fear of failure with raising my kids.

    Thankful for God’s moment by moment grace!

  433. …because just before reading this post, I sent a message to my husband in the Middle East, telling him that the fear of losing our little boy to regression is strangling me… eating me alive… and he said to “TRUST God…” and I know that He is in control…that He is SO much BIGGER than autism… And I have nowhere else to turn… nobody else’s arms to fall into, but His… Thank you for this post. It really spoke TRUTH to me tonight.

  434. I am done with fearing that thing that’s been stalking me, because that fear has made me smaller than He ever intended me to be, and my God is bigger than the fear.

  435. I’m done fearing bouts of anxiety because they push me to my knees and cause me to look up which is a great place to be if you want to experience more of God. Thanks for your blog:)

  436. I am saying good-bye to the fear that has held me captive from living free. The fear that has convinced me that I have been disqualified and that I have been a disappointment to Him.

  437. Fear has certainly kept me from living–really living–my life, for my family, for myself, and for God. Coming to the realization that God wants us to stretch and grow and it’s in facing our fears we become fearless. Knowing that He won’t place us in a situation that we can’t handle is quite comforting. So is knowing that it’s when we are weakest that He is strongest!

  438. Thank you for this post…I have to pray against a spirit of fear almost daily..and His love and promise never ceases to fill me with peace!!

  439. i’m done with fear because it doesn’t avail me anything… only Christ changes me!

    what a great giveaway- thank you!

  440. Loved this, Ann. Thank you. I needed to read this today.

    I especially resound with #7. When I was pregnant with our first child, a daughter we named Eve, I prayed for her physical and emotional and spiritual health often. And often, (I can see this much more clearly in hindsight, of course) I would sense God prompting to pray that her life was His, that whatever He had coming for her was okay. And I said no. I would not pray something that seemed to lead to death. It was incomprehensible.

    And then she died. She died before she was born, at 31 weeks of pregnancy, totally healthy and perfect, except that she was dead. The doctors could never figure out why she died. And now I am 32 weeks pregnant with our second child, a boy named Jacob. And although I have not felt Him prompting it this time, I have thought long about whether or not I want to pray “your will for Jacob, Lord, whatever it is, even death.” I have come to the conclusion that I will pray it — and I HAVE prayed it, even though it’s scary — because not praying in this way, not giving my daughter fully over to God did nothing to save her. If anything, it only robbed me of whatever healing blessing might have come from such a risky prayer.

    So even though I am still afraid, I am willing to give my son’s life fully to God, because I know that He is the only one trustworthy enough for such a precious treasure anyway, and because I don’t think there’s really anything else I can do if I want to stay sane.

  441. My worst fear for a while has been that my son is gay. But because of wise counsel this week from one who pointed out to me that because he is sharing his struggles with me, this has been removed from the darkness “where Satan lurkes” into the light where he can be prayed for and we know what happens when God’s people pray. I don’t fear – I face it.

  442. Perfect love casts it out ~ where it belongs!. I am who God says I am and He is absolutely without a doubt who He says He is and can do what He says He can do (one of the many Truths received from a Beth Moore bible study I took years ago).

  443. I’ve been wrestling with this very thing…and I’m done with fear. It is not from God. It limits me and what I might dare to do for Him. His grace is enough for me!

  444. God uses Ann Voskamp to continual speak to my heart and life. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, Ann, for sharing your heart.

  445. There’s more fear gnawing at the corners of my soul than I would dare admit. Last night His peace and comfort swirled around me with rich grace, seeping into the cracks of this previously shattered pot, as He is putting me bak together for great purpose. The benefit will be for my husband, my wonderful little stepsons, and this squirming little man who has yet to take his first breath in the world. They will be the first to reap the benefits of a woman without fear, a woman secure in the Lord.

  446. Years ago one of my greatest and deepest fears was divorce. It happened anyway. And God had told me all along he would walk me through ANY valley I found myself traversing. That valley was a nightmare. But God was faithful. He did exactly what he told me he would do. He walked me through it. We came out of that valley, and when I was exposed to the light I was a new person. Fear still knocks on my door, but fear no longer holds me captive.

  447. I live in fear, always. I fear failure. I fear my faith is too small (it must be, right?). I fear my children are growing too quickly and I fear I fail them daily. I fear I’ll never break this cycle and trust God the way I’m meant to trust Him. Is wanting to break that fear enough to do it? I’m afraid to try. Stifled. Reading your post again, with hope (and a little fear)…

  448. The deeper I go with God, the more peace I find. I think the fear can’t handle the deepness of God!

  449. I am free from fear of the future because the Lord promises that he has it planned out for my good. I am about to be stepping out into a new adventure alone and I don’t have to be afraid because I am never alone.

    Love this post!!!! Need constant reminders about not fearing.. 🙂

  450. Done with fear because I want to live fully. Done with fear because I have lost nothing but the gain of Christ. Done with fear because it hampers and I wan to be free. Done with fear because it does no good thing.

  451. I will no longer fear because at God’s worst He is far more than I can ever need or want. And blesses me much more than the fear itself does. I am more productive as a wife, mother, sister, friend if I am inspired by the Holy Spirit than fear. Thank you Lord for a fearless future!

  452. Why am I done with fear?? Because according to 1 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

  453. I’m done fearing/worrying about tomorrow, and I am gonna live by this…

    “Just. Rest. in. Him. in. This. Moment.”
    Because that is all I have been given “This moment”.

  454. I have feared way too long over many things but especially in confrontation and allowing timidity take me prisoner. I always go back to the scripture that says, God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind. Just recently, I have been praying for Him to allow me to face this fear head on. Well, I was given a big opportunity to come face to face this week with someone who violated our children within our family and I confronted him. It was so freeing but terrifying at the same time! It was like I had broken free from my own personal prison. Then, just today another situation presented itself to face the other biggest fear of confrontation. It has been a year grieving process of leaving a place of worship that our family loved being a part of. I often wondered if we really heard from the Lord to leave and today I was able to finally stop grieving and God allowed me to face theme with confidence and give me complete peace that our decision was His! Even through these difficult situations, I realized how much He loves me and knows me better than I know myself. I am so thankful today!

  455. I’m done fearing failure because it’s not obedient and it’s a fraud and it keeps me from the abundant life God so graciously has for me. My husband and I are about to move over seas and the process of going has me up in arms! Cheers to letting go and letting God move how ever he so pleases!!

  456. I very recently wrote down this quote: Feed your faith and your fears will starve.
    I’ve been trying to live that out each day. When I can see that feeding my faith reduces my fears, I am even more eager to dig into His Word each day. In fact, I’ve taken to writing down a verse and sticking it in my pocket to carry with me throughout the day.

  457. Ann, I am done with fear. For about six years really lived in fear of losing. Losing my husband. Losing my mind. I went deep. Deep in His Word. And what can I fear losing when I have Christ? He holds. I know that whatever happens. He loves. And He is good!
    And Ann! I quietly whisper the same thing I did in March for you as you journey. I pray God wills. And the creek keeps on singing! Love and Blessings, Amy Kneen

  458. On Sunday, a guest pastor encouraged us to fear only the Lord, and this post is reconfirming that I need to stop fearing what people think of me — what friends, family, even my parents see when they look at my home, my family, our decisions. If I am doing what the Lord’s will is, I should have nothing to fear – what can man do to me?!

  459. Ann, I am done with fear. For about six years really lived in fear of losing. Losing my husband. Losing my mind. I went deep. Deep in His Word. And what can I fear losing when I have Christ? He holds. I know that whatever happens. He loves. And He is good!
    And Ann! I quietly whisper the same thing I did in March for you as you journey. I pray God wills. And the creek keeps on singing! Love and Blessings!

  460. I am done with fear because it squeezes out faith. FAITH. That which keeps me singing, loving, working, striving, playing, praying, encouraging, reading, worshiping and teaching until the Lord scoops me up to be with Him.

  461. Fear and worry have wasted time, cost me sleep and worn me out time after time – a reoccurring struggle in my life. Thanks for the reminder to stay with I AM in the present as “fear is always the flee ahead”!

  462. In Courage Ladies,
    I have fears…Yes and have been captive to those fears for many years! Thankful that my Redeemer has done just that redeemed me and brought my fears to light as I have been made new in HIM! And I wrestle with fear daily….daily!

    But today, it is not my fear that brings me to post. It is the #2 most feared. It is my dear friends fear. Her fear of losing her precious 5 yr old son to cancer that brings me to comment. You can read about her fear here….

    She says this about her fear…
    “I carefully wonder what my life would be like without the constant worry of cancer, relapse, pain, anxiety and fear. I long for days of normalcy and cold mornings in my pj’s with. ALL my children” ~Megan

    And everday she clings to this truth, even if it is while she is wrestling with fear…
    “Don’t get me wrong – each day is a struggle and everyday I wake up and say, “oh yeah, I forgot, ok here we go again…..” Each day I must surrender my life to God and the life of my child to God. But knowing that God wants this responsibility, knowing that God doesn’t want us to fear or worry is what gives me peace.” ~Megan

    But sometimes fear grips her and she feels troubled and afraid!
    So this post is for Megan. I would love for her to be blessed with the gifts as a token to reassure her that our God is Bigger and that as she walks this journey with her son and her family that she can cling to the Truth she knows and loves and that if the #2 fear of people takes her child from her that she can rest knowing that they will meet again and there will be no tears when they do!

  463. Wow!! I need to print that out and read it every day!! I have been struggling with fears, and letting go of hurts from my past, and just trusting God with them all. I am slowly learning, slowly!!

  464. Fear is paralyzing my life. Somehow I have let my neurotic
    tendencies take over my thought life, and now my actions
    are dictated by everything that might possibly happen, but
    most likely will not.
    This is a total lack of trust that God is good and He has control.
    I repent of my lack of respect for God’s ultimate piloting of life.
    I would love to live out the rest of my life being fear-less.

  465. Right now my life is very uncertain, I have a lot to be fearful of. While my life seems to be in the middle of a very large storm, God wants me to paint, and step out in faith that He will use my paintings, inspired by God to His glory. I pray that I can step out and overcome my fear of not being good enough , and go forward with God.

  466. #8 – I flee ahead to the worst case scenario when I am afraid or worried. I’m learning (slowly) to lean on the One who can do more than I can ever imagine and who is always there for me. Fly safely and bless those people with your wisdom and your love, Ann.

  467. I am done with fear because if He has done it for you my sister in Christ, He will do it for me, too. Just finished your book and continue to be grateful in all things. thank you and God bless.

  468. You got me at #1.
    I’m learning not to fear falling. I’m even learning to trust him with my obeying too, I mean I have been so delayed at it…and now I want to be immediate. It’s fear that delays my obedience. Yet he is able to cover me, so I can trust him with timing. Just, working on that!
    So, no fear except the fear of God. His perfect love drives out all other fears, but when I can’t feel that love I can remember just to make fearing him more imporant than the fears I’m feeling, the what ifs that never come true anyway.

  469. I learned a long time ago that I would rather FEAR face everything and recover rather than FEAR f— everything and run!!!

  470. Fear is the enemy’s territory. I choose to live with the faith, grace, courage and love available to me through union with Christ.

  471. I’ve been afraid that, despite what I’ve been taught and teach others about God’s grace, that it somehow does not/has not/will not extend to me. This fear/belief/deception has robbed me of joy . . . and I’m sick of carrying it around. As usual, Ann’s gift of expression has helped me see beyond myself to the One who knows better than I do . . . that all of us/each of us belong, are worthy. Even me.

  472. Right now I’m a newlywed of (almost) 6 weeks in a new city where I don’t know anyone but my husband. I don’t have a job yet. I don’t have any friends. But I’m finished being afraid about those things. God brought us to seminary for a reason, and he is going to work this out.

  473. One day on a walk in some woods near our house, I was telling the Lord about a certain fear. I looked down and saw two twigs directly in front of me arranged as a perfect cross. What a gentle and wise gift…the CROSS is between me and that fear…and I have peace. Thank you Jesus!

  474. Thank you so much for your encouraging words…just what I needed, at just the perfect time. On Monday morning I will put my eighteen year old daughter (who has never flown on a plane, who has never been away from home for more than a week, whose nickname fits her place in our home – “sunshine in the room”) onto a plane, all alone, heading to Bolivia by way of Chicago then Miami. God put it on her hear over a year and a half ago to serve Him through missions, before the business of college, career, husband and children fill her life. On her own she found the missions organization to be a part of, and on her own she will embark on an exciting adventure that will take her far from her small town life in Iowa for the next year. I am excited, in awe of her, and admittedly, afraid. I’m not afraid of her time in Bolivia, only of the flight down there – without us there to help her make her way through airports and now with reports of a hurricane heading to Florida at the same time she will be stopping there.
    I so needed to see – in words that I could see with my eyes, for impact – the reminder that “Nowhere on Earth is beyond the reach of God”. I will print those words out to remind me over the next few days, and even over the next year – and I will be thankful for your sharing of them. God bless.

  475. I won’t to remember that fear is not from God. When things are scary it doesn’t mean things are less certain than usual. It just means we are more aware of how frail everything is when it comes to our countrol of anything ever.

  476. I am done with fear as I point blank REFUSE to believe Satan’s lies over my life anymore. I am believing the truth from here on in: I am Forgiven. Saved. Accepted. LOVED. A Child of God. A Jesus girl. A Truth seeker. Grace lover. Faith stepper. A co-heir with CHRIST. Amen, Amen!

  477. Fear is the opposite of Faith. Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. I’m done with fear because God proved His love for me on the cross and removed what should be our biggest fear–separation from Him. Won’t He take care of the smaller things? He died so I can BOLDLY LIVE!

  478. I have dealt with fear (panic attacks) most of my life and still managed to raise 4 awesome children, one who has dealt with autism for 37 yrs. I chose Jesus when I was sixteen and have given Him my fears and taken them back a zillion times. The Lord has been with me through every up and down. It wasn’t until many of the things I feared actually happened i.e. flying, divorce, cancer, that I began to put Him before the fears and realize He was always there waiting for my eyes to see & my ears to hear. Thank you Lord for your perfect love and teaching me you are truly bigger than all things.
    My dear aunty told me to take our burdens to the cross and tie them down with faith!

  479. my husband travels a lot for work & the neighborhood in which we live has really gone down hill. i barely sleep the nights he is away. i am done being fearful because I know the Lord has our family & our house in His hands & that His plan is perfect for my life.

  480. Oh how I needed to read this today! Fear has been creeping in this week with something that is totally out of my control. Normally this situation I lay at Jesus feet but there has been some serious occurrences (from my daughter’s ex-husband) the last few weeks that bring shades of the abusive relationship she was in. Numbers 2, 4 & 7 really spoke to my heart but 8 was such a gentle reminder – It’s impossible to simultaneously feel fear – and give thanks!!! That’s exactly what I’m going to do right now. Ann you are such a blessing personally to me and that’s my first thanks!

  481. I battle fear everyday — the fear I won’t be obedient to the Lord’s calling in my life because He is asking me to give up a part of my worldly identity. I have been in the business world for more than 20 years and do very well there, But, He has asked me to leave and work for Him. It has been a really hard road to get over my fear of “How will I pay the bills? How will I pay for college?” etc. But the big flaw in those questions is the word “I”. When He asks for something, He will pay for it … I just have to believe, trust and then obey. So my faith is stretching and my love for Him is deepening as he has been gentle with me on this road. Soon I will have worked my last day in a corporate office in my current world. Who knows what he has for me … all I know is it will be fabulously focused on Him.

  482. God has used my husband to teach me how to deal with my fears. He reminds me pick a verse or a statement of truth that I can cling to and repeat. This has helped me through sleepless nights shen looking at large bills, when dealing with an illness. An in the words of casting crowns “The voice of truth says do not be afraid, the voice of truth says this is for my glory….”

  483. So timely a read for me today, God timely of course! I’ve been wrestling for some time with a particular writing. Today I confessed to a discipleship partner that I feared dealing with the words and memories when I open that door. I also confessed the thoughts that derail…”nobody wants to hear what you have to say thoughts”. I told her of that line of obedience that we have to step over inspite of the fear. Fear fall off! It’s the day of freedom in this area. This blog confirmed and {in}powered me to take the step of obedience. It’s HIS…power, work, outcome! Thank you God for other women who bust right through fear and by you, obey!

  484. I am amazed how God has been speaking to my heart about fear the past week, my devotions have been about fear, several posts on blogs I have been reading this week including this one have been about fear. I have been afraid to really step out in faith and follow God’s calling for my life in my career and to fully commit that area of my life (which since I’m single and don’t have kids is pretty much the biggest part of my life). I am done with fear that the bills won’t be paid, that people will be upset, that I may have to cut some relationships and make a lot of scary changes. I am trusting that God will provide what I need if I make this change because I will be doing what I am called to do. The peace from typing that and saying it out loud is amazing. Thank you for this post!

  485. As a new mom awaiting the birth of my first child, fear has been trying to creep into my life. This blog post is just another way that God has shown Himself to me in meeting me in the moment by providing encouraging, nourishing and refreshing reminders of God’s truth.