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Beth Coulton is a wife, mom, sister, writer and photographer who loves Jesus, laughter and chocolate. Beth blogs about all that and more at Chocolate for the Heart

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I am praying for healing of the dull ache in my own “other” heart. Thank you for giving me perspective.

  2. Oh wow, Beth! The image you paint of the healing {other} heart resonates right down to my soul. Beautiful words ~ thank you for gifting us with them here today!

  3. Praying for all wounded hearts everywhere!

    God is the ultimate healer & if we would just take time to let Him & listen to Him–He can heal our hurts & mend all broken hearts!

    Wonderful words Beth!

    • Great prayer because as I’m finding, wounded hearts are indeed everywhere. But then again, so is God! Thanks for your comment, Beth!

  4. Yikes. Focus on ME?! But it’s so much less accusing to focus on others. ; )

    Definately a reminder that I needed today (and most days).

    It’s like what I tell my kids, “The grade you get in that class is YOUR fault and YOUR fault only.”

  5. I think we all know that “other” heart well, experiencing our own share of aches and delights. But few of us can so poetically put our other-heart feelings into words as you have done, Beth–beautiful words for reflection.

  6. Sitting in my car. Stuck. Unable to will myself out, and there your post pops up in my email. And your words cut to the core of where I find my heart. Utterly broken, crushed, without hope. Places that I think are mended only to be ripped wide open and spilled out again. And I hear your words and long for the day that the breaks will mend and fuse and repair. Thank you for the reminder that one day they do heal. Thank you for sharing words that encourage me to stay on the path to better. God bless you

    • Melissa- I’m so thankful to God that He used what I wrote to encourage you! I’m sorry to hear of your heart struggles, and will keep you in my prayers.

      That day is coming when He will mend it all, so keep seeking Him, pursuing Him, loving Him, even when the hard times come. Especially when the hard times come. He loves you so much.

  7. I’ve had my heart healed quickly in some instances in the past, and healed over time in others, but I can testify that God is the healer of our hearts, and He can put broken hearts back together and make them strong again, and even stronger than beore. Strong with His joy and His peace. We just have to keep placing our hurting hearts in His healing hands.