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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Great post, Robin! I find I am blessed as much if not more by being a friend. Your list is a wonderful bed of seeds from which other ideas will sprout. One outreach I’ve used is sending texts. I’ve always had an aversion to texting, but was forced into it when my boys got cell phones. Now I find it a super quick way to share a little love and encouragement to them, other family, and friends. Texting should never take the place of in-person or a handwritten note, but it’s easy, free, and says “You’re important to me.” Have a blessed Easter.

    • “…wonderful bed of seeds from which other ideas will sprout…” Yes! I hope so!!

      And I agree about texting; as a mom of older teens, it’s sometimes the best way to reach my kids; and it means a lot when I receive a love note I didn’t expect that way. But also wise of you to point out not to take the place of better ways to say ILY xo :).

      • By Best friend knows that I am hurting with joint pain… He knows of a specific cream that works and has mailed me tubes of this cream before… this past Friday.. he brought me the cream and spent the whole day with me and my family…. I had the best time… I can’t remember having a better weekend all year…. Truly the gift of time in a friendship is tops!!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! It’s good to have other reach out to us AND to BE the one to reach out to others! Your list reminded me of last fall when my dad fell and broke his hip — we learned several great lessons and I shared them here (http://wp.me/p1Ut5W-3e). One of the key things we learned was “Pay attention: some classic line will emerge.” Friendship is like that too! There are certain phrases that can communicate so much more than those simple words! Amy

    • Amy,

      How wonderful that you’ve learned how to see purpose even in the hardest of times; paying attention is so key toward that end. Great reminder.

  3. My wonderful friend and her daughters invited me for an Incredible week-end away to an awesome resort. It included my very massage & spa experience, first time playing laser tag, first time hiking for almost ten miles, & my first horse back ride. This family has touched my family so very much in this incredibly difficult past year and a half of our lives =]

  4. Oh my stars, Robin. This list is marvelous. Simple, beautiful ideas to show a little love and just maybe begin a genuine, kindred-spirit friendship. I love your heart, your words, Y*O*U! Happy Easter, dear friend.

    • Kristen,

      🙂 Ooops, you did it again–blessed my bunny slippers off!

      “genuine, kindred-spirirt friendship” is my favorite.


  5. God knows just what we need…thank you so much for this *beautiful* post, Robyn! It spoke volumes to my heart, and I am so convicted to act on it. Blessings to you and your this Easter!!

  6. This is a wise, practical, beautiful and IMPORTANT list. I love it. Thank you, I will refer to this. I think any of us would love to have a friend like this- and the key is to BE that kind of friend!
    I have found I have to be deliberate – so I make an effort to have coffee with a few different women that I’d like to get to know better- but it has been sporadic. After reading this, I realized I should do this on a more regular basis.

  7. Happy Easter Robin, How marvelous ans awesome that I read this today. I am so glad that you have shared these seeds with me, with all who read your post. I will take to heart what you have written and while I have in the past sent notes to friends and relatives, i have somewhat lost doing this with the new “texting technology”, but will put it back into practice as you are so right, it is nice to receive a “thinking of you note” instead of bills! Real short I will tell you that I had been praying for a friend, and one day she text me and said she wished she had wings to fly away, (mind you we had not seen each other or communicated in about three years, long story) So I text her back and told her “me too, you want to go to the beach sometime?” I was bold enough to ask her, but did not think she would respond. She text back, “yes, would love to, when.” A week later we went (this was in January), and we have renewed our friendship, it was so AWESOME, how God worked in this. Then another friend that I have had for 40 years (tells you how old I am, huh?), well I told her my story about how God sent me a butterfly in my desperate need (long story), I did not think that she had paid attention, but a couple weeks laters, she sent me a magnet with two hands holding a butterfly with the verse “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. It is a perfect gift and is on my frigde. I thank you Robin for sharing this thoughts on friendship and I will most definitely used them. God bless you, Happy Easter!

    • Oh, Irene…BOTH of your stories gave me chills! These are the kind of things that speak GOD and GRACE into my life! He knows what we need, doesn’t he??

  8. I found out my new friend at church’s daughter had just had an operation on her eye, her daughter is only 5 and I also was very aware how brave the parents of J were so I gave her a beautiful box with the word dream on, filled it with a small jewellery box I had and lots of pretty papers. From the blessing to her I got a tonne of blessing back.

    The little girl J was overjoyed and her mum was so happy.

    We are all meeting up in a couple of Sundays time. I reached out to a family and they reached back to me, thankyou for supplying blessings Lord.

    Friends when we reach out you never know what you’ll get back but I guarantee you will be blessed. The saying goes to get a friend, be a friend, be encouraged ladies love lots vicki xx

  9. Several times when my mother was in the hospital people at church, who didn’t know her, would stop by and check in on her–even after a long day of work and a long trip home.

    My pastor has driven 30 or so miles to my parents house and rebaptized my father (dunked in water) at a local church of same denomination. He came over and wrote and performed a beautiful funeral for her on the spur of the moment and the church fed my family. The pastor has since been over to see dad & visit with him. They are amazing people at Blue Spring Christian Church!!

    My in-laws are wonderful also. When mom died they invited my dad for Thanksgiving and Christmas that year and every year since. He also comes over at Easter. The step-mom always has extra food for him to take home. They are kind, gentle loving people.

    Love everyone!

  10. Can I say that this list was actually really convicting? I love it and plan to use it to help me along in my “good intentions that never seem to go anywhere” personality. Thank you for an actual LIST. Sometimes I want to do “something” but have no idea what. Your list is a wonderful jumping off point. And right after I read your post I emailed good friends we haven’t seen in a good time and invited them to dinner. Thanks for the kick in the behind. 🙂

    • Michelle,

      YAAAEEEEE!!! But it was a gentle kick, right? You have NO idea how happy your response makes me. I mean, I didn’t even get the dinner invite but it feels like I did! Thank you for your words of encouragement back to ME! 🙂

  11. Thank you, Robin, for all the good ideas. I am going to try and put them into practice. I moved states a year ago and haven’t found any close friends yet and realise I’ll have to do something about it. When I think of all your ideas I realise I don’t know where people from church live and neither do I have anyone’s phone numbers. BUT I will pray and ask the Lord to give me some creative ideas.

    • Denise,

      Start small, start with one. Be bold. Pray for the strength to rest in the Lord and for His wisdom and direction. I’m praying over you as I read and reply even now :). xo

    • Kaitlin,

      Know what’s fun about finally getting around to replying to these comments? I’M BLESSED AGAIN!! Your use of all caps? Well, it’s like amazing cookies being left on my desk for no reason. Love! 🙂

  12. I’m not very good at anything task-oriented and so my friend stopped at the library, picked up tax forms and informative books, and brought them to my house, saying she would help me figure it out. So. Loved. So practical.


  13. In reading this, I am amazed at how easily I can still drop the ball on being a friend. Coming from a background where I was groomed to be very picky and judgmental of people, even friends, I have been a season of re-learning how to be a friend (rather than always looking for them). It is a very different mindset, and this post reminded me of that. Thank you for this reminder. I needed to be challenged to sharpen up how I am a friend to others that I have….and have yet to make. 🙂

    • Marni,

      It blows my mind how EASY it is to lose your way with regard to friendship; I think arrogance played a part in my own forgetfulness. But at least there’s purpose in my rocky journey, at least I think there is. I think I’m seeing that in this entire comment thread :). Thanks for weighing in and affirming me through your perspective.

  14. Loved this! I know we all get busy with our daily lives but this was such good reminder that if we want to have a friend we first need to be a friend. Loved the suggestions… I enjoy making cards and have tried to make it a point to send a “hello” to friends just to encourage them and remind them that they are in my thoughts.