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Hi, I'm Kaitlin! I am a full-time working mom in California. I have an amazing nurse-to-be husband, a 1-year-old son climbing on my couch (and pulling my hair), and a passion for writing. I love God and feel like even though my story isn't "good enough" (I'm a bit of...

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  1. There is a prayer out there that says something like this:

    Since Jesus isn’t here on earth we need to be His:

    eyes that see compassion,
    hands that hold and heal,
    feet that walk to help each other,
    heart that loves unconditionally,
    and a mind that unceasingly prays.

    My goal is not perfection but to let Jesus live through me.

    Some days are better than others!

    • I love that prayer!

      And, yes, some days are MUCH better than others!

      Christians live two kinds of days: extraordinary and ordinary.

      Thank God that most are ordinary, because the extraordinary would lose that little “extra”

  2. So simple and so insightful. This is an awesome post – and it helps me with another way to approach conversations I have with a friend of mine Jewish by hertitage and Buddhist by choice. She is always trying to assert that we believe essentially the same things. In fact, we believe completely opposite – she thinks we are born perfect, mess up along the way and spend the rest of eternity trying to get back to perfection and achieve Nirvanah…where of course we assert that we come into this life imperfect and have only to trust and believe that God in his perfection loves and forgives us in order to enter heaven – there is nothing we can do to earn heaven or ‘achieve’ that perfection. Perhaps relating this thought to her, she can finally grasp this essential – and immensely freeing – difference!

  3. I like the post. It’s good to know that Jesus is making us holy and if we allow Him to complete that work, we’ll be like Him. What would have been impossible in our own strength is possible in His.

  4. I appreciate the logic in this that draws the line between humanity and Heaven. I was a non-believer for most of my life, often citing the same reasoning of hypocracy as relayed in the message. Once the Holy Spirit started His work, my logical self found Jesus to be the “variable”… the “unknown” … the missing piece to my life’s equation. :

    Erica + X = LIFE

    And I never knew what “X” equalled… I didn’t know true LIVING … until I filled in Jesus. Conceptually, the same, without the Pythagorean Theorem (a2 + b2 = c2) which dictates that, if A=B, then C > A and B (where C is the hypotenuse). Maybe then, in the original analogy, A and B are us and our meager earthly means by which we strive for holiness and C is Jesus who not only connects or bridges the gap between our limited understanding and devine knowledge, but maintains supremecy in that HE IS ALWAYS BIGGER than anyhting we can imagine and MORE THAN we can hope for. He finished and perfected our “right” triangle. He made us whole. Amen!

  5. I think in a way, if we weren’t striving to be like Jesus then we would be even more hypocritical. Preaching something, but not living it. Can you imagine a world where NO ONE was striving to be their best? I think that is down right scary.

    I like to think that as I strive to be like Jesus, though I’ll never attain perfection, like Him, I will have caused Him that much LESS suffering. It’s a nice thought anyway…

  6. Kaitlin,

    First off excellent post! We need to let Jesus shine through us. As the song goes we need to be “His hands, feet, & go where He sends us to whomever”.

  7. I am in no way trying to be rude! But, the sentence “If A = B and B = C then A = C” is not the Pythagorean Theorem….It’s called the Transitive Property of Equality.

  8. Hello Kaitlin, the Pythagorean theorem came into mind this morning when I thought of a friends distressed marriage, and thus I found this older post. The Lord is so good to direct us to information we need. I believe my very intelligent christian friend will understand this theorem in terms of her relationship with her husband and our Savior Jesus. God’s blessings to you and to your family. (And in life, when in doubt, add more Jesus)