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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. i was recently wounded by words that weren’t said in any malice, but have been running through my head ever since. it was my husband who reminded me to take every thought captive to the feet of the king. praise god for his endless, lavish grace and constant mercy, for the girl who didn’t even realise she had that space in heart to wound…

  2. Oh yes, sister — Isn’t it sometimes hard to round up and catch and take captive those words running about in our heads?
    Perhaps our running about — only makes the thoughts run louder in our heads?
    I wonder — do we only take captive the thoughts running in our heads and hearts — when we’re still and know He is God?

    To the foot of the Cross, we quietly come, Lord Jesus…. Praying with you, Beautiful Brie…

    • AMEN sisters…the thoughts whirling round and round seemingly out of control. But as it has been said we don’t have to let our thoughts control us. It is our job to control them and yes take each one captive. Been working on this lately with that very scripture but it can be difficult if on tends to be a ruminator (note whiney tone of voice). As Joyce Meyer says “Think about what you’re thinking about”

  3. God’s refining me these days and in my searching for why I find it so challenging to accept His unconditional love, faces of the boys in my past who rejected me for not giving them *what they wanted* – I hadn’t realized how that broke me in all these little ways, there was no real love, but Jesus is wooing me to himself, whispering His truth about love, and I feel my cracks slowly mending… So verys slowly. Lovely prayer, Ann. Love you.

    • And when we know Jesus loves us… all the cracks from a thousand other breakings, they do begin to mend. It all comes back to simply Jesus, yes, Kris, yes. Praying with you, Kris, and for all the pain in your past. His love holds.

    • Kris,
      How hard to have that wound. I am so grateful you had the inner strength to stay strong and not give what they wanted but to be true to what HE wants. Lately I am sitting with Jesus once a week for an extended period of time (God bless my husband for taking time to take the children out so I can do this!!) and I think back to a wound and talk out loud to God about the hurt. When I feel God isn’t there or doesn’t care I have been directed to put the person in the room with me and talk to them. And most of all, to feel. I had been really “clogged up” when it came to feeling and then the pain would ooze out in the form of irritation or impatience with my kids or husband. Now that I am bleeding the wounds with Jesus, there is peace where there was pain. I hope you can carve out the time to sit with Him and then to have a loving skin-on person who will listen to what went on in these times of healing solitude — if that fits for you. Bless you.

  4. In the midst of my wounding, which catches my breath some days and makes me cry out that I can’t take any more, what helps me is to worship…worship the only One who can take my wounding and give me hope that beauty will rise from the ashes, hope that He still does love me and sees me, hope that I can have peace in the midst of the storm, hope that rises again within my heart – for one more moment in time.

    • So true, Beautiful Noreen: Worship for the wounds. Adoring Christ is the salve for all the broken places. He has you, Noreen — and you are made exquisite and wise and thank you for ministering to us all, sister…

  5. When it hurts beyond the point of understanding…
    I’m {working on} learning to remind myself that it’s not about me but all about Him and for Him. He’s drawing me even closer, especially in these moments. And sometimes that is my only relief. And that should be more than enough.

    But it doesn’t mean it is not still so hard!

    • Kerry: Your words — they encapsulate it: It’s “but all about Him and for Him. He’s drawing me even closer, especially in these moments. And sometimes that is my only relief. And that should be more than enough.”

      Kneeled with you, friend…

  6. When I’m hurt, I push to remind myself who I am. My identity can’t be rocked anymore, because that knowledge of who I am, and WHOSE I am, is deeper. The hurt can no longer settle in and claim me or my identity. It also belongs to the person who perpetrated it, and so many times it really IS just as much about that other person, actually. I allow the hurt to run through me, feel it, I ask God for help to forgive what caused it, and let myself be free of it. If God uses that hurt to mould me for His glory, that is His choice, but I won’t allow satan’s purposes to be achieved through my unforgiveness. Not saying this is an easy or quick process…

    • Agnes, this: “My identity can’t be rocked anymore, because that knowledge of who I am, and WHOSE I am, is deeper.” Amen, amen. Thank you for sharing such wisdom. And no… not easy but, oh, so beautiful. *Thank you*

  7. Such extravagantly beautiful words… of grace under the oppression of wounding by words. Oh how we know in my nest of that, oh how I know too. I think of the one using the words as barbs as coming from a place of pain and brokenness, therefore I try to see their suffering as the source for their pain. Leading them to hurt another. I learned from a wise mentor ” a hurt dog bites” If you go to save a dog caught in the barbed wire fence, to help him, he will bite, as he is in pain. I visualize this and try to see the others pain. It helps to give some understanding. And this… Sunday I heard from our pastor anew, forebearance… . letting minor offenses just not take hold. Sometimes I believe forebearance means releasing the middle sized and larger offenses too. Oh that forebearance… not always easy but with Him guiding it becomes a real possibility. God bless you for using your gifts here for us to unwrap. Such wisdom here.

    • Yes, Elizabeth, that is so powerful and one we speak of here often too: “a hurt dog bites”… I think I’d like to do a study of the word forebearance as a family too? Thank you, friend…

  8. Can I humbly ask you wonderful women for prayer?

    I am terrified today…

    I feel broken – I am having eye problems (blurred vision, a shadow, etc). They don’t know what is causing them and my mind…well, my mind is running to the worst possible places. I want to trust, but wonder how. I am scared. I have a visit with the retinal specialist today….

    I feel broken because I feel like I jump one hurdle and finder another – bigger and scarier than the last. Emotional trauma hurts. But now I am learning that physical problems are terrifying, too.

    I need grace. Grace to hold on and believe that He really does know best, even when I can’t understand His ways.

    Please pray?

    Thank you.

    • Praying for you, Dawn. Peace, peace be still. May we hear a good report from the doctors, Lord. Please let all be well. Heal, bring peace Lord. In Your precious Name, Amen.

      Much love,

    • Dear Dawn — Might we pray together? Praying His Word with you:

      “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; Though the waters thereof roar and be troubled, though the mountains shake with the swelling thereof. Selah. Psalm 46:1-3 … Thank you for being Dawn’s refuge today, her very help in every moment, for taking all her fears and assuring her of Your presence and purposes and peace. In the name of Jesus… Amen.”

      We love you, Dawn!

      • As I mentioned to Dawn, I’m learning the same lesson again this week. My dad dies and I’m not able to get to his funeral. God is showering me with peace in the sadness as long as I remember to stay under his Word, and just this morning he gave me this same verses you quoted above, Ann. I posted them and a picture on my FB page.

        God is good, and inhabits the praise of His people.

        Bless you, dear sister, for sharing the food He gives you from the Word with us.

    • Praying for you today, dear Dawn. I know about bad places in one’s head, as I seem to go there at least sign of trouble. Am taking my daughter to the doctor today for a week-long headache she has been having, and can’t help worrying about the worst. Physical problems ARE terrifying–it’s ok that you’re scared. I’ve been there–let others minister to you and hold your hand.

    • Praying for you dear dawn. Praying against fear and anxiety. Asking for comfort and peace. He shed his precious blood for your life. He will keep nothing good from you. Anything he allows is good. Much love…

    • Praying… praying you feel His peace and comfort filling you to the point of overflow. He is already in tomorrow clearing the way for you to arrive….HE HAS YOU!! 🙂 He won’t let go of you.
      Romans 8:26 (NASB95)
      In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words…
      Love you, love you, love you 🙂

    • Learning on a deeper level this week, Dawn, that same lesson. My daddy died and I’m not able to get to his funeral. Don’t understand the “why” but know the Who behind it, God has a purpose. AND knowing that fills me with peace when I don’t move away from the knowing into fear, and even so, the sadness stays. Praying for your eye, and praying for your heart. Please let us know how God works in this.

      Rest in Him, dear sister.

      • Dawn,
        I have fought the same battle…especially recently. In desperation, I called out to God and asked my close friends for prayer and went and immersed myself in His Word. Praise the Lord, He lifted me up from the pit and the cloud of anxiety lifted. Read Psalm 18-21…so many declarations of His strength and His help in trouble. I pray He delivers you. I am learning to cast every care, every fearful thought, on Him. Beth Moore has a video series called “The Net”. It really helped me. I found it on the Life Today website. Blessings sister.

      • So sorry, Mary Kay, that you are unable to be at your father’s funeral. I can’t even imagine the confusion and pain you are going through.

        Praying that Jesus will draw you close and walk with you through this time.

        • Thank you, Dawn. Appreciate prayers. The first two days of confusion and heartache were crushing. And even in the dark, God planted encouraging words from sisters and sparks of light into my soul. He has proven Himself faithful over and over, in big ways and small. I still wonder why, but He gives peace.

          What is the eye doctor’s evaluation of your eye?

    • Dawn,

      Praying for the God of all peace to surround you with His grace, love & mercy. May He calm you down & give you what you need to believe & hold on to His truths!!!

      Prayers for peace today and always@!

    • My dear friends,

      Thank you for taking me to the Father yesterday. In the morning I was experiencing crushing anxiety – so much so that my chest literally hurt. But after seeing and reading the prayers of my friends and soaking in the Scriptures shared, that terror lifted.

      I was blessed to be able to get in to a good doctor. He was pleasant and knowledgeable. He did multiple tests and ordered some blood tests. However, his “gut” feeling is that this may be an idiopathic incident (an isolated instance with no known cause – perhaps related to migraines). I will be seeing my regular doctor (an internist) this coming week and then following back up with the eye doctor next month with strict instructions to call if my vision changes.

      While I still have a level of fear (something *could* be wrong), God’s peace is passing all understanding. I slept well last night, went to the gym this morning and am at work today.

      God is good! Thank you all for blessing me yesterday. I know there is no reason *but Christ* for the way all of us women, known by name/blog only, can band together and bless one another.

      Love in Christ.

      • Dawn,
        I have just read through these posts. I am praying for you right now in Australia. I suffer badly from migraines, and know some of the strange things they cause which at times are frightening. If only doctors could give us an answer …but the Great Physician knows all the answers. My prayer for you is your vision problem will only be temporary and you will be healed.
        I pray for all reading this who suffer from migraines which seems much more prominent in women – may we feel the comfort of the Great Physician and may doctors be open to listening to his voice in finding reasons for them and a cure.

      • Dawn, I just ran into your prayer request today and at just the right time too as I am suffering from a thyroid eye disease. It’s a very frustrating thing to deal with and I pray to our Father along side with you.

    • What ever the fear is I also remember to claim this truth, out loud even …Perfect love, casts out fear… 1 John 4:18. Cling to Jesus, he is love perfected. Praying for you now Dawn!

    • I am broken hearted my husband and i were only married 17 months and now
      separated a year. i have been crying out to god to all chrisitans that we can both
      heal pray and wait for gods important timing to see each other and
      pray together and begin the process of recovery. i love him so much I have hurt him with my words and i am deeply sorry and regretful for what i have said.
      he needs time now to heal and so do i and i do beleive god can heal anything
      in jesus name. tonight on this site.lion hearteagle..
      this wonderful saying the one that is meant for you encourages you to be the best
      but still loves and excepts you at your worst. isnt that like the cross and how jesus
      sees us forgives us and then says go and sin no more. i want my covenant of marriage back please all pray for a complete healing and strength to once again
      see each other to speak its been almost 5 months since
      thank you
      janice maria saville

      • I am praying that a complete healing will take place in your marriage and that a beautiful, stronger bond will grow between you and your husband. That it will make you stronger because of what you have gone through. Working through giant problems in a marriage can make the most wonderful marriages of all. I know this personally.

      • At the moment Iam going through exactly the same. Though I was not married I had hoped that we one day would be.
        The 2years we were together I never made him feel that I loved him. Having a bad temper I always expected him to say the Í’m sorry’s’… We have broken up for about 5months now and the pain he has put me through was the worst pain I have ever felt. He lied to me, said bad things to me and about me, badmouthed the people close to me (family) and had me in tears every single day. I have tried to fix everything as I knew I was also to blame for the way he is reacting. What hurts the most is that about a month ago he came into my life again and promised me the world. 2weeks later he threw me away, again. I am going through this challenge for the second time and this is the most difficult thing, accepting it is over. He has so much anger in his heart that he is not the same person i fell in love with.
        Please pray for me so I will be able to get through this and that God works in him as well. I love him with all my heart but I know time heals everything. I have been praying so hard for us to have a second chance.
        Some days (like today) I just felt like ‘giving up’, I feel as if i have lost everything. My heart is so broken 🙁
        The only thing that keeps me going is God and the hope for a better future.
        “Life is tough but I am tougher because I draw my strength from God”

  9. I have been dealing with brokenness the last year. Secondary infertility, late miscarriage, worry, confusion, and now doubt. I love my savior but find myself so hurt over all the pain that has gone on through my inability to have more children. I find myself fearing God’s plan, not trusting it. I am praying that God can reveal to me that he really does love me, that he’s good, that he’s not just a God that sits back and watches me cry. I know this is a growth period for me, and I love that you say that all of our trials should be but a trail. I must remember that prayer today. God bless you Ann, your book and blog have gotten me through so much. I am thankful for you.

    • Dearest Angela…

      He whispers Truth to you today from His Word:

      “Today is recorded in the heavens and its pains are written with the wet of tears of God who “hurts with the hurt of my people.” (Jeremiah 8:21)

      If you wonder if God’s for you, if the doubt is creeping in — maybe this is for you:

      I am praying for you right now, Beautiful Angela — oh, how I am, sweet sister…

    • i know where you are at my dear, try gen 30:9- end, esp the part that says God heard leah’s prayer and she concieved again. Also jer 17:7-8, Ps92:14-15. These hold my heart when the pain seems unbearable. But what helps me most is, thanking God for His little mercies. like my first son and other past victories. In all though He slay me yet will i trust Him i’m not serving Him for more babies, but because He first loved me and paid the Ultimate price for me. But He is a high priest that is touched by our deepest feelings. Hold on, its darkest just before the dawn! love.

    • I went through secondary infertility for four years. It was so difficult, and in the end God gave us five more children. But one word of caution: do not let your disappointment ruin these days, as I did. How I wish I had been a good wife and mother through my grief during those years. Instead, I let self-pity rule my days preventing me from caring well for my little girls or my husband. They are grown now, but I was a detached mother during their little girl years and then got busy with babies. Live each day well for your family and Christ.

  10. Oh, yes, my heart has been broken so very many times. The latest was when we had Field Day at our Lutheran School where my three oldest grandchildren attend. I knew my son (who hasn’t spoken to me in five years) would be there. Had just gotten some things out of my attic which I had not been in at least for 15 years. As I emptied the last box, there on the bottom was a homemade stuffed elephant I had made special for Peter when he was two. It looked like new after I washed and dried it! Excitedly, I put it in my big bag to give to Grace who is in kindergarten! Meeting her on the race track all alone, she was happy to see me! After telling her the story of the elephant, I asked her if she would like it? Her eyes danced with excitement as she said, “Yes!” . As the day of events ended, I saw her 19 year old cousin whom I hadn’t seen in at least five years. She has led a very broken life, and she joyfully accepted my gift of One Thousand Gifts! When I went to my car, I noticed something on my trunk. It was the elephant Peter had taken away from Grace! I picked it up, and there was Ann’s book which Peter had taken away from his niece! I was broken! Tears flowed….. Please pray for Peter. I am trying to love him as much as Jesus does! And that is a lot! I know that my Redeemer lives! What comfort this sweet sentence gives!!! 🙂

    • Wow Bernice. That just brought tears to my eyes. You must hurt indeed. This world is one terribly upside down world. Peter must be in a terribly foggy place. I’ll pray for you both. But you, keep following Christ!

    • Bernice,

      I am praying for you right now….and for healing in your relationship with Peter.

      May Psalm 3:3 wrap itself around your heart and mind today!

    • I love you, Bernice — oh, how I love you. The way you love. Like our Lord and Savior. We all wish we could gather round and just give you a long, long hug, dear one. You are so wise and right: That one sentence changes everything: “I know that my Redeemer lives!” He walks with you and carries you… More love than thin letters can hold, sister… (((Bernice)))

    • Add my prayers with the other women here, Dawn.
      From another mom who knows your pain only too well.
      Thinking of a stanza from ” This is My Father’s World”…

      This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget
      That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.
      This is my Father’s world: the battle is not done:
      Jesus Who died shall be satisfied,

      Staying Under His Wings,
      And earth and Heav’n be one.

    • Bernice,

      Praying for peace & a reconciliation with your son. May God perform a “heart transplant” on your son & have him to realize the hurt he is causing everyone.

      Prayers & peace !!

    • Bernice, your story of being broken brought tears to my eyes. I could almost feel your pain, and could onmy imgaine how I would feel in that situation.
      Praise God for your faith and may the God of all Comfort wrap his loving arms around you.
      I pray for your son that somehow his spiritual eyes will be open and he will see the damage he is causing to himself and to his own family.
      I will be continuing to pray for you as the hurt must be so deep.

  11. Thank you for your beautiful words. He often allows the hurt, allows the brokenness, and we don’t understand it. But we don’t see the bigger pictures. It makes no sense to us, but we will see. One day it will be clear. One day soon, or very far off. But eventually we will see that in the brokenness He is growing us, refining us for a great purpose. In those times of pain and brokenness, we need to cling all the more to His hand.

    Megan @

    • Yes: “Speak the truth. Be gentle. Look for Jesus. Admit your own brokenness. Forgive. But don’t give up.” Oh, to never give up — even when we are hurting. This is powerful and beautiful and true, Laura — *Thank you* Praying with you for all those wounded — thank you for your love.

  12. My sensitive teenage daughter so brokenhearted by many things these past couple weeks-what an encouraging post to see this day. Healing words that I hope and pray will bring her comfort and help her make sense of this distress. Praying that her 17th birthday tomorrow will be one she can cherish and enjoy. How difficult it is to lead our children through these journeys of brokenheartedness. How thankful I am to have our Lord near to us.
    Thank you-God bless you

    • This Mama of a teenager with a birthday today — prays God’s strength and wisdom with you, Cindy! Your daughter has an exquisite gift in you — who have the treasure of Christ.

      Every, every blessing, fellow Mama… hug your daughter long from all of us…

    • Oh, it is hard, isn’t it, friend?
      And His love and grace and truth is deeper — and holds when it all seems to much.
      Praying earnestly with you, friend…

  13. I am 40 yrs old and am expecting a baby in January. My last ultrasound was to find out if it was twins. I got devastating news instead. First, we are only dealing with one baby, which is fine. But, the baby had not grown in 2 weeks and it’s heart rate went from a slow 90 bpm down to an even slower 67 bpm. Things don’t look good. My heart is crying so deeply. I have been sent home basically to wait for the baby to die and for my body to “give birth.” I cannot tell you the agony I am going through each day just waiting, knowing that there is still life in me, but for not much longer. It’s so hard walking this road. I go from grief to hope to grief to hope. I am scheduled for another ultrasound on June 6th. I dread that appointment. Oh God be with me as I am walking this horrifying road.

    • Cheryl, I just prayed for you. I can’t begin to understand the pain you are going through, but I trust that God will hold you even though we cannot. I wish I could sit with you…just to cry, to hold your hand.

      Love and prayer…through Christ Jesus.

      • Thank you, Dawn for your comforting and loving words. I know God is with me and walking with me through this. He even gave me a vision of His hands holding the tiny little flicker of a heartbeat that I saw on the ultrasound. He was showing me that no matter what happened, He had His loving arms wrapped around that baby. He was also holding me as well.
        I know He is here. I know that I only see a tiny portion of what His greater plan and purpose is, but oh to keep my eyes constantly fixed on Him! It’s so hard! It is still extremely painful to endure. I was just getting used to the idea of being pregnant again (after 13 years) This pregnancy was not planned by us, but apparently by God. But it’s so hard to see the bigger picture. Why shock? Then joy? Then shock again to think it could be twins?! Then joy and excitement? Then to have all hope crushed?? Now pain and sorrow in the long agonizing wait.

        Oh God, come and comfort all of our broken hearts today. Where else can we go but to You?

        • Oh, Cheryl, I am so sorry! I, too, have lived with this pain, the agony of waiting, the questions, the sorrow. I wish I could hug you, weep with you, and pray with you.

          Lord Jesus, You are near to the broken-hearted and save those who are crushed in spirit. May Cheryl feel Your arms wrapped tightly around her today and know Your nearness in her grief. You have her tears in Your bottle. (Ps. 56:8) Please send Your people to comfort and to represent You well.

      • Cheryl, I was just reading through the posts and I came across yours. It brought me to tears but my first thought was God can heal that baby. If God is holding your baby in his hands, then the power of the Almighty God can course through each tiny vein and artery, straight to that little one’s heart and make it strong. Father, I just lift Cheryl and this little tiny one that you know so well. Father continue to knit that little one together in it’s mother’s womb. Nothing is impossible for you, Father and I am praying this prayer in faith, believing that it is already done in the name of Jesus, that all glory and praise may be yours and yours alone. In Jesus most precious name, I humbly pray, Amen and Amen!
        (Cheryl, I will continue to pray for you and your baby. May God cover you with a blanket of his amazing grace and allow you to have an incredible peace wash over you. Lean into him and draw faith from the one who knows the beginning from the end. He loves you so much.)

        • Ev, As I read thru Cheryl’s post I had the same thought as you. So I’m also praying in agreement with you for healing for this little one.

    • my mother had to go through that and it was devastating but then had all six of us in the years to follow. God does work in all things but pain is real and just be comforted and loved through this by surrounding yourself with those who have the Love of the Lord in them to warm you just by holding you when you need to cry and not just preach at you. Draw on His strength through surrendering all to Him. I pray that a miracle does occur and pray strength into your baby’s heart and yours. Remember You are loved!

    • Cheryl,

      Prayers for peace & comfort during these trying times! May God surround you with His love, grace & mercy & let it all envelope you so that you feel His presence at all times@

      Praying for you now that God will show you His plans throughout all this!

      • Thank you everyone for your kind words, encouragement, love, and prayers. It is a difficult place to hang between hope and despair. I suppose if the baby would have had no heartbeat at all, we would have just accepted it, grieved and moved on. But we were left with a glimmer of hope. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Surely my heart is sick. I guess I have just been trying to prepare myself for the worst so I don’t have to be crushed again with disappointment. The emotional stress of it all is agonizing. The wait is agonizing. One day I am praying for a miracle, and the next I am trying to prepare myself for the inevitable. I just pray God’s will. I do not know what that is.

        • Just an update: Went to the doctor today and the doc found no heartbeat. Baby hasn’t grown in 3 weeks and I have been spotting. Yes, my heart is sad, but God has been with me and I can honestly say that it has been so sweet to trust in Jesus. I cannot explain the peace and joy I feel other than it is God! Thank you all kindly for the prayers. Lifting others up in prayer and having my focus on Him alone has kept me from falling into despair. He is so good!

  14. I am completely brokenhearted right now. 🙁

    A person who I considered a very close and dear friend has stopped speaking to me and I don’t know exactly why. I know I was careless with my words and said something to make it worse, once my feelings were beginning to be hurt. I have a suspicion on what may have started it but don’t know for sure, and the thing I’m thinking of wasn’t even an unkind thing – its something taken the wrong way. I have apologized for my words and asked to talk about whatever else it was, but this has been refused. Its been a month now, and each day its clearer that I won’t be forgiven. I have been completely shut out by someone who once told me I was one of her best friends, who has told me I was a blessing in her life, and for whom I felt exactly the same. We have showed each other love and support – its so hard to understand how its come to this. I know this person has had alot more pain in her life and has been hurt by people that were loved or trusted. My only way to understand this, is that shutting people out is the only way she knows how to cope. It just hurts so much that I have now become one of “those people” because I never did anything intentional to hurt her.

    I don’t want to think bad thoughts of her. I don’t want this to make me question her sincerity in the past. It would be far less painful if I could think hatefully toward her the way she is to me right now. But I can’t do that – I can’t hate the hurt person inside her. I have been seeking to read something every day on forgiveness, trying to keep that in my heart. But I hurt so much. I’m brokenhearted over the loss of her, and so sad for her to realize just how troubled she really is.

    I’m trying to take it one day at a time. I’m trying to focus on the good. I’m trying to focus on my family, and on the other friends in my life, for whom I am so grateful. I know I need to put this in God’s hands. But its still so hard, and I’m still not at a point of peace.

    • Take every day at a time. Place it in God’s hands. Some days, it will come easier than others. The pain of a broken heart is devastating. It’s so hard to see beautiful friendships broken over something. Don’t let what is now invalidate the past. God used her in your life and you in hers. Remember the blessings. Pray for her during this time. That she would be open to whatever God has to teach her. Be open to reconciliation, as it seems like you are. It sounds like she has so much hurt and pain to face. It’s daunting to have to face that pain. Keep in prayer and seek God. He will guide you through this and bring you out better.

      • Thank you Ren. I hope someday we may reconcile, but no matter what happens, I will always treasure the blessing she has been in my life. i know I have to give it all to God, because there is nothing else I can do. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

        • Leslie, I can relate personally to your story. I have spent the last 3 days grieving a dear friendship that is also a work situation. I feel that something has happened, but cannot put my finger on it. Attempts to remedy the situation have seemed successful, then out of the blue I feel sabotaged at work. Lots of unknown going on, and my mind starts to wander and probably ad lib to the situation. I have allowed my hurt, dismay, (and anger) to fester and now my entire body is hurting. I know I cannot change another human being only myself. I know that God has me in the palm of His hand…and has allowed this season. I must…I must change how I am dealing with stressful life situations because I internalize the hurt. It is causing sickness. I encounter fear and placating words when I do let the tears and hurt out. People don’t want to see me cry. Trying to let go, and leave it all at the foot of Jesus. Spending more quiet time and feeling His presence. And hurting. Thankful to have found this community. Thankful for the wonderful words in today’s post from Ann. Learning to be thankful for this season of brokenness. Any prayer offered today would not be wasted!

          • Katie – I totally understand how you feel. I hurt so much – I am feeling physical pain as well. I am so anxious, the knot in my stomach wont go away. And I don’t think there has been a day that I haven’t cried at least a little at some point. In some ways I feel like I am still in shock that this has happened, but I have to face the reality that it did, and also accept that there is nothing I can do. That is so hard! I always want to be able to “fix” things. The fact that she won’t speak to me is just killing me! I’d almost rather have been yelled at, called names, and even been told to my face that she didnt want to talk to me anymore…. if only I knew WHY. Thats the part thats the hardest to accept – I don’t know what I did to hurt her so much!

            Its been such a struggle to put it in Gods hands – I keep telling myself I need to, I pray about it, but I know that I havent truly and completely done it – because I still feel such turmoil.

            And I keep asking myself what I am supposed to learn from this….from all this pain. I have been so very blessed in my life to have no tragedies to deal with – no sickness, no accidents, no abuse, no divorce, my husband is my only romantic relationship so no breakups either. And no one super close has passed away. I know it sounds weird but this is the most painful thing I have ever had to deal with. So maybe the lesson is the very fact to put all my worries in Gods hands. i just need to keep praying on it and working on it I guess.

            I still really miss my friend though…. and I’m still so sad

        • Don’t give up! Keep showering her with love and grace. Send her kind notes, and ask how you can pray for her. Remind her of how amazing she is and how much you love her. 🙂

  15. When I am broken I feel the Lord’s love embrace me and I am healed. I would fall apart at the seams. I would have nothing without knowing the vast ways the Lord loves me and my love for him is deep. He shows me daily, even more now being his daughter. I am loved unconditionally. Please pray that I continue this new found bond with our Lord and saviour. It feels amazing to be in the Spirit again. Even in my dim times for quite some time, I have never stopped believing. Always being hopeful and having undying faith. I am grateful that my dear friend has shared the gift of you and your blog.

    Your sister in Christ

    • I am walking that road with you today. I pray for comfort and peace for us both.

      • Cathie and Cheryl,
        I am crying as I pray for both of you to feel the comfort of the Lord’s compassionate presence.

        Last month, after a beautiful birth and two precious days, we woke to find that God had come for our little Judah. It was completely unexpected. The next day an older friend told us, “God gives us blessings. Some to enjoy now, and some he keeps for later.” Children are a blessing, and your babies will always be yours. It feels like so much pain to lose them, but they are not lost. They are safe in the arms of Jesus, Who carries the little ones in His arms. We will see our children again. They are blessings we will enjoy later, blessings we already know about and can look forward to seeing. Death seems so final here, but one day it will be destroyed.

        I know nothing anyone can do or say can really soothe your broken hearts, but know that you are not alone in your grief, and that we have Father Who cares, and Who is keeping our little ones for us.

        • Rebecca, my heart aches for you as you so bravely comfort others with the comfort you have received (2 Cor. 1:4). You will always miss Judah in this life, but I pray that the joy of his full and perfect life in the presence of our Savior will with time lessen the sharpness of the pain of his absence here. Dear Judah- he never knew the pain of sin or loss. We will be whole and with him, soon!

    • Cathie,

      My heart goes out to you. I have 10 children, 4 here on earth. Only because Love truly bestows beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning, and because he lovingly and tenderly heals the brokenhearted am I still here.

      I am praying for your breaking heart and body, dear Sister.

  16. Thank you, so much, thank you. This could not be more timely. I am still learning to hold my tongue when I want to let the ones who did the hurting know it. I am going to practice saying to myself, “I am my Bloved’s.” I often repeat a desperate sort of litany to myself in those moments, “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.” Though the Words are Truth, I know in my desperation, I am not grasping the life line of the Truth, instead I flail with the drowning’s desperate attempts to find breath.
    May everyone who reads this anointed prayer this morning, today, tomorrow…know the Love and breathe in the Grace Truth.

    God Bless you, Ann.
    In His Grace,

  17. Recently Jesus told me that I’m supposed to become a nurse…for children. He showed me in a mission field aiding hurt children. This is the LAST occupation I EVER wanted and I have never been able to even think about children in any kind of pain without my heart breaking in two. I can’t even watch my own kids get a needle! Please pray for me. I know I can do anything through Christ but I’m afraid of hurting.

  18. I love the story of the child who had snuck onto his concert stage immediately before a concert performance was about to begin. He was sitting at his piano plunking out “Chopsticks” to the horror of the gathered audience. Paderewski, a famous Polish pianist came on stage and whispered in his ear, “Don’t stop, keep playing.” And as the boy tapped out, “Chopsticks”, the great pianist reached his arms around him and added a beautiful augementation/counter melody to his plunking. I have often imaged God in my own life, during times of my own heartbreak and life’s challenges, coming around me whispering, “Don’t stop, keep playing”…I need only to be faithful to keep plunking, and He will add the rest. It is both deeply humbling and profoundly empowering to know that God collaborates with us, even with His mighty power, and our rudimentary ability. As a therapist who works with people with crises, trauma, and relationship heartbreak, relying on God to work through me during times of my own family tragedy was vital. Thanx, Ann, for all your words.

    • Wow. Your words just lifted my spirits. Tonight I will play chopsticks thinking “dont stop keep playing”…

  19. What timely words ministering to my soul this morning.
    Grace. Grace. God’s Grace.
    Senior citizen grammy here with responsibility of placing 13 year old grandson in a mental facility this week. Nasty, sour words to gramma from grandson.
    Listening today for that Still Loving Voice of God and opening up my wounded arms to heal this broken heart.

    • Been there, too, Joyce. Flooding the earth with my tears, I wondered if I would ever see that child again, hear the beloved voice, feel the treasured hug. Walked for weeks through a fog of pain and comfort from The Word mixed. And for me…eventually the child was restored. Praying for you and your grandson.

  20. Yes. This:
    And may all her trials be but a trail,
    all the stones on the way be but grace stairs to God.
    In name of Jesus who broke His heart to heal ours…

    A Prayer for you too today, Ann. Peace and rest.

  21. To all who are wounded: Remember these words….


  22. wonderful…wonderful words here…Painful words have broken me…but these words God has redeemed to heal me…where better do we learn how to love…really love with the love of christ…to love our “enemies”…amidst all the conflict and hurt…God brought me back to the only place …He calls me to love….Justice is His…He calls me to Love and Mercy. And just the other night my husband spoke true words to my struggling daughter…”you have been counted worthy”….(did a blog post on this)…how we forget this too.
    Thank you for your encouragement here…to continue to press into HIs heart…His Love where all freedom and healing come. prayers and blessings to you~

  23. Ann, Jesus wraps His loving arms around me with His word, which is my panpharmacon–a salve that soothes any wound…amplified in my heart…I Corinthians 10:13 Amplified—For no temptation (no trial regarded as enticing to sin), [no matter how it comes or where it leads] has overtaken you and laid hold on you that is not common to man [that is, no temptation or trial has come to you that is beyond human resistance and that is not adjusted and adapted and belonging to human experience, and such as man can bear]. But God is faithful [to His Word and to His compassionate nature], and He [can be trusted] not to let you be tempted and tried and assayed beyond your ability and strength of resistance and power to endure, but with the temptation He will [always] also provide the way out (the means of escape to a landing place), that you may be capable and strong and powerful to bear up under it patiently.

  24. Mostly by words that have dug their way deep into my soul. God has been doing some excavating, which is painful but necessary for healing. As Pastor Craig Groeschel says “You are not who others say you are. You are who God says you are.” Amen to that and thank you for this beautiful post.

  25. Your words to me this morning were wise and timely. My heart is deeply burdened this morning. I am a woman who never gave birth to children from my womb. God has blessed us with children through fostering a sibling group. We have had them since newborns and the children are now 7 and 6. The birth mom has been mostly out of their lives with an occasional visit. She now wants to have the children back. My heart breaks for our children being torn away from the only family they have ever known. I feel we have poured so much into the children and I just don’t see this being God’s will for them. The children have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and so there are challenges and needs that take special care. I don’t understand that I was unable to have children biologically and now I have been blessed with children by different means and now they are going to be taken away from me. I am choosing to believe that God has an amazing plan for our family. I just feel broken today. I so need encouragement and I humbly ask for your prayers.

    • My heart breaks with yours. I wish sometimes we could understand His ways. Praying for you, Lucille.

      Much love,

    • Praying for you today, Lucille. Oh Lord…reveal Yourself in this situation – in this family. Protect and provide and give peace, Father.

    • Oh, yes, the fog of wondering why. So sad for your and your children’s situation. Praying God’s will and His guidance, strength, and peace for you all, Lucille.

  26. I cannot put into words what this post has meant to me and the replies. i suffer from a chronic mental illness and have so many questions for my savior as to why. your words are so encouraging to me as they seem to come straight from Him. i know Jesus suffered much more than i know. i pray for healing often and wonder why no healing comes. i am blessed with new days and wonder why if there is away to turn this for His Glory. i want it to be that way but not sure how He could use me when often i can’t get this is

  27. In the past 7 months…
    ~we’ve been living between two states while my husband works a temporary contract elsewhere
    ~while not knowing whether the contract would be extended (it was not, and it ends in 30 days)
    ~and not knowing where we’d go next if it was not (and we still do not know, 30 days away)
    ~though we had written assurance the company would transfer him *somewhere* at salary…but now they are saying it “just might not be possible”
    ~and the stress of all the not-knowing and traveling aggravated health symptoms in myself and both my children – to the point one of them and I were nearly bedridden for more than a month
    ~leading their pediatrician to realize *what* we probably have…
    ~which was diagnosed this winter/spring as a genetic connective tissue disorder, which is not life limiting (in other words – won’t *kill* any of us), but is definitely life altering (can be debilitating)…
    ~which has caused a secondary syndrome in all of us, to some extent, which severely affects our autonomic nervous systems and which in many people leads to a quality of life comparable to that of someone with congestive heart failure (though it, too, won’t kill any of us – it is only debilitating)

    But the worst in all of the above is how horribly *alone* we have been through all of it. When we most needed our friends, there has rarely been so much as an e-mail saying “praying for you”…and given the health issues, it was essentially impossible to meet anyone new in our temporary dwelling. We had been part of a fellowship for well over four years and in a small group for more than one and with the exception of a small handful of people who have kept in touch via Facebook, no one has even so much as hit “reply” to any of my (infrequent) e-mail updates, let alone responded to personal notes or e-mails. The same has been true of numerous other “friends” – but it hurts the most that the people we worshiped and fellowshipped with day in and day out for more than four years essentially abandoned us in our hour(s) of greatest need – and often what we needed most was just a word of encouragement.

    Nugget of wisdom in all this? I’m still looking for that… For now, I trust some day I will be able to say “God meant it for good…”

    And I desperately pray my children will some day be able to say that, too, and will not instead dwell on their deep hurts and disappointments…

    • wow…just wanted you to know I read your post with empathy and compassion…praying that our Lord Jesus Christ will wrap His loving arms around you and comfort you in this time…and that He will bring people into your lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus to encourage you…

    • Praying for you. My mother has a connective tissue disorder…actually 3-4 autoimmune diseases they at some point just call connective tissue disorder. I am in a season of stress upon stres…and now I am in the process of a diagnosis. Very debilitating. Wounding of the spirit as you continue to feel bad all over…and people don’t understand the limitation, the emotions, or the pain. I hear you today, dear sister. I hear you. I grieve for what you have lost, what you are experiencing. I stand with you that the Lord will provide. His ways are far above our ways…even when we don’t see, feel, or “smell” any way at all! 🙂

    • I read this several days ago and just am getting a chance to come back and respond. But yes, several days later I\’m back because I want you to know you\’re not alone. We’re here, I’m here. There is someone out there that is always willing to be the shoulder to lean on and hand to hold. I\’ll keep thinking of you. You can always come track me down and I’ll send you some more love whenever you need it. LuvNHugz SupportNPrayerz Nicki in Iowa

  28. I had an affair. My husband found out, he has forgiven me,Ive asked Jesus to forgive me,I believe His promises to His children,but I am suffering with such pain.I was so righteous about this subject before I decided to step out of my Sacred vows. I am punishing myself now.I drink a half a bottle of wine every night, or whatever else I can find, I have gained about 50 pounds. I am so ashamed of what I have become.I have a beautiful family & yet I am slowly destroying myself. Please pray for me to accept His forgiveness as well as His Promises so that I can come back to life for my husband and children. I would be the first to tell a friend how much God loves them & no matter what has forgiven them.

    • Praying for you. Praying you can receive the fragrance of forgiveness that Jesus bought for us on the Cross. Might I give you a resource that comes to mind? Do an internet search on “Grace is for Sinners” blog. Serena Woods has walked a similar path…and her words minister to me greatly. i believe it would touch you in a way you are needing!

    • JL,

      Can I ask what you would tell your own son or daughter about God’s forgiveness? About how all of us use self destruction as means to cope with guilt and shame. Maybe tell them this is Satan’s way to destroy God’s children. I know that you and the Lord would tell your child “to go in peace with sins forgiven and sin no more”… that “I died on that cross for you JL so that you may have life everafter with me”…”that is how much I love you, JL”….you are forgiven as you are now forgiving of others and their transgressions. Put the bottle down or get help to put it down and do not look back….you have been prayed for. With love from one sister to another. Debbie

    • JL
      I know too well the wounds you wear. Almost one year ago, I confessed an affair to my husband. By the grace of God alone, my husband has/is learning to forgive me and we are putting our life back together. It has been a long battle and I still battle the voice of the enemy daily convicting me of my sin, telling me I don’t deserve a second chance and that my repentance is not real. But “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able, to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.” And I am reminded of the woman caught in adultery from John 8: 4 – 11 (sometimes I have to force myself to reflect on this)…”Jesus returned to the Mount of Olives, but early the next morning he was back again at the Temple. A crowd soon gathered, and he sat down and taught them. As he was speaking, the teachers of religious law and the Pharisees brought a women who had been caught in the act of adultery, They put her in front of the crowd. “Teacher”, they said to Jesus, “this woman was caught in the act of adultery. The law of Moses says to stone her. What do you say?”….Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with his finger. They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” Then he stooped down again and wrote in the dust. When the accusers heard this, they slipped away one by one, beginning with the oldest, until only Jesus was left in the middle of the crowd with the woman. Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” “No Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.” Dear JL, we are all broken. Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God…”. His blood was shed for you and me. GOD LOVES YOU….EVEN THOUGH HE KNOWS YOU. EVEN WITH ALL OF OUR BROKENNESS….BECAUSE OF IT. Debbie is so right that this guilt & shame you are living under is Satan’s way of preventing God to work good out of this. For a long time, I lived with the feeling that I did not deserve a second chance, my husband’s forgiveness, the love my children showed to me (“if they knew what I did, they would not love me”), the friendliness of neighbours (who did not know). Through counselling with a social worker (individually and with my husband) and the pastor that married us, I eventually began to realize that to truly repent I needed to let go of the guilt and self-punishment. You have been bought & paid for by the blood of Jesus and it washes white as snow. I found reading Psalms was a source of comfort and for many many months I found comfort in saying the following prayer…”Oh God, our help & assistance. You are just and merciful and you hear the pleas of your people. Look down on me, I am miserable and I have sinned. Have mercy upon me and forgive me, and deliver me from this trouble that besets me, for which I know I am deservedly suffering. I acknowledge and believe O Lord that all trials of this life are given for our correction when we drift away from you and disobey your commandments. Deal not with me after my sins but according to your bountiful mercies. For I am the work of your hands, and you know my weaknesses. Grant me I pray, your divine helping grace and endow me with patience and strength to endure my tribulations with complete submission to your will. You know my misery and suffering and to you my only hope and refuge, I flee for relief and comfort trusting to your infinite love and compassion that in due time when you know best, you will deliver me from this trouble and turn my distress into comfort. Then I shall rejoice in your mercy and exalt and praise your holy name O Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.” I also found those chains of guilt were loosened by asking God to plant seeds of forgiveness in my heart for the man I had the affair with and asking God that he would find forgiveness in his heart for me. I will pray for you JL. Pray for me, a sinner. God Bless You.

  29. My dear friend just lost her husband unexpectedly. She is grieving so hard and I just listen. I am not sure what to say if anything. My friend is devoted to the Lord yet finds herself angry right now. Please pray for her.

    • With a lot of the comments connected to hurt caused by ‘friends’… I am impressed and encouraged that your friend has a friend like you who sees her devotion and believes in her and understands her anger right now. What a friend!

      God bless you for being there for her.

  30. Just crazy about you Ann. Thank you for reminding us that we are to show our daughters how to navigate when the steps become treacherous.

  31. How these words are a balm today, my sweet sister. This old broken heart thanks you. So much love to you.

  32. “Out-loving is the only ointment that healed anything.”

    When others said I should shut her out, letting love leak through the cracks was all I could do. All I knew to do. And it was the glue.

    Thank you, dear Ann. You administer lavish grace.

  33. So much pain and heartbreak – how big is the heart of our God who loves each one so deeply and tenderly. Praying for that Love to break through all the hurt and disappointments on this page – and for hope to spring up in each heart. Thanks Ann for meeting us where we are and reminding us that He is here too.

  34. My mom always told me when someone offended me or hurt me to turn around and “Kill them with Kindness”. Not as eloquently put as you, but the same theology. If we turn around and are kind and serve those who hurt us, then we will be healed and hopefully they will be, too. Thank you for your lovely words.

  35. Broken by betrayal of marriage even though it’s healing and my blood sisters going right along with it.. Healing with husband but not with sisters. Lifestyle is strangling them. But He holds. Those words ((you)) wrote, Ann? I cling to them. I press into Him. Only Jesus. He is healing salve to this lonely girl! And I am not rejected by Him. Oh, The taste is sweet. To keep on keeping on 😉 I love words. Your words of TRUTH. I love you sweet, Ann. Blessings

  36. My husband was pushed out of his pulpit by the pride and ambition of a younger man, a man whom he had personally mentored. The people we love have the greatest potential to hurt us. I struggled with anger toward God. I questioned His goodness. Why does it so often appear as though Satan were more powerful on earth than omnipotent God? (Revelation 13:7-8) Through my struggle, I gained a closer look at the power of evil at work in this world and the power of the flesh at work in me. And God has led me to another question: Does God sometimes cloak Himself in frailty to test us as He tested Abraham with the life of his only son, Isaac? Or to do something for us that can be done no other way as He did when He cloaked Himself in the frailty of human flesh to die on a cross? Then He opened my eyes to see His power and his goodness. I love you, Lord.

  37. That was beautiful, Ann. It was the death of my father, almost two years ago, that broke me open like only grief can do. It was that loss that finally allowed me to let my heavenly Father step in. And life has never been the same.

  38. Thank you Ann. Healing words in this prayer. “When Love’s got hold of you, there isn’t a lie in the universe that can pull you apart.” TRUTH! I think that is one thing that I’ve come to understand after having my world turned upside down.
    I was broken by the church along with my husband. I have learned that many have been and that hurts too. I am learning that being open and real with each other brings healing and true fellowship and friendship…essentially loving and being loved.
    And more than anything that there really IS always something to thank my Father for. He gives gifts even in the darkest, ugliest places.

  39. So much beautiful truth here. Hard – but beautiful. My daughter asked me the other day why Jesus chose Judas when He knew friend would turn foe and Judas would betray him. It’s a staggering thought, really. Oh, to love and forgive with such reckless abandon like that. It would change the world. It DID change the world.

  40. This….it came just in time:
    “When you’re most wounded by words, run to the only Word that always brings healing.”

    This very morning I received a cutting comment from an athiest on my blog. It’s messing with me in ways I wish it didn’t.

    Sweet soothing words for me today as I seek Him. Thank you, Ann.


  41. When my mother died, 4 years ago now, I remember feeling so overwhelmed in the grief, the sorrow, the sadness of it all. Yes, knowing that she was with our Father was helpful, but in my selfish heart, it didn’t make me feel any better! In the end, as I wrestled with the Lord, it came down to a choice. I had to daily, moment to moment sometimes, choose the Lord. To choose to believe that He was indeed sufficient and enough, really more than enough. I still daily choose Him!

  42. My old broken heart is still healing…30 years later. My father passing when I was 7 yo. When mother can’t take the pain and checks out mentally until her little girl is a teen, angry and bitter. Many years of solitude really does make the infection of the soul fester and go deep. And when we can’t take the pain any more we lash out by hurting ourselves, cutting our own flesh. Still our amazing Abba has shown me, Long suffering love and how He carries when too weak to stand.

    God is good, ALL THE TIME! Thank you for your beautiful words Ann, you bless me.
    I pray hard for Abba to teach me how to love my babies “to let love leak out like an ocean”.

  43. This is just what Paul described in 2 Corinthians 1, isn’t it? Sharing with others the comfort the Father of mercies gives to us? Today I’ve been praying for you, dear Ann, for strength in the love of Christ to bear up under whatever wounds most ache today. He loves you so! You are called, beloved, and kept (Jude 2). May you find grace to count all of life, even the wounds, grace today.

  44. I have been wounded deeply with words that sting and leave scars, but it’s in this hurting that the Lord stretches far and wide the places deep within and refines the depths of my soul causing me to grow even in the hurt it’s the growing pains I believe we go through to experience our biggest growth and so true that in these times we can only run to the Holy Word the only place to bring true healing for the pain the sting leaves. Thank you Ann beautiful!!

  45. Ann,
    Just thought I would share this quote I read this morning. I thnk it goes along with the theme here, especially for those who have been hurt by the words or actions of another or vice-versa…
    “Our Lord never put His trust in any person. Yet He was never suspicious, never bitter, and never lost hope for anyone, because He put His trust in God first. He trusted absolutely in what God’s grace could do for others. If I put my trust in human beings first, the end result will be my despair and hopelessness toward everyone. I will become bitter because I have insisted that people be what no person can ever be— absolutely perfect and right. Never trust anything in yourself or in anyone else, except the grace of God.” Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

  46. My nugget of wisdom is that sometimes it just takes time and even after years, you may still feel that twinge inside when that raw nerve is hit. But, that is a good thing. It reminds us that we’re alive, that we’re not perfect, that we have survived and that we need Him everyday.

  47. Psalm 34:18 It says. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit” and psalm 147:3 says ” He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”
    Amen my Lord!

  48. The hurt of those who doubt what He has called me to do and shown me for my future is healed by remembering that, regardless of any person’s opinion, His opinion wins! He makes the final decision about my life as I have chosen to follow Him wholeheartedly.

  49. I was broken six months ago when my husband left after admitting to an affair. We’ve been separated ever since.
    Today is our wedding anniversary- 14 years.
    Believe it or not, he left flowers.
    Funny how it wasn’t until I was crushed to nothing that I have come to believe with all my broken heart that God does indeed love me. And what’s more is when I realized that I really DO love Him- my LORD- so very much- even more than the husband that I so threw myself into. How much joy has He brought me in these months? More than anyone would ever believe possible. He is my shield and my strength. He has helped me in my time of trouble. He helped me even when I never saw it . . .

    • So glad you are experiencing Him even in the middle of the heartache. The song “When It Was Over” by Sara Groves really speaks to situations like this. Praying for you as you travel forward, that you will feel His love washing over a multitude of things as you follow Him in choosing what to do with your marriage.

  50. This is exactly what I needed to read today.

    As for the question…I was broken this past November by the death of our first child. She died before she was born, nearly full term, and then I had to give birth to her body. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do — that, and walk through the grief. I am still walking. I don’t know if I will ever be done with this grief, but because of my daughter’s death I know God more intimately. I can see blessings more clearly, and am more aware of the vastness of the world’s hurt. I am more grateful. I am less innocent, but I am more bold, less afraid. Her death has helped me to reevaluate what’s important, to shed the excesses.

    Even though my daughter never breathed, God has given me so much through her.

    • Your testimony has given me great comfort. I can only say that I have experienced a portion of your pain. I too am going through a miscarriage, but I am only weeks along. I haven’t miscarried yet, but things do not look promising. I am grieving. My only prayer is that God would make it happen quickly as I am terribly weak and cannot bear the anguish. But here you are….. my life and light giver today. How I thank you for causing me to see God’s greater purpose for these tragic events. I pray that I learn at least half of what you have learned and come to appreciate. Thank you. May God continue to enfold you with His love as you continue to fall into His arms and grieve. I pray His comforting peace and love will rest upon you, as well as I. And I pray that I too, will be patient, trusting, and ever leaning on Him for strength as I learn the lessons that you and many others have come to learn. Bless you.

      • Beth,
        Sorry for your loss!!. I can understand the emptiness in your arms and heavy load in the heart. I too have lost a baby 3 years ago, premature girl and struggled to live for 8 months. Beleive me the loss we have is unexplainable, but Jesus holds us through our trials and God is more closer to us in these events more than anytime in our life. May our loving God bless you and heal you more abundantly!!


  51. Please pray for my husband and I. He had an affair and is still in love with this other person. We are seeing a counselor in a few hours.

    • Praying Gina. May you feel God’s mighty presence walking along your side each step of the way. Courageous.

      • Ditto, Katie, Gina. God has you enfolded in His loving embrace; know that, even when the pain taunts you that the fact isn’t true.

        Will continue praying for you.

  52. Ann — thank you. I’m a victim of childhood abuse, and I’m newly married, and finding that trust doesn’t come as easily as I had hoped. I needed to read this today. Thank you for writing.

  53. “When you’re most wounded by words, run to the only Word that always brings healing.” What a great way to put it. Just yesterday I heard a side comment that one of my loved ones “doesn’t get” some of my writing. I know those words weren’t meant to hurt…and really were never meant to make their way to my ears, but funny how even when you think you’ve shrugged them off, they tumble about in the mind and pummel the self-image again and again. Your reminder here helps me trust to keep writing the words the Word would have me write…even when they seem peculiar to people I hold dear.

  54. I divorced my controlling and abusive husband. The divorce became final about 6 months ago. I did not do this because I don’t love him or want another. I did it because of the unrepentant habitual sin. When confronted by our Pastors he said he had no problem. The process of divorce began over 2 years ago. My ex claims to know the Lord, yet still is in denial of how bad our home was. He says he still doesn’t know why I did this. I love him and pray for him to be reconciled to God, for peace, and acknowledgement of sin, to be freed in Christ, and truly know the grace and mercy of Him. Yes, he broke my heart a thousand ways, and continue to. My 3 children are hurting also. I know that once upon a time, my ex desired to serve the Lord, but this brokenness, abusive patterns, and lack of acknowledgement for a need of change has left him stuck. He believes he is the victim. This makes me very sad for him. Sometimes I wonder “How long do I pray and hope for him Lord?” I have wrestled with what is my calling now? I was a stay at home mom for the past 10 years. I am now in Grad school trying to prepare for supporting me and my kids. I guess I keep wondering what my role is? I know it is to be a mother to these children. Am I called to faithfully pray for this man who has inflicted such incredible pain? And also, on the other hand, I would love if someone had great compassion for this man…and prayed for him. I wish the Lord would send a special loving man into his life to speak truth and that my ex would receive it.

    • What wisdom, love, and grace you model for your children through this agony. Praying God’s guidance and comfort for your family, Dawn. One day, one hour at a time; He knows the best path for each of you. May He comfort you every night as you review the day’s activities, and guide you every morning, every hour; give you the words to answer your children’s questions, and lead you through your own Red Sea of choices and decisions.

      • Thank you so much Mary Kay! Yes, the Red Sea….and not going back to Egypt has been a picture and symbol through this whole process. Interesting that you would use that picture! God is good! I trust Him! Thank you again!

  55. I’m really trying to get over the hurt and move on, but it lingers long. My daughter decided to do two things on Mother’s day … first to tell us that she is now a militant atheist, and second, to bring up every parenting mistake we’ve ever made. She apologized, but it still hurts, and I know she is still full of anger. It’s hard for me to see past my own hurts to see hers.

    I’m going to see her tomorrow. Not sure what will come of it. For the moment, I’d just like to make a few happy memories.

    • I have experienced this sadness from friend’s decisions, so I can only imagine how difficult it must be to hear this from your daughter. Praying now that God will give you the energy to do as Ann said above, to “out-love” as “the only ointment that healed anything”.

  56. He tells me he is broken, lonely and feels he has never fit in. He has behaved in hurtful ways. I have been there for my husband for 20yrs!! Why is it that I am not enough?

    But, really, I am not enough. I don’t have to be. It is NOT my job!! Only God can heal. ONly God can fulfill. Only God is enough. Only God is perfect. God made me and I am precious; made in His image; made with a purpose in mind.

  57. I’ve experienced brokenness in many different ways- through an often misunderstood chronic and disabling illness, miscarriages, abandonments, loss of home and comforts. I am still learning that Jesus is the only one who does not disappoint, who never leaves or forsakes us, who knows and understands our grief and pain when no one else can. I’ve found that His light does shine more brightly in the dark hours and that there is a freedom in finding out that you can lose almost everything and yet know more surely that you have everything in Christ! Clinging to His word and the truth about His character is the only weapon I have when the enemy of my soul tempts and badgers me with more loss or pain. It is a humbling joy to find that He uses our brokenness to give hope to others, even when we feel we are teetering on the edge of hopelessness ourselves. I love you all, my hurting sisters! We will laugh and rejoice together in the Lord’s presence soon- so soon!

  58. Often times when I read your writings, I feel that you are writing directly to me. But reading through the posts above, I see that you are writing to many. This past year has been so hard for me. My 13 year old daughter was bullied quite extensively in 5th and 6th grade, and basically had a breakdown in the beginning of 7th grade. She is in an alterantive school for “behavioral health” and is, in her words, “a misfit among misfits” she has struggled all year, and is going through a really hard time, and does not seem at all to be the person she once was. She was recently readmitted to an inpatient facility I have not given up, but I am at a loss to figure out how to help her, and nothing seems to help. I know this is a process, but i am at the point where i feel that each choice i make, each decision that I choose, can help or hurt. Just as an aside, I like the story of the white horse the other day-that really resonated with me. Anyway, I look at her life now, and my life now, and wonder how in the world we will ever get back to a happy life A year ago I was very involved in my church, but did not feel that I was being “fed”-so much drama and strife, that I had to take a break from it, but not from God. But i do have to wonder where He is in all of this, and if my daughter will ever be whole again. I want to thank you for sharing your stories and your ministry-it really does make a difference for so many.

  59. I have been broken in the realization that I was praying in unbelief! Sounds crazy!!! I changed the way I was praying for my 32 year old prodigal son (difficult from the get-go) and a few months ago repented for my lack of faith as I asked the Lord to save him from himself, to bring him back to You. My son came home a broken man on Sunday in a whole stream of circumstances…he has a long way to go, we have to hold fast to the truth and not the lie of the enemy who says don’t get your hopes up! He has a long way to go with many years of pain and poor choices (ha, just like his momma) but…God! Thanks if you pray for us and for my husband who struggles with works-based faith and unconditional love, hmmm…

  60. Thank you so much for your words. Perfect and timely! I especially liked, “The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like an ocean through all the cracks.” Really, that sums it all up. Seeking the Lord for wisdom, giving up my own rights, and pursuing love. Anything else only hinders.

  61. WOW! I hold my breath as I read through the comments … so much hurt, so much pain, so much sadness. My heart breaks.

    Having a daughter who was betrayed multiple times during the course of her high school years, yet now … today … at age 20 is early into a healing season that could only have been orchestrated by the Lord, I sit grateful, humble and praising. Might this knowledge encourage someone out there? HE is faithful, HE is sovereign, HE is our redeemer – NOTHING goes to waste … and the sweetness on the other side is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hold on to Him dearly and pray fiercely, and maintain HOPE!! HE IS GOOD … even when those around us wound … Blessings!

  62. Thank You Ann,
    I first read your book during a Golgotha time in my life. It was a faith-rope that I held onto that helped get me through. I thought, if one woman could live through her personal Hell, than perhaps I could make it to the other side too. Praising God & thanking God in that awful place was somehow food for my soul . Kind of like “When you dont know what else to do wash the dishes” except it was spiritual, “when you don’t know what to do, Thank God” It was a time of complete crushing in my life, a destruction of every single arena of my life, complete loss. Here on the other side, I walk with a spiritual “limp”, always aware of my brokenness, “I’m not the same” echoes through my head. It seems the “issues” that period left on me are always so raw & visible all the time. I think this ugly weakness limits me.Your writing always reminds me that my brokenness, my scars, they show the Master’s hand—His miraculous power. We have a ministry that requires at times more than I have, more than what life has left me to work with. “How can I do this” I ask? I try to remind myself WHO ELSE COULD TAKE THE HANDS OF THE WALKING DEAD AND LEAD THEM OUT OF THE CHAINS OF PERSONAL HELLS INTO HEAVEN ITSELF– EXCEPT GODS MIRACLE PEOPLE?” When my voice is too small to hear, I can hear yours in your writing and in your blog and it carries me through and holds me up. Thank you for this much needed post today. Hope to meet you someday, if not on earth, in Heaven.

  63. Ah! Nurses, Doctors, a hospital…they all overlooked some basic care of my son in his first days. My healthy little boy was forever changed.
    I know that if just one nurse had taken off his hat to chart the bruise, to check the jaundice level he might not be in that chair…he might hear…he might speak. But in the end…he slipped through so many hands that it’s profoundly convicting that GOD had other plans…and that if I cannot forgive them…I cannot fully love the Lord that is SOVEREIGN over all.
    If I allow bitterness to take root, it is not bitterness at these people…it’s at the Lord that let them overlook these simple things. I hardly know how some days, and I stumble in it much, but I TRUST him in his perfect plan for my little boy and our family.
    And now that I have the sweet boy in the chair…friends mostly don’t understand and there have been words that have struck deep…but I’ve recently read the words of 2 Samuel 16 ” Then Abishai son of Zeruiah said to the king, “Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over and cut off his head.”
    10 But the king said, “What does this have to do with you, you sons of Zeruiah? If he is cursing because the Lord said to him, ‘Curse David,’ who can ask, ‘Why do you do this?’”
    God is using this hurt, this pain…this isolation to mold me in ways that matter more than the worldy contentment my wayward heart seeks!

    • Heartbreaking to be here.
      Comforting to be here.
      Sharing our burdens.
      Receiving blessings.
      LuvNHugz – SupportNPrayerz

  64. Ann,

    I just keep coming back to this today. I see so many are hurting and I have always been the caregiver, nurturer, etc. Now I stand in a place despair. i just find it so hard to talk, reach out, etc. I guess one day….thank you for addressing this.


  65. I know I have made mistakes. I know I love Jesus more. I need to do, as He chooses to heal, or not. Yet, I am still dying.

    Reaching out is hard. Lifting my head is hard. I am loosing this game and it’s not worth the lost.

    Even as I forgive over and over the same sins against me, I can’t forget for safety’s sake (so I believe). And it’s me I hate the most.

    My emotionally and sometimes more, Father died, two years ago. I grieve the most. The others celebrate beautiful memories and go on. My newlywed Husband punched me like a man. Cursed me. Then did it again. Never saw him or it coming. Never knew a punch was so very loud. Released by police after three hours face down in prayer, I decide to decide in our home state as we are at the airport throughout this. I am in complete shock and praying for sane out of insanity and grace bigger than me. That’s when Mr. Engineer, tells me he’ll slit my throat and then his own should I tell. At home I tell. I tell smart, not dumb. Emergency plan and counselors in hand, Christ at the helm I decide to try again.

    Two years have past since my Dad dies and my new husband begins, and I can’t lift my head. I have diseases taken hold throughout me, not counting the loss of one third plus of my weight. Kids have suffered. Isn’t that the worse? No hitting just watching Mama in bed trying and fighting to get up. I just as quickly grow weary and faint. I think the Engineer is safe, yet never saw the first punch and mire coming.

    Praying my body, spirit, soul, will find grace. Recover the vigor now so much older you’d never know my age. Spat out by friends and unloving family. Depression is not popular nor a sad face. I want to move on. But how can I have full grace without always second guessing. A career as a crisis counselor, domestic violence as well. How could I miss this potentially fatal mistake.

    How does God grow the weary where they regain legs to hold to hold my now so small frame. Riddled with disease and years lost with preciousness? The little ones? My Engineer I just fine. It’s me I hear again and again. Beforehand I already knew the tapes.

    Praying for you all as well. My Savior has let me intimately relate.

  66. My daughter, now in her 40’s, was repeatedly sexually molested by a man in our church when she was 12. We didn’t learn this for many years. He had molested many others as well.

    She married a man who abused her physically, verbally and emotionally. Our grandson, from 2-5 years of age was also a target of verbal & emotional abuse. Indirectly, our granddaughter suffered emotional abuse as a witness to her father’s treatment of her mom & brother.

    After 18 years of marriage, God intervened. She & the grandkids moved in with us 9 years ago. All have begun the very slow (slow, in my eyes) process of healing through Him.

    Wisdom? Here is a small taste of what God has taught & continues to teach me (I continue to learn & relearn, often day after day, week by week):

    Wait on Him, trust Him, be patient. He sees it all, knows it all. His ways are not my ways, His thoughts are not my thoughts. His timing is perfect, It takes an active believing faith – He is teaching me. In my humanness, I was afraid for my loved ones safety. Their removal from the “crazy-man” took waaay too long, by my mother’s timeline. I didn’t understand why, but now after their being out of it for 9 plus years I can look back & see that His timing was absoutely perfect.

    Vengeance belongs to God. I hated, with a rage, the men who abused my daughter (& the abuse of my sweet grandchildren). My daughter was & is so sweet, innocent and had a heart the size of Chicago. I wanted to make these men pay. God, in a very dramatic way, delivered me from my rage. Does that mean I love these men. No. Do I still hate them? No. I am learning & relearning, almost daily, to bless them and give over my feelings to God. Not easy, but I’m getting there.

    I was bought with a price. Nine years ago my daughter & her 2 children came to live with us. My daughter’s health is not good (a result of the abuse), but is getting better. Having them here (a result of God’s miraculous intervention!) has brought peace of mind because we know they are safe & cared for.

    I am bought with a price. Nine years is a long time and I find myself yearning for “my space” – space to scrapbook, sew & so many other things I love to do. When I really begin to wallow in self-pity, I am reminded that I have been bought with a price. What God is doing in all of us living in this home is for His glory, not ours. I belong to Him & I am called to live for Him, including everything ‘I own’.

    He has and continues to teach me so much. Many of the lessons I have to relearn – over & over again. Thankfully I am quicker to “pull-up” lessons already learned.

    A continuing student in the school of God,

    • Sue, Thank you. In Jesus Name, I thank you. Praying…D. And, I am so sorry. Yet I know what I know, Our Redeemer Lives.

  67. Thank you for this post. I feel like God spoke through you today and yesterday. Yesterday I read your post on your blog after learning my baby was no longer living in my womb, but in Gods arms. I then went through the process of closure today and I read this. I needed this cry to Him who loves me when I feel so…broken. I do not understand…but you reminded me I do not need to. He does. Anyway…just thankful for these posts.

    • Someday you will hold that sweet babe in your arms. Someday the bigger picture will be in focus a little better. Until then, rest in God’s love.
      LuvnHugz – SupportNPrayerz

      • Thank you so much for your kind words. I never thought I could love an unborn baby this much. Truly you understand my pain and my hope. Again…thank you.

  68. My heart was broken the day my husband of 26 years came home and said, “I have made a decision I am leaving you.” One of our children was married and the other one was a junior in college. I had been a stay at home mom and helped him go up the ladder in his career as well as take care of our children. ALl of a sudden the life that I knew in one decision was snatched from me. That has been almost 8 years ago and God has taught me so much I coudn’t begin to list all the lessons I have learned. One is that what happened in 2004 was no surprise to God. he knew the day we said our vows a day would come that our marriage would end. The last thing I ever wanted to have to say about myself is that I was divorced. There were more tears shed, more questions, and more hurt as we went through the process of a divorce. I can tell you even though sometime I didnt’ feel it God never left my side, he walked the valley with me. Journaling was a source of comfort for me as I could pour out my heart on paper and not worry about what anyone else thought. Friends came alongside of me and sometimes it was just to be there, not to even say anything just to sit with me while I tried to process what I was going through. Almost 8 years have passed and I can tell you I am a stronger woman than I was then. God has opened doors for me to begin a business and to redefine my life. The psalms were a great comfort to me as I walked the road of loneliness. That was one of the hardest issues b/c it was just me and God. Music was a constant comfort to me as songs spoke to my pain I would listen to them over and over just to hear the encouraging words. One song that still sticks in my head has a phrase that says, “..he will turn your trials into treasures…” another one was, “…your tears into blessings….” Going through a broken heart is not for the fainthearted but I always have to remember the cross and see what Christ did for me and how broken he was physically as well as emotionally as His Father forsaken him b/c of our sin. Gen 50:19-20-“…what you meant for evil, God meant for good….”

  69. …and Amen! {beautifully prayed}
    And this: “And may that wind the brokenhearted daughter faces, may it fly her hair like a glory flag,”

  70. Because of how I was wounded, my heart is more open to those who are wounded in the same way. Time after time I have been able to understand someone’s hurt in a way I never would have had I not been hurt myself. And God in His grace brings people into my life who need to share their hurt with someone who has been there.

  71. My oldest daughter is just now five and oh how I watch her get her heart broken. But honestly, it seems my heart breaks more than hers. She seems to brush it off so quickly but I can just let it fester. I love this prayer and want to pray it with her-to admit it boldly before Christ that the words and the looks and the exclusion hurts, but that He is the great healer.

    With three girls growing in this house, I’m so thankful for this prayer-for them and also, of course, for me!

  72. What an honor it was to read all your messages tonight before crawling into my soft, warm bed with my comforter close around me. The Holy Spirit is my real Comforter. Am praying for all of you precious sisters in Christ. Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf of Peter. Thanks, precious Ann, for your love and comments. You are such a dear friend!
    How I would encourage each of you who is going through a miscarriage. I had five of them and was blessed with seven live births – all sons! My daughter-in-law (Angela) lost twins which dissolved within her womb. It was so sad. But she has now two healthy, vibrant sons – Abraham Elijah and Enoch! My last miscarriage was at the age of 50. I realized I probably would not get pregnant again. Whenever Tom came into the house, I would weep. He gently held me in his arms for the first time following a miscarriage. I was devastated when he would just say, ” It is all in God’s plan. There was probably something wrong with the baby.” And he would walk away to farm! It took five, and he finally understood and held me! He loves me so! I understand your hurt, but know how much more God loves you and fully understands. He never gives us too much for us to handle when we are close to Him and fully trusting Him! I always ask God what I am to learn from this situation. May He give you His joy today. And remember to pass that joy along. Love is something if you give it away. You end up having more! Sleep in the arms of Jesus! May He give you His peace! 🙂

  73. My cousin recently lost her 15 month-old daughter in a tragic accident; as I read this, I was thinking of her and said this prayer for her. It truly is beautiful and it speaks for those who have been brokenhearted in so many ways. Thank you for sharing; love you!


  74. Well, I am humbled as I sit tired eyed in front of my computer screen late here in the dark. I feel ashamed that I dare feel sad or bitter when there are so many of you who truly know suffering and are finding grace in it every day. I am a better person for having read through, and I pray for becoming a closer heart to God and to always remember that through his love, I can overcome all. I pray for you all tonight and thank you for sharing from your hearts! Thank you Ann for the lovely prayer too

  75. Broken. Brokenhearted, it’s what happens to a daughter whose mother doesn’t love her. It’s what happens when a daughter is belittled, degraded, humiliated, manipulated, scorned – you get the gist. Brokenhearted is what a daughter is when she’s been taught that love is earned – trouble was, nothing I did was ever perfect enough to earn her love – not even a little bit. What I learned is primarily two things – that love is not earned and the other is that, no matter how hard you try, you cannot make someone love you. The Lord had to show me that.

  76. Ann –
    I doubt you are still reading comments on this but I just wanted to let you know that the grace and love that has poured out of you in the last few days in the aftermath of what must have been so hurtful…well, it is amazing. You are glorifying God in this. You are also teaching me (and many, many others) about how to really love, and respond in grace (and heap burning coals on heads!).

    Anyway, thank you.
    And may God surround you and fill you with his peace.
    And don’t doubt the gift and voice he has given you. He loves you so much and I think much truth and glory will come of all this in the end.

    Shalom to you and yours.

  77. Praying for the courage to try to get pregnant, after a miscarriage three years ago. Wasn’t just the lose, that broke me, but debilitating anxiety…brought me to my knees. I was a sleep deprived, nursing, homeschooling mother of two little ones at the time. I can be honest… I had no choice, but to start taking medication, when that happen. I’d like to get off of it to get pregnant. Please pray that over the next 6 month to a year, I can switch to a more natural treatment without relaps or withdrawal. I am in a much better place, now and walk by faith even, when I can not see… It has been most healing through this process to be honest and real, about the anxiety. “Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow.” “The secret way to heal a broken heart is to let love leak out like an ocean through all the cracks”. Yes, that’s it… Beautifully said, Ann. I used to rely on myself for everything…now HIS GRACE covers me daily. Very helpful to put the anxiety outside, instead of hiding it. It has no power, where His Light Shines. I’ve come through this and have a passion for listening to the hurt…coming along side the broken in prayer. I have two beautiful children, but my heart aches for a third…My Ebenezer.

    • You can do this! I believe in you, Our Daddy believes in you.
      The debilitating pain from a miscarriage is hard because it’s all emotional. I will never say I know what you’re feeling but I will tell you I understand it rocks your world because it did mine, three times. Over time I am seeing the beauty of the bigger picture. I did have more children and learned that God has quite the sense of humor. There are options out there, I’ve seen them and as always, where there’s a will there’s a way!
      LuvNHugz – SupportNPrayerz

    • I don’t know the pain of miscarriage, but I do know debilitating anxiety. After my second was born just 14 months after my first, I struggled with some postpartum depression and natural remedies worked a little until the anxiety hit me in full force. There were many other events that contributed to the anxiety, events that left me traumatized and broken. My heart longed for more children but I was so afraid that I wouldn’t be a good enough mom to raise yet another little one, because I have struggled so. God answered the cry of my heart by blessing us with #3 – now 21 weeks in my womb, our second little boy. I weaned off the medication when I found out I was expecting but it’s still been an off and on battle to really believe that I will be okay, that I am not where I was, and that He is the God who so graciously gives me all things. I so understand your heart through your words because I know God has used my struggles for His glory but sometimes that fear is still there. I’m learning daily to run to Him with arms open wide and to let His truths overwhelm me so the lies can’t penetrate my soul any longer. I’m praying for you…and, I’d love to continue praying for you and encouraging you if you want to email me too (girlofgrace139 (at) yahoo (dot) com).

  78. the LORD puts us back stronger and better than before, but I broke for His cause, His faithful love to the poor and the needy and the pain and the suffering and the broken-hearted and the unloved, it’s the Father’s heart to those in need of, for His cause, for those missionaries who have no schooling for their children, for those missionaries who have no money for the doctors, for their children, who suffer in silence, who have no voice, who is no voice, I speak for them through the prodding of my Father’s heart and His great love for them,

  79. All I wanted to do was cry when I read this. The hurt has been so much and for so long that I don’t even know where or what anymore. All I know is that I need to cling to these truths.

  80. I have been semi-wounded at work. People say things without thinking & I usually take them the wrong way. Also have been “slowly pushed out” of the job I was hired to do & asked to do just the ancillary duties of my position.

    Thankfully God has blessed me with wonderful people in my life, especially my hubby, who prays with me about this position & comforts me in this trial.

    God has healed me some in that certain things I wanted have come to fruition & now a new/better job has become open–I see all this as God leading me to where He wants me & when!

  81. Oh yes, how He is WITH us in the hurting times. I think back over life and experience and realize the times I knew Him best and most were the times of crisis. Specifically, I’m remembering my painful divorce and the figuring out of my life in the aftermath…a Christian woman who did not “believe” in divorce, raising four children and a puppy and trying to find her identity.
    Those days were dark, dark but He was so with me. Now when I look back at all the monuments I’ve erected in life since then to times of healing and growth…I can be thankful for those hard days. Those are the days when I learned most about grace, healing, love and mercy.
    Because I had nowhere else to turn and no other way to survive.

  82. Dearest sisters,

    I stand in awe before all this suffering and sadness that you endure. All I can offer is my prayer for His healing, and that you might remember at every moment that He loves you, eternally.

    I am reminded of something very wise that Mrs. Jennifer Fulwiler wrote recently . . .

    And so when we are asked “Where is your God when people suffer?” and we can’t seem to find the right words, the crucifix provides its own, wordless response: He is right here, suffering with us.

    He suffers with us. He weeps with us. May He Who is our only hope comfort you who are grieving.

    Ann, thank you for your beautiful words. God bless you.

  83. Beautiful~ so many times I get overwhelmed with the pain that life often brings~ and the Lord so graciously reminds me of how His heart was broken for me. So humbled~ thank you for that reminder…just what I needed today. God bless you and keep writing, your story and faithfulness to truth always points me and so many others to Jesus. Daily, I’m reminded that life is not an emergency and to live in gratitude~ Thank you!

  84. Thank you for this:

    The best way to tend to your open wounds is to open your arms. Out-loving is the only ointment that healed anything.

    Oh, how I have tried…and oh, how I have failed…
    the unwanted daughter…
    I was the good girl…always trying to be helpful, kind, giving, and good…
    I did well
    achieved in school
    earned approval
    but never acceptance.
    I remain the unwanted daughter.

    the betrayed wife
    I believed him
    loved him
    trusted him
    gave my best to him
    earned admiration
    but never faithfulness
    I remain the betrayed wife

    the disposable friend
    I was loyal
    I earned respect
    but never was valued
    I remain disposable

    I don’t even know who to open my arms to any more…how to approach others…how to risk me again.

    So, I focus on being Mom…
    because I have needy kids
    and I can open my arms to them and hold
    Miracles from God…
    And they remind me to trust God
    who gave them life
    who can heal a broken heart and give me life too.

    • Know that you are His beloved dear sister; always wanted, always loved, completely perfect. Praying for you…

    • You are a wanted daughter. You have a Father that delights in you and loves you. He created you, only you, specifically you. I have learned that God doesn’t do mistakes (I was told I was one for MANY years) but He does awesome surprises. Some people don’t like surprises and refuse to see the amazing beauty in them.
      You are loved, you have sisters here. I’m happy to be one of them. I don’t know you but I know you need loved and deserve nothing less. You are amazing and your children are so blessed to have you as their mom, again only you because you are the perfect one for them!!
      LuvNHugz – SupportNPrayerz

  85. I am walking beside my daughter whose heart has been broken by a young man. Her hopes of marriage and her dreams of a family are like sharp shreds around her feet cutting and wounding. I pray often for her through the day, and am believing and trusting this too is grace and we will praise God for it one day.

  86. after raising and loving our foster daughter since november of 2009, when she was 11 days old, staying by and supporting her birth mother for numerous reunification attempts…the court after a domestic violence attack on mom and child started the process to terminate the moms parental rights. what should have been our miracle, to add this beloved child to our family, has now become a tragedy. the guardian ad litem in the case is worried about the fact that our family has a relationship with the birth mom and that the mom may come to take her child so she is considering removing our angel to another foster home…there are many hearts breaking around here today…

  87. After growing up in an alcoholic home, dealing with infertility, losing a baby, the suicide of my twin sister’s husband, my nugget is to CHOOSE JOY!! So thankful for the NEW LIFE I have in Christ and that He is the ultimate healer. But I know that it is up to me (with His enabling) to choose to focus on what He has done and continues to do in me to glorify Himself. I can either look back and stay in the pain or move forward into the healing that He gives. Hebrews 12 says “let us throw off everything that hinders…” For me that has been the past.. “fixing our eyes on Jesus.”

    Your book “One Thousand Gifts” has helped me so much, Ann, to choose that joy by counting the things He gives me every day! It has been a great way to focus my mind on Him!!

    Thank you, dear friend!

  88. I am broken. 24 months ago my husband, David left for Heaven. We had just enjoyed a wonderful morning together celebrating our oldest daughters 16th birthday. We have 3 girls. Love endures all things. I am enduring. I am going to finish what we started, raising three Godly women to impact a world. Sometimes I feel like Nehemiah building our wall with one hand while the other hand fights against individuals who domt share our vision. I have my eyes set on the unseen.

    Your book and blog help me focus on the things that are worthy and noble to think on. Thank you.

  89. Oh my…these words today are Jesus speaking to me right where I am. “Let the broken choose it: When you’re most wounded by words, run to the only Word that always brings healing.” This is what I am learning…that, when I am hurting most, He is all the more earnestly holding out His arms and calling to me. And you know – there really IS such comfort and healing in listening to His words overpower the words that hurt. Thank you for this, Ann. I needed it today.

  90. When going through a restoration process with some church elders, the leader of the team was having an affair and when I found out, I was so hurt. I felt like I couldn’t trust anything we had done together because of him…

    … Jesus broke through my wounds and brought healing. Jesus reaffirmed that it was HIS work, not by man, that I am who I am and that He loves me very much. Jesus and I keep working together. I still have trust issues with people in authority over me because of this situation (and others).

    Thank you for the reminder that I just need to run to Jesus!!!

  91. This is lovely. I love how the Great I Am so tenderly and completely loves the broken, the wounded, the weary. He came to seek and save the lost. And without Him, we are lost. How He perfectly instructed us to “hold every thought captive”, and to “feed the hungry, ect”. He knew out- loving was the only way along with Him to heal. His ways are perfect, just, Holy, and amazingly rewarding. His tenderness runs deep, and woos us deeper into Him. And into unabashed freedom and joy.
    Thank you Ann for sharing.

  92. One year ago tonight, we said goodbye to our beloved 18 month old granddaughter. We had had her since birth, all indications that she would be ours forever. But the foster-adopt world doesn’t always go the way one is told it will – and so our hearts broke a year ago tonight. Jesus held us – and holds us – together. Your posts have so often in this year been a balm. Thank you. As a friend told me then, “Rock in the cradle of His grace.”

  93. A prayer needed for this wounded, broken heart. Walking through the darkest times of anxiety and physical weariness. Clinging to our Lord, but feeling scared in midst of this storm. Never known fear like this, never saw it coming, never wanted it, yet of the Lord’s will for me to walk for a season. Prayer for strength and healing?

  94. Thank you for allowing our Savior to speak through you. I have just become acquainted with your blog, and how it has exhorted me! I’ve been wallowing through postpartum struggles and failing to rest in the One Who loves me still, failing to seek Him out. There is such joy and freedom in pursuing Christ. Thank you for allowing Him to use you, for being His servant, and an example to me, among so many others. Please pray with me for a sweet friend, Talitha, whose little girl Cynthia was diagnosed with leukemia today. Thanking God for His gentle, relentless love, that will carry this family up this huge mountain, glorifying Himself in them with every painful step.

  95. Thank you Ann 🙂 we are three years this weekend trying to conceive a baby – and I was especially grieving our lack as I have my monthlies … I am constantly encouraged as I read your blogs and remember that thanksgiving proceeds the miracle 🙂 that my broken heartedness – God knows –

  96. This word is absolutely THE word for me right now, it’s a word from God. My husband sometimes, when he doesn’t get his way, talks lies to me which really hurts so much. It’s lies about me and about something in his past that I happen to know, but he doesn’t know that I know. The Lord is healing him, I can see that, but now we’re at this bottleneck.
    It makes me afraid.
    I need wisdom and yes, I should reach out more in the Love that Father gives me.

  97. Thank you for sharing this passage….A Prayer for the Brokenhearted….
    How very much I needed this in my life …. Only God is faithful and
    has strengthened me through his Word….

  98. Thank you for this reminder. I don’t know that I’m where I can “hear” all of it though. We are getting older (in our 60’s) and we have had several bruising events happen in the past 6 months. But this last one has caused us immeasurable pain because our two oldest children betrayed our trust after we cosigned loans for them. We are now old and in so much debt because of this we will never be out of it short of a miracle. I suppose this sounds materialistic but my husband and I grew up very poor, pulled ourselves up and did decently, providing a loving, Christian home for our children. While I believe they love us, their irresponsibility will affect us the rest of our lives. And I feel very deeply hurt that they don’t seem to care.

    I will try to continue to reach out but right now, I feel as if I need someone to reach in to me. Thanks for listening.

  99. Dear Ann and sisters,
    Please respond to my broken heart. It is a new desparation of loneliness after losing my husband this month 4 years ago. I feel I am growing stronger, but then something else happens and it all seems too much. First, my husband had cancer and lived only one month. Then, my father died and left nothing to his children (only his wife who he married 6 mos. after my mother died). No remants of my childhood or help as a widow. Two of my daughters divorced after abusive marriages. Two grandchildren are being kept from their mother through a criminal court system. Health issues, financial issues, adult children moving in with me with a baby, others living away from me. Most of all, church friends abandoning me through my grief. Only one friend who has taken me for lunch once-in-awhile and emotionally supported me. Lost my church to heresy. Another child just lost job for no reason. Is this world a hurting mess? Yes, and I know why it doesn’t work. I feel like I have been dealt a lot and need encouragement, not only for myself but for my children who are dealing with so much pain. I have given until I am empty. My faith needs bolstering. My God, please show your love through your servants. Send hope my way, as I am so broken today.

    • Dear Ann,
      Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine all the pain. What a lot you have. I know God cares, and yet I know how hard it is to “feel” the care through the massive pain. Bless you. I don’t want to give you trite scriptures or shove an answer your way as none of that really helps you feel understood. I just want you to know that you are heard and that I am praying right now for you that the God of all comfort will comfort you in a way only He can. I pray you will be surrounded by His body and His Spirit so that you will find peace despite your pain. I pray you will be able to grieve well so that you can feel and experience His goodness in that process and beyond it. H. Norm Wright does have a great book “Recovering from losses in life” which has blessed many of my friends who have sustained excruciating grief like the death of a child or other unthinkable pains. I hope that helps. I know God will bring you to mind for me to continue praying over you.

  100. I feel broken even though God is the restorator of ALL. I am standing in the gap for all my five children. I am reaching out for agreement that the Lord will redirect my Childrens path. I have three daughters ranging from the ages of 38, 24, & 18. my 38 year old is addicted to marijuana and has ugly mood swings, at times. she can be very critical with her own children and at times she cusses them out and I see their hurt. i have talked to my daughter about my concern with the children. I understand she is a sinlge parent and it makes it tougher. i have suggested to her to go to parenting classes and to further her education but she does not see a need for parenting classes or furthering her education. She was my first child to rec’d Christ in her life when she was 7 yoa. I didnt know Him and I did not realize what a beautiful step she had taken and at that time I myself was very dysfunctional and on drugs. She grew up seeing me dysfunctional but by HIS grace and mercy i am a different woman now. I tell her i love her and i have asked for her forgiveness fir not being the type of mother she would of have liked to have had. I know she still has some hurts, especilay since her father has rejected her even now that she is an adult.
    My 24 year old I feel has know direction, she has started partying heavily and has started smoking cigarettes and marijuana. She has 2 children and they are currently with their father till she can decide what she wants to do. When i talk to her i tell her I love her and she can come to me anytime. She starts crying. By our conversations i can tell that she feel unworthy of being a mother. I can see she is also hurting but i really cannot pinpoint it. I was hard with her when she was growing up because i did not want her to make the mistakes i made. So i know their is some resentment towards me and i know she felt abandoned when her father left us she was 2years old and she was daddys little girl. how do you tell a 2year old her dad is an alcoholic. So for a long time he was at work till she quit waiting for him at the back door.
    My eighteen year old was my surprise baby. I was not married. i really felt she was going to be a burden, i almost gave her up for adoption and I Thank God i didnt because she has been a joy and now my baby girl has a baby. She started seeing a young man since the age of 14 and when she was 17 when she got pregnant and they had a baby boy who is now a year old. My daughter went to live with her boyfriend and his family when she was pregnant. Things were not good they were constantly fighting and arguing. Because of their constant fighting things out of hand and his mother asked my daughter to leave the baby had already been born. So they move in with me and the fighting between both of them continues. Fighting, arguing , throwing objects, him driving recklessly with my daughter and baby in the car, him threatening her to take the baby because he is mad at her, my daughter scratching him up because he calls her the W word. and my window in my apt broken because of the violence between them. I talked to both of them and i told them they needed to get help or i was going to have to make a report to CPS, which i did. They appointmented me as a supervisor so i could monitor my daughter with the baby. Her boyfriend had to leave my apt. Needless to say my daughter has continued to be with the boyfriend/babys father. She became upset at me because i called the police on him because they were fighting outside the apt and he went to jail because he had warrants. So my daughter had me removed as a supervisor and they had his sister be placed as thesupervisor and my daughter moved in with his sister. CPS does not want the baby around the father alone. So my daughter know this but still contiues to allow the boyfriend/baby father to come around and so does the new supervisor. To not make it any longer the new supervisor called CPS and reported that they were still around the baby fighting. CPS removes the baby and place him in a foster home until 3 mos ago when he was placed with my oldest son and his girlfriend. My daughter still continues the relationship with this young man and I ask the Lord to give her the wisdom and the strength for her to move forward. Their is a big possibility she will be getting the baby back this month when they go to court. CPS is still requesting that she cannot have the baby around him. They continue fighting, and i mean knock down drag outs. They both have been in jail for Domestic Violence. Please help me pray for my girls. love you all

  101. I am a pastor’s wife who has been through so much verbal abuse by parishoners. I can’t seem to please anybody these days and horrible things have been said about me. All I want to do is serve God and help people but the more I give of myself the more people talk about me. I’m at the point where I just don’t want to do this anymore. People in “the world” so to speak, are kinder to me than the christians in my church. An associate pastor wrote an unkind letter about me anonymously but we later found out it was him and when confronted, he confessed he who wrote the letter. I was horrified by the things he wrote! He said he wrote it in a fit of emotion but I know the saying “what’s in the well comes out in the bucket”. The damage has already been done. My husband and I have been nothing but kind to this man and yet he repays us like this! I’m so hurt I can’t and don’t even want to function anymore. Please pray for me as I know God heals all wounds and this prayer today really touched my heart and ministered to me, I just broke down in tears and cried to my Father in Heaven to please help me deal with the bitterness I feel in my heart. I’ve been in ministry 30 years helping people but now I just want to give up and live a “normal life” out of the ministry world.

  102. such pain from so many……..telling another that God loves them- when they do not know Him,or understand his grace does not help, telling another to let go-at the same time, not helpful! It is hard enough when we do know the real and only true Lover of our soul
    I have 2 grown daughters….one has not communicated with me for 8 yr. one really understands need,but like my mother, can`t bring herself to love me….they are both self-centered… I realize more and more that divorce hurts…even though the father had girl-friend,stole money ,went to jail,tried to kill himself when his mother died,!
    But God is real, God is alive and God waits patiently for us to give in! He is the Creator,our only Redeemer, our Sustainer of all.
    Today the prayer for a broken heart- and his timing of it being on my e-mail could not have come at a better time!

  103. This prayer touched my heart so deeply in ways I can’t even explain. I lost my precious daughter to drugs and alcohol when she was 13–today she is 24. For the past 10 years I’ve been reaching out to her in love–the harder I try to show her that love, the harder she tries to keep hating me. I just don’t understand it all and the grief has been overwhelming. I have given her to God, for He understands, and heals the broken and brokenhearted. All I can do now is pray for her which is what God requires–it comforts me to know she is in His hands and He knows best. My greatest prayer is that she will one day give her heart back to Jesus, our precious “Wounded Healer.”

    • Do not lose heart in doing good. Easier said than done, I know! But, when you falter, forgive yourself and then do what it takes to return to hope and to continue praying.
      I pray that you will be renewed in your strength and that you won’t bear this burden alone. There are a few good books about this very topic on Amazon and CBD. I read a great book “When I lay my Isaac Down” that was a blessing. I hope you can find other moms of prodigals to pray with you so you can encourage and bless one another and weep together and find strength in Him together.
      I have a number of friends who have gone through this wrenching pain and all but one of them have children returned to Christ now. It took years for some — over twenty years in one case. Amazingly, the majority of these returned prodigals are in ministry or missions now. They are on fire for Him in a way that many of us are not.
      God wants your daughter and He has His eye on her. I pray you will be able to continue to surrender her to Him. Not perfectly, but consistently. God bless you as you grieve and hope, grieve and hope. Don’t give up on either – grief or hope – as you will bear fruit through this process of surrendering her to him over and over. He is a Redeemer and He will redeem what Satan means for ill. Praying with you, Donna.

  104. June 3, 2012

    I always enjoy reading what people have sent. My mother is 92 years old and has been sick for several months. She has been unable to walk and also her arms have become weak that when she is in a wheel chair does not have the strenght to move it. I am very bless to have a mother like her. She is a christian and was attending church every Sunday until this happen, had to go to the hospital. I always tell her I love her when I call her. My mother lives in a different state than where I live. They have released her from the hospital and now is at my sister’s home. She is taking therapy and a nurse comes twice a week and doctor once a month. I pray for my mother when I go to bed at night, also I am praying in the car when I am driving to work that God will be done on what she needs.


  105. Just when I thought after years of brokeness, that I could never be hurt more, I was wrong. After 9 years of an abuse and infidelity , my ex – Christian husband tried to gain custody of my 3 children to punish me for reporting the abuse. This last year as I battled an unjust court system with very little money, I was able to keep two of my children but lost my oldest to my husband and his new, much younger wife. Now facing Bankruptcy, and trying to heal after heart surgery from a strange arrythmia that was labeled “Broken Heart Syndrome” , I watched my son graduate from 8th grade on Friday night. During the ceremony, I was not recognized as his mother, the step mother was, this after I raised my child, breastfed him, gave him to Jesus, and tried to be the best Christian Mother I could be. I sat in that church during the ceremony, humiliated, and in utter despair, I thought I had done everything right, I looked at the beautiful cross with Jesus on it and I heard Jesus whisper, “You have never been more closer to me than at this moment.” Then, I understood His brokeness, I am living it. Mind you, I am not perfect. I have worked on forgiveness, and felt love for these people that hate me without cause, always praying blessings over them, so that I might heal and one day be worthy of love again. Then out of nowhere, my 12 year old son said, “Mom, don’t worry, you are not alone, Jesus won’t leave you, you are one of his favorites.”I maintained composure but, I cried more this weekend than in all the years combined. Thank you for your beautiful words, they are God-breathed to this single, 7 years (widowed) mom and sister in Christ!
    The timing was perfect!

  106. Within less than a year, my husband’s dear older brother (my husband is the youngest of six siblings) has disappeared before our very eyes. First diagnosed with mild Parkinson’s and about six months ago with something called Lewy body dementia, this loving and engaging Christian man, gifted with many talents for encouraging others and for touching others’ lives, has been erased. We can see him as he sits and stares out the window but can’t gather his thoughts to speak, can no longer dress or feed himself, no longer is strong enough to hold himself up with his legs or feet — much like a child who is just learning to do all these things. It is breaking my husband’s heart to watch this, not to mention our sister-in-law’s, and mine. We have been trying to do what we can to help but we’re becoming so broken ourselves, it is getting harder and harder to help. The only comfort I am finding is in God’s Word and your book, Ann. Please keep us in your prayers, any who will.

  107. I must admit that I have been broken at times due to the fact that I have a special needs son with autism. A parent never imagines in a million years that their child will be affected by a disability. The stress of dealing with my son’s autism is so overwhelming at times and is compounded by the fact that we have no extended family support nearby or a great network of friends that understand what we are going through. We have been trying desperately to help our son with many different therapies and approaches and had finally resorted to medication. Unfortunately that was a nightmare experience and we’re not even sure we want to continue on this pathway. We are at our wits end. I know that there is the promise that God will not allow one to go through anymore than they can handle but sometimes I have to question that? Please keep us in prayer. That we may remain strong through the dark days, celebrate the good days, and find some way to help our son be the best he can be. Thank you and God bless!

    • Lisa,
      I almost logged off and then decided to scroll up to see if there were any needs for prayer and I landed on your post. I can’t imagine your stress. I have worked with disabled individuals for the past 20+ years. It is so draining to be a parent of a child with disabilities. Parenting a non-disabled child is hard enough. I am so sorry to hear about your struggle with medications too. How hard to have given in to that and then have hopes dashed.
      One thing I want to say is that the Bible (God through His Word) never has said He won’t give us more than we can handle. As a matter of fact, as you read through the Bible, you see all the people with WAY MORE than what they could handle. Somehow our American Christianity has fashioned this idea — a self-reliant message cloaked in robes of faith. My experience is that God almost always allows more than we can handle and that is so we will lean on Him. He is no sadist. He doesn’t wish us one drop of ill. He merely knows that we can not handle much and we need Him desparately. He says His yoke is easy and His burden light because when we cast our cares on Him, what is left is the appropriate view of what we can handle and what is definitely in His job description, not ours. I pray right now that you will find rest in Him and learn from Him (for He is gentle and humble) and that He will give you the peace that comes with surrender. I pray that you will live in the day at hand as He teaches us to do so that you can manage what is before you. He knows us well and knows we really can only handle one day at a time. I will pray for you as He reminds me. He does do that. I pray too that you will find family in His body and that they will bear your burdens with you as He has planned and commanded. Bless you, Lisa.

    • I will be praying for you. Autism is such a world to live in. The therapies and medicines, the stress and yet the beauty that it brings to your life. Find the beauty, dig deep and look for it.
      As a quick note, eliminate the toxins in your house (cleaning, personal care, etc) if you haven’t yet, it could help. The safer options are out there and they’re worth the difference they make. I’ve seen it.
      LuvNHugz – SupportNPrayerz!!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Know that our God is faithful and that He shall help you in all the tings you are going through. I know that for sure, because i’ve been also been in that pit.
      I take one day at a time and every day God is helping me through it!
      May our Lord God bless you Lisa.
      I have two songs for you Lisa and i hope they will help you to trust Jesus and Father God. A song sometimes say more than 1000 words can do…..

  108. Yes, I’ve been broken – from childhood. Sometimes, the old familiar pain is so searing that I despair it will never end. But I realize that God will wipe all the tears from our eyes. Recently, as I was encouraging a young man to center his life in the Lord and not in himself, I felt so much of the Lord’s love in my own heart. My mind knows that many things the Lord has for us come to us, as we reach out to others. It was amazing: the love I have always longed for was right in the center of my heart – as the Lord was reaching through me to touch this young man!

  109. I have old wounds which I am bleeding in solitude with God weekly — as a discipline with God. Much healing is coming. It is for freedom that He set us free. He will continue to touch those places in His unrelenting grace so that we don’t “settle” for less than the freedom He died to provide. I love Him more for that.
    The most recent wound came from our church of ten years. There have been four separate pastoral infidelities in the past seven years and one other serious irresponsibility at the leadership level. The approach has been to cover and try to move on. God had our church in the desert and like the Israelites we cried out for meat and for a “king” instead of knowing HE is our meat and the only King we need. Long story short, my husband and I finally came to the point where we knew God was telling us to leave — it came all of a sudden despite our plan to leave slowly while looking at other churches. We were devastated to leave the church where we raised our children and served and have dear friends. It has been excruciating. God has led us to a new church where they abide in Christ and the message is based in abiding. It is a simple (humble) and loving place. We are still so hurt. It will take time to really commit to this church, though we are so glad after five months of moving around seeking a solid fellowship to finally have a place we know God is saying “come here.” As with all wounds, we grow and we touch Him (the fellowship of suffering) and we are molded into His image if we will allow for it. And, a friend sent me the Michael Card CD at just this time with the song “Come lift up your sorrows” … one line echoes in my mind regularly: Come worship Him with your wounds, for He’s wounded too. I have pondered “How, Lord, do we worship you with our wounds? Teach me.” It has been good medicine. Thanks, Ann for your faithful and transparent walk. You bless many by being unpretentious and by reaching upward and outward.

  110. I have never been so close to taking my life as I felt 20 minutes ago. It scared me so bad I got up out of bed and came to the computer where I found your prayer. It made me cry.
    My husband of 52 years is in Long Term Care with Dementia and Parkinsons Disease. I have had back surgery in 2001 – the pain now coming back is more than I can bear. I am on lots of pain killers, I have been to the pain clinic at the University Hospital. It doesn’t help. Since my husband got sick I have tried too hard to help him, lifting him, dressing him until it has ruined my back and legs.
    We have one daughter whose husband can’t be bothered with us. Our Grandson never speaks to us, the church has not acknowledged my cries for prayer for Poul, neither do they go to see him and they have a large seniors club. Poul is from Denmark, I am from Ontario so have no family here. My best friend died of cancer at the time Poul was getting sick. No one calls, I am alone in my mental and physical anguish, God seems so far away.
    I need prayer, I think I can handle most of the mental anquish but the pain is really getting to me.

    • Praying for you sweet Lynne. You are not alone. I love you. God please strengthen Lynne. Hear her cries, ease the pain and anguish. Come meet her and lift her up with You. Please God, send one of Your loving servants to help her in her time of need. We know that You are the only one who can truly bear our hurts, but sometimes we need that physical person to come along side us to help us draw nearer to You and to help lighten the load. Thank You Father. In Jesus’ Name I pray…. Amen.

      Much Love,

    • You’re a beautiful person, Lynne. Believe that with all your heart!! The Lord loves you and is with you every step of the way…even at times when you may not feel Him there. He is ALWAYS with you. Be strong in the Lord, pray, read his Word daily. I’m praying for you and Poul.

    • Dear Lynn,
      I live in a other part of the world, so i can not visit you, but i was praying for you and was asking Father God if there was a song i could send you, to lift your spirit up and i found this one:
      Please, go talk to the pastor of your church and tell him what is going on in your life and in the life of Poul and that you need some help and prayers.
      I know that it is hard to do, because you are disappointed in them….
      But sometimes our brothers and sisters are so busy with their own thing, that they forget to look to others around them and they need to hear that so they can change too.
      May our Lord God bless you and your husband Lynne. He has His arms around the both of you !!

  111. What a wonderful prayer !!. I was thinking about my sister and praying for her. She has been strugging with past and present experiences with her life and she is very hurted. Our earthly father would never pray for us like this. I was just thinking Jesus himself is praying and pleading to our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus will heal her wounds.

    Thanks Ann for the touching the broken hearted ones!!.

  112. when i recieved this email today, it couldn’t come at a better time. My heart is so broken I feel like its never going to heal. I can’t even find the words to write, or even pray.
    i just know every word in your poem is everything i wish i can say. anyone who wants to pray a little prayer for me it would help.
    thank you, judi

    • Hi Judi, I know how it feels to be broken. I have for some time now going through valley experiences, where i feel all alone. People around me judge and condemn, it has me questioning so much recently. But as I hear you speak…i wan to tell you ..god is on your side. He loves you and like Ann said…you are his beloved. I pray that at this time, he will wrap his arms around you and let you know deep within your soul…he loves you and i pray his peace will consume you and give you comfort as you hold on to his word….be blessed.

    • Judi in the eye of the storm, the father speaks PEACE …you are not alone. Many will go thru the fire, but we all will experience the love and protection of the father. Never allow the enemy to allow you to dwell on your weakness’s God really loves you so much and he want’s you to know that.

    • hi there, judi, even in this moment, remember that nothing can separate you from God’s love which is given to us in Christ Jesus our Lord…and that He will never leave you nor forsake you. hold fast to the truths that you know. God is faithful. and–at this time when you feel you have no words to say, or write, or pray–use the Scriptures as your prayers, take beautiful poems&prayers like ann’s here and pray them. maybe psalm 91 or 139…? i and other daughters of the King are praying for you. <3

  113. Thank U for sharing the love of God with brokenhearted daughter like me. What enlighted my heart this morning is this word: “Hiding when you’re hurting won’t heal you and growing isolated can just let infection grow.”
    That’s so true, but I don’t know how to let me loved by people around me and by God. What I know is give give and give. And sometimes I feel like I have no more energy to continue. It’s tiring to get hide everytime and to run away when people try to love you. Sorry for my english, I speak french.

  114. The love of Jesus is my anchor from a bruised childhood of abuse and an abusive and cheating husband. I’m now living in the grace of His loving arms every day, but just one day at a time. My heart is home with Him but that doesn’t mean I have lived an easy life. Each day is a challenge and now that I am 65, I still work for a paycheck blessed with the Lord’s strength and mercy.
    My heart is full of compassion for other women who hurt……….”Sisters, please don’t ever give your life to anyone but Jesus because only He can deliver you from the snare of the world.”
    My help and comfort are in His hands and when I feel the pain of discomfort, I know that God is showing me another challenge to grow even more so I can be full of His grace. Discomfort is a friend to me because I know I am serving Jesus when I am in that place.
    My love for Him reaches out to tell you, He is the AWESOME one!

  115. Please pray with me for my daughter who’s heart has been broken in the loss of her husband to the deadly disease of ALS at 39 years of age. She had a wonderful husband who loved her and their children very much. She and the children miss him so much. She is waiting on God’s timing to allow her to meet someone. She is a strong, godly, beautiful woman who is allowing God to work in her life. God’s grace and mercy sees us through each day. Lord Jesus let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All things are in your hands Father God.
    thank you for your prayers and may God richly bless each of you.

  116. To all the ladies reading this, please be encouraged that GOD is your healer. Having read so many testimonies and experiences on this site I realise that so many women are going thru pain and anguish. I have experienced hurt myself in many ways but with the help of God I am trying to forgive and let go of the pain. I pray for all the hands that have typed the words of their wounds that the holy spirit will minister and breathe the breath of life to dead places in our lives. My his oil of joy replace the burden of heaviness and heartache, massage our bodies with his divine presence….. Please pray for me too that I will fulfill my purpose and destiny in this life as i believe that God has chosen me to heal the broken hearted and to set those who are bound …free. Hold on to his promises, eye’s have not seen, nor have ear’s heard the thing’s that God has prepared for those who love him. Heaven and all it’s splendour awaits us all if we hold on and never let go. Keep your mind embroiled in his word, rest in him, for his yoke is easy and his burden….light. Love to all my sister’s in the Lord. Earnest prayer’s always.

  117. our daughter-in-love died suddenly and unexpectedly on April 19, 2012, while in Germany studying for her PhD. To help me heal, I have my favorite recent photograph of her filling my screen as wallpaper. When i turn my computer on I can greet her for the day and share a little of what my day is bringing to me as i imagine her looking down upon us from up high. her smile warms my broken heart, and she reassures me that she is in a wonderous and amazing place, with Jesus, the love of her life.
    Then at night when I shut the computer down, there she is again, this time asking me how i am doing. We pray together, and she sends me off to bed with that same knowing smile and a sweet and tight “air hug.”

  118. This prayer really spoke to me…as I am dealing with a very wounded heart. My husband and I are currently going through a divorce that I do not want, but he has insisted there is no other choice. There have been many lies that have gone on along with hurtful things that have been said. Looking at him now, I cannot see the same man I married and that is so heartbreaking. Thankfully my faith in the Lord and the love of my two young daughters, my family and a great group of friends are getting me through this one day at a time, but the pain from a broken heart is a horrible thing to endure. One bright light in all this darkness is I have surrendered my life to Lord and re-committed my life to serving Him. I find myself diving in His word every day, praying, listening to podcast sermons, reading devotionals, and attending church on a regular basis. He will get me through this…He has a plan for me…one of hope and a future (Jer. 29:11)

  119. pray for me
    i loved one girl for 4 years and we married in civil after that she started getting proposal at her home so i told her tell ur parents that we are married from that day they hide her made her compltely changed now they filed for divorce and she completely forgot me…they made blackmagic 4 month became…… me ramesh

  120. Dr Charles is a powerful man that bring back my husband our love is stronger than ever and my family is happy …Dr Charles don’t forget about you he always keep in touch make sure all is well after a stress full time with a woman turning my husband away from me. Dr Charles is to thanks for the smile on my face and his wonderful work . If you need his help, contact him via his email address.……………….deby

  121. I have recently went through a divorce after 21 years of marriage. The pain of the betrayal runs deep. The waves of grief hit unexpectedly. There are so many layers of loss to work through. Some days are so grey, but God has been faithful to carry me through each day, one at a time, towards His marvelous Light.

    Remembering WHOSE I am and WHO I am in Christ helps me to press on – into the unknown future ahead.

  122. My name is Rob. I’m 42
    My Girlfriend is 39.
    We are dating 8 months.
    She is my world, and it’s mutual.
    She feels I betrayed her when I talked to her family about her drinking that I was worried about 6 months ago. She just found out. I didn’t hide it, I forgot, since her family did nothing to help. She still trusts me, but is furious I did it and said she can’t get over it and wishes were were the same way we were before this happened, and she thought I was “the one”. I am torn up sad. I love her and she loves me, and she is heartbroken because she saw our future and this ruined it. Please help her understand I did it out of concern. I apologized for the way I did it. Please help. I love her so much ! Thanks !

  123. I was recently given the book One thousand gifts by a person who I feel is an enemy of mine. Not a friend by any means and has hurt myself as well as my family. How should I take that? I am a Christian and do my best to treat others as I should. No. I have not totally forgiven said person but I don’t harbor any feelings toward this person I don’t even ever see this person and suddenly I receive this book by mail. Is this a dig or something? Please advise!

  124. This has really helped, been trying to find something to help my daughter and a her broken heart, and as a mum, need to guide her and Im lost

  125. I have a broken heart from a boyfriend. His words and actions were mostly hurtful over our relationship. He stopped caring and became his true selfish self. I need prayers to get over this as I feel wounded and doubtful that I will find love.
    Please help