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Elisabeth is a mom of two teenagers who loves to read, write and spend time with her kids and friends. She is the author of At the Corner of Broken & Love, One Girl, Third World, He Is Just That Into You, In Search of Calm, and Calm in My...

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  1. Oh, girl! These are great words of worship and truths to focus on each day. Yes, He does forgive us. And when we don’t accept His forgiveness we’re putting our perspective as more important than His. We idolize ourself. We make our view out to be god instead of Him. I think you’re right that we just don’t believe He can do it…but there’s so much grace there. He’s already forgiven us and He gives us a journey to walk through where He strengthens our faith. Amazing grace, for sure.

    Rich blessings, Elisabeth, as He continues to speak to your heart in deep and personal ways, of how He loves you and has purpose for your story.

  2. Thanks so very much for this devotion this
    Morning <3 I asked the Lord to help move past some things that I knew he'd forgiven me for but was not letting go of in my heart <3

  3. Perfect Truths with which to start a day. You have written this in such a beautiful way. Thanks for this on this day. And it will be a new Mercies Day again today, thank you Jesus for them.

  4. I think it is fairly common for us to think we aren’t worthy of that divine grace, when all He wants to do is love us.

  5. Oh, beautiful.

    If we could really wrap our minds around grace……we would live in so much freedom.

    I deal with this….and I needed this word today. Thank you 🙂

    – Kate

  6. Stacie,

    God has truly blessed you with a gift of eloquent writing.

    So many of us have done things we believe are unforgivable, yet God in His infinite mercy and grace has forgiven us. If we could just wrap our minds and thoughts around the fact the He crazy loves us NO MATTER WHAT!! Just accept the fact and tell the world that you accept/believe in Jesus and You have eternal life.

    Sounds to simple and some times we do things that are hard to forgive-even ourselves.

    Great Post!

  7. Beautiful, Elisabeth. Satan loves to lie to us in this way, whispering shame and unworthiness over and over until we believe Him. Thanks for boldly speaking out against this unhealthy (and unBiblical) way to live. We all need this reminder. Just last night I was reliving poor choices in my mind even though I’ve been following Jesus for years. Thank you.

  8. … and I would like to add this goes for the “not-so-big-sins” as well!!!
    A wasted life, laziness, gossip, mistakes with our children, being mediocre in our faith, puffing oneself up, bragging, coveting, and even those little white lies.

    We are daughters (and sons) of the most high God. We are in the Royal Family. We should live like it. Whenever you see Prince William and Kate, they are acting like royalty. They even wave royally 😉 We need to act forgiven! We should see the world through our Father’s eyes.

    There is now no condemnation!

  9. I am encouraged by this today. I hope not to say this lie any more, of “not forgiving myself.” Recently God’s been delivering me from self-inflicted shame, and like Judas I’ve not always handed my guilt over to Christ. Instead I held onto it like it was mine to remedy. But God challenged me to be more like Peter, who, though he was just as guilty of betraying Jesus, surrendered the payment to Him and therefore received grace. Jesus paid for me – I am forgiven, and I want to live like it.

  10. So needed to hear this!! Been carrying a huge bag of guilt for almost three years now.. walking into the grace of God, i find it so hard to believe that someone can love me so much!