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Lives in So. CA as a wife, mama to 5, and L&D RN. Her passion is to help others find mercy and grace in their everyday moments and be set free.

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Oh what a beautiful and encouraging post. God really does care about the little details of our lives. And the way He brings us those blessings always amazes me. Yes, you are loved. He cares for you!

  2. “You, my child are loved,
    And you matter,
    And I have great things in store for you.”

    What a beautiful reminder from Him…to your heart and through your friends.

    I love how faithful He is…in EVERY SINGLE DETAIL.

  3. What an uplifting post Jacque. Yes, God cares even at the most littlest things in our daily life, little thing that most of the time we took for granted 🙂 Like what Barbie said, how He brought or remind us about those blessings…..are a blessings themselves….

    All good things,

  4. i love seeing what he is doing in people’s lives. i am reminded that he is carrying out his good, pleasing and perfect will for every. person.

  5. oh how I long to live tuned to His heart…to be able to do just small simple acts that shows another how much He love them…
    great post…spurs me on…

  6. Yes. God is good. You write with such poetic beauty what my heart feels. Let us pass it on, this kindness we have been blessed with.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I love the hand-written love too, but, yes, I’ll take it in texts and tweets, too! I love how all these things came at just the right minute, and am so glad it served as a reaffirmation of His sweet love, and those friendships unfolding. So good to hear your heart here today, Jacque.

  8. Jacque,

    What an uplifting and inspiring post. This inspires me, as well as God’s nudges, to write people little caring notes. You never know how much it can brighten someone’s day just to know someone cares about them and their problems!

    Thanks for the post!

    • You are so welcome! And it is so true, never underestimate the power we have to be the conduit of hope to someone else–through little gestures of kindness, which God can orchestrate for their heart’s encouragement at just the right moments. May you find much joy in writing your sweet notes!

  9. I had a friend do that for me last fall as I sat by my dad’s bedside after we pulled him off life support. It took 16 days for him to go, and they were the longest 16 days of my life. But my sweet friend sent me a text every single day encouraging me and praying for me. I can’t even begin to say how much that helped during that dark time. Now, when I feel that prompting from God – I act on it. You never know that your words will come just at the right time.

    • You are so right…we never know when our words will come at just the right time, and make such a big difference to a friend. I’m with you, let’s act on the promptings and be used by Him to become the blessing!

  10. my husband died 2 l/2 years ago. i don’t drive. so for the past 2 1/2 years one of my friends has picked me up and taken me shopping. i told her if she ever gets tired of this to let me know. We both help each other in this life. thank you Vicky for all that you do for me.

  11. I have a friend who sends me cards from time to time, filled with scripture and encouragement. For no reason at all other than just to bring me joy. It’s such a blessing…a gift from God!

  12. I love this post!
    Just a little encouragement is usually all it takes to pick me back up again, a text message or Post-It note is a treasure.
    Reminds me that I must write more words of encouragement to my dear ones, too.

  13. I have been overwhelmed by love and friendship – people, time and time again, and it is in such moments that I am reminded, I Am Rich!
    It is in these times that I have most recognized God’s love.