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Sarah is a 20-something Texas girl who spends her time having coffee dates with high schoolers and barely surviving Jillian Michaels DVD workouts.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Very powerful. As we near the end of Lent and I whine about giving up sweets and being ready for them on Sunday, I’m reminded how that is so minuscule compared to what Jesus did for us.

    • Jen–I agree. We really have no idea what a sacrifice it really was for Jesus to take our place on the cross. And then he asks US to pick up OUR crosses… not to punish us, but because loss of ourselves means the gain of Christ. Astonishing grace.

  2. Wow!! You are so right…it was when God turned his back on Jesus that the suffering began….the wrath of God. Wow!! I never thought of it this way.

    • Hi Eden! Yes, it’s so easy to forget the main point, and we sometimes glorify the physical suffering while failing to remember the spiritual punishment… the moment that led to the veil tearing in two–the ultimate, pivotal sacrifice. Blessings to you as you stop and reflect on this Good, Good Friday.

  3. This article has hit a spot in my heart, I cannot stop thinking about how honest and full of truth it is. I have never looked at Good Friday in such a way after reading this….thank you!

    • I weep tears of sorrow as I reflect on my sin that separated Jesus from his heavenly Father. The weight that He bore as He hung upon the cross is unimaginable. And yet, I weep tears of joy knowing that He loved me THAT much!  Thank you for your love letter today and a happy and blessed Easter to you and your family.

  4. Your article really touched my heart! What a great reminder going into the weekend. It really does mean everything…blessings!

    • Jennifer–thank you for your sweet words. May God continue to change all of us and open our eyes to see the Truth of his sacrifice–it just makes the resurrection that much more triumphant.

  5. “The real suffering on the cross was when the Father turned away from the Son and strapped our sin on Jesus’ back and inflicted the punishment that sin deserves and we’ll never know.”

    Sarah, I’ve not heard it more beautifully said. Thank you for sharing your heart today. You’ve challenged us all to stop and really seek what this day means for us.


    • Katie!! I am so glad you stopped by! Thank you! Yes, I’m challenged as well. I need to remember this truth every. day. I get WAY too caught up in frivolous, earthly, fading things. Love you friend!

  6. Amazing & timely post!

    Our church celebrates communion each Sunday. We have a communion meditation that can go through any and every aspect of what Jesus did for us that day! It isn’t just the bread & wine–it’s the part where the father forsakes His ONLY SON for our sakes! WOW!! What a testimony!

    Like you I could never ever endure pain like that & then have those same people turn away from you periodically–yet He keeps forgiving us always and forever! What a love that is!

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  7. Insightful, powerful, memorable, riveting….I’m thankful that I read this before Easter Sunday. “What a friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear….”

  8. […] But he did die. And maybe the most shocking thing isn’t that he died, it’s that he died while maintaining the pulse of a powerful, all-consuming love for us. This is the difference between him and me. I’m still carrying around my flesh and heaping blame on everyone around me for the universal brokenness of this world that I partake in as much as anyone else. […]