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  1. One of my favorite holiday memories is when my entire family was together the Christmas after my cousin had a heart transplant. The best Christmas present someone can get is life and we were so thankful and blessed that year.

  2. One of my favorite holiday memories is when my entire family was together the Christmas after my cousin had a heart transplant. The best present someone can get is life and we are blessed.

  3. My favorite memory is of many Christmases as a child. My daddy bursting with excitement, would wake on Christmas morn before the sun would even dare show it’s light. He kept us in the hallway until we were all present and accounted for. Then gathered around the tree we shared our presents. You could feel his joy and love as he watched us opening our gifts. He loved Christmas and he loved us.

  4. Hmm, I don’t remember it but I love the picture my mom has of me sleeping under the Christmas tree on my first Christmas. I was like, 18 days old.

  5. One of my favourite holiday memories is seeing my dad dress up as Santa. He was always such a fun dad and his willingness to go the extra mile was a blessing to those around him.

  6. My favorite Christmas memories are the making plum pudding, first with my grandmother and mom then with my own daughters. I’m looking forward to passing on the family recipe when my grandaughter is older.

  7. Midnight service at church followed by opening the first gift of Christmas – Christmas pjs! We still do it…and my whole family spends the entire day in pjs, relaxing 🙂

  8. My favourite Christmas memory was watching my Dad hold my month old baby girl and rock her to sleep. So glad I took pictures!

  9. When I was little, my parents got my brother and I some kid sized plastic cars. They had wheels and you could remove the wheels and put on skids and use them as sleds. My Dad’s brothers were in town when they were trying to put them together. I’m told that they had to test them out on the big hill outside our house and made a lot of noise. My brother and I slept through all of it. After Christmas, we had a wonderful time playing on them and sledding down that hill. My Uncles still talk about what fun they had that night when they test drove them for us. It is a wonderful Christmas memory along with their memory too!

  10. My favorite memory is when our son was 3 years old (by the way he’s 24 now) and I had the video camera rolling when he was unpacking his stocking that Santa had filled. I should add that back then, the video camera was resting on my shoulder and weighed as much as a cement block. (Oh the good old days of technology! Ha!) He reached in to the toe of the stocking and pulled out a Red Delicious apple. His face lit up and he started walking toward me and he excitedly said, “Look Mama! Santa gave me an apple!” Ah, good times!

  11. ooohhhh, I’d love to win!

    When I was a kid, my cousins and I would act out the Christmas story for our parents on Christmas Eve. I have great memories of those nights.

  12. Oh gosh it is so hard to name just one! 🙂 From this year, one of my favorite memories has been getting up earlier, when it is still dark and quiet, and sitting in front of my Christmas tree with my Bible and talking to God. Such sweet mornings.

  13. One year on Christmas Eve afternoon, our family went ice-skating at the outdoor rink downtown. Afterwards, we came home, and my husband baked homemade pretzels. we were all warm, safe, and thankful at home. What a feeling!

  14. This year, I’ve actually allowed my girls to help me with the cookie baking (usually I’m too much of a control freak to do that). They’ve been so excited and we’ve experienced some of those “time stands still” moments that I will forever cherish in my heart. There are few moments where I feel like a “good mom”. These were some of them. I’m glad I listened to God’s promptings on my heart.

  15. Driving to MN and spending Christmas with my grandparents. We always went to church with them and they had the biggest tree that I had ever seen!

  16. I had forgotten how my brother and cousin would play their guitars everytime we used to get together. I loved to hear them play. Thanks for the sweet reminder!

  17. My family had always gone to Arby’s as a treat on Christmas Eve…one year they decided to close early and we drove around for hours trying to find somewhere to eat…frustrating at the time, but really funny looking back…

  18. This past Thanksgiving, I was in the hospital. My daughter and her boyfriend sang me 4 verses of Come Thou Font of Every Blessing in harmony right there in my room. Tears me up just thinking about it.

  19. So cool-thanks for this giveaway!
    One of my favorite Christmas memories was a surprise from my daughter when she arrived home from college a few days early and I walked in the house from work and she arrived shortly after along with my husband who went to the train station to pick her up and he also brought home a pizza for dinner!
    I love surprises like that 🙂

  20. love the Christmas I spent in Ukraine. The decorations were simple and the celebration was with our missions team. We had a beautiful day just being together, feeling homesick for our families in the states but bringing as much of our own traditions to it. We had hand made decorations a small tree and lots of music…

  21. Last year we had a white Christmas which is rare here. The peacefulness of the snow-covered landscape and the excitement of the children was the perfect blend for Christmas and also a beautiful reminder of why He came…to make us white as snow.

  22. We used to gather as a family to my grandpas and celebrate on christmas eve. We dont anymore because he’s moved, but i remember the delicious food and funtimes.

  23. Last year, my five almost grown children (ages14-24) and some of their friends built an enormous igloo in our yard when we had an unusual amount of snow right around Christmas. They put Christmas lights inside and I served them hot chocolate. They are lamenting that there probably won’t be enough snow to do it again this year.

  24. We went on a “tree hunt” this weekend with some cousins and friends. Cutting down our first live Christmas tree from my mother-in-law’s property is going to be a great lasting memory. I also am looking forward to our Jesus Birthday Party this weekend.

  25. I loved going to pick out our Christmas tree each year at the Booger Mtn Christmas tree lot…we loved the pine trees.

  26. i so remember the year that ALL of the in -laws and out- laws and no place to go people came to our home on Christmas day. we lived in a very small house, but somehow it expanded for that day. everyone brought covered dishes, and we ended up having more food than counter space. all of the children and teens participated in a bible reading/play about the true celebration of Christmas. then we all sang carols. it was a wonderful day, and precious memory, as most of those people have passed on, or live away.

  27. Several years ago our family traveled to Tennessee to a small cabin in a national forest where my husband’s brother and his family and my newly married son and his wife met us for Christmas. We arrived the weekend before the holiday and spent time hiking in the woods, playing in the snow and shopping in the quaint little town close to the forest. On Christmas Eve we attended a candlelight service at the church down the road and then came back to the cabin to decorate our $5 Christmas tree with handmade ornaments, popcorn and cranberry garland we had made ourselves and lights that my sister-in-law brought with her from home. Our star was handmade as well, carved from wood by our husbands. We awoke Christmas morning to snow on the ground, presents under the tree and one of the happiest Christmases we’ve ever had. It was quiet, simple and completely about faith, family and friends. We still remember that Christmas and plan to duplicate it as best we can again next year.

  28. My favorite memory is celebrating Christmas in June one year. We put our tree up, decorated the house, made the usual Christmas goodies to eat and wraped gifts. My dad was in the Air Force and would be gone for the “real” Christmas so we celebrated it as a family before he left. I always thought that was so neat.

  29. My grandpa often made each of the grandkids something in his woodshop for Christmas. One year, he made each of the girls a doll cradle (never mind that I was never into dolls!). The most fun part was how he and Grandma hid the cradles all over the house, and we each had a piece of yarn we had to follow, wound through the house, ’til we got to the end and discovered where our cradle was hidden. We knew that they had really taken time to make it special for us!

  30. It would have to be the year that my dad made gifts for all seven of us kids. He was a craftsman, and we didn’t have a lot at that time, so he made bureaus and other furniture for each one of us. I still have mine, and that was over 30 years ago. Truly a gift from the heart!

  31. Caroling at shut-in’s homes brings tears of joy and acceptance. Emmanuel: God with us to help us love others with HIS grace, mercy, kindness, compassion, and joy.

  32. Oh, I just love David Crowder, thank you for doing this giveaway! My favorite holiday memory is a time when all of my cousins, aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa, parents and brother all had Christmas eve and morning together. It was such a delight as a young girl to go to sleep waiting for Santa Claus with all of my extended family. Such a sweet memory as it turned out to be one of my grandpa’s last Christmases

  33. Christmas Eve service at our church is one of my favorite traditions. I cry every year, just so overcome with the joy and emotion of the day. I love it!
    kathy k.

  34. The look on my daughter’s face when Santa “found” her long-lost stuffed animal and placed it in her stocking on Christmas morning~

  35. Definitely midnight mass with my family when we were younger, then coming home & staying up doing games & puzzles!

  36. Ice skating at the park ~ they made an artificial ice surface that circles the trees. It was smack in the middle of the downtown where I grew up. They played Christmas music, had a nice enclosed change room to put your skates on, sold hot chocolate. Couldn’t get better than that. A very magical time.

  37. My favorite Christmas memory is getting up extra early on Christmas morning before everyone else and just looking at the tree with all the presents underneath. And, of course, breakfast on Christmas morning in our pajamas – scrambled eggs and toast! Yum!

  38. My favorite Christmas memory – is every Christmas 🙂 I love setting out the nativity scenes and decorating our home with thoughts of Christ. How he first sacrificed by coming to earth to begin with. I don’t use real Christmas trees – I use small decorative wooden tress with only Christian emblems and the cross on them.
    It makes me joyful to look around my home and know my husband and I are both followers of Christ and enjoy the season together – the music , the church services and the knowledge of the truth.
    It makes the twinkle lights brighter, the music sweeter, hot chocolate richer and warmth of seeing family and friends warmer ~

  39. Celebrating Christmas eve in England, away from home, with a large group of friends who were also away from home. I love David Crowder!

  40. My favorite memory is just from 7 years ago this Christmas. My baby daughter was born on the 23rd and we were released from the hospital on Christmas morning. The nurses came for my daughter to give her final exam before releasing her. She came back to us freshly bathed, and snuggled into a Christmas stocking. Precious!

  41. Christmas memories, there are so many!

    We have a video of my kids when they were all much younger and they are running down the stairs on Christmas morning, hair all a mess, pj’s all disheveled and they are so excited! Squeals of delight emit from them. Those were the days.

  42. One of my favorite holiday memories is getting engaged to my wonderful husband on Christmas day!

  43. I remember one year it snowed at Christmas, but I was sick and couldn’t go outside. So my grandfather brought in a giant bowl of snow and we made snowballs and a little snow man at the kitchen table before it all melted.

  44. I always loved a tradition with my family growing up of getting into PJs late on Christmas Eve and driving around to look at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood

  45. Our Advent activity each year was sharing a box of chocolates – our family of five gathered around the box each night and we each got to pick a chocolate to eat and everyone could taste each other’s. As a child I loved getting to eat chocolate that late at night but as an adult I love that we got to spend those few precious minutes together each night in the glow of the Christmas tree.

  46. I shared one on another post about me and my sister sitting by ourselves in the living room with only the Christmas tree giving off light while singing Christmas carols. But I have another involving my children Christmas probably 16 years ago when my daughter was 6 and my son was 4. They loved turning up Christmas music and dancing ballroom style in front of the Christmas tree. I have videos of them twirling and giggling to all manner of music. It’s a lovely memory that I think I’ll try to get them to recreate this year!

  47. My favorite holiday memory is getting together with my mom’s side of the family for Christmas. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers all with their own families. We had a lot of fun with all the cousins staying the night together on Christmas Eve and having Christmas in the morning.

  48. Ignoring the voice that said “you shouldn’t disturb them on Christmas”and delivering fresh-baked cinnamon rolls to a family down the street, just as they were sitting down for breakfast.

  49. Oh … I love David Crowder! This is one of my favorites

    Best memory? Feeling loved, accepted, valued as the extended family gets together. There’s a warmth in belonging even though we’re all as different as night and day with our quirks and idiosyncrasies and separate journeys.

    In real life we’d probably never choose to be best friends. But the links by blood and adoption run deeper than personal preferences. There is a tie that binds.

  50. Attending my daughter’s last Christmas performance with her college orchestra before graduation this spring. We were in Chicago with a diverse group of people from many nations worshiping God together – a little bit of heaven on earth.

  51. Our big extended family Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house when we would sing our family Christmas Carol – in German. I will miss it, as last year was likely the last time I will be there for this event.

  52. Choosing one lucky present to open on Christmas Eve with our family around a cozy fire is my favorite time!

  53. My youngest daughter LOVED christmas the most out of the whole family. She would move, shake, inspect every package and getting the tree and decorating it was a major dose of excitement for her which was contagious as we all got caught up in the decorating. As I open the decorations each year and see the box of ornaments with her name on it…my heart remembers the fun and laughter…5 years ago this angel went to heaven at age 20 (car accident) and the memories bring me tears of sadness…tears of joy…sweet memories each year.

  54. Oooh, love me some DC*B! A favorite holiday memory: at the end of a typical Christmas Day, we would have tons of gift wrap usually piled up in the middle of the living room. One of two things would happen (sometimes both): we’d find one of the cats buried deep in the pile of papers and (after removing said cat) my brother would shove all the paper in the fireplace and we’d have a roaring fire until all the paper was burned up.

  55. The two-hour drive home from my grandparents that should have taken 45 minutes. The roads were terrible and I don’t know how my dad got us home in one piece but the snow was beautiful and the conversation warm.

  56. How fun! One of my favorite memories include the year my husband and I simply made gifts for our family from whatever we found around the house. It came from the heart and was received from the heart.

  57. Setting up for our Christmas Eve service a few years ago, after a horribly hard, heartbreaking year in our church family, we were all laughing & singing. A potential catastrophe occurred when my little girl and one of her friends went blitzing past the enormous tree (which was rather precariously leaning against the wall due to a broken stand) and it came crashing down right behind them. No one, and nothing was hurt or damaged, and it just made us laugh harder. There were a lot of joyful tears, much rejoicing, and thankfulness for God’s grace that night.

  58. Stopping on an 8 hour overnight trip on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning to meet my best friend’s 11-day-old baby girl 🙂 and hang out with her for an hour — it was 1am!!(My husband totally rocks for letting us do that and doing the driving.)

  59. How cool that your whole family likes the David Crowder band! I am the only one here who likes contemporary Christian music, but my son listens to it with me in the car. And as a worship song leader at church, he hears the music there, too. Yesterday he had “Shout to the Lord” stuck in his head, and secretly, I was thrilled! 🙂

  60. Our first Christmas morning as a married couple. Snuggling under the tree unwrapping sweet gifts. Enjoying the moment with my best friend, my husband.

  61. I spent many a holiday season preparing for nutcracker when I was a student. We would start in the summer and work through the beginning of december. (I probably have done enough roles to be able to put on a one man nutcracker show!) But performing was always such a magical time. We would finally get into the theater and all our hard work would play out in the story of one special christmas night. I didn’t know or understand it at the time but I met God during those perforances, through the joy of dancing on that dimly lit stage. There it was just me and the glory of dancing, and I now recognise that the glory was being able to dance and share His glory with others. While I may have danced marzipan so much that the music at times played in my dreams, I hear it now and am taken back to that dark stage and the anticipation of being able to share my gifts with others during a season where sharing and joy are often top priorities.

  62. 16 years ago, as a newlywed couple, my husband and I started a tradition of a picnic in the living room floor on Christmas eve night, then we would watch White Christmas on TV. 16 years later we are still doing that, it’s just harder to get up from the floor.

  63. Christmas Day wanting to be with my family but needed to see patients at the mission hospital. I was a bit grumbly but the Lord arranged it so I could deliver a set of twins for a lady who 2 years prior I delivered her first set of twins. A special moment-and the Lord made the rest of the day quiet so I could enjoy my family and make memories.

  64. My favorite holiday memory is hearing my niece and nephew tell the real reason for Christmas, that Jesus came and was born for us.

  65. our annual Christmas cookie bake every year. it has been going on longer than I have been alive and I love seeing all the kids get so excited, knowing I was the same way when I was little! the excitement, the chaos, the giggles, the gifts, the tradition. it brings our family together every year and I love it.

  66. Lots of favorite Christmas memories, but the one that topped them all…my first child, a daughter, was born 33 minutes after midnight in Hong Kong, Christmas Day 2004. We’ll celebrate her 7th birthday in a few weeks and rejoice that God gave us such a precious Christmas gift–Clara Anne Danielle!

  67. My favorite Christmas memory is watching my Daddy read from Luke each Christmas eve..priceless!!

  68. opening gifts one at a time in my large family of 8 and having it take HOURS (of enjoyment watching everyone else enjoy what they gave and received)

  69. One of my favorite Christmas gifts from my childhood was a peppermint scented hula hoop. My mom had wrapped the whole thing up and I was SO excited to open it…and I loved it. 🙂

  70. I was my Granddad’s only Granddaughter … I had three brothers … and so I was into dolls and also these amazing model ships that my Grandfather made. One Christmas he had built me a ship and made this model dock for it and everything was on display under the tree! He always made Christmas special … filled with Love!

  71. My favorite holiday memory was when my grandparents would come for Christmas. On Christmas Eve they would take me for a drive and we would watch for Santa & his reindeer flying in the sky.

  72. One of my favorite holiday memories was last Christmas. My husband and I were on a tight budget and decided to exchange “word gifts” with each other. We each wrote a special letter to the other and placed them in our stockings. Then we read them to each other for Christmas. 🙂 It was so meaningful and emotional and special. Our budget is tight again this year, and we plan to do this again! I hope it will be a tradition we continue in the future, regardless as to our future income.

  73. I have many great memories but this is the one that came to mind first. I grew up in southern AZ and we had never seen more than a dusting of snow ever… so chances of ever seeing a white Christmas when I was child were slim. But one year…it happened! And it wasn’t just a dusting. It was beautiful!

  74. I grew up in Hawai’i, and one of my very favorite Christmas memories was seeing all the poinsettias blooming outside our house, brilliant red, casting a glow over everything around them. And inside our family made special Christmas memories bathed in their glow.

  75. Singing Messiah choruses for choir at school and church, with full orchestra accompaniment. Ten years of that spoiled me for any other kind of Christmas concert.

  76. One of my favourite memories is going to the live nativity at our church every year. It was a sweet, solemn, thought- provoking experience as a child and then a special privilege as a teenager and young adult to participate (I was always Mary). I have just moved back to the States and hope to find a live nativity to take my children to this year.

  77. My favorite memory is with my daughters, now ages 11 and 13. Each year their joy at the anticipation of Christmas inspires me. They love to turn up Christmas music loud, pour some eggnog and put up the decorations and tree. I also love lighting the advent candles and talking about Christmas and how it’s truly about Jesus.

  78. One of my favourite memories is when I received a life size walking doll when I was about 6yrs old. My parents left the doll next to my bed and I woke up and thought someone was standing there. It took a while to stop me from crying and a whole lot of explaining how Santa would do that to me. I still have that doll after 50 some years and it makes me smile just to write this.

  79. Our family moved into our current home 11 years ago.
    One of our first Christmas seasons we had a snowy Christmas Day….stayed in pjs all day….played boardgames
    ….and enjoyed the blessings of family.

  80. Whispers of snow falling and the sounds of our boots crunching through the snow as we caroled from house to house. I miss these times.

  81. One of my favorite Christmas memories is flying to Michigan to spend time with all of my mom’s family…Nothing says Christmas like snow for this California girl. I do enjoy the warm California Christmas’ though. 🙂

  82. My favorite Christmas memories are definately both of my young daughter’s first Christmases. I smile just thinking about it. 🙂

  83. When I was a single mom putting up Christmas lights by myself, my 4-year old son put on his plastic toy tool belt, and stood at the base of the ladder and said, “You’ll be safe mom. I’ll hold the ladder,”….and he helped me with the entire project.

  84. Christmas Caroling to the shut-ins in our community! I receive such a blessing from participating in this each year!

  85. My favorite memory is each year, seeing my dad hold his old worn Bible and listening to him the Christmas story to us before we opened our gifts.

  86. My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was little. I used to spend a lot of time at my Nana & Papa’s house growing up, and when Christmas time was approaching, they would put on old Mitch Miller sing along records and we would all sing Christmas songs. My Papa would sing Silent Night in German and teach me the words…to this day I still can’t remember or pronounce the German version of the song beyond Stille Nacht, but the memory of him singing it will always remain in my heart.

  87. So many Christmas memories, but one that involves music is going to my Grandmas house. She had these bells she’d hang up (they were electronic) andyou’d flip a switch and they’d play Christmas carols. They drove the adults crazy but us kids would turn them on and have a concert in the living room. Fun times!

  88. My favorite Christmas was when we got our first adopted child after 17 years of waiting. She was born Dec. 1 and we put her beside the Christmas tree and took pictures of her. Now 23 years later, she is still having pictures made as she is Miss Duncanville, Texas and will compete in the Miss Texas pageant next year. Praise God

  89. I remember walking into the “tv room” where we kept our tree one Christmas morning when I was in Junior High and my mom was holding a rabbit fur coat for me. I almost fell over. That was an extravagant gift and I just couldn’t believe it. …hasn’t happened since. hahaha. God is good! Praise the King Jesus!

  90. One of my favorite memories is going to a place close to home called Christmas Village. Its an old farm that is all lit up with lights and decorations. Its about a mile to walk through the whole of it. Its just lovely. We go just after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday. Its a really special time.

  91. As a child I loved the joy that accompanies Christmas. Even in the materialistic frenzy of a version of the holiday that I grew up in, it was nice for everyone to just be nice to each other for a day.

  92. I have many fond memories, one that sticks out in my mind is how excited I was to play an angel in a play at church years ago. But, this year will be our sons first Christmas, so I have a feeling my favorite Christmas memory is yet to come!

  93. My favorite memory is setting up the Christmas tree with our son for the first time. He was two, and was so excited that he got to help put it up. Once Christmas was over, and the tree put back down, he kept asking for it over and over. He definately missed it, until it came out the next year!

  94. In 2004, when our family still lived in Houston, where snow was very rare, we were all attending a Christmas Eve service at our church. There was a 10% chance of snow, which no one took seriously since it hardly ever snowed in Houston, but following the beautiful service, as everyone began to leave the sanctuary and entered the lobby and saw through the floor to ceiling windows that snow was falling, excitement built very quickly as people of all ages ran outside to see this picturesque Christmas Eve snowfall. For many of the children, it was their first time to see snow, and seeing their excitement is a memory I will always hold dear. Our family of four was quite enthralled by it all, too. I don’t think we will ever forget that Christmas Eve.

  95. My favorite Christmas memory is a time when a relative asked my small son “how was your Christmas?” and he replied “just like every other year!!”

  96. Favorite Holiday memories always include decorating cookies, hot cocoa and looking at Christmas lights

  97. One of my favorite Christmas memories is watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve while eating crabcakes & shrimp cocktail after the kids were in bed. 🙂

  98. I don’t have a favorite year, but my favorite Christmas memories are of decorating the tree at my mom’s house. She would give my sister, brother, and me a new Christmas ornament every year, and over the years the tree grew more and more crowded and eclectic – and I still think more and more beautiful. Now my version of a beautiful Christmas tree is one covered from head to toe in ornaments that were gifts over the years. I seriously can’t wait to start that tradition with my kids someday.

  99. Santa Claus came two nights in a row to our house after he forgot to leave the baby doll changing table for me on Christmas Day! (Smile).

  100. my husband and I having our first Christmas as parents!! we have the sweetest picture of the 3 of us fresh out of bed, holding stockings and smiling with our bed head… while our 6 month old son is shoving his stocking into his mouth 🙂

  101. My crazy family decided to assemble our Christmas tree upside down this year – I smile every time I look at it just thinking of their gleeful silliness.

  102. Sitting around the Christmas tree in our pj’s, having my husband read the story of Jesus’ birth once again and then opening one gift at a time from the oldest to the youngest is my favorite way to celebrate Jesus’ birthday each year.

  103. My favorite memory is actually a tradition our family had when my siblings and cousins were all young. The whole family would come into town and on Christmas Eve, grandma and papa would pile all the cousins in their huge car and we’d go look at Christmas lights. The adults would all get in another car and drive off to go do “something” and somehow, every year, like magic, “Santa” would come during our outing and leave our Santa gifts! And magically, the adults would just show up again after us kids had returned and were ready to scamper back inside!! I don’t think anyone ever really fell for the whole Santa bit, but it was most definitely a cherished tradition, but, 20 years later all of the cousins still talk about it when we get together.

  104. A favorite holiday memory is gathering with my sisters and my mama to make Christmas goodies for the holiday season! Working together is just as sweet as the candy we make!

  105. When my first daughter was about 3 years old, we were on our way into town to look at the Christmas lights on Christmas eve. We had a CB radio (anyone remember them?). We heard a trucker talking on the radio while he was driving on the freeway that ran parallel to our farm-to-market road. My daughter wanted to wish him a Merry Christmas, and low and behold, he began to act like he was Santa! It was so adorable! They had a perfect conversation about where he was going and who he was delivering presents to. She totally believed him! My heart was warmed on so many levels! Happy for her – you should have heard her voice! But I know how much better it is to give to receive. I wonder how much better his Christmas was knowing he had “made” a little girl’s Christmas eve more fun! And we have a family story that we now tell our granddaughters!!

  106. one of my greatest holeidat memories is the Music! no matter the people, the food or the mood, it is never the festive spirit without the Music!! <3

  107. I think my fav holiday memory is climbing up to my dad’s shoulders to be high enough to put the star on the tree! 🙂

  108. This year, when my oldest son chose to stay home with me and help hang the lights on the tree, instead of running to the hardware store with Dad for more lights. He was such a sweet little helper.

  109. My Grandma’s house all decorated with village and beautiful tree and train. My favorite memory.

  110. Deidra…

    My memory is from that same snowy year. We were to have the foster teen I mentor with us for Christmas Day, but the weather was threatening to cancel our plans. My husband packed shovels, water, and blankets in his car to brave the streets. The treatment center where she was living at the time is about 10 miles away. Two hours later they pulled in the drive to loud cheers from all of us!

  111. A favourite memory is our Christmas spent in Hawaii… the Christmas trees looked so incongruous against the backdrop of the beach and palm trees.

  112. Favorite memory… all my family coming together at Christmas, sisters from far off places, seeing their niece and nephew, skiing together, fellowshipping.

  113. Last year my husband had a new job out of town so we only saw him on the weekends. We did this for six months before we could all move together. Christmas Eve was spent in wild, crazy fun with his extended family until the wee hours of the morning. W got home very late with three sleepy kids. But Christmas Day was my favorite, it was only our little family together, my husband and our three kids. We stayed in our jammies until past noon, played with new gifts and just relaxed enjoying each other and not having to rush off any where. That evening I made a special dinner and we just rested enjoying Jesus, a fire, Christmas music and the love of one another.

  114. Going caroling and delivering fruit baskets to the elderly in the small town I grew up in! 🙂

  115. I think my favorite holiday memory was a sad one but also a ‘child like one’ … my daughter at the time was separated from her husband and Faith our grand daughter was about 3 then. I had nativities around the house ‘two or three’ sets, Every morning I would realize Joseph was gone or way across the room. There was only Mary and baby Jesus. After this happening for several days in a row I asked Faith (who lived with us at that time)…where is Joseph? She said ‘OH he went for a walk and Mary and the baby are alone now’. All the Joseph’s moved to other rooms. I like this memory because she felt SAFE enough to share her little child like ‘mind’ and wanted me to know ‘the world was not right’ with her, but at Grandma’s she was safe. It was a teachable moment for me.

  116. One of my favorite memories is definitely last Christmas at my fiance (now husband’s 🙂 parents house in Mississippi, and waking up to a beautiful white Christmas for the first time in years in MS…We enjoyed the snow, and then all had a warm Christmas morning breakfast. So excited to celebrate this 1st Christmas with my husband! 🙂

  117. Decorating the tree with my husband (just the two of us) the first year we were married.

  118. Childhood memories of spending Christmas Eve at my Babica and Dziadzi’s house and marveling at the towering Christmas tree with ornaments as large both my hands. Being put to bed on my Babcia’s bed and while my parents went to midnight service. The hour drive back home and being carried into the house by my dad and put to sleep in my own bed to awaken Christmas morning in my room.

  119. One of my favorite’s, we have been doing for years, is when we receive a Christmas card in the mail from a friend or family member we take time at the dinner hour to pray for them.

    Thank you for allowing me to share and Christmas Blessings on the entire team at incourage!

  120. One year when I was 15, my brothers 18 & 20 with my little sister & foster sister both 10, my parents decided we were going to have a toy christmas. You could only give or recieve toys. What a day we had watching my father and brothers build trains and racetracks and “argue” over who was the best virdie bird flyer while the girls and I played with my “horses.” To this day it’s one of the first Christmas memories that gets brought up even though we are older and have children those ages. It taught me that while traditions are a wonderful thing sometimes changing things up a bit can be even better.

  121. First of all, I must say I understand your tears in that moment. We all need to take the time to enjoy those fleeting seconds that tick by and soak them all in. Soak them up like a sponge into our hearts and memories! One of my favorite Christmas memories continues to happen most years just a different verse of it: putting out a snack for Santa. Each year we try and get creative with what we leave for him. One year it was cookies from the bakery decorated like Santa and Dr. Pepper; another year it was rice krispie treats and chocolate soy milk. We try and give him an “alternative” to just milk and cookies, in case he gets bored. LOL!!!! 🙂 Merry CHRISTmas everybody!

  122. Perhaps its cheating to not pick one particular memory, but I loved all of the Christmases of my growing up years spent at Grandma’s house. There were cousins and aunts and uncles and fun and laughter and family and traditions and lots of good food and precious memories. When I think Christmas, most often I think of Grandma’s house.

  123. The holy hush that settles on Christmas Eve in those last moments of anticipation, the KNOWING that we are about to receive that for which we have waited so long! I love it!

  124. LOVE Crowder!! I have so many great Christmas memories, but one of the top ones was surprising our families last year on Christmas with the news that we were pregnant. Can’t wait to start making new memories this Christmas with the sweet baby girl who joined our family this year 🙂

  125. Watching my eldest sister (11 years older) count the Hershey miniature chocolates so that they are *exactly* evenly distributed in her younger siblings’ stockings! (Our stockings had NOTHING but chocolates in them. *yesss!*)

  126. Attending the Christmas Eve candlelight service at 11:00 when my mom was alive and still the organist at my home church. O Holy Night can still make me cry.

  127. As little girls, my sisters and I would each get a nutcracker each year from our parents. We loved decorating our house with the different nutcracker characters and would spend hours playing with them. And now that we have moved out, we each have a set of our childhood nutcrackers to grace our new homes during the Christmas season.

  128. My favorite memory is a tradition that my husband and I do every year since we’ve been married. We purchase an ornament for that year, and our tradition is reminiscing as we place those ornaments on the tree.

  129. Selecting a Christmas tree with my beautiful daughters on a cold, snowy wintry day at the Royal Oak YMCA.

  130. Cutting down the tree with the kids. It is a big to do..1st hiking in and scouting out a tree and then cutting it down and loading it in the truck. The kids each take a turn whacking it and lots of pictures and fun.

  131. My brother playing his guitar after we had opened all of our presents. It was so beautiful and relaxing. My kids were mesmerized by their Uncle. I hope he plays again this year.

  132. My daughters amazement the first time she realized the advent candles changed from the color of the wait (purple) to white to celebrate Jesus birth.

  133. I fondly remember going to my grandmother’s house on the farm in Iowa and playing with my cousins. Now I’m the grandmother’s house where everyone comes!

  134. Our first Christmas together as newlyweds…
    He brought home a “Charlie Brown tree” on Christmas Eve. It was the perfect tree for us! And we had everything we needed…and were so thankful.

  135. My first Christmas after just giving my heart to Christ — singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing — as I sang the words I had known all my life “God and sinners reconciled” I realized they were talking about me and I broke into uncontrollable weeping — tears of wonder, tears of joy! The next day, Boxing Day, was my baptism.

    There will never be another Christmas quite like it!

  136. One of my many favorite Christmas memories is when my 2 year old nephew got in a big box & my brother pushed him around while my nephew laughed hysterically.

  137. One of my favorite Christmas memories is making a birthday cake for Jesus with my girls every year. Every year it is different and I do less and less of the making of the cake.

  138. My favorite Christmas memory is sitting around my dad Christmas eve while he reads the Christmas story. As a child I always wanted him to hurry up and finish so that we could open up one gift. (Another Christmas tradition, usually pjs.) But as I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to realize just how special those times were. My parents and siblings are getting any younger and having that time together to reflect on what Christmas is really about just makes it that much more special. =)

  139. There were seven of us children born nine years apart and I was the oldest. I don’t know how my parents did it but I remember when we woke up Christmas morning Santa delivered the tree and all!!! We were all wonderfully amazed. As I got a little older I remember hearing “Santa” trying out my brothers race car sets. My father passed away when I was twelve, some fourty-two years ago, and I still cling to those magic memories.

  140. My favorite Christmas tradition is my family going to the graves of our loved ones that have passed on and decorating them and singing Christmas carols. It keeps us grounded to cherish the ones still with us and keeps our heritage alive.

  141. Late night candlelight service at our church and opening one present before bed on Christmas eve.

  142. My favorite Christmas memory is having my mom set the mood for the season by blasting the Christmas oldies music (Silent Night by the Temptations, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus by The Jackson 5), making all sorts of delicious foods, and being able to help put decorations up outside, as well as the tree inside. Then being able to see the finished product of lights, poinsettas, beautiful red bows, and then on Christmas day, having family from all walks of life come and enjoy each other’s company, and open presents.

  143. As a little girl my grandparents were active in our family life. We used to have a family dinner on Christmas Eve, then my grandparents bundled up my brother and I and we would drive round to see all the Christmas lights on the houses. When we arrived home my parents had put out all of our special presents. Once I remember a friend had arrived dressed as Santa. I’ll never forget those dear moments as a family from my days as a little girl. Those were the very best Christmas memories.

  144. My favorite Christmas memory comes each year as we turn off the lights at church and light candles for everyone in the congregation to hold. then we light the candles and fill the room with light as we all sing Silent Night accapella. Chills!

  145. When I was a child, my mom would always sprinkle hay from the livingroom to our bedrooms and put red lipstick on our noses. When we woke up Christmas morning she would tell us Santa had been there and rudolph came to our rooms and kissed us on the nose. She always made Christmas so magical! I love you Mom!

  146. When I was pregnant with my first child (Grace, now 7) my husband and I were sitting at the midnight Christmas Eve service at church. I had felt her moving and kicking for a couple of weeks but my husband had never felt her kick. As we were sitting in the service she was rolling and kicking and he finally felt her for the first time.

  147. Mom being so very faithful and talented at creating the Christmas spirit. We didn’t have much but she always was a pro at decoration the table for breakfast and dinner. Something I will continue to do myself!

  148. Each Christmas Eve, my girls receive new pj’s, then put them on and snuggle on the couch while my husband reads “the Night Before Christmas” and the Christmas story from the book of Luke.

  149. My favorite memory is the year my first child was born. He was just one month old and it snowed Christmas day. My husband and I made out the couch bed and snuggled there with our son watching Christmas movies all day. I will never forget that first Christmas as a family.

  150. One of my fave memories is singing Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Bells are Ringing” with my choir before Christmas Eve Mass .

  151. I will sort through my memories for a chance at a good cd. My favorite memory is the last time our two children and their children were with us for an early Christmas. Our son, single then was stirred to join the Marines after seeing the planes fly into the World Trade Buildings. He was to report before Christmas. Our daughter, husband and our two grandchildren were heading to Papua New Guinea so we planned Christmas in November. Being together to celebrate became more important then the date. Being over seas missionaries ourselves for so many years we have learned to take the moments God gave us and just enjoy each other.
    We have not had a Christmas together since then including this year due to our daughter and family still serving the Lord half way around the world. Thankful for the memories and the hope for making future memories.

  152. I always loved the trips out to the tree farm to cut the Christmas tree–always full of hilarious memories and sweet, savored family time

  153. I am making some great memories this year with my 3.5 year old. We are learning about Christmas by doing advent crafts that tell the story of Jesus. It’s like hearing the story through his ears, for the first time, and it’s opening my heart and drawing me nearer to Jesus.

  154. Oh – my favorite tradition/memory???? i LOVE it all!! Making our daily ornament for the Jesse tree, delivering treats for the neighbors, picking out meaningful gifts for each special person in our lives, Chrsitmas music, LOVE Christmas!!!! 🙂

  155. One of my favorite holiday memories is getting engaged on Christmas (2004)! It’s always lovely to remember that moment each Christmas.

  156. Driving around looking at all the christmas lights, all packed tightly into our small car. While we waited in the car to go, our mom was inside putting out the gifts under the tree. Didn’t know it at the time. But it was always so fun to enjoy all the lights and then coming home to a big SURPRISE.