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Carrie Stephens lives in Austin, Texas, is mom to four crazy kids, wife to a fantastic man, and thinks Jesus is the best thing around.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Carrie,

    This was incredibly moving and beautiful. Your analogy of flipping houses and how He is always working in us…it sticks with me. Especially because so often when He’s taught me something, I think I’ve *got it* and get discouraged that the lessons never seem to end. But that’s what it’s about, and you’re right, we pledged our devotion to “build His kingdom” and yes, building IS messy.

    There’s just so much about what you said here that breathes life, truth and encouragement. Such good stuff.

    Rich blessings as He shows you the tools you already have to raise your brood and build a legacy for Him.

    (I’ve always wanted to live in Austin!)

  2. What stories your aunt and uncle can tell I’m sure! Probably one of the worst places to be is complacent. I think that God is always working on getting the complacency out of me and what wonderful insights he reveals! So much to this post, I just love it!

  3. What a beautiful, captivating post! Well spoken Carrie!! I loved the delicate patterns of your storytelling. And how you incorporated the conjunction of God’s promises in upheaved flips that our lives can often encounter. So happy I came to read today. 🙂 Congratulations on your guest post on this wonderful site!

  4. Pretty sure this was written just for me 🙂 … we just remodeled a $9,000 house to be incarnational in a poor neighborhood. It involved moving far from 3 of our adult children, along with 2 grandchildren and a lot of dear friends and church family we love ! Thanks for the reminder — this world is really not our home ; we’re just passing through !

    • Wow, Joy! That is so inspiring. Your story makes me think of the sermon on the mount. I will be praying for grace as you choose to be salt and light in that neighborhood!

  5. So true – I so long to get settled and comfortable in this life, but God doesn’t want that for us, does he? ‘Cause this world isn’t home. Lovely reminders for my Monday! Thanks!