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Claire leads social innovation at Twitter, Inc. and is the author of Twitter for Good. Named one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, she has a heart for speaking and coaching. Follow her journey of unexpected grace on Twitter via @Claire.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. You know its a good day on a mission trip when you come back covered in dirt & dye! Devotion time. #serveNYC

  2. A tweet I enjoyed reading:
    I just love telling a good bra-related panic story…hahaha.

    I think it just captures how the person who tweeted it can be writing about a totally serious topic (anxiety/panic attacks) but insert the light-hearted side of the issue to make it easier to read.

  3. I am actually not on twitter yet, but am wanting to get going on this form of social media. I work at a community development centre in South Africa and would love to help Seed of Hope Community Development get their own twitter strategy. Thanks!!

  4. I think my favorite Twitter experience was during the first night of #inRL 2 other girlfriends were watching the Friday video & we all started tweeting back and forth about it. Twitter was an amazing tool to bring the 3 of us unexpectedly together that evening!

  5. I”m not using Twitter either, but know what you mean – I’ve also been in a foreign country on mission trips where there is no cel service, so you keep a daily journal and hope when you get home that you remember what you wrote. A mission trip is a life changing event and you are so fortunate to be asked to write for a blog group. Contratulatins, you have a way with words.

  6. This is my favorite tweet by Kirk Franklin:

    .and that giving up feeling you have, that’s not coincidence. That’s a premeditated road block. Hell is well aware of your destiny.

    I have only been using twitter for good, and it seems God is leading me to build a platform that has been encouraged by the recent resources He has made available. Your book being one of them. I would love to win, but if I don’t I need to get the book anyway. Besides I have friends who are writers and so I could share:)

  7. Sorry, I’m going to be selfish here…but my favorite tweet was one I posted just recently as I began Jeff Goins’ 15 Habits of Great Writers challenge and on the first day, tweeted to the world that day’s challenge, which was boldy go forth and declare myself a writer. Woo Hoo!!! It seemed to make it official.

  8. My dad tweeting about his lunches with my grandpa… and what he learned – especially about our family history – from them

  9. I’ve a big list of favorite tweets 😀 , hard to choose just one, but here are a couple I really liked:

    No matter WHAT you’re passionate about in the Kingdom, NEVER let the WHAT of your desire replace the WHO of your desire. Jesus all in all.

    You rarely see what you are not looking for. -Bill Johnson

  10. My tweets get retweeted some yet I am still clueless about twitter!!! Would love to read your book. And I L.O.V.E. your story. Thanks for sharing!!

    Latest fave @lisasmith93: God made the world out of nothing…remember u r nothing &God can make something out of u!-C.Groeschel #aconfidentheart

  11. I don’t yet Tweet, but I’m so interested in how you used Twitter to spread your passions to serve God & bless others. I’m searching to do the same and would love to read your book!

  12. Such good stuff! I think Jesus would be strategizing with us about the most succinct and powerful sound bytes to apatite the world’s attention. After all, He always dones have a way with words. Your sharing of stories was worship. Powerfully.

  13. My favorite tweet was onecI received from @LysaTerKeurst, giving me encouragement about my book proposal and telling me she is looking forward to meeting me at She Speaks!

  14. Favorite Tweet: All the great leaders went through seasons of failure. They became great because those seasons taught them something. – Donald Miller retweeted by moi

  15. My favorite tweet was my first! It was about SarahMae’s post about mom’s not forgetting their first area of ministry and that is their children. I remember another famous woman’s quote about raising children too – she said, “it doesn’t really matter what else you accomplish in the world if you botch up the raising of your own children.” That thought always has stayed with me! (It was said by Jackie Kennedy, BTW)

  16. I had to send this to my best friend (on earth) who runs a non-profit helping “at-risk” kids graduate from high school and it is centered on Christ. The school always needs volunteers and more contributions, so I believe this would be a great avenue for making that happen!
    P.S. My husband & I support a mission in Kenya (in Tharayka) called Each One, Feed One.
    I get what you are talking about!

  17. Don’t tweet yet, but would love to “TWEET for GOOD”. My cause is Relay for Life–American Cancer Society. Every day you hear of someone else getting or dying of cancer.

    This would be a wonderful platform to raise money and awareness of this dreaded disease!

    Loved your story!

  18. My husband tweets and my favorite was one he sent while we were dating letting everyone who followed him know he was on a wonderful date with the prettiest girl in the world 🙂 that was almost 4 yrs ago now!!!

  19. Cool Story. I do not know much about twitter or tweeting. Just recently signed up. would love to read the book

  20. that’s a tough one…ummm…

    “Creation itself is proof that God can do extraordinary things with nothing.” by Tony Nolan (

    but there are many I just haven’t “favorite-d” them 😉 but I do rt them 🙂
    (maybe a little toooooo much…lol!)

  21. I am just getting started with Twitter. I have been resistant to its usefulness, already concerned about all of the noise in my life. But, I am launching a new blog and praying and journaling about a likely non-profit outreach to “untouchable” women in our society, right in my back yard. I am eager to read your book, and share in your lessons learned and experiences using Twitter for good. Great job! I am so encouraged.
    Jana @janas3dresses

  22. Hi Claire, I just wanted to let you know that I just watched your book trailer. I went ahead and bought the hardcover for myself. It looks great. I am so excited to start using Twitter4good. Thank you for writing this.

  23. “We must let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” ~Joseph Campbell.

    Hope I get to win the book. I think I need to read it.

  24. I am involved, along with my husband, in mentoring a class of young married couples. My favorite tweets these days are ones that have pictures of their rapidly expanding families! Lots of new babies, and tweets about the joys of newly discovered parenting skills.

  25. Your story is powerful and inspiring. Oh, I am so grateful to have heard it!!! My favorite tweets right now are Oswald Chambers and C.S. Lewis. Two of my favorite writers –when their words come across my twitter stream I am built up, refreshed, encouraged and my mind and heart always bend towards God and who He is. I am fascinated by twitter and its potential for good. The potential for connection, community, charity, and reaching people with more of the love and charachter of God and the heart of Jesus Christ is vast.

    Your book is top of the pile now.

  26. I responded to a tweet from Jarrett Payton (Walter Payton’s son) about him missing his dad & I could relate to him as I lost my dad but to treasure the people he still has…he responded right back & I felt so connected!

  27. Just starting out on twitter… my fav tweet so far was from my reading this morning: For You are my rock and my fortress; For Your name’s sake You will lead me and guide me (Ps 31.3)

  28. Love to check out Twitter for the right now info . Do so on my computer as I do not have a phone yet but have read snippits of your story and love connecting people world wide from my home in New Zealand. Seems this would be a good book to fast track me into the world of Twitter. have already found the power of fb so want to increase my influence for good. I am a master Facilitator with The Virtues Project International – a multi-cultural, multi-faith programme that creates UNITY in CommUNITY aroun d the world and especially in first nations people. I find it connects people at the heart level so I can expand with Twitter.

  29. My 3yro just said that he wants Jesus to help him.

    (How do you keep driving when that comes out of such a precious mouth?)