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Todd Smith is married to blogger/author/speaker Angie Smith, father of 5 girls, member of Selah, and missionary kid from Congo, Africa

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  1. I am a Church Planters wife…far away from my home where I grew up. Seemingly surrounded by people who are not my own. But like Ruth said, in so many words, ” Thy people shall be my people, and Thy God, my God. Where you go, I’ll go”…etc. I really feel like I relate to Ruth. When so many people easily kiss you Goodbye (like Orpah) and walk away, I choose to be like Ruth…and Cleave.

  2. I have long held a special fondness in my heart for Reuben. Genesis 37 tells his short but important story: “But when Reuben heard [that his brothers wanted to take Joseph’s life], he rescued him out of their hands, saying, “Let us not take his life.” And Reuben said to them, “Shed no blood; throw him into this pit here in the wilderness, but do not lay a hand on him”— that he might rescue him out of their hand to restore him to his father.”

    I often feel like Reuben: willing to say “no, not that…maybe this instead” to true evil, but not courageous enough to call that evil out for what it is.

  3. I think I associate myself with Joseph. When younger, I was unsure of why God was putting me through trials and suffering. And I tried to get things to work my way. But now I know that although others may have meant evil, God meant them for good.

  4. That video was so powerful. Thanks for sharing that clip.
    I am looking forward to seeing this Story project.
    I have to say, that i have always seen myself as a bit of a Gideon. I tend to ask God for a little fleece every now and then when I know he is asking me to do something.

  5. Wow, honestly, I don’t know who I most identify with! I like Paul, but my story is pretty much the complete opposite of his. This is something I haven’t really thought about. I guess I kind of identify with Moses, I want to do great things for God but I don’t like doing the talking and I get frustrated when people don’t do what they know they should.

  6. Joseph is who I identify with, the past few years, my husband and I have felt we have been in this loneliness place like a prison, also Job a little, we went through some really hard things, and our friends, our church family were no where to be found or tried to tell us to move on. We needed a time to grieve and not move on

  7. Wow- I never thought of relating myself to a biblical character. First thing that popped in my mind is honestly, Martha– I strive be more like Mary in this world– but sometimes I get sidetracked and I have to get my focus back on what really matters in this world.

    BTW, my girls and I enjoy the Hope of the Broken World– keep on keeping on making music, SELAH!

  8. Used to be the Bible characters that I related to were all the barren women mentioned. Then God blessed us with children and that all changed. I still know the heartache of that time in my life and I grew from it. I just love the Word and how every story weaves that scarlet thread through the tapestry to Christ.

    I’ve listened to the clips since Angie posted about it. I would love to see this on tour, but there’s not one coming close enough. Winning a CD would be a great consolation prize! 😉

  9. Sounds like an amazing project! I think I most relate to Sarah when God makes her a promise but she decides she needs to take matters into her own hands…as a “control freak” myself I can relate to not being patient enough to wait on God’s blessings in HIS time!!

  10. In both physical and spiritual healing, I can relate to the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. In His perfect timing, he healed my body and my soul! But only after I sought Him out with my whole heart.
    This sounds like an amazing project!

    • What faith too for her to just know that by reaching out and touching the hem of His coat she would be healed. I wish I had faith like that. She had not one doubt in His abilities. More than a mustard seed like faith.

  11. I think I’ve always identified with Martha, working rather than resting and waiting. I want the best of the sisters to be true in me by God’s grace – Mary’s rest and focus on Jesus & Martha’s proclamation of Christ’s ability znd a hope in the reality & results of His resurection.

  12. Today I’d like to answer with “the old woman who lived in a shoe”, but, as it turns out, she’s not in the Bible after all. I don’t know that I’ve ever give much thought to what Biblical character I most resonate with, hmmmm. Although there are some obvious, glaring differences, I resonate so much with much of what Paul said {I do not do the good I want to do and all that!}. Then there’s also Martha {always so much to do!}. I’ll think about that more as the day goes on. Thanks!

  13. I like Elizabeth and Zechariah’s story. God honored their desire for a son in his time. Although I didn’t wait as long as they did, we struggled through a season of infertility before God led us to our daughter through adoption. And then 2 1/2 years later, he led us to our son. His faithfulness is so evident in their stories, which I happily embrace as my story too. I get the feeling Elizabeth may have felt the same.

  14. This sounds like a great project of musical blessings.
    I think I relate to Ruth…..with knowledge of her kinsman redeemer….
    and waits in trust for His arrival.

  15. I am Martha. I know I should slow down and listen to Jesus, but I just keep doing. I also, in the secret of my heart, identify with Mary Magdalene. I have had evil in my life, I have sinned (we are all broken and fallen, right?), but I so want to be made clean and worthy of Him. I love Selah, and all of the artists listed on the project, and so do all of my children, so if we aren’t lucky enough to be one of the winners, we’ll be adding this cd to our Christmas list!

  16. I would say that I most relate to Ruth for so many reasons. I had to move across the country to eventually meet my husband. My life thus far has had many long periods of waiting on the Lord. But I have always been blessed and loved by Him and by family! She is an incredible example of what it means to trust the Lord with all of your heart.

  17. I think I probably identify most with Sarah. I struggle to just be still and let God’s plan happen. I try to control outcomes and make sure God’s promises come to pass, even though I know His will and His promises will not be thwarted, no matter what I do!

  18. Oh Wow!!! I can’t tell you how excited my family and I are about this project! We checked it out on youtube when Angie posted about it on her blog and my daughter (7yrs. old) and I already have listened to some of the songs over and over! My daughter Bella’s favorite is Alive. The biblical character I most identify with is Peter because he is quick to speak or jump to conclusions. I guess a little self-dependant! Also Thomas because I struggle with my fair share of doubt and grieve for that. It is so nice to see how mercifully Jesus handles Thomas’ doubt! Thank you for the opportunity to win the CD. It would be such a blessing!

  19. I’ve been thinking about Esther a lot, because we’ve been studying the book of Esther on Sunday mornings at our church. I feel like her sometimes when Haman told her she was in the position of queen for “such a time as this” and she immediately started listing excuses. Because that’s how I know I am with God sometimes – He has something prepared for me, but I start listing excuses of why I “can’t” do it. But, what if Esther hadn’t gotten the courage to do what she was meant to do? And what if I don’t have the courage to do what He meant for me to do?

  20. I love this idea! Esther is who I relate most to in this season of my life. Maybe I’m here “for such a time as this”, but it’s a hard place to be.

  21. i am so—peter— impetuous, love deeply, fall away in certain circumstances,but always, always, returning to The Source of Living, Jesus. and in the years that have followed Him, growing in His Grace, strength and boldness.

  22. Everyone always says that they relate to Martha in their “everyday life” As in they can’t slow down and enjoy the moments of the people with them. I am opposite in that, so maybe I am more of a “Mary”, I get all my work done while no one is here, so that I can fully engage in the ones I love. I think it is better to be in the moment than to worry if the place settings look pretty(which can’t ever really be a problem with paper plates! 🙂 ) I haven’t really ever thought about who I relate to in the Bible, thanks for the thought provoking post this morning!

  23. I love David. I make mistakes, like David, but I pray that I can have a heart for God as David did too.

  24. Oh so many! For specific reasons Hannah, Elizabeth, and Sarah, but across the spectrum, probably Peter. How often I’m sure I’m ready to jump out of the boat, or wildly declare that my faith will not waiver, or protest the Lord serving me, but where the rubber meets the road I find myself needing to be back at the basics of day-in-day-out faith. I identify with his impetuous enthusiasm, but I am so encouraged by the way the Lord tenderly comes beside him after each misstep.

  25. Wow, what an amazing project! I would love to win! I love the examples of Peter and Paul – I don’t know if I exemplify their strong faith, courage to share Jesus, and passion for others, but I know the Lord is growing me in that direction!!

  26. I long to be like Ezra…..the gracious hand of the Lord was on him because Ezra had devoted himself to study, obey and teach God’s law! (Ezra chapter 7)

  27. Sometimes I relate to Eve… led astray by the enemy’s delightful looking schemes. Sometimes I relate to David in times of walking right into a sin pattern. I think I’m trying to be like Elizabeth… waiting for years for something that is good and right, but trying to live life fully committed to God without allowing the emptiness or the thing that I’m longing for to overtake me or swallow me up in bitterness.

  28. I have been waiting for a giveaway of this CD! I am so excited for it!

    I identify most with Job – there have been a lot of losses, one on top of the other. That verse you quoted above resounded with me so much. THANK YOU for the opportunity to win!

  29. I relate most to Hannah, who suffered from infertility for years and then God blessed her with children. I love her gut-wrenching honesty and prayers. And then her willingness to surrender her children to God rather than surrender to HIM what is already HIS.

  30. I think I most relate to Ruth or Esther because they did what needed to be done without question. They believed in a wonderful God who will provide and protect because they had faith beyond measure.

  31. I was named after Rachel in the Bible… in the hope that my husband would love me as much as Jacob loved Rachel. Which is my reality. And when I think of how hard my husband works to give the best for me, I think of her and am thankful for God’s provision for me.

  32. I am an MK, grew up in Colombia and then married a wonderful, godly Venezuelan man. When we were married, we asked the pastor to use the text from Ruth, “Where you go, I will go; your people will be my people and your God my God.” Ironically, now we are both far from our own people as we serve in Mexico, but it has been such a blessing to accompany this man on our journey to serve God wherever He might take us. We would love to hear these songs, it sounds like they tell powerful stories! We love to use storytelling in our ministry with our children and with our own children, it’s a powerful way to teach and learn God’s truths! Thank you for telling some of your own story in this post! God bless!

  33. I think I can relate to Job because of his many trials he went through. No im not going through the same exact trials, but I am going through trials in my life that im trying to overcome. Its hard at times because I fail and when I fail I dont wanna get back up because im just afraid of failing again.

  34. Definitely relate with David right now. Made some pretty big mistakes in my life and encouraged that God can “redeem even me”.

  35. At this point, I most relate with Peter. Ready, fire, aim. So thankful for God’s purpose and grace on my life! Thank you for the giveaway – I saw this and thought, what an amazing project!

  36. I’ve been listening to Esther’s song over and over again as I’ve been working through Beth Moore’s Esther study. Not sure what my role is yet, but I’m processing what kind of woman I want to be and how God can use me where He has placed me.

  37. I’m definitely a lot like Sarah, wanting to take the wheel into her own hands. It’s something I work on continually. I know God can handle my life perfectly without my help, but sometimes I just lose patience. ; )

    Can’t wait to listen to The Story, and hope to catch them out on the road.

    I’ve nearly worn out “Hope of the Broken World” and highly recommend it to all reading this post. It is annointed and spirit-filled and will bless you immensely. (Just like every other Selah project.)

  38. Im like Mary, Marthas sister: I’m crying out “Lord make Martha work, can’t you see her she’s just sitting at your feet but I’m hustling and bustling preparing the meal!” I need to be like Martha but I feel I need to DO to have Gods love…. it’s hard for me to accept HIS love freely by simply sitting at his feet.

  39. Todd,

    I think I most relate to Timothy, who though he was a pastor and a leader in his own right, from our perspective he was the young Christ-follower who was mentored by Paul and sometimes struggled with fear and intimidation. That’s me. But I thank God for the mentors in my life who continue to encourage me and help me to be bold in my faith.

    Thanks so much for your ministry. God bless you.

    David E. Owen

  40. I honestly do not know what character I relate to…but I am looking forward to seeing The Story Saturday December 3 in Tulsa! I would love to win the CD’s!

  41. I’ve always seen myself as similar to Peter, the disciple of Jesus. Peter loves Jesus a lot and he has a strong incentive to protect Him and even say that he would die with Him. He also is one of the first to admit that Jesus is the Christ. However, Peter also falters at times, which happens to me too.

  42. I had not thought about who I was like until a few years ago on an Emmaus retreat that we were asked whether we were Marys or Marthas and I realized that I spent way more time on the business of church stuff at my small home church than I did at listening and being fed. So I am trying to find the balance where the business gets done, but so does my time of worship.

  43. I recently saw a portrayal of Mary and Elizabeth, where they are discussing “their little boys” and the mischief they were constantly getting into – the point being that Jesus and John were probably like any other children who gave their parents trying moments, moments where Mary would have to struggle to remember he was God’s Chosen. And that OUR children are maybe not the Christ, but they are chosen by God and we just don’t know the wonders they will perform in the future. So, as a mother of a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old, I’m relating to a young Mary – struggling with patience and mercy and justice, baffled with wonderment and thankful at the tender moments.

  44. I could relate at the moment to Jonah. I find myself at times not willing to do as God wants but in the end doing his will regardless! 🙂

  45. This is a wonderful project. Thank you so much for your part. I pray that would “dare to be a Daniel”

  46. I tend to identify with Job, except I’m not as faithful.
    Having endured 3 years of unemployment out of the last 5 years… and ending a three-year relationship with the man I thought I would marry before my child-bearing years wither up and die…. and losing my father suddenly this summer… I just don’t know what God wants from me.

    Since I’ve heard “I’m With You” playing on KLOVE… I feel like my best friend, Kimberly is my Naomi… though she’s married and expecting her first baby at age 40… (and halfway across the country) she is there for me… listening to my trials of single life and dating all the Mr. Wrongs… Until My Heart Finds a Home…. she’s with me!

  47. Would love to have The Story CD! I have always loved the stories of Esther and Ruth. But I love what Mary’s song (Be Born in Me) has to say. I also love the thief’s song (How Love Wins). Honestly, I don’t think there’s a bad song in the bunch.

  48. From a cerebral standpoint, I identify with Nicodemus – always asking why, and still longing to know Jesus. From an experiential standpoint – I identify with the women with hemmoraging/issue of blood. I have been her, and God has healed me – Praise Him!

  49. Joshua is my favorite Bible character. He believes anything is possible. Sneaks over into the Promised Land and comes back saying … Let’s Do It! Shot down by the majority vote … he impatiently waits patiently … for all that God has promised him … and when the time comes … he boldly takes possession of what God gave to Him … even in his old age …

    Other times, though … I feel a little more like Moses … at then end of his days. Having overcome his self-doubt & insecurities … he has provide amazing leadership to the people … overcome obstacles to bring them to the place God had intended for them … yet because of his earlier hesitation … momentary lack of faith … he was only allowed to view the Promised Land … not enter it.

    God is the same in both stories. He never changes. God is always faithful. Amen.

  50. One of my favorite Bible characters is Esther. My life is very different than hers, but I can relate to preparing for one life and being given a different one. I’m not living the life I had hoped for, or the one I thought I was preparing for in college, but it is the life God has given me, and I want to glorify Him in “such a time as this.”

  51. I relate with Peter. I am wholehearted but impulsive; I make a mess of things often; I have denied Christ and regretted it; and I love my Lord! I can hardly wait to meet Peter and all the rest of the crew in Heaven someday!!!!!

  52. I would have to say I am most like Jonah! I have never been inside a whale, thank goodness, but God has really had to chase me to get me to do what he wants me to do. It’s not that I don’t want to honor Him and do what He wants, it is just many times I don’t think I can. K-love has been playing the Ruth song by Amy and Nicole, and I love it! What a great idea!

  53. I feel the most like Paul. The older I get the more I understand his comments and sentiments. I feel so unworthy the closer that I get to God because I am now understanding how far away I really am- Thank God for his grace to save us through his son! Human that I am- I could never come close.

  54. The Woman at the Well… no matter how she felt about herself, no matter her shame or her disgrace, Jesus loved her… truly loved her. Same for me! And because of His love for me, I now share His love with the world! I love Selah, saw you recently here in Montgomery AL, and want to see The Story too.

  55. I would say Sarah because of her barreness. She was unable to bear children until she was in her old age. My daughter was adopted when I was 31 and my husband was 36. She is now 15 and our greatest blessing. God blessed us after almost 10 years and there seemed to be no hope. But, with God there is always HOPE! Jeramiah 29:11 is my life verse. I would love to win. Thank you for sharing your message. May God bless you more than you can ever imagine! 🙂

  56. I am reading the book “Having a Mary Spirit” by Joanna Weaver. Although I would like to be most like Mary, I find I am probably more like Martha, letting the busy-ness of life easily sidetrack me from sitting at the feet of Jesus and quietly listening to what He wants me to hear.

  57. I have to say that I always go back to the story of Esther. I love the story of her life. I know that God has a purpose for where he has placed me but sometimes I lose sight of what it is. Listening to the song I received chill bumps and I started crying. What a wonderful song. I also heard bits and pieces of the song about Mary and it was wonderful as well.

  58. So many thought provoking answers. Great question! I think I (currently) most identify with Sarah, trying to control the situation. Thank God for His faithfulness regardless.

  59. It’s not so much that I relate to Ruth, but that I have always admired her and loved the fact that she was devoted to and loved Naomi so much that she remained with her. She is one of my favorite characters in the Bible. Thanks!

  60. Rahab. Throwing out the scarlet cord in faith for salvation from desctruction and entry into the kingdom of God.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this CD. Looks amazing.

  61. Such a thrill to see Selah recently in Picayune, MS. To shake Todd’s hand. I think I would consider myself Martha. Always busy about something and losing track in the busy part. I thank God for music everyday, such an amazing way to worship and for God to speak directly to you. You Deliver Me – such a great song.

  62. Looking forward to hearing this project! I relate to Martha in the Bible – always busy doing, serving, loving, and sometimes forgetting to STOP and take time with my Savior.

  63. I am such a Sarah- struggling to wait and be patient during times of uncertainty and often tempted to take matters into my own hands. I want to be more like Hannah, who prayed unceasingly and followed through on her commitment to God.

  64. Wow! Sounds so exciting! I have ALL of your Selah cd’s plus Todd’s solo, and Alan’s also. As far as Biblical characters the one that comes to mind today is JOB. I have been very blessed, and have not gone through all the heartache that Job did, but when I was diagnosed with breast cancer I remember thinking like Job, shall I only praise God when I receive good from His Hand? God is so good to me. I am alive and praising His Name!

  65. I love the story of the woman at the well. God knew all about her, sins and all, and still He wanted her as His child. He loved her in spite of her imperfection.
    I look forward to seeing the Story Tour in Minnesota and would love to win the CD’s.

  66. I just finishing watching the videos about the making of “The Story”–wonderful!! I would love to be able to go to see it, but we just can’t afford it even though it’s close to our home. I would love to win the CD. The character i most relate to would be Martha.

  67. SO wishing The Story Tour was stopping in Ohio:( I relate to so many of these stories/songs based on the bible. The song that has captured my heart the most is I’m With You sung by Amy Grant & Nichole Nordeman. Even though it talks about Ruth & Naomi’s bond it makes me think of my dearest girlfriends & sisters. How we stick together through think & thin. Most importantly it makes me think of my relationship with Christ. He’s with me in good times, in bad times, in all times. Thank you for this CD of amazing songs. Todd, you and Angie have a very beautiful family. May you continued to be blessed beyaond measure!! Peace & Love!!

  68. I relate most to Peter… his passion, his zeal for life, and I identify with him because you never had to guess what Peter was thinking. 🙂

  69. tears are running freely down my face after listening to Broken Praise! I most identify with Job as I lost my husband, my 22 yr old son, and my 13 yr old daughter in a period of 14 months. Like Todd….thelyrics in that song put many of my thoughts into words that I didn’t know how to express so beautifully. Thank you to all who worked on The Story! May God bless you with abundant blessings!

  70. WOW! I love this so much! I am currently a college senior and the children’s ministry coordinator at a local church, and in January we are going to start going through The Story curriculum in the Pre-K and Elementary classes (I am so excited), but I haven’t yet seen these songs/videos. Absolutely incredible!

    I relate a lot with both Ruth and Hannah: Ruth in that she has no family of her own and so stays with Naomi and goes wherever she does, and Hannah in that she “poured out her soul to the LORD” (1 Sam. 1:15) and trusted Him to provide where there seemed like there was no way! God is constantly bringing me to a place of needing to rely fully on Him and “pour out my soul” to Him!!!

  71. I don’t know that I relate but I am most inspired by Queen Esther! Oh how I would love to be queen and yet feel as though I am unworthy. I am sure she relates 🙂 To truly see God use a poor orphan (which I am passionate about) to save Gods chosen people is glorious and the amazing all in itself. To meet her someday will be one of the jewels in my crown!

  72. Different times of my life have seen me identifying with different characters, but right at this season perhaps I am a little like Jonah, who doesn’t want the enemy to repent because they don’t deserve God’s grace. My husband left us a year ago, and while I know only God can change his heart (and pray that He does), what if He does, and he never realizes all the hurt he has caused us? I’m trying to turn my heart to God every day, but I’m weak. Would love the encouragement of these songs!

  73. I love the story of Mary and Martha. Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and Martha busy, trying to “do” instead of just being still. I love the lesson in this story….I’m more of a Mary…there’s nothing more I love to do than just sit at the feet of Jesus. Thanks for sharing your story and offering the CD’s. 🙂

  74. Hard to say which character I relate to, as I relate to so many, such as having a heart like Mary but a mind like Martha . . . . but relate so well with Esther too . . . . love them all. Thanks for the opportunity to win this CD set! I loved the video/song above, and cannot wait to hear the rest . . . . beautiful!

  75. David speaks most to me..I love his honesty with God and His dependence on God and Gods sovereignty.

  76. Job. Hands down. When God “sits him down” and asks him, “Where were you when I formed the earth’s foundation?” Love it! Cause I’m just like Job – questioning God.

  77. I totally relate to Martha — in the story where Jesus comes to her house and she is so busy cleaning and being a good hostess that she loses sight of the thing she should be doing — sitting at Jesus’ feet, like her sister, Mary, and listening to his every word. I often find myself wrapped up doing the wrong, unimportant thing (though I have good intentions) and not paying attention to what’s truly important.

  78. I’d have to say that this moment I feel like Peter. A bit too passionate for my own good, always speaking out of turn, never taking a moment to understand what the point is behind all that is going on but also desperately loving Jesus and wanting to be faithful to Him….

  79. I have always related to the woman at the well.. In awe of how God chose me after all I have done.
    But the story of Mary resonates with me. How she must have been shunned for something she didn’t even do (who would believe a virgin birth). To look at wonder and awe of what God has given to her, the His Son. On a different level I look at my child with wonder and awe and am amazed that God gave her to me and my husband.

  80. It’s hard to say who I relate to most. On good days I like to say Paul because we share a boldness and zeal for truth. On not so good days there are many characters that resonate with my soul – Martha for being distracted by the “good” not the best and the “urgent” over the important. Peter when he is shocked at his own denial of Christ etc.

    I love this project and will buy a cd even if I don’t win! 🙂

  81. I often reread the parts of the story of Joseph where it says, “The Lord was with Joseph” in prison, etc. and how, when Joseph was faithful in very cruddy situations, the Lord made all his hands touched to prosper and flourish. That’s such a beautiful word, FLOURISH!
    He had dreams that made no sense and outraged the people around him. He was mistreated and put into the worst of situations, yet he was faithful and God blessed him.

  82. Well…it depends on the day, but I’d say right now I’m really relating to Ruth…being aware of being a stranger in this land that’s not my home. I’m super excited about this project!

  83. I can relate so well to Hannah, as she waited and yearned for children… and then when she was told she would conceive, she laughed in disbelief. Often I yearn for things and then laugh when God promises to give them to me.

  84. I relate to Sarah in many ways. I was unable to concieve for many years. Through that time I had many feelings and understand how badly Sarah wanted to provide a son for her husband. A sweet side note: My husband has always called me Princess which is what the name Sarah means! AND I am pleased to announce I have TWO silly boys; ages 2 and 4! God is good and blessed me with my two miracles!

  85. I’m such a reflection of Peter….the bad, and hopefully a small reflection of the good.
    I am making a Christmas list JUST to put this cd on it! I would LOVE to win!!

  86. We’ve got tickets to see The Story in concert in December and I can not wait. It is difficult to compare myself to a Biblical character, I don’t see myself as worthy of that honor. I just finished reading Sons of Encouragement by Francine Rivers and I would love to be more like some of these men – Jonathan, Caleb, Amos, and Aaron. These men were all models of faith each in their own way.

  87. I think I most relate to Ruth. I have left all that is known and familiar to me to follow God and it has not been an easy path.

  88. Peter –I love Him so much and even get out of the boat to walk on water, want to promise Him the world and that He can count on me…. and then get so scared of the waves, and am learning i sure can’t just do all my heart and passion longs for without Him -even speak the right things….But i want him to make me a rock -rock solid and I’m staying close to Him and His word so He can transform me like He did Peter. I would love to win this as we worked with a tribal group in Halmahera Indonesia to help them translate the NT -are working on the OT and are hoping to build a library and community center this year out in the jungle there-and storying is one of our emphasis –and I’m always looking for creative innovative ideas for how to adapt ideas for literacy and the stories of scripture into the culture there! I have a feeling your CD will be a part of that –your last CD Hope in Broken world has walked me thru my recent breast cancer journey so I just love you guys! 🙂 God bless you in your ministry!

  89. This project sounds amazing!! Thank you for the chance to win a copy. I love reading about Paul–his adventures, passions, failures, and successes. I love how he is an example of how God uses broken and imperfect people to accomplish so much for Him. I want that to be true of me too.

  90. It’s so hard to pick one person, but I guess Ruth because I am away from my family and am trying to live each day at at time and letting God lead. I am having a hard time totally submitting and being truly content as Ruth.

  91. what a treasure. this is the very conversation i’ve been having with my parents. the characteristics of the characters in the Bible. the Bible is a timeless book, doesn’t that then mean so are the people and who they were to Father?
    for me David – i am battling major medical issues in the midst of losing a business and a home. unemployment for my husband. this on the tail end of a different type of 2 year, life threatening illness. and yet my trait seems to be strength and bravery to face anything head on even to the shock of myself and those who know me. well, probably not the few that really know me and see with the broad brush stroke of God

  92. The person in the Bible that I relate to most is David. He writes and sings songs to the King of Kings which is what I do also. He also came from nothing to greatness simply because of God’s hand of favor and grace on his life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that grace on my life as well. His life inspires me to keep going when life gets tough and to keep praising even in the hard times. He dealt with temptation and trials but he chose God through it all and was always humble enough to admit when he messed up. God honored David by calling him a “man after God’s own heart” . I hope to also be so in tune with God that my heart beats in time with His as well.

  93. Awesome! Love this project and the idea behind it… Right now, I think I relate most to Job, Joseph, and Ruth—-losing so much and waiting to see what God will do.

  94. I love Barnabas, as he is a quiet encourager, even through turbulance and hard relationships. 🙂

  95. I love Peter. He often acted quickly and without thinking and pretty much made a mess of things….until Christ changed him. And then he accomplished great things for the kingdom. It gives me hope that Christ can change my “mess-ups” too!

  96. I’ve always felt torn when reading the story of Mary & Martha. I really want to be at His feet, learning & loveing. But there is just so much to be done.
    There are many of us who are either ADD, Obsessive/Compulsive, or just plain “All or Nothing” types. It is so difficult to leave what seems so important undone to take care of what really is important.
    We often feel resentment for our sisters who seem to have it all together, the ones who manage to spend quality time at His feet.
    We struggle to stay afloat and get everything accomplished that surely must be accomplished right now.
    In reality, nothing needs to be done before resting in His amazing grace.

    Are you a Martha or a Mary?
    There is not doubt who I identify with.

  97. I think I relate the most to Abraham. God called him to leave his home, family and land and go to another and make it home. I have served him in Africa for 15 years and it has become home. The people have become my family and now when my future in this place is uncertain, I just can’t imagine not being home here. God has blessed me in so many ways and given me a new life here.

    This project sounds amazing! I hope it touches many lives for our Lord!

  98. I am sitting ina hotel room 1800 miles from home. I can’t listen to the video thing but I do know that I can relate to Job. Our family has had many trials in the past three years and although we have many things to be thankful for, we still haven’t seen the miracle that we need to know that Jesus is directing our lives. We would love to see some doors open that are so amazing that it could only be God.

  99. The Bible character I most relate to is Hagar. She was abused and ran away in fear but God was the God who SEES US and is with us during those times.

  100. I think we are like different Bible characters depending upon what season of life we are currently in. The Bible character I can relate to most at this season is Eunice. She trained her son from his childhood in the knowledge of the Scriptures and that is my desire for our children…that God’s Word be first & foremost in their lives. She was also known for her “unfeigned faith” and wouldn’t that be a beautiful epitaph in our own lives?

    bamagv at aol dot com

  101. I keep coming back to the story of Joseph. How he was technically a stepfather. It heals something inside when I think of how he loved and raised Jesus but could never see himself in Jesus’ features. I can’t imagine raising one kid, who is not biologically yours but who NEVER does wrong. Talk about sibling rivalry and stepparent nightmares. But Joseph stepped up.

  102. As a mom who has lost a little girl, I would be blessed to listen to this CD. I struggled with which Bible character I related to. David came to mind. He pours his heart to God and God listens every time. David messed up and God forgave him and used him in amazing ways. I love reading the Psalms to see David’s heart.

  103. I don’t know why — but this all makes my cry happiness.

    Thank you — just — thank you for your willingness to serve — to give words to the cries of our heart.

  104. I can see myself in Saul and definitely in Peter too, I’ve tried to ignore & run from the call of God like Jonah and I can relate to so many others in different seasons or circumstances. I’ll be at the performance in Eden Prairie, MN – my co-writer/Producer Dan Needham will be on the tour & we’re hoping to get together briefly while he’s here. I know it’s going to bless so many & I can’t wait to experience it!

  105. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful collection! Sad that the tour is not coming to PA!

    I believe right now in my life I relate to Paul the most.

  106. First of all I just wanted to say that I love Selah. I have two albums..Hiding Place & Press On. I have done sign language to Wonderful, Merciful Savior & All of ME. Love your music!

    I can relate to soo many Biblical characters that it’s hard to pick just one. I guess if I did have to pick one it would be Leah. She was given in marriage to Jacob, but he did not “love her”. It seemed as if no one would love her or want her.

    I felt that way for many many years. Prayer kept my hope alive until God sent me a wonderful husband.

  107. I am a broken woman coming to Jesus with an open heart and He has filled it with goodness and love. I am coming to know Him and He loves me no matter what! I am truely loved. I can’t learn enough nor fast enough. I can really relate to Mary Magadlene, not a prostitute but broken and battered.

  108. Wow, CD sounds great! The one who came to mind as I read was the servant-girl in Naaman’s house. My pastor talked about her a few years ago and said that maybe she missed her mam and dad, and cried herself to sleep. I had only ever pictured her scrubbing floors! But his words brought home to me that this girl from 4,000 years ago could have been just like me.

  109. I relate most to Peter because I am so stupid. I have doubts all the time then I think I know what I’m talking about and I can’t shut up about JESUS in my life, because I just can’t contain the goodness of it, then I fade away and do stupid stuff like not associate with a certain group or some such non-sense.

  110. I am so much like Martha and so want to be like Mary! I tend to get caught up in the stress of preparing and take my eyes off my Savior. Especially this time of year, I long to keep my eyes focused on the Savior of the world!

  111. There are many Biblical figures I relate to in some way or another. I am a doer like Martha. I can be full of faith one minute and struggling the next like Peter. I often feel unqualified as did Gideon. I desire a heart after God the way David did. I feel like I am in a foreign land, but chosen by God like Esther. The list is endless.

  112. I identify with Ruth. I was given that name (my first name), but I identify with her because God brought my spouse and me together as well, just like he put Ruth and Boaz together. I call it Divine Intervention (and remind my husband of that after 28 years ). When we were planning the ceremony, I knew I had to have something about this story in it. You see I knew I was marrying a high school football coach, and if that doesn’t mean anything, let me explain…it’s almost like marrying a preacher. You just might be moving around alot for a job. So we looked at the scripture in Ruth, memorized our parts, and took turns reciting the lines to each other.
    As we committed our lives to each other, and our marriage to God, I wanted to make sure that my husband would know that I was committing to him that I would go wherever we might have to go.
    God has blessed us over these years as we have tried to always put Him first. We may not be at the top of the ladder of society, but we have never gone without what we really needed. Isn’t what we really need to know that He is by our side anyway?

  113. I loved the song you shared at the end of your post!

    I am currently relating to Mary, the sister of Lazarus, right now after many years of relating to Martha.

  114. Timothy was who I always identified with as I was often having to remind myself that I could do God’s work despite my youth. Now, it’s often Martha that I feel connected with.

  115. David is whom I most relate to. I’m
    often overlooked or underestimated, but somehow Gods favor puts me in places & with people Id never expect. The psalms speak volumes to me. David trusted God in the most difficult of times & always had a song of worship to sing to God. As a singer/songwriter it is often the Psalms that remind me of Gods goodness & compel to praise Him

  116. I think I have to be Peter. Full of passion, frequently saying, “Yes, Lord, pick me, me, ME!!” long before he has counted the cost… he ends up with his foot in his mouth a LOT (oh, that is SO me…!) but God has ways to use him nonetheless.

    That is why I LOVE God’s word/ The Story. We all fit. All the misfits fit. Isn’t it awesome?

  117. This is a really thought provoking question. I’m not sure that I most relate to her but I am really challenged by the story of Gomer. Although I have never prostituted my body I *have* forsaken Jesus in search of other things to “fill the void” only to find that they leave me worse than I started.

    I’m excited about this project!

  118. That would be the woman at the well from Samaria — as a woman of divorce (almost 40 years ago) when the “good people” would not see me. Thankfully I found a Sunday School Teacher who helped me know that Jesus came for even me.

  119. Bartimeaus, the blind beggar. My most favorite story in the Bible. It moves me to tears how Jesus stopped, noticed him & helped him.

  120. I would have to say that I most relate to Martha; I go around making sure everyone else is taken care of and that their needs are met and fail to stop long enough to feel the blessings God has for me.

  121. I would say that I want to badly to have an attitude that is loving and so willing as Ruth is – although I would say that most of the time I am like Orpah – thinking of myself and what might be best for me rather than being more concerned with other people – family, friends, or just those that have needs that I might be able to give to – I want to be more like Ruth 🙂

    As soon as Angie talked about The Story on her blog I was hooked! I cannot wait to listen to it! 🙂

  122. Really not sure who I relate to the most right now, but I can say without a doubt that I am pressing on to the high calling which is mine in Christ Jesus…I would love to hear more of this project…it sounds awesome!

  123. Does Mac Powell’s “When Love Sees You” version of Jesus count? I absolutely love all the stories and songs but that song makes me feel like I know Jesus as God and man, Divine and human, Father and friend. I can’t stop listening to it! Todd, thank you for sharing the emotions that went with recording Job’s story…Although I know about Audrey and all you and your family went through, I never made the connection to you singing about Job…and yes, the emotion in your voice is noticible…God bless you!

  124. I would say right now – Job. Burdened more lightly than he was, the work of trying to save a marriage recently shattered by adultry while keeping it together for my 3 young kids is one I am not navigating with complete surrender and grace, but more questioning and fist pumping, on my knees to God…without losing sight of God…as I know He is my hope and salvation.

  125. I am like the ♥ of the widowed Ruth.. for I am the face of suicide Loss
    the spiritual passion of Esther..
    the hunger for living water like the woman at the well,
    the humbled set free spirit of the prostitute,
    the hands of Mary Magdeline anointing those blessed feet with the tears of my brokenness and my deepest worship..
    and the fingertips of a woman yearning to touch the hem of His garment.
    He came because of my story…and for yours too.
    When Love sees us right where we have been to where we can be!
    I am grateful that He indeed sees me.

  126. I’ve never thought a lot about who I most relate to, although it’s probably Martha. I do more than I just am in the presence of Jesus. But HE is faithful to complete that which He’s begun in my life. What an amazing project! And the video was so powerful. Thank you.

  127. I love Peter because he is so bold, impulsive and sometimes reckless, yet loves the Lord with all his heart. He made a lot of mistakes and so do I. But he became stronger in the Lord and I am, too.

  128. Relating to people from the Bible is such a blessing! Don’t you just love they most all have a redemption ending? Today I want to be transparent and say how I relate to Peter and the betrayal to Jesus. In the face of pressure to be just like everyone else in the world, I am not a loud proclaimer of Jesus. There are days in study and prayer, I feel like I can holler the good news from a roof top. Then days, in the midst of a crowd of people who may be older, wiser or any combination of what insecurity tells me, I am hushed to ineffectiveness! I am so ashamed at times, and so thankful for the redemption that God’s grace and, how by His mercy causes me to rise again from my puddle. Praising Jesus for His unfailing love to Peter and to me, today and always!

  129. I think I relate to Ruth! Thanks for the chance to win. I saw your lovely wife in Hartford, CT and just love her.

  130. Ever since my first child, a daughter, was born on Christmas Day seven years ago, I’ve had a special fondness in my heart for Mary. Her joyful, faith-filled obedience is a wonderful model! Thank you for the chance to win this amazing cd!

  131. Paul….no matter his past he was forgiven. He endured SO MUCH and still fought and preached and all. He’s my favorite NT person!!! I love reading how he penned his testimony!!!

  132. I relate a lot to Esther, being brought into this time of my life, not always willingly, for such a purpose and time as this. Or with Judah, the brother of Joseph, who did things so wrong, so many times, and yet he is the brother chosen by God, to be in the lineage of Jesus. There is some redeeming factor in my life (Jesus) who is making this mess work out the way it is supposed to.

  133. I actually get to see you on tour and I’m so excited to attend this tour! Though I haven’t experience the same kinds of loss as Job. I can relate to loss and grief – but have also experienced the hope and joy on the other side of that. God is good and He is faithful!

  134. Wow, this was a great question, and it really made me think. I have to say that there have been times when I can relate to one person in the Bible for the time of life I am in and then the scene changes and so does life and I can see how God uses another one to be an example and He gives me what I need next. I love the way that He never leaves us where we are and that His Word is always living and breathing and current for where we are right at any moment. I am just finishing Angie’s book “What Women Fear” and she has blessed me so much with her sharing. Blessings to your family!

  135. I feel I am like David…he sinned against God even when he knew what he was doing was wrong. I would love to have one of the CDs!!

  136. I ashamedly admit that I relate most to Martha … always find myself trying to ‘do more’ or work, work, work and not making the time to simply sit and be quiet in His presence.
    kathy k

  137. Most days, I feel like Paul, I do those things I shouldn’t and fail to do the things I should. Praise the Lord for mercies which are new every morning!

  138. Relate to woman at the well……her story “mirrors” mine….He sought me and I found Him. <3

  139. Hi!i am not a blogger eather.since 2009 i have not been able to go to church.i made myself go last yr when my husband got babtized.i will also force myself to go so i can see him play 2 silent parts in the christmas play.i was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis.there is no cure.this is a genetic,auto immune,brittle bone[because the perpose of this desease is to fuse your bones together],and a form of arthritis.i am so tired all the time.i just found out i also have low thyroid.i would love one of these cd’s not for me[even though i would love that]but i want one for my husband who i have watched grow with the love of GOD and the church.last night he did another thing he feared.he sang with choir.i had to miss this.i am unable to get him the christmas gift i so wish i could aford.i want to give him encouragement on this journey as i get sicker.i want to show him that i listen and i am proud of him.i hope that even if i didn’t mention the answer to your ? that you will consider us for one of those cd’s.i never win anything but i truly want to win this.thank you so much!

  140. I’ve been thinking about this one … I think the Bible characters I most relate are the mothers–Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah–who struggled, often, to have children, and, yet gave them back to the will of God. “Not my will, but thine be done …”

  141. Too much Martha in me, still:( But working on being ‘still’.
    Thanks for this opportunity. Would love to see the show live.
    Blessings to your precious family,
    Matthew 21:22

  142. I find myself relating to Peter. Like him, I get very excited about the new things I learn and am ready to change the world. But, often, I often become like him and am very impetuous and say and do things I regret.

    I would love to win this give-away!

  143. the woman with chronic bleeding who spent all her money on doctors but only got worse until she touched the fringe of Jesus’ prayer shawl.

    thanks for this opportunity!

  144. There have been so many I’ve related to and hung on to through the years. I’d cling to their stories for faith in my own story. When I struggled with infertility there was Hannah, when I was scammed by a scam artist and falsely accused of wrong doing I found comfort that Jesus felt my pain, and when friends pointed fingers and pointed out every flaw there was the woman caught in adultery who Jesus defended. Each story is so powerful. Thanks for the give-away. Sooooo hope I’m the lucky one.

  145. I think I alternate between identifying with Martha and Mary with the emphasis on Martha. I so want to be Mary and give in to abandonment to Jesus only to jump right back into Martha.

  146. I really think Job is an ancestor of mine and I inherited some of his “not so great” tendencies… like questioning God, for one. Would love to hear that song!

    thanks for a great giveaway!

  147. I see myself in so many – I suppose that’s the point. I relate to Peter and his “foot-in-mouth” disorder – always getting himself into messes but with the best of intentions. Martha and her frantic, perfectionistic tendencies. Doubting Thomas – show me, then I will believe. The list goes on. Thank you for the blessing of this giveaway!

  148. Probably Sarah… especially the feeling that God’s promise wasn’t for her and she’d better take care of things herself :)… yet receiving God’s grace and gift anyway.

    • I think we all feel this way at times. I know I myself sometimes believe that God is not big enough to take care of things. I doubt His abilities and have WAY too much confidence in myself. But God knows and His abilities are great. Sometimes we just have little faith and need Him to show us His power. Sad that we don’t always see His faithfulness and believe He should prove Himself even though he does frequently.

      Thanks for sharing!

  149. This gives me glory bumps, sorry, cheesy, but true! What an amazingly talented crew, what a work of art, what a compilation of artists, what a message that will be spread. Thanks for this opportunity! I can relate to Martha, though the Lord has taken my bitterness and turned it into joy during the serving. I love the example of both sisters! May I humble utter as Mary did, “May it be done to me according to your Word.”

  150. Wow! Amazing story of how you came to sing that song… I really love the story of the life of Joseph. I can really relate to knowing that I need to trust God, even when things don’t make sense to me…

  151. I truly relate to Tabitha / Dorcas in Acts 9. As a child I though I was untalented. I didn’t think I had a real visible talent, but related to her when I realized that she was a talented seamstress and was known for the quality of her work. I could sew and she became my inspiration.

  152. Esther! Because I feel like the only one of strong faith in a position to make a difference to those who are most dear to me. When I am at my best, I dare to face Ahasuerus in order to rescue my family (blood and humankind).

  153. I love the story of Joseph. It reminds me of God’s ultimate plan, His faithfulness. God’s power to restore relationships and build character in us we didn’t know we had.

  154. I identify with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. Jesus met me one day, revealed truth in my life, and set me free. The Story Project sounds like an amazing opportunity!

  155. I relate most with Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. When I was married, my husband and I really wanted a baby. I prayed all the time to get pregnant. There were things that I have done in my past, and I believed that it was my fault because of things that I had chosen to do even though I knew they were wrong. Elizabeth and her husband were very upset that she had not conceived and questioned God as I had with my inability to get pregnant. Even though I am now divorced and still have no child, I do still relate most with Elizabeth. It’s still on my heart to have a child and I know that Elizabeth wanted a child for a long time and thought she was getting too old, she was old enough to be Mary’s mother when she and Mary were pregnant at the same time. My fear is that I will be too old to have a child when I do end up married again and that I will never have my desire to have a child met. But God has shown time and time again that He is faithful. That His timing is perfect, and that His will for my life is so much better than anything I could have ever desired for myself. Elizabeth was blessed to have been chosen to carry and raise John the Baptist. God’s perfect will in her life left her with a great responsibility. Maybe there is still hope for me.

  156. Can I admit that in my often too weak moments I am most like doubting Thomas? Trust does not come easily to me, something I am praying about and working on, with the Lord’s help.

  157. I spend way too much of my time as a frantic Martha, seething that others do not do “their share.” As I enter a new season of my life I am learning to embrace the quiet moments given by God, and sit and worship instead, spending time at my Lord’s feet.

  158. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the nation of Israel is a Bible character. I relate to Israel. Continuously transferring my affections from God to idols and back again, wanting to do the right thing but ending up steeped in legalism, chosen of God but unable to truly believe it, the bride in desperate need of her Christ.

  159. I would have to say I most relate to Martha. While I try to be a Mary, it has been difficult trying to change.

  160. I really relate to Martha. I get so tangled up in all the busy, busy details that I sometimes forget to just be still and soak Him in.

  161. What a neat project this is! Wow, I look forward to hearing more about it. I feel like Peter and I share many similarities. His passion (right and wrong) are my struggles as well, his fiery enthusiasm, and his doubting, and his failings… I so completely identify with Him. I love his personal story, the way he falters so terribly, and then how he is redeemed. Isn’t that what we all need, that amazing grace that tells us, it’s ok, and we are forgiven…

  162. I would love to win this CD. I relate to Hannah’s story and her struggles with infertility. At this time, it looks like my story will end in a different way from hers (no kids), but I relate to the pain.

  163. i have a strong devotion to mary, the mother of jesus. thanks for the opportunity to listen to this awesome cd…i have followed your family’s story on angie’s blog…and i even got a chance to see her/speak w/ her in pittsburgh during her wof tour. blessings for the christmas season.

  164. I can identify with Mary Jesus’ mother. How devastating it must have been to be at the cross when He died. She had to stand by and watch him suffer and there was nothing she could do. I am in a situation like that with one of my children.

  165. I’m a fourteen year old girl, who loves music with her whole heart. 🙂 This music is so incredibly powerful and beautiful – I listen to it every day, and it makes me so happy. All the songs are unique – which is something I haven’t seen much of lately – and they all speak of God’s amazing love and grace. I would love to have a copy of this CD.
    I think I relate to Abraham and Sarah or Adam and Eve the most because the fact that the God of the universe loves me and cares for me seems unbelievable. Why would He, creator of everything, ever choose to work through me, a sinner, to do His will? I don’t understand it, but I will choose to believe in Him and trust in Him – even if my world is falling apart.

  166. I am a Isrealite wondering in the wilderness, lashing out at God that despite His daily provision, it just doesn’t seem like enough.

    I used to be so confused as to why the Isrealites would ever want to return to Egypt until I realized I was them. Growing restless in my wilderness again and again I choose to return to what enslaves me….because it’s safe there. I know what to expect. And all too often I trade the promises of what is to come for the cheap and temporal satisfaction of right now.

  167. I can relate so much to David…he is human & “messes up”; yet he knows how much God loves him. So many great “characters” to choose from! This CD sounds amazing!!

  168. The character I most relate to in the Bible is King David. He was a man who followed God’s way yet made mistakes and bad choices when he went on his own path. Psalm 51 was a graphic picture of a man who saw how he had offended God by his wrong choices and repented of his sins and asked for forgiveness and mercy. I too find myself going in the wrong direction. It is overwhelming that God can forgive my wayward behavior and bring me back into His fellowship. It is so necessary to start each day asking for God’s forgiveness and find His peace and power to walk in ways that please Abba God.

  169. Wow! What a project! Sounds like an unbelievable CD. David is one who I’ve related to most in recent years. He was such a man after God’s own heart but human and full of mistakes. It is an amazing story of God’s grace.

  170. How do you pick just one? For some reason, David comes to mind. Made lots of mistakes but was a man after God’s own heart. Reminds me of where I am today…in the middle of what looks like a big mistake…but I want to be close to Him and remain there. Even in the midst of this deep hurt…

  171. Since I was a little girl, I have always been able to closely relate to Joseph. Even today, I can relate to his story on so many levels and have often come back to it.

    Thank you for sharing about this project. It sounds amazing!

  172. I really relate to the Psalms, so I guess that would mean I identify with David. I am a singer for the Lord, and share my faith through my song. Thru all suffering and trials, God is always there. I love to rejoice and praise His name! David is also a good example of how God uses us, even though we are terribly flawed.

  173. This is such a phenomenal cd and I have been incredibly blessed by the amazing work that has been put into it. I bought the cd the day it came out (thanks to Todd’s twitter :)), and have been so encouraged and moved by the message in this album that I’m planning on giving the cd to friends for Christmas presents. Thank you so much.
    The character(s) that I would probably most relate to is “the disciples”. I love Jesus a ton and seek to pursue Him every day, but am constanly finding that I have a ton of growing and learning to do. I’m so thankful that He has chosen me to be His child, but also a tool He can use to do His work here on earth.

  174. Right now, I can relate so much to Sarah. She followed her husband as he left the comfortable and familiar and embarked on an uncertain (in human terms) journey. My husband and I left the comfort and familiarity of our home church to plant a church where we were living. I can relate to Sarah’s times of doubt, because sometimes I wonder what God is doing, too.

  175. I have always loved David (so much so, I named one of my sons David!). As I read the Psalms, the thing that strikes me the most about David is that he GETS it: David’s relationship with God is not bound by the Law; it goes beyond the outward appearances and rituals – it’s about David’s HEART. David loves God with fierce abandon; he pours his heart out to the Lord and holds nothing back; he’s determined to battle against sin and be holy before the Lord and yet…he’s flawed like any other human. He blows it. But he doesn’t give up – he repents, gets it right, and is a man after God’s own heart. David inspires me to pursue the Lord with complete and utter abandon!

  176. I love Peter. I so understand speaking out in boldness one minute, and failing Jesus so badly the next.

  177. I’ve always loved the story of King David, and that is the first name that popped into my head when I read your question. I also love Jonathan and think his sacrificial love for his friend was incredible.

  178. Joseph always impressed me.. trusting God when no one else could see him.. in a strange land.. but so quick to forgive and to serve.. I’d like to be more like him. Loved seeing you all in Red Bank! enjoying all your music!

  179. This looks awesome. I think it depends on the month who I relate to but I always relate to Peter. He was passionate and that was great at times and got him in trouble too.

  180. Hmm..I would say Mosses. I think how he was hesitant to do Gods work because a lack of belief in himself. But he trusted in Him, built his strength in Him and ultimately did what God designed him to do.

  181. any woman in the Bible that has a very sinful past, but is now living in the freedom and love of the salvation of the Lord. that is who i relate to.

  182. I relate to Joseph, because all the troubles are worth it when you get to that beautiful season that God used all the troubles to prepare you for.

  183. I have heard of The Story cd and look forward to hearing more from it. It was great to read Todd’s words and see his heart in relation to this project. How exciting to work on something like that. In Mark 14:3-9, a woman anoints Jesus’ feet and is criticized and scolded for wasting expensive perfume. In verse 8, Jesus said “she did what she could”. I think I most relate to this woman. Oftentimes I feel like I’m not doing enough or serving enough. Then I remember the words of our dear savior regarding this woman. “She did what she could”. What blessed words those are. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, or even what I think. Even though what I do may seem insignificant, it is so comforting to know that nothing is insignificant to Jesus.

  184. I can most relate to Mary Magdalene. She was caught in the grip of sin until Jesus freed her, and she was forever grateful.

  185. Several! I feel like the disciples in the boat during the storm in Mark 4…or maybe Esther or maybe Elizabeth…

  186. I can most relate to Peter. I am head strong and stick my foot in my mouth often. I stand up strong for the Lord but then with my actions can turn around and betray Him. I start out with my eyes on Him and then end up sinking as I look at the waves. Praise the Lord for His forgiveness and love!

  187. December 4 will find me at THE STORY at Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas!! I am so excited! Thank you for sharing the gift of music God has so richly given you. I have been blessed for years with Selah music. Just this month I met Christa Wells in Austin at a house concert and love Jesus in her! Angie and Jessica’s book studies have blessed me for the past few years and I share them with a small group. As for a Bible character, I believe God is growing me into His Titus woman, fully equipped with His abundant life, only to give away to others. Fourteen years ago I was called to women’s prison ministry where His heart for the least blooms brightly. Praise Him Alone!

  188. I most relate to Peter. I watched the Passion Play in Eureka Springs a few years ago and just weeped at the scene of Peter’s denial of Jesus. It convicted me on how I also deny Jesus. He is my Savior but when I disobey Him I have dening His sovereigny over my life and that should cause me to weep every time.

  189. Honestly I have never thought too much about this. I think it has changed many times depending on what is happening in my life. A few years back I would read all I could about on the barren women in the bible looking for scripture to help me through infertility. Now at Christmas time I am trying to let go of my Martha tendencies to be still and embrace the season.

  190. It appears that a lot of us identify with Peter…or as Lisa Harper says, just Pete. Like him, I seem to get it with my head but not always with my heart. “Lord, you are the Christ!”….yet I don’t often act like I truly believe I am a forgiven, grace-filled, Spirit-empowered child of the King. Like Pete, I’m grateful for second chances.

  191. Wow – what a great giveaway – thanks. I think most often I can relate to Martha. I tend to get caught of in the day to day things of life that ‘need’ to be done, when I should just be listening to God’s voice and learning from it.

  192. This year…. it has to be Job. Deaths, job loss, cancelled wedding – it seems to have all come upon us at once. Learning a new appreciation for the verse “Trust in the Lord….and lean NOT upon your own understanding”.

  193. Too much like Martha. I need to spend more time at Jesus’ feet.

    Thank you for sharing the video. It was beautiful.

  194. Hmmm, that’s actually a question I had to think about for a bit. Maybe Sarah – following God’s promises but at times wondering when He’s going to come through.

  195. I ordered The Story CD for my SIL’s birthday in December, and I’m not gonna lie–I’ve thought about keeping it for myself! Anyway, I don’t know that I exactly RELATE to David, but I certainly find it encouraging that even after all his failings and faults, he was still called a man of God’s own heart!

  196. right about now, I feel like the widow woman, with her last drop of oil. Trying to obey, and trust that the Lord will provide every single day, one day, if I follow His steps.

  197. I am afraid I have always been more like Martha: Never able to sit for more than 5 minutes without having something to do and loving the Lord but expressing it by “doing” not just “being” and listening! However, I feel I am becoming more like Esther as I grow in my faith. God is guiding me to always trust Him, even when I am not sure what the circumstances might be.

  198. I have always loved Esther. What an incredible story of courage and faith! So inspiring!
    Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  199. I want to be more like Mary, but life feels like it’s constantly in Martha mode! I can’t wait to share these songs with the children, especially my oldest daughter.

  200. Sometimes like Thomas, I’ve missed out on an amazing encounter, and afraid to believe it could be true for me.

  201. I think I feel the most like Abraham climbing up the side of a mountain, wondering how God’s going to work it all out. :0) I’m a homeschooling Mamma of five. Every day is a climb, but “my God shall supply all my needs.” He will provide all I need…just like he did for Abraham at the top of that mountain!

  202. I identify with Ruth. Not in losing my first husband, but in being married to a man who God has brought out of so much and is now redeeming his story. I will go where he goes, guided by God on high. Together we display God’s story even more!

  203. In this season of my life, I identify most with Esther. I know He has plans and has me here for ‘such a time as this’ for sure!
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  204. I love Selah! Their songs ministered to when my husband and I moved to another state and joined a church planting group. It was an easy decision but quite hard to maintain “obedience” when life throws you a curve ball – death of in-law, bestfriend, friend’s child, watching my ailing Mom, and me – receiving physical healing.

    I relate myself to Mary Magalene in the Bible. She was a sinner and was forgiven. I was guilty but now redeemed, I was reconciled with God!

  205. Simeon: In the temple. Praising God ~ NO MATTER WHAT! And then, heart of hearts, he holds the Messiah babe in his arms and exclaims his praise even louder: Luke 2:25ff And there was a man in Jerusalem whose name was Simeon; and this man was righteous and devout, looking for the consolation of Israel; and the Holy Spirit was upon him. 26 And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. 27 And he came in the Spirit into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to carry out for Him the custom of the Law,
    28 then he took Him into his arms, and blessed God,
    and said, 29 “Now Lord, You are releasing Your bond-servant to depart in peace,
    According to Your word; 30 For my eyes have seen Your salvation,
    31 Which You have prepared in the presence of all peoples,
    32 A LIGHT OF REVELATION TO THE GENTILES, And the glory of Your people Israel.”
    Let us continue to pray for God’s children, the Jews, and ourselves, that we might
    SEE our SALVATION eternal.
    Would LOVE to have the CD STORY to share! Thank you for this Great GiveAway!

  206. I LOOOOVVVEEE the Jesus song, it causes me to ponder deep on Him, to love Him afresh when my selfish tendencies get the best of my day.

  207. I feel like I relate to Paul in so many ways. When he says he is the chief of sinners, I relate. When he says there is nothing good in his sinful nature, I relate. And when he says he will boast in Christ alone and tell the good news to all who will listen, I relate.

  208. My hubby would love this!! Hmm… bible character. I think I’m most challenged by the Proverbs 31 woman, but also Esther & the amazing challenges she had to overcome ( & I’m under no illusion that it was easy for her to follow God’s will). At this time of year I’m also drawn to Mary & how difficult it really must have been ~ everyone knowing she was pregnant before marriage (& this would have stayed with her her whole life) & giving birth to Jesus & all He had to eventually endure. It would have been so very special, but so very hard.

  209. I love this idea! I have of course heard The one about Ruth and Naomi on K-Love, but recently listened to Mary’s song… Beautiful! How amazing it is that those characters who lived years ago are still very much relevant to us today!

  210. Sometimes I feel like Sarah..I have control issues..sometimes I feel like David waiting for things to happen in Gods time not mine. Lately though I think I am relating Moses as he delt with the children of Israel. Sometimes my patience wears thin and I don’t want to deal with wayward children(spiritual or physical)! I just want to get to the promised land with those entrusted to me intact!!!

  211. I think I identify most with Simon. Lk 5. God gave him a strange order and even though Simon questionned Him, he obeyed and was blessed. In my “humanness”, I still try to do things in my own strength and wonder why I have nothing to show for it. But, I know that if I trust in my Lord when He tells me to do something , I will obey even as it does not make sense to me. Thank you for the opportunity of hearing the sample playlist. I look forward to hearing the complete project.

  212. I think I most relate to David. He made many mistakes, some really big, & yet he kept turning back to God. Sometimes he cried out in confusion or loneliness, other times he shouted praise & gratitude. I hope to be a seeker after God’s heart as he was, even thru the ups & downs of life.

  213. I love the apostle John. When I was a teenager, I asked God to help me love as John loved. To be able to shine Jesus in my life as John shined Him in his; to grow in love as John did through-out his life until he finally got to go home to his Savior.
    To be so totally His that His love would flow through me to His body as it did through John to those in the early church.
    I love the gospel of John and I John because John shows us the reality of Jesus’ love in all its fullness, shows us that Jesus IS love, that He loves us with its truest, purest and most perfect form, Himself.
    The kindness Jesus showed others, the depth of His compassion for those others ignored or threw away, the sacrifice of His own life because His love was so great, even when we were in our sins and enemies to Him and His Father…nothing is greater than Jesus and His love, and if I could be a small part of that great Love, of our blessed Lord’s wonder to touch others lives in any way He led, as John did, to also be His vessel here on earth, I wanted to do that.
    John was a son of thunder but through Jesus he became a son of Love.

  214. I think the one I relate most to is Esther. I have things I have been called to do that are not easy, but will make an impact. I love Selah! Your songs minister to my spirit!