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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I love this! I just posted on my blog a letter to my daughter on being beautiful and this resonates with me. I did Beth Moore’s study too and it stuck in my mind how few women grow up to actually believe they are beautiful even if we’re told by our loved ones that we are. Our image of ourselves can get so tainted. How we need to hear this message of seeing ourselves through God’s eyes. This touched my heart. Thank you.

  2. Our church book club is getting ready to select our next set of books. This looks like an excellent choice. Thank you!

  3. My pastor did this great sermon out of Ephesians that this post reminded me of.

    He modeled it after the best-seller SIT. WALK. STAND.

    (and they’re in order…you can’t jump ahead!)

    You must SIT and rest your heart in the Lord and trust His promises

    You must WALK your daily life in accordance with His word


    May you STAND and make a true difference in this world (and the one up there too)

  4. For some years I thought I had ‘no voice’. I spoke, wrote and thought positive, happy and accepting…it felt invisible to have needs for my families well being and safety met. Girls and women in society today, children and men too, might be ignored by someone who hurts but it is so important to recognize thu are loved by God just the same and that their own pain is real. God’s love is big enough that no one need be invisible. I loved this story today, it blessed me.

  5. “being seen despite the feeling of being unnoticed.” Whew…precisely said to hit the nail on the head. I loved your description of that.

    And that book…world-rocker of a book isn’t it? There just aren’t adjectives that do it proper justice to a girl like me, who the book may as well have been titled “Leigh – get with it and say So Long Insecurity!” It probably wouldn’t have sold as many copies, but oh well.

    OH may we never — ladies NEVER run ahead and settle for less. Oh my heart, do not do it. Thank you for your words Amber.

  6. Sometimes I feel invisible. Like no one really notices what I do, say or think. I know that God hears & sees all that I do and He cares for me.

    I would tell young women to forget the images you see on TV & magazines. Be your wonderful, God given self, the person God made you to be. He knows you intimately. Love yourself and others as God does!

  7. That is what I said when I starte Be strong, Be beautiful, be yourself on Facebook a few years ago Beth. Though the group never ‘took off’ I have held to the belief that God loves us, our broken yet beautiful families and those who hurt so much they victimize without comprehending even how that immeasurable love could heal their hurt. Psalm 139 does say it most beautifully!

  8. I have found myself coming back to this blog today, it is a needed reminder of God’s love for us and those we love who hurt. I will also take “to trust His timing” for that key today. It really is about trusting in that and a greater wisdom, a bigger picture that what we can see isn’t it? Thank you.