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  1. Thank you, you’re insightful to pray those words. I need to learn to give more of my events to the Lord. Love <3

  2. “As long as we believe that our lives are about us, they’ll never be as fulfilling as we think they ought to be or as fulfilling as God intended for them to be.” Amen! I’m learning this slowly but surely. Great post!

  3. Toiya,

    I can completely understand where you are coming from. As I go to & through my work place almost daily, it feels like I’m was walking through a minefield. Don’t know if it is me–my attitude about how work has completely changed & I’m doing a totally different job than what I was hired to do. When it happens–I try to immediately say a prayer & ask forgiveness.

    “Lord, I cannot do this on my own. Help me to do what You want done, how You want it done, and when You want it done. I am here in this (university clinic) so You can work through me for Your purposes, not mine.” –Love this prayer!

    Perhaps God will one day show us His purposes for what he’s putting us through right now. We need to learn to bloom where He has planted us and be good Christians!

  4. Such a wonderful message from your devotional. I know the only way to find purpose and peace is to pray for God’s guidance. His life within my spirit will grow and bring transformation in my life that I might exhibit the life of Christ. Through all the negativity in this world, we are pruned,and experience the dying to self that makes us vessals the Lord can use to advance His Kingdom. My prayers must be continuous and impact all areas of my life. Praying will bring us into light to be used by our Lord.

  5. thank you so much for sharing this – it totally resonated with my day today. so simple, but often hard to remember when caught in the moment. i need to remember things in a kingdom perspective daily…hourly…minute by minute!

  6. This is wonderful. Oh, the photograph is just amazing. And your words are ecouragement. A wonderful way to end this day. I am grateful you shared this. Thanks again. I will look for more of your posts. Blessings