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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Love the community, the support without being judged and that I can totally be myself and be accepted….thank you!

    On another note, got the card packets and love it and the card organizer is amazing, thank you so much! Sorry I have no idea where to post the update about the cards 🙂

  2. I love the daily inspiration. On the days when I need that extra dose of encouragement , God never fails to send the exact words of hope and grace I need to soak in, via (in)courage! I also love the sense of community established. Thanks for ALL you do to keep this website up and alive!

  3. Ok..I’m a lurker..I admit it. I am so blessed each day to read the posts and feel like I need to say something but don’t…so today I am commenting. Please keep up the good work and I will keep reading and comment from time to time. I love this site!!!!! God bless you real good today.

  4. Love that there’s a community who still believes in encouraging each other. I’m inspired by everyone’s good heart and loving intentions! Hugs everybody…

    • Cindy,

      I’m with you. And, honesty, I think this post is kind of odd. The idea of blog readers, blog followers, those that appreciate and LIKE a blog (that is why they return afterall)..being called lurkers? Can someone fill me in on this? I love several blogs and post comments when I feel a pressing desire to post and share. What I love about incourage is the humility, Christian faith, and openness of the writers and content. It is very relatable. So I feel it is okay to be open right now. What is the reason behind this post? I can’t help by feel it is somewhat monetary? Correct me, please, if I am wrong. I hope I am wrong. I wouldn’t claim to know the ends and outs of blog advertising, but I thought just visiting the site (and possibly clicking on or purchasing from an advertisement) was helping the blog. I understand the notion of getting readers to share, but something sits wrong (in my humble opinion) with calling devoted readers the all-to-common, condescending term “lurkers”. 🙁

      • I don’t speak for (in)courage, but I would doubt if there were that kind of subversive attitude in this. I am thinking that the reasoning for the phrasing was something more common to blogging … maybe those who watch from the sidelines and don’t write are “lurking” and not speaking. I have made some comments over the year that I have known of (in)courage and always have been blessed by the responses. It just doesn’t fit that there would be some ulterior motive to this post. I’m pretty sure that the women of (in)courage just want to draw out people who haven’t felt comfortable posting before and saying “lurking” was just a term used in fun, not in any mean spirit. Hoping someone from (in)courage will answer you so you can be sure.

      • As an incourage writer, I am so sorry if you felt that in any way.

        Just to clarify, there’s absolutely no monetary gain from anyone commenting or just clicking. Incourage doesn’t have any kind of ad network set up like that, so there truly was no ulterior motive than giving everyone the opportunity to share, that otherwise might not feel led to do so.

        In the blog world, “delurking” day just encourages those who typically only read and never comment to introduce themselves. Sometimes commenting on a blog can be intimidating to people and it’s just a unique way of encouraging interaction among readers. So sorry for the unintentional feeling that it was condescending in any way. Thank you for your faithful support.

      • Hey there Erica,

        I’m glad you felt you could ask – because we love and value our readers and would never want them to feel anything but cherished. In blogging circles, having an annual de-lurking day is something that’s been around for a while. And we thought it would be fun to invite folks who don’t usually, to just say howdy. But I can appreciate that the word itself “lurker” has negative connotations too. Please believe, however, we don’t take a negative view of anyone who chooses to read and not comment.

        And I can also assure you that as there are currently no paid advertisements on (in)courage there’s no financial benefit to us at all for the number of clicks on this post.

        We honestly just wanted a chance to say hello to folks we don’t always hear from. It blesses us. Which makes me regret all the more if it made you feel uncomfortable.

        Hoping you can hear our heart, even if we may not have chosen the best words.

        With the warmest of wishes
        (in)courage community manager

      • Hi Erica! I’m an (in)courage writer as well as a blog writer. Commenting is one of the ways us bloggers know you are really out there! So many of us love the community of blogging, which for most of us is more fun when it is not just a one sided conversation. We love the relating back and forth to each other through comments and discussions, sharing common bonds and struggles or laughing over the same things. Just like real life! 🙂

        De-lurking is just a silly blogging term, not meant to be condescending at all. Many of us are mostly lurkers and it helps sometimes to know our comments really do matter and mean a lot to bloggers!

      • Hi Erica! I’m also an incourage writer and blogger – I am so glad you spoke up and asked the question that might have been difficult to put out there! I think my fellow incourage gals have already explained the term (and that incourage makes no money off your clicks!) so I don’t need to repeat them, but just know that we all care deeply about the readers here and value your openness to allow us to explain more. Sometimes we forget that using bloggy terminology might not always translate across and it’s SO important to ask whenever there is misunderstanding. Thank you thank you! <3

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I don’t often share but I am so grateful for all of your writers. The diversity is wonderful; so many different thoughts yet the single mind of Christ. Thank you for the time you take from your families to encourage us all.
    Abundant blessings.

  6. I’m definitely not a lurker here but still, I love this website because I can relate to so many of the stories and it gives me a place to share my own thoughts and feelings related to the stories. I’ve always been afraid to share my own feelings with anyone and maybe its because I’m on the other side of the screen and you all are ‘strangers’ that it makes it easier to pour out my feelings. But I’ve been reading since the inception of (in)courage and I truly feel like I could meet up with some of your writers and readers alike for a wonderful cup of coffee and pick up right where we left off in a previous post! Its weird. But the stories are relatable, emotional, caring and compassionate. I love how the readers all respond and encourage one another! Great idea whoever came up with it!

  7. I’m a lurker 🙂 I read the blog every morning, and I love how it starts my day as a daughter of Christ. I also love the sense of community and how genuine the posts feel. I feel like the writers are just regular women who love Jesus and want to share their stories. Thank you!

  8. Okay, I admit, I’m usually a lurker. I’m not a mom so a lot of popular blogs & posts don’t really speak to me. I don’t work outside the home, due to disability, so I often feel alone.

    But I’m not. And (in)courage has been showing me that, from the women who post each day, to the readers who comment. I’m not alone! There are others like me out there!

    Thanks for being a light in the world of blog-land. Thanks for providing a place of encouragement, refreshment, and community.

  9. Did you gals make that up? lol
    I’m only a semi-lurker… sometimes I leave a comment and sometimes not.
    I love how the Lord speaks to me through your words of grace, truth, humor and love.

  10. I appreciate your diversity — I am a retired Grandma who had breast cancer. I am quite different from many of your bloggers yet almost daily I find a word of encouragement through the blogs you offer. Thank you.

  11. Busted! I never thought of it like that before, but since I read daily yet don’t comment, I guess that makes me a ‘lurker’. Oh my goodness, that sounds so awful! I’ll try to comment more often.
    Robin said it perfectly: “You live up to your name: in courage is encouraging to me.”
    Thank you so much!
    In Him,

    • It isn’t awful not to comment. We each have different temperaments and some don’t write/speak freely. It is okay to be a person who soaks up goodness and sorts through things internally. Often those types of people have a lot of inner depth and wisdom. I am glad you feel drawn to comment, but don’t feel awful that you didn’t. 🙂

  12. I love how genuine people are. It makes me feel less alone in my struggles, and has been so appreciated as more struggles have been added to the heaping mess.

  13. Love all the articles and encouragement. I love it that the love and sincerity can be felt over the Internet although I’m half way around the world from most everyone.

  14. I love the community of godly women that I am instantly in touch with here. that is not something I’ve found yet where I live so its nice to have.

  15. I’m a blogger and a lurker. You all inspire me with your words every day. I should know better and encourage you with words of appreciation more often.

  16. I absolutely love (in)courage! I comment occasionally–mostly on individual blogs. This is a great site because there are so many women blogging about different aspects of the same thing–our love for God! And, it never gets old. Such a great place to come for encouragement and a wealth of spiritual information to go along with what the Bible says. I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful group 🙂

  17. I appreciate that there is a website that {in}courages women who normally aren’t encouraged. Who normally carry their heavy burdens all alone. Reading the hearts of the women here helps us to feel more empowered for Christ. Thank you for all that you do to lift His name above our own. It always points back to Him.

  18. Whow. When you call it “lurking,” it sounds so creepy! I love (in)courage! I have it delivered to my mailbox and find a daily dose of…well, it ranges from “kick-my-butt” challenge to blessed-peace-inducing encouragement! I loved doing the1,000 Gifts book study online with you guys, but haven’t participated in the ones since – I hope to join for another Bloom soon! Keep up the beautiful work!

  19. Hmmm lurker….. ok maybe sometimes. What I love most about incourage community is that it really does feel like community. Like a safe place, you know you will be encouraged and filled with Jesus’s whisperings to your heart. I love that as I read each day i become so familiar with the writing of each of the bloggers that I recognize who it was written by before I am at the end and see who it is. Thank you all for this sweet place.

  20. What I love about (in)courage? The honesty and openness of each of the regular contributors and guest writers. That they are from such varied backgrounds and walks of life. That God has used posts on this site to speak right to my heart and meet me where I am.

  21. I am a lurker. Just found you all within the past 3 weeks and LOVE this community. Being shy and looking to build relationships – I am sure I was guided here and am listening and trying to take the steps. Thanks for getting me to join in with this. I am looking forward to finding more strength through this group of amazing God loving women!

    • So glad, Cheryl. This is a great place to post your thoughts and experiences in response to the blogs. I have always seen and received such warm and helpful answers. It is a great (and real) community. Even though most of us won’t meet until heaven face-to-face, it is a great sisterhood in Christ. Very authentic despite the fact that it is online.

  22. I read every post (I follow via feed reader) but don’t have time to comment or take part in discussions. However, (in)courage is one of my fave blogs because of how relevant and encouraging it always is here!

  23. I’m a lurker! I love so much about incourage… The diversity of writers, the blogs and sites I have found through incourage, the books, the encouragement, the Word of God in every post, the relevance of the issues, the challenge to stay courageous and bold in our faith…. I could go on and on! I just love it!

  24. Hi all,
    I. Am. A. Lurker!!
    I love this blog, it is such a light in my world, and a place of escape for me. The Lord truly uses all of you to speak to everyday women, everyday.
    Love it, reading from Oz, 🙂

  25. (in)courageously I now post a comment…..I would love to be ( in)thought provoking and (in)wise like the contributors here. You are my heroes. Keep it (in)coming.

  26. Im a lurker but mostly because I read incourage posts via email and don’t usually click the link to come over and comment. But I love incourage, and am so grateful to know so many of the writers. I so enjoyed attending the incourage Blissdom events the last two years also.

    I love the encouragement, really. The post might be joyful, or heartrending, or funny, or educational.. but it’s always encouraging and uplifting in some way. Always good for my heart. I have confidence that I can retweet anything that comes from the incourage team, because it will be edifying for everyone. And knowing the character and integrity of the writers as well as the writing is a beautiful thing. Love to all of you!

  27. Love that each and every post has a nugget of wisdom I can apply in my every day. An inspiring idea, a comforting word, food for thought. And all to the glory of Him. Priceless.

  28. I love that that it’s a genuine expression of the battles and spiritual baggage that we all deal with each day. It’s seeing the beauty in Jesus, ourselves and the world around us in a genuine and thought provoking way. Love it! God bless.

  29. Hello, my name is Christie and I am a lurker. I am always blessed, or moved, or encouraged or challenged or uplifted when I read the posts. This community has helped me feel less alone and helped me to be more focused on our Lord than on my present circumstance. Thank you for sharing your hearts with us.

  30. I lurk on occasion, but if I’m around, you’ll usually hear me. 🙂 Thanks for building a great community – I love reading all the commenters’ blogs!

  31. i’m finally delurking–i got tired of the other lurkers stepping on my feet in that lurking closet–it was so dark in there BUT so light and inspiring in here!–i love the way all of you encourage and inspire us daily–it feels so good to open a email and see i have something worthy to read and uplift me….so thank you opening this door and giving me the opportunity to say what i want to say in here…I LOVE THE LORD and so thankful He has brought me this far in life–i have challenges facing me daily but HE guides me through it–and thank you for having a platform for ALL of us—remain blessed!!!

  32. I enjoy seeing my thought or puzzlements reflected by others or share on this site. Encouraged to see desire to connect women not only online but also in real life activity. Love how I leave my lurking having been encouraged, challenged, and drawn closer to God.

  33. I love (in)courage. It has been the source of MANY of my reading choices this past year. Every time the email comes, the words seem to perfectly address one of my faith concerns. It is helping me grow in faith. Thank you!!!!!

  34. There is so much that I love about incourage. From the daily posts that are inspiring, emotional, raw, etc to Bloom to the community. It’s wonderful.

  35. I love how bright and happy the pictures always are when they show up in my reader…and they encourage me to slow down and read the message which always makes me smile!

  36. I’m not a lurker, but I haven’t been as active over here as I’d like to be. I loved getting to meet so many of you at Relevant last fall. Love, love, love the painted toenails on the beach!

  37. I love (in)courage for the ways it encourages women to be who God created them to be. To stand in the fullness of their joy and gratitude, with room for questions and insecurities and differences. I love the variety of voices here, all joining to a beautiful chorus. Thank you for this place. It has brought me much joy!

    • The variety of voices all joining to a beautiful chorus. That… THAT… is so beautifully said Ashley! So grateful you are part of (in).

  38. I love that (in)courage is upbeat, positive. That women just like me share their joys, triumphs, struggles, thoughts. I like that I’m not judged or compared, but welcomed as a sister in Christ, as a friend of worth. So often women compare themselves to each other, losing themselves in a nonexistent competition. (in)courage fights against that, reminding us that we are all women of God, we live our lives for One who matters, not for each other.

  39. I love the way (in)courage ENCOURAGES women! This is a warm, wonderful place to come, where you know you’ll be surrounded with like-minded friends who know what you’re going through, whatever it might be!

  40. I love the incourage site. The writers have encouraged me to look at life in a new way. I have even started my own blog although I don’t post often. I love that this sight is helping me to look for the beauty around me.

  41. I love (in)courage. Everything about it is wonderful. But if I had to say my very favorite “thing” about (in)courage, it would have to be Ann Voskamp! Love that lady!

  42. I love the way God always finds something each day to touch my heart and encourage me.
    In Christ,

  43. I love how generous this site has been. I also would have to say that I love reading about up and coming female authors. You have the kindest, sweetest and most talented group of gals here!

    • The right word, at the right time.

      (Is this double lurking? I can’t seem to post my comment.)
      (Thank you journeytoepiphany for the piggy back!)

  44. I love the variety of writers. I love the way you seem to be peaking in my window. I love that there is always something here for me even when the writers are in different stages of life than where I find myself. I love the way you intentionally invite comments. I simply love everything about this community!

  45. I found Ann’s book and the bloom book club last year and before that, never really knew about blogs. It was then that I found (in)courage, and was opened to a whole new world! I discovered the amazing and wonderful writers and this welcoming community and I immediately wanted to be a part. Now, because of (in)courage, I have a whole new set of sister-friends I would have never known! Thank you, thank you for this beautiful place. You are not only encouraging others, you are changing lives!!

  46. I appreciate all the encouragement and wisdom from the (in)courage writers. It is a wonderful community.

  47. Thank you all for your wise and Inspiring words. So many day you share just what I need. Thank you!!!!

  48. I read your posts a lot but I generally stand back and see if the group is friend or foe. I do like the honest open sharing without judgement and I think I am also a little different from the average lurker. I am a breast cancer survivor and like (in)courage because it refreshes my faith and comfort. I feel like I am not alone. You guys are definitely friend. 🙂

  49. I love the community. The encouragement, support and new new formed friendships. This is one of my favorite sites and I enjoy reading all the daily post and the discussions in the community.


  50. I love the variety of writers and topics, but all challeng me to greater authenticity in my walk with Jesus. Thank you!

  51. i love what another commenter said: you have a variety of writers and it’s not a one-size fits all faith here. this site is one i can recommend to both my conservative and my liberal (regarding faith, not politics) Christian friends.

  52. I love (in)courage’s authenticity!

    You are a community that is truly exalting only one – God – and you show it through your writing, of course, but even more importantly through your interaction with us as readers by responding to us in emails and comments and allowing us to be a part of the community by publishing our own stories and experiences.

    Thank you, (in)courage for being REAL!!

  53. I love that God speaks through each one of our lives and how He uses us to encourage one another. Funny, I was just thinking today before reading this email about how glad I am to have “stumbled” across this incredible community at (in)courage that has been such a great source of joy and inspiration 🙂 Praise God for all of you! 🙂

  54. I appreciate the candor, the realness of the daily posts. Helps me through my tough times and the good times!

  55. I’m new to following this blog, but I love waking up and seeing what you gals have posted. I feel like it sets me in the right frame of mind to begin my day. You are appreciated! Thank you!

  56. I love this site. I get notifications on Facebook and more often then not I click the link. I sometimes then repost. It truly helps me sort out what’s going on in my life and directs my eyes toward God when I am not thinking that way. I am without a church family these days. I am a full time working mother of five and so this is my “small group” and where I get “fed”. I like it better than other similar blog type christian services because it’s easy to navigate on my phone, well written, honest and beautiful to look at. Thank you.

    • Welcome Emily!! I love that this is a place where you can feel fed. I completely second your sentiment. I am so thankful you come here and know that you are welcome, embraced and accepted for who you are. That’s what is so great about (in)courage! I hope you’ve heard about the (in)RL conference in April. The best thing about what (in)courage is doing for us, is that we don’t have to pack a bag or buy a plane ticket – it’s a conference we can attend from our own couch! I hope you can “come” because it is sure to be an enriching time of fellowship and conversation.
      (I promise, I don’t even work for (in)courage – I’m just THAT excited about it.) 🙂

  57. I stopped by Lisa-Jo’s site at “de-lurked” this morning! How wonderful to come her as well.

    Good morning ladies, let’s come out into the light, sit on the sand, dig in our feet and get to know one another. 🙂 Who else is gearing up for (in)RL? It’s things like this that only delight me more, waiting for April to come.

  58. A “lurker”! How funny! Thanks, InCourage, for calling us all out of the closet today! I love it. I appreciate InCourage for giving the Proverbs 31 woman in me a place to meet all of my spiritual, fashion, frugal, parenting, healthnut and homemaking & etc… needs! We are all so diverse and have so many different gifts, this website succeeds in meeting so many desires. To God the glory. Thank you all. xoxo

  59. You all (in) courage me every day. I try to start my day by reading your blog every morning. It helps me get through the day.

  60. (in)courage gives me a reason to get up and read my emails!
    You inspire me to be more like Christ, a better person, and a seeker of His Heart.
    Thank you for your generosity – you are just great!

    Since I, too, am a recipient of your generosity, I want to say THANKS for the awesome ‘Ever Grateful’ place setting! I am working on making it a ‘centerpiece’ on my dining room table! Would love some ideas about that!

  61. I love that, in a society where community and openness sometimes seems forgotten, (in)courage promotes community, forgiveness, faith and authenticity. On some of the days when I feel like I am alone I can come to this blog and find fellow-seekers of Christ.

  62. Hmmm…I am a lurker. I guess I figure there are so many people that look at this site no one would miss if I comment or don’t. Maybe I should re-think that. I love the way everyone is made to feel welcome – no exclusions. (in)courage is an amazing place to visit!

    I agree with Nancy (comment #53) I also love the toenails on the beach!

  63. I like the fact that lots of times one of the postings is something that seems good to share with another Christian sister. The variety is good as well — and we the readers are consistently drawn to consider another aspect of our awesome God’s character, something which we should never forget. Thank you.

  64. confession is good for the soul…I do lurk on the sidelines, reading the wonderful blog posts on (in)courage, and being encouraged by them…so today on National Delurking Day, I will share a little about myself through my bio…Beth Willis Miller, M.Ed., writes articles and speaks on a variety of topics to inspire and encourage others. Beth’s expertise as a creative and critical thinking specialist is steeped in years of experience as a writer, presenter, educator and former Florida Department of Education State Consultant for Gifted Education. She is passionate about encouraging others to develop their creative imaginations and critical thinking skills. She loves watching sunrises and sunsets and creating articles to inspire and encourage others. Seeing others’ lives transformed by the truth of God’s Word is her passion and her purpose. Beth understands the personal struggles others face spiritually, relationally, and emotionally. She has a unique ability to address those who have been rejected and abandoned, as she has survived and prevailed being conceived on Memorial Day, almost aborted on Columbus Day, placed for adoption on Valentine’s Day, and adopted on Easter. Beth is married with two grown children. Beth’s essay, Comfort Measures Only, was selected for the recently published book, A New Song: Glimpses of the Grace Journey, an anthology of essays, poems, stories and photos celebrating God’s grace on life’s journey (edited by Diane Kulkarni). For more information, see http://www.BethWillisMiller.blogspot.com which has had over 10,000 international page-views in the last two years.

  65. Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a lurker. (I’ll work on that, promise.) I love getting my updates from you all every day. I open my e-mail as part of my morning routine, and there you are, a bright spot, just waiting to assure me that I’m not alone in my joys or my struggles. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, but I always walk away feeling more connected to the women in the (in)courage community. Thanks so much for all you do for all of us. Keep it coming, and I promise to stop lurking in that corner over there and come out and talk more often. <3

    • Love to hear that you always walk away feeling more connected to this community! That connection is priceless. Thank you Kayla for being part of it!

  66. I enjoy all the different writers, they all seem to somehow apply to me and my issues I may be having in my own life. Thank you!

  67. What I like best about (en)courage is the way you have brought many blogger together to share their wisdom. I might never know Lysa Terkeurst or Ann Voskamp. Both of these ladies have enriched my life.

  68. Not sure I count as a luker as I love to comment. Just wanted to say hi from the UK thank you for this wonderful site and tell you how much I am blessed by you all. Xx

  69. I love the love of Jesus shining through (in)courage. This community is amazing and I am so thankful I found this site. It’s a daily devotional to me.

    I do comment sometimes but here is some background info about me:
    I’m 21 and a mommy to a two and a half year old. I was a young bride at 18 and am always looking for encouragement in the wife/motherhood area. I’m a proud Canadian and my first love is Jesus.

  70. aw-oh…busted! I am a lurker or at least a semi-lurker. =) I luv how you speak God’s words and they go straight to my heart! I can be having a bad attitude and I read an (in)couragement and it can turn my frown upside down!! Thnx 4 God’s love that shines thru in all you do!! love & blessings!

  71. There are days as if you looked right into my world. Your encouragement always comes at the right moment and has also given me the courage to (in)courage someone else

  72. I’m a lurker, so I’ll jump in! It’s been on my heart lately to engage more instead of just standing back and watching, and then along comes this post – perfect timing! I appreciate the authenticity of the writers and the commenters here, and how there seems to be a place for everyone at the table.

  73. i love how you guys are able to “share” stuff…sometimes i’m able to read….others, i am as a square peg in a round hole!

  74. “(In)courage” inspires me very often like other women I think. I returned inspiration into my life owing to “(In) courage@. I appreciate you very much. Thank you for this inspiration. And thanks to God very much.

  75. Hello!

    I am definitely a lurker over here at inCourage so let me come out and say with a little “hello,” how very much this site encourages me. I appreciate the diversity at inCourage. I appreciate the words of so many gifted writers and believers. I appreciate the forum (although I rarely participate, I leave pondering the ideas presented here).

    One word sums up inCourage to me: Gracious. Everyone here seems so very gracious. And GRACE is what we need….


    • Well a BIG hello back to you Sarah! So grateful you are part of our community. Grace is what we need… couldn’t agree more. Thank you!

  76. My name is Jennifer and yes I am a lurker, I love this blog and have been able to share some really cool stuff with friends as a result. I really appreciate the efforts of every one and I have recently been keeping a note book full of valuable information I have weaned from this site . So a big heart felt thank-you from me to all of you.!
    Keep keeping on !!! 🙂

  77. Well here I am out of the shadows. I appreciate how encouraging the articles are. I love seeing God work in others lives and how wonderfully they put it into words.
    Thank you for your ability to listen to the Holy Spirit and print just the right thing at the right time I am sure others feel the same way. The phrase “Just when I need Hime most” comes to mind.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing God use you in my life.

  78. Love, love, love the writers. I am a lurker, but a is that bad? 🙂 Thank you guys for sharing your hearts, souls, lives and most of all for sharing The Truth with us.

  79. Just ONE thing? No way! I love the beautiful photography, the varied topics, the quality writing–although it puts me in awe and makes me frightened to write. But, then, perhaps my favorite thing, because it is so grounded in the acceptance taught by Jesus, is the sense of community and support, the encouragement for each of us to be our own creative selves, to accept ourselves, and to just “go for it”!
    So that’s what I’m trying to do this new year.
    Thanks for a wonderful place! Thanks for the encouragement!

  80. I’m afraid I am one of those that is guilty of lurking here, so am dropping in to say, “Hello!” and “Thanks for all you do!” Have a blessed weekend!

  81. I read here daily though I don’t always have time to comment 😉 I love the heart of (in)courage. The community here is so beautiful and I love the way Jesus is glorified through all of the different faces who gather here. Thank you for making me feel at home here. God bless you all. XO

  82. Love that the writers are so open & honest & make us feel welcom into their world. The encouragement sure does help.

    At times I get to vent some here & pray for others!

  83. I love knowing that a community of women, from all over the world, care enough about one another to share all of their hopes, dreams, struggles and pain in order to encourage that women of the world that they are not alone; that there are others who’ve been there and know what they’re going through; and that no matter how many miles there are in between, there’s a party of girls celebrating with you.

  84. There have been many times when I’ve come home from a long day at work, opened my latest email from (in)courage, and been instantly uplifted. I am so grateful for the reminder that no matter where we are or how different we are, we’re all in this together and we’re all building our lives upon the same Rock.

  85. I am amazed that EVERY day, the Lord uses your writers to speak to my heart, to encourage me, challenge me and draw me closer to Him. I don’t get that from my church right now, I am the one giving, needing to be filled. Thank you for helping to fill part of the gap!

  86. I love how this isn’t just a blog about the writers. You all are really here to serve us! I love how you like to get everyone involved. Readers are invited to submit guest posts, host giveaways on their blogs, join in conversations in the comments and blog frog. It is truly a unique place! It’s welcoming. It’s a place where people can feel like they belong. They aren’t just readers.

  87. Thank you so much for the blogging in incourage. I’ve been blessed tremedously by the candid sharing and the encouragement showered. It’s through these sharings I’ve gradually become aware that God loves me inspite of being me and that I do not need to strive for perfection! :-)). I look forward to the daily emails. Thanks once again for the love shown.

  88. I subscribe to your posts and enjoy reading them. I guess I lurk because on so many blogs all those who comment seem to be other bloggers or those who seem to already know the author. I am a mid 40’s mom to a 7 year old daughter married for 16 years to my almost 50 husband who has survived esophageal cancer treatment. So often our ages, and our life experiences since his cancer, can make me feel that we just don’t fit with other parents with children our daughter’s age. It is ok though…we are used to it.

    Your blog has so much variety that women of all ages and experiences can enjoy the posts!!! This is a great thing about you!

    Thanks…glad not be be such a lurker today!!!

    • Welcome, I’m glad you delurked! I just turned 45 (today!!), my husband is 9 years older than I am, and our youngest son is 11…our oldest daughter is 23. They are all ours, we just spread our kids out to keep us crazy and happy longer. I never really fit with the parents either….I was the youngest mom for my daughters and then felt older than many of the moms when we had our son. Sigh. Oh well. 🙂 We all fit here at (in)courage, right? I’m glad you are here!

  89. I love Angie and Jessica’s posts! I read both their blogs and I feel like I actually know who they’re talking about when they write stories about their families to illustrate a point.

  90. As a single person aged 45 on the Autism spectrum I find incourage a real blessing.
    It helps that real life is illustrated for me, as I am sometimes isolated from the lives that other people lead. I am also grateful for the teaching and learning I gain from other people’s experiences.
    I don’t know any of you, but I feel the connection as sisters in Jesus, and although I am behind in reading them, because even as a single woman life is stil busy with my life, I know they are there to be read. Thankyou and keep up the good work blogging.
    I am glad I found incourage through Michele Perry writing last year. She is a special person who I hold warmly in my heart. Blessings all

  91. I like that the incourage blog has introduced new blogs and authors to me. I don’t follow everyone but I’ve been encouraged by quite a few.

  92. Thank you! Thank you for having a place for all of the wonderful writers to share about our Jesus. I AM being encouraged by you all! :+) I don’t really mean to be a “lurker”! it just happened……..Michelle

  93. I wouldn’t say I’m a lurker as I do comment occassionally, not as often as I’d like to though. I love (in)courage and look forward to receiving the latest in my email inbox each day. I often read something that touches just where I am at in life. As many have written, there is something for everyone here. Each author has they’re unique style etc. Thank you all for blessing us. I bought my (IN)RL ticket when they were released – can’t wait until April!

  94. Okay, I admit. I’m a lurker! My life has been so busy as a SAHM to a toddler, that I have made myself time to read every email you send me and reflect on the prayers and passages, but I never comment. I have been enjoying the saving money series. I just made a list for the grocery store. 🙂

  95. Total lurker… ugh! Will try harder to ensure people know how much I like their posts!

    Love Incourage because it feeds my soul on a daily basis. AWESOME!!!

  96. I guess I’m a lurker because I have so much going on that I barely see you all over the piles of laundry, dishes, dirty floors, diaper changes, etc, etc! I long to spend more time with God, more time in study, more time in fellowship with others. But this is my desert and through you, I find springs to refresh my heart and encourage my soul in the journey of wife, mother, homemaker . . .

  97. You caught me! I have shared your site with others. I find it speaks to my heart at the appropriate times…evidence that God is truly working through it.

  98. ok, so you got me…I’m a lurker. Somehow at just the right time I stumbled upon Ann Voskamp’s site A Holy Experience, then read One Thousand Gifts which resonated with the depths of my very soul, traveled with the Compassion bloggers (virtually) and have been inspired to sponsor a child (something I’ve wanted to do for years but never did?!). Through Ann I’ve found this site too and I can’t tell you all what an encouragement & virtual lifeline it has become to me! Somehow (yes, we know how 😉 so many times you all share something that I really need to hear. Thank you for words of life, for being real and using your gifts to bless us. This is truly part of 1000 gifts over and over again!

  99. Hey-I am not a lurker, but I do want to post here again and let you all know how much this site means to me. I have experienced lots of family loss in the past two years and I am now running my family’s business. Out of my comfort zone. Adding concern for “orphaned” nephew and niece…….Lots of stress——–So this site has been a blessing. Thanks for being real. Thanks for being there. Thanks for the encouragement. The help of the Lord and friends has been my strength during this prolonged period of grief.

  100. That even though I am thousands of miles away from the majority of you, your words, thoughts, prayers, span the distance. I am also thousands of miles away from my blood family, but reading the messages from each of you softens the aches.

  101. I am encouraged every day I read the blogs, blessed to have found you, and motivated to reach upward and onward and be that Proverbs 31 woman, and most of all….a loved and beloved daughter of our King.

  102. I am an official lurker of this site! I love love logging on the app on my phone every single day :). I read it to my husband, share quotes from it with friends and I enjoy pondering what I read. I teach high school in this season of my life, and this site has been so INcouraging – my favorite app!!!!

  103. Just want to say thank you to all the writers and contributors – You are a blessing! And not only to me but to those whom I forward your posts to! I pray you are also in couraged!

  104. Love your transparency, your realness. Father shines through. That’s what makes you all so real and I love you all for that. Pray for blessings daily.

  105. I love seeing (in)Courage in my inbox every day, and I love to open the positive uplifting messages. I don’t have much time to read online, but I keep them all in a special folder.

  106. It never ceases to amaze me how I feel part of this community even though I live thousands of miles away from most of you. Thankyou for creating that feeling.

  107. I have to confess I am a lurker. I read it on my RSS feed and almost never comment. But I love the encouragement and inspiration of the articles.

  108. I love the photography and how it draws me into your words. Sometimes your words are challenging ( for a good result), but are always graceful. Keep it up please! Yours is the only blog I look forward to reading!

  109. In addition to the “incouraging” words I appreciate and enjoy the photos that often accompany the thoughts of the day. As an amateur photographer I enjoy the work of others who use their photos in unusual ways. I have created an (in)courage folder so I can save my favorite ones and send them on to friends when I know they will be just what they may need for the day! Thank you! Elsie Smith

  110. I am officially delurking. I have commented a few times on incourage, but I guess I feel a little bit like I am out of the general audience demographic. I am unmarried and don’t have a family so sometimes I simply do not have anything to add. But I am encouraged. I am blessed. I am overwhelmed by the honesty of all of you who share your hearts so openly. You make me want to be more and to grow into a woman ready to take on the challenges of being a wife and a mother as a reflection of my walk with God. Thank you.

    • Hi SarahJane! I understand how you feel…I’m married but don’t have kids yet and I’m working full-time, so I sometimes feel out of the target audience here and at church, too. But really, in my case that’s just my fear of being excluded doing the thinking for me. Sometimes conversations focus on families and kids because those are the women speaking up! But your voice is valuable too – everyone’s is, because no matter your stage in life, you’re a woman loved dearly by God. Encouraging you as you take on those challenges!

    • I totally echo Karen – and there’s been a post series started by Annie last month specially for our single readers – because there are actually a large, wonderful group of them. I hope you are able to follow those too, Sarah Jane, and know that no matter who’s sitting around in the beach house – there’s always room for one more.

      Warm wishes

      • Karen, that was so beautifully said. You are so right… every voice is valuable! I am married and we don’t have children at this point. We can come from different stages in our lives to join one amazing community! So grateful you are here!

  111. I admit, I’m usually a lurker on this blog and when I read other women’s blogs. I’m glad you’re having a Delurking Day because the more I write on my blog the more I realize how encouraging other peoples’ comments can be. It’s important to let each other know if you’ve been a blessing to them or helped bring them comfort and encouragement. The regular and contributing writers on this website definitely do that! I’ve been reading these blog posts for about 1 1/2 years and enjoyed so many of the writers’ stories and words. I also love all the things mentioned under “We Recommend.” The Community discussion board has allowed me to connect with other Christian women which has been wonderful since I stay at home now. All around it’s a great website and i’m thankful for it. I’ve even shared it or posts from it with my friends. Thank you for starting it and being a source of encouragement for women!

  112. I found this site almost two years ago. It was after losing my daughter, Madelynn to stillbirth at 36 weeks. A pastor at church shared Angie Smith’s story with me. I found her blog and then found incourage. I love coming and reading from women sharing their hearts about so many things relevant to my own life. In these two years I’ve followed Ann Voskamp as well. Such beautiful words. I lurk around many of the blogs of the women who write here. I tell friends about it. Thanks for creating a place where we can come hear from Christian women what God would have us hear. Many blessings indeed!

    • Sweet Denise – so glad you found incourage and love how God led you here! I lost a baby at almost 20 wks (just had the two year anniversary of her death and birth) and it was after that when I become a writer here at incourage and have had God transform my life in ways that are too many to even list. There are also many mothers of loss that read incourage and some comment and some don’t, but if you do feel led to comment now and then about your struggles, there is almost always someone who has been there and understands some of what you’re going through. The community here is perfect for not only support and encouragement, but just for listening. Prayers for you today. xoxo

  113. I’m a lurker..I admit it. I am so blessed each day to read the posts. Please keep up the good work and I will keep reading. I LOVE this site, and the writers!

  114. Yea, I guess I’m a lurker too. I like the fact that you seem to be talking to be, but I know it’s part of a big group. I’m free to just “lurk” or participate whatever I want to do.
    Thanks for the messages of incouragement you provide.

  115. I love all the encouraging posts that help reorient me on God’s love when I’m down and push me to live my faith every day!

  116. love how the stories are short and filled with grace, joy and encouragment. there’s not a lot of controversary on this blog….which is good and why I keep on coming back to read. Keep up the great work!

  117. I never considered reading blogs. I always thought they were a waste of time…that is until I found in(courage). Not only am I encouraged daily, but I am so blessed by how the writers are all sharing real life. I’m encouraged by the fact that many of the women here face the same thing I do or feel the same way I do. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone. I love the fact that we can share our strengths AND our weaknesses here in a supportive, loving community. Grateful for you all.

  118. I love that this is a community of honesty and authenticity. It refreshes me and encourages me with comaradarie in life! Thank you, thank you so much for this place for me to relax. Love you!

  119. What I love…is this opportunity to get to know so many ladies I never would have, this side of eternity, otherwise. I can lean toward solitude, but God continues to open doors for me to walk through…into rooms…full of wonderful fellowship! Thank you!

  120. I love the fact that each of you show your inner beauty, but sometimes you even show your “warts”! You’re aware of the fact that none of us are perfect and we need to recognize that. Thank you for showing your “whole” selves as you write. I am blessed to be able to have this inspiration each day.

  121. I admit, I also am a lurker–very rarely comment. I absolutely love reading these inspirational tidbits every day –because everyone is so down to earth —going through their everyday life letting you know you are not alone. And as I forward them to my friends–I thank God I can brighten their day as well with some words that may encourage them, and they are grateful too!! It’s a ‘share’ thing!!!!

  122. I love to hear about how others are dealing with life on its own terms. It is what it is, is what my hubby says. Life happens! And I feel you all are sharing how it happens to you and how you make Jesus a part of it all. The good the bad and all the inbetweens. He is what today is about if we just look for Him in our day. You keep me excited about my faith. So many days I just have to forward a message or put it on my facebook page. Keep on girls, and guys, I love your stuff.

  123. i am really (in)couraged by the articles and posts you place in my inbox. truly enjoy reading them. as the 30 something mother of two of whom i homeschool it is so nice to hear from like minded women. also love the monthly wallpapers for my laptop! 🙂

  124. I love that you all see the beauty in life’s journey like I do. The beautiful words, photographs, and occasional video messages help me see that I am not the only imperfect woman out there dealing with desires and/or expectations to be perfect. At (in)courage, women like me find (in)courage-ment through each contributor’s (in)ward courage when sharing their stories. And that is so great because it makes us feel like we’re in this together and we’ve got a community of sisters in Christ…even though we’ve never even met. Keep up the great work! And I pray that there’s a multitude of blessings in store for you all!

  125. I don’t have time to read everything but they are the most enjoyable readings and I often just feel so warmed by them. I hope I find time to interact in the future.
    Alice in Canada

  126. I love the fact that everyone here is real and it makes me realize that everyone goes through things but none of us are alone. I have been encouraged so many times by logging on here and just reading the different stories strenghtens on a regular basis. Thank you!!!

  127. I am a “New Lurker” but so far I seem to have been grabbed by the closeness and oneness of God between Sisters! A place of Grace and Comfort to take it all in and to open up and receive knowing I am not alone in any circumstance. I seek God’s words and wisdom and the feeling of being connected to other women that feel the same way. I hope to continue to be a Lurker, but also to communicate and get involved by drawing closer to God along with making new friends with Sisters in Christ…
    Bless you all~ Cindy in TN

  128. I don’t think I’m a lurker but lately I’ve been reading and not responding here. So, maybe? I know I am lurking in the shadows on in(RL). I saw a blogger who I hoped would host it (ran into each other at the bank) and both of us shared how we thought of hosting but had other commitments/plans that weekend…. I’d host in a heartbeat but have symphony tickets (Josh Bell) that night. So, is it live out east and early here in the West so I could still make the 8p symphony?
    Still…semi-lurking, but thank you all.
    I love the variety of posts and the lovely women writers featured here. I love getting the email in my inbox. (in)courage was the second I subscribed to, led here 2 years ago(?) by Ann Voskamp whose was my first blog to read ever! (God is GOOD, eh?)

  129. Hi I am a loving lurker, delurking today, blessed by God ,technology and incourage.
    Thanks for my encouragement that I can also pass on, lovely ripple effect.
    Susan xxx

  130. Candice from Virginia! I’ve been lurking since this summer when I did the Bloom book study. I love this site! Thanks for keeping it going and great!

  131. Love the community found here and the daily inspiration~ seems you just know what I need on that particular day. Look forward to opening my mailbox and sharing on FB.

  132. I have to admit I am a lurker. I have been following blogs for about two years now but just started my own in March. (in)courage is the first on my list each morning and I have never commented before. Thanks so much for all of your (in)couragement.

  133. I love the encouragement I receive from your site. It is a reminder every day that God loves me just as I am – when I do the best I can and some of those days when I mess up and forget to do my best. I used to feel such guilt from not always doing the right thing but through the grace of your website and certainly the grace of God, I know that I am forgiven over and over and over…..

  134. I like that truly do get incouraged when I come here. The daily posts of thoughtful, uplifting, challenging, and always filled with grace and love. It is a joy to pop in here pretty much daily! :o)

  135. I’m new to (in)courage, but already love the daily posts from so many different perspectives. I’m now being fed in challenging ways in every part of my life. I appreciate what you all do and you inspire me to do more, grow more and contribute more!

  136. Well, I am not a wife or mother, so sometimes I feel irrelevant. BUT I am a woman, and a Jesus-lover, so there are sometimes that you hit me right where I live. And THAT I appreciate very much.
    LOVED Annie’s post on singleness, and commented on that right away. But I do admit that I read via email every day, but hardly ever come over to comment. So I’m here. And I’m grateful – for all those times that God used an (in)courage writer to really convict or encourage me.
    Thank you!

  137. Yes, I too lurk here a few times a week. What I like best about you guys is
    1- you reinforce my values ( helps me to know I’m on the right track)
    2- you lift my spirits and my hope!
    3- this place energizes me and I thank You!

  138. I love reading (in) courage every single day and trying to comment when possible–and I can’t even describe how wonderful it is to have a beautiful new post every day, always with such inspirational thoughts and such Spirit-filled words! I can’t even tell you how much I love and appreciate everyone’s words here and how much they help and inspire me every single day! Thank you all so much and blessings!

  139. I just want to give a great big “thank you” to all the writers. Thank you for all your time, preparation and prayer. Thank you for being real. Thank you for your daily encouragement. Thank you for teaching Jesus and for your desire to bring us closer to Him! Always Grace.

  140. I have lurked for oh, so long…so long that I cannot even begin to remember when I first discovered (in)courage. I feel like the shy, butterflies tumbling in my stomach young girl walking in a room where I know no one as I comment for the first time…I’m not sure why because of the acceptance expressed here. So, I’m trying to be “soul brave” to quote Ann Voscamp and write to let you know what a treasure
    (in)courage writers are and how much their always encouraging, inspiring words have meant to me. Wrapped in a lonely season of late, God has drawn nearer to me, for which I am so grateful. However, it’s the writers at (in)courage who have been “Jesus with skin on” to me. Thank you, thank you for investing your time, your sweet spirits, and the energy in finding just the write words for your readers. So many times I have felt as though a good friend was sharing thoughts just for me from across a kitchen table…Blessings! Kim
    Blessings, Kim

  141. I don’t comment too often, but I cannot start my day without visiting this site! You all are so inspirational & motivating! I have been with you since day 1 of (in)Courage & absolutely LOVE this site! I’m also hooked on the Bloom book club (& participate quite often in those discussions). Keep it up ladies, you are such a BLESSING to so many of us! 🙂

    • Since day 1… that is fantastic Patricia! We are so happy to hear that. So grateful you have been a part of this wonderful community for so long!

  142. We need more of this fellowship. We need each other. So what you have started here is meeting a huge need. It reminds me that I am not alone. I am not an island, nor superwoman. I need other women in this journey. It’s humbling and beautiful and I think it is what the Christian life is supposed to be. Thank you all so much!

  143. I love how transparent the (in)courage writers are. Because of it I really relate! I wish I could meet you all in person! 🙂 So, so encouraged by you all!

  144. I’m not really a lurker. I comment about once every few weeks and sometimes the comments flow as I read other comments. But, I didn’t want to miss the chance to say how (in)courage encourages me. I came across (in)courage when a friend shared a link to a blog article about a year ago. It was right after I finished 1000 gifts and I was so blessed by both (the book and the blog) so I subscribed to (in)courage and got involved in Bloom when they read “What Women Fear” … Such blessings. I am so grateful for the real, transparent, “life’s in session” writing that all the contributors bring to this group. I love that it is a place where real hurts and real joys can be shared and heard. I am always blessed that someone responds and hears and cares. God smiles at all of this community alive in Him.

  145. I guess I’m a lurker. I really appreciate the openness of the people who write and how you all make me feel cared for and part of the community. I sure learn lots. Like another commenter I read the blogs in my email so rarely go to the comments unless it’s really relevant to where I’m at or when I want to help someone or encourage them.

  146. The encouragement that I receive from Women who live all over the country and world. Thank you all the writers who put their heart into the posts here daily.

  147. Not a new thought, but it is a transformational experience: The bloggers of the (in)courage community are so real, so open. Y’all share your various (sometimes quirky) selves–and it refreshes me every time I visit. I think, “They get it.” And I feel I’m understood, accepted, and even a valued part of God’s world.

    I KNOW. I’ve read in His word that we are loved and accepted in Christ. But He took a human form (partly) so we’d KNOW He understands our frailties and temptations. All the (in)couragers continue to show us God in skin. (I’m too tired to explain better. But take it as a compliment! I mean it that way.) And thanks!

  148. You make me laugh…you make me cry…you make me know that I am loved every day by my Savior no matter what. And I love all of you….Thanks for being there.

  149. I love the variety of topics and writers. I love the great challenges from writers like Lisa-Jo, Ann, Robin, Holly, Jessica and of course Gitz, to name a few. I follow their individual blogs as well. Mostly I love the sense of community this site has established, and the people who leave comments… they are awesome too!

    Nancy Peacock
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  150. I Love how God uses the words of all you brilliant ladies to speak right to my heart on any given day, for the issue I am dealing with. He is Amazing! The sense of community here is wonderful!

  151. Reading (in)courage is the first thing I do before getting ready for work in the mornings. God has used the posts many times to lift me up and push me forward in a stressful work environment and in my busy family life.

    Years ago, I loved reading Lifeway’s women’s devo magazine Journey for my morning boost/quiet time. Now, I love having access to so many different writers with multiple backgrounds & lifestyles that give a well-rounded version of the gospel.
    {I understand (in)courage isn’t necessarily all one needs to study God’s word and have a quiet time}
    I feel it’s a great place for reader’s to find fellow follower’s pointing TO JESUS with their lives!

    I <3 ya (in)courage chicks!

    • Fellow follower’s pointing to Jesus with their lives… oh how I love that Wanda! It is a wonderful community pointing to Jesus! Thank you!

  152. a little late here I know, but yes I’m a lurker, too! I don’t blog, and don’t often comment on the posts, but I do love reading them…actually I love most everything about this site 🙂 what I love most lately are the articles on putting yourself out there and making an effort to make friends – something that’s pretty hard for me.
    Thanks so much for this site! God bless you all 🙂

  153. I love the writings of (in)courage because they speak to my heeart and make me realize how alike we all are. They also show me ways to be abetter kinder person who loves the Lord. thank you for this site.

  154. I visit incourage every day, sometimes more than once a day! I love the genuine realness of the contributors and the other visitors. I also love the other sites and people that incourage has led me to. It truly is a place of connections.

  155. Who knew I was in such good company? There are so many things I enjoy about (In)Courage that it would hard to pinpoint one. I love the inspiration, creativity, and “realness” I find here. See I couldn’t come up with one 🙂

  156. I admit! Often I feel compelled to comment…pride, insecurity, feelings of inadequacy keep me from doing that! It’s silly really! Today I will commit to commenting more readily and more frequently. Thank you to all of you who continually bless us with your daily inspirations! It really is a huge blessing in my life and many times I have walked away from reading feeling truly empowered,encouraged,strengthened,challenged and supported by all of you here at (in)courage. Keep up the great work and know that each day you are bringing a little bit of heaven to earth. Hugs

  157. I don’t comment on these
    beautiful posts delivered to
    my in-box as I generally
    read and digest them early
    in the morning when the
    household is still quiet and
    I’m preparing to write posts
    of my own. {Often I’m not
    certain who they are written
    by…..Is there always a by-line?}
    Love, love the inspiration and
    hope to submit something of
    my own, sometime…..


    xx Suzanne

  158. OK friends, I officially de-lurk myself. I found (in)courage last spring after reading 1000 Gifts. Oh my…it has been such a blessing and refreshment to my spirit. I am a pastor’s wife in a tiny church in a small CA town…and it’s easy for me to become overcommitted and I had suffered some “burn out”. After taking some much needed time away from women’s ministry leadership last year, I have been soaking up, breathing in, resting upon the promises from our Lord that you so beautifully write about each day. And I so enjoy the discussions, just like a circle of girlfriends in comfy chairs and mugs of warmth. This week I return to my post…as leader of my real life ladies. We’ll be counting our gifts (thanks Ann!) and removing our masks (thanks Emily!) And we’ll be praying for this marvelously (in)couraging place. Love to you all!

  159. Thanks for all the encouragement particularly over the last few months. It so often seems so appropriate to my situation at the time, and the last post has encouraged me re art.
    Blessings and love to you all. Irene

  160. I usually lurk, but have commented a few times on posts that have particularly “connected”! I love the daily thoughts and inspirations, being directed to new (to me!) bible verses; finding deeper truths, and clear action points.

    I too love the variety of posters, and voices here. And the reminder to be ourselves, to love, to count our blessings. to keep positive and trust in God’s plans for US.


  161. Not sure I like being called a lurker – more a reader! I love the way that so many many times, the blog has been exactly what I needed to hear on a particular day, or that it makes me feel OK because someone else out there feels the same way too!
    If the days message strikes a cord that I know is meant for someone else, then I send it on.
    Thank you all for giving up your time to help so many more women than you could ever imagine.

  162. Yes I am one of those who rarely, no, actually never comments. Thank you though to all of you at (in)courage. God has used you to fill a desperation in my heart for godly women speaking into my life! Thanks for being open and used by God in this ministry.

  163. I love the sense of community and support that is so strong and looks to the one who created us.

  164. I love so many things about (in)courage! Dayspring giveaways, Christian Community, Challenging blog posts that make me think and grow, and that everyone belongs here!

  165. I’ve been reading for a while and I really appreciate this blog! I love how about once a week, there will be a blog post about something that I desperately needed to hear. I’m so encouraged by how God uses you in my life.

  166. I have been reading (in)courage for a few years now. I love it! Can’t wait to get up each morning and see what bit of wisdom, advice, and what God leads me to is waiting for me. It truly does bring me encouragement and I have gotten other women at my work to join me in reading it. It is so nice to talk about it during the day. Thanks for the honesty, transparency, reality-check, and all over beautiful women from these posts. I can’t tell you what this site has meant to me.

  167. We all get overwhelmed with words and texting and talking. I lurk because I don’t always have something to add to the conversation. When I do, I have a hard time being brief. I also know that those who write also want feedback. “Is my message received?” “Am I correct in my thinking?” No one likes to communicate to an audience that does not communicate back, even if it’s just a simple nod of the head. Maybe there should be a “nod the head” button. A little affirmation that you are on the right track is always appreciated. A long drawn out written pontification will often be skimmed over by the word weary. There is something to be said for 30 words or less.

  168. It’s uncanny how a message from InCourage comes just when I am discouraged about my writing or feeling insignificant about impacting my world. God is using this “blog” to bring light and life to me each day, ministering His Word into my heart.

  169. How God always knows what I need to hear. That there is a blog that I can go to no matter where i am at and be encourage. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord