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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Christmas is all about celebrating our Savior and trying to balance that with all the busyness that tries to distract from the real meaning.

  2. The heart of Christmas to me is being giving, unselfish, helping others, and spending time with people we cherish and love!

  3. The heart of Christmas means spending time with loved ones and helping those in need. Giving in secret and watching the sweet joy on the faces of the recipients. The heart of Christmas is Jesus 🙂

  4. Being with family and reflecting on God’s goodness to us in so many ways – most importantly with the gift of Jesus. This year, our heart will feel torn as our daughter is on the other side of the world…but we’ll still be thankful!

  5. Jesus is the reason for the season…spending time with my Honey opening gifts and preparing the Christmas dinner together…priceless

  6. Christmas is all about the miracle of God sending His Son as our Savior! It’s about watching the matic of the season through the eyes of children, about the mystery of God’s saving grace, and the amazing love of family. Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

  7. Spending time with my family (having everyone home) and celebrating a sweet Baby King’s birth is what Christmas is all about!

  8. I came across a verse in 2 Timothy that has become the heart of Christmas to me: “Of this gospel, I have been appointed a herald.” 2 Tim 1:11

    Christmas is a time to herald the good news to my children by telling the story, to my friends and neighbors through gifts of love, time, and good deeds, and through the power of song. I love this time of year!

  9. For us, it means sharing our hearts, our home, our lives with others, and remembering that because we have a relationship with Jesus, we have EVERYTHING we could ever possibly need! Merry Christmas!!!

  10. The heart of Christmas is about gifts…the gift of salvation and redemption, the gift of kindness and compassion, the gift of community, the gift of gratitude and thankfulness and the gift of sharing. A time of reflection on Grace and a time of Action as we share God’s gift of His Son with our friends, family and community.

  11. Sharing my faith and traditions with family and friends. Doing good for others-we’ll be volunteering at our church’s soup kitchen this year as a family.

  12. Christmas for our family means sharing the love of God with everyone. We also spend a lot of family time reconnecting with each other.

  13. The Heart of Christmas is Love..touching lives as God brings Divine Appointments across our paths- to bless others. It may be a smile, a word of encouragement, a visit to someone in the hospital or maybe even a bag of homemade cookies. Let us ask Him everyday for those precious Divine Appimtments.

  14. Taking the time to make others feel loved and cared for. For God so loves us, we must also share His Love. Blessings to all!

  15. Having grown up in a non-Christian home, Christmas used to be all about the presents and fat man in red and not much else. Since I’ve accepted Christ as my Lord and personal Savior and been blessed with a family of my own, my husband and I have sought to turn Christmas into a celebration of His birth instead of the commercialized version that we both grew up with. We’re trying to instill in the hearts of our children that the greatest gift can’t be found on any tree, but was actually nailed to a tree.

  16. Christmas is for celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. God gave us the best gift by sending his son to earth to save us from sin and evil. Jesus gave his life so that we might have everlasting life–all we have to do is accept his love and live our lives the way he lived his short life. Christmas also celebrates family and friends–and the love shared.
    Each Christmas season we remember our loved family and friends who are no longer here with us but with our creator, God, in heaven. It’s not about gifts or parties, it’s about love, true and for always. We may not always be together physically, but we are in tune mentally and all celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  17. I, just like you, love music all the time! Christian/Christmas music really hits me straight in the heart. It’s amazing how people can put words & music together to invoke such emotions of love, and even reverence.

    I have stood in my kitchen listening to the radio on & had something hit me (like a lighting bolt). I spun around with arms open wide thinking God hear me, hear my prayer of repentance/love & gratitude!

    For me the heart of Christmas is all about family! Being together with loved ones, whether related or not. Enjoying a meal & good times! I also look forward to buying gifts–for some less fortunate folks. Seeing the twinkle in their eyes & hearing the thanks is all I need!

  18. The love of my family is my Heart of my Christmas!! Ya’ll are so awesome!!! Many Christmas Blessings to all!! Thanks again, Barb Wall xoxoxox

  19. I’m still finding my way through God’s direction for me. I’m 29 and have moved a few times, always going where I believe God is calling me to. Sometimes the reasons are clear, sometimes they’re lacking altogether. Yet I know firmly that my Maker has a plan and a purpose.

    So I continue to wander on the narrow road while depending on His love for me and His power to sustain me. One of the ways He has blessed me beyond measure is by the family He gave me.

    I have parents who have never once discouraged my dreams, even though they take me on roads that may look different than the typical “American dream”. They have always supported my sister and me in every adventure, every endeavor. It’s not just at Christmas that we are a family. It’s not just as Christmas that we enjoy each other’s company or laugh until our sides ache and our abs scream. It’s not just at Christmas that we encourage one another with the faith we find in the Savior we all know we desperately need. I cannot use words to properly and fully describe what my family means to me, even through all of our normal squabbles. ☺

    They are my heart. Lately I have felt lost in my direction. Of where God wants me to go and live next, of what I’m supposed to do and how I can bring glory to His name. And even though it’s not confined to one season of joy and blessing, this Christmas, my dad, my mom, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my amazing nephews who I can’t stop loving – – they are the heart of Christmas. They are my heart. And Christ Jesus, The Father, The ever-present Holy Spirit, hold us all together. I choose to remember that even in the unknown valleys.

  20. Sharing the true spirit of giving and loving dothers unconditionally that was brought to the world through the birth and death of Jesus Christ is what Christmas is all about to me. Christmas music sets the tone for the spirit of Christmas to come alive; not just in us, but in others also.

  21. The heart of Christmas for our family is the love of Jesus and each of us living out that love to the best of our ability in everything we do, We haven’t got much money or material goods, compared to many people we know, but we have Jesus – who could us for more!!!!
    The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

  22. I live far away from my own family, at Christmas time, it is helpful to think that we all celebrate Christmas for the same reason, the birth of our Savior, and it makes the distance seem shorter. Even though we spend very few holidays together.

  23. The heart of Christmas for me means gathering as family and reflecting on the greatest gift ever given to mankind, Jesus Christ and the blessing of knowing Him personally.

  24. The heart of Christmas is realizing the great love of God to allow his son to become human, live among us, and then die to bring us into the family of God. Christmas is the great love of family and learning to love through all the struggles of life.

  25. The heart of CHRISTmas is a time when the whole world stops, if only for a moment, to acknowledge our Creator & Savior. Our hearts come together as one in Him. Amen.

  26. This year my view of Christmas has changed or been humbled… As my siblings and I are now well into our 20’s, and our parents are still pestering us about what we want for Christmas we came to the realization that there is nothing that we need or even want… to me what is the point of buying the gifts and spending money just for the sake of tradition? My brother and I decided just last night that we are going to not ask for anything this year, and rather instead use whatever we do get (gift cards or money etc.) to give it to a family we know of who are raising 3 young kids who have never had a huge Christmas morning like we did every year growing up. The family is living in a trailer, and struggling with jobs and raising the family. We hope that this can give the parents a bit of a relief in seeing their kids happy. I think its sad how long it took for the three of us to realize the real meaning of the season – to give rather then to receive…We are all very excited to see how this is going to turn out. It was funny because on the radio just last night I heard the song “Give This Christmas Away” right after I had discussed with my brother that is what we want to do this Christmas. I think this is going to be a great ministry opportunity for not only the family but also for both of my unsaved siblings who I would love to see come into a relationship with Christ this season.

  27. Taking the time to bless others, whether its a gift of food or encouraging word, or a card to someone who is alone. Extending grace and mercy as an expression of how undeserving we are of God’s grace and mercy!

  28. The heart of Christmas is giving – sharing with those we love, and sharing blessings with others whom God wants to bless. I love the giving heart of the Father.

  29. The heart of Christmas to our family means reflecting on our Saviors birth and being reminded of why he was sent to Earth. Reflecting on how we grew on our individual spirtual path and our path as a family. Music is one of the great ways to spread the message of Jesus.

  30. the heart of Christmas to me is about readying our hearts to receive the gift of every moment…

  31. This year my outlook on Christmas has changed. It is about not just my biological family but about my family in Christ also. The things about them I am so thankful for that make me look to Christ on a daily basis. In daily struggles they help me look to God. Christmas with them is a time to remember Him together.

  32. The heart of Christmas to us is God loving us enough to come to earth. Christmas marks the beginning of this demonstration of this love. He came and felt as we feel, lived what we live, endured what we endure, and ultimately showed us his suffering goes beyond what we could imagine.
    We make a point of making this the center point of everything else going on this time of the year, and always!

  33. This year the heart of our Christmas is filled with a combination of sadness due to the loss of my Nana and happiness knowing she is celebrating her first Christmas with Jesus. Since we are celebrating this as our first Christmas without Nana we are doing what she’d want…continue celebrating our Savior’s birth and giving our Christmas away to the 5 precious little ones we sponsor through World Vision. The best part of this season is not what we get but what we give back and share the eternal life that has been given to us through our Lord and Savior.

    Wishing each of you God’s rich blessings of love and joy now and in the new year!

  34. Te heart of Christmas to me means sharing what Jesus’s birth really means to all of usto my children. To show them that offer of hope that came so small. That Christmas is really about this and Him and not the fast pace, mad dash rush of presents and Santa and having to be given so many earthly things when we have been given an eternal gift.

  35. I too love music, as it speaks to my soul – to soothe it, to encourage it, to sing praises and sometimes to just dance in my soul! I would love to hear Matthew West’s new Christmas CD and am thankful for God giving artists the gift of music for all to hear and to draw near to Him!
    Christmas Blessings to all – bonnie

  36. OHHHH, Christmas is a quiet, contemplative time at our house. Our family is quite small so we stay home and after a trek to church, just enjoy a seafood meal, gift opening and games. I love it all, xo peace Beth

  37. This year it means slowing down and visiting with folks who need extra TLC. No value can be placed on the gift of time!

  38. The heart of CHRISTmas is the greatest gift this world will ever know, Jesus Christ. This season is all about the anticipation of the coming of our Lord. God gave us his ONLY son and that Son taught us to give love away, give ourselves, give our lives. That’s the heart of Christmas…receiving God’s greatest gift, not keeping it to ourselves, but rather GIVING it away to a world in need.

  39. I think the heart of Christmas for our family would be just being together and being thankful for what God has given us.

  40. The heart of Christmas is about looking into the manger and seeing not a just a baby, but the greatest gift of love. Infinite Jesus made infant child so that I can have life and have it to the full.

  41. The heart of Christmas is reflecting God’s gift of His Son to everyone and ultimately the sacrifice of His Son on the cross for everyone. Loving our families, giving of our blessings to others, sharing our home with family, friends and those who have no where to go for Christmas Eve/day. This is what I consider the heart of Christmas.

  42. The {heart} of Christmas for my family has become serving others. For nine years, we have served in a local toy drive and Jesus giveaway. Each year it grows as the word gets out and the need increases. This year we will giveaway roughly $13,000 worth of brand new toys and over 1,000 Bibles. Love!!

  43. For many years my dad has come to our house on Christmas Eve and read the Christmas story to us. That is a precious memory, we lost him a couple of years ago to cancer and my husband has taken over the reading of the Christmas story. To me the obvious heart of Christmas is the Christmas story, but also memories of past Christmas’s are the heart of Christmas also.

  44. The heart of christmas is the realization that Christ came to be born in us…. and when He is born in us… then Christmas becomes real and meaningful…. We understand the purpose for which He came… We accept the love and peace He brought and we share it with everyone just as He would… we become His hands and feet… That’s the heart of Christmas to me….

  45. Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and remembering the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. As a family we also make sure to give to others in need.

  46. Emmanuel ~ God with us.
    Realizing that Christ is with us when we fail, when our problems are too big, when we suffer; He is with us forever.
    Amazing love.

  47. It means family all together. Hopefully all together in time to worship at the Christmas eve candlelight service as a family.

  48. Reaching out to those in our community who do not know Christ, and sharing what this season means to us because of the precious ONE who came.

  49. It means sharing the love of Jesus in real tangible ways. We look for ways to serve on Christmas Day.

  50. For us, Christmas is a reflections of Christ’s Birth. We get to enjoy giving to each other and spending time together. We love to help other famillies and give back because God has given to us. In difficult times the Lord has always provided for us. We get to adopt a family and reach out to the homeless shelter and help and it is so neat to do it as a family!!!

  51. As someone who often feels alone, the heart of Christmas for me is Emmanuel–“God With Us.” It’s not about the presents, but about His presence that makes Christmas and every other day come alive and filled with great joy.

  52. Christmas for me, as the only one in my immediate family who is currently saved, is to celebrate the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

    For the rest of my family, it is a celebration of family and love. It is time for slowing down and just enjoying each other.

  53. I love music, too! I am a singer for the Lord and it is my greatest joy to share His love through my music. I have been singing Christmas music for months already, as I sing with a local choir, too and have rehearsed and recorded a CD, taped a tv special (both firsts for our group!) and recently performed two concerts.
    What is at the heart of Christmas for my family IS our family. Having the whole family together (two boys are in college) and sharing that special time together, after the presents are opened and we share Christmas brunch at home. There is a feeling of love and togetherness that really is not equalled at any other time of year. I love that the ‘boys’, now grown men (with one teen-ager yet) truly appreciate the time we have together now more than the gifts. It warms my heart.

  54. The heart of Christmas for me is knowing that He choose the manger and the cross so that I could share eternity with Him. I love all the opportunities to share this truth through the festivities with our children.

  55. The heart of Christmas for me is a tiny babe born on Christmas morning. This tiny babe became a man who died for our sins. How can I ever repay this debt. Merry Christmas!!

  56. The Heart of Christmas..is FAMILY….and knowing JESUS is the TRUE meaning of Christmas! I lost my husband at 53 years old, 4 years ago on Nov 14th. and I know that he is blessed to be spending Christmas with Jesus for the last 3 years and this year will be no different. Family is so important and we must not let the hustle and bustle of the season get in the way. Jesus is the Reason for the Season and the real GIFT is in giving the Gift Back, the gift that God gave us in his son, Jesus! Let someone know the true meaning of Christmas, share Jesus with just ONE person and make this Christmas the one where you Give Back the Gift! Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Wonderful New Year!

  57. The Heart of Christmas for me is the love and togetherness shared with family and friends, possible only through His ultimate gift.

  58. The heart of Christmas to my family means remembering not only that Jesus was born in a manger, but that He died on the cross! 🙂 We have been doing the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional this year and LOVE it, as it centralizes the heart of Christmas for us! 🙂

  59. The heart of Christmas has always been the art of giving throughout the year. We have a dinner on Christmas Eve that is specific to what Jesus’s birth has meant to us throughout that year, because He began giving to us before He was born and continues today. The evening is spent sharing what we’ve been blessed with. This could be a birth, but it could be a death as well. It could be having a job or even losing a job. Each blessing offers to teach us ways to change to be more like Jesus. It is up to us to listen for lessons, then share with others by good deeds.

  60. Christmas is my favorite time of year because of His wonderful Gift to each of us. I leave the choosing here up to Him!

  61. I too love to have the sounds of Christmas music in the home. Even the foreign versions are beautiful.

  62. Who needs gifts when we have the present? Jesus! He’s our most precious Savior, the Heart of Christmas, the center of love for all that is worth celebrating with family & friends at all times in all kinds of ways!

  63. All the years my husband served in the military (Army), we were seldom living near immediate family members during the holidays to gather with them. THE heart of Christmas for me, even after all these years, is still the four of us (my husband, two ADULT children, and me) gathering together! We have long-held traditions and affection for each other that fills my heart of overflowing!!!

  64. The heart of Christmas to me is taking the love we all feel towards our friends and family at this time of year and bringing it to the rest of the world all throughout every routine day of the year… and that still includes our family and friends… because in the midst of everyday is when we often neglect them the most. But I want for every day to be like Christmas… I want to have that spirit in me all year and to be in a loving and giving mood… I want to remember that the people who were in need in December are still in need every month of the year for a long time. And we need to pray for God’s peace to come to the heart of every man and woman.

  65. The heart of Christmas is a love story about a brave Prince who leaves his palace, his throne- everything- to rescue the one he loves. A story about how God loves His children and comes to rescue them. A story about a baby, the Promised Child. Though he was the Prince of Heaven, he had become poor. Though he was the mighty God, he had become a helpless baby. This King hadn’t come to be the boss. He had come to be a servant. God’s Great Gift. (–Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible)

  66. Christmas is that very special gift given to man kind, wrapped up & placed in a manager. It did not end there. The ultimate gift was on Mt. Calvary where the son of God gave His gift for each person. Dieing on the cross for you and me, what a gift!! It does not end there tho. One day He is returning for us, whether in death, the resurrection or the rapture. I plan to receive that final gift one day!!!

  67. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. My family celebrates the heart of Christmas by spending time with loved ones, both family & friends. And giving both time & presents those in need.

  68. The heart of Christmas is what keeps my own heart beating all year through… the unconditional love of God, His mercy, grace, and forgiveness and the joy of being able to have a personal relatiohship with Him. Emmanuel – God with us. Merry Christmasa.

  69. Every year growing up my father would read the Chrsitmas story, either straight out of Scripture or from a great book. I look forward to this with my son every year.

  70. The heart of Christmas is remembering Jesus and what he has done for us and through that love sharing and giving to others less fortunate than yourself. Also, it’s a wonderful time of year to be a light to your family and friends.
    Merry Christmas!

  71. The very heart of Christmas is celebrating Jesus in our heart. Our church sang a song recently that Jesus came to earth with arms open wide…Christmas came to us!

  72. The heart of Christmas in my family growing up was music. My father served as music pastor for many years, so we all took part in the cantatas in one way or another. He would play his organ for us on Sunday mornings, going through *all* the Christmas music, not just the ones everyone knows. Favorite Christmas music is Once in Royal David’s City. Thank you for the chance to win this cd!

  73. This year, in the midst of losing two loved ones in our family in the past week, I am learning, more than ever, that Christmas is not about the presents, cookies, candy, parties, etc. It is about the One who is called Emmanuel, God with us, who came to give us the greatest gift of all – eternal life.

  74. It is IMPOSSIBLE to decorate, write cards, cook or celebrate without Christmas music. It brings the joy of the season to my heart and soul. I love to sing JOY to the WORLD all year, seems to appropriate…

  75. The heart of Christmas is appreciating loved ones that God has placed around us, but really – He is the heart of it all. We are blessed because of Jesus.

  76. The Heart of Christmas to me is family and friends celebrating together, sharing in the joy of hope and promise of Jesus’ birth.

  77. The heart of Christmas is Jesus’ birth and being with loved ones. We give our girls each 3 gifts from my husband and I at Christmas like the 3 gifts that were presented to the baby King, Jesus, by the wise men.

  78. The Heart of Christmas changes each year for me…some what with the journey of my life…new things have happened during the year…we are growing more , I know I am , into finding the true meaning of Christmas …for me. Each yr. I ttry to express and give gifts homemade…so my Heart is the craft that goes into making my own colored Christmas cards each year…that reflect the current Christmas where my heart is! Thanks be to God for a special Blog Post on this…excellent to me.

  79. The heart of Christmas is the hope that came with the Christchild. We can live in a hopeless culture with joy and thanksgiving because of the grace extended to us by God when he sent that baby to our world.

  80. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Matthew West is LITERALLY my favorite music artist!!!!!!! The heart of Christmas to our family is stopping from all the hustle and bustle of regular routine to rest and enjoy being together and making precious memories.

  81. The Heart of Christmas is knowing how to spread Jesus’s love in a broken world. Our family has started to forget un needed “stuff” and instead each family donates generously to an organization or charity that does great good either in the community or the world. Some of our giving has been to the local soup kitchen, to Heifer Project International,, to Hands for Peace Making in Guatamala, Locoal Area Shelter Assocoation, Northwest Harvest Food Network. It makes our time together as a huge extended family much more stisfying and much more focused on the reason for CHristmas, God’s love sent to us in the form of a himan to teach us how to care for each other!

    • OOPs the last cooment about the HeffiProject and the soup kitchen was me.. I got so ecited to share I for got to wrtie in my e-mal and name!! Sorry Merry Christmas!

  82. The heart of Christmas is reflecting on the heart of the one who gave HIS life for all of us, JESUS!! It is also a time of family and friends who make life all the more sweeter!! No greater gift could ever be received then when we all accepted the gift of forgiveness and given new life in JESUS CHRIST!!!
    May your Christmas be all the more sweeter and all the more fullness of love when you wake that morning and say Thank you Jesus, I love you!!

    I love HIM so much, HE is my ALL in ALL!!

    Merry Blessed Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!!

  83. God gave his son Jesus as a gift. Born at Christmas time, so we can give
    to one another, to share in this gift of love. Sharing and caring and remembering
    the story from long ago.

  84. Christmas means the miraculus birth of our Lord Jesus. Sharing with family and Christian friends. In this world and all the chaos and trouble we have hope and joy and peace because of the reason we celebrate this wonderful season.

  85. For me, the heart of Christmas is all about seeking Jesus. It’s unwrapping all of these miracles that surround the season to find the greatest one there in the middle of it all.

  86. This year it means celebrating the life of my Mother who passed away earlier this month. Together, as a family, we remember her and grow in knowing her God and ours, as well as knowing God as He looks in each of us. We are so thankful!!

  87. Cherishing the moments together as a family and always refocusing on the beautiful gift that is Christmas- God’s grace and love

  88. To me, Christmas means getting together with family and celebrating our Saviors birth. For as long as I can remember, we used to gather at my grandmothers house every Christmas and it would be my brother, mom and dad and all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. It was always a fun time to play with each other and catch up. As I get older, I realize just how much those family times mean and I do my best to instill love and forgiveness in my children and grandchildren, and try to set an example as my Heavenly Father has set for me. Praise God for His goodness!

  89. The heart of Christmas to our family is generosity. We make it a tradition to give as much as we can, as often as we can, during the holiday season whether it is to an Angel family, the Salvation Army buckets, warm items for the homeless, anything, just give.

  90. For our family the heart of Christmas is a time to draw together and celebrate the birth of Jesus and what His presence means in our lives. It’s a time to process just exactly what that means, and to celebrate that we can extend that gift to others.

  91. Christmas for our family is spending time with those we love, teaching our children about our saviour and loving those around us. It is being together and reflecting on Christ.

  92. The heart of Christmas means the anticipation and excitement you feel on Christmas Eve, gathering with family, surrounded by loved ones, and the magic of the candlelight service at church.

  93. The heart of Christmas is to see with our eyes, share with our lips, and reveal with our lives the good news of God’s plan through Jesus Christ.

  94. That the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us that through Him we might receive grace upon grace.

  95. The heart of Christmas is being with four generations of family, sharing laughter and love, and not forgetting the true reason for the season.

  96. The heart of Christmas is much deeper and more profound than it has ever been in my life this year. I am so blessed with my beautiful family and the three kids I thought I would never have–through open adoption. Their birth mothers mean more to me and I have struggled with what others think is right, and what I know in my heart is right. Without Jesus, there would be no Christmas and without my children’s birth families, I would not be a parent and without the journey I have taken to become a parent, I would not be the mother I am today. I hope I can always help these special angel mommas know that they are part of my heart and soul, part of who I am today, and that they will always be a part of my life. I just want to hold them all tight. One is in foster care….and I think she needs to be with us. Anyone want to build an addition for us that will give us the space to care for her, her sister and her sister’s baby? :0) At the very least, I hope I was able to make their Christmas special this year… :0) Merry Christmas everyone!

  97. The heart of Christmas for me, is *just* Jesus. Just this amazing and holy son of God come down, for me- The grace and redemption that begins with the Christmas story amazes and humbles me every day….

  98. The heart of Christmas is the epitome of the love our Father has for children. To begin the journey of restoring us to Him through the birth of Immanuel ~ God incarnate on earth. What an awesome expression of love.
    Thank you for your offer. May you and your family be blessed this Christmas,

  99. I feel your heart and share your love of music, especially songs that whisper truth to our hearts. As a young mom, I didn’t realize how playing music in our van and in our home would enfluence my daughters and pass on to them my love of music! Now we’re attempting to share the same with my newest granddaughter who is 9 months old and already responding and singing when music is played. Excited to hear her little voice singing with ours one day soon!

  100. I love getting out the Christmas decorations, some of which belonged to my parents. They always emphasized to us the true meaning of Christmas, and I tried to pass that along to my children. Now, it is an awesome blessing to be watching our grandchildren in Christmas pageants and hearing them sing the songs I love so well.

  101. The heart of Christmas is celebrating the love of God as demonstrated through His Son Jesus Christ and remembering and spending time with loved ones.

  102. The heart of Christmas is Jesus’ birth first. It’s also a celebration with family and renewed faith for all of our blessings.
    God Bless you all! Merry Christmas!

  103. To my family this year we have been meditating on the truth that God keeps his promises; that his provisions are exactly what we need to live life well. Emmanuel is the living proof of this.

  104. We never bought any presents for grown ups at Christmas. WE decided early on that the kids would get one present. WE always bought what we needed during the year and we never wanted the kids to think that Christmas is all about ‘getting’ presents. I am so happy that we did this, for I see my friends stressing and missing out on the joy of the season and praising God for Jesus each day. That is what is at the heart of our family at Christmas and throughout the year. WE never forget that the main focus of our daily life is JESUS! We bake a cake every Christmas day and sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus. WE love this tradition along with joining our friends and family to celebrate together for our Christmas celebration at church.

  105. The Heart of Christmas is giving of ourselves to others. We try to remember that there are many who do not have family or friends in our community by giving small gifts and time to the people who don’t get visitors in nursing homes and neighborhoods.

  106. the heart of christmas this year means that part of our hearts are in africa this year. we pray and dream of spending christmas next year with our little ones waiting to be “orphaned no more”. so as we are filled with joy at the coming of our King we know that next year our hearts won’t ache so much.

  107. Maybe I’m “not young” but I love the sound of Matthew West! May God bless his ministry in song.

  108. The heart of Christmas to me means not just telling about Jesus but showing Jesus from our hearts in our words and actions. A hug, a kind word, helping out, etc all mean so much when given from the heart and what better way to show Jesus.

  109. Although it’s always about celebrating the birth of the Savior, this year, Christmas is extra special for our family. For we will fly clear across the country to meet our newborn first grandchild, who is truly a miracle baby in many, many ways.

  110. The heart of Christmas is spending time with our children doing Advent activities and devotional time! The children are learning to expect it every Sunday afternoon. We truly experience the joy that Jesus brings to our family! Merry Christmas to all!

  111. We also love the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our little church. Closing with Silent Night and then home for oyster stew and family time. But it starts out early in the month. Last night we took our annual tour of lights with our grandsons and son and daughter. How fun looking at the magic of lights as they sing the carols in the back seat. Gotta love those 3 and 7 year olds. And all the grandkids, just happens they live close by. Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog with us. Merry Christmas

  112. Christmas means sharing what you have , joy, time, peace. It is also a time when God can work in mysterious ways. I bought my daughter an ipod touch online for Christmas, it was all she wanted, bought if from Craigs List actually. It had a lock on it but found the previous owners email on it and emailed her for password. Sadly, I found out it was stolen and will be meeting her this week to return it. It was taken from a single Mom of three kids and bought by a single Mom of two. I told my 11 year old about it and she said “Mom, I don’t want anything that is stolen.” She wanted it so badly, but not at the price of sin. That is my Christmas present this year, that and the fact we can share the love of Jesus with this family by returning what is theirs.

  113. Spending the season recalling to mind the story of Christ’s birth and His wonderful gift of salvation to us! How great the Father’s love for us!
    It also is a time to give and think more of others… Putting into practice: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” .
    And ultimatly just taking this holiday time as another chance to worship and give thanks.

  114. The heart of Christmas is our Lord Jesus..and so walking that out in our family looks like loving ,little, humble blessings of love to others..Merry Christmas everyone!

  115. The men in my family know how much I love Christmas music. It was a wonderful surprise to find them downstairs, Christmas CD’s loaded and cranked high and both of them watching football games with “no sound”. It really blessed my heart so.
    Thanks for the give away.
    Blessings this Christmas as we Seek The Only Gift that Matters, Our Jesus.

  116. Christmas is God sending us His greatest gift, a gift of hope, grace, mercy. love and peace all wrapped up as a swaddled babe in a manger. Christmas is Jesus and His gift of salvation and our chance to be a part of His great love as we tell others of Him and bring glory to His name. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

  117. The heart of Christmas to me means glorifying God in all I do or say throughout the remainder of the time He gives me on this earth.

  118. The heart of Christmas for me is sharing who Jesus is and sharing ‘how’ the little baby in the manger is also the ‘loving God’ who loved us deeply.
    Also the heart of Christmas is our grand children. Something about those little ‘faces’ as they open their surprises.

  119. The Heart of Christmas means sharing this season with the ones I love and making sure we don’t take for granted the true meaning of Christmas.

  120. After observing my grandchildren frantically opening their presents last year and then tossing them aside to look for more… I knew in my heart, this is NOT what the heart of Christmas is all about. I purposed in my heart then that I would do what I could to change their view of Christmas and have been working on it for this year’s celebration.

    The heart of Christmas for our family is realizing the greatest gift given to each of us (Jesus) and why. Then, taking the very spirit of the true meaning and imparting it in ways that give of ourselves to one another and to all people around us. Giving, Sharing, Loving… as He did. “…….. He gave……” That is what it is all about. It wasn’t toys, it was life that was given…. a gift that lasts forever.

  121. The heart of Christmas is so very clear for us this year…in transition, without a physical home, possessing little materially but all of it making room for Him. The heart of Christmas is knowing Him, making room for Him and letting each passing Christmas transform us more and more into the image of the One who authors Christmas as we let go of what passes away and cling to all that we have FOREVER, and we do it together and lead one another to His heart which is THE heart of Christmas:}

  122. Christmas is the time of year for which to remember the Blessing of Christ being born. The special meaning for the season. The Blessing of having family and friends around and know what real Blessings that God has given to us.

  123. Christmas means reflecting on Jesus’s humble birth and sacrifice for each of us. It is a time to build your relationship with Christ and with your family!

  124. It means sharing the love of Jesus with each other and others in the community. Realizing and emphasizing that we are the reason that Christmas occurred. He was born to die. We need to keep that upper most in our thoughts.

  125. The heart of Christmas for my family is celebrating our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ; The Reason for the season!

  126. It means making a conscious effort to carve away some time to spend TOGETHER to be able to quiet the world and remember the true reason for the season – the birth of our lord, Jesus Christ.

  127. The heart of Christmas for us to is to be grateful for the best gift ever–salvation through Jesus. Praise God for sending us a gift that we didn’t deserve. I also just love having time to relax and just “be” with family.

  128. The heart of Christmas is giving and receiving love. It’s so coincidental that I sent an email about this album to my boyfriend last week, and he asked me to marry him the next day:

    To: Kevin
    From: Pamela
    Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 8:28 AM
    Subject: The Heart of Christmas

    Okay, so hopefully you don’t get tired of song forwards, but I heard another great song on the way into work this morning. It’s the Heart of Christmas by Matthew West. It made me think of the note you left in the tree. I just want you to know you’ve already given me the best gift this Christmas – hope, love, joy… Check out this story about one of the other songs, One Last Christmas, on the CD. The story was made into a movie. Awesome!

    I’m gonna make a wish this Christmas
    I’m gonna say a little prayer
    I’m gonna stop here for a moment
    Before the moment disappears

    The world’s in a hurry this December
    City streets and shopping malls
    I wish we could slow down and remember
    The meaning of it all

    Wherever you are, no matter how far
    Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
    Live while you can, cherish the moment
    The ones that you love, make sure they know it
    Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas

    Let’s make it feel the way it used to
    Let’s find that wonder of a child
    You can see the magic all around you
    Come on, and open up your eyes

    You can find it in the warm embrace of your family
    Or calling up a long lost friend
    You can even find it in the eyes of stranger
    When you reach out a helping hand

    Wherever you are, no matter how far
    Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
    Live while you can, cherish the moment
    The ones that you love, make sure they know it
    Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas

    In the shadow of a steeple
    In a star that lights the way
    You will find Him in a manger
    The heart of Christmas has a name

    I’m gonna make a wish this Christmas
    I’m gonna say a little prayer

    Wherever you are, no matter how far
    Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
    Live while you can and cherish the moment
    The ones that you love, make sure they know it

    Wherever you are, no matter how far
    Come back to the heart, the heart of Christmas
    Live while you can, cherish the moment
    The ones that you love, make sure they know it
    Don’t miss it, the heart of Christmas

  129. The heart of Christmas to the Ward family means that we recognize Jesus Christ at the heart of each day and in the heart of each of us as we have all been born again. Hallelujah!

  130. The heart of Christmas is the snuggly feeling of closeness to baby Jesus in a manger and the warm feeling of love in your heart for Him. Family and friends sharing feelings of joy and excitement that brings happiness to their souls. Sharing with the ones that need inspiration and love like God loved us for He gave the greatest gift of all the world when He gave His son JESUS!

  131. Christmas gives me an opportunity to be intentional about family memories focused on Christ, AND to be intentional about being still. Christmas music is my FAVORITE!

  132. the heart of christmas to me is JESUS and love and giving.giving and love is a combination.i love giving and not receaving.to pick items that i know will put a smile on there faces.love is what this holiday is mostley about.GOD had his only son be born and that is christmas.He already new that is only son would die for us so another point of love and giving.it is not about what i am i getting but what i can give.a reminder of all that GOD gave us.this is what the heart of christmas means to me

  133. I too LOVE music…… BUT the heart of Christmas to me is showing God’s love. In everything gift I give wether it be to the neighbor who doesn’t even say hi back or in saying Merry Christmas, I am saying God loves us enough that he gave us his son!! 🙂

  134. My favorite part is Christmas is celebrating the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ. We first received the gift of Jesus and now we are a gift back to Jesus as we spread His love among others. My husband and I, along with friends from church, visit shut ins once a month with a plate full of cookies. We had enough to put a plate together for one of the ladies that we have come to love at the convalescent hospital where we visit. She was astonished and so appreciative that she was thought of, and thanked us profusely. She was blessed, but I think we were doubly blessed and thankful that we have a heart for our older generation. Let me just say that I did not leave dry eyed! Thank you Jesus for giving me a new heart. We Love You.

  135. The heart of Christmas is Christ. Easy words to say. But to live out? Now that’s another matter. This year I have really tried to center my focus on Jesus. Not on presents but His presence. Not on getting but on giving. What can I give to Him? A gift must be of substance and worth. It must cost me something. The heart of Christmas is allowing the love of Christ to flow out through me and be given to a hurting, broken world.

    In the words of Christina Rosetti:
    What can I give Him,
    Poor as I am?
    If I were a shepherd
    I would bring a lamb,
    If I were a wise man
    I would do my part,
    Yet what I can I give Him,
    Give my heart.

  136. The Heart of Christmas is EVERY THING to me. There are not many family members left, just me and my older brother and his 2 grown kids, and their grown kids, 1 aunt, 1 uncle….some cousins that are far flung. Our mom went to live with Jesus 3 years ago November 24th….she was the glue that held us together. I wish that we could have had One Last Christmas with her. And oh how I miss her at this time of the year. Jesus is the Reason for This Season, and all of the my other seasons too.
    Merry Christmas and God Bless us Every One.

  137. The heart of Christmas to me is God’s love in the form of His son Jesus. That is the ultimate heart of Christmas. His Love for us.

  138. Spending time with all my children and grandchildren. Reflecting on the love of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas and thanking him for his mercy and love towards us.

  139. The last few years have brought alot of changes to our family with an 8 year old daughter and 4 grandchildren ages 1 month to 3 years. The heart of Christmas is seeing the world through the eyes of a Child…and experiencing the wonder of that first Christmas blessing every day!

  140. Sharing Jesus as the reason we celebrate with my almost 3 year old. This year, we also honor our son Christian who we lost in April. He is so missed this season and always.

  141. The heart of Christmas is celebrating with family and friends the Love that came down at Christmas which binds us all together and brings tidings of comfort and joy.

  142. Christmas for our family means taking a break from our everyday routine to slow down and remember the reason we are here-to share the love of Jesus.

  143. The heart of Christmas is GOD WITH US – so amazing and life changing!!! Blessed Christmas to you, Jenny C.

  144. the <3 of Christmas is sharing God's love just as he shared with us by sending His Son. I challenge myself and my 2 little boys (ages 7&8) to find a way each and every day to share God's love. We live in a lost and needy world and everyone can use a little love!

  145. the heart of Christmas is sharing God’s love just as He shared His love by sending us His son.

  146. Christmas – in the midst of Christmas carols, family gatherings, exchanging gifts is the singing songs of praise, the gathering of God’s family and sharing the one, true, priceless gift of God’s son.

  147. Christmas at our house is about thinking of what someone else likes and being with extended family once a year.

  148. The heart of Christmas to my family is being together and loving Jesus together especially in this season. I am so grateful for family!

  149. The hope of Christmas is the heart of it to me and my family. The knowledge that God loved us so much to give his son to be born on earth as a gift to us in order to restore his relationship with us. Christmas is the first half of the greatest love the world has ever known and it’s a blessing to be able to celebrate with family, friends and church.

  150. The heart of christmas is being with family and remembering the miraculousness of. What we are celebrating….the virgin birth of our Saviour who humbled himself to come down to earth and die a horrible death to save us sinners. Agape is an amazing thing! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  151. The Heart of Christmas
    is the richness of
    dwelling amidst
    the only One
    that in the end
    will bring heavenly bliss

  152. The heart of Christmas for my family is being blessed to live and work amongst a people who are less fortunate and who do not celebrate Christmas BUT who are hungry to hear about His coming to earth and giving hope and eternal life for everyone who will listen and receive that special free gift.

  153. The heart of Christmas for me is my family and watching the joy through the eyes of my 3 girls.

  154. I know what you mean about music. It can touch your soul sometimes more than just words. I have recently discovered the music of Chris Tomlin-his music is wonderful and seeing him in concert is even better. It was a full night of praise and worship. The best concert I have ever been to. I have also discovered the group Go Fish Guys -their music is meant for children, however, I just purchased their album Christmas with a Capital C. It was great!!!! There is no better way to start my day than putting on one of my christian albums!!! As for the heart of Christmas in our family it is just being together for the day-enjoying each others company and recognizing the many Blessings God has given us. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  155. The heart of Christmas is Jesus and so with that being said the nativity is under the tree. It is the focal point as guests walk into our home.

  156. The heart of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ…without Him we’d have nothing to look forward to. I always have at least one nativity set up during the Christmas season…and we often put our outside nativity out as well, although this year we didn’t get that done.

  157. The heart of Christmas is Jesus – the
    only perfect gift that mankind will ever know.

    Our family has faced a loss of business, chapter 7, & the learning of so many valuable lessons this past year. The biggest lesson being that we have each other & just what a precious gift that is. Thank you soo much Jesus for showing us this & for loving us so much to grow our family together.

    Thank you (in) courage for sending me two free books this year & for being there each day with your Amazing devotions. You have helped me to grow & learn so much this past year. Thanks for walking beside me on this journey =]

    With A Grateful Heart =]
    Love – Stacey

  158. Christmas time is a time to reflect about Christ starting his venture from the birth to the cross for each of us. Christmastime is also time for Family to get to gether and share this blessing. Unfortunately, for me and my sister our family doesn’t get to gether for any holiday except for our own individual families. Not saying that – that isn’t important but it sure would be nice to be traditional like most families and be able to share many memories each year. So its hard sometimes to be happy at Christmas time. The only focus is on Christ and thats what gets us through.

  159. The heart of Christmas for my family begins with a true story of almost 1 year ago. My nephew & his wife were expecting to have their first son born in January 2011. When he arrived, he had some unforeseen complications with his heart. He was immediately flown to UAB hospital for open heart surgery. This tiny little body was already being corrected by major doctors and above all, by our God!! He didn’t have a huge chance for survival, but he did and has been growing by leaps and bounds. He has the best little personality ever!! Just recently, the doctors had to do a balloon surgery on him to remove scar tissue that had formed in the heart valve. Praise God!!! This went very well too and he is home about to enjoy his first Christmas with all of our family!!! He is the heart of Christmas for our family!!!

  160. The heart of Christmas is Jesus. I love the special services we have at our church. We started going to a nursing home on Christmas Eve afternoon and doing a service there. It is so special to see the residents faces as they sing the old Christmas hymns. I also love the candlelight services at our church and singing Silent Night by the candlelight.

  161. The Heart of our Christmas is Jesus, the most precious given to each of us….Rememberig the blessings his gives us (Our Families)…. spending time together!!!!!

  162. Christmas means giving gifts to Jesus. Every year I put together “Countdown to Christmas” gifts to count the 12 days before Christmas. Each gift has a Bible verse attached to it for the recipient to read first and then try to guess what’s in the package. I love seeing who God puts on my heart to do this for each year!

  163. The heart of Christmas to our family is spending time together and remembering Christ’s love for us. We are so blessed.

  164. Love Matthew West! Christmas to us is celebrating the gift of family. We spend time at church, watching movies and just laughing and enjoying each others company. We don’t get to do it much during the year so we make the most of the time we have at Christmas!

  165. The heart of Christmas is that Jesus the little baby in the manager was born on earth to later die on a cross so that each of us can have eternal life. This is Gods greatest gift to us and all we have to do is accept that Christ is the one and only King, our Hgh Priest, that gives salvation to each and everyone of His children. What a wonderful gift and blesssing!

  166. I love Christmas because it brings people together. Somehow despite the stresses of life, chaos of change, and burdens of work- we can all seem to let go and focus on loving each other. I think serving others at christmastime is a true way to demonstrate Christ’s purpose. He demonstrated the greatest love and I am reminded of that love in everything about the Christmas season – from the food that brings families to the same table to the giving that touches others. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!:)

  167. Christmas is all about love. God’s unconditional love when He sent His only son to save us from our sins. It’s all about the love of a family all wrapped up in love for one another. It’s about the love of church family members who we’d rather be with than anyone else. Christmas…the best time of year!

  168. …Dad lies in bad with last phases on spine cancer, Mum is on a hospital bed, Gabi my brother is on his 23hrs shft, me too tired to sleep… the heart of Christmas this year is a bit sad for our family… please pray for us to be able to walk in faith… have a wonderful blessed Christmas all of u here!

  169. Christmas is all about God’s love towards men. He sent us His one and only begotten son Jesus Christ for us to be reconciled with Him… The birth of Christ Jesus, his life, his ministry and his death…should be remembered and shared not just on December but throughout all seasons. Having Christ in our hearts is not just by occasion but it must be in all occasions…it means “Take the heart of Christ daily”.

  170. It is about God’s love for each of us. He is always there for us, He welcomes us with loving arms. Sharing love with others as He did for us.

    means to us…♡
    finding a way to join together in
    a thankful celebration for the expression of the Heart of God ♡….

    “For God so Love the world he gave his Son”
    Who became The Humbled One♡
    So that we can become the Redeemed.
    JOY to the world …let all of our families SING !!!

  172. Love love love Matthew West!! The heart of Christmas for me is spending time with family and helping my kids remember that Christmas isn’t all about the presents, but is more about the ultimate gift – the Son of God who came to earth so we could come to Him.

  173. To me the “heart of Christmas” means that the Lord’s Love is right in the middle of all our family does during the Christmas Season. On top of the list would be “thankfulness” forall that He has done for us. I believe our Lord loves a thankful heart! If we have real thankfulness it will spill over to others. That’s called love and that is second on our list. In this hustle, bustle world, it seams that His love is not shown nearly enough in our everyday coming and goings. Just two – two things on our list that is. For if we have these two I believe God would be pleased!

  174. The heart of Christmas means worshipping and praising our God together as a family on Christmas Eve.

  175. The heart of Christmas means…..CHRIST in CHRISTmas in our family as we celebrate the birth of our Savior thru worship, singing, praying, and sharing the love of Christ w/others. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

  176. I LOVE Matthew West. I remember seeing him ages ago when he first started at a free concert at a local mall. He is very talented. Would love to win a Christmas CD!!

  177. Ooops, please disregard previous entry. Got so excited it was Matthew West, I forgot to say what Christmas means to me. I believe Christmas is about family and friends. It’s about doing things for those less fortunate and expecting nothing in return. It’s about taking time to remember Jesus is the reason for the season and to display unselfishness in a new way in our own lives just as He did.

  178. Christmas in my family means getting together and remembering the birth of Jesus was for our salvation. The baby in a manger reminds me of the Savior on the cross. I am blessed to be able to have a family that surrounds me and reminds me of the love of God shown through His son.