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I am knee-deep in the beautiful mess of being a stay-at-home wife & momma. I welcome you to come alongside me in the pursuit of biblical womanhood.

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  1. God has always seemed to provide at least one fish of encouragement to me. Whether a family member or even an acquaintance. I am so grateful for that and always will be. Thank you for the reminder. I have had a huge school of fish and at times I took it for granted…too bad we do that and seem to not realize it.

  2. This is a great way to think of our support groups, Lindsay. Time for me to go “fishing” and see who I catch, praising God for the bounty of friends, family, and mentors. Thanks and blessings on your beautiful “messy” day!

  3. My school of fish is deverse, but small. Scattered family, hubby, church, Bible study group. Each one encourages me in a good way and I in turn try to encourage them.

    Thank you for the analogy & great post!