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Jennie is a Bible teacher, author, and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She loves God and believes in this generation of women. She wakes up every day on a mission: disciple a generation.

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  1. I think maybe my anything will be asking (or at least hinting at asking) my best friend to hang out with me sometime this summer.

  2. I am partway into my anything…and excited to see where God leads from here. My hubby and I sold our dream home a few months ago and have bought a “lesser” home in an area where we can build better community and where we have really felt God asking us to be. We also freed up a bunch of cash in doing so – I’m really excited to see how God will use this as we go forward!

  3. My anything… is to allow God to use me through the talents He has trusted me with in order to reach the broken and the lost.

    That’s my anything.

  4. My anything is to do whatever God tells me to do….whether that be to clean the nursery before church services, or help do bulletin boards for classrooms, or listen to a teenage girl open up her heart and cry on my shoulder….right now that’s my anything

  5. My anything is to give up control so that GOD can use me as He chooses… To get passed my fears and insecurities and just do….

  6. My anything is Purpose. I am afraid my life won’t have purpose. Did God change the direction of our family’s life or did I mess up and land us here? Because of that I am afraid we’ll/I’ll not be accepted and that instead of living a life of meaning I will live a life swayed from one day to the next by fears and expectations of others and my own.
    I shared this and a picture of myself (what does purpose look like anyway?) on the “clothesline”. This has been actually really great for me to think about this week. I appreciate you inviting us all to join you in thinking about this together.

  7. My anything is more willing to give money to worthy causes instead of wondering if I’ll have enough to pay bills. Always have always will have enough–Jesus is enough!

  8. My anything is living in spite of fears and dissappointments in my life and not allowing them to affect my choices or to steal my joy!
    (I had printed that story by Katie myself to pass on and share and have appreciated your anything posts so much, thank you!)

  9. This couldn’t be more timely. I prayed my Anything Saturday afternoon as we were kicked out of the pre-op area. The alarms beeping, doctors busy behind curtains, and us standing there listening and not knowing. My daughter was hit head by a pick up truck early Saturday morning. The truck came to rest on top of her little Aveo with her trapped inside. Firefighters had to pry the vehicles apart with a chain before they were able to even get to her. After an hour they were able to cut her from her car that literally cacooned her, protecting her life. God’s hands folded that car around her just so. Even the police officer said he had never seen a car do that. Her injuries are only broken bones. Left leg, left arm, left elbow, and right hand. She’s already been up standing on her legs and using her arm. Her right hand will be fixed with surgery tomorrow. God has blessed us so much. I prayed my anything. Now I’m just waiting to hear/do what He would like me to do. I pray I will hear him. Please keep my daughter in your prayers for a speedy recovery.

  10. This is the “miracle” God done in my soul and spirit this morning….that I seen how I
    had been made a prisoner of FEAR As I came out of 37 years of marriage where I came
    out of DEEP FEAR DUE TO SEVERE TRAMA and lost my idenity..as the marriage was empty of love and acceptance.

    So that part of my life 37 years…satan attacked me…CHRIST WITHIN with his firey darts damage in my soul and spirit.

    The last say 12 years…satan was attacking me with “ME” my brokenness of not being
    able to be around people.

    The Holy Spirit showed me I had opened doors to satan thru self pity self justification
    and unforgiveness which is UNLOVING SPIRIT and I had to REPENT and ask God to
    forgive me for all the self pity self justicication and UNFORGIVENESS for all that touched my heart and life.

    Lord Jesus cleanse my heart of all unrighteousness…Bring wholeness to my heart.
    In Jesus name Amen.

    The Holy Spirit showed me today…

  11. My anything is to go ahead and speak the encouraging words, extend the helping hand without fear of rejection

  12. My anything is to go ahead and speak the encouraging words, extend the helping hand without fear of rejection or judgement or worrying about my yet-undone list.

  13. Healing the past, letting go of approval and insecurity. Be willing to listen because my anything is……
    more than one thing.

  14. My anything is to let go of the busyness that I surround myself with and really, truly listen for His voice and trust what He is telling me. What is His plan for me, not what is my plan for me. Where does He want me instead of where I want me.

  15. I thought my anything was one definitive direction (writing a book about my dad) until I realized that God and I are in sync and I know I am following Him – but I have not talked to my husband about much of it. I believe my anything is to bring the Lord more fully into our relationship, praying more as a couple, asking for our anything TOGETHER and seeing how much more abundantly we can bless others. Ouch, what a wakeup call.

  16. I’ve recently been brought to a place, after a long slow process, of being willing for anything. It took a lot to get here. So much that it brings me to tears just thinking about it. I’ve written a lot and engaged a community around my Anything. Through the process (that I don’t believe is wasted whatsoever), my faith has been strengthened and I’m able to trust Him better.

    My Anything is conception of a second child and the possibility (the Wonder) of adoption as a reality. I’ve always talked about adoption without even realizing what I was doing. I’d talk about it with such confidence and then when faced with the thought, I’d dismiss it…I’d dismiss His ability to do so much more in us than we can ever imagine.

    I’m so drawn to this book and I truly believe God has brought me to this season. A willingness to See…

  17. I think I am doing my anything right now … I am currently living in a place that I would never have chosen to live to take care of my elderly mama! My whole family had to agree to this and it is only God’s hand that accomplished that!!

  18. my anything is anywhere…for three years we have been raising support to go to Brazil as missionaries. After being here for six months the door is shutting and it looks like God might be sending us to Alaska??

  19. I need this book. I still have a fear of surrendering everything to Him and so I don’t feel I’m living up to the potential He should expect from me.

  20. Thanks so much for this! My anything will be to speak the truth in love instead of holding it all in. Sometimes we are called to be silent and other times we are called to confront.

  21. I’m struggling, handing over my anxiety to God isn’t happening. Why can’t I let it go into his hands. The sickness and the knots in my stomach are common place why can’t I replace them with trust. I’m afraid, I’m scared, I’m feeling lost.

  22. My husband and I are searching for our anything. Being a young newly married couple with many hopes and dreams for our future, we are trying to figure out what it is that God wants for us rather than what we want. It’s a blurry line, but I am praying that God will reveal his plan for our lives.

  23. Jennie, your story melted my heart, i am living the life you were. Meeting Cooper is the most beautiful story of the Amazing hand of God. I just bought your book and can’t wait to start reading it. Please pray that through the Holy Spirit i will let go of my mediocre comfort and give “Anything” This met me right where i am. God Bless you and your beautiful family.


  24. I realized my “anything” last winter going through a severe battle of anxiety and depression over some “suspicious moles” my dr. was concerend about htat needed to be removed and biopsied. I remember saying to God as I cleaned the bank “God, Ii want YOU more than I don’t want to be sick. I want YOU more than I don’t want skin cancer”. And later, God, I want YOU and Your Presence more than I don’t want anxiety and depression…I just so deperately need You!”

    My Anything is my health, and my Everything is my Jesus!