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Twenties Something Mama to SG. LOVE the color pink and have a passion for summer time, cooking, entertaining, reading, being active, learning the art of decorating, shopping, and socializing. We have been blessed beyond compare with our incredible family, fabulous friends, church community, and little bubble of real estate. I...

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  1. This truth resonates, Haley! He is always faithful, but as He redeems our messes, we may end up hitting our head in the process of being rescued as your daughter did. Love the imagery. Thank you for this precious post of love.

    • Julie, thank you for your kind words. I love that He is always faithful to redeem our messes (even when it hurts!) – where would we be without His sweet Grace?! xo

    • Maria, so blessed to walk this journey with you-:) and so glad we have each other to relate over SO many things. Mamahood is madness some days, and its gift to know were not alone. xo

  2. As we read His word and follow His guidance, hopefully we can do our best to stay out of those messes that require His pulling us from those situations. But, it is so reassuring to know that He loves us unconditionally and will pull us from those messes we find ourselves in.

    • Lisa, SO well said. His Word is that “lamp to our feet and a light for our path’s”- and its that sweet, bright “light” that shows us how to avoid those mess’s. But, as always, like you said, its His Promise of Grace that guide us OUT when we do find ourselves our there that is so reassuring! xo

  3. Beautiful imagery. Powerful words. Thank you for the amazing view of God’s love and concern for us, his children. Thank you

  4. Beautiful imagery. Powerful words. Thank you for the amazing view of God’s love and concern for us, his children.

  5. Haley, I was so nervous at the beginning. I couldn’t skip to the bottom to see what happened because I didn’t want to miss anything in between, but I just had to be sure that your little girl was okay. I was pleasantly surprised that after making my tummy do somersaults, at the end of it, I was sure that I would also be okay, that God would lovingly rescue me from danger, as He has done so many times before. I’m happy that you showed me that the minor scrape on my heart is nothing compared to the deep wound I would have suffered had He not run to my rescue. Thanks for this post, I needed it.

  6. Haley, I love this! Great story, beautifully written. I was with Tina today and she mentioned that you wrote a post for “in courage.” So I tracked it down. And I’m so glad I did. You added depth to my evening. Thank you. And I’m grateful to take this story and the learning into the next 2 days with me as I babysit 3 of my granddaughters.

    • Oh Joan, thank you for your kind and sweet words! I hope you had the best time babysitting your sweet granddaughters! I can’t wait to start reading your book- it looks wonderful!