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I am a pastor’s wife, a former children's librarian, and the mother of two small children. I write to gain perspective and look for what is good, lovely, and true.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. This is just what I needed to hear today, not that I didn’t already know it, but I really needed to hear it again! It seems that the older our children get and the more time they spend outside our home, the more the world influences them. I give my worry over to God every day, but having truth to fight the lies with is a powerful thing! Thanks for your words this morning!

  2. God brought me through so much hard-ship in such a short time that I literally came to a place where I physically couldn’t worry anymore… my body was so exhausted and beat up that I literally couldn’t worry. Unfortunately that’s wearing off a bit, but I’m getting better at saying, “God this is your problem, not mine. ”
    Here’s a link to the post I’m referring to:
    I hope it’s ok to share links on here. If not, let me know! Thanks for sharing by the way!

  3. If I had an extra 250.00 this month I would make an appointment to get my hair cut and colored (yes colored) and get me toes polished! Been along time since I did something nice for myself. Than takemy best friend (my husband out to lunch). Sounds good to me! : )

  4. This speaks to me so much this morning as my son prepares to go on a ski trip with his girlfriend. I’ve struggled with fear and worry during most of my sons’ lives. One son is 22 and the other is 19 and I STILL have my times of worry (like today)! They are both wonderful young men but , like you, I always worry about what COULD happen. You’ve reminded again this morning that I have to place all my worries at the foot of the cross and trust in the Lord with all my heart. God bless you.

  5. My children are grown…and you know what … God still isn’t finished with them – or with me. There is much to be thankful for and a great deal that is amazing grace. Everyday, since they were just tiny bundles in blankets, I have given them to God’s care – and He has been amazing – surprising – generous – and sometimes shocking or even hilarious – going places I didn’t suspect were options. What an adventure – to trust and obey – then to wait and see. Have courage – He is all wise, all powerful, and all love – the final outcome is sealed – so live in victory, not timidly wondering what is to come. Amen?

  6. I am not a mother but this was a really nice blog to read. In general, I think the phrase
    “The world might be big, but my God overcame it. And I’m on the winning side.”
    is great to apply to any kind of worry!

  7. Dear Meredith,
    I have never thought of myself as a worrier but your post made me think that I could be a little worried as the same thoughts cross my mind though I am not a pastor’s wife we are self employed. Thank you for sharing those very incouraging words!!

  8. I always have been a worrier. And it only has gotten worse since my first daughter was born nearly seven years ago. Now, with two more children, my worrying is worse than ever! It is a daily struggle. And I worry about seemingly silly things. Day in, and day out, my heart and mind worry. It almost seems normal now, and I feel like something would be missing if I weren’t worrying about something. I am going to post these words : “In this world you will find trouble. But take heart, I have overcome the world!” somewhere where I can read them continuously, because I need to be reminded of this over and over again until I not just believe it truly, but until I feel it in the place of worry.

  9. As a mother, a concern citizen and a follower of Christ we all have the same sentiments towards the future of our children and we can’t help ourselves but to worry. But thank God for His word of promises written unto us.. When we trust means we completely surrender everything to His care… Jesus Christ comforted us thru His word… Take heart for I have overcome the world… and that is ultimate. Our everlasting God… our loving heavenly Father gives us the assurance and sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ.