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    • Please pray for peace and God’s guidance concerning decisions to be made. I also have a private request.
      I am praying for you Barbie. Praying for our Lord to provide.

    • Father, You are Barbies’s Creator. You have made his/her emotions. These emotions have been wounded; they have been torn apart. Sinful, negative emotions have been cultivated into his/her life. I plead for You to release Your power into his/her life. Remove the sinful, negative emotions that resulted from his/her emotional wounds. Heal Barbie so that he/she can experience emotional health and wholeness (Genesis 1:27).

    • Barbie I went to add my prayer and it is oh so the same as the prayers you need. I pray that the Lord will bless both of our families this day and all of the following days and that we will remain grateful and remember that it is truly He that provides us with everything we need. I pray too for your emotional well being. It is so hard to stand in faith when our spirits are sinking with depression. Hang in there. God is good and all will be well.

    • Barbie.

      Praying that God will guide you and your family and show you His love & Grace. May He also provide peace to quiet your soul!

    • Please pray for insight and healing for a chemical balance I am currently experiencing God Bless

      • Oh Karen, you have my thoughts and prayers. I have been where I think you are, on and off for over half of my life. You probably have read Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” It can be so hard to be patient and I have no idea what you are doing for treatment but as He did for me, He will bring you through this. Offer your suffering up to Him. That is what he wants you to do. God bless and my prayers are with you.

  1. Please pray for God’s truth to reign in my heart, and for wisdom as I disciple young women and serve alongside my husband in full-time youth ministry.

    • Cassie, praying that God gives you the wisdom and the words for each young lady you have the opportunity to influence. I’m thanking God that there are ladies like you who care about our next generation and are willing to pour into them. God will provide when you are obedient. Thank you for being available to God.

    • God I pray for this lady with cancer, that you would surround her family with your love and peace and your divine protection to contain them during this time. Place angels in their way to help them get through this. Lord I ask you to protect the children from lasting effects and bring as much good out of this as you can.I trust you to do so much inn this situation, your loving daughter, amen x

    • Hi Angela, I read your post, and I pray for a miracle for this momma and her family. God is good! My sweet cousin just received an “all clear” from her cancer tests after a year of struggles. Praise God!
      The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. Lamentation 3:22-25

    • Lord,

      Help this young mom of 3 children to be cured of her cancer. Shower this family with your grace, mercy and peaceful guidance as to the course of treatment.

      Help the youngsters to understand what mom is going through and bring to this family so friends to come alongside and be there for them!

  2. I’m speaking in church this morning about my missions work and I’m feel so uneasy because I need financial support but don’t want to ask. Please pray for me for guidance from God for what to share and the wisdom/words to say.
    If i don’t have the finances soon I will not be able to continue.
    Thank you x

    • O, Lord, give your servant peace in her heart as she awaits the answer to the problem of needing funds for the mission work. Help her to rest easy and see you provide. God loves to provide by placing it on the hearts of people one by one. I ask you Lord to show her very soon how the provisions will come in. Confirm her in you will O Lord. And keep the flame burning in her heart for your work.

  3. Please pray for my husband who may be made redundant. I gave birth to our 5 blessing last Tuesday so the timing isn’t great. Please pray that we cling to the fact that God’s plan for us is good and he is the provider.

    I pray for Catherine, Lord please give her the right words. Lord please make your will very clear to her. May she follow in the path you are laying out. You say you will provide and I ask that you will show your provision to her today.

    • Daddy I pray for Amy today. Thank You for leading her to this forum and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to pray for her. Remind her that You are the provider and that You are stronger than any other enemies, be it sickness or financial burdens. Lord help Amy to live clinging onto Your grace and daily provision. Thank You for giving her the courage to ask for prayers here. Display Your lavishing and extavagant love, and seal in her heart Your goodness. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen

  4. Please pray for my youngest daughter Lucy (age 25) who longs to be married like her two older sisters. Pray that He would be her first love and that her earthly husband would follow.

    • Dorothy,

      Praying for peace for your youngest daughter.

      God–please let the Holy Spirit indwell in this young woman–help her to realize you are to be her first true love. Give her spiritual guidance and women to mentor to her spirit. If it is your will that she be married–give her the one true man you have created just for her!

  5. i would appreciate a prayer for emotional peace and to not worry about things i have no control over. xo

  6. Please pray for me that I have the courage and strength and the wisdom to say the right thing to my “boss” at work.

  7. Please pray for me and my marriage. 3 weeks ago I caught my husband in a pornography and sex addiction. He is seeking counseling and getting help but I am left standing broken holding shards of our marriage, our home, and who I am. The pain is so deep sometimes I think I won’t remember how to breathe. I feel worthless, ugly, and used. The darkness never leaves.
    Precious Lord, please grant Cathy courage to face her fears, the right words to speak, and the wisdom to time the discussion with her boss perfectly. Wrap your arms around her today. Amen.

    • Lord, please comfort Heart Broken during this painful time. Give her a hope for her marriage and future. You are the God of Peace – I cry out to You for peace for her. Guide her to support, friends that can walk along side her during this time. Amen.

      Heart Broken – I walked something similar and our marriage has been repaired and stronger than before.

    • Please pray for guidance for our finances. We had some unexpected blows this spring and I may need to find a job this fall. Yet, my husband’s job requires many hours (including Saturdays) and I want to be able to be there for my kids, husband, and keep our house running smoothly. I don’t know what steps to take, if any.

      • Kathy, I will pray for the wisdom to know what to do this coming school year. I too am with my kids and feel this pull as well because finances are getting tight. You and your husband are blessings to your family and will find a way to make it all work out just fine, no matter your decisions. God’s peace is with you.

      • Praying for you Kathy….I too, faced the same situation last Sept. After being home with my children for the past 8 years, I had to return to the workforce outside the home to help with my family’s finances. It was a decision that had to be made to help us stay afloat! Praying for peace as I know how unsettled your heart is. God knows the desires of your heart and He will make a way for your finances, marriage and children to prosper as long as you seek His will for your family. Hang in there!

    • Heavenly Father, please wrap your loving arms arround your daughter who is heart-broken. Will you please mend her heart and her hubby’s. Lord bring restoration to the marriage. Let every plan of the enemy be thwarted in the name of Jesus and let your counsel be esrablished in their lives in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    • The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18).

      “God, you care deeply for broken-hearted people.  This is a promise you make: You are close.  We pray for all those who are crippled by broken relationships.  Our hearts take the blow of disappointment.  We feel crushed because our hopes are dashed.  God, heal broken hearts.  We cannot fix our own wounds.  But you can.  If pieces of our heart have been lost, or are held captive by another, recover them and bring them back to us and miraculously “put us back together” so that our heart is whole again.  You are a mender of broken hearts.  We ask for this miracle, in the name of Jesus.”

      Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/prayerplainandsimple/2009/08/a-prayer-for-anyone-with-a-broken-heart.html#ixzz202jnF7ce

    • Lean on our Lord Jesus Christ.. I have also walked in your shoes.. miracles happen everyday.. keep your eye on God.. love unconditionally no matter how much it hurts.. You are beautiful and you have done nothing wrong.. This is not your problem..I pray for your husband that God gets all the glory and you will find peace..

    • I know your pain and will be praying for you. My husband abandoned me and our child and moved out of our home for the 3rd time in our 16 year marriage in May. Said he just wasn’t happy and wanted to be on his own. Swore there wasn’t anyone else. I was holding out hope that he would repent and give his life to God. Friday I discovered that he had lied when he told our son that it was too busy at work this week for him to come visit with him at lunch like he usually does. He was really on vacation all week and some woman he had met online had flown in from SINGAPORE to spend the week at his apartment. For all I know he paid her to come. Point is he put this woman he had never met before his child. I feel nothing but disgust for him now and will be filing for divorce as soon as possible. Please pray that my anger will not consume me and that our son will never learn the truth about his father.

    • God,

      Please bring peace & comfort to heart broken mom. Shower her with hope for the future–take her underneath your wings of love, grace & mercy!! Help her to feel worthless, ugly & used–show her how beautiful she is!!

      Make it known to her that you can make beauty out of ashes–she is a child of the King & should wear her rightful crown!

    • Heavenly Father,
      By the blood of Jesus break the chains that bind Heartbroken’s husband to sexual addiction. Reveal the cause of this addiction, and open all doors to recovery and healing and freedom in Jesus name. Wrap your arms around Heartbroken and reassure her that this is NOTHING to do with her. She is not the reason for this addiction. Give her revelation of how precious she is in your sight and help her to forgive him, no matter what the outcome of this is. Heartbroken, lean in to the Father’s arms and be healed. Only in Christ can you find the strength needed for this, and healing for your soul, and the ability to truly forgive.

  8. I ask for prayer to have God lead us where we are meant to be. My husband got a new job (gratitude!) and he wants to move closer, but I am hesitant since I don’t know about the area and we haven’t found anything we like yet. I know we will end up where we are meant to and I ask for peace during the searching process.

    • Meg, I am praying for you. We are getting ready for a move in just three days, so I understand all that goes into this decision!

  9. My husband and I are moving on Wed. This is a major move. We are moving 10 hours from where we currently live. My husband is a pastor, so we are moving to a new church home. Which means lots of goodbyes on this end. Pray for us in this stressful week. Specifically that our current home would sell. And strange as this may sound, we don’t know when the movers are delivering our stuff, they haven’t been able to pinpoint an exact date. My prayer is for it all to be delivered on the 13th! Also, our youngest is entering college in the fall and we are facing not only a move, but an empty nest. My heart is filled with many emotions right now.

    • Brenda, I have prayed for you this morning! Grace and peace to you during this time of adjustment. May God give you confirmation about plans for furniture delivery so you will not be anxious about that anymore. May the new church community welcome you with loving arms and you find some fast friends to fill the loneliness of an empty nest. May God bless this new area of ministry. God bless!! Lacy

    • Brenda,

      I pray God will guide all aspects of this move & make it an easy transition! Goodbyes are never easy, but try to keep in touch as best as possible!

      Lord–Bless this new endeavor you have for this pastor & family. Help them out with a hugh measure of your loving peace!

      Also be with them as they enjoy the last few days with their youngest! Make that transition smooth also. Help Brenda have a peace that surpasses all understanding!

  10. I am having a bout with vertigo. dizziness and nausea. I have panic disorder, and this is really causing me to be anxious, which magnifies the whole situation. At some points I can find no relief. Please pray for me to find peace from the anxiety, and be able to handle this inner ear trouble until it passes. Also, please pray that drs will be able to find the source of my symptoms if it is not inner ear. I am having some tests run next week. Thank you!!

    • Lacy, I pray for healing for you, and peace within your soul. I pray that you will give to God whatever causes your anxiety, as well as the anxiety itself, and that He will quiet your inner struggles. I pray that the Lord will guide the doctors’ hands and that you will find answers, help, and healing. May God bless you, today and always.

    • Praying for you. I pray that God gives the drs wisdom to discover the source. I also pray that your anxiety would lessen.

  11. Please pray for me to speak God’s truth in LOVE to three nephews, from three different families, living three different ungodly lifestyles, at an upcoming family gathering.

    Lord, give Brenda peace this week, I pray that her home would sell, that her things would be delivered on the 13th, and that she would have joy as her youngest takes the next step this fall in the life You’ve planned. Through Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Amy Lou, I pray that you will speak God’s truth in love to your nephews at the family gathering. I pray that their hearts and minds will be open and receive the words you speak to them. I pray that they will begin to make better life choices, and that you will help them see the truth. I pray for God’s wisdom and understanding for you, and that He continue to be your guide, and become the guide for your nephews.

    • Please pray for me as I battle with whatever is causing me to feel so tired, depressed and unmotivated. I need energy to do things in our house that desperately need doing – I feel so BLAH!!! I have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and seeing my doctor this week after I have a blood test, so he can work out the dosage of medication I’ve been on. I haven’t even been to Church for about 2 months. I need to get into a proper sleep pattern, as I’m staying up late and sleeping during the day. Please pray my problem is nothing serious. Please also pray for my little business that I can have the energy to run it properly and be in God’s will.

      Amy Lou, I pray for you in advance before you get to the family gathering that you will be aware of God’s presence and His voice. As you meet these 3 nephews, may you be open to what God wants you to say/not to say. May you be the witness that God wants you to be and the 3 nephews will know you have something they don’t. Let your words and deeds be acceptable to Him, and may your Love of God shine through. In the name of Jesus, our Lord and our Redeemer. Amen

      • Dear Father, I pray for Kaye that you will give her doctor wisdom and insight into her needs. I ask that you would renew her spirit and body, and that her sleep patterns will return to normal so her days can be filled with energy and joy. Thank you that you hear our prayers and you care for us. We praise you for your great mercy and love in our lives.

      • I’ve been there!!! If you need my support and a definite very close understanding feel free to contact me at my above email address. I will pray that you will the correct dr/s and to find an excellent counselor who can professionally help you thru’ this really difficult season. I will be glad to come beside you as a sister in Christ. 🙂

    • Amy Lou, praying that God gives you words to speak, in love, and that they’re received in the spirit they’re given. I’m praying that they’ll be thankful and not resentful for an aunt who loves them and wants the best for them.

  12. Please pray that I will make the right, Godly decision regarding my living situation. I currently am running out of steam and am finding it more and more difficult to stay where I am. At the same time, I don’t want to let others down. Please pray that there is peace for myself and all parties involved in whatever decision I make. If I should stay where I am, please pray that I will have the strength, patience, and wisdom to endure.

    • Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will make Your will known to Kelly so that she can see clearly without a doubt what she should do that is best for her and those she doesn’t want to let down. I pray that should You desire for her to stay where she is or to leave, please empower her with all that she will need in order to endure or move forward as she seeks to do the right thing in accordance with Your will. In Christ Name, Amen

  13. I had to have a kidney removed in March due to cancer that was found. It was a contained cancer, however I just received word that my remaining kidney is functioning too high and I have to return to doctors. Please pray this is something simple and treatable….and that God would take whatever is causing it completely away. I am also having severe back and leg pain and extremely tired….just want to sleep.
    Lord, I pray for the blessings you give us each day. I pray that you give Mary Lous words that come from you…….give her the courage and strength to speak those words knowing and trusting that you say “My word will not return void”. Help her to plant the seed in her nephews that you promise will be tended, and that this tending leads to a saving knowledge of You. Amen.

    • Lord, I just lift up Christy to you today. I pray that she would feel your presence in a special way. Please give the doctor’s wisdom as they continue to treat her. And we pray that you would touch her with your healing hand and take away the pain. Amen.

  14. Please pray that God will be my father’s advocate, protector, physician and healer because I no longer have the strength to fight for him and be there for him anymore due to conflicts I am having with family members.

    • Susan, praying for your father. Praying for God’s loving hands over him. Also praying for peace between you and your family members.

  15. My daughter was rendered paralyzed 2 years ago. The strain of caring for a child with her medical needs in addition to the rest of my family is nearly killing all of us. She is so bitter and angry and makes life very difficult for those around her. I need guidance and understanding of how to care for her. And I need for my other boys to feel important in this family in light of the other things.

    • Lord, lift up Casey right now. Envelope her in Your arms and grant her Your wisdom in this difficult situation. I ask that You touch her daughter’s heart and heal the hurting that is causing her to be angry and bitter. Help her see You in this situation. Be there for comfort and understanding for the entire family.

      We thank You for all the good that You are working out in this situation in Your time. Help us to keep our eyes focused on You to give You the glory in the midst of this trial.

    • Casey, I pray that the Lord will sustain you and your family and that your daughter will see beyond the bitterness over her condition to the love of a family who does so much for her.

  16. My husband accepted a job in a town 2 hours away at the end of April. We are trying to sell our house in a hard market here. We had an offer and then it was withdrawn due to financing issues on their part. We had a house picked out and that is now sold. . .I have a leg problem and cannot lift so we were planning to use packers and movers provided by the employer but the estimate came in way too high for what the employer will pay and we don’t have that much stuff. . .We keep selling things to pay bills as we try to live in 2 places. This is also hard because my son has asperger’s and I homeschool. Change is hard for him and we need to get settled in to start school on time. Nothing seems to be working out and I can’t feel God’s presence. I don’t have a very good support system. And I am losing hope and getting depressed.

    • Praying for Monica ~ when all hope seems gone, praying nonstop has help me get thru the times I thought God wasn’t there. I know how I felt when I thought God wasn’t around anymore and had no support system. I am praying for you to keep your belief and just continue to pray and you will feel His presence again!

    • OH, Monica, don’t lose hope, precious child of God! He hasn’t left you. He knows all that is going on and He longs to help you thru it! Whisper His name in quiet reverence. Read the following scriptures and BELIEVE them.
      I Hope these help you.
      I received the following email and is very encouraging.
      “When the enemy comes to us with discouraging thoughts and encourages us to quit our work for the Lord, it is very important that we renew our mind and speak the Word of God out loud so the enemy can hear it. The enemy has tried to discourage me many times and let me tell you, that when I stand firm and speak the Scriptures, those thoughts flee from me faster than when they entered my mind. Be encouraged and when in doubt, speak the Scriptures out loud and see the deliverance of the Lord. Believe me, it works!

      I received this a while back and have always loved to read it whenever troubles came my way. I encourage you to print off a copy or keep it handy in your email box so you can get quick access when you need to fight off Satan and his wicked thoughts.

      I AM…
      1. A Child of God (Romans 8:16)
      2. Forgiven (Colossians 1:13-14)
      3. Saved by Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2:8)
      4. Justified (Romans 5:1)
      5. Sanctified (1 Corinthians 6:11)
      6. A New Creature (2 Corinthians 5:17)
      7. A Partaker of His Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:4)
      8. Redeemed from the Curse of the Law (Galatians 3:13)
      9. Redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy (Psalms 107:2)
      10. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness (Colossians 1:13)
      11. Led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14)
      12. A Child of God (Romans 8:14)
      13. Getting All My Needs Met by Jesus (Philippians 4:19)
      14. Casting All My Cares Upon Jesus (1 Peter 5:7)
      15. Strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6:10)
      16. Doing All Thing through Christ (Philippians 4:13)
      17. Doing the Lord’s Commandments (Deuteronomy 28:12)
      18. An Heir of Eternal Life (1 John 5:11-12)
      19. Blessed with All Spiritual Blessings (Ephesians 1:3)
      20. Healed by His Stripes (1 Peter 2:24)
      21 More than a Conqueror (Romans 8:37)
      22. Establishing God’s Word Here on Earth (Matthew 16:19)
      23. An Overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb (Revelation 12:11)
      24. Daily Overcoming the Devil (1 John 4:4)
      25. Walking by Faith and Not by Sight (2 Corinthians 5:7)
      26. Bringing Every Thought into Captivity (2 Corinthians 10:5)
      27. Being Constantly Transformed (Romans 12:1-2)
      28. A Laborer Together with God (1 Corinthians 3:9)
      29. An Imitator of Jesus (Ephesians 5:1)
      30. Continually Praising the Lord (Psalms 34:1)”

      Praying for you right now to feel His presence and His wonderful peace!

  17. Pray for my friend Kristie who lost her husband unexpectedly. Pray for her in this time of grief.
    I praise God for His daily mercies that are new every morning.

    • Oh Pam, I am so sorry to hear your friend Kristie lost her husband. Praying for her comfort in this most difficult time. Praying she feels HIS loving presence.

  18. Please pray for my new marriage. Please pray that my husband softens his heart and becomes more kind and less temperamental.

    • Leslie, marriage is a big change, isnt’ it? I pray that your husband “settles in” to his new role as husband and becomes the support and comfort that you need.

  19. I’m at Rileys Childrens hospital in Indianapolis, my 15 year old son is having brain surgery on Tuesday…praying for Gods guidance and healing. I’ll be here with him or several weeks…prayers for my 5 children left at home with others caring for them. My second 15 year old son has a serious stress fracture which requires no activity which is extremely hard, especially in the summer. AND, my husband us unemployed…looking for a job. Please pray for us/me…I can’t hardly see in front of me to whats next. I k ow God loves me, but don’t see hope right now.

    Christy…I’m praying for healing…that the doctors will have knowledge and for Gods healing in your body. Blessings.

    • Hi Monique, praying for you and your family. HOPE, always HOPE, my sister. Just as God gave the Israelites just enough manna each day as they traveled, God will give you the strength you need each day. Lean on HIM, and take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time. TRUST and give your worries to HIM. Picture the arms of Jesus wrapped around you and each member of your family, and the hands of Jesus guiding the hands of the surgeon and medical staff. You are not alone!

    • Monique, I am praying for your son and his surgery. for the drs hands to be guided by the Lord. for complete healing. for God’s will. for you to have peace and encouragement from the Holy Spirit. Do not give up hope. He loves you so much, and He loves your son even more than you do! He holds the future and has made provisions for it, so that you do not have to worry or be anxious about tomorrow. Just get thru today with His strength. You do not have to be strong. He is all the strength you need. just give it all over to Him. Rest in His arms… in His peace. Go to Him. give Him all your worries, tell Him all about it. He is with you right now.
      DO not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God, and the peace with passes all understanding will guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.” AMEN

  20. Leslie, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Marriage is not easy as we journey through life with our spouses. I have been blessed by this community over and over. I ask for prayer for my family to hear God’s voice and follow His will for our lives. We are all at places of decision making and ask for help in making wise choices. Thank you!

  21. My prayer request is that I leave for Haiti in a week. I’ll be there for a week with a large group of people from all over the US. Prayer for safety, cohesion among the teams working together, and an open heart.

  22. This seems silly, but my husband left yesterday for a business trip (second one in two weeks), and I am very unsettled about it this time. I’ve never had a problem before (other than trouble sleeping while he’s gone), but for about 3 weeks now, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that he’s not coming home this time.

    I would appreciate prayers for safety for him (he flies home on Friday, the 13th of this month, and it’s an overseas flight), but especially for peace for me and a relinquishing of any need for control since our Heavenly Father has got this however it goes. Thank you!

    • Sharalyn, you are right! God is in total control! Nothing is going to happen without His permission. I am praying for a safe flight for your husband, and for the Holy Spirit to minister to you and bathe you in His perfect peace.

  23. Also pray for God to guide us to the place, home and job he has for us.

    • Praying for the guidance from Him you are searching for. Praying that He brings special friends into your lives, Theresa.

  24. Please pray for honesty, repentance, and forgiveness in my marriage so that I can fully trust my husband again. Thank you!

    • Renee, praying that Our Lord and Savior will give you the power and strength to forgive your husband. And praying that God will move in your husband’s heart and mind so that he will earnestly repent and work to regain/rebuild your trust. May Our Heavenly Father give your husband the courage to be honest with himself and God. May Gof calm your anxious heart and mind.

      • Please forgive my typo in the above message ~ I’m recovering from a stroke and sometimes I hit the wrong key. Renee, May God calm your anxious heart and mind. You are in my prayers.

  25. Dearest Heavenly Father,

    I stand before you now, in the Fellowship of all of these dear sisters in the Only Name that truly binds us together, asking for you to bless us richly and abundantly from your great Mercy and Grace. We know we are so undeserving to ask, but we know all things work together for good for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. May our prayers be in Your Will for us today.
    In His Love, and in His service forever,

  26. “For they will be a people blessed by the LORD, they and their descendants with them. Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”

    Isaiah 65:23b,24 NIV

  27. After going through what some think only happens in movies and my just 7 yr. old daughter (now 12) stolen, us terrorized, lives destroyed, overcome by evil men (including ex husband), humiliated for my faith and continuing having to live daily with all the damage in every area of our lives that they continue to scheme and follow through to terrorize our lives.
    All those i contacted for help did nothing and offered no support, help or assistance against all the injustice, crimes and isolation committed against us leaving no spiritual family support or hope for restoration and reunion.
    I need  help/assistance my life has been compromised, terrorized and destroyed. Due to my ex husband, Michael Johannes T (german national) deals were made    My daughter was stolen.  I have been wrongly desparaged in every way. Identity theft, perjure, forgery, debauchery, bribery  and stripped of every known right: civil, constitutional, moral, human, religious, motherly……etc.  Has been commited against me. When I had my daughter, Natalie Joy  and when they went to get child support  ( I have full Custody from German supreme court)  his gov said he did not exist.
    I have not seen my daughter since 2007

    Jesus Christ is my Lord; since I was little. Because of this I was put in a position to renounce Christ or never see my daughter again…. I have lost everything and most importantly my lovely daughter who I have not seen in 5 years all because of my satanic, criminal ex husband. As a result he terrorizes every area of my life;  i have not met yet any true Christians who will stand with me and say no to all the injustice and evil.

    I am sad and heart broken over all those who I reached out to and no one saw it their duty to help us…..
    Is not the body of Christ one and what one part suffers we all suffer?
    Well it makes the question what are you all really suffering and do not even see it. 
    Some can say Jesus is coming soon but if those who say they are Christian can not even Be One; it appears to be  farther off than they think.

    • dearest sister kat, i am and will pray in all fervency for our Lord to stop the evil this man is is doing. also for the swift return of your beloved daughter. i fully agree regarding the lack of ears to hear and eyes to see in much of our churches today. but again, our jesus tells us to expect this and not be dismayed, although it is not an easy thing. for we are to be ONE BODY under christ and use all power, love He has given . we do live so much below the standards that Paul upheld in new testament. i have encountered amazing self absorbtion over petty problems and no true sisterly brotherly love that follows through to the end. the lack of passion is great. but we are to continue regardless to fight this spiritual battle. GOD cover you and you daughter…lora

    • Kat I will stand in the gap and that God grace will be manifested in your life. That the doors he open for you to get your daughtr back shal not be closed. That he holds the kings heart in his hand and because u r his child he will cause them to do right by you. That u therighteous will shall not be forsaken and I command satan to return to u 7x’s all that has stolen fromu. I pray for peace for you don’t grow weary know that what u send gods word to perform it shall not return void In Jesus Name! You have Authority as a believer u shall only be moved by his words not what u see. Your sister in Christ,Kresendo I also come against the government doing evilagainst you that they shall be moved by the spirit of God Almighty not evil spirit. That all demonic forces shall fall and prevail against you!

    • I am so so so so sorry, Kat! I do not know what to say! I can’t imagine your pain. Please know I am praying for you!! For God’s will to prevail! For justice to be done. for a miracle! for your husband’s heart of stone to melt; for you to KNow without a doubt of His great love for you. I am so so sorry!!

  28. For my dad’s health and salvation and a deep family rift. Also, for my marriage and clarity there and for my son’s struggles and spiritual attack. Thanks so much!

    Father God, I pray for Renee that trust would be restored in her marriage. I ask that you bathe her in total forgiveness that she cannot help but extend it to her dh. I ask, also for honest and repentance and, Lord, if there be any secrets between the two of them that they brought out into the light, losing their power, set before you for healing. Just breathe new life and love in this marriage that it would be a testimony to your great love. We ask that these things be done in your will. In Jesus name…Amen.

  29. Requesting prayers to get back on our feet. I keep making wrong decisions and it’s affecting the life of my granddaughter. I have custody of her. My wrong decisions are leaving us with no car, my unemployment and living with relatives that aren’t the easist people to live with. My granddaughter and I are very much Christians and the family we are staying with are not. I keep expressing to her how we have to keep our faith and pray for the family. I see her slipping into some of their ways and it scares me. Praying for right decisions and peace.

  30. Please pray for our family. We have two adult children in the midst of divorce and one family living with us. My husbands job has become unstable this last year and the stress from it all seems overwhelming. I cannot seem to complete a prayer sentence these days…..

    • Kay, that is almost the identical prayer request I was going to leave. One family, though. Our son and 3 girls living with us. Lots of health issues, too. I’ll pray for your family.

  31. Healing for my dad james who has been bedridden for 4 weeks. To walk in God’s will and purpose for me & my family. God’s protection provision grace & mercy manifested in our lives!

  32. Please pray that I find a good bible study group and some friends. Help me to be a good friend.

    Lord please bless Kay and her family. As we are your children no matter how old we get, our children remain our little ones even as they grow. Give her peace and let her feel the comfort of your arms around her in a Father’s loving embrace

    • Kathy, I am praying about this for myself at this time and will include you and your search in my prayers. It is hard to know how to go about this.

  33. Please pray for my aging mother losing her sight. Also, that my husband and I can know the right time to have her live with us. This will be a change in our lives too, but know we should help aging parents. We are just getting to retirement age also. Prayer for peace and trust. Praying for Kay and her family and her husbands job, and all the other requests.
    Grace and Love,

    • I can imagine how difficult these decisions are for you and your husband, Nancy. Praying for peace and trust and understanding with the way He wants to you follow.

  34. hello, first thank you ( all ) at in courage.
    i would be very grateful for prayer for our lord to heal the valves/ lining /walls etc. of my heart. simply to touch my heart and make it new again. also i may have His peace and love WITH HIM again as i continue to seek him always. thank you so much

  35. Please pray our business will increase. We have really taken a hit this year because of the economy. We just received recognition by Midwest Living Travel as one of their 25 Favorites. And with all of that press we still need a great increase of business to make it
    Thank you and May the Lord richly bless you for the prayers for the saints!
    In Christ,

    • Father, we pray that you would open floodgates for Barbara’s business, not only financially, but that they would also be a business that operates in a way that shines You in all ways! I pray that they would be blessed and bless others in return, for our work is not simply work, but an opportunity to minister to others. We thank you for all you will do and have done, in Jesus’ name!

  36. Lord, I pray for Lora that you would heal her in a miraculous way. I pray for peace and wisdom for her as she trusts in you!

  37. Our 16 year old son with autism is currently in Juvenille Detention. It’s been a long hard road with him and we are just praying that God would just break through to his heart, past all his issues and disability and GET A SOLID HOLD on our boy’s heart. He will be moving to a therapeutic facility soon, if all goes well. I have felt so much sadness and isolation as I try to move forward and parent my other kiddos well-without moping. I love them all so much! Hubby is sort of a tough guy/military man so I feel sort of emotionally starved right now. I know that God is in it all and I am trying to learn what He has for me in this fire of trial. I could use some prayer, so thank you so much for posting this today. 🙂 Blessings to all!!! ~Jami

    • I am praying for you, Jami. I am praying God will touch your son’s life in way that will help him. I am praying your husband will be a support for you and your entire family. I am praying for your precious other kiddos too!

  38. Lord, please bless your servant, Barbara, and her business. I praise You for the grace You have already poured into it. Grow, increase her business as she walks with You. Amen.

    Please pray for my husband to find employment that will support our family of 6–and for all of the trust, patience, perseverance, and other virtues needed by our family in this situation. Thank you!

    • Lord, only you know the greater plan that is laid before us. Please give Mandy & her husband the patience and understanding in knowing that you will provide all that is needed for their family. I pray for employment for her husband to be one that you have directed him to, to serve you in your holy name. God bless this family, and provide brighter days in knowing that you have not forsaken them, but instead you are giving them the time needed for you to put your master plan into action. In your holy name I pray this, Amen.

  39. My heart is touched with all of these needs for the women and their families, and I am praying now for strength, health, financial provision, and His peace in each situation. My needs seem small in comparison. My pastor husband had 5-bypass surgery, and is recuperating. He needs wisdom how to not take on stress, and for the church to be strong during this time. We also have a special needs daughter and I need peace and strength to handle each day. We are so blessed and thankful there was no heart damage!

    • I am grateful to hear there was no heart damage! Praying for your husband’s full recovery. Praying for your strength to care for him and your daughter during this time, Debra.

  40. I am asking for prayer for freedom from some personal issues as well as for a revival in my soul!

    • Father in Heaven, I ask in Jesus’ awesome name that you would pour out your Holy Spirit in a new way in Valerie’s life! We pray for strongholds to come down and that she would see clearly all that you want to reveal to her. We need you, like water in a desert, we long for You, Lord. Please come and have YOUR way in our lives and make our desires align with Your desires for us. You made us to reflect Your glory and I pray that right now, Valerie will feel your love in a powerful way. Fill her, Lord, not so she can just be filled, but to then let Your love flow from her life. You made us for so much more than to just survive. I pray, God, that you would help us realize who we are in YOU, apart from You we can do nothing, but you are in us and will help us to do anything you ask of us. Thank you, Lord, that Valerie longs for revival in her soul…you will meet her and make all things new! We ask it all in Jesus’ name. <3

  41. Please pray for my family. My son is autistic and has recently regressed in his behavior to the point where we had to pull him out of daycare. My husband and I both work, so we especially need prayer for wisdom as far as what we need to do as far as care for him. Please pray for my husband…he is having a very difficult time spiritually right now because of everything that has been going on with our son.

    • Oh, Kris, I know this pain so deeply and it’s more familiar than I care to admit. I will be praying for you all as you navigate this road. I have 4 teens, 1 with autism (plus other “stuff”). My heart aches for you. I pray that you will find some good resources near you to meet with other mamas…if there isn’t something then maybe God would have you start a mom’s prayer group. It would have made a huge difference to me, I think. Just remember, as hard as any given day is, the God who made you is with you and longs to be your shelter. He wants you to know that you CAN do this with Him. I pray you will be filled up with His love and tap into the Holy Spirit to help you love your family with God’s overflowing, untiring love. Some days feel like “too much”, but God is MORE than enough and He must know you are stronger than you ever imagined yourself. Let Him love you and guide you through the minefield of autism. I will keep praying for you, my warrior mama sister. 🙂

  42. Lord, only you know the greater plan that is laid before us. Please give Mandy & her husband the patience and understanding in knowing that you will provide all that is needed for their family. I pray for employment for her husband to be one that you have directed him to, to serve you in your holy name. God bless this family, and provide brighter days in knowing that you have not forsaken them, but instead you are giving them the time needed for you to put your master plan into action. In your holy name I pray this, Amen.

    Please pray for an answer to my health conditions that are still not resloved in knowing what is wrong with my enlarged spleen and liver. Also, please give thanks for his mercies upon me that the last test indicated that it isn’t Lymphoma – Praise God! Ask that God guide this next specialist I’ll be seeing in a couple weeks will be the one to find the answer so that whatever this may be, a treatment will be forthcoming. Thank you for your prayer. Peace & Love!

    • I prayed for you that you may have the courage and strength you need on this life journey and asked that your doctors be blessed with the wisdom and knowledge to help you back to full health.With love.

  43. Please pray for my eldest son,he is 19 and has been having a pretty hard time over the last few years.He has not been to church for a while now and seems quite disconnected.It’s hard to watch young people struggle!

  44. Pray for what the Father have told me will and is coming true. Keep having faith knowing that they are what He said will be coming true soon as He have told me. Healing of my sister Marshel pain she’s in.

  45. my personal prayer request is for the healing and restoration of the brokenness in my family. My husband of 26 years has left for someone else, and our children and I are trying desperately to pick up the pieces. We don’t understand, but we know the Lord does. My heartfelt thank you for you prayers.

    I lift Barbie and these other precious woman of God up in prayer, for the Lord to provide all of there needs in abundance.

    • Jane,
      I pray with you that God will work in your husband’s heart and show him he has made a wrong choice….that he belong’s with his family and the woman God blessed him with.

  46. Please join me in prayer that I can get my Type I diabetes under control, thank you and may God Bless You!

  47. Please pray for me as I am a single mom of three children(15, 13 and 5) and have no support from family, ex or friends in any area and am just bone dry weary and exhausted with never getting a break. I work 4 jobs and still do not make ends meet for our basic needs. Please pray God would bring an opportunity for me to have a few days alone to get some rest and renewal. My faith is weak right now.

    • Father, I bring to you a prayer for my sister in Christ, Ashley, Lord you know her heart and you know her life. Lord please let her feel some peace and rest. Please bring someone into her life, a family member, freind, or church member that can bless her with even just a few hours to herself so that she might be able to focas you and on resting so she may be strong to carry on these tasks set before her. Lord we know wit your help she can do this, with your help she and her children will be blessed. Amen

  48. There are 2 things my family could really use your prayers for, (1) For me and my hubby, we are having a hard time with our relationship and just need some good advice and not advice from those who really don’t care about a marrage. We have been mairred 6 years already and with 2 kids ages 6 and 4 we feel like we are hangging on by a thread. (2) for the whole time hubby and i have been together we have been a 1 car family but we are at the point that its not an option right now but we have no savings for a down payment and not that great of credit so please pray that we will be able to get the loan we need with payments we can keep up with. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  49. Please pray with me that God will answer my prayer now and restore my marriage. I miss my husband and life so much. I am struggling here alone without my husband. I am on my knees God, please give me my life back now. I have lost just about everything, I love my husband still, we just lost our way.

    • I pray that God above will reach down and touch your life, and that of your husband’s, in amazing ways…that you will know His unending love and grace and His peace that passes all understanding. As you relinquish everything to Him let His promises feed your soul and the very core of your being…God bless you and yours abundantly. Never give up for God is able to make all things new.

  50. Please join me in prayer that God will sell our home in California quickly, that God takes control and blesses all our finances so we can be what He calls us to be…faithful.

  51. Lord, I pray for Debra and her family, for healing and wisdom and discernment for her husband as he recovers from heart surgery, for Debra as she cares for him and for their daughter. I pray that Drbra will be filled with Your peace, patience and strength as she navigates each day. I pray that Your hand, Father, will hold and guide this family. In Jesus’ name, Amen

    I ask for healing and reconciliation in my marriage, that I would be able to live out 1 Peter 3 in a mighty way. As we seek counseling, please pray that both my hiaband and i will have soft hearts to hear and obey God’s direction and conviction, and for wisdom and discernment from the Father for the counselor as he strives to advise and direct us. Please pray for emotional healing for me and for me to be able to fully draw on the Fruits of the Spirit and exercise self control over my emotions as the hurt and anger wash over me at times.
    Thank you

  52. Suzanne,
    I will be praying for your home to sell quickly. May the Lord work out all the details and pave the way for your next adventure.

    My prayer request is for peace and guidance as my husband and I begin the long process of adopting. I still struggle with the idea of not having my own children, but know God will provide exactly what we are suppose to have.
    Thank you.

    • Amy,
      As a family who turned to Foster to Adopt after two very risky pregnancies and the doctor informing us that I may not make it the next time, I can guarantee you the long process and the mounds of paperwork and the wait is BEYOND worth it.
      We prayed God would provide the right child at the right time and HE provided not one but two beautiful kiddos for us. One was an infant at birth and the other a 10 year old girl that had been bounced because most want babies. We never thought we would take an older child but God tugged our hearts after hearing her story. We have been tremendously blessed by both process.
      I pray the same for you and your husband. May God provide the right child at the right time. Peace in the process. Enjoy each day of the journey and the best thing is to journal it so you can read it to them about how hard you dreamed/worked/prayed/desired them and how wonderfully God answered those prayers and turned your dreams into His reality in your lives.

  53. Please pray for my husband who is struggling with chronic pain that is so debilitating he is withdrawing from life – his job, our children, grandchildren – friends. Even church. Please pray that he gets some peace from the tiring effects of dealing with the pain and he can go back to being the happy man he was.

  54. Please pray for me to find peace in the death if my dad! He passed away 2-3-12, yesterday would have been his 66 birthday! I miss him every day.

  55. Amy,
    I pray for peace and guidance for you and your husband as you journey through the adoption process. I pray the Lord holds your hands and stills the worries of your heart until you find the child that God has surely meant to be yours.

  56. Please pray for my 8 year old grandaughter Mary Elise, her family was in the Texas wildfires that destroyed their whole neighborhood, their home was left standing but all around the memories of that frightening week , the charred trees, the bare slabs of concrete where a friend or school mates home use to stand. I would love your prayers for her today. Thank You
    Please pray for Karen and may she know that even when she feel like she has lost her way , Our Wonderful Shepherd JESUS will carry her in His own sweet arms. You know We are not good sheep and we are always off path more often than not, but He is A most excellent shepherd, He never lets us out of his sight.
    Jesus Will redeem and turn it all for good for His Beloved. May they turn hearts toward home. HUGS, Sue Ellen

  57. Please pray for my grandson who is about to enter college, away from home. He has very mild autism, resulting in shyness, etc. He will have several roommates at this college, and I am praying that he can find friends that will truly ‘be’ friends with him. He just needs more self confidence as he enters this ‘separation’ from home. I do appreciate your prayers for him. And, I have great faith that God ALWAYS provides. Thank you.

  58. My son, Matt, needs prayers for the job that God has planned for him. I need prayers to have peace while waiting.

  59. Jennifer, I pray for your peace – remember to mourn, and healing WILL come! You will always miss him, but the grieving will lessen. Cindy, you didn’t name a request, but I pray grace & peace for you!

    I need prayers for my eyes – I had cataract surgeries 2 & 3 weeks ago, and spent too much time in the sun yesterday. They are sore & achy – please pray for healing for me.

  60. I am praying for your eyes, Elaine. May God bring you healing and well-being, and freedom from pain.

    Please pray for financial guidance and peace for our family. Our modification fell through and we are facing foreclosure/bankruptcy and seem to be under attack from all angles–our checking account was hacked and drained, but I know God is on our side and things will work out for His glory.

  61. Elaine, I pray total healing for your eyes, protection over the surgeries that have been done. Thank you Lord for your miracle working power in Elaine’s eyes and life!

    I need prayer for walking through anxiety. Sometimes I have so many doubts that I will make it. Thank you

  62. That I would not be afraid of my family’s disapproval of me taking my husband back.

  63. I need prayer for understanding and peace in my heart. I’m sure you heard about the army officer that was killed on Fort Bragg last Thursday. He was my boss and I was standing in the formation. I saw when the Soldier killed him, and my heart is broken. I do not want to be bitter nor question God but I am at a lost. I cannot understand the purpose of taking this life, especially since he was a family man who was good and honest, and he loved his family. Then to top things off, my faithful dog companion of 11 years had to be put to sleep two days after it happened. I feel like I am surrounded by loss and I feel like I am drifting. So I really do need prayer.

    • Maria, I will be praying for all of you who are close to this situation. Many years back, a girl I went to school with was murdered (many of us feel that it was by her ex husband, who I also went to school with). At the same time, a man from our church passed away unexpectedly, a good man. I am praying that all of you who are experiencing questions will not wander too far down the path of “why” or try to figure it out. I had a terrible time after the deaths I mentioned because I let my compass go from God’s face to my questions and desire for answers. We may not know why, on so many things in our lives, but we do know Who. We have a God is is mighty and mysterious in His ways, a God who is faithful, loving, and good. Our God is merciful and desires to be known and to know us. I pray that you will keep His desires for you as your true north as your heart aches in this time. I pray that you will be a source of light and strength to those around you who are hurting and you will point them to the ultimate Healer. Our world is a sinful place and there is so much tragedy that we may never understand. I am currently going through a trial I never imagined, but all I know and keep hearing in my heart and mind…God is on the throne. He has not looked away from our situations or “missed” something. He does bring beauty from ashes and I pray that you will not only see His goodness as the days unfold, that you will also be able to show others His goodness. I am praying for you and your precious heart. Don’t drift…please, don’t let the enemy lead you down a meandering path of questioning. Cling to the One who holds every answer and holds you in the shelter of His wings. We don’t need to understand it all, we just need to trust Him…every 5 minutes keep coming back to that, that you trust Him, Maria. I know that if we keep our trust and hope in the Lord, we will make it through the fire. He is with us every second. Bless you and thank you for your service. <3 (my hubby was Army Guard for 17 years, then had to retire because of our difficult with our son with autism) Hugs!! ~Jami

  64. Thank you for praying for all of us..may God bless all of these women today. I am humbled by all these requests. Please pray that God will restore my health and remove my chronic intense pain in my muscles and bones..I was overtaken by debilitating pain 3 years ago and my life has completely changed. I lost my job, friends disappeared, my marriage is holding on by a thread, and I feel like I am failing my only daughter due to being so sick all the time. Please pray that God removes my pain, so I can begin to exercise to regain my strength and rebuild my life, and for financial prosperity as we have become so deeply in debt….thank you so much.

  65. please pray for the youth leaders in our church(myself included) as we prepare to take our teens to St Louis next week for the Week of Hope! Pray that God does some amazing work in the kids and those they serve while there.

  66. Praying for you Dorothy and everyone else on this list. thanks for doing this!
    We are in the middle of an adoption(domestically) and praying for answers from the attorney and to hear from the birth mom this week. Praying for God’s plan and guidance and for this all to go smoothly!
    Thanks so much!

  67. Cindy, 1st praying that the joy of the Lord gives you strength. Then your family and doctors.
    Asking for prayer for wisdom

  68. Please pray for my mom who has had surgery for cancer. Pray that it will nor reoccur and that the doctors she sees will know the best treatment. And that our family will feel Jesus’s presence and peace through out this trial. Thanks and blessings to you all.

  69. Please pray for financial provision for my husband and I and a miracle of healing for my dad who’s fighting cancer. Blessings!

  70. Please pray for financial provision and close friends for my husband and I and a miracle of healing for my dad who’s fighting cancer. Blessings!

  71. Please pray for my mother Effie, she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
    We just want Jesus to be in this. Thank you!

    • Tammie, I will be praying for your mother. May God provide her the best doctors, treatments and outlook. May He surround her with family and friends that will continually lift her up, provide support and keep her encouraged.

    • God wrap your loving arms around this family, especially the mother and daughter.

      Please guide them in the direction of her treatments & shower them with grace, mercy & mostly peace!! 🙂

  72. We have a very important meeting Monday at 1:30pm. We need God’s provision and favor. This will decide if we continue living the mission we believe God has called us to do or if we give up and change directions.
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  73. My husband and I are missioanries in Goias, Brazil. This month we have children and teen camps and a camp leadership training course with 6 students. Tomorrow we have 100 campers from 6 to 15 yrs old arriving for a week of camp. Please pray that as God´s Word is given out it will fall on good ground that there be much fruit in the lives of these kids.

  74. The past couple months, I’ve been seeking God for direction. Please pray that my heart would be open and attentive to His voice and that I will be courageous and obedient to follow His will. 😀

    Please also pray for my family and for church and our youth group. We’re praying to reach more souls for Jesus!

  75. please pray that the Lord makes himself known in a way my husband can understand and that he comes to Salvation; he comes from an ugly Catholic background and painful family situation and he does not understand the concept of Grace. I have been praying for him for 30 years. Thank you.

  76. Lord, you know Hilda and her husband’s desire to find good friends in their community…and you know just the type of interaction they each need. Please bring just the right people into their lives to love them, and to challenge them to be all that you want them to be. Let these friendships be perfectly suited to their personalities as well. 🙂

    Also, please guide the medical team treating their father’s cancer…and bring quick healing to him. Amaze them all with your thoroughness!


    I would like prayer for peace re: the decisions our country’s leaders are making that go against everything our country is about! I am very concerned for my kids and the type of country they will have to live in if we Christians don’t speak up in November! I wouldn’t consider myself to be extremely political— but if you watch the news at ALL you can see that our country is headed in a bad direction! I know God is in control– and that comforts me– but we also are called to make wise choices in our lives…and that means voting for what’s right. Pray that the Christian community will rise to their responsibility this November! And that peace will surround my heart re: this issue. Thank you!

  77. My husband and I are missionaries in Goias, Brazil. This month we have camps for kids 6 to 15 yrs old. Tomorrow 100 campers arrive for the first week. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will bing many of these campers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Chist as God´s Word is given out.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Father,
      Please draw these young people to Yourself. Pour out Your Holy Spirit on them, save them, redeem them, empower them to live by and through Your Son, Jesus Christ.
      In His Name,

  78. Please pray for me, my husband, and our marriage. I’m living in an emotional desert (and have been here a long time). Thank you.

  79. My oldest son (10 yrs old) and I are heading to East Africa this week. I would covet prayers that all things wil go well, that God’s spirit would be on each of us as we minister to the people who work there and the people they love. Pray for us to prepared spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Pray that my family at home (husband and 3 other boys) will have a wonderful time together and that all will be well here. We will be gone 16 days which is a long time for us to be apart. Thank you.

  80. I ask God to show His mercy towards my father. He has had a terrible two years health wise and is now laying in bed in the Palliative care unit clinging on to what little life he has left. I have been sitting by his side for 4 days now and I pray that he is not suffering and that God will release his soul from the body that has failed him soon. Please pray for His mercy. Thank you and God bless.

  81. Please pray for courage and my faith in God that all will work out the way he had planned. My husband of five years is bipolar and hadn’t been taking his meds. He is very abusive, mostly verbal and emotional. But two weeks ago he tried to kill me so I called the police. I now have a TPO, but it is very hard on me financially to take care of three children. Pray that God will provide.
    Cate- I’m praying for your marriage and for you to find love in God. I hope you feel blessed my God’s love.

  82. Father, God, I come to you on behalf of Robyn, and her son’s Kaleb and Noah. I pray Father that you would touch her sons’ hearts, open them to your word. Open their eyes and let them see that you are their God, their salvation,their Savior and without you they are nothing. I pray that each son would open his heart, mind and soul to you God and accept you into his life and heart, to be grafted into the Family of God forever. Let them take your salvation, ask forgiveness of their sins and pick up your word, going forward in your love and mercy, sharing it with those around them. In your name, Amen

  83. I ask for prayers for my entire family, it seems as if we are being hit on all sides, health, finances, and my husband has lost his faith in God.

  84. Please pray for my family to be close and to get along and to be joyful, feels so discouraging at times. Pray for my emotional well being. I want to be content in all circumstances! Help me to want to please GOD and not worry about the approval of others. Pray for health and safety for me and my family. THANK YOU.

    Dear Lord, Please be with Alaina and her Dad as he is ready to come to YOU. Please show mercy to him and grace and comfort to Alaina Lord, and give her strength in the days ahead. Amen

  85. Please pray for me as I deal with Post-Partum Depression – I’m getting help for it but it’s still a struggle, and I’m very lonely in this struggle. This isn’t one of those things women talk about openly so I don’t know who to talk to.

    • Sweet Mama, I LOVE that I get to pray for you! I will read Psalm 139 in prayer, specifically for you. My daughter is 3. I had severe post partum anxiety and could not make any decisions and thought aliens were going to come take my baby. Really. And I’m a normal, God fearing girl, a teacher who loves the news. And I slept in the bathtub with my daughter for fear of the aliens. Really. You are not alone. Not ever. God has gone before you in this and He sees the joyous future you will have as a mom in wild sunshine, no cloak of darkness. You will shake this with time, His love, and be kind to yourself! This is not in any way a reflection of you or the mom you are. Loves, kate

  86. To hear God’s voice and follow His will for my family: to sell or not sell our house. Thank you , thank you for your prayer.

    • Praying for you Kate as you seek the Lord’s will in this big decision for your family. I pray that the Lord will clearly close doors and open them so you will know wihout a doubt! And I pray that he will use you as His light wherever He plants you!

  87. I am praying for you Melissa that you will recover from Post Partum depression and have a lot of joy and enerry with your family.
    Please pray for me as I struggle with food addiction and depression. I feel as though God is mad at me or something, it just seems like the momentum I had is gone and he is way up there somewhere – inaccessible to me and my daily problems.

    • Crystal, I read your post and then prayed for you and James 1:17-18 popped into my heart for you. May you fully embrace, believe and live knowing that you are a prized fruit, a perfectly loved prized possession of Christ. He never changes, He never turns His back, the shadows around you are deceptive. He is still there and His love has never doubted your worth as His daughter. Loving you, Kate

  88. Ginny, Thank you for the special work that you and your husband do. May the Holy Spirit bless and strengthen your efforts and may you see the fruits of your mission.
    I ask for your prayers for my marriage and my family. My four children & I found out 10 months ago that my husband of 24 years has been having a long term affair. He has refused to try counseling and has filed for
    divorce. (thank you)

  89. Tracey, I am praying for you today. I too have been hurt by my husband’s infidelity. I know the pain and confusion you feel, the hopelessness. But please know that you will survive, even thrive, through the love of God. I pray that God will show you the way to find strength through this situation. I pray that the Holy Spirit will bless you and your children and hold you and comfort you, and send you peace of heart and mind.

    Tracey, if you would like to email me I would be happy to talk to you more about how I survived and then learned to thrive through my own situation. sun_kat@hotmail.com

    Today I ask for prayers to bring me closer to God. I am a beginner Christian and need support for my first toddling steps on the path. I struggle with eating issues and tend to turn towards food as my comfort and strength rather than God. Please pray that I can turn this pattern around and instead use it as an opportunity to embrace God’s love. I want so much to focus on Him rather than food.

    Thank you!

  90. I am an out-law with the in-laws! I do not know what the problem is or why they do not want to talk to me or my husband, but I think it has something to do with my husband coming to church with me and the kids. My husband is doing all he can to love us well and lead us. His heart is being made new and his family doesn’t seem to recognize the beauty of it. I am happy that his dad is still wanting to have a relationship with him, but his mom is angry. The kids miss their grandma and aunt and my husband is tired of the conflict and doesn’t really care if they want a relationship or not. It’s messy!

    • Melissa, sending you the peace and joy of Hebrews 12. That you and your husband continue to shine light and run this race of faith remembering that there are people praying for you and believers who have run before you.

    • Melissa, sending you the peace and joy of Hebrews 12. That you and your husband continue to shine light and run this race of faith remembering that there are people praying for you and believers who have run before you. Loves, kate

  91. My mom, MARIA A. MENDOZA, in Bogota, Colombia is a 76y.o. lady affected by Parkinson’s disease related dementia. It has been a couple of weeks since she does not recognize and fight/reject her caretakers (including two of my sibblings) sometimes she does not even eat and refuse medicines too. The whole family is heartbroken and heavy laden they are seeking for a psiquiatric/elderly home. Please intercede in prayer for a miracle of whole restoration of her health through which the whole family would surrender to true faith in Christ and/or saving grace for her soul and the souls of all those around her still trapped by deception of Catholicism. Pray for patience, strength, wisdom and love for the doctors and caretakers, provision of a place where she will be safe and well taken care of as well as the means to pay for it as my family is of limited resources and I am so far away, unemployed, hurting too unable to do more than just praying for them.

    • Querida Myriam, Por favor sepan que estoy orando por tu mamá. Qué horrible estar tan lejos cuando se lo necesita. Sabemos que Dios no tiene limitaciones cuando sea necesario y que incluso ahora, él está cuidando a su dulce madre. Sabemos que Él ama estar en una situación en la que pueden aparecer y ser glorificado! Le pido que no sólo proporcionará un lugar para su madre, la curación para ella, la paz y la comodidad para todos ustedes, pero que él se adapte a sus hermanos y la familia dónde están y atraerlos a sí mismo. Nuestro Dios es un Dios glorioso y cariñoso, celoso de nuestros corazones sin embargo, los pacientes en espera de ellos. Rezo para que su familia va a llegar a conocer a su disposición en todos los sentidos … sobre todo en la eternidad. Que Dios siga protegiendo, ofrecer y te bendiga. En el nombre y el amor de Jesús, Miriam Denise

  92. I request prayer that I would be patient in trials, knowing that God will work them out to His glory, to be willing to await His perfect timing, and be reminded that through these trials I will grow in Him…
    Also, prayer for friends’ marriage…that it would be reconciled, that they would be willing to forgive one another and that they would not divorce…and that again, God would be glorified in the reunion.
    Finally, praise that our family is healthy, that we are loved, that we see God’s hands in our lives every single day and that we are able to share Him with others.

  93. Please pray for my girl and I. She is two years old. About 6 months ago, my husband decided he wanted his ‘old life’ back and found a girlfriend. He gets my daughter every other weekend and every tuesday night. Those are painful times without my girl!

    • Kelley, I will pray for you! My heart aches for you and your little girl, but I know that our God is good and he loves you both with a never ending unstoppable love!

  94. Please pray for my husband who has filed for divorce and is very confused at this time, for God to intervene and deal with him, using whomever He sees fit!! Just when we are headed for a breakthrough he quits when crisis comes, and we’ve had many crisis situations over the past year. Those who know us say that they feel my husband has some issues inside he needs to deal with, but he doesn’t want to. Pray for good,godly counsel and healing for him, our marriage and family.

    • Heavenly Father, I lift up Joyce and her situation right now into your loving arms! Please give her the courage and wisdom to be able to handle whatever comes her way, and I pray that her husband will feel your holy touch on his life. I pray that whatever issues he has before him, that you would place your complete healing on him. Place the people in his life that you can use to reach him and heal him. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  95. I pray the Lord will answer everyone of your requests Denise. He is faithful in each one of his promises and will bring it to pass.
    I would like to request prayers for good health to care for and support my family. I pray not to fall into the trap of discouragement and despair in not being able to do more due to my health condition. Finances have been a struggle but I know He promises to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory and even tho I feel limited, I pray that my limits are greater stepping stones for the Lord to do miracles. I would also like to solicit prayers for one of my children who is struggling with addiction and is not receptive at the moment to advise and hard for them to realize how far they are gone, for wisdom and sensitivity on how to go about the situation. Thank you so much for your prayers.
    May the Lord pour His abundant blessings upon each one of you today and always!

  96. I ask for prayer for the salvation of my unsaved grandchildren. My two adult grandsons need work. One is getting married this weekend and the other has 3 precious children, 5 yrs and under to take care of and desparately needs to find a job. There’s so much strife in the lives of my two children and I pray that love and peace will prevail. I suffer greatly with the pain of Rheumatoid arthritis, Neuropathy in my lower legs and Fibromyalgia. I want to be able to do more for my family, but I live on my social security. I thank the Lord every day for all his blessings and his answered prayers, I can see his work in my families lives and my own. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Lord, I cover Sharon in prayers. Touch her body and give her physical healing and comfort from her medical problems. Be with her family, her grandsons and great-grandsons. You have a purpose for each of us. Help them find jobs and bless the union of the new marriage. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen.

  97. Please remember my husband, as he will be going for training for two weeks. And keep me and my son in your prayers, too… Thanks and God bless!

    • im praying for you, your husband and your family as you are apart during this time of training. May God use it to draw you each closer to Him, and be reunited with a more passionate love that spills over from His love. May you each find protection in His wings, and Satan be kept far away…in Jesus’ name…amen!

  98. Prayer for His timing, His will, and His provision as my husband starts a new job in a new city, and we leave behind a home, family, church family and ministry that we love.

  99. I would like to pray to find a job that will fulfill God’s purposes for me in this life and that I may find friends who share similar spiritual paths so that we can encourage each other to achieve our highest level of service to our heavenly Father. I feel a change coming in my life and would like friends to help me along the way. Additionally, I pray for Catherine and that Jehovah Rophe heals her body and any feelings of weariness or weakness. I also pray for her son, that his diagnosis of addiction is not his prognosis for his life, that God will lift and sustain him to be whole and well. Lastly, I would like to pray a prayer of gratitude to the (in)courage team for being such wonerful and effective sisters in Christ. May God bless you all.

  100. Please pray for God’s direction for my husband and I. We just sold our house and are wanting to relocate. We don’t know where we are going yet. We are willing and able to go where ever the Lord will lead.

    • Just read about Abraham and Sarah…God took them to a new land and they followed even though they did not know where they were going. Praying that God will use you in the place where he leads you!

  101. I would ask for prayer for my husband, who is having some unresolved health issues. Please pray that tests he will have this week will provide answers and that the doctors will have wisdom that comes from our Heavenly Father. Also, please pray for me to be strong for him; he is such a good, godly father and husband, and he is usually the strong one for the rest of us.
    Heavenly Father, I lift up Kathy in Your name as she strives to live her life for you. Please open her eyes to the job that you have in store just for her, and surround her with friends who will hold her hand and encourage her in her new venture. I thank you, Jesus, for giving her this vision and path for her life, and that she wants to live her life for YOU!! Praise to your Holy Name! Bless her today and in the days that follow.

  102. I’ve been a widow for 14 years now since my husband died from cancer in 1998 and I was only 48 years old with three children. The Lord has been a perfect husband and father to us. My request is that perhaps there would be another love in my life before this earthly mission is over. I believe the Lord can, if He wills, bring someone into my life to whom I can be a helpmeet without having to go “online” and do the searching on my own. I’m not desperate.

    • Lord, you know the plans that you have for Sue. If it is your will, please guide the man that you know would be just right for her, into her life. And I pray that she would have the wisdom to see your plans for her, and that it would happen in your time, Lord. Thank you, Father, for all you do in our lives.

  103. Lord, I pray for Amy and her husband, as they begin their new “adventure”, looking for your calling in their lives. I praise your name that she is looking and listening for your voice and vision for their lives. Bless them and guide them in the way that you would have for them. Amen!

  104. Pray with me God to continue to uphold me with my family . I also desperately need Gods intervention in some ministry I do in one of the many slum areas in my country. Remember this orphans and vulnerable children I minister to that , non will loss hope as we continue to wait upon the Lord.

  105. Please pray for our marriage to be restored, my husband to come home, and God would be the center of our marriage.That each of our family members would be drawn closer to God. Been praying for all those who have a loved one away from the Lord and from home.

    • Lord, I lift up Lkay and her family to you in this very moment. Bless and protect them as they go through this time.

  106. For God’s will in My Marriage…..Whether we stay married or not, which it’s not looking good, he has pretty much choosen the other woman….That God will continue to hold me up, give me peace and calm in the midst of this mess, and that I continue to keep on doing the right thing.

    • Lord, I just ask that you would guard Robin’s heart. As an adult child of two divorces, You know how I hate divorce and how it has affected my own life. Because of my experiences, I pray that you would begin to work in Mr. Hollis, that in a supernatural way, You would get ahold of him today Father. Be it though a song, a magazine article, a billboard, a scripture verse, something. But today that You would begin a work in him. I ask that you would give Robin strength to endure this waiting period, that you would provide her with support and friendships that will help her to make wise decisions for her own good in this time. I ask that you would reconcile this marriage and protect any children if they are involved, with any of the three adults in this situation. We ask your hedge of protection agains the enemy’s schemes here Father, we know you are powerful enough to turn this around. Amen.

      Robin – I’m a song bird. Two songs came to mind for you: 1. Praise you in this storm by Casting Crowns and 2. He will carry me by Mark Schutlz. Keep your chin up!

  107. Please pray for peace in my life. It seems like I am in conflict with a lot of people and to me it’s not my fault. Not because I don’t want to take responsibility for it, if it were, but it’s because they have hurt/are hurting me and I am struggling with the notion of walking away or trying harder. For my emotional well being (I am pregnant and in grad school) it seems like it’s just better to walk away for now, but that doesn’t make my heart hurt any less.

  108. A team from Portland and from my hometown of Chicago, are leaving on Friday 7-13 for Rwanda. Satan has been already attacking a couple of the team members with stressful things here right before we leave, including myself with some illnesses, death, and difficult times with family in the last week. Pray for our hearts and minds to be strengthened and for those we’re leaving behind.

  109. Please pray for the continuation and success of my husband’s business. Some important decisions and meetings will take place this week. We pray all stays afloat and even prospers. It is all in God’s hands, who has led us this far. Thank you.

  110. My 5 month old son was premature and now we are having to undergo tests for his development. I am worried and want him to get better. Please pray that God would give him what he needs to thrive. Pray for his healing. His name is Caleb.

    Thank you!

    • I’m praying that God will heal any aspect of Caleb’s life that needs nurturing, not only to survive but to thrive. May God bless every step that Caleb makes throughout his entire life. May he make every developmental milestone and live his life as the wonerful child of God that he is. May Karen and her family be strong and well at this very trying time.

  111. Please pray for me for my severe allergies and chemical sensitivities; people do not realize how weak my immune system is and how sick I become. I have to travel to Canada to seek homeopathic treatment. Please pray for courage and srength for me to continue my life due to losing my two sons and almost losing my daughter. I also ask for prayer for my daughter and granddaughter so that they will be healthy. Aditionally, please pray for my husband and grandaughter to believe in Jesus as I pray that Jesus will lay His hands on Lkay and her husband that their marriage will be restored and that the Lord will heal all your wounds from this experience.

    • Kathy, I pray that you find the answers and treatment for your allergies which I imagine is a very tough path for you. I will also pray for your family and that they may walk with the Lord through the good and bad times. But please keep the faith – you can do all things through Him who strengthens you! Psalm 121:7
      God guards you from every evil, he guards your life. You’re in my continued prayers, Cathy

  112. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, hearing loss in my left ear due to a recent virus and am in debt up to my eyeballs after closing a family business in 2009. I’ve been dealing okay with all of that but just got laid off from a job I had for 1 year, 9 months. At 52, I’m scared about not finding employment. But I’m SO blessed with some amazing friends who have seen me through some incredibly hard times. Please pray that I can remember all the good in my life which will enable me to get a new job and be able to support myself. Thank you, Cathy

  113. Please pray for my adult children who have walked away from God. Please pray that they will turn their hearts, their minds and their lives over to the care of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you.

  114. Please pray for our marriage. I have been unable (unwilling) to stand up to the men in my work life who make advances toward me. By doing this, I end up putting my family last. Help to make me stronger and to renew my marriage and my family. We are both deeply hurting and deeply hurt and we don’t see which way to go.

  115. I would like the Lord to help me financially to complete my house and move into it before this year ends. I would also like to see all my sister’s children get saved and commit their lives to living and walking with Jesus. I have fallen in love with a foreigner who would like to make me his wife. I need to hear from God if this is OK with Him. I pray for Carolyn now and ask God to restore her marriage by empowering them to love and forgive each oher. I pray also that the Lord will strengthen her make the right decisions and I ask God to bless their family in ways that will draw them closer to Him and to each other. Amen

  116. Please pray for me as I adjust to a new job and a child leaving for college. Please pray also for my marriage, that we would love each other more and my husband would turn over his life to God. Thank you and God bless you all.

  117. In the name of Jesus I ask that Caolyn ‘s marriage be made whole again. You know the need and the answer Lord. Please make your will made clear to her this very hour. I as that you give her another job or whatever it takes to save this home. Thanking you for what are you accomplishing in this marriage and Carolyn’s life this very minute.

    Lord please bring your healing touch to Cathy in all the areas of her life. Give Oma peace that her children are your children and you are watching over them, wooing them back to you.

    I ask prayer for my 4 year old grandson that is suffering from severe headaches and the cause has not been found. My heart is also burdened for the Lewis family that lost their 51 year old father, husband and son this morning.

  118. Feeling very distant from the Lord. Need a breakthrough. Praying for you, Erin. I have experienced all you list and know God will meet you.

  119. Pray for healing for my son & my relationship and that he will be a father to his 3 yr old son that I have custody of. I pray for u Carolyn and the healing of ur marriage & ur family. I also want to say how thankful I am for all the Lord has blessed me with. A wonderful husband and a wonderful church family.

  120. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You through your Son Jesus Christ to bless Kathryn’s grandson. Such a sweet little boy same age as my own grandson suffering from severe headaces. Please enlighten the doctor or doctors who are treating him to discover the cause of the headaches and give them the wisdom to know how to heal this precious little boy….and in doing so to give you all the glory since you are the Healer of all. Bless the Lewis Family as they grieve for their loved one. Comfort them during this difficult and sad time.

    I ask prayer for a huge debt that is hanging over me, Many circumstances in my life have contributed toward this problem and there is no way to remedy the situation except through your kindness and mercy. Thank you for always looking out for me.

  121. Please pray for my brother and myself. He just lost his father which is my stepfather. After our mom pass away he remarried. After that we never had much to do with each other. He never would forgive me from not trusting him. I tried over and over to get our relationship back but that didnt happen. His memorial is Tues and his new wife says i can come but cant sit with family. But my brother is my family. I pray that i can go and help my brother through this as he is mental chalenged. I pray for healing for our family and that he knows how much I loved him. And his wife will be ok and all that are involved can get along and not be hurt.

  122. Please pray for my brother and myself. He just lost his father which is my stepfather. After our mom pass away he remarried. After that we never had much to do with each other. He never would forgive me for not trusting him. I tried over and over to get our relationship back but that didnt happen. His memorial is Tues and his new wife says i can come but cant sit with family. But my brother is my family. I pray that i can go and help my brother through this as he is mental chalenged. I pray for healing for our family and that he knows how much I loved him. And his wife will be ok and all that arex involved can get along and not be hurt.

  123. My husband and I were blessed to have a Colorado vacation just last week. We have celebrated our 40th anniversary. Pray for the folks of CO. They are having devastating fires there. In our own area we have had some floods that have nearly wiped out our small towns, so I feel for these people of CO.

  124. Hello, I need prayer for the journey… so that I can accomplish God’s will for my life and complete the journey successfully. I am here for a purpose, I would like to find it and live it.

    I need to forgive some things and overcome fear.

  125. Prayer for my husband (a believer) who filed.for a divorce over a year ago. The house has been sold and we are both living in separate temporary places . may his heart respond to the love of God (Who he still claims to follow) And obedience. he has never been open to counseling and is filled with anger. may God deliver him. Pray for wisdom for me in mediation and to have Gods heart in all this.

  126. I recently returned from an overseas mission trip and I’m trying to figure out if I’m called to go back for a longer period of time next summer. I think it might be God’s calling, but I am afraid (and others have implied) that maybe I’m just looking for adventure. I just am looking for clarity and direction.

  127. Heavenly Father, I pray for Sharon and her husband, and that your will be done in the divorce process. Lord, we cannot change others – only your power, love, mercy and grace can. Hold Sharon in your forgiving embrace – comfort her and give her the inner peace she needs, knowing that you have an amazing future for her. Bless Sharon with love and abundance, provision and healthy relatioships. I Jesus’ precious and powerful name, AMEN!

    My prayer requests – a job where I can use my talents of leadership and administration, in a healthy work environment, with generous pay and flexible schedule to provide for me and my 2 children. I also need patience as I wait for God to bring me a man who truly loves Him.

  128. Please pray for my husband’s release from alcoholism and return to the Lord, healing in our marriage. For answers to arm and hand pains I have been suffering with and financial relief as I seek help for this pain.

    Lord, please open Casey to your wisdom in the direction for her life. May she have the time to nestle down into your arms and to sit quietly to listen to your voice for her life.

    • I pray for Dianne that You will help her husband make good decisions. Help him to find a better way to deal with his pain than alcohol. I pray for Diane’s arm and hands, that You will release her from the pain and heal her, Oh Father. I pray for her finances to be blessed, oh God that her needs will be met and the needs of all those that she loves.

    • Lifting you and your husband up Diane! I know your situation all too well right now in my own home. Lord, I ask that you restore our marriages, heal our hearts, work in a mighty way in our lives and our husbands lives. Help them to draw closer to you when they feel the need to drink. May their next sip of alcohol repulse them. Asking for your peace that only you can give to fill our homes and hearts. Thanking you for being a faithful God!

      Praying for wisdom for Diane and the Drs. she encounters, that they will give her a correct diagnosis and treatment for her arms and hands. Thanking you now for her healing and for making provisions for her.

  129. Please pray that God will send a Spirit Filled couple to our church to be friends with my husband and I. Sometimes a church is a lonesome place.

    • I can relate Joyce! We’ve been there too!

      Dear Lord,
      I ask that you please surround Joyce and her husband with Spirit Filled couples. Psalms 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant the desires of your heart”. Joyce delights in you so please grant her the desires of her heart in a way that is unmistakably You. We love you Lord. In Jesus name and for His sake. Amen.

    • Vanessa- I just prayed for you. I am also diligently seeking God’s clarity in the purpose He has for me, so your post caught my eye…

  130. I am praying for my loved ones who do not have a personal relationship with the Lord. Please agree with me in prayer that He will make Himself known to them in a real way.

    God Bless

  131. I ask that you would agree with me as I pray for a job offer for my son. He is a 25 year old college graduate, and is having difficulty finding full time employment. I pray in expectant joy with each of you.

  132. I am an Indian. I have 2 daughters and one has married an American. I have come to see her in U.S. 2 days back she told me I am a toxic parent. She gave me a book on toxic parents to read. After reading that book I was heart broken cos I stand nowhere. I am silently crying. Please pray that I should be healed emotionally.

  133. this is from my niece’s friend who little girl is having a kidney transplant, please pray for God to intervene in everything that has to do with His child Laila
    Elisha YellowThunder
    I am gonna pass out! This is surreal…this isn’t a dream right??!!
    The cross match came back, it is GOOD!!! YAYYY!!! I truly believe in the power of prayer, the ability of US to come together. Laila is in the surgery room! She is getting 2 kidneys! When she never had 2 in the first, ever! She gets 2 today!!!!
    Momma is gonna pass out….
    WOPILA/thank you for all the prayers, love, and compassion…because we pulled together in human spirit and heart…laila will be ok..
    Update more when momma learns more

  134. We have an urgent prayer request for one of our women’s ministry team – Her name is Catherine and her system is in septic shock (blood poisoning) – she is being treated in ICU, but the doctors are perplexed by her systems response to the treatment – please join us in praying for our dear sister, she is both a mother and wife, but most of all she is a woman who LOVES her God.
    Thank you,

  135. Pam. I pray for strength in waiting for what God has placed on your son’s heart and to listen to the still small voice of His intended path. Be surrounded with the love and care of so many people, who are right next to you and you just don’t know it!

    Cate. Forgive and be strong in the gift of marriage that you have been given. Search for the reasons why you came together in the beginning and see if those can be known again. Cate, there are so many of us, who know your pain and care for you, to lift you up in prayer, in caring and sustaining you to find the joy in each day!

  136. I just need prayer regarding God’s love for me…many times I feel as if I’ve blown it too much or fallen away from His grace.

  137. Please stand with me in prayer while I wait expectantly for my husband to find Jesus. I pray daily that God will draw him to the place where he allows our Father to make him into the man the man he was created to be.
    I am going to go through the comment list and pray for each of you. I pray that our God will supply each of your needs according to his riches in glory and that he will answer in ways that we could never think, ask or imagine. God bless each of you! Amen and Amen!

  138. So many broken and waiting on God. Blessings to each of you. {hugs}

    For me, there is too much to explain in such a small place. God knows. Please pray for my family. Thanks ever so much.

  139. ladyd – I just sent up prayers for you. Life is hard but God is good! You are NOT alone. God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are here to help you. Just open up your heart and receive it. I am praying that you read this and realize you are loved. Father – be with ladyd and life her up. Remind her you created her and she is precious to you. Show her that life can be hopeful and worthwhile. May she feel loved and blessed by you. Amen.

    God is good. He has been getting me thru the last 18 months after I lost my job. He’s kept me in my home even after I could not make payments for the last 8 months. He gave me favor with my mortgage company and my payment has been reduced by half. Please pray my 2nd mortgage company provides the same favor as well. I am almost out of unemployment, but I got a job at Pizza Hut as a delivery person. I have a BS and worked for 26 years in the aviation industry, but whatever God wants me to do, I will do it. I am building a Mary Kay business and have already been asked to become a shift manager where I work. I just pray and ask you to pray that I make the right decisions. I pray to be blessed so I may be a blessing to others.

    Thank you!

    • God I ask that you help Brenda in the decisions she needs to make for work. Be her guide and direct her steps each day. Show her grace and favor with all that she puts her hands to do for your glory!

      I ask that you pray for me for peace and understanding. My husband and I have faced some very hard times over the last year. We need direction in our lives and really need some miracles to come through. Please pray for me specifically that I can pass my state test for teaching. I graduated 2 years ago but have not been able to pass this test. It is very hard for me. My husband just passed his teaching test and really feels called to be in the teaching field but so far nothing has come up. Thanks for all your prayers!

      • Debra, your story touched my heart because I have a son who is a teacher. When he graduated and started looking for teaching opportunities, he ended up out of our state and teaching in Virginia. Virginia had (and has) a lot of job openings.

        Lord, please help Debra relax and be focused during her next test and assist her husband in finding employment. Guide them into your best opportunity for them. Amen.

  140. After leaving our home church of 7 years our family has struggled to even visit other churches. Friends invite us and we don’t go. It’s been 6 months. We need to be in a church community. Please pray. Thank you.

  141. I am going on a mission trip July 12-21 with 17 other women to Guatemala. We will be teaching a faith-based self-esteem program to girls. Please pray that God reaches into their hearts in a very real way. Also, I have been having a lot of back pain lately so I cherish your prayers for that as well.

  142. Brenda G, I pray that you continue to follow God knowing that He is faithful and will provide for all your needs. Trust Him and be reminded that He is a promise keeper and is always on time. I pray that you will seek His word so that He may lead you in the right direction as you enter a new season in your life.

    I am so grateful for all the blessings that God has given me. I’m especially grateful for my husband and children. Please pray that I be released from the bondage of fear and I’m able to walk in faith and do what God has called me to do. Thank you!

  143. I will definitely be praying for Sue and the success of the mission trip and her back pain. Would love an update when she returns if that is possible. I would like prayer for my brother who is 69 and is an atheist. He does believe we are starting to go into the End of Time for this earth but has NOT accepted Christ as HIS Saviour & Lord. I want to see ALL my family members in heaven as the song says “Will the Circle Be Unbroken By & By” . Sincerely, Renee

  144. Father I pray for Ayeshia that you would fill her with your peace and release her from all fear. I pray that she will clearly hear your voice and she would walk in the way you have set for her. Thank you that you bless obedience. May Ayeshia feel your presence today as she seeks after you.

    I need God to move in my marriage. I identify so much with Heart Broken above. My husband of 11 years is suffering addiction to pornography (although he doesn’t think it is an issue) and it seems to have twisted his thinking-he wants us to have an open marriage and says I am a good wife except for that part of our life and even there I am good it is just that he has never had that “spark” for me. We have three young children. He says he doesn’t want to leave because of the kids but tells me one thing-that he loves me and then tells others that he doesn’t feel anything for me. Our marriage counsellor says he is living in a fantasy world. I would agree. Please pray. Last time I asked for prayer here he decided to stay-that was back in February. Thanks for your prayers.

  145. My daughter is disappointed over a relationship not working out which took her by surprise as well as the rest of us. My nerves have gotten the best of me and it is hard functioning and she is disappointed which hurts me to see. Don’t understand it but God has a plan.

    I am grateful for a good husband who listens to me and tries to comfort me.

    • Grace,

      Praying for peace over your daughter’s disappointed relationship and your nerves. May He heal you all & show you something much much better! May you all feel His loving grace & mercy surrounding you at all times!

      Lord–thank you for giving Grace & her daughter a most wonderful husband and father who listens & tries to comfort! Thank you! 🙂

  146. Sue, I pray that your back is healed and healthy for you trip. I pray that you, the other women and the girls you are ministering to yearn for God’s love and see and feel his love from each of you!

    Ayeshia, I pray that you be released from your fears so that you can be all that God intends you to be! I think we all struggle with fear and be all that God intended us to be.

    I ask for prayer for my family, especially my son, he got into some trouble and will be going to court on Thurs. He has made so many changes in his life. I pray that he will seek God to be his constant companion in his life as he finishes his last year of college and that God’s will be done in court!

  147. My prayer is that I would want to be closer to God. I also want to be a better Christian both at home & especially at work.

    Help me to seek His will and guidance before making any more hasty decisions! Want to be Christ to the world!

  148. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You will open the eyes of Rebecca’s husband, to see that what he is doing is so very wrong, so against the perfect plan of marriage that You set into motion even before our time began. Help him to see how he is hurting his family, show him the truth before its too late.

    I too am having troubles in my marriage. I don’t even know the man I am married to, we have been to a counselor, but he is not willing to do the things the counselor suggests. There is a lot of hurt from the past. I have overcome unhealthy relationships, drugs, alcohol, and have submitted my life totally to God. But my husband just can’t figure out how to forgive me, and so he just doesn’t talk to me.
    please pray for us. Thank you.

  149. vbs is next week. this week is vbs prep. ontop of that i have a ton of other things to get done. please pray for our volunteers, the kids and their families. for things to go smoothly and for the kids to learn and grow and for us to make a positive uplifting impact on them. for my sister and her husband, for their marriage for their little boy. for my family. for my husbands job. for us finding another home. for the desires of our hearts and businesses/ministries we want to start. for my chldrens ministry/family ministry. for our youth director. church leadership. my families health. my personal health. my schooling, and knowing what areas i should pursue.
    theres my hot mess lol. thank you so much for praying!

    • Lord, I lift up Kayla to you now. I am thanking you for the success of the VBS that is coming soon. I ask that you bless each volunteer and child that is involved during this precious time. That everyone will go home with a changed and renewed heart, mind, and spirit!

      Asking for stregthening of marriages and families. Your wisdom in all that they set out to do, that you will go before them, that they will find Your favor, that they will listen for Your voice in all their decisions. Wrap them up in your peace and love!

  150. For my husband Robert, to be convicted of the pain and division he is causing myself and my children by his excessive drinking over the weekends. That the Holy Spirit move in a mighty way and touch his heart and mind…..that the desire to drink would be removed and actually repulse him. I don’t want my marriage or family destroyed because of this, but it is so hard to hang on and know where to turn…I have NEVER felt so helpless. Even though I know my God is FAITHFUL!

  151. LuAnn, I pray that your son will know that He is loved unconditionally by His heavenly father and anything he has done in the past is forgiven. I pray that he will know that God is with him every step of the way, whatever the outcome of the court is. Releasing our children to God and believing that He loves them even more than we do is a challenge!

    Please pray for my family as we discern our further role as missionaries in East Africa. We have been working for 8 years and our only child is transitioning back to the US for University. We are tired and want to know if we are being SENT from where we have been or if we are called to stay. Thank you!

    • Thank you JoEllyn, I feel blessed by your prayer. I will pray for you during this great time of change…being an empty nester is difficult and also a wonderful time to reconnect with your spouse. I will pray for where God is calling you to be and that you may feel rest and peace!

  152. Hi Beth, I am praying for you, your husband, and your marriage. Praying that you will remember that you are helpless, and it is only Christ who can change the heart of your husband. Cry out to Him, who is the only One who truly knows the wickedness of our hearts, and can and does change them, for His glory and our good. Ask God to show you what He wants to change in your heart, afterall, the Sovereign God of the universe has put in on this path, and His Word tells us that ALL things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. That does not mean that everything we go through is good, but that they will work out for good. That good is conforming us to the image of Christ, day by day, for His Glory!! Praying also that you will put on the whole armor of God, daily, so that you can stand. His Word tells us we have to put on, because we don’t wake up fully protected daily. We have a responsibility to take up each piece if armor, daily, and put it on!! Don’t forget….this is how you will be able to stand. I also pray that God will comfort you and give you peace, and that He will restore your marriage. He is, after all, the God of all comfort, the God of peace that surpasses all understanding, and the God of restoration. If you are a born again believer, just take a look at what He has done in your life, restoring your relationship with Him!!

    • Lori, Thank you for your sweet prayer, it means so much to me. While I have been so focused on my husband’s faults… God convicted me that I need to step back and take a look at myself…..that is a tough one…praying that He will show me the areas that need changing, so I can be His Godly Girl, wife and mother.

      I can not thank you enough for the reminder of applying His armor! My mother had me cover myself in it when I was a little girl and I had forgotten to use it in my daily adult life. Today is a new day and I will cover myself and my husband in it!

      Thank you again for your prayers….I want my happy marriage and home back again and most of all for my husband to be happy with himself, job, and life.

  153. Please lift up my grandson, Cody, who turned 20 today. He needs Jesus – am praying that our God will minister to his needs and draw him to Him. Cody is intelligent and artistic and very personable, but so drawn to all the ‘free spirit’ nonsense of this day. My heart is burdened for him. Thank you for sharing yourselves.

    I will be lifting your situation to our Lord, Renae – and am asking right now, in Jesus’ name, for the love in your marriage to be restored and healed.

  154. JoEllyn, first of all let me say thank you for the work you and your family have done these last 8 years ( and before I am sure). I pray that you and your family will hear His voice and receive wisdom in what you are supposed to do. Thank the Lord that we know that He has a good plan for us (Jer. 29:11). I have been praying for His guidance a lot recently myself.

    I have just begun a new part of my career and am now a Chaplain for my agency. My main prayer is that I just want to be used by Him. Please pray that the advise and guidance I am giving is good. I want to hear His voice in how he wants to help people. Thanks.

  155. Father I pray for Brooke, that she would have wisdom from your Spirit to reach out to people with your power and strength, That she would always know that your are surrounding her and using her to bring others to yourself.
    Thank-you for the chance to share our requests. Please pray for my son who is not walking with God, is in a relationship with another girl not strong in her faith. Pray for Gods will and that I would be able to release and trust in God for his future.

  156. JoEllen, I pray that God give you a sign as to what he wants you to do, Waiting on God’s timing can be very challenging. Thank you fo all that you do in the mission field. I pray that if you need to return home to rest and recharge that it will happen that way. Sometimes our stepping back aloows someone else to grow and serve. Bless you and enjoy this wonderful time with your daughter,
    I ask that my financial burdon be resolved. I am self employed and the economy has been very difficult. I need to have three procedures done on my eyes and have no insurance. My church fmuily held a fundraiser and raised enough for me to have one eye fixed. I am so blessed. I am legally blind in one eye and they want to operate on my good eye first and that will leave me blind until it heals. Please pray for quick and complete healing. I know that God will hold my hand as I go through this and the rest of the money will be made available or what I have will be enough. I have such peace about this. God is amazing!

    • I am praying for you, Sandra, as you go through the operation for your eye. Praying for healing…and wisdom and skill for the doctors/nurses helping you. You are very blessed to have a church family helping you financially. You are right, our God is amazing! Praying for continued peace throughout your journey! God Bless!

  157. Please pray for my mom, Virginia. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and given 6 months to live. That was back in February. She is in so much pain and is very confused. My heart is broken.

    • Viki,
      I’m praying for your Mom tonight ~ That her pain will ease a little. That you both will see the beauty every day…That your days will be the most beautiful and that you will each feel the love that only a mother and daughter can have…That God will surround you and bless you beyond your wildest dreams..That the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets will be shared.. Please God ease Viki’s moms pain and bring her comfort in you and your words tonight and in the days to come…

      • Thank you, Patricia, for your comforting prayers for both my mom and me…you have blessed my heart!

  158. Please pray for my job situation and that in my singleness in my mid-30’s that I remember God has a plan for my life. I long to be a wife and mother.

    • EP, I feel your longing to be a mother and a wife. I have struggled in vain to reach those positions in life without waiting patiently for a true man of God to be sent by our Heavenly Father. Each of my attempts has been met with great failure and tremendous pain. Please pray, and continue to be patient. He has a plan for you and it is more amazing than anything you could ever imagine!

  159. Dear Lord, I need your guidance…I have no idea how i so foolishly chose to be here, I felt sure that this man was placed in my life divinely. He brought me closer to you after all. Because of the You that I saw in his heart, I fell in love and trusted and believed in him. I gave up my job to help him with his business, I gave up my home to be his wife, yet all that ended up happening was that it was all an act, as if in a play. I played the wife…but never became the wife. I allowed him to guide me, lead me, direct my movements but our “families” never did come together. Despite the beer, and the weed, and the pornography, and the self pleasuring, and the emotional infidelities with other women, and the way in which his mother played a better wife than i was ever able to (she has yet to allow us to be, and grow without constantly rescuing him, pampering him, indulging him), I continued to love him. Now Im at a place a few weeks from complete homelessness, without a job, no income, and really nothing to show for anything that Ive done for myself, or for this relationship. I feel so lost and disillusioned. I understand everything happens for a reason, and when he takes away, its to prepare for something better, but how and why am I still hoping and praying for a miracle with this man? Please pray for clarity in my life. Please pray that I will be able to hear the word of God, His direction and instruction for my next step! I am deeply saddened by this “detour” and yet another broken relationship but obviously I am not hearing Him well enough and am definitely not honoring myself like a child of God!

  160. I loaned someone a large amount of money and was promised that would be paid back in full on July 2, 2012. Am still waiting and have rest of month before income comes again. Have cried out to the Lord as am widow with limited funds but now have to make needed car repairs.
    I am praying for EP with her job situation and desire for life partner and children. One is a lonely number but with Christ you are never alone.

  161. Pls pray for my marriage as I am having some serious marital problems. Have been married for more than 20 years but now facing huge problems of rejection, incompatibility and direction. Feeling very hurt and not knowing how events will unfold.

    • Kim, the Lord knows you are hurting and sees the pain..Please hold tight to His promises of always being with you, loving you…You are His child first and foremost..He is going ahead and planning and placing people in your day to day walk to encourage you, guide you and love you…Rest in His peace that only He can provide…Hold on tight and trust..pray and read the word.”Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him” Isaiah 30:18

  162. Feeling stuck. No vision to help me move forward in my grieving the loss of the life I had with my husband who has been gone 2yrs now. Need to get a job or find where He wants me to be. For now I am staying prayerful and just ‘being’. Thanks for prayers…

    • Diane, praying for you to hear in the quiet, His voice. A voice that lets you know “I am with you always”. Praying for you to rest in Him and wait..Praying that God will comfort you at this time of hurt, that he will provide answers to you and that you will know that you will not be stuck forever…That this time is necessary for you to quiet yourself to hearing His messages, His words and most of all that His love and truths will surround you at this time.

  163. This prayer request is for a close friend who’s husband has been out of work since Dec.31/11…The strain on their marriage is extreme. She is working fulltime, trying to manage things at home, is trying to be supportive to her husband, but he is treating her badly – does not appreciate what she does, fires words at her and is verbally abusive…She finds a quiet spot in house to cry out…As well, she has her mother-in-law living with them in the basement which has created added stress as husband and mother don’t see eye to eye….I guess I’m asking for prayers for me as well to know the right things to say to her to encourage her and let her know that things will be fine, when in my mind, I’m thinking they are only getting worse.

  164. Asking for prayers for my uncles and aunts and my mom. My grandma has been gone since June 6th…She was 96 yr old. Lived a long life. The family is struggling with grief. My uncle whose name is Junior, especially since he was her primary caregiver and had some thoughts that made me worry about him. So prayers please. I know it gets easier with time losing a loved one. But the family is grieving.

    My prayers go out to Diane, the one who commented before me. I ask God to help her with the “feeling stuck” she is working with. Help her to be able to move forward and give her a purpose in life. I ask for blessings of good health, help and continued healing for her.

  165. Please pray for my family, especially my brother Steven. He has had a mental break and is diagnosed with psychosis so far. He has been hospitalized for about 5 weeks now and isn’t getting much better. Please pray for his mind to be healed and for my family to be able to make appropriate decisions for him and his care. Thank you so much for bringing us before the throne of God!

    • God, please provide answers to Ashley for her brother Steven. We know we can’t begin to understand why these things happen to people we love, but please help Ashley with this situation. She needs to know the steps she will need to make here. I pray for the healing to take place, starting now…that through my prayer and others that the suffering and pain won’t last for long and that a light will shine on Steven ~ your truths will be known to all..Blessings and prayers Ashley ~

  166. My husband of 43 years had a heart and pancrease operation. Dr. encouraged a little wine. For the last 9 months it has been more than a little wine. Please pray that God would open his heart to see all he needs is Jesus. He is a Christian. Also, our 43 year old son lost his home, wife, 3 businesses. Doctors haven’t diagnoised him other than mabe chronic fatigue, hypertention and maybe a chemical disorder from his jobs. No, energy, depression, and sleep problems. He loves the Lord and is living with us. Thank you for believing with us for a healing miracle.

    • Gramma Bonnie, prayers for your husband and son…God’s word is powerful and alive..praying for your husband to feel God’s presence more than ever..that he will open his mind and heart to Him in a way he has never before..That he will gain strength daily by reading scripture and knowing and realizing how blessed he is..May the pressure of all these things calm down for you..knowing that God is in control, we aren’t…All we can do is love and He will take are of the rest. Praying for your son to find direction and strength from God our provider…Love, Love, Love him through this. Praying that a listening ear will be a tool for you as well as all the love you can muster to just let your son heal in his own timing. The words of God and his messages will become his source of strength each day.

  167. Praying for you Anita and your extended family.. That God would provide lots of family time together to remember. Praying for peace and strength through the grieving ~ we know that there is no time limit on this. Please help to carry the family on this journey. To provide them with friends that will be there for each of them, by listening to them when they want to talk, shoulders to cry on and lots of daily hugs.

  168. My heart is burdened for my daughter who is struggling in areas of her life. Pray that she would humbly submit every area to Him. She is feeling worthless and confused about her future…specifically a job/school this fall. My mother heart is heavy for her, but trusting in a faithful God!

  169. Please pray for my 24 yr old son who has big anger issues against God and the world!
    He is having a bad day , not coping well. Also pray for me, as it makes me quite weary.

  170. Kindly remember my family in prayer for financial breakthrough and for my 10yrs old daughter who has not been speaking for 6yrs. i trust the Lord that he can heal her completely.

  171. Broken heart refuses to heal, my mind can’t let go and my heart won’t. I need to know what God wants of me..where to go now, what to do. I’m all alone. :'(

  172. Please pray for juggling our family: 17 yr old with aspergers, 15 yr old, 7 yr old with moderate autism and a 3 yr old. I feel the weight of all the different needs. Thank you xx

  173. Rachel I am praying for you. I wish we both could sit down and pray together with each other today. For this is my prayer also. My 4yr old with aspergers, my 3yr old with specail needs and my 18 yr old with college and life decisions. I am feeling the weight of the different needs.

    Dear God,
    I thank you for Rachel. God I know she must be an excellent mother with a good heart. She is asking for prayer, which means she seeks you. Today I ask that you would lighten her path. Open her eyes today with special discernment for her each and every situation with her children. Grant her peace and blessings today. You have placed a specail love in my heart for her today. I can so relate to what she is experiencing. God you said in Jeremiah 33:3 that we could call on you and you would show us great and mighty things that we know not. God, I ask for Rachel’s paths today that you would guide her each step of the way. Thank you for hearing my prayers. In Jesus name Amen
    A big hug to you Rachel. Hang in there. 🙂

  174. Please pray for relief for us from our financial burden. We are in desperate need of a car and now have medical bills from our youngest daughter’s 4 month illness. We are currently in bankruptcy. Thank you!

  175. Please pray that I am able to find an institution that knows how to process a HARP2 home loan so that I do not lose my home as I owe more than it has been appraised.
    Emly–I will keep you and your family in my prayers. My financial burdens, like yours, have me scared. God bless.

  176. This summer God has really been doing a new work in my heart. He’s bringing me out of what seemed like a 2 year dry spell and is re-igniting my passion for Him. Please pray that my heart would continue to stay open to his leading, guiding and to whatever refining he deems as necessary to draw me closer to living a righteous life for his glory.

  177. i ask prayers for everyone–our country–our world–those fighting for use–those in sickness,need, and sorrow–for the new ones coming into this world,those who are leaving, our churches that are teaching God’s love.the hungry that we hand out food to each week.those caught up on drugs-drinking-,those who do not know the Lord, i see the elderly left alone and want them to know angels are watching over them–i pray for all—

  178. Good Morning!
    Please pray for my son Scott,he left this morning on a business trip to Texas,it has not been away from his 5 year old twin boys,and he was alittle upset. As he was leaving he said pray for me. He is a wonderful Daddy,and husband to his wife Stephanie.
    Thank-you so much for your prayers.

    Please dear Lord protect Emily and her family as they are going through his financial situation. Iam praying for someone to come along side you and your family to help you find a suitable,and affordable car. As we dont know about your daughters health situation, you know, dear God, praying for strength as your little girl has been sick for four months. Praying for blessings for you and your family!

    • This morning, Lord, I pray for Scott. I pray that you will lift the burden he feels having to travel at this time and being away from his family for the first time. I pray for travel mercies and that you will give him a wonderful experience and return him safely home. I also thank you for the loving father that he is to his children and husband to his wife. In your name, Amen.

  179. I have been betrayed in my marriage. It has been a little over a year since I found out and while we move two steps forward and one step back in some areas – emotionally, I have no feelings anymore.

  180. Please pray for my marriage. Twenty-two years and raising teens has started to take a toll. I am confused and don’t understand how two people who love the Lord can make such a mess each day. Please pray DH will take a step toward counseling for both of us. And that God would guide our steps toward reconciliation and a stronger marriage.

    Lord, I lift up Scott to you this morning as he travels to Texas. (my home state) I pray for strength and safe travel. Also that you might comfort & protect his family while he is away.

  181. I married into a ready-made family. I became a stepmother to adult children who already had kids. My only experience with kids is as a grandma. Child Protective Services just gave us custody of four of our grandkids (ages 10, 9, 5, and 3). Never having raised children, I am at a loss with what to do with four of them at one time. Please pray that we will keep our eyes fixed on Jesus during this experience. Please pray for their parents, who are trying to clean up the wreckage they have made. You can even pray that God will bring us a reliable vehicle that will fit us all so we don’t always have to take two cars! 😉 Any kind of prayer would be appreciated.

  182. Wow! I realize how completely disarrayed my life is and I am overwhelmed. I know there is nothing too great for God, but for me, that is not the case. I need some prayer, please. Please pray for my sanity and the ability to straighten out my life. (it truly is a mess!) To hear the Lord’s direction as I set about to organize everything. (from getting my son un-addicted to video games to figuring out how to find a job that will support us) And to finding Christian friends who will be here with us. Thank you.

  183. Carolyn, I will be praying for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom in this journey for you. I will pray you are HIS hands and feet for the children and that you see things through His loving and compassionate eyes.

    I ask praying for courage and strength as I prepare to leave my job/career to stay home with my children. It has been a long journey and one filled with doubts and fears. I ask you keep me and , my marriage and my family in your prayers as we transition to a single income and huge change of living. I know God will provide, I just need help with my faith and trust that He will provide…

  184. Prayers for twin granddaughters, Kileigh and Hope (2 years old). Extremely premature (4months early) birth. Hope has growth issues and an open valve in her heart. Kileigh is way behind in speach. Also, their father, my finances, and a closer walk with God for me.

    • Dear Jesus, I pray right now for Iris’ precious twin granddaughters, that you would heal them in their specific needs, and that their doctors would be guided with your wisdom to help them on this journey. I pray for Iris, that she would grow ever closer to you, Father, each day, and that she will rely on you for each and every need. I pray for the twins’ father, and for their entire family. Lord, you know exactly how our finances are; you know every hair on our heads, and I pray that you will help Iris in that area of her life as well. Giving you all all the praise and glory for all that you have done, and for all that you will do! In Jesus’ precious and holy name, Amen.

  185. Praying for you Marie in your new journey. God will surely bless your efforts. I pray for strength and courage for you and for God to continually make His presence in your life known. That He would show you in wonderful ways that He is with you every moment of every day.

  186. Marie,

    I am praying for courage and strength for you. What a wonderful sacrifice it is that you are making – I know God will certainly bless you for it.

    Having a hard time after breaking up with my boyfriend 2 weeks ago. He is a wonderful Christian man, the man I thought I would marry. He had a nervous breakdown, so at the advice of his psychiatrist, he ended his relationship with me, as he is in no condition at the moment to be able to give anything to a relationship. I am praying for restoration of our relationship, and faith in God’s plan for us.

    • Dear Lord, place your hand of healing on Holly and on her boyfriend. I pray that he will find the Christian counseling and help that he needs to guide him back to health and wholeness. I pray your blessings and your loving arms to surround Holly as she walks this path that is laid out before her. Guide her and comfort her in this hour of need, and open her eyes to the special plans that you have already in store for her life. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  187. Iris, I am praying for your granddaughters. We must have posted at the same time! 🙂

  188. Please say a prayer for my 50 year old sister who is battling breast cancer. She has had 4 major surgeries since April 4th. It has spread to other parts of her body now.

    • Dear Jesus, please hold Carolyn’s sister in your loving arms, comfort her and give her strength, emotionally and physically, to handle whatever comes her way. I know she is tired, and I ask that you will bless her and her family, in ways that are even beyond their comprehension. Lord, you are the great physician, and we know that you are our source of healing and strength. I also pray for Carolyn, for her to find strength and that she will feel your arms around her as she walks through these days ahead with her sister. Praying in the awesome name of Jesus, Amen.

  189. Please pray for my son who just left this morning for a week of church/mission camp. I’m praying that he will grow much closer to the Lord this week and really deepening his relationship with Him by serving others and using his gifts to be a blessing.

    • Lord, I pray for this special young man as he goes on this mission in your name. I pray for your protection for him and his group, and I pray that you will open his eyes and heart to the paths that you would have him take in his life. I also pray for those whom he will come in contact with this week, and that they will see Jesus through him.

  190. I pray that God’s hand will be on your son this week in a powerful way that he will receive a blessing and be a blessing to others.

    Please pray for a situation I have at work. I need God to intervene and make my path straight. Only He can change hearts and minds.

  191. I pray for Diane Lord for wisdom regarding her finances, for Your provision and for peace and trust in you Lord.

    I would appreciate prayer for the Lord’s direction regarding my health and for emotional healing and wholeness.

  192. Please pray for me that God would be my first love. I am a single mom and so wish to be married, I have never been married, but do not want to forsake Him. Also pray that I find a new job and that my daughter and I will be able to get our own place soon, we live with my parents right now. Thank you!

    • Lord, I pray that Kelli would find rest in You above all else. Lord, that you would hold her tightly in the palm of her hands as she does her beloved daughter. Lord, I also know that you have an amazing man waiting to meet Kelli and her daughter. I pray that you would have ther lives collide in your perfect timing. Encourage Kelli along the way to remain steadfast in her devotion to You, Lord. Bless Kelli, bless her parents, and bless the little one. Three generations in one house is a unique experience. Allow them to enjoy the time they have together NOW, while allowing them to grow and spread wings of their own.

  193. My son might lose his job today. He has a wife and toddler son. Please pray for their situation, and that they might learn to rely on God for peace and provision through this time.

  194. Susan – Lord, Thank you for being there when we call. I pray that Susan be able to release control of the situation at work to you so that you might do the mighty work that you CAN you do when we let you. I ask that you change the hearts and the minds of the individuals involved. Make Susan’s path straight. Use Susan as a peacemaker for your purpose, Lord. Amen.

    Please pray for a MS Windows Adminstrator position in the Phoenix area for my husband WITH benefits!! He is currently working as a contractor and has NO benefits. We just capped out on our COBRA ins, and because of my lupus (SLE) insurance premiums are astronomical!!! (can’t afford). Presently have no insurance! God is awesome, but I feel like we are playing with fire. Thank you

  195. Praying for you Kaitlin!
    Lord please bless Kaitlin’s community with a new business or businesses that can supply jobs for those who desperately need them. I ask that you would place your hands on those involved with the crime and give them a God size purpose for their lives. You are our supplier I pray that you would meet the needs of your people in Redding, California. In your powerful name, Amen.

    I am looking for prayer for myself and my family. We lost my mother recently at the age of 52 and it was very unexpected and shocking. She had a rare heart condition called S.C.A.D. that is undetectable unless someone has a known heart issue and gets a heart scope to look at their heart. The last 6 months have been some of the hardest of my life. Not only did I loose my Mom but one of my best friends. Each day is it’s own battle and I am just asking for the strength and courage to press forward and to look to God for comfort.

    • Praying for you Whitney.

      Such a lost is so painful, and unexpected….May our Lord comfort you during this time, may his “everlasting arms” hold you when you ache. May bring people into your life that will understand your pain and be there for you. May he surround you with the love a special friend(s). Blessing to you Whitney!

  196. Husband is home from work, my life feels so chaotic; homeschooled teen girls daughters are rebelling and I feel I have no control….. I turn to food, instead of my God 🙁

  197. Maria – I am praying for God to bring calm to your home and peace to your heart, and that as you fill your soul with His words – His promises – you will hunger and thirst no more. In the name of Jesus …

  198. Please pray for direction for my family regarding our church and the hurt that is associated with it right now.

    • Praying for you Sandra. My husband went through some deep hurts with a church. But after making to the other side we realized we were exactly where God needed us to be to give us a heart for ministry. Without the pain, we would hurt for others who hurt the same way. I learned 3 key things:
      1) Nothing is worthless. There is purpose in everything and when you look for that, you refocus your attention on the good.
      2) Forgiveness is necessary, no matter how hard.
      3) God does things in season. Some seasons may come to an end and others may begin. Be willing to change with the season. Please God, not man.

      Praying for you!

      Your sister in Christ,

      Erica Potter
      Visionary Director
      Eden on Sixth, Inc.
      Strengthen your walk @ http://www.youarec13.com

  199. I’m moving forward in launching a ministry in the Mint Hill, NC area. We have found the property we believe God has for us and he is asking us to do some crazy things that are, to be honest, INTIMIDATING! My husband and I are asking for boldness, and wisdom. Thank you so much for your prayers. When two or three come together…

    http://www.edenonsixth.com Launching in the Mint Hill area…..SOON 🙂

    • Erica, Praying for boldness and wisdom from the mighty God we serve for you and yours and for God to open doors and gateways of possibilities beyond our imagination. It will ALWAYS seem crazy and intimidating like the story of David and Goliath but we all know who won. Trust, hope and believe He will provide and never leave you or forsake you. Launch away my sister in the Lord!

      • Be Courageous! Oh how we need to not live in a spirit of fear but be courageous! Speaking from the heart of someone who has learned forgiveness from being a child of divorce and not receiving the love and nuture of a mother or father to young or busy for me. And later leading me to an unwanted pregnancy at 18 and unmarried with no hope but to abort my precious little baby.

        God has washed my sins away and I am a living testament to that and live with hope today because He loves me and forgave me and that is all I ever needed. So if He can forgive me, he can forgive anyone. In 45 days, God willing my 1st grandchild son will be born. Praise you God!

  200. So many needs to be met!
    But – Our Heavenly Father – El Shadday – translated “God Almighty “- is able!
    I have experienced almost all, my sisters -in -Christ , have and are experiencing in their lives.
    I have learned that my God is able. He never fails to fulfill His promises as we walk with Him.
    I share this prayer from my devotional (Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler)with you. “Lord, help me to know you as my All-Powerful God, the one who is able to sustain and bless me, to fulfill every promise He makes. Increase my awe of You and of Your power so that, like Abraham, I may follow You faithfully, always believing You are enough for me, in Jesus Precious Name.” He is El Shadday!
    I heartily recommend the devotional book. It has helped me in my prayer life and also knowing my heavenly Father as who He is.
    May God bless and hear every prayer request of each and every one of you. My prayer request is: for each of my children and their families, and for me as I face the 5th surgery on my spine due to degerative disc and degerative joint disease. I have had a three level fusion on my neck, had a laminectomy on the joint/disc below that, had a laminectomy on my lumbar spine, a fusion on two levels last December and now a possible fusion on L5 and S1 soon. I know what pain is. I have lived with chronic pain for 6 years, when it began on my spine. I have Migraines and also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2008. God is my strength!
    I will be praying for you.

  201. PLEASE PRAY for my blended family. God wants to make things right but it really does take the hearts of all adults involved namely step parent and birth father to yield to Christ. MY HUBBY AND I ARE PRAYING THAT GOD PERFORM A MIRACLE in their hearts and that we be obedient to the Lord also no matter what.

    things are bad but i know what beautiful things GOD can do with bad things, situations, attitudes etc…

    thanks for praying with and for us!

  202. Please pray for my son who has been struggling with an Eating Disorder for the past 3 ½ years. It is taking a huge toll on our relationship. We have traveled back and forth to treatment centers, hospitals, nutrition; therapist etc….The stronghold on his life with this disease is the hardest trial I have had to endure as I watch, pray and hope for a miracle. He is holding on to so much pain and loss (Dad and cousin both died tragically) that it is hard for him to let go of this ED.

    I am exhausted, disappointed and struggling myself to stay positive and keep believing for the miracle that I have been praying for.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    • Lord, please lift up your (and Grace’s) son who has been struggling for the last 3.5 years. Lord please not only bless his body, but restore and heal the relationship between him and You and him and his mother. Lord, reassure Grace that she has each and every tool to be the best mother possible for her son and give her strength through this time. In your POWERFUL name, AMEN!

  203. I would love to have a prayer said on behalf of my family as we still struggle to live on one income. We are doing much better but still need constant reminders to use the gifts that he has given us to their full potential.

    Also, a brief prayer for my husband’s family. We learned this weekend that my sister-in-law’s cancer treatments are not working, and it is slowly becoming evident that He may be calling her Home. This is toughest on my nephew (her youngest) who is still in high school.

  204. Please pray for my children. My daughter’s husband’s some times verbally abuse them and put the weight of the world on their shoulders to bear. As I watch it seems a control thing. They are far from me and I worry about them. My parent’s are elderly and are now going through a lot of health problems. Sometimes I’m put in the position to where I have to choose who to help first and its very hard. Its also extremely hard to watch your children suffer at the hands of another. Thank you for praying.

  205. Please pray for our current adoption journey. We have been waiting for two years to find the child(ren) God has for our family. Pray that we will honor Him while we wait. Please also pray for our five year old daughter who has been faithfully praying with us for her little sister (or brother, but she’s convinced it will be a girl!) Thank you so much.

    Juanita, I know I found this thread a little late, but I am praying for you and your family!

    • blessings on the adoption agency to make the right decision and for you and your family to accept whatever the answer may be in Jesus name amen

  206. Financial blessing on my family and healing of my husbands back in Jesus name amen

  207. I am separated from my husband and asking God to show me what is His will for my life in this area. It’s been very difficult to accept, however I want to know what He would have me to do since I did not want to separate nor do I want to divorce. Thank you for your prayers.

  208. Please pray for our daughter. At 16 she left home and is presently living with an older woman in an abusive relationship. She has cut off all connection with family and her church community. We covet your prayers for her and us.

  209. I ask for prayer for my oldest son who is starting truck driving school. I pray that he will have good Christian teachers and a holy-spirit filled Christian man to ride with him as he learns the ropes of truck driving. I ask for his protection from all harm. I ask for prayer for my younger son who is in the Air Force and for him to make some friends outside his work area. He is not a video game player and finds it hard to make friends. I pray for at least one really good
    Christian friend for him and Lord I thank you for the wonderful military mom who has prayed with me as my son started bootcamp many months ago and she is praying for my older son and his truck driving. Thank you for friends who pray you through when you can’t seem to find the right words. Norma , I will pray for your daughter.

  210. For emotional healing in both my husband and myself from the past; for transformation of our marriage; for God to sustain us as we work our way out of debt; for God to perfect Dave’s job situation, to keep him employed; to empower me to trust all things to Him; to strengthen me; to be my husband’s God.

  211. This is my last week of unemployment. No leads so far that I can see(smile!).I was in the hospital last week with a kidney stone. Now not only do I owe the IRS,but, the ambulance and hospital and my regular bills this month. I have no insurance and no funds. It looks impossible to man, but I KNOW HE can move ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL mountains for me. I just ask for anyone to stand in agreement with me. Stand in FAITH and BELIEF. I am thanking HIM ahead of time.Thanks for being there!
    Praise to YOU alone, God!
    Blessings to all!

    • Praying for you Pam and I stand in agreement with you! I need to remember myself that God is bigger than anything this world can throw my way.

  212. Deanna,
    Lord, I bring all of Deanna’s requests she spelled out before YOU now. You have seen and heard and knew ahead of time and know the final outcome. I KNOW the plans YOU have for them are good(Jer.29:11). I pray her husband will believe and follow You, the ONE true God all the days of his life(her and her household shall be saved). I pray You will make a way where there seems to be none(debt,perfecting his job and keeping him employed, erasing the past, giving them a clean slate for their marriage). Bless them in everyway possible. More than they could ever think or imagine! We thank You now Lord, for hearing and answering! P.T. L. Amen and Amen

  213. I hope I’m not too late…I am praying that this dark cloud of depression with debilitating anxiety will cease. I pray in the Name of Jesus that he will deliver me from this disease which has invaded every area of my life. I pray that my daughter will never have to live like this.

  214. Please pray for continued faith & trust as we wait on God for the next step on our journey. My husband is awaiting word on a much needed job. Thank you!

  215. Praying for peace with our family business, our daughter’s future and our marriage.

  216. Endurance- greater patience than Job…I have 140# to lose, with it I hope to lose my hesitation, fear, grief and develop real coping skills. Thank you.

    • Lord I ask you to help Brenda lose the weight she needs to. Anything that is getting in the way of this I bind in Jesus’s name. I also ask that you help Brenda with the fear she feels because we are told not to fear, help her see the beauty she has inside her and the love that flows from her. Lord if there is anything that was not mentioned here you know her needs I ask that you send those blessings to her now in Jesus’s name Amen!

    • Hello, Brenda – my lovely sister in Christ – here’s praying that God hugely supports you each step of the way in those goals and surrounds you with people who will encourage and help walk alongside you in that as well 🙂 Real security / confidence / healing / wisdom are found in God alone – in all areas of life. I’ve been reading a great book lately called So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore that a friend recommended. It has been encouraging me a lot. We all deal with insecurity in one way or another and need to look to God for help to push past those things to live more fully instead into being deeply loved by Him, the beautiful, unique women He created us each to be. I pray that we all would do just that! -Katie

      “Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

  217. Father in Matthew 6:32 your word says you know our needs but we are also told to perserve which develops our faith. Lord I am in need of a new car that gets excellent gas milage. I am asking for air conditioning and cruise control. Being a single mom going to school full-time, working and just being a mom has been very hard for the children and I to handle as a family. I pray for blessings to flow on my children and that our financial needs be met. I thank you for your love, your word and for your blessings in Jesus’s mighty name I pray these things Amen!

    • Hello, Kathy – I pray that God would continually remind you in small and great ways daily that He is the One who Loves you truest and best and that He is your strong, ever-present, Provider 🙂 He knows your every need and has a plan for good. I pray that God would provide you with just the right car and that He would make His will / direction and hand at work in that clearly evident. I also pray that God would bless you in your classes and work and especially in your relationship with your children. I pray that you and your family would receive all the strength and support and encouragement you need along the way. May God carry you daily and provide you with incredible people to walk alongside you and encourage and help you. Love in Christ, Katie

      “Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

  218. We need guidance and a miracle for getting out debt. I have been denied Disabilty, and I can’t work. Please be praying.

    • Hello, Brenda – I pray that God would guide you and work a miracle in your life. He knows just what you need and has a plan for good. I pray that God would encourage you and your family daily and help you each step of the way and that your life and God’s incredible provision in it would be a beautiful testimony to others. -Katie

      “Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

    • Brenda…I know how difficult it is to rest in the Lord when life seems to be falling apart
      around you. I pray that the Lord will bless you in a miraculous way…to supply all your needs…and bring you health & peace.

  219. I could use prayer for renewed strength for my Masters degree classes in Library and Info Science and my two part-time jobs. And also renewed patience regarding the desire to get married. I am so blessed to be where I am at right now with family and friends and in life. I want to choose contentment and joy in God, and not let the enemy wear me down and rob me of that! Prayers appreciated! Thank you for this community of sisters in Christ 🙂 – Katie

    • I am praying for you Katie. May the Lord bless you with renewed strength, patience,
      joy & contentment. He is definitely the only place to find these wonderful things!

  220. I could really use prayer for God’s supernatural peace & joy. Lots of stress in my life…husband unemployed, supporting 2 special needs adult children, a close friend dying of cancer, another close friend lost her home in the Colorado fires…the list goes on & on. But my God is bigger than my problems. I just need to find that place of peace & rest. I SO appreciate your prayers. Thank you & God Bless..

    • Hello, Paulette – Here’s praying that God is your Rock and Refuge and Strength and Peace and Provider and Comfort and Restorer in a stressful season of life. I pray that He would watch over you and comfort you in all of that with a peace that surpasses understanding. I pray that He would carry you and your family and friends through each day and remind you all of the future and hope you have in Him. He knows all over your needs and cares deeply! May God bless you and others through you. Hang in there! And shine on sister! – Katie

  221. My marriage is falling apart. We are a blended family, 6 kids between us, after 4 months of marriage we shouldn’t be here.

  222. Hello, Mandy – Here’s praying that God strengthens your marriage, heals areas of brokenness, and grows you together as a family. I pray that you would receive the help and support you need to approach your present circumstances with wisdom and grace. I pray that the enemy would not have a foothold in your lives in this. I pray that God would protect you and meet you right where you are at, and that you would have joy in Him and guidance to navigate these present challenges. I pray that God would support you daily, direct your steps, and work out miraculous things for good in your lives. – Katie

    “Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

  223. Please pray for my family and my best friend and her family. We are all experiencing the same struggles. Pray that she and I are strong in our faith and prayer life – that we may truly become great prayer warriors for our families. Our husbands jobs are in transition and there is a great deal of stress as change occurs in their workplaces. Our children are in their 20’s are have been having difficulties in relationships, in beginning their careers and battling various temptations of the flesh. My friend and I also struggle in our attempts to discern what God’s will is for us and our families and how to battle the enemy. Please pray for all of us. Thank you.

  224. Please pray for me as I try to deal with a mentally unstable husband and the uncertainty of the future. Also, pray for my young children and our extended family. As a result of this situation and bad spending habits, we are also experiencing financial hardship. Thank you for your spiritual support.

    • Lord, I would like to life up your daughter through Christ, “Anonymous” through this time of struggle and pain. Lord heal her in the way that only You can. Please lift up her children into Your arms as well as her husband. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

  225. Lord Jesus,
    I lift up Mandy to you and her marriage. As I come to share my praise and request for continued light heartedness with my husband and children. And guidance as I go through my house and simplify our things and organize to help bring order to our homeschooling and making our home a refuge. My heart stops and hurts for her. You are a healer. You took a mess of a marriage almost 12 years ago and humbled me and healed it. You filled a void I had and continue to teach me the beauty of submission. I give you glory and I pray for wisdom for Mandy that only comes from you. May she spend the following days at your feet and every momment she reads something new in your bible she will feel renewed and able to continue to fight for her marriage. Protect her and her children and soften her husband’s heart. I can only guess about the situation but I can find comfort knowing you are there with her and oversee every detail. Draw close to the hurting! Amen

  226. Please pray for an answer to my Dads terrible pain that is not related to the cancer he is also battling. Also for my beautiful, sweet and awesome nephew, that the Lord will carry him to the next step in his career that he has worked tirelessly for. Thank you so much. God bless.

  227. Hi,

    I would appreciate prayer for my son who has a lot of anxiety about moving to a new school as he has Asperger’s and has trouble reading situations and people. I was unaware of this up until recently as he was always such a spirited kid with a lot of spunk. He has taken to hiding away in fantasy books like Pokemon and although he loves it when we read the bible, I am not sure how to offer him hope for the future.

  228. Please pray for me. I am 61 years old and have found myself in a spot I never thought I would be in. I made one bad choice and am now regretting it! My prayers are to out Lord that he help me make a decision about this. So far I have not heard his voice. I am worried that he will not answer me. Please pray. I am desperate!!!!

    • Lord, please show Yourself to Deb D. in the way that You will. Whether it be through Your word, a soft whisper, or a large boom please come steadfast to her pain and confusion. You are the healer of all, and the Master of Grace. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

  229. For financial, heath and emotional stability after a divorce that left me devastated.

  230. Ever Gracious and Ever Loving Father,

    I praise You for this opportunity to pray for Becky C. I thank You for her life and her yearning for You after a divorce that left her devastated. Through Your Son Jesus Christ who is our Redeemer and His Holy Spirit who is our Help, I pray that you will wrap her with Your Love and Comfort. Redeem her heart, Lord, and allow her to experience the fullness of joy in Your presence. Remind her Oh God that it is only You who can give her everlasting satisfaction and perfect love. May You bring people, events, and circumstances in her life that will make her draw closer to You and fall more deeply in love with You.

    I humbly ask Your blessings in her finances and health, Lord, fully acknowledging that You are our Sovereign God, our Great Provider and our Wonderful Counselor. You know what’s best for her and You are faithful to meet her every need in Your perfect ways and timing.

    In Jesus’ mighty and victorious name, I pray. Amen.

    ~~Please pray for God’s guidance and leading as to the next step we are contemplating in our relationship with His sweet surprise and wonderful blessing and for enabling grace to shine for Jesus in my new workplace. 🙂 Thank you so much.

    • Dear Gracious Father I pray for Zusabel prayer request for guidance and leading, I ask you to open the door to the next step and close the doors to the step you do now want. Help Zusabel be the light that shines in the workplace, give strength and boldness and show the love of Christ in all that is said and done. We thank you ahead of time for your answer to prayer ! In Jesus name! Amen =)

  231. Please pray that the Lord bless our Financia situtuion so that we can go on vacation to see my brother in Floridia. We desperatly need a vaction. We can get the kids private school paid off, and for God to show favor on my husband Byron for a Job promtion.

    God Bless

  232. Dear Lord, I lift up Lorean and her family to you today. I pray that your will be done in their lives and that your hand of protection and peace be on them. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

    I ask for prayer for my marriage. My husband and I have not been communicating well with eachother for quite some time. I feel as if he doesn’t even like me anymore and it is getting pretty unbearable. I am praying for God to change our hearts for eachother and for our children. When I have brought this up he gets upset and even more distant and silent. We need divine intervention!! I know that God wants us to be able to claim this victory for him. Thank you for your prayers.

  233. Thank u all for being there! My brother GABI is unmarried, in depression, unemployed and an unpaid bankloan, my mother LIVIA-widow- is 8 yrs fighting a severe wound on her left leg and the income smaller than her basic needs incld.medicines, as for me … to find the right man to get married, to be able to pay the 2 bank loans and to repair my apt.in order to be able to face winter payments… the Lord blessed me with a good health, power to serve my folks and people at church, friends with a shoulder to cry on, a job that helps me realize how blessed I am compared to others… My helps comes from the Lord that has made the heaven and the earth! Praise His name!

  234. Dear Lord, please bless CHRISTENA and her husband so that all things come to the best in their lifes! Help them to start a new and wonderful love story! In Jesus Name we ask Your blessings! Thank you dear Lord!

  235. I ask for prayers for my husband and family. Jack has brain cancer. How very sad and heart breaking for us. Jack has a glioblastoma stage 4 and very agressive. I cry soooo much. Jack and I have been married for 50 and one half years. Our God is good all of the time and I am grateful.

  236. I praise God for blessing me with a lovely relationship dating, just as I had laid it down God brought a man into my life, for how long I don’t know but I am so thankful. I also thank God and give Him the glory in this situation. I pass this on as an encouragement, hope in the Lord, dream dreams and trust God, you never know what He will bless you with in His timing.

    Stay special friends love Vicki xx

  237. Please pray for my nieces, their mom will be sent to federal prison in the next few mos. They are living in different homes & have little contact. The older girl (13) has been abused by family members. the 9 yr old has emotional struggles.

    • Loving God–please help these innocent little nieces. Heal their lives both emotional & spiritual! Shower them with peace, grace, mercy & healing for their little bodies !

      Bring someone alongside them to guide them & be a friend/mentor to them & assist in the healing process!!

      If it is your will help someone to adopt/take them in and nuture them back to emotional & spiritual well being so they can become productive young women!


  238. Pray for a new car and new arrangement in my household life. I have to make tough decisions during this month and need guidance and encouragement.

  239. My husband and I endured years of infertility and the loss of three pregnancies. After that God blessed us with a daughter we adopted three years ago. We long to continue growing our family – for ourselves and for our daughter who keeps asking for a sister. This morning I had a positive home pregnancy test for the first time in 5 years. Please pray that the life inside me will be strong and healthy, that our family will experience the joy of welcoming a new baby and that our dreams of having more children will be fulfilled.

  240. My request is for our adoption process…it’s a long wait, lots of paperwork, praying and saving 🙂

    Jess, I’m praying for you. I’ve had miscarriages myself and they are heartbreaking. Praying for strength for you and baby!

  241. So many prayer requests for finances, jobs, marriages, family relationships, new babies, adoptions, etc. I’m reminded that we are not meant to live life alone! Many prayers for you ladies today.

  242. My sister is 35 weeks pregnant with a baby who has a very serious and rare heart defect. (Dilated cardiomyopathy) They have decided not to proceed with the heart transplant that would offer just a very small chance for survival. We don’t know if we will get minutes, hours or days with him, or if he will even survive until birth. I am having a very difficult time with this. I haven’t been to church. I can’t pray. I want to be able to lean on God during this time but instead my heart is just filled with anger… I wish there was something more I could do to offer encouragement or hope to my sister as she goes through this un-thinkable situation. Any prayers would mean so much. Thank you!

    • Lisa,

      You can always lean on God…just start talking to Him and asking Him for His will in this situation. This may be one of those situations where He is trying to pull you and your family back to Him to dependence on Him alone.

      I pray that all will turn out for the best & that you can see your way to trust God again!

  243. I have just asked my husband to leave our house. I no longer trust him because of past and present behavior. I need space to sort things out for myself. God revealed to me the missing piece, he is so good.

    • Ann,

      Praying for you in this situation. May God give you peace about your decisions!

      May you get the space you need to sort your life out & I pray God’s mercy & grace over you now!

  244. I would like for you to pray for my husband and his unit that just deployed for a year in Afghanistan. Please pray they stay safe and out of harms way. Pray them all home. Pray for the families that may be having a hard time adjusting to their loved one being gone for the next year. This is our third deployment, so i know what to expect, but it doesn’t make it any easier on the children.

    • Jan

      Praying for your hubby and others over in Afghanistan. May God watch over all our service men and women!

      May you feel His peace & mercy during this time!

  245. I;m going thru Holleys book “You’re Already Amazing” and am struggling. I have anxiety and depression and don’t know quite how to open myself up. I’ve battled this for many years, some times better than others. I’d like to ask for prayer for guidance and understanding on how to make changes to my life that will inpact me and my family for the better. I just don’t know how to reach out.

    Jan, I will be praying for strength and endurance for you, your family and your husband/Unit. Lean into God when those “moments” feel overwhelming. Your husband and Unit are doing an incredible job. Be a source of encouragement for him. And God’s word can be your encourager as well. Take Care.

    • Lois,

      Thank you for sharing your heart and I am so thankful that you are reading You’re Already Amazing. I am praying for you today. Your life is so valuable and there is so no doubt that you are a gift to this world. It is my hope that the book will encourage you as you continue on your journey and know that you’ve got my prayers, friend.

      • Lois,

        My prayers are with you. May God guide you through this book and help you make the right changes for you and your family!

  246. Please pray for my daughter, Kim, who has an Attorney, and is desperately trying to gain custody of her grand-daughter, Jillian age 3. Jillian’s Mom is addicted to drugs and that home is not the place for her to grow up in. We are praying for God’s will to be done, and I know that God will make a way where there is no other way.

    • Praying and believing for His perfectly orchestrated plan to unfold, Emily. Take heart. Praying for peace beyond understanding for you, Kim, and Jillian.

    • Emily

      Praying for your daughter and grand daughter. God knows what they need and will work it all out for His glory!

      Praying for peace & discernment in this situation!

  247. Please pray for the Lord’s clarity for me – I’m being confronted with some deeply held pain and beliefs that keep me paralyzed with fear. I try to reach out, but part of the lie is that I will do or say the wrong thing and hurt someone, or disappoint my Father. I know the second part of that can’t be true, because we don’t disappoint Him, ever… but I just feel so at a loss and so broken-hearted. The childlike joy I thrived in 10 years ago and more seems to have gone hiding. Seeking Him diligently… Needing His wisdom, grace, and comfort.

  248. I just finished a grueling week of VBS in our remote, economically depressed, majorly unchurched area. My husband has been working a lot. We haven’t had a chance to connect much lately. I am really struggling with being the kind of wife and mom I want and need to be. He is not being the husband he needs to be either as far as willingness to invest in us. This is not our norm but I need extra prayer right now to stay strong in my heart toward him. In these moments, old feelings of anger, hurt and so on come rearing their ugly heads. Thanks, Toni

    • Toni,

      Praying for God to bring clarity to your marriage. May God give you both a “heart transplant” to see what each one needs from the other. I pray for some quiet time together for you and your hubby!


  249. Please pray for me I am looking for an affordable place to live. I have been staying with family for the past few months and feeling discouraged by lack of of options.I am so longing for a home of my own.

    • Ls,

      Loving father–please help this person find some place of his/her own to live. Thank you that family has been willing to help out some. Take away their feeling of discouragement & shower them with your loving grace, peace & mercy!

  250. Have been suffering from major anxiety in the past few months. I feel anxious often when I have to leave the house. It ends up making me feel physically ill. I don’t want anxiety to affect my quality of life, but I am especially worried about it affecting my children. Would really appreciate prayer!

    Ls, Toni, and t.v. I am praying for you!

    • NR

      Father–help NR with his/her depression/anxiety. Give them a sense of peace & take away the ill feelings affecting their quality of life. Shower them with your loving calmness!


  251. Please pray for me that my heart will be healed and my life completely restored. Also for emotional and physiological healing for myself. That I will forgive every person who have hurt me. Strength and guidance for my husband. Transformation for our marriage. Protection and salvation for our children. Every book that I’ve written to be published and transform lives. Above all a full, happy, abundant life through Jesus Christ.

  252. Please say a small prayer for a better job. My job has changed drastically since last fall & I no longer do anything I was trained or went to school for. Just “ancillary” small items & most days have little or no work to do at all (that drives me nuts)!!

    Pray for something a little better so that I can be the wife my hubby needs.. a fulfilled happy person!

  253. My son is very sick in the hospital. Please pray for miraculous healing. For wisdom for his medical/surgical team. For pain control for him. For strength for my daughter-in-law. For safe travel for us.

    • We’re praying for you, your son, your daughter-in-law, and the doctors that will be over him. Remember that throughout the entire situation, God is over it all and is Sovereign. Please let us know how things go, Pam?

  254. Please pray for me and for my husband as I leave our 31-1/2 year marriage after discovering he has learned of truer feelings for his fellow man, literally. I ask your prayers for courage, strength, and for finally realizing my true life’s passion to raise up people in need, in whatever ways and forms that God leads me to do so.

    • Sue, I am so sorry to hear what has happened and I will definitely be praying for courage, strength, and for peace. It’s great that you’re already thinking about encouraging other people in need, but I hope you have people around you, too, that can encourage you right now. We’re praying for you!

      • Thank you Kaitlyn! This is the first time I have visited since posting this last November. It’s been a rocky road to say the least, and I find myself facing one challenge after another, but I believe that God is trying to encourage me to approach everything with strength and fortitude.

  255. Please pray for my health, I am 62 years old with multiple health problems and am also entirely alone. Thank you.

  256. Could you please pray for me and my children, that we may find a new town to live in where my kids will be safe and grow up in your eyes, a job so I may support my children and a house I can afford, and where I may be blessed with meeting a wonderful man and find true love. Thank you.