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  1. Because of Jesus coming – I live in grace and love. I’m able to pour that into my family and that’s true joy!

  2. PEACE.
    Can’t put a price-tag on that.
    We’ve had our share of issues and situations beyond our control this year, but HE has always been faithul to provide and give us peace in every circumstance.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Because of Jesus I can have confidence in living each day by the Truth of His Word and teaching those Truths to my daughters with the hope and expectation that they too will trust in Him!

  4. Faithfulness…. can’t put a price tag on this…. God always provides… always comes through, always makes a way…. That is priceless….

  5. We moved 3 years ago and have been searching for our home church ever since. This Christmas we were led to it! YES! He is the reason for our Joy!

  6. Because of Jesus we witnessed our 18 yr old twin daughters own their faith and be baptized. There aren’t many things sweeter! God is so faithful!

  7. We move. Often. And our belief in Jesus leads us to the place, the room where others, greater in faith and capable of leading us towards God’s light, congregate. This was a moving year and already we are surrounded by good friends.

  8. Freedom –
    certainly cannot put a price tag on the freedom we have in Christ – this has been a year of slowly becoming more and more free which is waaayyy cool!

  9. I manage a summer Christian camp and the can’t-put-a-price-on-it, how the gift of Jesus’ coming changes everything, moments for me this year are those campfires this summer at Vesper Hill where the gospel of Jesus Christ was presented and campers chose to accept God’s gift!!! I consider myself privileged to be there in the background of that moment when a child chooses to connect with Christ!

  10. Several of our students accepted Christ during our Spiritual Emphasis Week this year. It has been amazing to watch them as they have changed and grown in Christ so significantly in just a few short weeks.

  11. Our baby girl was born this year and she reminds me every day the blessing God has given us, and has me reminded even more hoe eternally grateful I am the she has hope in Christ. the most amazing gift she could ask for and she’s only a month old!

  12. A friend od mine is a preschool teacher had her students make a baby Jesus figurine to place “the greatest gift” under the kids’ Christmas tree. One of the girls carried herJesus everywhere with her. That same precious girl had caught a busy aisle of shoppers one evening by witnessing to each one of the hustled shoppers by tugging on coats and carts ” Come look at baby Jesus
    Sleeping.” This childlike faith caused these adults to pause and reflect on the most
    important gift – not the ones they were shopping for.

  13. Our darling 19 month old grandson was bitten badly on the face by a dog a couple of months ago. I truly believe God saved this gorgeous little boy from much harm and even possible death.
    After surgery and being stitched up be a very capable Plastic Surgeon, the wound is healing. It stretches from the corner of his little mouth up to his cheek. He had no nerve damage which is a miracle, and back to his active little self. Thank you Jesus for your healing power! Can’t put a price on that!
    We’ve also had lots of health and financial issues this year and God is leading us to Christians who are upholding us and guiding us – can’t put a price on that!
    Received a card 2 days ago containing cash from somebody who hardly knows us – can’t put a price on that!!!
    One of our children is giving us a present for Christmas that far exceeds our expectations & something we are needing – can’t put a price on that!
    God is good all the time. All the time God is good!!!!

  14. My sister and her husband lost their son, Gideon, in March 2010 at 13 days old. He had a heart defect. Last month, they were blessed with a healthy baby boy, Gabriel. God was with us through the good and the bad. They were a testimony to others through their faith in the bad times, and now God has been faithful to reward them with a son. Priceless…

  15. Thie gift…priceless…disabled this year…I’ve lost a lot of friends…but have closer to God and have a new Faith Friend on Facebook…willing to put daily scriptures on to contemplate and help me to open my bible again. Thanks for a Gift of a New Faith Friend God!

  16. My father-in-law suffered a stroke last month. We were believing it would turn out for good. My fil had surgery on his carotid artery and wasn’t using his right arm/hand as he should immediately after the surgery. Then a while later he began using his arm. He has no signs whatsoever that he suffered a stroke. None. I am so, so thankful that God spared him to be here a while longer with us. He is 82 years old. Having Jesus’ love and peace helped us through it all and gives us hope for the future.

  17. Jesus’ coming on Christmas day gives my life meaning and purpose!
    Happy Birthday Jesus!
    -Colleen G.

  18. I think for me it’s more of a moment/feeling of rest and how His coming allows us to truly rest and stop striving. That’s beautiful.

  19. just finally figured out how to be entered into these awesome drawings…i know i am little slow! thanks for the daily encouragement!!!

  20. My adult son moving his letter back to our church and his ten year old son professing faith in Christ…..priceless!

  21. God has shown up in so many ways this year…when my husband lost his job right before Thanksgiving…he had another job the very next day!! It is a much better environment and we just both feel the whole thing was God orchastrated. Without faith in His plan this could have been a very stressful time…but because of Christ we can trust His plan!!

  22. Jesus gift to all of us this season is immeasureable! Thank the Lord for all his overflowing blessings!

  23. Because Jesus came, died, and rose again I know that I am greatly blessed, highly favored, and deeply loved. I may not know what my future holds, but I do know that God has a plan and has made a way through Jesus for this daughter of His!

  24. Sacrifice. It’s not just a moment, but a daily request given. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice; he gave his everything. When I am struggling to sacrifice my wants and desires, I remember Jesus’ sacrifice and words and my flesh must submit to love I have for Jesus. His sacrifice changes everything.

  25. Knowing that Jesus is returning, it has put many things into perspective, and opened our family’s heart this season to giving more to others in need.

  26. I think the hugest blessing I have received this year is a scholarship to the school I was not planning on attending. Although academically it really isn’t a good fit for me and the administration has a bad case of the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, I have realized that socially I need to be here.

  27. This year we downsized our life. Less is more: less stuff, less space, more Jesus, more opportunities to serve. Priceless.

  28. Priceless – Jesus entering our circumstances. A few days ago we had our Christmas party – each child was to bring $3 for pizza; a wrapped gift; and wear their pjs. Usually I have back up money just in case someone forgot their gift or pizza money. Not this year. I asked God to help me knowing I couldn’t come to any child’s rescue. He did! And, He did is such a great way! First, He helped me to find the most beautiful birthday cake for Jesus. Someone from our church had given me a gift card and the price of the gift card matched the price of this beautiful cake! Then, as the children arrived at school with money and gift in hand, one parent handed me a $20 bill and said, “I want you to keep the change and use it for the party!” If that wasn’t enough, I was about to use the $20 towards the kids drinks and a parent came rushing into our rooom letting me know her adult son would be bringing drinks for all the children-all 25! I smile because this story just keeps on going. One of the other classes didn’t have money for their pizza and the money God helped me collect was enough to pay for their pizza with 4 whole pizzas left over! Our God is a big God. He provided for this party way more then I could have ever done with my resources. Nothing is too difficult for our God! Merry Christmas fellow teachers.

  29. My 3 yr old son died the day after Christmas last year. Because Jesus came, our goodbye is only temporary and I can look forward to all of eternity with my son. It is what helps me make it through every day.

  30. The moment our daughter was born in July. He gave us beauty from ashes and joy in the morning.

  31. When we were called to the mission field, one of my worries was that my Daughters that I am really close to would pull away from God because I am leaving them. This year when our departure was delayed, my Daughters cried as hard as me because of the delay.

  32. The birth of Baby Jesus and Him dieing on the cross gives us eternal life when we accept him as our personnel Savior…. he lives in our hearts and because of his sacrifice we will live forever w/our Savior in Heaven. Our family loss my beloved faithful mother-n-law/grandmother in May after three weeks in the hospital complications due to a stroke. It was apparent we were losing our precious Mom w/each day. Thankful that we had that time to spend 24 hrs a day telling her how much she was loved. One of the many promises that God gives us is to see our loved ones once again in heaven, if we believe in him. Thank you Jesus for loving us so much by dieing on the cross so we will live forever w/you and our loved ones!

  33. Because He came, and died, and lives, I know that this earth life is only a short while. I know that eternity is so much more. I know that this is not all, or even the best, that there is. Because of Him, I am learning to be who I really should be. He reminds me, every day, that I can be better, that He loves me, that I am blessed.

  34. Seeing God’s word come alive to my daughter’s heart. Love seeing her faith bloom and how she’s seeing Christmas through new eyes!

  35. Trust – another priceless item. My husband has been laid off and we live in the highest unemployment rate county in our state. Jobs are just not there. We were offered a great opportunity in another state, but has been trying in the efforts to get us there. We are trusting that Jesus will “pave the way” for where we are to be, whether there or staying here. He will provide for our needs and that is reassuring,

  36. We’ve had some family circumstances that have truly shown us Romans 8:18: “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” And all this because of His gracious gift.

  37. No room for all I can say about my Savior…The very present help n trouble..when the bottom fell out of my life as a Hubby of 30 years was called home tragically almost 3 years ago…He the Husband to the Widow, Defender, Savior, Comfort,Provider, Sustainer,Intimately Aquainted With All my Ways..of me & my Kids….

    He is the Living God…He is the reason for this season, for every season & every day..

    Risen…Given…our gift of all time!

  38. Jesus is the most perfect gift at any time of the year. His unconditional love reminds me also to love despite the circumstances.

  39. Hope. The last couple months have been filled with reminders and reasons to embrace hope for good things in the 2012, for my family and several of our friends. Despite the challenging times, I know there are good things to embrace and work towards. The positive attitude that creates changes how I look at every day and gives me kinder, more encouraging words to share with others.

  40. I am living God’s trust for the first time fully in my life. I trust that no matter what, God is in control. I seem to have an easier time with the big stuff than the little everyday stuff, but I am a work in progress. It is awesome to have newfound faith.

    Another praise Jesus moment was in July when my husband accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation. I now have a husband who will one day be in heaven, and that brings me immense joy and peace. Now we pray together for the salvation of our 3 young children.


  41. Because he came we can have love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

  42. What a Joyful time of the year. That moment, when the story of Christmas was a special moment this year was two nights ago. We visited a local church that has a very special Christmas Under the Stars program each year. They have a beautiful live Bethelem and my children all gave gifts to Baby Jesus. My three year old twins loved giving to Baby Jesus. Then we participated in a hayride that went through a wooded area and we would stop at different spots. At each spot the last days of Christ were portrayed. Then we came to the end, when he died on the cross. I looked at my husband and said, can you imagine the hopelessness the followers of Jesus must have felt, when the promised Messiah was dying. Then the glorious resurrection scene was next and it was so exciting. My family enjoyed the evening tremendously and felt the special blessings of Christmas.

  43. Oh my…how to count the ways I love my Jesus? There just aren’t enough words. He gives me hope when all feels hopeless, unconditional love in the midst of my biggest messes, peace that surpasses understanding, and a friend who will never leave me or forsake me.

  44. Can’t put a price tag on all that Jesus did and continues to do for me!!! The love, joy, peace, mercy, grace, forgiveness…and so much more!!! I am so undeserving and so very thankful!!!

  45. One of those moments for us this Christmas season was when my 3-year-old asked me if Jesus would be at the “Happy birthday Jesus party” that our MOPS group was having. We had a great discussion about that. 🙂

  46. God’s presence in my life daily is proof of his gift of grace to me. I live totally in that grace daily knowing that without it, I am nothing. He is my I AM and because He is, I can.

  47. It’s been over 3 years since my husband resigned as pastor of a toxic church. We wondered if God wanted us to leave ministry forever. After all the sacrifice & seminary time….
    This past summer he was called to interim preach at a local church and for us (even though it was temporary) it was spirit-lifting. We felt like we belonged again.
    Ministry can build you up & it can tear you down.
    We’ve teetered on the edge of both.

    My family really needed that reminder. {Thank you Lord}

  48. Because of Jesus, I have peace in my life and a constant friend who is closer than a brother, who has always known me and will never leave.

  49. Jesus brings us love, family, and friends. A person can never put a price on those precious gifts!! 🙂

  50. Because we have Jesus we have Love in our hearts and that makes all things possible …. To live and Love all in this world, to know that we have a beautiful wonderful home living and loving and singing his praises in heaven.

  51. If He had not come there would be nothing left true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy to think about. And I would be without hope.

  52. Peace and Comfort are the things that make me thankful every moment that Jesus died and rose again. As the world was welcoming its Savior, the Father was saying goodbye to his only son.

  53. Last week we had an awesome Advent service. The group leading worship was so wonderfully talented, so creative in playing instruments, voice and even whistling! Yet it never felt like a show, they served us with their gifts as they invited us into worship and reflection upon the wonder of Christ’s coming.

  54. Our family being knit together by the Lord. Our youngest son (adopted) is making such great progress and is showing appropriate love within our family. Gos is good.

  55. HOPE

    This crazy privilege of a gift we have been given to see a brighter future no matter what might be dragging us down in the moment.

  56. This has been a very hard year for me and my family–I have put it all in our glorious Fathers hands and I am blessed with his peace!! God bless and thank you–barb wall

  57. Hope. Jesus makes hope possible. Without it, the circumstances of my last two years would have overwhelmed me. But with Christ, we can have a solid hope!

  58. We’ve had many such moments this year. Our first year on a new mission field, but God’s love has made all the moments good. It is such a blessing to know that He is in control and even in the difficult times of our lives – He is working it out for our ultimate good. Such peace and joy even during hardship – it can only come from HIM!

  59. Our business is in the construction field and every year from October onward it is very difficult to find work to get us through the hoidays and into the new year. Contiunued prayer over these past months has provided us with work that will keep us going into March! We once again have been shown the deep love and caring of the Lord.

  60. 3yrs ago when my grandfather was dying of cancer. The last time we were together, we sang “Jesus Loves Me”…we sang it to my daughter who was 3 at the time. I had been my away from church for quite awhile. But it was a priceless gift from Jesus to let me know that after all that time I was away…he still loves me. After the death of my grandfather, I came back to church & brought my daughter with me. To tell ya the truth…its hard for me to sing this song today without crying.

  61. I had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of a lovely 60-something-year-old woman this morning. In her testimony, she told of how God delivered her from alcohol and drug abuse through the person of Jesus Christ. I was part of a ministry of our local body of believers who reaches out to the community around us. She was one of the people who responded to our outpouring of love. Jesus’ love continues to heal souls, and offer redemption. We give all the glory to God the Father for His grace and giving of Himself through the person of Jesus.

  62. This has been one of my most difficult years because my husband and I separated on January 8th this year, after me and my daughters going through 3 years of emotional and verbal abuse. The you-can’t-put-a-price-on-it experience of this year though has been learning just how much Jesus loves me and my daughters!! I have seen Him come through in the smallest ways this year and in the big ways – like finding His amazing Joy through the trials! I have watched my 17 year old daughter find her own deep faith and watched God grow and mature her in ways that bring me such joy and faith that Jesus has the three of us safely in His arms!
    Even last night when my two daughters and I went out to dinner for my 12 year olds birthday, when we got our check there was a mix up and we were given another tables check (which was about $8-9 less than ours should have been). When I spoke to the waitress, she went to correct it for us, and when she returned she told us that our bill had already been paid and would it be alright if I just paid the lesser bill and then she said it was a Merry Christmas gift!! How awesome that God gives us even this little blessings for us to know just how much we are loved!
    So if this is one of your hardest years ever, know that if you trust in our Lord, He will see you through it all and bless you through the process! Have a very Merry and abundantly blessed Christmas!!

  63. It gives me hope for every moment of every day. Jesus – GOD – came to earth as a baby. He lived here, He suffered here, He died here. He knows and understands what I am going through. He paid the price to save me from my sin, and He rose again, just as He said He would.

    I trust in His promise that He will one day return. During this time of advent we remember those who longingly anticipated the coming of Christ. As we anticipate the coming celebration of Christmas, we also anticipate the return of Christ. One day He is coming back, and that gives me hope! I long for the time when Christ will rule on the earth, when all wrongs will be made right.

    Christmas reminds me of Christ’s coming to earth, and it reminds me of the promise that He will come again. Because of that, I have hope for every moment of every day.

  64. I have been beyond blessed and it is only because of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection that I have been saved. I am truly grateful to have my two healthy children who because of Christ’s birth can rejoice in their savior.

  65. Just finding a place of peace in this crazy season is proof of the presence
    of Jesus in my life and day.

  66. The day I found myself crying and laughing and thanking Him even for the trials of the past couple of years — I realized how faithful He is and if not for the cross, if not for the Blood of Jesus…..

  67. This year God has led us to a new church fellowship in which are truly living in Acts 2 community.

  68. I’m reading through The Power of Christmas Prayer by Stormie Omartian again this year and sensing God’s presence and the richness of His coming as my Savior in a new and deeper way this Christmas; the can’t-put-a-price-on-it moment would be delivering Christmas gifts and food to a family we adopted….we arrive as strangers…we don’t know them, they don’t know us, but we leave knowing we’ve been the hands and feet of Jesus and we’ve ministered in His name and we find ourselves unable to put into words how awesome it is to have the privilege of being able to do that.

  69. Faith-Hope-Grace-Love, all of these I have relied on in raising my 5 sons. Its been tough as God led me to be a stay at home mom, and a homeschool mom, so we have relied on my husband’s salary to make it. Some times only having $20.00 a week for groceries, but knowing that We are all children of God as I have seen each one of my boys accept Christ as his Savior, has made it worth it knowing that while we may not have riches here, one day, we will have riches in Heaven!

  70. Our adoption journey this year has had its ups and downs but through it all He’s graciously held our hand and He consistently challenges us and changes our hearts to love more and more like Him.

  71. Amazing Grace! After 20 years of living in a desert place, a geographical move put us in a church body that gets us, and our passion for God! Learning, loving, growing with a body of Christ….

  72. Oh sweet mercy… this comment box can’t contain the reasons. His love has brought us through such a desert place into the lushest time of life we’ve experienced thus far. His healing has created a babe in my womb that we cannot WAIT to meet (anyday now!)

  73. I was blessed to hear our eight year old explaining to her twenty nine month old brother the facts of life. “You see we all do things that are wrong and we all need forgiveness. We tell God we are sorry and ask Jesus to come and live in our heart. Do you want Jesus to live in YOUR heart? You do! Do you want me to help you pray?” They were talking all about Jesus living in our hearts after that. It does a Mama good to hear their babies talking about Jesus and going to live with him for eternity. He truly is the greatest gift of all. The gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

  74. HIS life for mine. There is no greater or more precious gift. This I am reminded each and everyday.

  75. I watched my littlest brother, 9 years old, trust Christ as His Savior and be baptized. He then went on to share with some of his friends and show God’s love on the soccer field, even if he didn’t actually tell them, he demonstrated it in his actions. I am such a blessed big sister! I also married the man God placed in my life 4 months ago and though we are not “well-off” in the worldly sense, we are richer than those who are because we know God is faithful and will provide when we need it. Being a seminary wife is a blessing I had never imagined for my life, but God sure has shown me Himself and cannot be more thankful.

  76. This has been a very tough year and without the love of Jesus in mine and my husband’s life we would not have made it this far together. Thank you Jesus for your love!

  77. Coming to peace with our current situation – Finally!!! Learning lots of lessons along the way. It is only through HIM that we have such peace.

  78. Because of Jesus coming I live in grace everyday and know that any of my pains, sorrows, weaknesses; he understands, he grasps, he can relate to. Because he chose to take on human form, he knows what it is like to be truly exhausted but to push on for the ultimate prize. There is no material item that is worth eternity and no item that is worth living this life I have on this earth without Christ to guide me.

  79. My moment was last night when my 7 year old son was so overcome with praise for God and so filled with the Holy Spirit while listening to Christmas music, all he could do was cry. He is already a little warrior for Jesus.

  80. 2011 has been a tough year healthwise. I know my Lord is walking through this with me and so I am comforted and encouraged to continue on. Praise to Him ad I’m ‘Choosing Joy”!

  81. Because of the Jesus, I saw a miracle happen in my fathers life this year. You simply cannot put a price tag on that.

  82. Freedom from worry! I rend to be anxiety ridden, but when
    I realize that Jesus was a gift to mankind, I turn my troubles
    over to him…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  83. The moment my daughter stepped into the water to be baptized. This is a child who has aspergers syndrome and has been bound by fears since she was a toddler. She has known Jesus for years and her faith is amazing. He has led her through the fires and set her free!

  84. Finding truly unexpected sources of support this year as I face the realities of being a single mom. For their Dad to agree to take the kids for a WHOLE day (24 hrs) once a week after a year with only two nights off.

  85. The moment when I was digging potatoes in the garden, worrying about financial stuff – and I heard God saying, “This is only an earthly thing. You are only here on earth for a short time. This too will pass away and you will be with Me forever. Set your heart and your mind on heavenly things.” I needed that reminder, loud and clear, and it’s changed my attitude so, so much. Thanks for sharing your great giveaways!

  86. One of my favorite moments where the reality of Jesus came full blown was the realization that I actually wanted to be in heaven more then I wanted to be here.

    …”I have the desire to depart and be with Christ–which is far better–but to remain in the flesh is more necessary for you. Since I am persuaded of this, I will remain and continue with all of you for the ADVANCEMENT and JOY in the faith.” Phil 1:23-25

  87. When I grow disouraged at all I want to do but can’t, or don’t have the time, or the money or the energy. That’s when I was gently reminded the greatest gift has already been given. I can’t give it, make it or wrap it, but He would love for me to receive it. A gift just for me because He loves me.

    The rest becomes enough. It has to be or else I run the risk of skewing to my priorities instead of His.

  88. Best Jesus moment from this year: just a couple weeks ago. Speaking with a lady I don’t know well, she prayed for me and got an image of God and I staring into the same mirror. he saw something in me I did not see. And I asked God to show me what he sees me as. God revealed that He sees me as a little 3 year old girl. No shame, no blame, no guilt, pure beauty. Even I can love that little girl. This experience has healed me of feeling worthless. Glory to God. I am convinced that He sees each of us as little ones. “Let the children come to me.”

  89. Freedom…. when I gave Him the trust He deserves He started teaching me what freedom really was and now as the year ends I am starting a new adventure and discovering the beautiful path He has set before me.

  90. The overflowing love of the Holy Spirit in my life each time I ask for his guidance, peace or understanding. The most amazing gift!

  91. Gorgeous platters!!!

    Every moment of our Christ Renews His Parish Women’s Retreat this year. So thank full to finally have CRHP here and seeing the difference it is making the the lives of the women of the parish. Being on the first team was such a blessing this past year!!!

  92. This year has been one of the most difficult years of my life, yet the Lord has held me through it all ~ I hope as these times of difficulty end ( if indeed they ever end or maybe I should say as I adjust to it) that I will look back & find that through it all He has made me into a sweet song for Him. That I am being molded to being more like the Lord. So this Christmas I am going to choose to be positive & try to be more like Jesus every day

  93. There are too many special moments to choose just one. I think my favorite moment each morning is when I first realize that I am awake and that I have another day to experience God’s love and grace.

    • It’s the gift that requires no waiting in long lines, fighting the crowd, or overspending. It’s free and available to all. It’s the gift that makes all other unnecessary for true happiness.

  94. Reading through the whole Bible in 90 days with online group. What a blessing to see God’s plan throughout the pages of (HI(S)TORY)!

  95. Knowing he is by our side every hour of everyday is so comforting to me. I am so thankful I am not in this life without his guidance.

  96. Many moments this year of witnessing God’s provision first hand as our family has gone through a huge transition.

  97. The miraclous healing of my cousin who had a 90% chance of dying and is doing so well that he lived through the whole ordeal. That God is there when we call Him, not only there but indeed answers prayers!

  98. It changes everything because without Him coming we have nothing. We have no peace, no stability. He brings God to flesh, God to earth, God to our hearts. I just simply don’t even know how to put into words the comfort and the reality of amazing love His becoming as one of us is. It is limitless in its reach and astounding.

  99. Thank God for the forgiveness that he show us when we make mistakes. And for the hope and grace that we will live eternally

  100. That God would leave all glory to come to this dark and oh so broken sod because of love—I am, speechless and so, so thankful!! Happy Birthday, Jesus.

  101. My good friend just found out she is having a baby. She is young and newly married and a lot of people are not celebrating this new life with them. Because of God’s grace she is able to be joyful and share the good news in spite of the worldly naysayers around her. I think it is so awesome to see God’s grace shining through her in this tough season.

  102. Jesus’ coming changes everything because now we can live without shame and without guilt. We have been freed from the curse! What love the Father has bestowed on us—–we love Him because He loved us first and sent His one and only Son to die in our place!

  103. I have had many moments this year that would glorify the coming of Christ, but the one that sticks out is how Jesus Christ reached down from heaven and cradled my year and half old great – nephew, in his arms while the baby was going thru open heart surgery. This little child had so much stacked against him and the whole extended families on every side and other continents prayed for months over this child to come thru the surgery with only a scar. This baby has Down and was born with 2 holes in his heart. God healed the smallest one and then God healed, thru the surgeons hands, the second hole with no complications. He is doing good, playing, crawling, eating better, gaining a little weight and we can not wait to see what God has instore for this baby boy’s live. I know it will be as special as he is.

  104. Sorry it will have to be from last year. I was told I had breast cancer. I was not afraid when they wheeled me to the operating room because I knew that when I came through those doors again I would be healing under the hand of my great physician OR that I would soon be actually looking into his smiling face and feeling my hands in his. I am happy to say I have been cancer free for a year and a half but the healing doesn’t stop there. My heart is being healed of old hurts caused by me or by others. When you think you are facing a death sentence, your life really does flash before your eyes and your get a real good look at yourself. My God is very close.

  105. I am alive today because of the miracle Jesus gave me. I am a survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma through a journey Christ led us through, which resulted in a stem cell transplant. We give Him the praise and the glory for the gift that is life…..the gift of joy in each and every moment in His presence.

  106. Finally finding a community for myself and family in the town that we relocated to 4 years ago.


  107. Peace of Mind – I too have had my share of heartache this year over grown children. Thur God’s grace and love I have survived and pray that next year will be even better for this particular person in my life.

  108. Jesus TRULY IS the gift, there is not much more to say. Because of this I can stay away from the commerialism and focus on the true meaning of Xmas when the world wants us to focus elsewhere!

  109. I think the biggest can’t-put-a-price-on-it gift that Jesus has given me is grace. As our dear one Ann says, all is grace. Truly.

  110. His faithfulness & the Peace he gives.
    This year has been full of uncertainty and changes for our family, but we have experienced plenty of both, His faithfulness & Peace.

  111. My church has been going thru a year of change after deciding to leave a parish partnership & many tried to get us to believe we would fail alone without their support. We held strong to our faith that it is not about us but all about Him & we are growing not only in membership but in seeing life again in many old members.

  112. By far, the birth of our second daughter has been an incredible moment this year. His grace in these moments is so abundant. I know He is continually blessing our family.

  113. We moved our family this year to a new city & new life. Seeing God’s hand go before us to work everything out has been amazing. Seeing His provision & protection have only reminded us how He does care for us, in every small detail He cares!!

  114. God’s Provision for our lives. There is no way to describe what God’s faithful provision of our daily needs means to me as I struggle to understand in a culture of “have the biggest, best thing”. I am learning to walk by faith and trust God for what He will do in our lives. Christmas this year was tight and we have no money for gifts, but it reminds me of the ultimate gift – Jesus. Very humbling.

  115. My realization of the awesome, totally incredible, incomprehensible, undying, infinite love of the Lord for me! And also finally “seeing” what my precious 13-year-old daughter with global delays has been trying to tell me for years: Notice the little gems of grace God drops in our laps daily to help us make it through–and be thankful for each and every one! Both eye-/spirit-openers are priceless and bring unending joy.

  116. He is always with me, providing everything I need for life and godliness. His love and mercy overwhelm…

  117. In our ministry with domestic violence victim/survivors and their families, we have seen times when God came so close and spoke so clearly into a hurting and confused woman’s heart, lighting her next step to protection and peace–in ways so beyond what we even imagined. Only God can give a woman in such a pain-filled, fear-filled situation joy and a song of praise on her lips. And in so doing, remind each of us that He truly is Emmanuel, God with us.

  118. I can’t put a price tag on how God has continued to be faithful to our family during my husband’s unemployment! He is so good!

  119. O.k seriously… we did the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoebox for the first time and my kids were so into it, so giving, so interested. I cannot wait to give again next year. This has been a highlight of my Christmas season so far.

  120. Because of God’s gift of Jesus, my family and I have witnessed His amazing love and work amongst the people of this special province. To see people who have no hope in their own religion finally have their eyes opened to JESUS is an awesome thing and I am so privileged to be here to witness these things.

  121. His grace and mercy ,.. the gift of who He is and why we celebrate Christmas, is the greatest gift of all… Gods gift to us of His son was the greatest gift of all gifts. He is the gift of HOPE to all mankind!
    Cathy B*****y
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  122. There’s no possible way … I can’t-put-a-price-on-it … The strength that can only come through Jesus has empowered me to go back to school at 49 years old. I turn 51 tomorrow and next month I begin my last semester of my program … Glory to God … Glory in the highest!

  123. Because of Jesus, we know that the son that my husband and I lost shortly after birth is in Heaven, and that we will get to spend eternity with him there, in addition to the 16 minutes we had with him here on earth. We are so grateful for that hope.

  124. Contentment and peace in the midst of serious health problems, financial difficulties, other crazy situations, and world turmoil. Contentment, because of the One in whom we trust. Peace, because of the One who holds us in His hand.

  125. When my husband got a job after being laid unemployed for 10 months. The way it all came about was direct from God.

  126. Having our 1st child this year, we have seriously re-thought a lot of what life is really all about, and more than anything else, we have come to an even greater realization that this world is not our home. Christ’s 2nd coming and the hope of life beyond this earth has found even stronger meaning to us now that we are responsible for being godly examples to our little one–she needs to see the Jesus in us and find that hope for her life to come after His 2nd coming.

  127. At Christmas especially it just makes me so excited for Jesus to come back for us and start his reign on earth@

  128. Because of Jesus’ coming, I know I’ll see my dad again. He passed this year and while it was VERY hard, I know without a doubt that I will be with him again. I live with that knowing.

  129. I love it when He speaks to me thru His Word. I have heard His words of comfort, encouragement, and even discipline. But they are for me, just me at that moment and I never fail to be amazed that He loves me enough to do that.

  130. the gift of Jesus makes everything different this year…..we have so many losses in our family and we are at peace because of Jesus waiting for all of them in heaven

  131. “God with us” – Emmanuel. His willigness to visit us – continually. His presence changes every moment!

  132. Can’t put a price on knowing all my children have trusted Christ as Saviour! and That is the REASON that HE came!

  133. Faithfulness. Always there-good or bad times. Especially thankful for being there when we most need Him.

  134. Hope! Jesus’ coming has provided me with hope. Until this year I never realized that His coming provides grace to heal – not necessarily of all ailments, but definitely for my inner ailments. Finding freedom in Him has given me hope for the future.

  135. This year’s “Jesus’ coming changes everything” moment was reading through Grace for the Good Girl and A Confident Heart and realizing that His grace saves me not only from hell but also from myself!

  136. Was just reflecting on the goodness of God’s gift in Jesus – that through Christ we get to make a full EXCHANGE – an exchange of our pain, stress, woundedness, and need for HIS peace, HIS joy, His healing, His life. I’m so thankful for the gift we have in Him!

  137. Yesterday in church our pastor was discuss the gift of Jesus that God gave us. All we need to do is seek that gift…so many don’t and it makes me sad. So my a-ha moment is I need to share that gift more freely with those that don’t seek it. I pray I can begin to openly share, using the right words, so that more people can know our Lord and Savior!

    ~Amy in WI

  138. He has been teaching me that he loves my kiddos more then I do and that I just need to trust Him! Plus, he gave us one more blessing this year on one of my other blessings birthday. What a treat!

  139. My husband has been laid of 4 times in the last couple of years. with 2 small children, things have been rough, BUT God’s gift in Jesus changes everything, from the way we look at life, to trusting He will provide, protect, give us peace. So thankful for His love!

  140. Jesus’ coming changes everything every day. I would be such a mess living for myself and my wants and my needs, but Jesus came and died for me because He loves me and is teaching me how to love others.

  141. For most of this year (until August), my husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I was left on my own to take care of my special needs son. There were many times that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do this on my own, but I came to realize I was not doing it on my own, and if not for the strength from God, I know we’d never have made it through, stronger and more faithful than ever.

  142. Jesus coming brings peace – forces me to slow down – take a deep breath. Seeing the children’s Christmas program this year – and the little angels dancing and the shepherds wandering – waving at their parents- makes me smile, and brings peace to my heart – when this can be an overwhelming time of year!

  143. My husband graduated from college this Winter 2011. Without God’s love, grace, encouragement, guidance………..well, just without Christ coming to save us and give us freedom through Him, my husband would never had been able to live this dream of his. God always provided—especially when the numbers didn’t add up. God always showed grace when we would lose patience and help us to persevere as a family. It has been a phenomenally blessed journey. Praise God!

  144. My Father God, Jehovah Rapha…meeting my daughter and I during her hospital stay recently! He gave her the strength to endure great pain and painful memories. He showed Himself faithful and loving and continues to give us perfect grace at the exact moment we need it!!

  145. This year I lost a Dear friend who committed murder/suicide. Through this experience I have come closer to God because my faith was greatly restored. You can not put a price on that.

  146. Went and saw Christmas play last night. There was a song with words to the effect that God shapped and molded the hill that was used to crucify Jesus. Those words just struck me in a mighty way. God’s gift changed everything.

  147. Because of Jesus’ coming I know that I am never alone, and that God loves me enough to send his own son to save me.

  148. Awana: $30 a year
    Private Christian School: $500 a month
    A 10 year old boy choosing to be a child of God and showing the world through baptisim: PRICELESS

  149. My husband and I got married this summer and we moved away from home. I have found that with this new move it has been hard to make friendships and find a group of women to just chat and mingle with. We are also in the search for a new church home and I pray that God will show us to it. But until we find this, I have learned to fall on Jesus and focus first on my relationship with Him.

  150. Knowing there is Someone Who knows EVERYTHING about me, and loves me enough to die for me…what else is there to be said?

  151. The Hope that only he gives…the fact that Jesus did what he did and God sent him for us is the only reason that any of us can rest fully in him and have the hope that we do. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  152. Joy = priceless! The joy of knowing a God who is so loving that He sent his only Son to die for our sins. The joy of knowing a loving God who has an amazing plan for each of us.

  153. This year has been hard for my family. Financial problems, health problems, relational problems. But every time things get to the point of crushing, God has sent a friend to speak Christ into my heart again. It’s always exactly what I need, exactly when I need it and because of it I am free to share Christ with my family and to hold tightly to hope, for myself and for them. Christ said that he would be with me, and his daily presence in my life is certainly priceless.

  154. This year I couldn’t put a price tag on the day I married the man God had planned for me. God had placed this man in my life at the age of 1, we grew up together, but neither of us followed what God had planned. We both went off and did what “we wanted to do”, which took us in different directions. Then 27 years after high school God “hit our heads up against a wall” and got us together. We married this year and God has only given us more blessings.

  155. While cutting out snowflakes, my oldest daughter (7) asked me to cut out a cross design because Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  156. I live in Africa – the part where the drought has been so bad. For 3 years we haven’t gotten much rain at all in an area that only gets an average of 30 cm of rain a year anyway – and we didn’t even get that. The people that I minister to have been suffering from hunger because of lack of rain and the price of their staple food has more than tripled this year. So, in late November and early December the Lord has blessed this land with rain. The people are happy and praising the Lord for the rain and the milk that will come from their animals who now have grass to eat. In the process of the drought, many of my trees died and I had to cut them down because they might fall on my house. I noticed that one of the tree stumps had sprouted a shoot that was green and living. About the same time I was thinking about how Jesus was the shoot from the stump of Jesse that came to bring about our salvation. That was a wonderful – one of a kind – blessing to see this Advent season!

  157. Because of Jesus my husband and I have been renewed in our faith walk together after a long spiritual draught, and we are now better examples to our daughter of what it means to live by faith.

  158. Seeing my daughter bring her friends to church and then leading them to Jesus… knowing I need to be as open about my faith as she is… that was my moment!

  159. The gift of Jesus just gives my whole life meaning, value, purpose. Without Him, I would be nothing.

  160. We’re doing a Jesse Tree this year, and my boys are really getting it. This is the year that I’m thankful that my boys can start to grasp the infinite love our Father has for us – that He would send His only Son to us – Emmanuel.

  161. NEW CREATION – This year has been one of coming to understand more of what this means to be a miraculous NEW CREATION in Christ. The freedom, the beauty, the miracle of it all!

  162. One of my daughters (9 years old!!) speaks so openly and frankly with her grandparents about salvation. I wish I had the guts she does–there is no reason I shouldn’t.

  163. I have had more deaths in my family this year than ever before. Also, a friend lost her son to suicide. I know that because Jesus came, I have a hope and peace regarding my future and my friends’ and families’ futures. Our hearts could not survive without His peace.

  164. Jesus helped to fill the void that my niece, Sofia, who was 4 months old, left when she past away a year ago.

  165. Going through tough stuff right now. Every facet of my life feels shattered. But Jesus coming and His soon return and knowing that these things will be forgotten one day overshadows my darkest days.

  166. My can’t-put-a-price-on-it, how the gift of Jesus’ coming changes everything, moment from this year was seeing how God uses the gift of His Son to bring us the peace that passes all understanding during our own personal continuing year of financial hardship. When I focus on Him and that He alone is the reason for this season it brings great joy just as the angels foretold the shepherds on that long ago night of Christ’s birth! We just saw a beautiful but simple small town rendition of a Living Christmas Pagent complete with sheep, goats, miniture donkeys, children portraying some of the shepherds and a real live baby as the infant Jesus as the biblical account of Jesus’ birth was being read aloud. It really brought the truth of the precious gift of God’s only son to life!

  167. There are quite a few this year because its been a rough year. But the Hope I have in Him has gotten me through, I can NOT put a price on that. And my faith in Him.

  168. Three Christmas ‘ ago, when my husband was deployed overseas. The entire season was filled with a grace that I never before experienced. Yes, it was hard to have him gone, but I believe that our daughters, myself and Steve all truely felt grace.

  169. I had a REALLY horrible week last week! (I had to bring mom to get a bone biopsy for possible cancer and my sis had been in a car accident, plus some things hit financially) Wednesday was the worst. I was kinda down and decided to go to bed early. My husband was leaving for work when he came and got me. “you need to come see this” “honey I’m in bed” “No really you NEED to come see this!” (I got up thinking ugh it must be something with the kids or the dog) He led me to the back door where 4 friends of mine met me with Christmas Carols and homemade Christmas cookies. It was so sweet. They knew nothing of my horrible week! and unknown to me. One of them had been plotting with my daughter to see when i would be home for several weeks that night just happened to be it. God knew when I would need a pick me up 🙂

  170. The moment I realized I truly LOVE where I work. Just one year ago, I dreaded going to work, didn’t care for my co-workers, and was in search of a job closer to home (I work 85 miles one way away from work.) I always felt God wanted me there but after a really rough start, I was ready to quit. I started on my birthday in January 2010, got off of orientation (I was a brand new nurse at this time) at the beginning of April, fell and broke, dislocated, and tore up all soft tissues in my wrist three weeks later. I was off work for ten weeks. Embarassed and ‘broken,’ I truly did not want to go back! I did and my co-workers and I never really got along. For me, I was there for my patients…my fellow Veterans. They saw me as the crazy small town, bible thumping girl who drives way to far to work. Since the beginning of this year, God has shown his face in so many places! So inspirational! I have become more confident in my skills a nurse. While doing little things for my patients, like going to the store to buy them items they need, my co-workers have begun to take notice. Funny how this bible thumping, small town girl is now accepted as ‘normal’ now. They see that it is my love of taking care of fellow Veterans that gets me out of bed on days I work. And, in the end, I think some of them are changing as I hear some of them telling stories about their first time donations to charities. Now, that’s God at work in ALL of us!

  171. I could never put a price on the morning our son was born. Seeing my husband hold him up and dedicate his life to the Lord when he was only minutes old was beyond words.

  172. Because of his belief in Jesus my son was confirmed this past year by the archbishop in a beautiful, and meaningul mass.

  173. Too hard to narrow down Jesus’ blessings to our family this year. My husband’s health scare built our faith (again).

  174. Jesus blesses my family and the lives of our family in so many ways that we could never repay him or thank him enough for. I am so thankful for the doors God opens for us to serve Him both here locally and overseas. Last week, we were accepted to be full-time missionaries working as church planters with unreached people groups and we praise God for this opportunity to take His name and His word to people who have never heard it.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  175. How Jesus’ coming changes everything for our family is seen in that we realized that we need to live our lives for others that they too can know Jesus and that the time is short!! Thank you for the many reminders!

  176. The Christmas after my third child was born was a somber one. He seemed to be having health difficulties that no one could put their finger on. We had to take him to the hospital or lab every day from Dec. 9th onward, hoping to get a clue as to why his blood sugar was unstable and his bilirubin was high. The whole season was under a cloud of stress, which was particularly hard because we had two other little children who deserved a joyful Christmas! Well, the day before Epiphany, we were given an Epiphany! The poor child simply had something odd called breastmilk jaundice. We just had to take him off my milk for a day, and then he could resume nursing. Miraculously, his issues were cured, and we finally celebrated a delayed Christmas, right on the day the Wise Men reached the baby Jesus with their gifts.

  177. JOY
    I so easily become entangled in the small things before me and grow weary of well-doing. When I turn my eyes on Christ Jesus and His coming I am filled with Joy!

  178. Because of Jesus’ coming, and His ability to conquer death, my two precious adopted children, both exposed to many toxic substances prenatally, were allowed to live, AND have experienced His true re-birth in their own spirits and hearts.