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Gina Smith has been married to Brian, for 23 year, and is the mother of two college students. (Brianna, age 21 and Caleb age 18) Gina and her husband work together at a Christian college, where Gina is the dean of women and Brian is a faculty member and the...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Thanks for this much-needed Monday morning reminder. I remember a season when I felt like I was in a cave and it seemed God whispered, “you can sit in the dark or you can diamond-mine your difficulties.” That made me want to whine but it also gave me a lot of hope!

  2. Wow… such a powerful reminder of a season we are just coming out of but still has a grasp on our lives… and probably always will because life is never perfect… but God is always good. I remember when we realized that our middle son was going to have the same diagnosis of PDD-NOS (autism) as his older brother… I had a newborn and my husband had just started a consulting business… we were strapped and struggling and alone in a town 4 hours from our family… I actually said out loud I felt like God was smiting us… Yikes… three years, a short sale a stint on food stamps and living with my parents with three boys later… I can say that we are moving on with more wisdom, courage and gumption than we ever had before… God is so good… even in the yucky stuff, I wouldn’t take those years out of our life even if I could… thank you for sharing this this morning!!

  3. I’m beginning to realize what I thought was a dark, scary place is actually the shadow of His wings. Thank you so much for reminding me that I’m secure in His embrace. This post speaks to the season I’m in. Thank you! Beautiful post!

  4. Gina,

    What a wonderful story! I love the part about being in a cave actually being in the shadow of His wings. Life can sometimes be hard, tough, and even a little scary…just remember He is ALWAYS there for you!!

    Thanks for the reminder today that He is watching, always caring about us little ones down here!

  5. Thank you ALL for taking the time to leave comments and let me know you were encouraged! Isn’t it cool how God uses what we go through to help encourage others? I am just so thankful and privileged to have an opportunity to share here what God is doing!

    We’re in the cave together!!!

  6. You are so right. God is still good even when we feel that life is hard and unfair. I love the analogy of being in a cave and how, when in that circumstance, we can choose to focus on all that feels wrong or we can focus on how God is protecting us and drawing us closer to Him.

  7. From one who has hid often in Jesus the way a fugitive hides himself in a cave…it’s the only place really where all else is shut out but Him. Good place to hide when the sky seems to be falling. Safe place which is why the fugitive hides there. Perfect place to hide when God is in the cave with you. Blessing cave dweller.