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  1. As the Apostle Paul said, if the resurrection is not true, we of all people are to be pitied, for then we have no hope of eternity. May the love of the cross make sense to us and live deep in the chasm of our soul, may we be the living sacrifices we are called to be, living epistles for which the world can read the love of Christ in us and seek His face because we live and move and have our being in Him.
    Mrs. J.

  2. Lent is a little known season before Easter. It is a time to sacrifice/give up something in order to get closer to God.

    I love the picture. Was out west in between NV and AZ driving to Grand Canyon. Beautiful country with few if any buildings or people around. Would love to live out there!

    Peter told the first disciples/Christians at Antioch…Repent and be Baptized all of you for the remission of your sins. Acts 8:38

  3. i keep getting mails from you. but the truth of the matter is that i never subscribed to your site.

    i would like not to recieve any more mails from yousite anymore.

    thank you.

  4. The Kingdom of God is DEFINITELY at hand!
    This Lent we are closer than any Lent before to the time Jesus comes back, so this Lent we are closer before to coming into our positions to rule and reign as His Own in this world. This Lent, many of us are taking a stand against the endless tide of abortion in our nations – 40 days for Life – and crying out to God to free women who think their only way out of a difficult situation is to end the pregnancy to find their trus freedom in Jesus, and allow Him make a way where there seemed to be no way. Crying out to God to shake the policy makers, the law makers, the service managers, the professionals, who make abortion such a “norm”, so “easy”. Crying, in the wilderness, for every life – babies, mums. dads, siblings, professionals, law makers …..
    Repent – the Kingdom of God IS at hand,
    Here in UK the Family Planning Association have launched a “40 days for choice” to counter the efforts! $0 days to PROMOTE abortion! What a good example of the kingdom of this world coming up with a counterfeit to God’s Kingdom, and marketing it as a better alternative!
    Google the 40 days for life – a beautiful, thought provoking devotional for every day, and no doubt a vigil point near you if you want to get in touch with local organisers and stake a visible stand.
    Bless you for reading this. May God give you opportunities for Him to be ambassadors of Light and Life in this Lent and always.

  5. Oh yes. Even though I’m not Catholic, I treasure the Lenten season as a reminder to draw close to God and to ponder the sacrifice of Christ. Sometimes we have to look at the dark stuff to really appreciate the good.