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Married, mom of four, prayer warrior, dreamer of, story-teller.

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  1. He’s so amazing, isn’t He?! How He uses our story for such purpose. How He leads us ever closer to His heart and His love for us. Truly miraculous. Every day miracles in our story of life.

    Rich blessings, Christine, as He shows you the purposes for your story.

  2. He is so so good. I love when He leads us into the desert and speaks tenderly to us (Hosea 2). Thanks for reminding me of His tenderness. I’m quick to forget.

  3. Everyone’s wedding and marriage is unique. There are those who might be envious of the simplicity and beauty of your mountainside wedding. Love it!

  4. This God of ours amazes me daily, His love transforms us, heals us, captures us, cleans us, and renews us and restores. Thank you for your eloquent words, this post and your beautifully told story, so personal, of His love. Thank you for your honesty. grateful here
    You will encourage with your authenticity. And you have.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I will keep your words close when those panicky feelings of, “What in the world did I do? That came out all wrong!” rise up. : ) He heals all of us in such beautiful ways…I just can’t help but smile and trust, knowing His plan for us are so, so good!

  5. This is amazingly similar to the story of my friend who was infertile and wouldn’t come to visit me in the hospital after I had my babies. She would even get mad at me when I got pregnant. God gave me the wisdom, patience and grace to be a good friend even while we were both struggling with our opposite situations. Thanks for the reminder of how He has blessed my life so much!

  6. A wise woman shared her words of Wisdom with me one Beautiful morning. As it pierced my Soul it also made it more Greatful then every.
    “Never want what you do not or can not have. Embrace an Enjoy what you have.”

  7. I just love your writing style, and the honest sharing of your experience.

    May I be so bold as to suggest that another step to heal this pain within you is to actually give yourself the gift of BEING a bride?

    Find a lovely white dress at a consignment store, or borrow one from a friend. Meet your husband on a beach, in a park, or in a church, and gather your close family and friends for a simple renewing of your vows. Have your moment! It needn’t cost a lot in dollars, but the joy of sharing this dream with your husband (who loves weddings, anyway!) and your friends & family will be a testament to the love God has for you. After all, He gives us the desires of our hearts. <3

    • I was going to say the same thing…have a renewal ceremony comlete with a simple wedding dress, friends, music, scripture and say your vows again or make new ones….I did that and it was so special.

      • My thought too…have a wedding, renew vows, wear your dress, remember the marriage supper of the lamb and enjoy!! He always brings us through to healing when we are willing to sit and hear Him!! Thank you for sharing!!

      • We did that too, for our 15th Anniversary. My father had been upset with me when I first got married and did not attend. Relations with my parents were strained for just a few months. They apologized to my husband and I publicly in front the the church at that time, but it still felt good to have my dad walk me down the isle for my 15th. We also got to have a reception then. We couldn’t afford it the first time. It was a wonderful celebration with church friends!

    • I came to suggest the same thing. Have yourself the wedding of your dreams now Princess!

  8. What a beautiful story of God meeting with you and talking you through this tender issue. He is so attentive to our needs…and I’m glad you were attentive to His call to read His Word and hear from Him. I’ve had some very similar moments in this past year, times when God has directly answered a silent cry of mine by giving me a specific, encouraging word from my husband, a spot-on Bible verse, or even a perfectly-timed financial provision for what seemed to be an insurmountable problem. He is not so far away!

  9. Oh Christine,

    The tears and how I could reach through this computer screen and hug you. The Lord is so greatly honored in your words… in your life. Thank you for sharing your heart, life and Jesus with us. With me. Hugging you. Lynn

    • How dear you and Dineen are to me…for all the times you made me cry with your beautiful, heartfelt posts on your site, I’m honored that you stopped by.

  10. You’re not alone Christine. I got married in knickers, tank top and sparkly shawl. I know in heaven I’m going to have the sweetest wedding gown that doesn’t compare to ANYTHING this world has to offer!…even if I’m not a really fancy dress person I know God will give me the PERFECT ONE! Loved your article. God is truly good and I LOVE watching and hearing how He works in people’s lives as well as my own. The Bible IS LIVING…just wish EVERYONE understood that. HUG

    • Joanne, your post made me cry! Your dress will be perfect…far beyond anything we could imagine! The Bible is living…I hear you, girl! : )

      Big hugs!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your story. God loves us so much and I pray He continues to bathe you in His goodness, love, and fills your heart with joy.

  12. Christine,

    Just like you I never had a wedding. Hubby had been married before and really had nothing to wear (formal wise). We ended up in a court house saying I do with my parents there.

    It didn’t bother me then, but every so often when I hear of people planning these nice weddings I do get a little jealous.

    I know I will be a beautiful bride in a shimmering white dress one day & get to see my heavenly King of a daddy!

  13. Truly encouraging! I love how when we area ready and willing God with show us the the places there is hurt and come in to heal us and speak truth.