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Shanda grew up an MK in Africa and spent most of her adult live living in Third Culture Countries. Besides God and her family, nothing has influenced her life and writing more. She is just an ordinary woman who believes God can do extraordinary things through people who give their...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Wow, Shanda,

    I really enjoy your writing. I can just see that baby, and my heart breaks for him too. (It makes me want to go adopt them all… if only I could!) So glad God’s heart is bigger than ours, and His house is bigger too…..

    Keep writing.

  2. Lovely! To go from being the hands and feet of Jesus, to being His arms and having His heart!
    We are all ashes changed into beauty by His great love. When He sends someone to share His love, it changes us.
    Praise God for your faithfulness! Good work!!
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    • I love that: going from the hands of feet of Jesus to being His arms and having his heart. Isn’t that our goal!

    • There is sadness but also rejoicing in Him who heals. As I go through these comments I am at the beside of a beautiful little 15 year old child of His as she is passing on to eternity. He is the one who gives the ultimate healing.

  3. What a sad, yet sweet story. We really should embrace each other with all the love that Christ has for us. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • It is so easy to see the heart breaking stories yet let those around us go unnoticed! It takes effort to remember them.

  4. This brought a tear to my eyes as well… I thank you for your words, and for your reminders… you are awesome!

  5. Shanda,

    I grew up a rather shy person. People didn’t gravitate to me quickly and I usually was the “third wheel” in most groups. Having a hard time making friends has shaped how I react and interact with others today.

    In church, Bible study or other groups I try to talke with each person–especially the elderly ones. They are often the forgotten people of this generation. My intention is to be the “daybrightener” for everyone & let them know someone cares for them!

    • You are so right: it is often the elderly that feel abandoned. I also have a heart for them and try to go out of my way to brighten their day. It doesn’t take much!

  6. I was the little girl who sat next to empty chairs in Sunday School. That emptiness followed me into adulthood and haunts my heart with an ache I am unable to medicate or ignore. I still wish for friends. And when I enter a room, I look for the person sitting alone…but for some of us, our hearts remain wrapped tightly…dead to the possibility of relationship.
    I love that one baby touched your heart…and that God spoke His love to you through that…and that you reached out to women with bound up hearts.
    A touching post!

  7. Dear Muchalone, I am soooo sorry that you are ‘one’ of those so often alone. My heart goes out to you and I pray that God sends a special friend into your life. Thank you for always looking for those who are alone. I know part of it is because you don’t want to be alone but it also helps the other loner. I’m sorry you still bear those scars. May God bless you and may other’s reach out their hearts to you.

  8. Shanda~ This was so beautiful and moving. You reminded me to look at things in a different light, making sure that I show God’s love to everyone. We don’t know their past, or the hurts their carying. They so desperately need to see the Saviour in each of us.


    • So true: we never know the past or hurts others carry around. They need to see Jesus in each of us and feel his love.

  9. Hi Shanda, this is heartbreaking as so many stories of abandoned children are. Sometimes we think we can’t do anything, but as you just reminded us, there are people who feel abandoned in every group and we have to make an effort to reach out. In my community, there are women who live alone, and I noticed that when they share, they do share lengthily, and I have to confess I get impatient! I will remember your post next time and try to have God’s loving and understanding heart! Patsy from HeARTworks