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Paula’s an ordained youth and children’s pastor who became a stay-at-home mom. As a result, she created an online magazine entitled to help people slow down and think through their choices in life, in marriage, and in parenting, and social media, because courageous people want their choices to reflect...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. oh this was so timely. for some reason i’ve been working through some body image issues (something I rarely struggle with) and this morning at the gym (working on those issues 🙂 ) every woman seemed more fit, more fabulous, more of everything i felt i wasn’t…thanks for calling me gorgeous…

  2. Paula,

    Just saying it to someone else represents the long road it took to get to where you are now. To the believing. And the proclaiming. It’s beautiful worship, you know. And it’s truly honoring to His love for you.

    It took me a long while to get to where I believe I’m beautiful. And so I understand you as best I can. And “gorgeous”…it’s a big word. But it’s truth!

    Your writing here is encouraging and honoring in every way.

    Rich blessings as He shows you more of His heart…in His time.

  3. Love this! My niece Anna is going through a phase where “gorgeous” is her word. Everything is gorgeous … and she’s quite sincere in it! You’re right, we ARE gorgeous in his eyes.

  4. Thanks! I could always use a little reminder on this topic. In fact, I may have to get me a parrot and train it to call me gorgeous! 😉 Seriously, I may have to start calling the women in my life “gorgeous” more often.

  5. I,too, have a Senega by the name of JimiTu… well, he was named JimiTu for 16 years and a few months ago he laid 2 eggs, And he is now JimiSu!

  6. Paula,

    Women especially need to hear “Hi Gorgeous” more often & accept the compliment. All women are gorgeous on the inside! We are truly made in God’s image!

    My gorgeous includes: Kathy, Tammy, Jill, Coco, Marie, Debbie, Peggy, Cathy, Jeanne–most or all of the women in my life!

    • Hi Beth,
      I think you’re on the right track. One thing I’ve discovered as I say these words. All women are truly gorgeous on the outside too. I love absorbing the uniqueness of each lady I meet.

  7. Very timely post, Paula, and well said! I wrote a similar one yesterday. So many gorgeous women in my life–and some handsome men as well! Blessings.

  8. Paula,
    How beautiful. Truly lovely and I love the idea of challenging us to spread the love!

    Trying to see the beauty around me each and every day,

  9. Refreshing words, here. I can think back to some particular days when I didn’t feel all that beautiful and a random lady at the pet store, or a student at the school where I worked, would give me a very particular comment about one of my features. I do think God sends these people to tip our chins up and surprise us with compliments when we aren’t appreciating His handiwork in us. And as you’ve shown us here, he can even use a bird who’s not supposed to know how to talk. Love it!

  10. Paula, thank you. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I did a series on body image on my own blog last month, and it was the hardest writing I’ve ever done. Oh, you’ve struck quite a chord again today. Thank you.

  11. I love this post! What a sweet story. Little L.G. taught a great big lesson…and is still teaching many others! : ) We never know who God will use!