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Renee Swope is a Word-lover, heart-encourager, and grace-needer. She's also a wife and mom of three Joshua (27), Andrew (24), and Aster (13) and the best-selling author of "A Confident Heart" and her newest book, "A Confident Mom," released in February! Renee loves making memories with her family, creating beautiful...

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  1. What I could relate to most is the tendency of focusing on the one negative criticism or remark instead of many positive remarks and compliments. I actually relate to much of the article, but I chose the one thing that sang to me the loudest out of the chorus of discouragements and doubts.

  2. I can relate to most of the post…. being a bible study teacher to junior high boys and girls, some days it’s so hard for me to feel like I got it together… trying to teach on all that God can do for them, yet feeling inadequate to teach on faith because doubt overtakes me being unemployed and not being able to find employment is just one of those things….

  3. ….”Maybe God is leading you to do something but doubt has convinced you you’re not smart enough or gifted enough.” We are studying Experiencing God in our Sunday night small group and this sentence as well as the story of Gideon rang true to what we are studying. Reading this post made me think about how well this book would go along with our small group study. It is great to see how God is working in our lives when we have a confident heart and let Him be the center of our lives and all we do.

  4. What I could relate most when reading this post……wanting my light to shine bright then remembering its His light that shines thru me..I must believe. His way is perfect. My thoughts are not His thoughts. His ways are not my ways. Thank you.

  5. Oh, I can so relate to the point where the negatives sneak in and become my focus instead of the positives. I get a “should I” complex worrying about whether I should or could do something and then if or how it was received. I guess that rather than questioning the ideas I end up with I should just run with them more often. I feel like my inspiration comes from a good place with good meaning anyway. Thanx, you have no idea how much this post helped already!

  6. comparisons causing self-doubt in my abilities as a teacher. And that I must filter those thoughts through God’s perspective… which is Truth!

  7. “realizing He wasn’t going to do it…”.
    When He doesn’t answer that prayer for confidence, I’m a mess and doubt why I said yes in the first place!
    Great post! Can’t wait to read the book!

  8. What I related most to was wanting a zap of confidence. Socially I am not gifted and so many times I have asked God to just let me have the confidence and skills to be “like everyone else.” Instead (so far anyway) he has broken my heart for what breaks his…he wishes I were not so anxious about communication and brought me to a point where I realized if I REALLY wanted it then I was going to need to work at it.

  9. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…just how crippling doubt can be. How important it is to remember that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength =]

  10. I related more than I realized by this entire post. It was like I woke up after going to bed just last night praying God would help me wiht this very thing and here He was on my FB page reminding me I am his daughter. Bought with a price, redeemed and set free. What I have to give to others in ministry no one else can. My calling is unique and my days and moments of influence are ORDERED by HIM before I was even born. So thank you. I would love to read this entire book. I found great comfort in just the post! God Bless! Cmogles@gmail.com

  11. “I needed to figure out what triggered my self-doubts and led me into such a yucky place of uncertainty.”

    I find myself here more often than I would like to admit…in regards to not only myself but my family as well. I doubt God’s goodness for our lives and if he really has a plan for us…or if we are just going to continue to struggle and lose. It is such a “yucky” place to be and I too need to figure out what it is inside of me that is leading me to this place because it isn’t god!!

  12. What I can relate to most about this post is comparison. I always seem to compare myself to others–that I’m not good enough, equipped enough, strong enough, etc. Not like the other people I am around. It is indeed a yucky place.

  13. I can relate most to that feeling of being frozen from fear of failure. So often in my life I just doubt my abilities to succeed. Thanks for this inspiring post.

  14. I have battled the “shadow of self-doubt” for so long, but I also haven’t stood on what God has said about me. I guess that would be the problem, huh? Thanks for sharing your struggle!

  15. It is hard to pick just one thing I related to most in this post. I think that in general just awakening to the fact that I believe LIES that Satan creeps in and I need to cling to God’s Truth instead. Thank you so much for your encouragement and the opportunity to win the book! :0)

  16. Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.
    I am seeing new level of my insecurities…I was a bit discouraged the other night when talking about this with my husband…I was embarrassed because I felt like I was having feelings of a girl in junior high…and i am in my 50’s…. I started in a deep hole of self hatred and God has brought so much healing…I just have more freedom to be gained…so thankful for His Love…

  17. I DO think insecurity is a negative emotion – I can’t see how it can be positive? I realize God does grow us through pain but doubt has been a constant companion of mine most of my life & most of the time I just try to ignore it.

  18. Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt This is an area i have always struggled with. I could never be good enough as a child and now these 3 areas are places that I find myself still struggling with. My desire is to see God’s perspective and not my own doubt.

  19. …the fact that usually it is about what God wants to do in me rather than what He’s called me to do. I tend to get wrapped up in the overwhelming task and forget to focus on the reality that He has already equipped me.

  20. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… the part about comparing. Every time I feel good about myself , which doesn’t happen very often, other people come to mind. And I feel like a deflated balloon.

  21. What I could relate to most in this post is I am confident that God’s promises are true but maybe not for me. It is hard to feel confident when you stay in a valley. Fearful that he is finished with me

  22. The self comparison which leads to negative thinking. I so often find myself short changing my abilities because I am comparing myself to someone else.

  23. Comparing my self to others, wondering if what I do is good enough…
    oh, and the one negative comment, even in a flurry of postive ones, that will start my mind playing out so many scenerios!…Yuck!

  24. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… the comparing myself to others and falling short. I look at other women and wonder what I am doing wrong or that I am just not good enough.

  25. What I could relate most to is how feelings of fear, doubt and insecurity have plagued me my whole life and I’m in my fifties….that’s a long time! I was just doing a word study on the opposite meanings for fear, doubt and insecurity and then opened my email to read this post! Amazing how God works! So even if I’m not the winner, which I hope I am, this is a book I will be buying because I know I’m supposed to read it!

  26. The comparison Trap is the enemy working hard on all of us to get us to doubt ourselves in anyway possible. It is so easy to fall into… but I try to remind myself often that if we threw our “issues” in a big pile with everyone that we compare ourselves to, we would pick ours back up in a heart beat.
    Self doubt has always been a huge roadblock in my life and over the last few years it has gotten better, i always enjoy reading what you have to say on the matter and would love to win a copy of your book!!!

  27. What I can relate to most about reading today’s post is.. When she pointed out the example of “Perhaps you wanted kids and now you have a family, but now you question if you have what it takes to be a good mom.”. That is a struggle of mine very often, always feeling like I’m a failure as a mom. I come to my breaking point of self doubt but God always reminds me who I am in Him. This book would be such an encouragement to read! God Bless!

  28. The think I can relate to most about this post is the comparison and criticism. I have lived my entire life (from first grade on) comparing myself to others and only hearing the negative in everything. Just reading this post gives me hope that change is available and that it’s okay if it doesn’t happen over night. This book is obviously something I need to dive into!! Thanks for the opportunity to win and for all the encouragement I find on this site. 🙂

  29. Feelings of criticism – I seem to get all caught up and truly grabbing hold of me not being good enough….then I have to remember God’s word…..that is the only thing that helps me – to read the Truth!

  30. I struggle daily with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. I wonder am I good mom, am I making the right decisions for my three girls, is my self doubt rubbing off on them. Ugh….it is almost overwhelming at times and can make me just want to shutdown and shutoff. As we begin this lenten season I have decided to not give up anything, but rather give more of my time to God, while praying that in this time He will deepen my understanding and faith! Thank you God for giving us Grace..because I sure do need it 🙂

  31. What I can relate to most in this post is Just how easy the enemy clouds our thoughts…that he distracts us with an issue so that we take our eyes off him….Thank you for the shadow comparison, it is so true and such a daily battle…Thanks be to God that he has showed himself to us and that he doesn’t with hold anything….I have been in so many struggles and get off path so quickly and try to stand on my own two feet and think of ways to fix it instead of fixing my eyes on our savior…Thank goodness he is there waitng on me to realize my need for him…I had read in a bible study, I think Beth Moore what you had posted I not only believe in God but really believe him.. I am praying to help me in my disbelief every day! Your book sounds amazing and have already shared with my work place your blog..We used it as our devotional this morning. Thank you for writing what God is showing you!

  32. ……when doubt tells me I can’t do something because it’s too hard. We do short-term crisis care for children through Lydia Home. Even though I believe God has laid this ministry on our heart, I never, ever thought it would be as hard as it is. Every situation and family is unique–throw in a healthy dose of my selfishness and it’s a recipe for “Did You really think I could do this?”

  33. What I can relate with the most is …
    that frightful feeling that God has something big and exciting He wants me to do. But I feel small and boring, so I sit. I succomb to doubt’s paralyzing effect and choose to believe my perceptions in stead of God’s promises. If it’s so easy for me to give up, perhaps I ought to realize God has something big and exciting He wants to do IN ME or THROUGH ME. Since He IS big and exciting, all I have to do is GIVE UP my desire for false safety and fake control.
    Thanks for the devotional kick in the pants:)

  34. thank you for your poignant words today! i so needed to hear them as my heart is heavy right now in this moment. i got teary eyed just reading your testimony of faith and persevering through self doubt. what i could relate to the most was letting one person, one harsh statement standing taller and more important than the hundreds of positives! i am often humbled later when i realize the message loud and clear that it is as He wills it. blessings! often

  35. I could relate when you talked about conflict in relationships and whether you felt qualified to minister because of how you’ve had failings in that area with the conflicts. Also, when you got feedback on your project, and all you could focus on was the one seemingly major negative criticism, instead of the good feedback. It’s easy to lose confidence in this way.

  36. I can relate to thinking the insecure emotion was negative, but God used it to lead you (and me) to truthfully seeking Him concerning this area and the root issues. I am learning to view emotions, whether good or seemingly bad and created by God for a purpose. After all God shows emotions, His rejoicing over us with love, Jesus weeping over Jerusalem, over Lazarus’ tomb. So let us all look through His perspective whenever emotional responses rise up and give Him thanks, nothing is wasted as we walk in His Kingdowm ways! Thanks, this was so encouraging!

  37. I focused on your comment, “Asking Him if there are lies you’re believing that need to be replaced with His truth.” It’s so easy to go on a downward spiral that gets out of control by replacing what I know to be true with the “what ifs” that essentially are lies of doubt. Thank you for the reminder.

  38. This post is so full of things I can relate to. I have always struggled growing up with insecurities and as I got older I thought I had figured myself out and became more confident. Now that I am even a little more older, I realize that my insecurities are so rooted deeply that it doesn’t take much for them to come to the surface and cause me struggle with who I am, what I can do and the value I have in this place. I hate to even admit that…it makes me feel so needy.

  39. this says it all for me in a nutshell: ……change your thought process by focusing on His thoughts towards you, instead of your thoughts about yourself.

  40. The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect! As I am preparing to present training and encouragement with a fellow leader for my team of consultants this weekend I have felt paralyzed by comparison of her very real skills in organization and teaching. I even started to slowly transfer the leadership of the day over to her by delegating more and more of the teaching, while only keeping the encouragement portion. The problem is that God called me to teach this weekend and I’ve prayed daily for the equipping to do it.
    I can’t wait to read this book!

  41. I relate to pretty much the entire thing. I have often allowed a criticism or insecurity to make my entire day become negative. I too have often asked God to just “fix it”. . . and have seemed to get no response . . . (or not the response I wanted).

  42. Why is it so easy to hear the criticism (and let it affect us), while we pass over the usually more plentiful compliments? It’s a weird perception of humility, I think…

    But I think it’s me who is my biggest critic. Maybe it comes from comparing, but I’m not completely sure.

  43. I related to all the post i struggle constantly with feeling like im not good enough just when i think i can muster up the courage to do finally do something a thought comes and just sets me back again and again..being a christian i should have more confidence but i dont and it seems like this is a stronghold in my life..i thought my past was what it is my past but evidently it still there…

  44. I can relate most to is the paralyzing fears of inadequacy. I let my failures in the past make me think I can never overcome those things. I know I have to give it to the Lord and replace the lie with the truth of His Word.

  45. What I could relate to most is the feeling of doubting God’s promises. With a daughter in constant pain from Juvenile Arthritis, I start to struggle with ‘Is God really hearing my prayers? And is there something I am doing wrong?’ Really look forward to reading this!

  46. The last two postings have really stopped me in my tracks. My life right now is a tsunami of doubt and second guessing every thing I do. I long to know how to develop both backbone and a thicker skin without losing my heart and creativity. Walking away from it all … at times seems like the only solution.

  47. I used to do a lot of public speaking but several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition in my vocal chords. When i speak I sound like I’m going to cry. I really took a hit on my self-confidence. But I am realizing that God can use me whether my voice shakes or not and Satan is loving it when I step back from glorifying God through sharing experiences.

  48. Immediately I remembered Gideon, a man who was also called by God yet paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy. This sentence hit me very strongly. My adorable son was paralyzed due to cerebral palsy, would I really choose to be paralyzed by a lie rather than the truth of God’s call. NO WAY!

  49. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was the idea of getting to the bottom of my self-doubt. What are the triggers? Obviously, specific situation has taken place this week that makes this seem very, very necessary.

  50. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was when one negative comment overshadows all of the positive feedback. That’s perfectionism for you. Then, the part about questioning if I have what it takes to be a good mom. I’ve always been more of an “old soul”, even as a kid, so I’m often working out of my weakness when it comes to being playful for long stretches of time.

  51. This blog touched my inner heart. I have been feeling sad about myself as a result of being married to a very negative person. Even tho I have many accomplishments that I am proud of it seems like an uphill battle not to be discouraged by negative vibes that wear on my self esteem. My commitment to marriage is strong and I strive for God’s will in my life. I am an encourager by nature to others but sometimes feel that I myself need encouragement too.

    • I just felt the need to respond to this because I used to be married to a negative person as well & he broughtmeso down that everyone said he changed me & my personality. But as soon as I was away from him my bbbly personality bounced right back into place.

    • I didn’t get to finish. I just wanted to say that I admire your commitment to marriage. Since divorcing him, I at times felt like I gave up too soon and that maybe God had sent me into his life to bring him encouragement. I remember a verse that talks about getting your own healing as we pray for the healing of others. Maybyfinding your confidence you can help him find his…finding Gods tfuthabout you

      • Thank you Tina for taking the time to respond to my feelings. That in itself is an encouragement to me. Each morning I will pray for compassion to deal with his attitude while maintaining my own spiritual health. I know that with God’s help I can make this work. Thank you so much for your thoughts. Bless and be blessed.

  52. All of it! Lately I have been doubting myself a lot and then feel guilt over not trusting in God to look after me. I trust God but not myself, if that makes sense?

  53. As a writer with what I know is an important story to tell, I am constantly battling self-doubt and comparison. I believe God has called me to write about how my faith has gotten me through some incredibly difficult situations, and yet I, like Gideon, am paralyzed with feelings of inadequacy, as well as fear of failure, and doubt that the world will be interested in my story. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  54. The title immediately struck with me because I do have so much self doubt.
    What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… the need I have for God to help with that self doubt. Only he can help me realize that I am the way he wants me and needs me to be.

  55. God’s timing continues to bless me. After my time with Him this morning I read your post and the thread that weaves between His word and your encouragement has truly blessed me this morning. He reminds me that my awareness of my constant need for Him is my greatest strength. In those moments of self~doubt I need to remind myself to stop leaning on me, but on Him and Him alone.

  56. I connected most with the doubt paralyzing me and keeping me from what God wants me to do. My response is always, there are so many other people that write, what use is my voice.

  57. What I could relate to most when reading this post was the part about comparison. I’m constantly comparing myself as a mother to other mothers. I have a two year old, yet don’t feel much like a “kid” person. My girl’s smart, kind-hearted, and funny, but I always wonder what it is that I’m not teaching her. I don’t have a “lesson plan”, so to speak. This post really talked to me, telling me to be confident in myself as a Mama. My daughter surely can sense my anxieties. I need to remember, like you wrote, to listen to God’s thoughts about me instead of comparing our days to the days of other moms, who surely aren’t as confident or do things as perfectly as I make them out to be in my head.

  58. I can relate to the part about comparison. I see all these beautiful blogs out there filled with wisdom and people who have something to offer and I feel very inadequate. Who am I…just one person in a sea of many.

  59. I can totally relate to this particular sentence “Earlier that week a conflict with a friend made me doubt I should even be in ministry. After all, self-doubt whispered, if I can’t maintain healthy relationships at all times in all areas, how can I help others? I also received feedback on a project that week. Although there were several positive comments, one harsh criticism overshadowed the compliments and consumed my focus.”

    I’ve come to realize that criticism is one area that I have allowed to cause me to lose my focus and steal my joy, yet I realize that there will be criticism in life. I now remind myself that as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus and be who He wants me to be, He is my source of confidence!

    Thanks for sharing!

  60. Thsi statement is the absolute of my insecurities – and I praise Him daily for this.
    …but instead, God has used my doubts (and insecurities) to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.

  61. :What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…Being reminded that “next time you start feeling uncertain or insecure, ask God to help you identify what thoughts triggered your doubts.”

  62. What I could relate to most when reading this post today was the dreadful word COMPARISON. After learning of my husbands affair and admitting that of my own I began the whilrwind of comparison. Our affairs took place eight years ago before we knew Christ, but only revealed them to one another fourteen months ago. Yes, we are different people now, and yes it was a lifetime ago, but the process has been the same. I found myself walking through stores wondering what “she” would purchase or what “she” liked that my husband would like. It was a dangerous battlefield I was playing on. I believe I am beyond that point of the process of COMPARISON, but then in walked LIES. Each night I became tucked in by the whisper of “You will never be enough” and each morning before my feet could hit the floor the whisper came yet again. I became held so tightly under the weight of the words that one day I realized I was only assuming where the lie had been breathed from. I assumed it was “the enemy” until I took one morning to listen and realized that the whisper was that of my own. Some days I am haunted, plagued by lies and I am the lie teller. Sigh…..

  63. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    I needed God to take away my self doubt right now and it wasn’t going to happen. I know God can and does change people and hearts. I just try to put it all on my time table not His. Trust and patience allows God to do what He does best!

  64. I can relate to to everything in this post. I have very low self-confidence. I feel I am not good enough or smart enough. I have been a christian for a long time but it seems I allow the enemy to constantly fill me with self-doubt.

  65. What I could relate to most when reading this post was the encouragement to counter any doubts with the Word of God, like: “Yes I am good enough, God has chosen me and not rejected me”. I do this myself, it’s what keeps me going, and I’d recommend it to others.

  66. Sensing God’s prompting to do something, but not feeling adequate to do it. Doubting my abilities as His child, a wife, and a mother; not to mention my homemaking skills!

  67. What I related to the most were the questions asked at the end of the post that were answered with scriptures! I am learning that the only truth is God’s word! I have let self-doubt rule my life for much too long!

  68. Thank you for sharing your journey!!! I found the scripture verses you used to be very pertinent with where I am in my life!! Many blessings!!

  69. I related to the entire post! I’m in an extra hot refiner’s fire right now… God is refining some things out of me. Things such as unnecessary self doubt and fear. Renee, God has been using you and many other authors to help me through this season… Thank you!

  70. What I could relate to the most is this sentence:
    “Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.”
    Your words pretty much sum-up my lifelong battle with perfectionism. A hold from which I seek to break-free so that I can be all that He has created me to be.

  71. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was actually two statements you made.
    The first statement was “Or maybe you’ve wanted to change jobs and now have opportunity, but doubt you will succeed at something new.” I went back to college 4 years ago in my late 40s and graduated a year ago and haven’t been able to find a new job yet and lately been doubting that I can do it.
    The second statement was “Although there were several positive comments, one harsh criticism overshadowed the compliments and consumed my focus.” My trigger is rejection because my father rejected me and walked away from us before I was a year old and I struggle with the “not good enough” thing. Just one small negative or criticism will send me off into the self doubt spiral really quickly.

  72. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…comparison. I am a big comparison person. I look at others and think they are better, skinner, luckier, more blessed etc…… I also have a problem with not feeling “worthy” on so many things. Really there isn’t anything in the post that I can’t relate to!

  73. Thanks Renee. I really needed this message today. I am working on my goals and self-doubt just takes over and stops the process.

  74. We can allow God to change the way we think, which will change the way we feel. Changed thoughts = Renewed perspective! Change me, Lord!

  75. What I could relate to most in this article was my fear of rejection if I do not “perform” as others expect me to. Most of my life I have sensed people have expectations and sometimes they are unrealistic. Although I can perform to many of the criteria that is expected, only one slip up brings me into a depressed condition where fear and doubt become my companions.

  76. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…the struggle to step forward when the Lord has asked you to do something you don’t feel qualified to do. I have been asking myself the question “How can I do this.” God has reminded me, I can’t but He can through me. I don’t need a title after my name, or a press release to validate a ministry He has squarely placed in my hands. He calls and then equips, blesses, and finishes the work.

  77. I thank God for this message. I’ve been questioning myself and asking God why I feel so inadequate considering I am his daughter. You enlighten me so much. Praise the Lord for you. I ask the Lord to talk to me if I am really his daughter…Well, guess what this is it, bulls-eye! May God bless you more.

  78. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was my agreement with needing to figure out what triggers my self-doubts and how God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.

  79. Back in January I had a very emotional experience of realizing how much of what I feed myself is just junk and lies. I identified most with the part about letting God give his Truth — so much beauty. Thank you Renee for sharing your heart! I am hoping to read more of the book!

  80. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…that every are in my life (at one time or another) has been covered in self-doubt. From my salvation (it wasn’t emotional like other people’s), to my ministries (If I’m not praying 24/7, how can I be a good prayer chain leader) and every area of my personal like (am I terminally ill because I didn’t do well enough once I got saved)…my self-doubt, whether driven by satan’s whispers or my own insecurities, plagues me mostly when I take my eyes off Jesus and place them on myself and my abilities. Now…if I could just find a pair of blinders for my brain, I wouldn’t lose focus but I haven’t been successful in that yet.

  81. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was hearing that I have to identify the root of my doubts. I know what I question or lack trust in the Lord for but I didn’t see that I need to find what has caused it. My doubt is in finances. I have always tried to put my trust fully in Christ provision of my needs financially but had never been able to completely trust Him for them. Please pray that I can turn loose of my doubt and fully place my trust in Him.

  82. I could relate in all areas of being inadquate in my job as I begin to take a course to change an area of my job. I am in a course with a lot of professors and a few working people like me.

    I also feel inadequate in my ability as a worship leader when others come are fantastic guitar players and can play circles around me. Then I get up and lead worship with my small simple team and I am reminded as people respond all around me its not about my fantastic guitar rifts its about who I am worshipping. I am there to lead them to God not be a distraction. Not everyone relates to the huge polished band. There is time for quiet reflective heart to heart worship.

  83. I can relate to virtually everything in today’s post. I have been battling anxiety and depression for decades. Combine my genetic makeup with a traumatic brain injury in the 1970’s and you have the recipe for daily challenge. For years I was “managing”. In September of 2010, I accepted a new position that was to be such a great opportunity. However, there were unfair practices and misrepresentation involved. In a matter of one short year I was whirling into the very deep depths of depression. Not only did I have to seek very intense psychiatric help, but I also had to leave my job and a major employer in my area. Thanks to my having retained counsel, I am able to collect unemployment. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t question every decision I have ever made. I’ve titled it the Woulda’ Coulda’ Should’ Syndrome. Now in middle age I have to begin again, knowing in the back of my mind that my track record is less than glowing. The fear and doubt are overwhelming. It takes all I have not to be crippled by a lifetime of mistakes, indecision, low self esteem and passive suicidal thoughts. I pray to God on a daily basis to fill me with faith that I shall become who He wants me to be. Confidence, what does that mean?! Thank you for listening.

  84. I could relate to comparing myself to others. I want to be a better mother, better wife, better at finances, better at keeping up my home …. But self doubt holds me back. I would love to read on how to build the confident heart that God has for me.

  85. I can relate to many things in your post….but I think two things stand out the most for me. Comparing myself to others, especially in my singing. I am surrounded by so many talented people in our church band and I tend to wonder why I am even on the team. I know now though that God is working on my confidence! Also self doubting my decisions especially in my job. I am learning to lean on God and His word. Thanks for the posts!

  86. I can relate most to the thought “if I can’t maintain healthy relationships at all times in all areas, how can I help others?”

  87. I relate to the post that was on target for me and all I can say is that.. God Please instill a confident heart today.. I need you to help me with this father God.!

  88. I can relate to your post today as I from tend to I choose the well-worn and familiar rut of insecurity as opposed to blazing a new path. I’m fairly certain the new path leads somewhere I long to dwell, but it takes courage and determination and frankly … some days I’m low on these two commodities. My journey has been waylaid far too many times, but each time I venture out on the path of security (that is rooted and grounded in God’s perspective) I stay a little longer that the last time. Perhaps one day I’ll simply keep going and stop reverting to my old habits? For Lent I’m considering giving up my propensity to wallow in despair and for 40 days choose to give in confident depedence on God.

  89. I am just starting to learn the process of taking my doubts and allowing God to use them to fall into deeper dependence on Him.

  90. Thank you for your encouragement and affirmation. I have learned to live your first point thru dire circumstances and discovered quiet, calm living in the assurance of God’s passionate love. Writing and speaking His Word and promises daily put an indominatable strength in the core of my being that the Spirit brings to mind when needed. The second and third points are real to me alone but not again realized in a close personal companionship relationship. A friend encouraged me to believe that could still be a possible blessing in my life. So I want to learn to successfully join the human with the divine.

  91. Criticism from a friend this week cast me into great doubt about my ability to do my job. I really had to turn to God to show me my worth this week.

  92. “You’ve wanted to change jobs” …Yes I do want to change jobs now and have for some time. God doesn’t seem to be showing me where to go from here. Would love a job in medical billing/coding, but nothing so far.

    I constantly fall into the comparison trap. All someone has to say is “a nurse will do this, or just let this person do that. Makes me feel dumb, stupid, not good enough, when truth be told–I’m better than some of the RNs at certain tasks. God made us all individuals with differing talents. It still drives me crazy!

    Thanks for an insightful post!

  93. I can relate to this…”Gideon processed his doubts with God in a very honest way. He told the angel of the Lord that he questioned God’s presence and doubted His promises because of recent conflicts and defeats.”

  94. The trigger point idea is new to me but gives me food for thought. Gideon is always a helpful example for me, too. “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!” Who, me? 🙂 Thanks for the post and giveaway offer.

  95. Susanne, I understand where you are coming from and as I look back years later I can assure you beyond all doubt that God is true to His Word…write it, speak it, believe it live in His Word and He will carry you thru and bring you out like nothing and no one else can! Trust Him in the dark and you will see/know His light! Every bit of Philippians 4 is a great beginning, middle and end! Love you in Jesus. Don’t put your trust in man but God’s Spirit first and only. 1John 2:27! Eat up the Word. It truly is manna to the soul. That is why I am physically alive for the past 30 years and comfounding the ‘enemy’. Romans 8:35-39!!

  96. I can totally relate to letting one UN-constructive criticism overrun my entire mind instead of all the encouragement and constructive ideas. It helps to remember it’s NOT ABOUT ME in this life!

  97. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was feeling insecure. I want to process those moments with God. Thank you for encouraging me to use those times to move closer to God and not further away and also just into a spiral of reaction, fear or downing myself.
    God bless you,


  98. It was the” yucky place” that spoke to me. I want to hightail it out of situations that I am not confident in. Hmmm.

  99. What I could relate to most about the post is where you eloquently said “God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.” He was catching me in every instance of doubt in His promises…so much to the point that when I randomly opened my Bible…it fell on the exact verse where He said to Thomas “Stop doubting and believe”.

    After that point I was committed to being specific in my prayers and expecting His faithfulness. Last night I felt like a child, reflecting on my emerging joy as I rejoiced in His faithfulness seen and unseen…and realized…that is what He wanted all along…

  100. What I could relate to the most from today’s post was… it’s where I live, I know and love the Lord, however I’m not living the abundant life because when I’d like to make a change, my mind immediately goes to all the reasons why I can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, etc. and give up before trying.

  101. The thing I relate to the most in this article is the comparison game. No matter what I am good at I can always find someone who does it better, has it more together, and seems to have it all while I run around trying to pick up pieces and hide the fact that everything seems to be scattering everywhere.

  102. Today’s post really hit me square in the face. I have recently experienced the insecurity, comparison, and conflict. I felt defeated. I prayed and reflect, prayed, and reflected. Begged and pleaded “Lord, please give me strength and wisdom to see what I am doing wrong.” This week so many things came together that just astonished me. It made me realize that God IS THERE, behind the scenes…. but the part of this post that affected me MOST are these words:
    “God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.”

    Such powerful words and definate truth. We need Him in all we say and do. What we consider as what we need, HE KNOWS BETTER.

  103. Yes, comparisons for sure. I feel like I’m the one on the outside looking in and being left out of everything because I am not good enough, having been rejected so many times in my life. If people reject me, God must too. And that lead to a downward spiral. I’m working my way out of that and need to be embraced by God’s love and unconditional acceptance.

  104. What I relate to this post is that God has said many times to me “Its not about you, it is about building my kingdom”. I am learning to put the big girl panties on, grab ahold of my heavenly fathers hand and remember that it is his approval that I am after. Some days it is not that easy but his grace is.

  105. This sentence: “Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.” I struggle with that a lot when reading mommy blogs. Then I have to remind myself that their job is to take care of the home. Mine is to earn money for my family, so I don’t have as much time to make my home “perfect”.

  106. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was well I struggle with ADD. So I would always doubt myself. Especially going to college..

  107. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    It is so easy to become consumed by those fears of being inadequate. Growing up, I was the most confident person you could ever meet. A failed marriage and weight gain can sure break a person’s spirit. Just like Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, “the bad stuff is easier to believe”. I know that God loves me unconditionally and I am learning that God IS using my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises. Thank you for confirming that!

  108. I thought this was wonderful practical advice…comparisons cause so much trouble! Struggling at the moment with hurt from a friend who seems to have no self-doubt or ever entertain the idea she could do anything wrong.. which compounds my doubt! I need to read your book!

  109. What I could relate to most was the comparison trap, feeling like someone can do “it” better than I can. It’s so debilitating and I know it hinders me from living my creative best.

  110. Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt….

    this happens to me on a daily basis, the paralysis of perfectionist thinking and the self doubt of not being “good enough” are hindering me from being what i should be…guilt from my past keeps me from speaking about his hand in my life and the miracles he performs on a daily basis.

  111. When He gave me a deep passion to teach, and teaching was something I never in a million years would have ever consider because of my fear of speaking, let alone teach. Yet, if He have me this desire, then He will give me the strength, wisdom and knowledge to teach. He will put us in situations that cause us to ask for His strength. He wants to stretch us, use us in ways people will know it’s because of Him. I am struggling, yet I must remain faithful to what He has put before me. All in His time.

  112. I can relate to the fact that conflict, criticism, and comparison consumes me frequently and definitely becomes more of a guide to me than God’s Word at times. I yearn to lean wholly on God’s promises and truths but somehow fall into the enemy’s trap of negative thoughts/feelings. This causes me to doubt my decisions and any possible plans ahead.

  113. Sometimes I allow doubt to criple me and make me feel like giving up on trying. I have to talk to myself all the time and remember who I am in Him. Only through his strength and hope I can move forward.

  114. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    Having self doubt is something that I struggle with alot.. But hearing the part about Gideon and how it is ok to come to God with honest struggles and really show him my heart. He wants to help me though these weaknesses and give me a confident heart. 🙂

  115. “I used to think insecurity was a negative emotion, a lapse of faith, a dip in self-confidence…But instead, God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.”

    Wow!!! I never thought about this way. I am one who constantly compares myself to others. It reminds me of the saying It matters not if the world has heard, approves or understands. They only applause I was meant to seek is that of nail-scared hands.

  116. It’s doubt and fear
    trust and hope.

    The first two just rob me of peace and cause me to fret and worry.
    Trusting God and hope for the future give me peace, resting in Him, Amen.

  117. “Perhaps you wanted kids and now you have a family, but now you question if you have what it takes to be a good mom.”

    That sentence hit the nail on the head for me. I’m in constant fear and self-doubt about if I’m doing the right things to be a good mom. That and the comparison trap in regards to weighing myself against other mothers I see or read about.

    Would LOVE to read this book!

  118. Criticism and conflict weigh so heavy on me at times. Tools the enemy uses so often to discourage me, to interfere with what God has to planned for me. I so often forget His promises, and buy the lies.
    Thanks for sharing.

  119. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was … when dealing with doubt, doubt in my abilities, doubt in wanting to fulfill my dreams … I doubt my ability to do it – having the confidence to carry it out.

    Growing up with an abusive mother who tore me down and ridiculed my dreams and abilities – made me feel ‘too stupid’ to do anything of any great worth. It’s not a fun thing going through life feeling inadequate! 🙂

  120. …the feeling that if I don’t have it all together – there is no way I should be in any sort of ministry. Self-Doubt = doubt that God can do what HE has set out to accomplish and I know better. God can work even with me as his instrument.

  121. Wow! Evrything about this post jumped at me. I cant wait.to get my hands on this book. I have been feeling so inadequate lately and so alone about it. My sense of.doubt has kept me from allowing God to do a work in me and have the relationship that He longs to have with me. A lot of my doubts come from thinking that everyone else is more qualified than I, that im not holy enough, loving enough, patient enough. And then my.past mistakes come back to haunt me and when things dont go right at home I just feel like a complete failure as a mother and wife. I am so ready to break through these dark clouds and be everything my Lord ans Savior wants me to be!

  122. What I could relate to most while reading today’s post is….the importance of this post, these words, the book at this time in my life.

    Life has been hard lately. Not the every day stuff though….it’s the little stuff going on inside my head. The doubt. The wonder. The questions of is this really it for me? No matter what I plan on reading this book for some answers…hopefully! Some direction…maybe? Some clarification as to why I do feel like I have entered this “yucky” place and how do I get out of it?

  123. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…all the self-doubt I have inside me is because I don’t realize my value as Christ’s precious child. He died on the cross for me – but yet, I don’t fully comprehend His sacrifice for me. This is a good reminder that until I come fully to understand my worth in Him.

  124. “Then process that trigger point through the filter of God’s perspective. Asking Him if there are lies you’re believing that need to be replaced with His truth. Then change your thought process by focusing on His thoughts towards you, instead of your thoughts about yourself.”

    This is something I struggle with daily, trying to remind myself in the midst of conflict, criticism and comparison to look at things through God’s eyes, not mine.

  125. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    It is SO common to ALL of us to experience ,this lack of confidence ,this “shadow of doubt’ ,this emotional energy draining, life sucking feeling ….. to fight these feelings and come out into sunshine and light again…it can feel/be such a struggle and yet this post brings HOPE…..Thank you for your ‘incouraging’ posts….Thank you for speaking to areas in my life which are common to all but feel Oh so indiviual and isolating at times….thank you ….and once again I thought ….I was her…………..

  126. What I could relate to most was the feelings of inadequacy when comparing myself to others. I am a brand new mom with a 1 week old, and I have had a challenging time getting him to feed and gain weight appropriately. I see my other friends with their chunky monkey babies, and I am swarmed with feelings of self-doubt and thoughts that I do not have what it takes to be a good mom because I cannot give my sweet baby what he needs. I try and remember God’s promises and cling to Him with complete surrender, because I have no control of this situation. I know in His providence, He is faithful. Thank you for this post, it (in)courages my heart.

  127. that the wave of doubt that i matter to anyone. knowing i can say all the “right things” to everyone but me. why am i not as good as those who i share my love with ???

  128. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…that I do have periods of self-doubt in many areas of my life…work, home, friendships…and that doubts get in the way of me being the best I can be in those areas.

  129. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… comparison. It has been a constant throughout my life. I struggle a lot with insecurity and feelings of inability, disbelief. I struggle with being a people-pleaser which keeps me from focusing on being a God-pleaser. It’s an everyday battle which I am still working to overcome daily.

  130. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… the fear i feel when i compare myself to others. Will i ever be good enough?

  131. I relate most with the comment about doubting being a good mom. “Perhaps you wanted kids and now you have a family, but now you question if you have what it takes to be a good mom”
    I am constantly second guessing myself and doubting what I do as a parent. I have to constantly remind myself that they are turning out pretty good, so I must be doing something right!

  132. You don’t know how timely this is to my life! I made a very challenging decision a couple of weeks ago and know several people are not happy with me but know it had to be done. I know without a doubt it was the best decision to make but wow, the doubts I’ve encountered along the way. Thanks for this devotional!

  133. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    Conflict, criticism and comparison makes me doubt myself, but reading further I learned that it is when I have to rely on God the most! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  134. Wow, this is is so timely! It has been a rough week, with a lot of sleepless nights. When I am tired I am by far more emotional and when I am emotional, I am a wreck it seems.

    There are so many things that I relate to in your post. Being a good Christian Mom (I have no idea what this even looks like), applying on jobs (like I even have a chance), being a good wife, homemaker, oh I could go on.

    “Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.” This is my life, but I also realize that I need to focus on more of what HE thinks of me than what I and others think. Such an easy concept, but it so hard! I will be looking to read this book!

  135. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post is that when I
    went to my therapy session today, I left with the question about
    “How to (ful) fill myself up inside and then live it on the outside…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  136. The part that I related to most in this post was when you said “…But instead, God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.” I have developed a deeper dependence on Him the past couple of years as I walked through something that brought up all my ‘tapes’ about insecurity, and then played them blaringly loud so that everyone around me could hear them, and I couldn’t turn it off. It was humiliating and painful, yet inside of it all He was growing me as He held my hands and told me to stare in His eyes. I walked through it all, insecure and shaking most of the time, and I knew I was on the other end two years later when I started to hear myself speak with confidence and intelligence in front of groups of people, for the first time ever in my life. I had never been able to do it before. And so now when I feel so out of control and doubtful, I throw myself at His feet, I Lay Down (new song by Kelly Minter) and allow myself to cry and groan, and let Him wash His promises over me once again so that I can stand back up and walk.
    Thanks for your post 🙂

  137. I can relate to not knowing where they come from. Their are times that I have doubts and nothing bad has happened and I can’t figure out why I have them then and what to do with them. I think it is a way of telling me something but I am lost. I would love to win a copy of this book to read and learn more about my doubt and then be able to help others.

  138. What I could relate most to today’s post was that I have been using “my lens” to see myself rather than how God’ sees myself with “His lens.” I have been having doubts about continuing my education as a mother and wife in my thirties. I barely have time to get dinner on the table some nights before 8 PM. I have found myself literally speaking outloud…..”When would I have the time to study, I can barely …x…..y….z.” ” I can’t do this now……it wasn’t in MY original plans to x….y….z…” Thank you for speaking volumes to me. Now excuse me as I need to switch out my “lenses.”

  139. What I could relate to most was how my doubts and insecurities got so big and got me into such a “yucky” place. I’ve been stuck here for some time–come to think of it, just about the time my physical health started its nosedive about 3 years ago I started feeling more and more unworthy. I went from being a youth ministry volunteer, getting good feedback from my peers and the youth we ministered, to not even being able to go to church. I’ve been an online missionary but feel less and less like I have what it takes to do it well anymore. Help!

  140. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    “change your thought process by focusing on His thoughts towards you, instead of your thoughts about yourself. ” So easy to focus on me and what I’m thinking/feeling!

  141. I could relate to the need to replace the criticisms and lies in my head with His truth. I too often let the lies or even what I perceive someone’s opinion of me is, determine my confidence and identity, I need to find those things in Him.

  142. Oh i’m so guilty of living in the ugliness of comparison.. about me, my circumstances, etc. Thank you for this giveaway.

  143. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was… the fear of failure, of not being adequate enough, of letting others down. I need to live the truth that I may not be capable but God is–every time! Thanks for the great thoughts, Renee.

  144. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…the comparison trap. Sometimes I compare myself to others and beat myself up over not being adequate enough.

  145. God wants us to live with a confident heart! I’m very blessed that I grew up confident in God’s love and the love of my family.

  146. comparing myself… i do it all the time. especially in my role as a mom. i see other moms whom i trust, admire, and respect… i see how they are parenting their children and i feel that if what they are doing works for them, it must be right. how can God want anything different for my family.

  147. What I could relate to the most when reading today’s post was Gideon’s response to the angel when he processed his doubts with God in a very honest way. He told the angel of the Lord that he questioned God’s presence and doubted His promises because of recent conflicts and defeats.
    Four years ago I was attacked and robbed by two girls on a busy downtown street in the middle of the evening commute. I was walking from my office when they attacked me from behind and pulled me down. Despite by screams no one stopped to help. Not one car or a pedestrian. I found out later that several people heard my screams of help and called the police but I always wonder why no one stopped. I asked God where were you? I have yet to fully understand the purpose of that traumatic experience. I know trials and tribulations bring us closer in our relationship with God but I have to be honest and say this experience has caused doubts in other challenges and has really tested my faith.

  148. “maybe you’ve wanted to change jobs”…Yes yes yes I’ve wanted to change jobs for a while now. God doesn’t seem to be giving me a new one yet, not sure why.

    What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…the comparison trap. The devil uses it often on me. It only takes one comment like “let the RNs do it or someone saying I’lldo it myself–I start to think “not good enough, dumb, stupid”. Not sure why I compare myself like that. I know God has gifted us all in different ways and I can do things better than others–more talent in certain areas.

    Thanks for an insightful post!

  149. Not measuring up-I want to have a confident heart, I believe that this book would be a great helping me understand and learning the positive attributes that God has given me.

  150. To hear someone else use the phrase “not good enough” touches my heart. I struggle with that. A large part of my life I received love conditionally. It’s painful to try to earn love and know that just being you isn’t good enough.

  151. What I could relate to most while reading this post was the feeling of inadequacy. I am constantly finding myself thinking; “well, so and so can do that so much better than I. I am not good enough God, someone else is far greater suited to do that task. ” These thoughts and feelings rob me of doing what God really would like for me to do.
    I have read to Chapter 9 in your book; and it has really helped me a lot~taking notes while reading is a big help; allows me to search my heart as I read.

  152. . . . . asking God to show me what/where my insecurity lies. Many times I feel comfortable showing God 95% of my heart and asking him to take any of it and show me what He wants me to work on. But in actuality, it is the last 5% that I’m hesitant to show him becuase that is the part that He wants acess to. That is the part of my heart that He just may find that terrifying insecurity therefore opening an uncomfortable door. Its that fear that I need realize His love has already overcome.

  153. When doubt tells you that you can’t do something because it’s too hard, remember God says you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Phil. 4:13).

    When doubt tells you that you’re not good enough, focus on the truth that God says you’re fearfully and wonderfully made; all of His works are wonderful and you are one of them (Ps. 139:14).

  154. What I could relate to most was,
    “Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.”
    They do this to me on a regular basis – I am trying to learn how to be stronger than my insecure thoughts, but I need to rely on God for this rather than do it myself.

  155. I can totally relate to the feelings of inadequate parenting! Sometimes, I feel as though I’m not giving my all or my all isn’t good enough!

  156. I too often fall into the comparison trap and then become very critical of myself and others around me. I need to keep my focus on God and then my thoughts will be right.

  157. Please finish this sentence: What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…
    Gideon, a man who was also called by God yet paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy. Gideon overcame his doubts and fears by focusing on what God thought about him, instead of what he thought about himself.
    a friend made me doubt I should even be in ministry. After all, self-doubt whispered, if I can’t maintain healthy relationships at all times in all areas, how can I help others?Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.So, the next time you start feeling uncertain or insecure, ask God to help you identify what thoughts triggered your doubts.
    This made me cry… So amazing How God knows exactly what I need to hear (read) at the absolute perfect time! I was feeling exactly this way the last few days! TY for the reminder and encouragement to ask and keep asking God what is triggering these feelings and thoughts! The scriptures i am keeping in my purse.. God Bless you and your ministry mightily!!

  158. all of it my husband just got fired and I dont hae a job. we hae 3 kids. so our doubts are many at this time. as well as fustrated and trying to fugure out a plan.

  159. What I could relate the most to is that I’m not alone in my feelings of lack of confidence. Hearing from someone I loved belittling, negative criticism and being compared to others & having it pointed out that I was less than them had me believing that I was lacking & worthless. I am stronger now & my strength & self confidence comes from knowing my value in God’s eyes.

  160. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was everything! I have two wonderful children and I still doubt am I good mom? Am I doing the right things? I also compare myself to other women in the faith. I am not good enough to be like them. I always remember the negative comments and forget about the positive comments. I let my inadequacies cloud my knowledge that God does love me, that I am wonderfully made, that he does care about me after all he knows how many hairs are on my head. I have to focus on the truths and not on the lies!

  161. I desperately needed this this am. I hurt a friend recently which sent me into a tailspin of wondering if I had hurt others or if I was using the hurts of my past to cripple me from believing I was worthy to be loved or to take chances on loving others. My best friend spoke the words to me this am of “I needed to start replacing the lies that Satan’s telling me with God’s truth.” and then I saw this post on fb. It was one of the biggest ways I’ve seen God immediately respond to a need in my life and an affirmation from Him for me, his child. Thank you so much!

  162. I could so relate to Renee’s message today. For a long time now, I have felt God calling me to use my gifts more for Him, but I have been full of self-doubt and overwhelmed by circumstances. My insecurity as the mother of an ADHD child, my struggles with my weight and health issues, and my feeling of being overwhelmed as a military wife have in some ways paralyzed me. I am weighed down by fear and find myself constantly comparing myself to others. I know that many of my insecurities are being fed by lies from the enemy. Even though God has done incredible healing in my life and in my marriage, I feel in my heart there is so much more He wants to do with me. Thank you helping me see in a clear way how I can address my insecurities and replace those negative thoughts with God’s truth. I really needed this today.

  163. Please finish this sentence: What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was identifying my doubts, what triggers them and then learning to rely on God’s power and promises to lead me beyond the shadow of my doubts. God is able to do more than I could ever ask or think (Eph. 3:20)

  164. At times I confess that I doubt God’s like of me. I don’t doubt His love. He sent His only Son to die on the cross to pay for my sins. That is enough proof for me. However, I look at myself and see so many faults and failures, both present and past. When I focus on that, I doubt that God could possibly like me or want to use me in His Kingdom work. When I have conflict with somebody and they say something critical, I immediately take it in and make it truth. I am quick to believe others harsh words over God’s Truth as revealed in His word. I then back up that false truth by comparing myself and my life to others that I, not God, have deemed “better than mine.” Then God lead me to this verse in a translation I don’t normally read: “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. Rev. 3:20 NLT. If God didn’t like me, He wouldn’t want to come in and spend time with me. He not only loves me, but He likes me!

  165. I related most to the sentence about changing jobs. I was looking for a change this past summer, took the opportunity and it was a bad one…I ended up coming back to my original job. Now I’m still looking and a few weeks ago had a choice between a small promotion or a different job outside of my current company. I chose the promotion, and I’m still praying for God’s guidance because I’m unsure it was the correct choice and I keep doubting my decision!

  166. It was extremely eye opening to think of the actual doubt could be God molding and shaping us to live perfectly through him instead of constantly believing all negativity and self doubt must come through Satan! That was so encouraging! That transforms how we have to think and pray each day!

  167. I too feel insecure in my job at times. I am a staff developer at my school and teaching grown ups is way harder than teaching kids! I often doubt myself about sounding knowledgeable especially in front of older peers. Thanks for sharing how you have worked on that. Reading Judges ,praying, and journaling to /with God is my plan to get started fighting my self doubt. Thanks for sharing your story.

  168. This is something that I have always struggled with! I don’t know why but doubt creeps and tries to control my mind and all my thoughts. I know that God has called me to do new things and that He will give me everything I need to accomplish it! I think that I just doubt myself and feel like I am not worthy alot of times! I know that I should be confident in Christ, because He is in me!! Confidence is something that I have to work on daily!! Thankful that God daily restores me!!

  169. I can relate to every reason you talked about. From coming through a background of abuse and abandonment, to having an aneurysm burst and cause a stroke. I have had to let go and let God carry me through so many times. But, I have also had to go through the pain of knowing that I cannot bear children. That makes me question if I could be a good mom at all…. It is a struggle for me sometimes because I still see the bad in me and not the good most days, but I am seeking God and praying daily for his grace and mercy….

  170. This is something that I have always struggled with! I don’t know why but doubt creeps and tries to control my mind and all my thoughts. I know that God has called me to do new things and that He will give me everything I need to accomplish it! I think that I just doubt myself and feel like I am not worthy alot of times! I know that I should be confident in Christ, because He is in me!! Confidence is something that I have to
    work on daily!! Thankful that God daily restores me!!

  171. This morning there was an incident where my husband dropped something and quietly picked it up and proceeded with what he was doing but then I dropped something and I proceeded with anger and hostility towards myself and the thing that was dropped, I called it stupid and called myself an idiot. My husband then lovingly pointed out the difference in the two situations. God has been speaking to me through every one of your posts on having confidence in Him. But I seem to have this hatred for myself, I am always calling myself names and I know it stems from my horrible childhood and feeling worthless to everyone in my life that I began to feel like I was worthless. God is showing me these thought processes in me lately, trying to usher change. But I hope it is not so ingrained in me that it will never come out…I think stress also brings it out as well. Our one year old is going for spinal surgery in less than two weeks and she already had open heart surgery when she was five months old- it has been a really rough year but God has been right there the whole time comforting and encouraging us:). Thank you for writing this book, I hope I get to read it all someday:)

  172. I can totally relate to falling in the comparison trap. As a stay at home mom I often look to my other mommy friends and think I’m not doing enough or not doing things right. I sometimes forget that God has given me a wonderful gift in allowing me to Bo home with my children and He will guide me and give me the tools I need to raise my children in a manner pleasing to Him.

  173. Recently my 15 year daughter came to me broken and told me she didnt feel pretty enough, smart enough, loving enough toward others, she just didnt feel like she was good enough at all. I began giving scriptures of the word that said other wise. I have always tried to encourage and inspire her, but it was like other people, situations, and the world in general made her feel less about herself. I know this is a journey she and God will have to walk, and I believe this book will help. Thank you!

  174. My heart is filled with sadness and hope. It just breaks me to see how much our self-doubts have wounded us and are robbing us of all God wants and has for us each day. Life is hard. We are broken but I just want you to know from one very broken girl to another – HE LOVES YOU – and He can give you a confident heart!

    He is there wanting to pour truth into your heart today. Even in the midst of excruciating circumstances and painful emotions, Jesus is there to wrap us up in Mercy, to hold us in His arms of grace. To give us rest in the security of His promise to be with us. He sees us, He is loving us and leading us closer to a place of communion and completion in Him. Self doubt can become so toxic and paralyze us. I know, I’ve been there. In those times, I’ve learned to be still and whisper His name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and then ask Him to replace my thoughts and my doubts with the power of His transforming truth.

    It’s taken me time to get to this place of knowing Him so intimately and trusting Him so deeply…but I want it more than anything for each of you!!! And I just wanted you to know that in between work assignments, appointments with my kids, loving on my toddler….I’m here reading through your comments and praying over each one.

    As time allows I’m going to reply to some as He leads, but I just wanted each of you to know. I am listening and praying. Also, in case you want more. I wanted to also let you know about a week’s worth of FREE devotions I’ve pulled from my book to share. Here’s a link: http://reneeswope.com/aconfidentheart/7-day-doubt-diet/

  175. “Perhaps you wanted kids and now you have a family, but now you question if you have what it takes to be a good mom.”. I am so in this place as I have a very strong willed toddler, a 2 month old, a miscarriage in between, and just moving a few months ago to a new city/church that hasn’t felt very accepting. I see that the Lord is growing me A LOT, but the self doubt is definitely creeping in.
    This was so encouraging to read though…thanks for your ministry!

  176. I’m single and live in an apartment. Last October, into November, I started considering buying a house. When I told this to my mentor, she told me how exciting that was. But it was written all over her face that she didn’t think it was a good idea for me at all. That really stung because she is like a mother to me, and I love and respect her so much. It hurt because I wanted her to believe in me. I had laid out a budget to see what payments I could afford, and to make sure I could still afford my other bills and lay aside money in savings… I knew I could do it.
    Well, the house hunt wasn’t going so well, so I decided to hold off looking until spring. All of a sudden, within about a week and a half, five or six of my coworkers asked me how my house hunt was going (this was about a week ago). Then a couple friends and I went for lunch, and she asked me out of the blue whether I would prefer to live in town or in the country. So I’ve been pondering whether this is God’s way of telling me to start looking again.
    Only this time I’m hesitant and unsure about it. Finances have not changed at all, but I still don’t feel like I really want to look.
    When I read your message this morning, I realized what’s going on with me. My mentor’s doubts in me still haunt me, and somehow they took root somewhere, and now I doubt whether or not I’d be able to own a house. i didn’t doubt myself before.
    So that’s where I am right now, in a place of wishing I could find the courage I once had. Please pray for wisdom for me, and for God’s guidance. Thanks so much for reading this! 🙂

  177. ~ Striving to believe that my doubts and fears are God’s way of drawing me closer to Him. It’s an awesome opportunity for me to continue to grow in my faith and know that my journey still continues.

    In listening to our local Christian radio station this morning, they emphasized Micah 6:8, which reads, “He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” He continues to show me that I am His child — His daughter — and like my earthly father, He is there to remove all my doubts and fears and just enjoy my walk with Him.

  178. Being influenced by others more than God and his truth. I can learn from others and constructive criticism given in love, but should not miss an opportunity to learn, grow and be challenged through every circumstance, knowing nothing happens outside of God’s allowing it for a purpose. If others are speaking from a wrong motive, I can still learn something but must be mindful that the enemy uses others for his purposes. I must use discernment and approach everything with prayer.

  179. I was once told that I wasn’t good enough to be a Sunday School teacher & I started to wonder am I not? But when I prayed to my Father He told me that it was only the other individual’s self doubts about themselves and that they were trying to bring me down to their level. God showed me that I was more than adequate to teach not only Sunday School but to live my life in such a way that that person eventually came to me and asked me to show them how to have the inner peace that I have and how to forgive others when they’d been so ugly to me. God is so amazing and He uses the smallest things to touch others, so even when you think you have nothing to offer another, you are wrong, God made you the way you are and He has a deliberate purpose for each of us, never ever forget your signifigance!!!!!!

  180. After an employer had beat my self esteem down to nothing plus making bad decisions, I am trying to as they say “Let God take the wheel”. It’s hard to let go of control. But God has been doing some great work on me and my heart and showing me a true life with him. Some days I feel I have a long ways to go to reach Him but other days I feel so close to him. Thanks to your words of wisdom on a daily bases and the other ladies at Proverbs 31. God is doing great things through you ladies!

  181. The thing that I related to most in this post is how easy it becomes for even one simple negative comment to overshadow any of the positive that may have been received. It causes so much self doubt and a creation of my own negative thinking….and all because of one simple comment.

    Oh how I pray that God would show me who I really am in Him.

  182. I really relate to the see saw effect. Facts and successes grow our confidence, then before we know it we lose it again. We doubt our calling, our choices, our feelings, even often what we know. I would love to break out of this cycle by finding my worth and confidence in HIM.

  183. What I could relate to most in the post is the reminder of the story of Gideon. I must say I needed that today – a reminder that I need to focus on what God thinks of me, not what I think at the moment. I find myself facing a new life situation this week that has caused a lot of self-pity and doubt. I need to remember to keep my eyes focused on Him. 🙂

  184. I relate to more of this post than I would care to admit… I have struggled most of my life with self-doubt, and questioning my worth and value to God. I let what man says often overpower what God says… ;( I work on this daily to trust in Him and His forgiveness, that He can still use me despite my many inadequacies.

  185. The feelings that were stirred up in me come from a wounded heart..one from a childhood with a mom that became a mom too soon. She didn’t know how to raise her three daughters well. We searched for love in all those wrong places. Our self-worth, and self-esteem never had a chance. I was blessed that the Lord reached down and saved me 10 years ago..and He has me on a path of discovering who I am, IN HIM! I am excited about the future…and reading your book is only a piece of the puzzle. Thank you for your perservering faithfulness, many will be blessed! : )

  186. Wow….I can see. How many women are living with doubts….the enemy is. Trying so hard to win….But we are all looking to. The. Great. God. And his word…and the community of believers…..I. am so encouraged and I am soaking up. Every word from the confident heart…!! God bless

  187. The feelings that were stirred up in me come from a wounded heart..one from a childhood with a mom that became a mom too soon.
    She didn’t know how to raise her three daughters well. We searched for love in all those wrong places. Our self-worth, and self-esteem never had a chance. I was blessed that the Lord reached down and saved me 10 years ago..and He has me on a path of discovering who I am, IN HIM! I am excited about the future…and reading your book is only a piece of the puzzle. Thank you for your perservering faithfulness, many will be blessed! : )

  188. “Maybe God is leading you to do something but doubt has convinced you you’re not smart enough or gifted enough.” This really spoke to me. It seems in ministry you can be blindsided with doubts almost daily. Can’t wait to read the book. I love that you emphasize our confidence is from God, not self-help.

  189. I have been so much like Gideon most of my life. I am not trained for anything special, I don’t even know how run cash register and I was in the army for three years doing office work that has been a while back. God used me to tell others about Him and I met my wonderful, Christian husband then had twin boys later. When I went in I was trusting God to help me make it through and He did.
    Years later, I am thinking about the criticism not the positive and comparing myself to others. I have lost my part-time job at school apparently, no one has called me in to work. I do have any opportunity to speak at a ladies conference on May 5th and really could use your prayers. It is hard not to compare myself to all those other speakers since they are trained, qualified and more experienced. I just was asked to do this and no one ask me anything about being experience, but I figured long time ago if that was the road God was taking me He would open the door not me. I do teach Bible study, write alot and teach Sunday School. Ladies Ministry is a great passion of mine. Yes, it is a battle to not listen to those words, like who do you think you are, why are you wanting to do this, you aren’t good enough and what if you say the wrong thing or make someone mad with you. I am trying to trust God and ask Him to guide me. I am stepping out in faith with this and see what God tells me.

  190. I am the sole parent of 6 kids, two of which are married now. I have three teens, 17, 16, and 15, and an 8 year old. Sometimes I fear that I’m not equipped to raise them well. It gets very hard and I start to think that I am a failure. Thank you for reminding me that through Christ I CAN do all things.

  191. I have recently been finding myself trapped in “comparison”. Am I as good as that person?” ” Do I do my job as well as m co-worker?” “Maybe I shouldn’t be volunteering in this capacity… I make too many mistakes.” “No one else makes these stupid mistakes.” Why can’t I remember that I am who God made me to be, and He doesn’t make mistakes?

  192. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post… was pretty much the entire post. Feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, just not measuring up… I too am in a ministry and have gotten stuck in the comparison of feeling that I’m not worthy to be there with the other ladies that are there. Sometimes feeling that since I have doubt & insecurities I must not be as in tune with God as the other ladies. I repeat Phil. 4:13 & Psalms 139:14 to myself often as a reminder and to help me push through, but there are days where I just feel completely defeated and stuck, you know, those days where you feel like your prayers don’t go past your ceiling… I cannot wait to read your book! Prayers of blessings to you.

  193. I have self doubt when it comes to being healthy. I was abused as a child and now self worth issues have cropped up, or have been cropping up my whole life I am just now seeing it. I compare myself to others a lot. “I am healthier than they are…(so I dont need to excersize)” “I can’t do what they just did (so why even try)” Things like that. I do have a lot of doubt that creeps up in me and in my ability to succeed in my health goals, career goals, family goals, everything.

  194. I didn’t know that about Gideon. I have been paralyzed w/doubt for so long. I feel every woman and young girl in my church is better than me and has a better life than I do or that I ever will have. I’ve believe it and think so badly of myself until I’m ready to kill myself for it. That’s how much I am paralyzed. There is one particular family that I feel is so perfect I can’t even let a thought into my mind about them. I have doubted God’s love and that He even has any kind of future for me. I have just felt I am not good enough for anything. I am in your online Bible Study and I have a book but I would love to be able to give one to my girlfriend because you have helped me so much…I have been seeing a pastoral counselor for the past 3 years and you have helped me so much more in a couple weeks than he did the whole 3 years. I have had so many seriously heartbreaking things happen in my life that I have been at the point of suicide. I have felt there is nothing here for me. I have been behind in the online study but in catching up last night you have just given me so much hope…more than I have had in years and years.

    • Oh Sherree, I’m praying for you right now. Im sorry for all the hurts and heartbreaking things that have happened to make you lose hope. But I’m so glad you are in my online study and that God is speaking to you in such personal ways – revealing His heart to you. I’m honored to be part of your story and hope that you will keep reading with us and letting God love on you more and more with each page. Thanks for sharing your heart here. <>

  195. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was the overwhelming feeling of doubt and trying to receive the magical ‘zap’! My relief is in knowing I’m not alone in my feelings…but I will be searching for this book as my doubt is now crippling me in several areas of my life! Thanks for the article so I know about the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  196. oh thank you for this. and what you shared about gideon reminds me of something i heard about that story a few years ago that has stayed with me ever since . . .

    God calls this man “whose clan is the weakest in manasseh, & i am the least in my family.” and when He calls gideon, He calls him a “mighty warrior.” a mighty warrior? the least in the family from weakest clan in manasseh? . . .

    but gideon’s strength was actually in recognizing his inadequacy. because God’s power is made absolutely perfect in our weakness . . .

    and so i am reminded with that story that like you said, it’s not about what we can or can’t do, it’s about WHO GOD IS . . . and our dependence on Him, not ourselves.

    praise God that He alone defines a situation, not my competence or incompetence!

  197. Insecurity…is a tool that can be used by God…to be bigger in my life; to use me in a way I never thought possible. Now that is a thought I had not thought of before. Interesting that you would talk about Gideon, I was just reading his story over the past two days. Perfect timing because today I have to do something that challenges my confidence, plagues me with self doubt. Thank you for pointing out that God uses things like insecurity, self doubt and lack of confidence to show forth His glory in my small offering.

  198. needing to depend on God & see myself as He sees me. Not focus on what has happened but what God can & will do in & through me.

  199. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was that I too need to depend on Him completely and every time I doubt something is possible I will not strive to do anything at all. This is why I need to understand firstly who is He and then what confidence He wants me to rest in. Thank you 🙂

  200. First of all, thank you so much Renee for being such a blessing to me and so many others. God speaks so well through you and today’s message spoke directly to the deep places of my heart that have some things I am battling. Fear, insecurity. They plague me. It seems that right after I have gone through a tremendous experience with the Lord, and even with friends, that seemingly, right after, I experience some sort of attack on me in the area of insecurity and fear. So today, after reading this blog, I have to share I was captivated back toward God and His love for me, just by reading how I should turn away from those negative feelings, and choose to turn in the direction of Christ. Face full on Him and I will gladly accept His view on what I am going through, and also love the reminder of my true identity in Him. For everything else pales in comparison. God loves me. And I know with all my heart, nothing and no one, including me, can ever change that. Thank you again! I feel so blessed because of Christ in you!

  201. I can identify with the entire article, but most importantly is that God is leading me to do something, but I doubt…why should I doubt when I know that I am a child of God and because of that, I do not do anything on my own strength.

  202. Well, it would actually come down to two things relating in this story. First, I wanted all my life to be a mother and it didn’t look like I was going to have that for a while. Now, I have two beautiful children. However, my son is bipolar and at times, I wonder if I am the mother he needs me to be. I try really hard to always do the right thing with him, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like I’m enough or that I get it right.

    This leads me to the second. My mother died a few years back. I was very close to her. She was a wonderful, loving mother of 9 who never raised her voice or lost patience with any of us. Especially recently, I compare myself to her a lot…Why do I get so frustrated, and she was always so calm. What am I not doing like her, where is my inner calm that was ever-present with her.

  203. I too need to pray to God and allow Him to reveal to me what triggers the self-doubts and how to not believe Satan’s lies.

  204. All of them. Am reading all your post but haven’t gotten the book yet. Maybe I can win one today.

    Hugs and Prayers! Thanks for doing what you are with this book. It is so, so needed.

  205. This sentence: Or, has comparison ever convinced you that someone else can do it (whatever “it” is) better than you can?

    I can really relate to feeling that way. I am always comparing myself to others and am usually left feeling undeserving and inadequate. It’s not a pleasant feeling!

  206. What I could relate to most from today’s post was allowing conflict and criticism to overshadow the positive feedback. This has happened to me time and time again, both in ministy and in my profession as a nurse. I was told numerous times by people that I was an excellent speaker and Bible study leader but I allowed one very critical woman to crush my spirit and didn’t speak or even get involved in Bible studies for years. I have actually quit two nursing jobs because I couldn’t handle the criticism I received from patient’s families even though my supervisors said I was an excellent nurse. I’m not sure where this self-doubt comes from but I’m really tired of it and I am so grateful for the insight and practical advice given in today’s post. Thank you, Renee, for allowing God to use you to reach out to women who are struggling with these kinds of issues.

  207. When the world tells me I am not good enough, I can put my trust in God’s truth that says yes I am good enough, I am a child of God.

  208. “But instead, God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.”

    I totally agree with this sentence. People’s doubts about us are not always clear. Therefore, we need to seek God and ask Him to give us insight to this. If people’s doubts about us are true, how can we learn and grow from this? If people’s doubts about us are wrong, ask God to give us insight where we get our security from Him and ask God to fill in that gap; so we dont’ rely on that gap from other people. Also, we learn in the valley not always in the mountain top. Any type of “muddy water” should be shared with God, and thus makes us closer to him. xo

  209. How I need to replace the lies of the enemy with His truth was what spoke to me. A good reminder and the third I’ve gotten this week, God is good!!!

  210. Jesus, please show us when something triggers our self-doubt, and help us focus on Your thoughts about us instead of our thoughts about ourselves. Thank You for Your grace that is sufficient for us. Help us trust your promise to perfect Your power through our weakness, so that Christ’s power may rest on us. Lead us beyond the shadows of our doubts and show us each day how to rely on – and live in- the power of Your promises. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  211. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was ~ Comparision that someone else can do what I am doing better than I can ~ I am always comparing myself with others and feel very inadequate by the way they make me feel. I really can relate to the entire post today. Would love to win the book which I think is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I know it would be a tremendous blessing to me right now.

  212. What I related to most was EVERYTHING! I have been praying for wisdom and revelation and God used your post to speak directly to my heart. His words of wisdom He chose to send to me thru you! Doubts/insecurities example of wanting kids then wondering if Im a good Mom…Our first is 9yrs old, and our second will turn 3mos on Sat. It has been a long journey in between that included a miscarriage. Somehow along the way fear, doubts, insecurities crept in and thru you God showed me they began as a thought. How simple, yet how destructive! I struggled, looking at every pregnant woman wondering what she had that I didnt; what she must had been doing right in proclaiming her Faith. Compairing became something natural w/o even realizing the trap I fell into. I know you probably hear this a lot….thank you for sharing “you” because it touched the inner parts of my very being, something I was beginning to think was buried too deep for God to reach or care about! I met you at the Rise N Shine Women’s Retreat @ Orchard Hills Church a few years ago…You exude confidence and such a beautiful heart…I would have never guessed you would have any insecurities…Then I realize once again how God uses our journey to manifest His presence in our lives, which blesses EVERYONE around us! A gentle reminder of who we are in Him…ahhhh, how refreshing! Truly THANK YOU for sharing and being obedient to the call on your life..for as we walk in our God-given purpose we are God’s gift to the world!

  213. I can so relate to this, “Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt.”
    But I really liked this, “But instead, God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises.”

  214. Conflict, criticism and comparison had sent me into the shadows of doubt. So often these things have paralyzed me in the past. I am slowly learning to let go and to trust God. If He considered me worthy of the sacrifice He made then I shouldn’t let others influence me otherwise.

  215. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was…about the feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

  216. Having self doubt that I am not good enough or that I matter to people are two of the things I came away with after reading this post. Doubt is such an ugly tool of the devil.

  217. I am feeling so inadequate about relationships especially my daughters drug addiction. Some days I feel so responsible for her choices and what was once a close relationship now feels so hopelessly lost. I would love to have a copy of you book to help me with my broken heart.

  218. What I could most relate to in this post is how crippling doubt and criticism can make someone. Like many others I have made my share of mistakes and my past is full of things I’d rather erase….Those secrets burden my soul and have allowed me to accept cruelty from others because it feels wrong to accept or demand better for myself. I am looking for something to ease that. I need healing for my heart. I am desperate to forgive myself and I am struggling to find hope for the promise of a better tomorrow. .

  219. What I could relate to most when reading today’s post was how I definitely have my moments of doubt and insecurity! BUT GOD is helping me focus on His word this week whenever I allow a doubt tries to come into my mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have recited Phil. 4:13 and Ps. 139:14 this week. “Get away from me, Satan! I will worship the Lord and serve Him only.” Renee, your Confident Heart study has been exactly what I needed at this phase of my life. Thank you for hearing His call to you to share this with other women. You are blessing so many…more than you will ever be able to count! Thank you!

  220. What I could relate to most from this post is the doubts that come from criticism, which I really struggle with. Especially because of who it comes from. I am full of doubts and don’t have much confidence. I would love to read this book. Not sure if the giveaway is over, but if not, please enter me too. Thank you for your offer.

  221. Your question, “What I could relate to most when reading this….” and the thought that
    “God has used my doubts to lead me to a place of deeper dependence on Him and His promises” is a real deep truth and my own answer to your question.
    I find dependance in doubt and faith in fear and that, in itself, is a miracle. It’s a place beyond my own abilities; thus I myself am ‘disabled’ but I am ‘abled’ by God.
    “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength,” Isaiah tells us to rest in God and find our strength and quiet center in trusting Him.

  222. That Satan has whispered doubts to me A LOT and gave me the excuse that I’m just shy…I need to exchange those lies for THE truth.

  223. What I could relate to most when reading this post is criticism and comparison tends to send me into the shadows of doubt–not so much doubt about God, but self-doubt about my abilities and wondering if I am doing what God wants me to be doing.

  224. “Has comparison convinced you that someone else can do (or has done it) better than you can?”
    I have really struggled with this the last couple of years. I’d like to read more of the book to gain some insight…

  225. Critisizm paralyzes me too;and lowers my already low self esteem. And I’m looking up Judges 6 as soon as I am done here! Thank You!

  226. As I read this I am sitting in a children’s hospital next to my one year old daughter who just had extensive spinal surgery. I have struggled over and over again with my doubts of what God was going to do during this process, and what’s worse is that she already had open heart surgery when she was five months old- so you would think my faith would be full- so when exactly am I going to stop doubting Him??? It reminds me of the Israelites, they were freaking out on Moses on one side of the red sea but were full of faith and praising God on the other side. I don’t want to be THAT Christian like Thomas who doubts. I want to be confident in Him that He has everything under control and I want to Praise Him on BOTH sides of the red sea and make Him proud:))

    • Praying for you right now Jaime. This post has been here a while but Jesus nudged my heart to come back tonight to check on the comments, and I saw yours. I’m pausing now to pray for your precious daughter, your fragile heart and your faith that is being stretched between one side of the Jordan and the other. God can handle all your doubts and fears. He will see you through to the other side. Just lean into Him. He is there carrying each of you across.