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Sheila worships, lives, and writes in rural Southern California with her husband Rich and their three dogs. She spots God everywhere.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. You touching story brought back memories of a charm bracelet my grandmother had given me when I was young. The gift of a new charm on holidays and other special occasions gave us a unique bond. Even though she died many years ago and I no longer have the bracelet, it’s amazing how quickly those memories return. I now have grandchildren of my own and maybe it’s time that I replace that long lost bracelet with a “grandma charm bracelet” of my own. Thank you for the beautiful reminder of how precious those charms can be.

    Merry Christmas and God’s Peace, Donna

    • Patricia,

      I recommend it. Really, I do! My grandmother’s charms–the ones that started it all–were little silver baby booties with our names engraved on the soles. The girls’ booties had laces in neat bows. The boys’ booties’ laces hung untied. My grandfather gave us each our charm, that year he gave my mother the bracelet, strung onto pendants for the girls, mounted on tie clips for the boys.

      That pendant remains a treasure.

  2. Such a sweet story to go along with that precious bracelet. My grandmother gave me a pearl necklace for my fifth birthday with five pearls on it. There were intentions of adding a pearl a year. It didn’t happen, but that necklace (along with my wedding ring) is the most precious piece of jewelry I own. Your grandchildren will think the same way of that bracelet that grandma wore. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful story. My mother gave me her charm bracelet a few months ago. It does not represent family per se, but it repesents every work trip she took with my deceased father. They had so much fun on those trips. Whenever I wear it I think of my parents. I plan to give it to my daughter when she is old enough to appreciate “gaga’s” memories.

  4. My grandmother had a charm bracelet with many charms, including one for each of ther 4 grandchildren. My mother also has a charm, with one for each of her 10 grandchildren. I hope to inherit one of those someday, although I one of my own with charms for my grandchildren, as well as the charms my husband’s grandmother wore for him. It is a lovely tradition, and it certainly means a lot in my family. Thank you for sharing this lovely post.

    I have a grandson whose Daddy died before he was 2. I know some parts of that path.

    • Mollianne,

      Wow! That’s a widespread charm tradition your family has.

      I’m sorry about your grandson’s daddy. It is a bittersweet path, isn’t it? Ayden was 26 months old when his father died.

  5. Wonderful and timely. Missing all the women in my family who are no longer with us. Charm bracelets played a large part in my life also, and I have given them to cousins as well. For so many reasons I appreciate the messages in you post, thank you.

  6. While reading this, I kept thinking about my name being written on Christ’s hands. Each of the charms reminds you of something very personal about each of your grandchildren, and the scars my Savior bears are very personal marks he wears on my behalf.

    I think your charm bracelet is such a beautiful, tangible representation of your love for each of these dear ones in your life. And, doesn’t every La La need more opportunities to talk about her grandkids? I think you’ve just given me a terrific gift idea for the grandmas in my life.

    Great seeing you here, friend!

  7. Sniffles…so beautiful and tender! I don’t have time to read {in}courage everyday, so blessed to have done so today.

    Bless you as you keep on blessing others.

  8. What a way to share memories of loved ones!

    I think all LALA’s should have a charm bracelet to remember their grandchildren, & other special events!

    Great post!

  9. this is so lovely…oh I am getting ready to be a grandmother….I love this idea…what a sweet way to carry the grandchildren with us…and for them to feel so loved….
    Blessings to you…

  10. Such a touching story and I am so happy that the charms meant so much to your grandchildren. I believe that Jesus wears us in his hands and feet, and remembers our names and all about us.

  11. As a “fellow grandma” I feel your words so deeply. We just spent the weekend with our seven grandchildren, and I find myself looking at them in wonder – wonder at the priceless blessing they are and the great love of the Father.
    This is so touching, so beautiful, so real. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. Lovely story, Sheila – and great pictures, too. I have a charm bracelet with charms from my husband and I added charms for the grandkids, too – my daughter started that by giving me charms of the flowers for each of their birth months. But it broke and I’m behind on those charms by about 3 now! You’ve inspired me to get it out and see if it can be fixed and added to. Have a Merry Christmas – and enjoy those boys from HI!!

    • Thanks Diana!

      Flowers for each of their birth months…what a sweet idea that is! I am indeed enjoying the Hawaii contingent, and our other grandchildren too.

      Merry Christmas right back atcha!

  13. As I read this post (through my tears), the beauty of the charm bracelet tradition melted my heart. I have never been into charms, but the love expressed through such simple symbols is so powerful. I may have to consider such a tradition as I age into grandmotherhood (hopefully, not for a few more years).
    You are obviously a very special grandmother. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season with those precious little ones!

  14. So totally puddled here, Sheila. That it would mean something to the children means the legacy lives on. I still have a silver charm bracelet given to me by a high school boyfriend. I think it’s time to repurpose it. Love you, friend.